Friday, September 16, 2011

Your Turn

OK, it is time to fess up. Is that a word? I guess it sounds better to use fess up than confess because that sounds harsh and this sounds more light and playful. Like frozen yogurt instead of ice cream. Speaking of which, I don't really see the point of going to get frozen yogurt at one of the do it yourself places and then loading up a million calories on the extras. Just give me the ice cream and not play any games.

Anyway, I want to know who you had a crush on when you were younger. Come on. Who did you write that fan mail to or have up on your wall. Everyone had someone. I had a picture of a cow. There must be a boy band you went and saw or had a Britney Spears picture on your wall.

Lindsay Lohan Is Out Of Control

And Lindsay Lohan wonders why she cannot get anyone to give her a job, let alone take her seriously. Somehow Lindsay got invited to a V Magazine party. Since they are a fairly decent magazine, I am wondering why they had to go down so low on their possible guest list to have her show up. At the event, once again, hosted by V, a V photographer tried to take Lindsay's photo. Well, with Dina right next to her, Lindsay launched a glass at the photographer, but missed and ended up hitting a cocktail waitress. Instead of apologizing or seeing if she hurt the waitress, she just pointed and said, "Not you. Him."

Who tosses a glass at a party full of people? She could have seriously hurt someone, but she does not care. She does not care about anyone but herself. Dina does not care either. The only thing Dina cares about is making sure she gets her commission and protecting the one person who makes sure Dina does not have to have a real job.

Later, Lindsay hit someone in the back of the head as she moved to a different part of the bar. When the party ended a bleeding woman was removed via ambulance, but no one is sure whether Lindsay caused it.

Eden Wood Takes Her Act To Fashion Week

Nothing like encouraging a six year old to act like a stripper in front of a beer drinking crowd. That is exactly what happened though at Fashion Week where Eden Wood from Toddler & Tiaras did her stripper act for Cicciabella's shoe show. I have watched Toddlers & Tiaras but always because of the crazy parents. I don't really agree with what they do, and I think it is wrong to sexually exploit young children which is what they are doing. As bad as Toddlers & Tiaras is, what this company did at Fashion Week was even worse. Who hires a kid to act like a stripper on the runway of Fashion Week? How did they even get permission to be an official show knowing there was this going on?

Four For Friday

#1 - What way under legal age C+/B- movie actress from several hit movies was spotted at Fashion Week chain smoking cigarettes and making out with some guy who looked to be in his 30's. Where are the parents?

#2 - One person made an observation about how skinny the models are at Fashion Week and said something like, "If I wanted to look like that I could never eat." A Twilight actress who was there said, "I only eat once or twice a week, and my last boyfriend said I should lose even more weight."

#3 - This B+/A list movie actress kept people waiting at an event for her for almost 30 minutes. Why? She was busy yelling at her assistant for not bringing the right shoes and made her assistant go back and get them. Oh, the best part? The audience would only be able to see her feet for the 10 seconds it took for her to get to her seat.

#4 - This A list everything actor made his significant other come to a huge event with him even though the A list everything was just caught cheating. The rumor is our actor even paid for the significant other to be there so as to not embarrass the actor or have people ask questions.

Bravo Fires A Bunch Of New York Real Housewives

I think Bravo has started to realize how popular Real Housewives can be if you have interesting people on the show. New York lost the interesting thing a few seasons back and now some of the Housewives are being fired. Kelly Bensimon, Alex McCord, Jill Zarin and maybe Cindy Barshop. It makes sense for a couple of reasons. They are all kind of boring and they have been on the show long enough that they are making very large salaries. Bravo has told them if they do not find people more interesting that they could be back. I bet Bravo will have no problems finding some women who are more than willing to be dramatic and cause trouble and I also think this is even happening to an extent for Beverly Hills. I think after you have been on the show and start to get appearance money and some fame you start to focus on that aspect and making as much money as you can off the result of being on the show, and trying to create a public brand for yourself. That is why Real World switches everyone after a season.

Ted C Blind Item

Everyone in Hollywood is wondering who Portia Vajazzle is dating.

She flies solo when she's strutting her stuff on whatever red carpet she happens to be walking that week, and even though she's been linked up to some of the hottest hunks this side of Beverly Hills, she remains (shockingly) single.

Or so she says. You see, Ms. Portia is plenty busy behind closed doors...

"She sleeps with everyone," a pal very in the know about Portia's lusty life tells us.

Well, she won't sleep with just anyone. She's got certain standards that must be met, but we'll get to that in a moment.

So who did this young, gorgeous gal bed most recently?

