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Blind Items Revealed #5

December 26, 2019

There is no doubt that witchcraft is a huge thing right now in Hollywood, but the directionally challenged rapper was not a victim of it. It is a good yarn to spin to hide the fact it was drugs that nearly killed him.

French Montana

Blind Item #8

The alliterate actress who is always in the news is being cheated on by her husband.

Blind Item #7

This former ex of an A+/A lister uses his name to convince guys to sleep with her for money. Many times she will let an accomplice enter the hotel room and beat the guy and then rob him.

Blind Item #6

Producers of this massive reality franchise have declared two east coast cities safe and one person from a west coast city safe. Other than that, everyone else is potentially on the chopping block.

Blind Item #5 - Reader Blind - Kindness

A tale of two deceased foreign born musicians and how one helped the other’s family in time of need.

Musician #1 is A+ in his home country where he had numerous hits,  a Broadway musical based on his life, and even his own short-lived TV show.  In the USA, he is primarily known for one monster hit that has been covered by other bands,  He also had a couple of other recognizable singles.  He is deeply influential musically on multiple genres not just the one he is primarily associated with.  The arc of his career was huge success then a mid-career lull then a comeback cut short by his untimely death.

Musician #2 is permanent A++.  He is one of the most influential and famous musicians of all time and his long career had many different phases and styles.  He admired Musician #1 who slightly predated him and worked with the same producer.  During Musician #1’s mid career lull, Musician #2 advised him to stop his out of control substance abuse which he did. They were friendly rivals and then just friends.

When Musician #1 died, he had a girlfriend he was planning to marry and a young son.  However, he was going through a divorce from his first wife and was still technically married to her. Aside from a trust set aside for his son when he reached maturity, the first wife got the whole of his estate.

The girlfriend and son were left destitute when Musician #2 stepped in and helped them financially which lasted for many years.  He paid for medical bills, for housing, and for education for the son. He wanted nothing in return. This was just an acknowledgment for his deep affection and respect for Musician #1.

Blind Items Revealed #4

December 26, 2019

Yet again, another baby from the A list one one named rapper who probably has more than the dozen or so that are known. In order to keep having unprotected sex with as many women as possible and also so the mothers of his children do not unite and discover how much he is paying each, he makes them sign NDA's about paternity and the amount they are getting paid.


Blind Items Revealed #3

December 25, 2019

This late night actor told a cashier at a coffee shop yesterday that they should go out together. They could "have fun." When asked about his current girlfriend, he said she was "no fun." He appeared to be using fun as a code word for sex.

Pete Davidson/Kaia Gerber

Blind Items Revealed #2

December 25, 2019

The foreign born one named A list singer/rapper says he doesn't choose extras for his videos. That is correct. HOWEVER, if there is someone he wants to spend time with, he will trade a spot in a video for what he wants and encourages those close to him to do the same.


Blind Items Revealed #1

December 15, 2019

As I told you throughout 2019, the disgraced actor will be in front of your eyeballs in 2020 in a project where he gets paid. Yesterday was just another shot of him normalizing it for you.

Kevin Spacey

Blind Item #4

This long time reality mom who is begging for her old job back on television has been setting her oldest daughters up with men from sugar daddy sites.

Blind Item #3

This alliterate rapper turned businessman who is supposedly going back into the studio with the permanent A+ list rapper/serial cheater was asked by one of his kid's moms to help out with cancer bills for their kid. He told her to f** off and if the kid died, then that is what would happen. 

Blind Item #2

The barely able to drive influencer/rapper/loser of public fighting matches doesn't care if a guy is twice her age. That is usually the age she dates. She just didn't like the athlete who was hitting on her so put him on blast.

Blind Item #1

Considering how many drugs she takes, and how much she drinks, being pregnant would be the worst thing ever for this former tweener turned A- list singer/bad actress. Two of her friends says she is and is trying to decide whether to keep the baby or not.

