Friday, September 12, 2008

Four For Friday - Fashion Week Roundup

#1 - Never been in a blind before. I love first timers. Too bad she had to be such a b**ch to make it in. Former B- and now a solid C lister. Primarily television. Oh, definite B+ name recognition. She was on big, big network shows. Hit network shows. Anyway, she was asked to do an opening for a new fashion line. The company thought she would be a good fit. The only thing she cared about was the paycheck. Scheduled to be there an hour, she stayed 5 minutes, and left.

#2 - It's one thing to play the "do you know who I am game" if you are actually someone. What really sucks is when the person playing it has to resort to, "do you know who my father is? The person in question is actually an actress, although C-. The last name doesn't hurt, or else she would be D. Apparently she wasn't satisfied with just one $1000 bag worth of swag and decided she was going to take 10 and give them away as Christmas presents. She was rebuffed, threw the dad thing out there, and the worker after discovering the identity of the dad, said, "I wouldn't give him ten bags either."

#3 & #4 - This former B+ list actor from an acting family (not the Baldwins) who was once on a hit show. Sounds like he is old, but not even aging. Anyway, while his girlfriend (model, sometime actress, also a famous family) was backstage at a show, he spent the time working the front of the show collecting phone numbers. When he was asked by one woman about his girlfriend and he said they had an open relationship. So, when the girlfriend came out to the front, she was asked about the open relationship. The girlfriend said, "it is now," and then walked out of the show.

Random Photos Part One

Yesterday we had Keith Richards, so today we have Mick Jagger. Combine him with Bette Midler and you have yourself the top spot.
Alicia Keys is back after serving her 3 month suspension from the blog for comments which I found inane and idiotic, but I can't remember what she said. I just have in my notes that she is allowed back today, and looks pretty good. The time away from the blog was good for her.
Amanda Beard on the other hand just does not do it for me at all. I have said it before and I will say it again, she just is not that great looking and probably the worst choice Playboy has ever made.
I had to post this, if only for the fact that you never see Christian in any other pose than his hot mess pose.

Brandi Shearer - Los Angeles
Brendon Cole and his date who apparently thinks she is better than everyone. When they came up with the expression of raining into your nose, this is the woman they were referring to.
Well lets hope this works out for Ace Young better than the Kenickie who took the film role.
And some love to Canada. Your new Canadian Idol winner is Theo Tams who is on the right and playing the David Archuleta role is Mitch McDonald. Already taking advantage of the free swag. Nice.
Probably as good as Heather Graham has looked in awhile.

Yeah, yeah. Kate Hudson on the left who looks wretched, and then you have Gwyneth who must have just farted for the first time in a year considering how hard she is laughing, and the woman who had to smell it. I would have also accepted that the woman is freaked out because she told her husband she was going to her mother's house.
Just because it is unfair to be that good looking. And this is at the Armani runway, it is not a magazine spread with some airbrushing.
No smile from Eva Mendes. Not good. Kind of like the whole Kirsten Dunst with the hair messed up thing.
Yeah, I'm sure this engagement with Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan is going to be brief.
Josh Hartnett on the streets of London. Not having sex in the streets of London. Because, then of course there would be panic in the streets of London. Yeah, we'll see how many get that.

Why the hell not? Jack Hanna is more entertaining to me than a reality star, and makes for good television.
This week on a very special 90210. I would have also accepted Supersize 90210, we find out the baby's dad.
Hilary Swank finally looking really good.
Twice. And she has fun and takes photos.

Well now we know that Pete Wentz does have a secret crush on the Beastie Boys. Yeah, it was a stretch, but not as bad as those yellow pants are stretching.

They're back. They took the summer off, but now they have that whole telepathy thing going again.
Much better than yesterday Mena Suvari. Of course I didn't show the world the tattoo that covers your entire back.
LeBron James is a first timer I think.
What can I say? Jessica Simpson looks pretty and normal, and so she gets only kind words.

Tatum O' Neal. Fake smile. It could be botox I guess.
At least Tobey Maguire was nice about the fan taking a photo. Kanye would have kicked the crap out of him and thrown him in front of that bus.
Tim Finn - Los Angeles
This is Sir Fresh-A-Lot. Unfortunately Sir Mix-A-Lot and Sir May-I-Have-Another were unable to attend.
If you can't make the top, then be on the bottom. Oooh, that could be a t-shirt Rashida.