Blind Vicer Stinky Carrot-Crotch, who is known more for his sometimes-silly jokes than his skills between the sheets.

Um, what gives, Porsh? You can totally do better than that dud.

Thing is, P.V. knows exactly what she's doing. She's a crafty chica and digs men with power. Well, uses men with power is more like it.

See, Stinky was more than happy to have her on the set of his latest flick when he knew how easy it was to get into her panties (ya know, if she's even wearing any to begin with).

It's the same stint Portia pulled with the movie before Mr. Carrot-Crotch's. And the one before that too.

We're not positive if Portia's been bedding these dudes to land the roles or just sleeping around once she's gotten the gig, but if we know anything about this town, we're guessing it's the former.

And It Ain't: Ashley Greene, Blake Lively, Jennifer Lawrence

Brad Pitt's Marriage To Jen - Not So Great

In an interview with Parade Magazine, Brad Pitt talks about being satisfied with his life and his family and loves Angelina Jolie and blah blah blah. Then he gets to the good stuff. He says that his marriage to Jennifer Aniston was not that great. He said that his life was boring and "I think that my marriage had something to do with it. Trying to pretend the marriage was something that it wasn't."

I guess sitting on the couch all day smoking pot got boring pretty fast. Right after the excerpts from the interview was released, Brad tried to do some damage control and said that Jennifer is great and a friend and that she was not dull, he was dull. Uh huh.

He also said in the interview that his life was just not that interesting with Jennifer but now that he has Angelina and the kids his life is interesting. No response from Jen yet. Angelina is probably smirking.

January Jones Is A Fan of XxX

Apparently January Jones has a thing for the movie XxX which is really annoying to type. I can think of no other explanation as to why she would name her new child Xander. Oh, maybe she is a fan of Xander Berkeley. Maybe she is doing this to throw us off the scent of who the baby daddy is. She used the last name Jones, but I wonder what the birth certificate says. Father left blank? At some point it will come out. I would hope at some point, that the father will show up and want to see the baby. I stick with my first choice, but really do not need more cease and desist letters today.

BuzzFoto Blind Item

This underage female star from a children’s network (not Disney) made the mistake of taking questionable photos of herself on her cellphone to send to a male coworker. Someone on set found them on her found after snooping through her cell, and decided to turn her in. When he turned her in to one of the execs, the exec fired the employee promptly for snooping. The fired employee thinks the photos were taken for the exec because of his reaction.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Random Photos Part Three

Jane Lynch becomes a Jersey Shore star? Top spot for sure.
Surprisingly when Anderson Cooper interviewed his wax figure look-alike, neither had much to say.
Alicia Silverstone on the set of her new movie while
her husband watches the kid. I feel like I'm watching Jerry Springer.
Austin Scarlett goes butch.
Long time no see Aida Turturro but she looks great.
That is some bright yellow that Bryce Dallas Howard is wearing. Here she is with James Marsden.
Britney Spears headed to London.
Courtney Love kisses the eye of Michael Kors, because that is the hip thing to do right now.

Random Photos Part Two

I got so used to seeing David Beckham, always in the ocean that it is strange to see him out riding his bike.
Gus Van Sant and Debra Winger talk about the good old days.
Hugh Jackman looks like he is about to burst out laughing.
Congratulations to Henry Winkler who got an OBE for his work with children who have dyslexia.
Jessica Simpson brings back the Daisy Dukes.
This Jonas is the one who is married. That kind of sounds like a Friends episode title.
Kelly Macdonald and Steve Buscemi hanging out at the Boardwalk Empire premiere party.
Hmm, maybe there are some glasses we could buy so we would not have to see Lindsay.
Really? Someone recognized Lisa Marie Presley?

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

When is the last time you saw Michael Douglas so happy? Put him next to Rosie Huntington Whiteley and Zoe Saldana and it is like Catherine who?
Mila Kunis taking a walk and wondering if she will be naked all over the internet this week.
Nicolas Cage gets some new hair.
Both Olsen twins actually looking, well, normal.
Even Robbie Williams now has his own clothing line.
Selma Blair wins the most interesting dress of the day award.
It seems like I never have Gretchen Mol in the photos. Other parts of the blog, but rarely the photos.
Stanley Tucci and Carol Kane keeping it close.
Speaking of keeping people close, here are Simon, Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul.

Webcam For Seniors

This reminds me of my parents except my dad would have to be drunk to make those faces.