Friday, January 03, 2020

Blind Item #12

The foreign born former A-/B+ list singer is all caught up in her new love which may or may not lead to marriage with the actor. All of that love though means there has been little to no time spent with her kids. She loves that her new love is making her relevant again. That seems to be the most important thing right now to her.

Blind Item #11

This actress (#1)  used to be married to one of the biggest cheaters (#2) in Hollywood. You go to any party where his actress first wife (#3) all of you know is, and she will fill you in on the loooooooong list of cheating. Now, #1's first husband  (#4)was no saint either. He cheated and tried to kill her. I'm not sure what she expected with the third husband (#5). He cheated on her while they were dating and then after getting married. She finally found her voice, which is great, except she used it to bash the guy every chance she got while still saying she loved him. She made him install a GPS device in his phone so she could track him and he had to text every 30 minutes they were apart. This was never going to last. Hopefully the 4th will be the lucky charm!

Blind Item #10

This huge YouTube star is being controlled by a married man who wanted to have sex with the star. He got her hooked on drugs to the point where she needs rehab or will die. She is dependent on him for drugs and he forces her to have sex with him for the drugs. His wife just found out in the past couple of days. His employer also discovered it within the past 48 hours.

Blind Item #9

This A list movie director who often works with many of the same actors and actresses split with his foreign born actress wife when he was caught cheating. It turns out, when she was filming that massive franchise, she took every chance she could to try and hook up with the young actors starring in it.

Blind Items Revealed #5

December 24, 2019

This really had a well deserved bad couple of months former A/A- list mostly movie actor posted what the world thought was an innocuous holiday picture. Nope. It was his version of a stripper Christmas.

Jeremy Renner

Four For Friday - Traditional

#1 - The tabloids are in a predicament. They are being asked to trash the late night actor, but the star is waning for the people who are asking. The late night actor sells issues and gets clicks. Drugs will probably kill him in the next few months.

#2 - This B- list actress who finally got her big break on this network show that uses an old term for the big East Coast city was walking her two dogs with some guy. She was holding both leashes and the smaller dog was CLEARLY hurt and limping really bad—at one point the dog just stopped and lifted its injured leg up, didn’t want to move, looked terrified and was clearly in pain. What did the actress do? She tugged at the leash and made it continue walking. People said “uh, it’s hurt!” And she immediately looked away and started talking to the guy she was with. It took death glares from several groups of people for her to stop walking, let out a huge sigh, and get into a deep conversation with the guy about if they should pick the dog up. You’d think they were having a conversation about an existential crisis. The dog weighed less than 5 lbs.

#3 - The foreign born three named actor who was most recently seen on that long running pay cable show sleeps with his co-star from that show as often as he can sneak away from his wife or when she is not in LA.

#4 - This now deceased guy was like the J Edgar Hoover of sports. The secrets he kept are huge, but the one everyone wants is the deal he made with the permanent A++ list athlete to take a break for a couple of years after the gambling scandal that could have taken down the sport for all time.

Your Turn

Will you be watching the Golden Globes this weekend?

Blind Items Revealed #4

December 24, 2019

I feel the momentum building. A writer for a weekly tabloid says they have a cover story ready for a slow week that says this permanent A list actress is set to marry this A+ list mostly movie actor who is also her ex. I am sure we can then expect numerous baby stories. They don't care that it isn't true, they know how many copies they will sell.

Jennifer Aniston/Brad Pitt

Blind Items Revealed #3

December 24, 2019

How many people accused of and convicted of numerous sexual crimes can one person call as a friend before someone calls them out on it? This permanent A++ lister seemingly has a never ending cast of characters in her life who are involved in some truly horrific behavior.

Oprah/John Of God (raped four women)

Blind Items Revealed #2

December 24, 2019

Dear Foreign Born Former B+ List Tweener Turned Irrelevant Adult Singer,

I read your recent social media post where you ranted and roared about the horrors of gossip and how they are the plague of journalism. Really? That is where you want to go with this? The same person who was a complete unknown again until a couple of months ago when your PR team started a campaign to get you in the tabloids with that fake relationship of yours. Day after day the tabloids were inundated with pitches. Day after day, you and your fake girlfriend posted photos of yourselves you knew would be picked up by tabloids. Now gossip is bad? You didn't think so when you were using it to your advantage.

