Friday, December 18, 2009

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

New Model Army - London (love, love, love them)
Is it just me or does the age disparity between Bruce Willis and his wife seem much greater in this picture.
I believe those might be Lindsay Lohan leggings that Eva Mendes is wearing.
If you are on Ed Westwick's Christmas list you might want to scroll down or close your eyes.
It must suck to have paps standing outside your house all the time.
The one and only Isabella Rossellini.
I can't believe James Cameron is just now getting a star. You would figure with his list of movies he has directed he would have the whole hand print and footprint thing and not just a long overdue star.
Jamie Junger shows a new way to find guys.
Jordin Sparks seems like she has been around forever. I can't believe she is still a teenager.
Shag carpeting for the nursery? Rebecca Gayheart does some shopping
Rocco wearing velvet? Love it. (Thanks Kris)
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
Some black and white photos from the New York premiere of Sherlock Holmes.

Jude Law
Robert Downey Jr.
Rachel McAdams
This is the first time in a long time I have seen a photo of Shakira with her boyfriend.
Thomas Jane seems to be missing his shoes.
Perhaps Busy Phillips or Courteney Cox Arquette has them.
Tara Reid's Playboy issue comes out this week.

Shane Sparks Arrested For Child Molestation

I don't know where So You Think You Can Dance hires their employees but this is number two that has been arrested and charged with sex crimes. Shane Sparks who was the choreographer of SYTYCD is also a judge on America's Best Dance Crew and was arrested and charged today with lewd acts on a minor.

The molestation allegedly began back in 1994. Shane was charged with 8 felony counts but it is just one person that was allegedly molested. The specific charges are oral copulation and other acts "with the intent of arousing, appealing to, and gratifying the lust, passions, and sexual desires of the defendant, who was at least 10 years older than [the victim]."

Sparks is currently being held on a $590,000 bail.

Your Turn

Very simple today and lots of fun.

1. Favorite Christmas Movie
2. Favorite Christmas Song

Iron Man 2 Trailer

Robert Pattinson & The Fan With Swine Flu

The National Enquirer has a funny story in their edition this week about Robert Pattinson. Well, they don't make it sound funny, but it comes across as funny.

Apparently Robert Pattinson was walking down a street minding his own business when a girl jumped out of a car, ran over to him and kissed him on the lips. She then told him, “My mom wouldn’t pull the car over to let me out because I’m just getting over the swine flu… so I jumped out at the red light just to see you.”

Well, this caused Rob to push the girl away, turn and start running while at the same time yelling, “You have the SWINE FLU?!… What the hell are you doing kissing anyone?”

He then went to a store, bought some Listerine and tried to kill the germs. He then yelled at his bodyguards about keeping fans away from him.

OK. If this is true, then these are the worst bodyguards ever. They let some girl hop out of a car at a light, run across the street, over to Rob, get close enough for a kiss on the lips all without moving. Seriously?

Happy Birthday Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt turns 46 today. This is Brad through the years.

Jessica Simpson Is A Really Good Friend

A little love for Jessica Simpson today. Last night her makeup artist and friend Mary Phillips was arrested at the Sunset Tower Hotel. Mary was arrested for disturbing the peace. That is just a fancy phrase for she was probably drunk off her ass. Well, she must have used her one phone call to call Jessica because according to TMZ, Jessica showed up at the police station in the middle of the night to bail out her friend. The police wouldn't let Mary go because they thought she was still too drunk to be released and let out on the streets. Still though, some major kudos for Jessica going down there in the middle of the night and trying.

Mom Of Four Year Old Drunk Boy Who Stole Christmas Presents Will Keep Custody

I know many of you saw this story yesterday. If you didn't here is a quick recap. A four year old boy was found wandering the streets of Chattanooga in the middle of the night. He was wearing a little girl's dress and drinking a beer. He was taken to the hospital for alcohol consumption.

This story breaks my heart. The boy is being raised by his 21 year old mother. His father is in jail. The mom told the police the boy runs away so he will be arrested and sent to jail so he can be with his father. His dad I guess drinks beer so the boy copied that behavior. During his wandering he went into the unlocked home of a neighbor and took 5 Christmas presents including the dress and then put that on.

Child investigators visited the mother but told her she would be able to keep custody of her son. This has to be the worst nightmare of a parent. Your toddler wakes up in the middle of the night and just walks right out of the house. The mother said she was embarrassed about the theft, but is grateful that nothing bad happened to the boy. I can't even imagine what was going through her mind when she got the call from a neighbor that her son was at their house.

Melanie Griffith Explains The Black Eye

I don't know if Melanie Griffith's explanation of her black eye is true or not but it certainly turns this into an I feel sorry for her kind of situation. AP is reporting that Melanie Griffith's black eye was the result of surgery. No, not plastic surgery but surgery to remove early stage cancer from her face.