Anna Faris Has No Actress Friends

Anna Faris is interviewed this month in Marie Claire and some parts of it are refreshing simply because she is the kind of person who does not really care what anyone else thinks about her. I have gone through periods where I was not a fan of her and still think she should not have agreed to do that rape scene in Observe And Report. Rape is not comedy. Ever. In the article she discusses the fact that her first marriage fell apart because she was more famous than her husband. Well, her new husband is not exactly making millions of bucks which is probably why this one is very creaky too. When someone gives a monthly magazine interview rather than a weekly magazine you never know whether that relationship might end before the issue is published.

She says that after her first marriage broke up she decided to get a boob job and drink everyday and just stay inside and never change clothes. She makes it sound funny, but this is fairly common. Most of us wake up every morning and go to a job. We are forced to get up, presumably shower and change clothes and participate in the real world. If you work in movies, you might work for three months and then not work for two. What do you all day? You don't have to do anything so you don't.

She also says she has no actress friends. Well, maybe it is because you said that you would love to be roofied someday. She says that in order to meet actresses she has to call their agents and then set up a meeting and the ones she meets at events are too stuffy. Anyway, I will say that her new movie looks funny and will probably be seen by me on DVD. Oh, and if you have never seen her in Just Friends, you should do that tonight.

Jay-Z And His Secret Life

Star Magazine dropped a bombshell yesterday when they said that Jay-Z has a secret child from a relationship with a Trinidad model that happened about 10 years ago. It was around that time, but maybe a little earlier that he met the French model that I revealed in July Jay had a long term relationship with even after being with Beyonce. I don't know why people are so shocked that Jay wanders and strays and has some baggage. The thing about Jay though is that he has enough money to keep the baggage in the dark and that he is the kind of guy who would not publicly disrespect his wife by getting caught at anything. When he is with Beyonce it is all about Beyonce. When they are not together it is all about being Jay-Z.

Today's Blind Items

This takes some moxie. I guess this guy is a celebrity. Maybe reality star would be better? Producer? In the world of reality he is an A+. Big name recognition. Anyway, he also is quite the womanizer, but even for him this might set a record. He has a steady girlfriend. He calls her in the morning to say he is running late and goes over to an ex-girlfriend and has sex. He then calls his girlfriend to say that he can make lunch. They eat lunch and then drops out of their planned shopping trip and says he will catch up with her at dinner. He then goes to another ex-girlfriend's house and has sex before joining up with the current girlfriend for dinner. Oh, and of course this will be a reveal. It has to be shared with the world.

Did You Watch The Anthony Parents Interview?

I need to say right off that I think Dr. Phil asked some good questions of George and Cindy Anthony. I would have grilled them more and more. In fact, I probably would have got enough questions to make sure I had an hour of television then started asking them much harder things until they either cracked or walked off the set. Why not? What do I owe them? Dr. Phil did some of that and I think what we did get here was an admission from George that he knows what happened to Caylee. When George said that he thought Caylee was given too much of Xanax or something like that and overdosed, it was obvious Cindy had never heard that version from George, but I think at some point Casey probably told him that is what happened and that she needed his help to find the body. I think they also both decided they could not tell Casey's mom the truth so went with the drowning in the pool version of events.

Today's Blind Items - Fashion Week

This one actually was heard at Fashion Week, but does not really have anything to do with Fashion Week. Anyway, this former A list movie actor who is now doing mostly television as he gets older, but still looks good recently had a much younger girlfriend. A celebrity girlfriend. Things looked like they were going well so the sudden breakup between the pair was assumed to be because the guy got tired of being asked if the girlfriend was his daughter or even grand daughter. Anyway, the real reason they broke up was that our actor started dating the cousin of the celebrity. In fact, the cousin broke up with her boyfriend just to be with the actor who was cheating on her cousin. Got all that? Everything ended in one big miserable mess.

Angelina Jolie Sabotages Jennifer Aniston's Wedding

Despite Angelina Jolie publicly saying she was not getting married and Jennifer Aniston probably never getting married, OK!, which by the way is "The Magazine That Stars Trust" uses the cover in their latest issue to discuss how Angelina is trying to race Jennifer to the altar and will do everything she can to ruin Jennifer's perfect day. First of all do you see either of them doing the big wedding thing? I don't. I see small and quiet and no one will know. They are not going to sell television rights and have sponsors because they have been previously married and they just are not those types of people.

The magazine has come out on Jen's side and say that Angelina is the one with the grudge and that Angelina wants to make sure she comes out on top. I have to say that I am continually fascinated by the never ending obsession tabloids have over this couple and I would really love to see how the sales of these covers compare to weeks when they are not on the cover. To keep doing it so often must mean the sales are way better.