Your Turn Part Two

It was the 4th of July. I was in the sixth grade. I remember standing on the top of the hill watching fireworks and standing next to, literally, the girl next door. I waited and waited until I couldn't stand the wait anymore, and I did it. I kissed her right on the cheek. Two seconds later, I was called a shit. Not for the last time in my life, but pretty sure it was the first. That was my first kiss. What was yours?

Lainey Blind Item

You’d think that she, of all people, would be more precious with her body. Not only because it’s so beautiful but also because she worked so hard to actually keep it.

But behind the face and up the nose, there is a serious, serious problem with blow. It started because she needed to keep her weight down, it has continued because she’s a full blown addict, devoting half her time to so called philanthropy, and the other half to hardcore happy. So much so that she’s now losing jobs as it’s no secret she can barely get down a carpet without rushing to the loo and hitting up some more which is where they found her at an event this week. A goodwill party turned almost disastrous when someone walked in and saw her slumped over the toilet, half conscious with bile dripping down her chin, her hair wet sticking to her face, begging to be allowed to stay at the party.

They managed to remove her from the venue without anyone noticing but the very very wealthy man she came with was so disgusted he immediately severed their relationship and worse still, the influential host of the festivities is now refusing to take her call.

A discreet visit to rehab is the next logical step but they worry she’s not ready until rock bottom, which appears to be just around the corner.

Jodie Davis Come On Down

Jodie Davis of Houston has won the tickets to see Girl In A Coma. If you get the chance, please check them out, along with Tegan and Sara on selected dates. Thanks to everyone at Blackheart Records.

09/27/08 Houston, TX Fitzgeralds
09/30/08 Atlanta, GA The Tabernacle (w/Tegan and Sara)
10/02/08 Baltimore, MD Rams Head Live (w/Tegan and Sara)
10/03/08 Philadelphia, PA The Electric Factory (w/Tegan and Sara)
10/04/08 Worchester, MA The Palladium (w/Tegan and Sara)
10/05/08 New York, NY Terminal 5 (w/Tegan and Sara)
10/06/08 New York, NY Terminal 5 (w/Tegan and Sara)
10/09/08 Chicago, IL Riviera Theatre (w/Tegan and Sara)
10/11/08 Minneapolis, MN State Theatre (w/Tegan and Sara)
10/13/08 Denver, CO The Paramount (w/Tegan and Sara)
10/16/08 Los Angeles, CA Henry Ford Theatre (w/Tegan and Sara)
10/17/08 Los Angeles, CA Henry Ford Theatre (w/Tegan and Sara)
10/18/08 Los Angeles, CA Henry Ford Theatre (w/Tegan and Sara)
10/19/08 Los Angeles, CA Henry Ford Theatre (w/Tegan and Sara)
10/21/08 San Diego, CA The Pink Elephant
10/22/08 Long Beach, CA Alex's Bar
10/24/08 San Jose, CA The Blank Club
10/25/08 Reno, NV The Tonic Lounge
10/26/08 Salt Lake City Burt's Tiki Lounge

Your Turn Part One - The Finalists

Well the votes have been tallied from last week and so now it is your turn to select a winner from the three finalists. Their photos are in the order of finish.

Daily Mirror Blind Item

Which star likes to indulge in threesomes with women he has just met? The cheeky fella in question chats them up by bragging about his ample tackle...

Does Elizabeth Taylor Even Carry Money?

I was reading a story in Kneepads about Elizabeth Taylor going out to her favorite bar, which happens to be the gay bar Abbey in West Hollywood. It sounded like she had a great time and was boozing it up with a large martini. At this point, I think she should be allowed to drink whatever the hell she wants, rehab be damned.

But when I was reading the article, I was struck by the question of whether she ever has to pay for anything anymore. Although I'm sure The Abbey paid for everything last night, would you, as an owner of a restaurant ever have the nerve to charge her? And I wonder how far it extends. Look, if Denise Richards can get free stuff from all over town, you know that Elizabeth Taylor can as well. I'm guessing she can probably get free cars, food, and whatever else she wants.

At what point do you just realize that no one is ever going to hand you a bill for anything. I told everyone before about the time I accidentally was given Liza Minelli's credit card when she was using it. It had never been used before but it looked to be a few years old. It wasn't even signed on the back and the activation sticker had never been taken off. Clearly, she was not used to having to pull out the plastic. What is sad is that Liza and Liz deserve the star treatment, but honestly they are given basically the same privileges as a Lauren Conrad or a Spencer Pratt. It is kind of disturbing when you look at it that way. On one hand you have someone who is a worldwide legend and has been for over 50 years, and on the other hand you have some two bit punks who lucked out by being born to some rich parents in Laguna Beach and get treated the same way. Something needs to change.

