Saturday, December 07, 2013

Blind Item #5 - Grammy Nomination Concert

Plenty of pot for this about to drop from A list celebrity/singer but kept to himself for most of the night. He also seemed scared of any cameras and was way more paranoid than the amount of pot he smoked should trigger.

Blind Item #4- Grammy Nomination Concert

This B+ list celebrity/reality star was definitely not all over his wife at the concert. He was all over a production assistant though who seemed to be enjoying the attention and spent 20 minutes alone with our celebrity right before he performed.

Blind Item #3 - Grammy Nomination Concert

This former A list singer/celebrity was all over every woman she could find. She was worse than any drunk A list a-hole at a party with her game. If it moved, she was hitting on it.

Blind Items Revealed

March 31, 2008

#1 - This is more of a general thing since I could not even begin to describe the kids involved since I have no idea what tween show they are on and how you can blind them. BUT, who says drugs don't start young. There were at least two groups of 3-4 tweens all under 16 or 17 who passed around joints all night long on Saturday at the Kids Choice Awards. Nice huh?

Demi Lovato/Miley Cyrus/William Moseley/Ryan Sheckler/Jennette McCurdy (I know it seems as if a Jonas Brother would be involved but I don't see them in my notes anywhere)

Blind Items Revealed

March 17, 2008

#1 - The B list bisexual film actress who has probably never turned down a guy was turned down over the weekend by a woman. Not the woman she usually is seen out and about with mind you. No, that celebrity was nowhere to be seen. Instead, our actress spent much of the evening trying one approach after the other with this other female. Our actress would not take no for an answer until the female dialed a number on her own cell, and then handed it to our actress. On the other end was the regular female companion for our actress who made nice on the phone and hung up. She then spent 30 minutes making sure that the hit on female would not report the bad behavior. Too late.

Lindsay Lohan/Samantha Ronson

Blind Items Revealed

March 11, 2008

#1 - You ever had one of those moments when you are talking about something maybe a little confidential, and then all of a sudden you realize that everyone is listening? Well, the other day at a party, there was this party. I say party, but it is more of an event rather than a drunk off your ass, take a number to f**k Lindsay kind of party. So, this actor/actress couple are having a little disagreement. Probably over whether or not he is A list. I say definitely used to be, but now more of a B+. She on the other hand. C+ for body of work and B for name recognition. Their disagreement got a little louder and a little louder, until finally he said, "My God, you are such a f**king bitch," as about 30 people looked on and she stalked off.

Harrison Ford/Calista Flockhart

Blind Items Revealed

March 7, 2008

#4 - This married A list film actress by name, but with a body of work that makes her B list, unless of course we are talking about her actual body, then it might be a B+ spent most of her time at a charity event and a store opening away from all her fans. Even though she was being paid big bucks to attend each event, she spent most of the evening doing line after line with her "assistant" who is a good looking guy, but doesn't speak English or appear to do anything but keep our actress company.

Catherine Zeta Jones

Blind Items Revealed

June 26, 2008

#1 - This famous red headed B list television star is actually having to wear a wig. Seems she went in to get her hair colored and the next thing you know, her hair started falling out. Instead of walking around with clumps or cutting it short, she is now wearing a wig.

Marcia Cross

Blind Items Revealed

June 10, 2008

Word of advice to all actors, actresses, or just "everyday people" it is probably not a good idea to have an affair with someone who works for a cell phone provider. It would also behoove you to be smart enough to figure out this before you go through 4 cell phones.

An Academy Award winning actor who is married with child(ren) is aging, but not told. Perhaps he is going through a mid-life crisis, or perhaps he is trying to relive his glory days when women actually thought he was hot. For whatever reason, our actor decided to hit on the woman at the Verizon Wireless store. She was less than half his age which makes her legal, but barely. From what I understand she had no clue who he was even when he filled out the enrollment form. Someone told her later after he had left. Well, being the idiot that most guys are, our actor was back the next day because he couldn't get something to work on the phone. Now informed who our actor was, the salesperson hit on him hard. The actor was flattered and asked her to lunch. Lunch led to another lunch which led to knocking boots back at her place. Another note to those having affairs. Roommates do not keep secrets well.