Love & Bacon,


Cody Simpson & Miley Cyrus

Blind Item #8

This multiple network reality star who has dabbled in acting and singing has not yet confirmed that she slept with a sibling, but has admitted to sleeping with her first cousin multiple times.

Blind Item #7 - Reader Blind Item

This popular TV show that ran a couple of decades ago was most well-known for its main character who was a first of a kind. The show dealt with his issues.

One problem - The actor who played the character would sometimes go to the bathroom on set and other people working there would step in it.  Despite being told many times not to do this, he continued.

Finally one day some members of the cast and crew including this acclaimed Broadway actress and this actor with a more famous sibling took matters into their own hands and held the main character down rubbing his face and mouth in his own waste.

This however did not stop him and he continued to use the set as his toilet.

Blind Items Revealed #1

February 9, 2019

In the disgraced director’s circle of friends / criminals, there are several other Hollywood players with equally horrible track records.  This particular friend of the director is new to the site.  They go back over 2 decades together.

This friend was a regular wing man at the many parties where underage teens were filled with drugs and booze, before being sexually assaulted or raped.  His behavior at those parties has been described to be just as bad as the director, but his lower profile has allowed him to escape scrutiny.

This friend has a long list of various credits behind the scenes in Hollywood, which has afforded him many opportunities to also casting couch many young men and teens, eager to land any credited work on a production.

A couple years ago, work began to dry up for this friend of the director.   Around the same time, the director was under a tremendous amount of heat, for the first time in many years.  The friend reached out to the director, to see if he could help get him some work.   Immediately, the director got his friend a plum assignment, on a network TV series he was part of.   The director couldn’t take the risk that his friend might need cash badly enough to rat him out, with all the victim attorneys going through his past.

Toby Wilkins

Blind Item #6 - Reader Blind Item

Certain aspects of this deceased handsome actor’s life would make for a good tell all all biography.  He would be very recognizable to people of a certain age especially women.

He was in movies but his biggest film roles were supporting ones. He was in a number of TV series but none lasted longer than a couple seasons.  His most famous TV role was probably this series wherein he played a character with a physical handicap who was coached in a couple episodes by this deceased legendary action star.

The actor for whom the term egomanaic would be an understatement was difficult on set.  Off set, he was married a couple times but preferred men.

He had a lengthy on and off relationship with this deceased TV actor famous for a lead role on this iconic family show that had a film reboot(s).

What killed the TV actor also killed this actor despite that not being listed as his cause of death.  

Blind Item #5

The alliterate dead beat dad/celebrity is speaking out in support of the underage sex victim but forgets to mention he sexually assaulted her when she was still underage.

Blind Item #4

This celebrity turned reality star who still shows up for her original profession once or twice a week lived up to her racist beliefs when she refused the business of two African-American men. 

Blind Item #3

This A-/B+ list mostly television actress who is a little lower now that her long running show is over just keeps on pretending her significant other doesn't cheat on her every second he can. Lately he has found another actress who was the star of a Nickelodeon show.

Blind Item #2

That just had a life event victim of the former A+ list singer continues to live with a guy who is paying her bills and treating her just like the singer did. 

Blind Item #1

This back in the day going to be a huge star teen who was in an installment of a massive franchise directed by an A++ list director and starring a foreign born permanent A+ list actor, is so out of it right now that his sex workers have all left him and all he does all day is drink and do drugs.

Thursday, January 02, 2020

Blind Item #12

This still not old enough to drink B/B- list celebrity offspring who has higher on the list family members went off on a doorman who wouldn't let her in a club. The manager of the club overruled the doorman and also let in her friends too, all of whom are not legal to drink. The offspring, after being let in told the doorman to stay in his lane and that celebrity always wins.