Pink And Scientology Don't Mix

Does anyone really think Pink would last longer than an hour in Scientology? Reports in Star and all over the internet today say Pink is really into it. What she is into was probably a one time look through their bookstore or pulling up a chair on the sidewalk and taking a stress test.

This about Pink being hooked up to an E-Meter and having to spill her guts. Not going to happen. First of all I don't think she can actually sit still for longer than about 5 minutes, and there is no way in hell she would ever let some random stranger know every secret in her life.

The first time someone asked her question she didn't like she would start cussing at them and probably beat them. I also find it highly doubtful that she is stupid enough to buy into the whole Xenu story. Although, she did get Punk'd pretty good. But you could also see in her eyes that day that Carey was in for a beating after the cameras left. A serious beating.

Pink was allegedly introduced to Scientology by Juliette Lewis, who I have no problems believing happily believes in Xenu and is more than willing to spill her secrets to anyone because she needs the attention. I think it must be just as obvious that nothing freaky happened between Juliette and Brad Pitt, or he just didn't give a crap when they approached him. See, that is the thing that I never hear anyone talk about. Person A goes into the church and just spills their guts about persons B-Z. What is to stop the church from making some friendly calls to B-Z and kind of making it clear that unless they stop by and say hello at the church, that their boss or wife or lover or whatever will find out what person A said about them. Even if they did not approach B-Z, think about the information that is compiled about B-Z that the church now has. We don't know they do nothing with it. They could have thousands upon thousands of documents and stories about people who would never dream of entering Scientology.

Does Rob Lowe Even Care About His Kids?

I've decided Rob Lowe is full of crap. That is tough for me because generally I find that any client of Gloria Allred is full of crap, so I had to choose between two piles of it, and I think Rob's is worse.

Fox News obtained some of the documents filed by Rob's attorney and the allegations are pretty powerful. According to them, his nanny used the N word on a frequent basis and would often work with the kids while popping Xanax and drinking booze. OK, lets stop right there. A show of hands of who would let anyone work with their kids who did any of the three previous things while on duty. Yeah, that's what I thought. Rob and his wife didn't do a damn thing. They just let it go on and did not take any action against the nanny. So, either Rob is full of crap and this didn't happen, or he is quite possibly the worst parent ever. To knowingly let your kid be taken care of by someone who pops Xanax and drinks booze while watching your kids is close to abuse. Another theory is that he didn't mind them doing it because he was doing other things with them or wanted to. Can you think of any explanation that is plausible as to why you would let your kids be exposed to that?

He also says in the documents that she was always comparing household objects to the size of her boyfriend's peen and that she loved terrifying the kids about what a terrible neighborhood they lived in and what they could expect if they met anyone from a gang. Again. If this person is in your house, are they even going to make it through the day? No, so this is all just beyond crazy at this point.

Oh, and get this. Rob says that since the second nanny sued him he has been passed over for three commercials which could have made him a million dollars. Yes, well, what he probably didn't say is that they wanted someone younger, or blonde, or who doesn't come across as an ass every time he is on screen. If you want to take a look at the entire set of documents, click here.

How Convenient

This has got to be the worst all time excuse in the history of excuses. According to US Weekly, Jennifer Lopez injured her foot and so cannot judge the finale of Project Runway. Umm, she would be sitting in a chair. Is the foot so bad that she is unable to sit down? Is she going to have to be fully horizontal for the next six months? Does the foot radiate extreme pain when it hears a German accent or Michael Kors and his Dr. Phil fashion-isms?

You know what this is about don't you? It has nothing to do with Project Runway. Nope. The thing is the injury has to be serious enough so that she doesn't have to do the triathlon. See, Jennifer already made the rounds of all the talk shows and got all the magazine covers she was going to get out of this little charade without actually doing it. If she did it, she would probably get another round of publicity. She probably thought, "screw it. People are going to think I did it because I talked about it for a month." She's right you know. People are going to remember her talking about it and assumed she did.

