Friday, April 11, 2008

Four For Friday

#1 - This C/B- list female cast member of a former A+ hit show is never seen out and about with the rest of the cast members. They all hang out together for the most part. Notice I said for the most part. However our actress is never included. The reason? She refuses to participate in their partner swapping which they enjoy doing on a fairly regular basis.

#2 - This former A list female singer, and now probably B based on work, but A in name recognition and diva behavior has a dog. The dog goes everywhere with her, including hotels. Unfortunately for guests and management, our singer doesn't always like having her tiny dog in the room with her and so lets her out to roam free anywhere in the hotel. Apparently the dog is trained to not leave the actual building, but will go anywhere else. And by go, I mean go as in do its business. Our singer's philosophy is that someone will pick up the mess, the dog doesn't bite and if they want her business they will perform this service. What she doesn't know is that her regular hotel chain has caught on and now lock the dog in one room or part of the hotel and release her when the singer comes calling.

#3 - The whispers are turning into murmurs. This B list celebrity marriage of convenience may be ending. It just doesn't seem to be working out quite like either party envisioned.

#4 - This former network reality star. Network. None of that MTV stuff or cable. We are talking network here. And it wasn't just one of the Bachelor babes or anything. You would know this person's name. She didn't win the contest but everyone has seen her if you know what I mean. Well when she found herself out of money and living back at home, with mouths to feed, she decided to turn to porn. She wears a wig, and does some weird fake accent, but it is her. The thing is that she is not all that attractive and because she won't use her name which would generate publicity, she is forced to do some things that mainstream porn stars wouldn't do all just to make a buck. What? You can't go get a real job?

Random Photos Part One

Amy Adams on the set of her new film. Have to say I don't like the look so much. I know she will be great, but don't like the look. Makes her look 40.
Makes you think Andy Dick might be trying to get something out of his nose.
Well at least Amber Heard doesn't look as ghoulish as earlier in the week.
Speaking of ghouls. If this wasn't Amy Winehouse, you know you wouldn't come close to her on the street. Love those protruding tendons.
Mmmmhmm. Works better if the tongue sticks out a little bit with the lip.

Wow. Didn't Chayanne used to be like a sex symbol or something? Now he looks like Brandon Davis, but with money.
Cage The Elephant - London
I love Cobie Smulders.
One of the kindness blinds. Alicia Witt. Looking lovely.

Ashton put up job or for Kathy Griffin's show? You know there is no way on earth that she would ever let a founder of Apple out of her grasp.
The lovely Kristen Bell.
Jason Segel breaks into a song and dance routine on the red carpet.
I need to get out more. Haylie Duff actually looks good.
Dave Navarro seems to be doing a really bad Gene Simmons look these days.

Russell Brand and his mother.

So, one of the reasons Paula Abdul and her boyfriend broke up is that he was allegedly cheating on her. The other is the fact that a report has come out that she takes up to four hours to get ready even when she is just going to the store.
That chemical peel still hasn't quite worn off for Melissa Rivers.
And so you are telling me with a straight face that Macaulay Culkin got to do Mila Kunis. Wow. This world sucks for guys like me.
One of my favorite people in the world. Leslie Mann.

Music from the Village People. Get in your head. Here we go.


G? What the hell. It isn't that hard to spell. It's just letters. No tutors on Saved By The Bell I guess.
The Subways - London
The Courteeners - London

A 10 Billion Dollar Crackhead

When is the last time you saw someone use crack who is worth 10 Billion Dollars? I'm guessing Bill Gates and Warren Buffett don't own a crack pipe. It's just a guess, but I am going out on a limb and saying they probably don't. Until a few minutes ago, I would have said it is 100% certain they don't. Then I read about this couple.

Eva Rausing is married to the third richest person in the UK. She is American born and the daughter of a big shot at Pepsi. The couple is worth over 10 Billion Dollars and yet she was arrested yesterday trying to allegedly bring heroin and crack into the US Embassy in London. Nice huh? Turns out she can't go longer than a few hours without either drug and so always keeps them with her.

Her husband Hans was also arrested by police when they searched their home for more drugs.

The couple gives millions and millions each year to charity and Hans has Prince Charles on speed dial and gets to even call him Chuck. There are so many charities in the UK that would have gone out of business if it were not for this couple so what do you do? Do you just say, "oh well, let them do what they want," and risk having people say your organization supports crack heads or do you shun them in which case you shut down and crack heads who don't have ten billion end up without any help at all.