Her spokesperson says the good news is that the surgery was done early enough to prevent further complications. I'm not sure why she didn't say that when asked directly and why instead there was a delay of a few days to get the answer but now everyone will feel sorry for her and grateful the cancer was removed early instead of wondering if she got it because she was drunk or another reason which would not elicit so much sympathy.

In any event, I am glad she is ok.

Ted C Blind Item

No wonder so many gay men are gossip columnists: All these supposedly "straight" stars are constantly cruising us (and our friends) for sex!

And the latest celeb to daringly do so is one of the biggest, hunkiest vampire sensations out there right now. So much so, even I was shocked when a bud of mine, who gets off hunting around Griffith Park—a notorious area of L.A. where homosexual sex in the woods is rampant and a constant annoyance to the police—enjoyed what you're about to read.

Nelly Fang is as hot as he is adored by his millions of fans. His smoldering looks are talked about just as much as (if not more so than) his red-hot acting talents.

Nelly simply smolders onscreen, what with his trance-like gaze and lithe, mildly muscled bod, which he keeps in shape by jogging through Griffith Park, wearing shorts but no...

...underwear, oh my!

I wonder if that's because Nelly likes to be extra-free to whip it out, just in case he needs to take a whiz? Nah.

More likely, that lack of clothing constraint is due entirely to Nelly's penchant for stopping a guy who catches his fancy on the trail so he can lure his conquest to a hidden path and then have hot, hot, hot sex under the sun! Something Fang's now done with my friend not once, but twice!

Love it! And people say Tiger's a slut! So glad Woods isn't the only celeb who's being supernaughty these days, what a relief.

"He's a real talker, too," adds Nelly's lucky path partner. "He kept saying, 'Yeah, do it, yeah, you like that, don't you, yeah, you like my ass?' "

Oh my. If only Nelly's gazillions of girlie worshippers could hear him talk. They'd either try to convert him or tell him to start talking dirty to them—or they'd stop being his fan—or both.

By the way, I'm sure if you've made it this far, you'll want to know the rest of the dirty deets, which are: Yes, Nelly's endowed (longer than wider, to be precise), and yes, he's a very neat boy down there.

"Very groomed," was how Mr. Fang's private parts were further described to me. Or to be even more precise (and gay): "Manscaped."

Hmmm. How very interesting, as this body-maintenance routine doesn't match the sometimes slightly grungy image Nelly likes to show off to the very unknowing public.

And It Ain't: Kellan Lutz, Brad Pitt, Ryan Kwanten

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Today's Blind Items

This might just be a first. This C list movie actress who has fallen from grace was seeing a guy on and off about six months ago. He wasn't the only person she was dating but he is for sure the one who got her pregnant. Not for the first time our actress had a procedure and she was no longer pregnant. Fast forward to three weeks ago when a sister of our actress had the same procedure and it was the result of her being with the same guy who had impregnated our actress.

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

Jennifer Jones - RIP
It has been awhile since the CDAN mascot made an appearance. Hello Ben.
This outfit of Brendan Fraser just screams, "I divorced my wife last year and now love buying leather shirts and going to swinger parties."
Bill Paxton and his son who seems to have the whole sunglasses at night thing down.
A first time appearance for Bryan Singer.
Cheryl Tiegs still looks great.
Danny Devito and my favorite movie candy.
Happy 20th Anniversary to Field Of Dreams. A Kevin Costner movie that did not suck.
Holy crap. Giovanni Ribisi weights what, like 20 pounds here.
Whatever you may think of Gene Simmons, I will say that his reality show is worth watching just for the "confessional" interactions between parents and children.
That is Hailey Glassman and she is moving up? in the food chain. The guy is in charge of arranging celebrity boxing matches.
I saw a great picture yesterday of James Cameron and Sigourney Weaver at the Aliens premiere back in 1986 but I couldn't find it today. They really haven't changed that much.
Jet - Sydney
Hey at least Jennifer Lopez didn't fall down last night. I was going to make some remark about her microphone but then everyone would think it was some kind of MV clue or something.
Ken Howard is forced into the ferns by Michelle Monaghan and Chris O'Donnell who never seems to age.
I still can't get used to the whole blonde hair thing of Katharine McPhee.
One of my favorite pictures ever of Maggie Gyllenhaal.
Michelle Rodriguez has definitely been working out.
Padma and Santa. Could he be the father of the baby?
Robert Downey Jr. told Letterman last night that the Japanese gave him a hard time entering the country because of all his drug convictions.
Reader Photo #1 (in the middle)
Reader Photo #2
The game must have been Shia's idea right? I mean right now he is trying to convince Carey Mulligan that building your own volcano is the best way to spend a day.
Zoe Saldana looks really happy to be standing next to Sam Worthington.
The Rock gives the commencement speech at the University of Miami.
And his ex helps out.
I didn't even recognize Virginia Madsen.


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