Angelina Jolie Sabotages Jennifer Aniston's Wedding

Despite Angelina Jolie publicly saying she was not getting married and Jennifer Aniston probably never getting married, OK!, which by the way is "The Magazine That Stars Trust" uses the cover in their latest issue to discuss how Angelina is trying to race Jennifer to the altar and will do everything she can to ruin Jennifer's perfect day. First of all do you see either of them doing the big wedding thing? I don't. I see small and quiet and no one will know. They are not going to sell television rights and have sponsors because they have been previously married and they just are not those types of people.

The magazine has come out on Jen's side and say that Angelina is the one with the grudge and that Angelina wants to make sure she comes out on top. I have to say that I am continually fascinated by the never ending obsession tabloids have over this couple and I would really love to see how the sales of these covers compare to weeks when they are not on the cover. To keep doing it so often must mean the sales are way better.

Katie Gives In - Suri Going To Scientology School

I was really hoping that somehow Katie Holmes would put her foot down and that Suri would end up going to a nice normal rich person private school. Oh, or to really make a statement, how about a public school. Instead though, Suri is being shipped off each school day to the Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith Scientology school. Sure, they might say it is not, but face it, it is. What other kindergarten class in the entire universe do you know that has a class called Study Technology. Yeah. The school has Scientology teachers and today I just feel really sad for Suri. Instead of recess she can look forward to auditing and instead of summer vacation she can look forward to three months with the SeaOrg for no pay. I do hope that when Tom & Katie finally split that she gets Suri. Can you imagine her never getting to see Suri again?

No One Takes The Kardashians Seriously

Yesterday, a pair of news anchors interviewed Kim and Kourtney Kardashian. First of all, why are you doing that? You are a news program so what possible kind of news do these two generate? Anyway, they were interviewed and they blathered on for a few minutes and when it was over, the news anchors thought everything was off and started making fun of the Kardashians. It is hilarious, but it also makes you think about the fact that instead of making fun of them perhaps they should not have put them on the air in the first place. If they don't get air time then they slowly leave. Never to return. Another question I have is are the 1M people who have viewed this video so far, happy the Kardashians were mocked? I hope so. I hate to think they are all fans.

Tareq Salahi - Don't Stop Believing

Call it what you will, a departure, or escape, or perhaps Michaele Salahi just wanted to look into the future and see what is next for her and explore new frontiers, but she left her husband Tareq Salahi. In the beginning Tareq initially called police thinking his wife might have been captured or kidnapped. He thought this because he had not heard from Michaele in six hours and when she did call it was from an Oregon phone number. He called the police who called Michaele who said she was fine. Tareq still did not believe so told the world to put a look out for Michaele. Turns out that Michaele is with Neal Schon down in Tennessee. Neal of course is the long time Journey guitarist who said sure come on down. For her part, Michaele said, she just was not feeling that way about Tareq anymore and that when she met Neal and the lights went down and he started loving touching and squeezing her it was too late and he said she could have it any way she wanted it and she said thank goodness. So, even though Neal walks like a lady he is the one getting to say good morning girl to Michaele.

Meanwhile, back at the homestead, Tareq knows the party is over and that his wife took the Dixie highway to be with her new guy. They may have gone their separate ways for now, but he will always welcome her back with open arms.

BuzzFoto Blind Item

We have a source that works in a high-fashion store in Beverly Hills that told us when this D list model/reality star shopped in their store, she had such terrible gas that several customers complained about the smell and sound- on two separate occasions! The employees, who are trained to be professional and discreet, struggled not to laugh or say anything. They claim the star walked around relieving herself loudly and at first they thought it might be a stunt or a joke. Since she’s been in the store twice, they now know differently and have decided to breathe into a handkerchief the next time she shops.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Random Photos Part Two

Travis Tritt helps George Jones celebrate his 80th birthday and the pair get the top spot.
Colin Firth and Gary Oldman finished a close second. The stumbled on their triple sow cow so the judges gave them a lower score.
Christina Ricci has gone back to not eating.
Apparently there really are two Fannings and not just one that multiplies itself.
Bar and Petra in one photo. The guy behind them is wishing that fashion show will never end.
Michelle Trachtenberg gives a sour look. How can anyone be sour around Emma Roberts?
I admit it. I watched Rachel Zoe's show again last night. I feel ashamed. I need to shower.
Ashlee Simpson at Fashion Week? Oh yeah, Jessica gave her a job.
Have no idea what Beyonce is wearing.
The Lady GaGa impersonator was upset because she was late to work and guys kept taking turns looking at Kim Kardashian's butt.
Kirstie Alley walked the runway at Fashion Week.


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