Saturday, September 13, 2014

Blind Item #10

This married A list mostly movie actor who deserves to be A+list is really good looking and everyone loves him, but he does cheat on his wife frequently and she is finally getting tired of it. She has left the actor a few times but then he just really goes through a bunch of women. He looks like Mr. Nice Guy, but is really no different from a Gerard Butler in the number of women he sleeps with.

Blind Item #9

This former A+list mostly television actor from a huge network show crashed and burned as a movie actor. No one knows what was said, but our actor threw a beer into the face of his wife this week at an event and then he walked away.

Blind Item #8

This married permanent A list singer is aging but he likes to tell tales of how he still has sex with a model from time to time. His wife though tells her friends that the singer can't stand to attention any longer and that he is all talk.

Blind Items Revealed

March 9, 2014

This B list celebrity with A+ name recognition offered up his girlfriend to some investors if they would go into business with him. The girlfriend, drunk as hell walked out of an adjoining room naked and told the guys she was available. The men declined and left right after. Not to be rude, but she was drunk and looked like she hadn't slept in weeks or even showered.

Rob Kardashian

Blind Items Revealed

December 19, 2013

This former C list reality star/C list celebrity with A list name recognition does drugs with family members and has been buying urine to pass court ordered drug tests.

Brooke Mueller

Blind Item #7

Huge fight between this married celebrity couple the other day. He is a B+ list singer who deserves to be A list. Prior to them getting married they planned on having a baby together pretty quickly. Then her career took off so now she wants to wait a few years. He is not happy and they did some serious yelling at each other.

Blind Item #6

This former B list television actress who had two great network runs was dumped by her husband when she finally confessed that what he thought was their child was the child of someone else. It was pretty obvious to everyone.

Blind Items Revealed

December 17, 2013

This former B+ list actress solely due to her role in a franchise and is now a casting couch B- lister is playing with danger. Out in public she is dating one guy but behind the scenes is doing everything she can to hook up with the best friend of her guy. Our actress thinks the best friend offers a much better chance for fame and success than a no namer to most scrambling to always find his next job.

Ashley Greene/Paul Khouri/Liam Hemsworth

Blind Items Revealed

December 9, 2013

Producers have assigned a minder to this B- list mostly movie actress after she showed up to the set of this potential blockbuster hammered out of her mind two consecutive days. Nothing can derail this movie.

Michelle Rodriguez

Blind Item #5

This married B list mostly movie actress who just looks like a pale white sheet with red lipstick who no one really likes was all alone at several events this past week. Apparently her husband has tired of her even though they haven't been married all that long and he is seeing someone else.

Blind Item #4

I love her, but this is ridiculous. This former A list mostly movie actress who probably was A+ list, for a very short run still has A+list name recognition and has some great offspring and a long term relationship. She also doesn't work very much any longer but has two assistants who she literally kept shuttling back and forth from coach to her seat in first class on a cross-country flight. Back and forth they went for almost five hours. Two of them. 

Blind Items Revealed

December 9, 2013

This former A list celebrity/reality star who is now a D lister who loves to get naked had three people over to her house this past weekend and pulled out a gun and held it to her head. Loaded. Two hours later she set it down when she passed out from the drugs she had taken earlier.

Tila Tequila

Blind Items Revealed

December 7, 2013

This former A list singer/celebrity was all over every woman she could find. She was worse than any drunk A list a-hole at a party with her game. If it moved, she was hitting on it.

Melissa Etheridge

Blind Item #3

This A+list mostly movie actor went from being a pain on set to a pain for publicists at the premiere of his new movie. He told publicists he would talk to five fans only on the red carpet and would only talk to two press people and then he was out of there. He is a total tool and unless he gets another hit soon, executives will find someone else who will actually be pleasant to work with.

Blind Item #2

What B list celebrity who keeps trying her hand at television, but fails miserably except with some specials and one night a year has made some really big enemies with her overly aggressive push to replace this icon. She says it is just business and wants to be first in line. Too much too soon. 

Blind Item #1

This nobody was striking out with every model he hit on at a recent party. When he told his A+list singer about his troubles she went and invited some of the same models to sit with them and the next thing you know the guy got to be picky about the which model he chose to take back to his hotel. 