Blind Item #11

This married former television vampire cheated on his wife while filming his latest movie. 

Blind Item #10

This barely there celebrity offspring of barely there celebrities did a line of coke and then slapped his foreign born A/A- list singer girlfriend on her face for getting too close. She didn't say a thing. 

Blind Item #9

This celebrity offspring who became a multiple network and cable reality star and has a last name everyone knows needs to really do a little more checking when she starts hooking up with guys. This is at least the third guy who was in a relationship when she started hooking up with them. At least she found out this time and called it off before she got pregnant.

Blind Items Revealed #5

December 23, 2019

It's obvious from reading every kiss butt tabloid article that they are all not on the side of the permanent A list "singer." Every single one of them mentions health, rather than the real reason a person in her life stepped down from one of the positions in her life.

Britney Spears/Jamie Spears

Today's Blind Items - Whose Film Is This? - An Intercerebellar Blind Item

Decades ago, there was an independent movie being shot. One whose record of safety violations is the stuff of industry legend. It was directed by a lunatic who, under the influence of a lot of white powder and the success of producing one of the biggest hits of the decade up to that point, thought he was invincible.

Leading the crew was this foreign-born cameraman who would go on to have one of the biggest careers of anyone in his field. But back then, he was a young hot-shot who was trying to get his union cards, and with the film’s director completely out of control, he was basically the one responsible for salvaging anything resembling a movie from the madness.

When our cameraman almost lost his head - literally - the crew staged a mutiny. They all agreed the director - who was putting his cast, crew, and family in mortal danger - was insane, and were following the cameraman’s lead.  Not wanting his first major assignment to end in ruin, he returned despite his grave injury, and when he did, so did much of the crew. The director was in so far over his head, the film was basically a documentary at this point.

While our cameraman wouldn’t officially have his first directing credit for a couple more decades, the fact this movie exists at all in any finished state has a lot more to do with him than the director and his “friends”.

Your Turn

How long do you leave holiday decorations up?

Blind Items Revealed #4

December 23, 2019

The reason this feud between the host and the permanent A list rapper has not gone further is because the rapper has so much dirt on the permanent A+ list singing ex of the host that things would get nuclear ugly in a hurry.

Nick Cannon/Eminem/Mariah Carey

Blind Items Revealed #3

December 23, 2019

The one named permanent A+ list singer should just quit. At this point, she is just screwing with people and is iffy every night if she will show up to perform.


Blind Items Revealed #2

December 22, 2019

This former socialite was worried she would get cheated on if she was separated from her boyfriend for even a few days. So, she gave up 50% of her entire salary for skipping a television show.

Tinsley Mortimer

Blind Item #8

He has always flirted with it, but this time it looks like the mogul/reality star really did come out in a recent interview. The people on the panel certainly acted as if he was.

Blind Item #7

The directionally challenged rapper confirmed this week what I told you last week. The former A list rapper turned actor turned professional online feuder doesn't have the money to own the cars he says he does.

Blind Items Revealed #1

December 21, 2019

Contrary to what she is saying in interviews, this A list everything in her mind DID use a body double for her big pole dancing number in a recent film.  On the day it was shot at the club, our actress performed the dance routine twice, then her double (a dancer in her mid 20s) came on and did it five times, including all the closeups.  It was all seamlessly edited together so you can't really notice.

Jennifer Lopez/Hustlers

Blind Item #6

Apparently the B+ list actress/failed talk show host who is also an adjective was not pleased with her long time best friend. Even she can count and knows there was cheating going on in both sides of the relationship. 

Blind Item #5

The disgraced former morning news anchor wants to make it seem as if he is dating someone appropriate. So, the former intern he hooks up with all the time has to stay in the shadows. She is not happy about it. 

Blind Item #4

That former tween/teen actress I wrote about last week with the getting naked in a movie decision read her blind. She has gone crazy deleting any kind of edginess from her Vimeo account.