Do you know how addicted you must be to actually try and bring drugs like heroin and crack into an Embassy? Did she think they wouldn't find it? With the kind of money they have, I wonder if they just have a farm in Colombia that grows the coca and poppies for them. Then they sit around the house smoking and injecting and saying things like, "this is a really good vintage."

Your Turn

I thought that this week, instead of the Best of PR, I would change it up a little. About six months or so after I started the blog, I had a day where I invited everyone to submit to me whatever they wanted to plug, and then posted them all. Well, I am going to do it again, BUT, this is the big change. There are way more readers than in the past and I have much less time to proof and edit all the posts and make them look pretty.

So instead of me doing all the work, I thought I would let you have this opportunity to take over the comments and plug whatever you want to plug. I don't care if it is a garage sale in Terre Haute or your band or your blog. If you support a charity or have cookies to sell. Post it here.

It is not that I mind when you post your site in the comments, because honestly I don't care. If people like what you are saying, they should be able to go read more of it. To me it is no different than someone posting a great link to a story.

The only rule is that there can be no political plugs. None. Nada. Zilch. Don't want to see them, and if you post one it will be deleted. Depending on how popular it is, I can do it every few weeks.

To get things started, I will post three of my favorite websites. Although I love that you read my blog, I do understand there are other points of view. These are my three favorite gossip sites, and the people that run each are really great people, and we tend to help each other out which I also love. You probably already read them all, but if you don't you should check them out.

I Feel The Pain Of Frances Bean Cobain

You know that you have a friend who is a little different. Maybe this friend is always getting drunk at inappropriate places, like church. Maybe this friend is just a person who really talks extremely loudly or resembles a mating elephant when he or she laughs. Embarrassment is just part and parcel of anytime that you spend with them.

The thing is they are just your friend. You get to go home at the end of the day or after the movie, and can check caller i.d. before picking up the phone. Unfortunately Frances Bean Cobain doesn't have that luxury when dealing with her mom. Now, I'm sure she loves her mom, but actually I have always wondered whether The Bean isn't in fact the mom in this relationship. How many times do you think The Bean has been embarrassed by her mother?

The latest incident occurred this past week in the Virgin Airlines First Class lounge at LAX. Courtney decided she needed to have a cigarette. Just had to have one despite the fact it is against the law to law light up in the airport. Instead of just popping in some Nicotine gum, Courtney decided to go ahead and break the law. Virgin was not pleased and kicked her ass out of the airport and told her she could fly the next day.

I'm maybe thinking there is more to this than just a cigarette, but the cigarette is the official reason. The Bean is 15 and probably told her mom to not smoke and that everything would be ok. Courtney probably told her that she was big star and nothing would happen to her. Unfortunately Courtney isn't a star anymore, just living off her dead husband's money and going through it at an alarming rate.

So, we can all imagine the resigned look on The Bean's face when Virgin kicked them out. The inevitable yelling and cursing from her mom. The indignation that Courtney could do anything wrong, and then the limo ride back home.

For her part, Courtney had this to say to the press. "I had a fag in the first class lounge, like two hits, and they wouldn’t let me on the plane with my daughter. They made some big thing like I’m a f**king terrorist or something. It was embarrassing.”

I'm sure it was embarrassing. Not only because you are not British yet use British slang, and also because you probably didn't even consider who was more embarrassed than you. Your daughter. Way to set another great example, and to make sure your daughter burns through her father's money in therapy.

He Can't Be Serious

Bobby Brown is ticked off at Whitney Houston because for some reason she won't sign off on the DVD release of his show Being Bobby Brown. Because she won't sign off, Bobby claims he really has limited income right now. Well maybe if you hadn't written a book where you basically accused of her turning you onto coke and making you become an addict she might have signed. Maybe if you hadn't come out and basically said your whole marriage was an excuse to hide the fact that she is lesbian, she might have signed.

Do you really think that trashing someone completely and then going to them and asking for a favor is really the way to go? Is this how you have managed to stay so successful for so long? Wait, oh, you aren't successful anymore. The only reason Bravo or NBC agreed to that show is because you were married to Whitney Houston. Do you really think Bravo would have been interested in watching you without her? No, because without her money they would have filmed you sitting on a couch all day dodging process servers, chain smoking Newports, and trying to convince the world you can still sing. You probably would have been 50 pounds overweight instead of the 30 you were. You would have set up some club gig where it would have looked full, but only because you promised all your baby mamas they would get paid if they and the kids would show up.

Please. The only way you are ever going to get her to sign is to give her about 90% of the money and agree to wipe her butt everyday for the next year.