Adrian Peterson Booked On Child Abuse Charges

At 1:06 this morning, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Adrian Peterson turned himself into police in Texas after being indicted and charged with child abuse for using a switch to discipline his son. Thirty minutes after Adrian Peterson walked into jail he was released after posting a $15,000 bond. The Vikings announced earlier in the day that Peterson would not be active for the game tomorrow against New England. Peterson had cooperated with the grand jury investigation and testified for seven hours in front of them before being indicted. This is going to be an interesting case because teachers in Texas, with the permission of parents are still allowed to use corporal punishment against students. It is definitely a state where belts and switches and paddles have been used by parents for generations. Lawyers for Peterson say he never meant to hurt his son. The injuries, from the photos I have seen look pretty horrific. I can't even bear to look at them. My parents used to use a paddle on me and there might have been the occasional belt too. I just don't think you need to use that kind of discipline but there are going to be a huge number of supporters for Adrian Peterson and if the case goes to trial, which I don't think it will, I'm not sure they would find him guilty. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Random Photos Part Five

Chris Pratt and his son take a stroll yesterday.
Also out strolling was Eva Longoria.
Eddie Murphy and his girlfriend have the stroll down to a science.
Ellen Pompeo shakes her hair like a Willow Smith song.
Emma Stone at the premiere of her new movie with
Colin Firth, who was accompanied by his wife.
It was Fergie's turn with Axl yesterday.
January Jones trying to eat a donut out of sight of the cameras.
Bella Thorne would like you to think she is going to eat this chili dog.

Random Photos Part Four - Fashion Week

Angela Simmons
Cynthia Bailey
Kenya Moore and Kandi Burress
Taking some time out from Fashion Week events to help out Cantor Fitzgerald at their annual 9/11 fundraising event were:

AnnaLynne McCord
Padma Lakshmi and Michael J Fox.
Jenny McCarthy
Ben Stiller and Swizz Beatz
Pamela Anderson

Random Photos Part Three

Sofia Vergara and Juliette Lewis from way back in the day.
Jennifer Lopez out solo shopping in Beverly Hills.
Melanie Griffith gave up cigarettes for cigars. Then she is going to move to a pipe and finally smokeless tobacco.
Michelle Monaghan at the premiere of her new movie.
Emmanuelle Chriqui was also there.
Even Malin Akerman and her new hair cut was there.
Milla Jovovich and her very happy looking husband.
Mindy Kaling heads into Letterman.
You can't unsee this photo of Mickey Rourke.

Random Photos Part Two- Toronto Film Festival

Anna Kendrick and Ryan Reynolds
Ellen Barkin
Adam Sandler
Benicio Del Toro
Josh Hutcherson
Tobey Maguire
Liev Schreiber
Peter Sarsgaard
Hayden Christensen

Random Photos Part One

Five parts today.

Pierce Brosnan and Olga Kurylenko are still out shilling for November Man.
Peta Murgatroyd uses a gate instead of a pole for some parking lot dancing.
Tommy Chong on his way into DWTS practice.
Also practicing was Lolo Jones who is caffeined up.
Lea Thompson looks pretty good and will probably last longer than most people think.
Mark Ballas brought a huge lunch to practice.
Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross already ended their honeymoon.
Winona Ryder hit a red carpet for the first time in a long time.
Zoe Saldana out in NYC.

Blind Item #10

The son of this sometime A+ list mostly movie actor has been bragging that he had sex with his step-mom. Since when is that brag worthy? Well, this guy has never really been all that normal, so I guess he thinks it is.

Back To School Fails

Blind Item #9

This former B list reality star turned C list celebrity loved her reality fame and is desperate to have it again. She is willing to do anything to have another season of her show. If someone told her she would have to cheat on her B+ list celebrity husband she would do it. Well, I mean she has already cheated, but she would let herself get caught if she could get another shot of fame.

Off Topic

Whenever I watch Hell's Kitchen I always wonder how bad the restaurants are the contestants worked for because most of them can't cook at all despite being in the business for a long time. 

Blind Items Revealed

December 23, 2013

This D list celebutante from an A list celebutante family has been making an a-hole of himself while on vacation and is having to pay three tomes the amount for his drugs as everyone else would. No one will buy them for him because he uses drugs that will find you in jail for a long time if caught buying. A long time. Especially in the quantities he buys daily. Definitely going to be in the 2014 death pool.