Blind Item #3

This cable NYE telecast is going to continue to be a hot mess as long as one of the hosts is more worried about his rider and how much coke he can do during breaks than doing an actual good job.

Blind Item #2

This sometime singer/sometime reality star who was cheated on by her former athlete husband not all that long ago has decided that her sibling and his wife are trying to take attention from the reality star. She wants all the attention focused on her at all times. When her sister-in-law had a baby, our reality star made an announcement she was going to try and get pregnant again, just to take the thunder away from the sister-in-law

Blind Item #1

The former actress turned escort pretty much flat out said that she is responsible for her sister's bookings. I think we all knew it would come to that eventually. 

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Blind Items Revealed #48

December 16, 2019

This former actress turned singer is probably B list overall, but in Europe she is pretty close to A list. She can tour the world nonstop and sell places out. She is someone, along with the band that you want to see live. They don't sell a lot of records, but you want to see them. This past week she went all in on choosing sides in an argument between a permanent A list band and the current nemesis of the band. She chose the band. She made it perfectly clear on social media who she was choosing. She is going to be involved in the litigation because she had all those conversations with the deceased singer and he always referred to the music he was recording as the band's new album, or the band's new music. It was never a solo thing and she is willing to go to court to tell that to the world.

Taylor Momsen/Pretty Reckless/Soundgarden/Vicky Karayiannis/Chris Cornell

Blind Items Revealed #47

December 11, 2019

This past summer I wrote about the foreign born producer who seemingly is in control of the lives of several top actors and actresses. For years he pushed the buttons of this former A list tweener actor who is probably A-/B+ list as an adult and is someone all of you know. He has also used this B+ list mostly movie actress who seemingly only stars in a very long running franchise. This summer when I wrote about him, he was offering up this A- list mostly movie actress who has a very very recent movie bomb for his guests to view and grope and ogle. Now, he has another actress he has recruited. Apparently he discovers some damaging information they don't want revealed, and then uses that against them to do more things they also don't want out. He has the A- list actress so under his thumb that about six weeks ago she spent a weekend with a banker who then approved financing for a project for our Svengali. The new actress he controls is a foreign born former A- list mostly television actress who has been forced to do a lot of yachting to make ends meet.

Mohammed Al Turki/Zac Efron/Michelle Rodriguez/Kristen Stewart/Nina Dobrev

Blind Items Revealed #46

November 22, 2019

Back in the day there was a movie. Based on a long-running TV show, and not the only film based on this TV show although  there weren't many after. The director was a B list director who worked in a different capacity for an A list director beforehand.  The star of the movie is a now an A-/B+ actress better known for the permanent A lister she is married too then her acting. At that point, she was a barely known up and comer.

At one point in the filming of the movie, one of the producers, who included a permanent A+ director and a couple of permanent A/A- directors, and then A+ list producer, demanded the actress to do a nude scene that was not previously scripted and was not a part of the film just so they could have an excuse to see her naked. The actress refused and the director declined to film the scene, taking the actress's side, but the producers  threatened the both of them, and pressured them to include the nude scene, even though it made no sense to the film.

The lead actor of the film was actor who would eventually become a B-/C+ lister, at best,  but was at the time a solid A- lister and rising. He would destroy his career with his next film, a leading role in a movie made before its time, but would eke out at least one more major role with a permanent A+ director before fading into direct to video obscurity.   At the time, however, he had power and when he found out what was happening to the actress, he stepped in. He refused to film any more scenes until the producers left her alone. He even suggested a compromise scene that would suggest what the producers "wanted" without even including nudity.  Because he was too important to the film, they couldn't say no, and the actress was spared doing the nude scene.