Hell Yes She's Trying To Get Pregnant

According to the NY Post, Charlie Sheen's future ex-wife Brooke Mueller was on the set of Charlie's new commercial he was shooting and kept taking pregnancy tests and putting them on top of the trash. Besides a desperate cry for attention, what this shows to me is that she knows the only way to get whatever is left of Charlie's money is by having a kid. Despite the big rock on her finger, there haven't been any wedding bells. I'm not sure there will be any wedding bells, but if she gets knocked up, then just maybe.

BUT, even if they don't get married, and she gets pregnant, she will get paid. Now, I for one am totally not in favor of a woman doing this except in this case. She has put up with so much and basically just bent over backwards even outside the bedroom to make it appear as if they are a loving couple. She has played nice or mean with Denise Richards depending on the circumstances. She has leaked little bits of info for Charlie and has stood by him even with all the unseemly portraits that Denise has painted.

For this she deserves something, and if she thinks the only way to get something back for her investment is having a child, then go for it. Just don't expect Charlie to be interested in the kid until she is about 14 or so.

Daily Mirror Blind Item

Which celebrity is so paranoid about making friends she forces potential pals to tell her a joke to see whether they are worthy of being seen with her?

Maybe She Got Tired Of Playing The Hooker

The NY Post yesterday reported that Silda Spitzer not only knew that the ex-Governor loved him some hookers, but also just didn't care. Didn't care? Does this mean she was in the marriage for the fame and fortune and a life in Albany? I'm guessing that it is because Eliot hadn't touched her in about ten years and she kind of liked it that way. What did they have? Two kids? That was probably enough sex for her.

The only other possible reason I can come up with is that she might have some kind of monogamy isn't all that it is cracked up to be and so she understood when Eliot gave her the line about needing to be with other people. Unless. Nah. Couldn't be. Do you think she was seeing someone on the side? The new Governor of NY had affairs with women. Wouldn't it be crazy if one of the women was Silda?

Who the hell names their kid Silda anyway? You just know that kid is in for a lifetime of schoolyard beatings. That is probably the one thing she had in common with Eliot. That name must have been a real pleasure growing up also. What rhymes with Eliot? Smelliiot. Love it.

I would be really interested to know how much she knew and if it was just kind of a resigned kind of feeling or if she was going on Craigslist trying to find one for her husband when it looked like he was maybe interested in her for some reason.

Tara Reid Must Have Slept With Someone

In all the fuss today about Neil Patrick Harris saying he doesn't want Britney Spears back on HIMYM, a little throwaway line from the interview hasn't been mentioned at all. As you know, I am all about the little stuff. Besides, this is a Britney free zone (for the most part) so we need to talk about some other crazy chick. I don't usually use the term chick when describing a woman, but I feel it is more respectful than ho, and we all need to be respectful to Tara Reid.

Apparently there is an unknown character who is saying bad things about NPH's character on the show. The producers are teasing that it will be Britney making a comeback to the show, while NPH says, "no telling, but based on the stunt casting we've done in the past I'm guessing Tara Reid."

Don't you just love how he throws that stunt casting term out there. You have to love it. So, Tara Reid huh? The actress voted the worst guest star in the history of guest stars. How on earth did she get this job? I think we can all safely assume that it wasn't for her minty fresh breath, or her 6am snarl after being out all night drunk. Perhaps it is her acting skill? Hmmm. I think not, unless you want to count the fake moans on the casting couch or something. Apparently she made someone fell good for some reason if she is coming back. I hate to say it, but I would prefer Britney.

Hit, Hit Baby

Well he didn't actually hit his baby, but Vanilla Ice aka Robert van Winkle was arrested yesterday for allegedly pushing his wife. He said he didn't do it, and she said he did. He said his wife is bi-polar, she said he was upset that she was buying a bedroom set.

Wow, hate to see what he would have done if she got new carpeting. Vanilla has been arrested before on domestic violence charges and should be kept in jail just for being an all around jerk. I mean just the fact he is smiling like that after being arrested for domestic violence is kind of jerkish. I bet he was thinking,"hey this is going to be all over the internet. Free publicity baby. Ice is back."

You know that is exactly what he was thinking. Whether or not I actually did the crime for which I was charged, I don't think I would be sporting a s**t eating grin like that and know I would never be caught rocking a soul patch. I would be pulling that thing out hair by hair before they took that photo.

In his defense, and it is only the tiniest possible defense. She told the cops she wanted to divorce, and presumably told him as well, but still was going out and buying a new bedroom set. That is kind of just like saying, "you will be moving out soon and I am going to be having other guys in here and don't want to be reminded of you."