She might not even make an announcement expressing her regret that she is unable to participate because then that would tarnish the memory. Oh, and I also think this foot injury will prevent her from ever competing in any future triathlons. It will be only with great difficulty and personal pain and rehabilitation that she will be able to continue shopping on any kind of regular basis, or appearing in films. Unfortunately, due to the injury she will no longer be able to take care of the kids personally and will hand them over to a team of nannies who will remind her when a birthday is coming up so she can make an appearance at before limping back to her wing of the house. That is of course if the children are staying in the house. By then, they may be secluded with Connor and Isabella who will be writing a Broadway Musical of Battlefield Earth.

The photo above was taken on September 10th, so obviously it has happened since then. I would like to think that she would not use a 9/11 reference when discussing her injury, but with her penchant for publicity, you just never know.

Tina Fey As Sarah Palin

Since the acting skills of Michael Phelps will probably be limited to how many times the writers of SNL can get his shirt off, Lorne Michaels obviously feels something else is needed to get people to watch the season premiere this weekend. So, in a conference call discussing the premiere, a reporter asked a question. In my opinion, the question was a plant, designed to get people to discuss SNL this week, and to get you to watch even if you didn't want to.

The question was whether Tina Fey would be on this week as Sarah Palin. Lorne Michaels was hemming and hawing. Does anyone actually hem and haw anymore. Did the expression start with some guy being asked a question and going "hem..haw?" Anyway, Lorne said there was a Sarah Palin sketch in the read through. That is a no brainer. He made it sound like they were not even sure if they were going to do a Sarah Palin sketch. Please. Oh, speaking of Sarah Palin, the National Enquirer has half of its LA bureau up in Alaska looking for dirt on Sarah, and have found absolutely nothing so far in the week they have been digging.

Anyway, Lorne said that there had been discussions about Tina Fey coming on and playing Sarah Palin. He makes it sound like he had his people go through Tina's people and that it may or may not happen. That is a bunch of crap. If Lorne wanted Tina on the show he would call her personally and ask her personally and she would say yes or no. In fact she may have called him.

My guess is that the opening skit is going to be Tina Fey as Sarah Palin, and Michael Phelps will be the boyfriend who got the daughter pregnant. You then might see Tina doing the news, or you might just see her at the end when everyone waves. But, she will be there, and she will be the first skit. The first skit will also have Phelps without his shirt on, so that everyone is satisfied and you can all go to bed right after.

Mistik - Movie Review - Ghost Town

Ghost Town resurrects the basic premise of a number of older films where the deceased communicate with the living, to comic and sometimes poignant effect. Unfortunately, the oldies are the goodies.

Starring Ricky Gervais as misanthropic dentist Bertram Pincus, and Greg Kinnear as philandering (and now dead) husband and ghost Frank Herlihy, the set up is simple. After “dying” for seven minutes during a colonoscopy, Pincus is accosted by ghosts who all want him to help them complete unfinished business. Herlihy is the most persistent, vowing to get the
others off Pincus’s back if he will keep his widow Gwen (Tea Leoni) from marrying someone Herlihy feels is unsuitable. Pincus, no lover of mankind with or without a pulse, is sufficiently at wits end to finally agree to Herlihy’s proposal.

There are many scenes showing just what a putz Pincus is. (He hates people so much he was attracted to dentistry precisely because you can keep people from talking.) He has equal opportunity dislike for the others in his dental practice, the people in his apartment building (and of course, Gwen is a neighbour), and New Yorkers in general. Although this is necessary to show
his later transformation, they do such a good job of making him unlikeable that, well, it’s nearly impossible to like him. Which is problematic for a lead character, and one who is supposed to be a romantic lead, no less.

Gwen, an Egyptologist, finds herself slowly won over by Pincus’s dubious charms, but then of course, as they always do in films like this, complications ensue.

I really wanted to like this movie. There were some great scenes between the three leads where I suspect that Gervais was improvising and they were happily following along. Without giving anything away, the scene at the museum where Gwen shows Pincus a certain preserved body part of a mummy she’s studying, and the speech about self-righteous teeth both come to mind.
At the end of the day, though Pincus is a slightly more bitter and self-aware version of his David Brent character in the UK “The Office” (a show I love). Despite his late-arriving good intentions it’s difficult to root for him and impossible to truly believe in his transformation. What
annoyed me more was that the tears that got jerked out of me had nothing to do with character development and story and everything to do with sappy set pieces showing the consequences of Pincus finally listening to and acting on the needs of the ghosts who have been pestering him.

