Friday, June 04, 2010

Four For Friday

#1 & #2 & #3 - Jackass - This B-/C+ list actor is the co-star on a network show with lots of firepower, but has been struggling ratings wise. Despite the rumors that our actor is having a fling with his A list actress co-star, the ratings continue to slump. Anyway, not too long ago our actor was in a bar with a friend. Two women came up to our actor to tell him they were fans. The actor turned to them and said, "Don't even talk to me unless you are going to show me your t**s." As he said this he started fondling one of the women between her legs. The actor's friend then apologized and said the actor was drunk and didn't mean it. Our actor then said he meant every word and that the two women should go back to his place with him for a threesome or leave him alone.

#1 - Actor
#2 - Show
#3 - Actress

Oh, and this will be revealed.

#4 - This B list female R&B singer with some decent hits was so wasted at party last night that she pulled a Verne Troyer. She couldn't find the rest room so went to a corner, lifted her dress and took care of her business right there.

Random Photos Part Four

When you get Jason Bateman and Dustin Hoffman kissing you get the top spot.
The afterglow.
Liam Neeson and Bradley Cooper at The A-Team premiere.
I don't think Brooke Shields will make the dress and motorcycle mistake again.
At what point do you say to yourself, "Hmm, I sure would like to get my head tattooed." Obviously Bryan Williams reached that point a long time ago.
Derek Hough keeps an eye on his meal ticket Cheryl Cole.
Chace Crawford was arrested in a Dallas suburb this morning for pot possession. I wonder if his sister or future brother-in-law were anywhere close.
It's Chilli. I miss TLC. Here she is with Asher Roth.
Matching sneers from Cheyenne Jackson and Ricky Martin.
Donna Karan in her version of Hammer pants or is that dress?
That is quite the ring on Debra Messing's finger.
Yes, Eric Roberts, the ice cream is small. I am wondering if that is a rug on your head though.
Glad to see Ethan Zohn doing better.
The one and only Gerald McRaney.

Random Photos Part Three

I have to say that Jessica Biel looks very nice here.
So, Justin Bieber is posing here for a campaign called Summer Of Smiles. Apparently he doesn't get the point.
He is making me smile though. Hooligan? Really?
Johnny Galecki and his Big bang Theory castmates are asking for a raise to $250K an episode. That is up from the $65k they get now.
You know what would be interesting to see? A picture of Jon Hamm without Jennifer Westfeldt always next to him.
Long time no see Justin Long.
Jennifer Love Hewitt shows off the look Jamie Kennedy would use when he wanted sex.
Kristen Bell and the pap mob.
KISS - Nurburgring, Germany
Khloe Kardashian says she is "just fat" and not pregnant. I don't believe her. She is saving it for her show.
Andres Velencoso seems distracted by the camera as he kisses Kylie Minogue.
Apparently Katie Price wouldn't wear one of the passes that is hanging from Alex Reid. She said that everyone knows who she is and she couldn't be bothered.
Kelly Rowland, Cyndi Lauper & Estelle - New York City

Random Photos Part Two

I'm going out on a limb here and say that what Kid Rock is drinking isn't Diet Coke, and is probably not his first. T.I. doesn't seem to be joining him though.
Luther Campbell holding a kid. Wow. 20 years ago I never thought that would be possible or that I would even remember him.
I'm pretty sure Lil' Jon uses the same dentist as Lil' Wayne.
Meanwhile, Paul Wall seems to have UPC Codes on his teeth.
Speaking of teeth, Renata sent me this link to Lindsay's Twitter. @skydogv impacted, 2 of them- not all 4! thank goodness! but also having 2 root canals this coming week! TORTURE!!!!!!!!! it's just MEAN! It is also a chance for her to stay drugged.
Lindsay looks disgusted at this shirt, but
Thomas Jane seems to like it.
Meanwhile, Justin Guarini goes in search of free makeup.
Lea Thompson seems very happy.
I have to say that if Minnie Driver asked me out, I would probably say yes.
Not going to say yes to Maggie Gyllenhaal. Do brown shoes go with black dresses?
Big Mike and his baby girl.
It will really suck if Neal McDonough is ever embroiled in some scandal.

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

Four parts today.

This poor camel. You know the other camels are going to laugh and call him names and not let him join in on any camel games. I would have also accepted, Paris Hilton now making animals miserable on multiple continents.
The first time in a long time for Patrick Wilson to show up in the photos.
I bet the UGG boots were Ashlee's idea.
Speaking of boots, Rihanna has a whole new way to play beach volleyball.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
Tyler Perry said in a letter to his fans today that he wants to see Mariah Carey's doctor note. She has been replaced in his movie with Thandie Netwon.
In case you ever had a fantasy about Twiggy in a sailor's hat. And for the women, how about a
guy in a umm, wtf? How about this
one instead?
The Vampire Diaries cast doing a London hotel pose.
Vanessa Paradis in Harper's Bazaar.
A long overdue first time appearance for Walton Goggins.


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