Film: Tales From The Crypt: Demon Knight
TV Show: Tales From The Crypt (other movie: Bordello of Blood)
Director: Ernest Dickerson (former cinematographer to Spike Lee)
Actress: Jada Pinkett Smith (married to Will Smith)
Actor: Billy Zane (would go on to do The Phantom, as well as Titanic for James Cameron)
Producers: Robert Zemeckis, Walter Hill, Richard Donner, Joel Silver

Blind Items Revealed #45

November 12, 2019

A little over a decade ago there was a movie. A flop movie, barely released, based on a stage musical, but one that began to almost immediately develop a big cult following despite its lack of success, with local, small town theater companies putting on their own versions of the show, similar to Rocky Horror Picture Show. It had an eclectic cast, some of whom where A listers  (including A listers in the the reality, horror  and rock music scenes) and was directed by a guy who directed installments of one of the biggest horror franchises ever made.

The creator of the show was a D list actor/singer who used the fact that he created the original stage show to land a sizable role in the movie. The creator then used what little fame he got from that to tour the country, visiting the local versions of his show as part of a "good will" tour to meet fans. There he would sexually harass and try to hook up with actresses involved with the local versions of his show. He would pressure them into hooking up, even though he had a girlfriend. He specifically liked to target and only have sex with actresses who played the role of an underage teenage character in the play he created, a role played by a B list former child actress frequently directed by an A list director she has often worked with.

Terrence Zduncich/ Repo! The Genetic Opera. (A list cast: Paris Hilton, Bill Moseley, Paul Sorvino, Ogre of Skinny Puppy) (director: Darren Lynn Bousman/Saw 2,3,4) (child actress/ Repo role: Alexa Vega, Shiloh [frequently worked with Robert Rodriguez])

Blind Items Revealed #44

November 20, 2019

This actor was not A list at his peak but he was in a number of starring roles in studio films often appearing with A+ stars.  One day this run suddenly ended and the actor seemingly overnight went from roles like in a film featuring a number of elderly actors from Hollywood’s golden age and a film by an A director which copied a certain film by this permanent A+ director to straight to video films and TV shows. In the following decade, he had a role on a soap opera. Currently, he mostly does voice work.  He has also tried his hand at music.

The reason why the actor dropped down a notch or several was due to an incident and its aftermath which occurred during his last over the marquee cinematic release. This was part of a franchise that has a lot of installments.  The deceased director/creator of the franchise was not directing this installment but was on set as he was the co-screenwriter of the film.  This director had a bad reputation with young girls although he was largely free from criticism during his lifetime.  The actor caught the director on set in a compromising position with an 11 year old girl and did what would be natural - punched the director and called the police. However, the Hollywood machine quickly jumped into action telling police the actor was delusional and making sure the 11 year old girl was nowhere to be found.

The studio called a meeting with the actor and told him if he completed the film which was almost finished, they would come clean to authorities about the director and make sure he was prosecuted.  The actor agreed but once the film was finished he discovered the studio took no action against the director who would go on to make many more films and in fact have another successful franchise. At the same time, the actor’s own career dried up and he received no offers for similar level films to the ones he’d been making.

At this point, the actor decided to go to the press. He went to a reporter he knew. However, the reporter was on the take from the studio and reported what they they’d been told by the actor. What followed was a clumsy “accident” that failed to harm the actor at all.  The actor then had another meeting with the studio and advised them that he knew the name of the 11 year old girl and a few other victims of the director and had written them down in a manuscript which was hidden away under lock and key only to appear if anything further was to happen him. The studio backed off and even ended up paying the actor a monthly stipend which continues to this day.

Actor: Craig Wasson
Director: Wes Craven , Nightmare on Elm Street III Dream Warriors
Other films: Ghost Story with Fred Astaire, John Houseman, Don Ameche/ Brian Depalma’s Body Double  

Blind Items Revealed #43

November 7, 2019

This aging A/A- list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar nominee/winner started off as a funny man. He wasn't being funny the other night. He is an angry drunk.