Our actor enjoyed his time with the salesperson but thought it best to end things because he was, after all, married. Our salesperson had other plans and decided to call our actor...often. Our actor changed phone numbers. But he didn't change companies. So, it must have been a shock when he started receiving calls on his new number from our salesperson. This process repeated several more times until our actor finally figured out that perhaps he should change numbers and companies. Guess he didn't mind paying the early termination fee. So what should he do about the packages that keep arriving in the mail? Oh sure. The idiot put down his home address when he signed up for service. Good thing he doesn't work much so he can stay home to get those packages.

Kevin Costner

Blind Items Revealed

June 4, 2008

#2 - Despite reports to the contrary, what really broke up this celebrity couple was not interference but rather the fact that when our female got home one night her boyfriend was waiting for her. While she was digging for the keys in her purse, a torn condom wrapper came fluttering out. Considering she and her boyfriend didn't use condoms this was distressing to him, hence the breakup. Now any time he spends with her is just to get back at her and is not out of any kind of sense of love.

Jessica Simpson/Tony Romo

Blind Items Revealed

January 7, 2013

If you ask this former almost A list television actress and now permanent B list reality star about the life threatening illness she once said she had, she will tell you that it was all a huge publicity ploy at a time where people were calling her some not very nice names. She says that she is fully prepared to have it make a huge comeback if she ever needs it again. meanwhile though she is happy traveling from country to country earning big paychecks and meeting rich men.

Pamela Anderson

Blind Items Revealed

May 1, 2008

#2 - Want to know what makes a great assistant? When your married B+ film actress but better known for a great television role drops her stash on the ground outside the airport, and the assistant doesn't even miss a beat, swoops down to the ground and drops inside her own purse. Must have been one hell of a party they had before they went through security. Unless they the assistant tried to get it through? That would be an assistant worthy of a hall of fame. Trouble is her boss is so mean, she probably wouldn't even share.

Jaime Pressly

Blind Item #2 - Grammy Nomination Concert

This A list celebrity/singer and much much more got some bad news about an hour before he was set to perform. He almost canceled after a phone call from a friend of his wife or his wife's publicist. My spy isn't sure, but the gist sounded like the wife wants a divorce. Apparently my spy heard something like, "I know you are about to go on stage, but..."

Blind Item #1 -Grammy Nomination Concert

Why yes that was this up and coming singer who didn't get nominated for the award everyone she would who was so messed up on Oxycodone that she could barely even function. I'm shocked she managed to make it to the stage.

Friday, December 06, 2013

Random Photos Part Five

This photo is a few days old, but I love the woman photobombing Jewel in the background.

Beyonce and
Jay Z on day 2 of their vegan diet.
Carmen Electra out doing her Christmas shopping yesterday.
Carrie Underwood forgot the words so led the cast of Sound Of Music in a version of YMCA.
David Arquette and a busted hand. Oh, and a pregnant girlfriend.
Rose McGowan tries for her sexy look.
Dakota Johnson stays warm in Vancouver while filming Fifty Shades Of Grey.
Demi Lovato is sponsored by X Box and McDonald's.
Denise Richards and two of her three daughters.

Random Photos Part Four

Emmy Rossum with the smirk that characterizes every one of her photos.

Watched Christmas vacation yesterday for the first time this season so all is right for my love of Juliette Lewis. The only Scientologist I regularly like.
Adrian Grenier in Miami.
Gerard Butler is also in Miami.
Gabrielle Union is a vision in green.
In London at the Mandela premiere shortly before the announcement of his death. Idris Elba and Naomie Harris.
Prince William and Kate Middleton were there too.
Jennifer Aniston in a new look for her.
Jessica Biel at the premiere of another movie she ruins.
Jessica Simpson is still in NYC. She looks good.

Random Photos Part Three

Katie Holmes heads back to New York from South Africa.

Keri Russell's soon to be ex and
Keri try to present the happy separated parents for the morning school run.
Lindsay Lohan in Miami smoking away.
Just plain smoking is Malin Akerman filming her show The Trophy Wife.
Marion Cotillard and a very interesting dress.
Matthew Morrison at a Details Magazine party.
Mandy Patinkin shaves off his beard.
Long time no see in the photos for Michelle Williams.