Barron Hilton

Four For Friday- Til Death To Us Part

It is once again Friday. A very hot Friday here in Los Angeles. Last I checked it was a few degrees cooler in hell aka Kris Jenner's house. I noticed that living in LA we tend to complain about the weather every chance we get. For approximately 300 days a year the weather is perfect so we really make the most out of the other 60 days a year. You are probably saying that I missed 5 days. I did, but that is the average number of days the average person here sleeps through after partying too much. Anyway, I will be here all weekend and I would love for you to follow me on Twitter. I am @entylawyer

This is a marriage that is based on convenience but there is a lot of love too. It isn't just two people bearding for each other, it is a lot more. Our actress at one point reached A list when her long running network show was on the air. Content now with the odd indie movie or a cameo, she wants to stay out of the limelight. She has made enough money to last several lifetimes. She met her husband many years ago when she was at her peak. She had a long time girlfriend who was now gone because our actress would never go public with something like that. For some reason she ended up telling her story to a guy from a party who then told her his story. He had been in a relationship with another man for a long time and the man died of complications related to AIDS. The man from the party told our actress that he is HIV+. For some reason, the two clicked. They started spending all their time together and eventually they married. Never any sex. They do have offspring. IVF. Her egg and another man's sperm. That is a big secret. Everyone thinks he donated the sperm, but then the HIV_ story would have to be explained. When he has been sick and he has been frequently, our actress is the loving wife. She is a great mom. She also has lots of fun with two women who share the role of girlfriend in her life. She is very discreet, not only because she doesn't want to come out, but she also doesn't want to embarrass her husband by being caught. He knows of course. He knows everything, but he loves that she is his, at least in public.

Your Turn

A debate at work led me to ask a variation of this question on Twitter last night, but which boy band at their peak was most popular? 

Mr. X Blind Items Revealed - Old Hollywood

June 13, 2014

Old Hollywood: Which almost A-list actor who is more famous nowadays for his premature death literally stalked out this A++ list Oscar winning/nominated actor so he could say he slept with him? The latter actor didn't have any good things to say about it, however.

James Dean/Marlon Brando

Mr. X Blind Items Revealed - Old Hollywood

June 13, 2014

Old Hollywood: Which A/B-list actress and sex symbol was part African-American, which she didn't tell any of her husbands and lovers?

Ava Gardner

Mr. X Blind Items Revealed - Old Hollywood

June 13, 2014

Old Hollywood: Which A+ list leading lady who easily transitioned from movies to TV once screamed at an interviewer "GET THE F**K OUT OF MY HOUSE!!" after he asked her if she was lesbian? She did swing both ways, according to friends and costars.

Barbara Stanwyck

Blind Item #8

While the husband of this A list celebrity/talk show host was getting his peen pierced for the SECOND time he said that he doesn't even live in the same house as his wife any longer and they haven't got divorced because her show is hanging on by a thread as it is.

Blind Item #7

The ex-wife of this married A+ list mostly television actor from a very hit very long running network show wants more money or she will tell more very nasty stories about the actor. She told a couple before the actor paid her a ton of money. That was awhile ago now though and she wants more.

Ain't No Party Like A Palin Party

What happens when you invite the entire Palin family to your shindig? They get drunk and start fights. They even throw punches, draw blood and are ok with you punching them too. Last weekend Sarah and Todd Palin were joined by their three oldest children at a birthday party for several dog sled racers. The family arrived with subtlety, choosing a stretch Hummer as their transportation. After a brief amount of time at the party, someone noticed that one of the guests there was a former boyfriend of Willow who is now 20. Words were exchanged because this split did not end well. Huh. It seems like no split ever turns out well with the Palin family. Words became fists and shoves. The owner of the house where the party was being held tried to intervene and Bristol Palin threw three consecutive right hooks to the guy's jaw before dropping him. Meanwhile Todd and the oldest son, Track were also throwing punches. Track, who is 25 decided he could not fight with clothes on so ripped off his shirt and landed several punches of his own. Todd came out on the losing end of his encounters and suffered what is believed to be a broken nose. What was Sarah doing? Getting in the faces of people and warning them that if they messed with her family she was going to come down hard on them and also did some shoving of her own. The police were called, but no one decided to press any charges. According to a police report, "alcohol may have played a part in the altercation." Umm, yeah. 

Blind Item #6

This still A list rock star who is probably A+ list with his group has been a wreck for the past couple of months. Rehab didn't work the first time and his wife has left him because his drug use is even worse than it was before.

Blind Item #5

While visiting an Asian nation this week, this B+ list singer was supposed to shoot a commercial. When she found out there would also be two beauty queen winners in it, she said she wouldn't shoot it. She wanted the whole commercial to herself. That would have been hard considering the other two were in it to speak in their native tongue and our singer was in it to lip sync part of one of her songs. The company dropped her and saved themselves a huge headache.