The actors were great – Kristin Wiig in particular does a lot with a small part as a fake tan obsessed surgeon – but to paraphrase, the spirits may have been willing but the flesh was weak.

On the “what it’s worth” scale ... I’d say about $6 bucks. There are some decent laughs, and it would be an OK night out. Personally, I’d wait for the DVD. Maybe Pincus was less of a schmuck in the deleted scenes. Ghost Town will be released September 19.

Ted C Blind Item

We all have our pet peeves, not to mention issues, right? Matt Damon's are Alaskan governors and Alaskan governors, I believe. Other stars go more towards education (Oprah) or women's rights (La Streisand), etc.

But Brucey Butter-Zinger is ferociously serious about his personal peeves, as they mainly involve thinking in a particular way many people find amusing. Think Woody and his hemp-powered philosophies, only far worse—say some. But ol' Brucey, dedicated zealot he be, does not care; at least he puts up a fine job of making folks think he doesn't give a whit what they think of his nutty and often heatedly exchanged ideas.

So, it was with perfectly reasonable expectations that Mr. B-Z had his "people" approach several businesses across the street from where BBZ was planning a fancy party to benefit his less-than-popular off-camera thoughts and endeavors. He asked that the commercial endeavors all close down, just for one night (for which they would be reimbursed), so as to make the glittery do more private, not to mention easier to maneuver, vehicle-wise.

Only prob being, all the businesses said no friggin' way, thankyouverymuch, each and every single one of them. Brucey was not pleased, though you (and the store owners) would never know it. Soiree went on just fine, without a hitch, too. But those businesses that said no to Brucey? Uh, they sure had probs, big-time, when the very next ayem, all their plumbing, which had never before been problematic, backed up, causing sewage disasters out the wazoo. Interesting timing? The owners all think not and are distinctly smelling a revengeful sewer rat. Me, too.

And It Ain't: Tommy Lee Jones, Will Smith, Kanye West

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Blind Item - Fashion Week

#1 One of the more noticeable absences from Fashion Week is this former B list pop singer and now sometimes actress who used to be a mainstay at fashion shows around the world. Seems she has been missing, not because of money issues, but because she has been spending time in rehab. Yes, someone you never thought would be in rehab.

Never Forget

Random Photos Part One

Robert DeNiro & Al Pacino together? Top spot. They really do look different now though.

This is from 1977.
And here is Al getting a little handsy with Carla Gugino. Does she like it, or only for the cameras?

So, do you think Beth Ostrosky goes home at the end of the night and says to Howard Stern, "I'm the luckiest woman in the world. I'm so proud of you for helping that woman sell her virginity. Will you help our daughter do it to?"
So basically Angela Featherstone took a torn bra, some thread, and a skirt and is calling it a dress, and on the way out of the hotel took the suit coat of some poor businessman who left it on a chair in the lobby.
Dave and Julia. See, now people would have believed it if she had married him, but for some reason can never believe the Lyle Lovett thing. Lyle is cool.
Yes, the color of the shirts is different, but everything else is exactly the same. At what point do you stop trying to be your daughter?

Thank God, Chace Crawford doesn't dress like his mom. Well, at least in this photo.
It was cloudy and cool this morning in LA and I thought the world was going to end. When I see Keira Knightley smiling, I look for other signs of The Apocalypse like Clay Aiken sleeping with a woman, or having a baby.
Did Coco actually make them bigger? Is she looking for a sponsorship from a basketball company or something? You laugh, but don't think it hasn't crossed Ice-T's mind.
Yes, he's an ass, but I really like his outfit.
I hate Jeff Goldblum getting old. I know I said something similar last week, but it sucks.

This was after Madonna left the pub. Tell me when you have seen Guy look like that when Madonna is anywhere near.
I'm rusty with my Japanese, but I believe it says, "I need a drink."
Dave Matthews - New York

Probably my favorite photo of the day.

"Yep, I can definitely smell the onions."
Josh Pyke - Sydney
Probably the couple that I love the most right now. Julianna Marguiles and Keith Lieberthal always look so damn happy.
Janet Jackson - Vancouver
What would you do if you were Sunrise Coigney?

The Beatles called, they want their jacket back.
Yes, we got Mena. You love attention.
The one and only Malan Breton with his very own show during Fashion Week in Bryant Park.
Another sign of The Apocalypse. Keanu Reeves showered and shaved. He may very well be sober too.


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