Random Photos Part Two

Nicole Richie in Miami. Is it just me or does it look like she got some new breasts?

Eva Longoria is also in Miami showing off her new work too.
No new work, but Kevin Spacey is definitely trying to look younger with that hat.
Orlando Bloom and his son get in their daily sword fight.
Anna Paquin tries to get a cab in NYC.
I love the photos where Roberto Cavalli is helped by his 20 something year old girlfriend. At this point she is more nurse than girlfriend.
Sofia Vergara shows up at an event to help out
Jesse Tyler Ferguson and
also there to support was Sarah Hyland.

Random Photos Part One- With Reader Photos

Five parts today.

Robin Thicke can make an ordinary pap photo feel like you need a shower after looking at it.

Reese Witherspoon has never slept with Ben Affleck so Jennifer Garner is friends with her.
Rumer Willis shows off her new boots.
Robert Pattinson and Tom Sturridge hang out with
Sienna Miller.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
Reader Photo #3
Reader Photo #4

Blind Item #10

This ESPN personality was propositioned by this former B- list mostly television actress from a former hit cable show. Now she is just a hot actress with no regular job and a strange name. She tried to make it clear that she was available for a price and the personality said he didn't make enough to afford her. He suggested she find an athlete and she said she had already been through most of them in the past year.

Blind Item #9

You would think that with all the coke this A list mostly movie actor does on a daily basis that he would be way skinnier than he is. He must eat a million calories to be so big after doing all that coke.

Angels We Have Heard On High - The Piano Guys

Blind Item #8

This permanent A list singer/celebrity who is foreign born has no problems with people knowing he cheats on his wife. He says that she goes to public events with him but that he is a rock star and he is going to live the life of a rock star and she is too scared of the church to ever divorce him.

Off Topic

Apparently this plant based diet that Beyonce and Jay-Z are doing is not just wrapping their burgers with lettuce, but actually only eating plants.

Blind Items Revealed

January 4, 2013

This former almost A lister from a great show back in the day continues with her comeback. She still has not lost her sexiness and she recently had her nanny take one of her kids outside her trailer so the married actress could have a quickie with her co-star after they had filmed a love scene together.

Keri Russell

Four For Friday - Drug Dealers

It is Friday. I love Fridays. I count down the hours until Fridays. When I was younger I used to love TGI Friday's and would always eat at one before seeing Friday The 13th movies. It is a little cold in LA today so I may already be drinking. It is not like anyone is actually in the office today. The month of December is like a ghost town. I just hang out by the front trying to be the first to scoop some great gift basket delivery. I lost out on some salami yesterday. I won't make that mistake again. Anyway, if you are bored this weekend I will be right here blogging away and I would love for you to follow me on Twitter. I am @entylawyer.

Today is a traditional Four For Friday. These are all people you would not really think of as being drug dealers. They are and in one case used to be really proud of it.

#1&#2 - This former B list reality star with her own show stopped selling drugs after her A list mostly movie actor client died of an overdose.

#3 - This B list mostly television actress on a middling hit network show is single in the sense she is not married. never has been. Great drugs though. Her specialty is prescription drugs. She is famous for forging prescriptions of a variety of doctors.

#4 - This award winning Hunger Games actress from only this latest installment has always been the go to person for drugs on any movie where she is involved. She also brings her own makeup artist who is her courier when they run out.

Your Turn

So, last night was the remake of Sound Of Music, which was a very famous Julie Andrews movie. What is your favorite Julie Andrews movie?

Blind Items Revealed

January 28, 2013

This actress is a solid B lister. After years of being an almost A and years being a C and close to being forgotten, she has pretty much solidified herself in the B range. Back in the day when she was A list she made a huge mistake and it nearly cost her a career. It took a long time for her to bounce back from that mistake and she thinks about it all the time. She loves being famous. She loves it more than anything and she knows that she needs to act to be famous. She does not want it to go away again. On the set of her latest show she met a guy and one thing led to another and our married actress has pretty much given up on her marriage and loves being with this actor who is not as well known as her, but is ten years younger and she thinks she is in love. The dilemma is that people actually love her husband. Throw in the fact she has a child or two or three and she sees herself being blasted by everyone for having an affair and her career in the toilet again. She wants to see if her show is a hit before making a decision about whether to take everything public. She has done subtle things like stopped wearing her ring and getting her own place, but her husband is such a nice guy that he just focuses on the child(ren) and lets her do what she wants to do. He won't blab or sell a story. He will just keep raising their kid(s) like he always has.