Bill Murray

Blind Items Revealed #42

August 14, 2019

This foreign born former model hasn't stopped what she used to do back in the day. She still recruits underage girls just like she did for the pedophile. She just has multiple clients rather than just one. She also has a way to transport them all over the world which is one of the reasons her rate is about ten times higher than if you were to rent out the same transportation yourself. She calls herself a facilitator. Most every other person would call her a trafficker. The thing is though, she has protections in place unlike anything ever seen before with many current and former heads of state she counts as clients. She also has a trail of receipts. When one person tried to skip out on a fee, she had enough muscle to have him killed even though he was a very big presence in his country. His was one of several high profile deaths where no bodies were found. It is unclear if she caused the others to happen.

Nadia Marcinko/Pierre Agnes (CEO of Quiksilver) 

Blind Items Revealed #41

August 14, 2019

For the past few shows this former A list mostly television actress has been in, she has left destruction in her wake. Apparently she did so again to an iconic franchise because her ego couldn't handle she wasn't the biggest female star on the show.

Debra Messing/Will & Grace/Megan Mullally

Blind Items Revealed #40

August 13, 2019

The foreign born former sex slave turned business person is laundering money of criminals through her company. She also transports huge sums of cash from the US and other countries to Europe to be placed in banks outside US jurisdiction. According to my source, who would know every last bit about this operation, she also still transfers underage girls around the globe. How does my source know this? Her husband used the same method multiple times. My source's family has always been entwined with the pedophile. They shared the same goal. Grooming underage sex slaves who are loyal to you forever much like this former sex slave turned business person. Oh, and if you think everyone has gone into hiding since the arrest last month, apparently business has never been better.

Nadia Marincko/Sara Bronfman

Blind Items Revealed #39

November 7, 2019

I have written about this A/A- list singer/actress and her need for pills, several times. In a recent interview, she is laying the groundwork for her to be prescribed even more.

Lady GaGa

Blind Items Revealed #38

November 6, 2019

I told you a couple months ago that this former A list mostly television actress from multiple hit shows was hooking up with someone very close to her boyfriend. Later, I also wrote about how she and the boyfriend were bringing in other people to their bedroom as often as possible. The two continue to abuse substances and the actress pays for all of it. It is an extremely volatile relationship that now also involves that person who is very close to the boyfriend. Although the actress has removed herself from friends and family, there is one friend who suspects the actress is pregnant, and knows the actress would not be able to stay sober during a pregnancy. The only possible bright spot, is the third person in the throuple is sober, so maybe can help out the other two.

Hayden Panettiere

Blind Items Revealed #37

July 16, 2019

We wish to remain in the shadows. None of us are famous or would be known to the general population, nor do we want to be. We offer a little backstory on East 71st Street, lot is now known, but some has slipped right on by.

When our little club was younger living full time in NY, a member worked for the Retail King in the late 80’s early 90’s.

RK’s empire was coming into its heyday. He had impressive flagships and decent product back then.
When RK purchased on 71st Street, he had a huge apartment in a condo building, with CP views. Club Member mentioned that the condo had like 13 bathrooms; the blueprints had come across their desk one day. Also RK had a big project starting on 71st Street. It was going to take a couple of years.

Another topic of interest was RK’s supposed close friendship with a Hollywood movie star. An actor that had great success in the 60’s and 70’s. The actor worked heavily in the 80’s, had a major role in a much-watched TV miniseries (everyone’s mother was in love with him). He has always “worked”, and still does to this day. Back then it seemed like the actor lived at RK’s when he was in NYC, which was a lot. So much so, that Page Six was starting to hint about his presence. There were a couple of blind items too. While the actor is out of the closet now, he was not then.

At the same time another member of our little club had a very well-fixed grandmother. She had an incredible apartment, in one of the co-ops you can’t buy your way into. After the member’s parents moved to the country, they moved in with the grandmother. We all wanted to move in and in some respect we did. Club member’s grandmother always had incredible gossip, food, cocktails and friends. She and her crowd loved having the “younger set” around, as she referred to us.

The club called the grandmother Vera, because she reminded everyone of Vera Charles in “Auntie Mame”. Over the years we learned far more about what was really going on in NYC at Vera’s, than the papers ever printed.