Blind Item #4

While this B- list mostly movie actress who has had a recent run on a long running great network television show was blissfully promoting her new movie while her very rich boyfriend was back home hooking up with the celebrity/model offspring of someone who had his run at fame a long time ago and lives in the limelight of another person's fame now.

The Iggy Azaela Sex Tape

Earlier this week the head of Vivid said he watched a sex tape that starred Iggy Azalea. After watching a ton of celebrity sex tapes the guy is pretty good at identifying people no matter how long ago it was shot or how they look now. So, he goes to Iggy's people and says he thinks it will be a huge seller. He is probably right about that. Iggy then says she is not the star in the tape and has never made a tape and that if anyone posts or sells the tape claiming it is Iggy she will sue. Fast forward a couple of days and now Iggy says it is her in the tape, BUT she thinks it was made without her consent. Considering that her partner was holding the video camera, that part seems a little far fetched. Were they playing make believe shoot a porn? Then she drops the bombshell. She says that she might have been under 18 when she shot the tape. But wait, if you didn't give consent to a tape being shot then how do you know how old you were?

I don't blame her for not wanting the video shown to the world and if she can figure out a way to stop it, then she should do whatever she can. I think eventually it will come out though and if it is going to come out she should at least get some serious money for it because music careers can be fickle and it might be nice to have some money for your old age. Besides in a year or two, no one will even remember you made one. I wonder if she told her boyfriend that she had never made a sex tape so now she is not only going to admit to him that she did but that the entire world is probably going to get to see it. 

Blind Item #3 - Fashion Week

This foreign born B list singer not named Rita Ora was supposed to walk a runway as part of a show where she sang but the designer told her they had no clothes big enough. Apparently the singer has gained about 20 pounds since a first fitting a month ago. That is a lot of weight in a month, but she looks good to me.

Blind Item #2

This married just about A+ list mostly movie actor is usually accompanied by his wife wherever he goes, but she was doing school things with their kids this week so our actor was left to his own devices while traveling. That meant hookers, but apparently he didn't want to cheat alone and kept trying to get this other married A+ list mostly movie actor to join him. When the A+ lister said no, the cheating actor  used the line that everyone does it. "Not me," replied the A+ lister.

Blind Item #1 - Fashion Week

It has been a slow week for people doing drugs at shows. There have been a few, but none that anyone would recognize. That changed yesterday as this B list mostly movie actress with a famous last name who was set to propel to A list if her franchise took off was doing some lines of coke backstage after the show with one of the models.

Nicole Kidman's Father Dies After A Fall In His Hotel Room

Nicole Kidman's father died today in Singapore after suffering a fall in his hotel room after breakfast. Dr. Anthony Kidman was in Singapore to visit Nicole's sister Antonia who lives in Singapore with her husband and their six children. No other details are being provided at the time, but it must have been one heck of a fall. Maybe he suffered a stroke or heart attack and then hit his head on a table. There are not many people who just fall down in a hotel room and die from their injuries.

Other reports have said he died during a road side accident. To me those are two very different possibilities.

According to a statement from Nicole's long time publicist, the family is devastated. There are some interesting things probably to come from figuring out how he died, but I am wondering if Nicole's kids from her first marriage to Tom Cruise will attend the funeral. He was after all, their grandfather. Will Tom Cruise call or attend? He was his father-in-law for a very long time. 

Oscar Pistorius Guilty Of Mansluaghter

After a day where Oscar Pistorius was cleared of the most serious charges against him, a judge today found Pistorius guilty of culpable homicide, which is similar to manslaughter. The judge said she accepted his version of events that he thought Reeva Steenkamp was an intruder. OK, lets stop there for a second. If the judge accepted his version of events than it would seem to me that she would have also found him not guilty of manslaughter. In South Africa, you are allowed to defend your property against an intruder. I think the judge took that break yesterday for the night because she had planned on finding him not guilty of everything but at lunchtime realized her first two verdicts did not go over so well. So, she takes a night to collect her thoughts and then finds him guilty of the crime.

Pistorius faces a maximum sentence of 15 years, but the typical sentence is 5-8 years, which means he will probably get that or less. I am guessing less because of what the judge said that she believed his version of events. With some generous time off for good behavior he might not serve very much time at all and you know he will be put in some type of special prison where he won't face any hard time at all. The judge granted Pistorius' request for bail and set the sentencing for October 23.


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