Keri Russell

Blind Items Revealed

December 4, 2013

This B list mostly television actress on a fairly hit cable show is all about her career and not her kids. She just expects her husband and kids to show up when she needs them and where. I love how she pretends to be happily married and mom and career woman.

Keri Russell

Blind Item #7

This Academy Award winner/nominee actress is not allowed to be alone with her children for fear that she might hurt them.

Blind Item #6

It has been a steady stream of hookers and strippers for this C list celebrity/rapper since his A list celebrity wife left the country. He is spending thousands of dollars a night.

Blind Item #5

This Miami Real Housewife was caught passing money for drugs at an Art Basel party this week. She was ticked off she couldn't get them for free. It might have been the first time someone did a don't you know who I am when they wanted drugs.

Blind Item #4

A first report of bad holiday party behavior as this B list mostly television actor decided not to bring his wife to a holiday party hosted by his sometime employer. At the party he got naked with this C list mostly movie actress who got her fame on a network reality show. They ended up having sex in the back of a car which belonged to neither of them.

Justin Bieber Detained By Australian Police - Insults Them

It was not exactly sugart*ts, but Justin Bieber did call a female police officer a "female vagina" when he was being searched for drugs back on November 24th. Justin and his crew were suspected of having drugs with them so Australian Customs detained the group for two hours. Nothing was found but Justin was not happy that he was missing out on hookers and graffiti so constantly harassed the officers during their look for drugs.

Bieber is such a d**k. Plain and simple. He is an a-hole and someday there will be some comeuppance for the guy and he will discover that maybe he shouldn't have burned as many bridges and that in a few years no one is going to like him and they will tell him to his face how stupid his diaper pants are. Gone will be the bodyguards and he will mouth off and get beat up. Gone will be any trace of common sense and he will get arrested for a long list of crimes. Not DMX long, but long enough where he will look like an idiot. He will keep covering his body in progressively more ridiculous tattoos.

Blind Item #3

This former A list singer/celebrity who still has close to A list name recognition despite not having a hit in a couple of decades had some groupie sex with his girlfriend and daughter in the next room.

Blind Item #2

This scorned model has been traded in for a much younger version of herself. The model who was the center of a cheating scandal has been dumped for a 19 year old. Her boyfriend said he had an image to maintain and that a woman in her 30's was not it.

Blind Item #1

This former B list mostly movie actor who is so whacked out on drugs and booze that he doesn't even resemble who he used to be. He was wandering the streets of Miami this week asking hookers if they would "be willing to do a pregnant woman."

The Goopster Beats Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair gave up and gave in and decided they wanted Gwyneth Paltrow at their Oscar party. The Goopster told people to not cooperate with the magazine and so far no one had followed her advice. The problem is that Vanity Fair going soft on her now will make people think she won and has some type of power she doesn't have. What I think happened is they couldn't find enough dirt to fill up a really long hard hitting article so are going soft just to have something to show for their effort and all the publicity about the article. All they have to do is talk to people who knew her when she was dating Brad Pitt or Ben Affleck. There are lots of great stories about her from that period. Go ask Madonna about her. For some reason vanity fair decided to turn into Kneepads when it comes to the Goopster.

Keri Russell Is Getting A Divorce

Just a few hours after I wrote about how it looked like Keri Russell was headed for a divorce her rep told Kneepads that the couple of seven years had split and it happened last summer. You don't really see Keri Russell with her kids that much. She never really has seemed the hands on parent type. The digging will be done to see when the last time she saw them or was photographed wit them and then she will probably show up with both of them at some place where she can be conveniently photographed with them looking very motherly and her soon to be rich ex-husband not in the frame. From what I can piece together it looks like he has the kids full-time so he will get a lot of child support and spousal support and she has definitely gone from no work to lots of work since they have been married so I'm assuming she will be paying at least $250K a year to him and it might be closer to $500K. Meanwhile Keri will be free to pursue that relationship she has been keeping under wraps for several months.


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