It doesn't excuse any pushing or hitting. There is never a good reason to hit a woman if you are a man, even if you are married to Denise Richards, but I get the feeling that maybe she wasn't being completely 100% honest. Not that he doesn't deserve a night in jail just for making us all listen to that crap he put out in the 80's . Geez was it that long ago. God I am old.

Ted C. Blind Item

Break out your umbrellas and stay out of the splash zone, Super Duper Cooper strikes again. Our sexed-out insiders are spilling about some other naughty boudoir behavior SDC has been up to besides becoming an Olympian at preorgasmic water sports, ugh.

Supes seems to like his female fans almost as much as he likes his steamy Hollywood girlfriends, and he treats both varieties of vixens with about the same amount of respect. The well-liked lothario scoops up the gals and spits 'em back out just as quickly, especially the ones who accidentally get knocked up 'cause of his encounters. Guy’s a low-down dawg, though his puppy puss makes him seem so much more innocent. Mr. Duper Cooper even marks his territory like man’s best four-legged pal: He’s been known to have his adoring fans line up against a wall, drop trou and go to town sniffing their derrieres like they were at the Laurel Canyon pooch park. Sounds kinda hot, but kinda gross. Don’t think this was just hazing for entry into the fan club—Cooper’s famous ex-flame was also privy to this way-too-personal inspection.

A bit too absurd for your prude tastes in titillation? We’re more confused than disgusted, since SDC also likes to throw on some gay porn while bedding his beauties. In fact, our too-close-for-comfort sources swear Duper’s desktop screensaver is none other than the male member, in its full pixilated 'n' engorged glory. Is this dude bisexual, or trying to cover up all the oft-blogged-about gay rumors by romancing so many willing ladies? Either way, he needs to be put on a leash before we turn back around to liking this lush lad.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Today's Blind Items

Are you a gay actor looking for a beard? Then look no further. This B/C list actress from at least two very hit television shows is willing to be your beard for a price. Apparently this actress has been approaching actors at parties who the public perceives as gay or are on the fence about and is willing to be their girlfriend for a price. The thing is it gets even better. She is offering more than just the services of a single woman in her 30's to act as a girlfriend. See, our actress is married and her celebrity husband is completely on board with the plan. Their idea is that any guy who can break up a marriage or at least appear to break up a marriage must be straight, at least in the eyes of the public. Meanwhile, the gay actor can enjoy fun times with our actress' husband who happens to like playing on both sides of the fence. This just has win/win written all over it doesn't it.

Random Photos Part One

Black Guayaba - Ft. Lauderdale
I am thinking the over under on Angie Harmon's weight is 90 pounds.
Alyson Hannigan looks really good.
It has been awhile since I posted the always depressed Emilie de Ravin.

Yay or nay on this look coming back. I really don't like it.
Da Brat looks Da _______
You know. All things considered they are pretty good actresses to pretend to be all happy to be together.
Like if I hadn't told you that was Jonathan Schaech with Brittany Snow you would have guessed it.
It's like watching I Love The 80's. You will never hear a bad thing uttered from my mouth about Jane Krakowski though as she delivered one of my favorite movie lines of all time. "Yeah, but my daddy says I'm the best." That's gold.

Glen Matlock - London
I'm just happy to see that Elliot Yamin is dealing with his mom's death and getting back to doing what he loves doing most.
It wasn't that long ago that you couldn't open a magazine or turn on the television or see a film with Estella Warren in it. The bottom drops out quickly if you are not careful.
I've decided Eddie Izzard needs a nickname. I like The Izz.

Hey Leelee Sobieski. Alicia Keys called and wants her hat back.

I love Katie Perry. And her bling. Definitely made me laugh.
An I Spy book from Katie Price. Ok. I'll play. I spy a set of really bad fake breasts.
"When you're as famous as me, then I will go ahead and remember your name. Hell, maybe I will even pretend to date you."
For all of my 12 year old fans. Here is Jesse McCartney.

It's not actually possible to get pregnant while breast feeding right? Because I have to tell you, I am getting that pregnancy vibe from Nicole Richie.

You think Matthew McConaughey is getting tired of Kate Hudson and the clothes from her mom's closet that were last seen while filming Foul Play and serving fondue.
The lovely Minka Kelly.
I never thought I would live to see the day where Axl Rose was photographed wearing a bikini.
The Feeling - London

Sean Penn alone in New York. Hey maybe Ashley Dupre has some free time.
Steve Miller - Hollywood
The lovely Shirley Manson doing some work on behalf of an AIDS organization.
"So when Robert got done having sex with all of his co-stars..."


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