Not long after we settled into Vera’s social circle, the renovations on 71st street started and so did the fighting. Lots of demands, about not wanting public disclosure of details. Major disagreements with the planning commission and code officials. There were digging request (like the ones you hear about going on in London today). It was a constant uproar. The technology RK was putting in had never been seen before. It was causing serious issues with the neighbors, the city, historical committees and Con Ed. Lots of legal going back and forth. Every now and then, tidbits would make the papers but a lot the club got to hear at Vera’s, did not.

Overlapping with RK’s renovation on 71st, were two other major renovations across the street. They were at different stages of completion. These neighbors were spending at the same level as RK and were more high profile, they just did not have as much square footage. We will come back to them later.

One day two of the club members were on their way to Vera’s and decided to go down 71st street to check on the progress. It was in full swing. About the time they are in front admiring the place, this nice-looking guy in his 30’s, comes out. He had plans rolled up under his arm and before the Club Members knew it, he strikes up a conversation, starts talking about the home and its history.
That is when it came out that #9 was going to be the main residence, but #11 next door, was being redone for guest and staff. He then turned to the CMs and said; Would you like a tour?

The place was about 70% done but there was no question, it was going to be incredible. #11 was just as beautiful as #9. The homes were not being combined but completed as two separate residences.

Not long after, Retail King announced he was getting married.  It was an unexpected turn of events. The club’s theory was shredded. We had wagered that 71st Street was going to be for RK’s mother and sister.

We had to shift our hypothesis to 71st Street being part of RK’s “family” plan, and he would keep the condo for his other life. No one ever saw #9 and #11 come out of RK’s portfolio. The interior being put in was clearly for fine entertaining, and elegant “home” living. It was going to be a perfect wedding gift from an older husband, to a very young, but refined wife.

Fast forward a few years, when it was reported in the late 90’s that Retail King purchased New Media King’s old apartment on 5th. NMK was moving to a larger apartment in the same building. While RK spent some major bank and time redoing NMK’s old apartment, we saw no movement at 71st .

That brings us to Creature. We have only seen him once in person, in the late 90’s. At a political cocktail party, held in a very wealthy donor’s apartment. 60 or so people were in attendance, with the C&C being the focal point.

In the group were Date, Club Member, +1.  +1 asked if Date knew Creature at three o’clock, and Date said he did.
+1 looked at the Club Member and asked if they knew Creature? They did not. Club Member was told by +1 to remember Creature; he would tell them why later. If RK was there, club member did not see him. The rest of the room was what you would expect for such an event. A scene right out of “Bonfire of the Vanities”.

Afterwards, the three went to dinner. Once the drinks were in hand, Club Member asked what the fuss was about, regarding Creature. Creatures problems were explained in blunt terms. In this discussion neither RK or where Creature hung his hat, came up. However, the Royal’s friendship with Creature and Creature’s Heiress companion did. Neither of which were in attendance that night.

The first question Club Member asked; If what Date and +1 said was true, why would the Royal be friends with Creature, and why would Creature be allowed in the room with the C&C? The reply CM got was, REALLY?

As we moved toward the new millennial, the club’s interest changed. RK occasionally came up. The only shift the club saw was #11 coming on the market. It was not long aftrer NMK’s apartment came into RK’s portfolio.

Some time passed before Creature’s problems came to a head in PB. The Heiress friendship with Creature started making perfect sense, as Creature was exposed. Heiress had been at the center of British society in the late 80’s. Creature had financially rescued her, after the father’s demise. Heiress was also good friends with Royal. When the press started covering Creature’s NY home, it clicked. The club was like wait; That is RK’s house!

Let’s go back to the neighbors on East 71st Street;

The townhouse across the street on the even numbered side of 71st , one door in from Madison, #18.  It belongs to a very famous beloved comedian/actor, who had a spectacular fall from grace. He sits in jail right now, for what else? Being a serial rapist.

The disgraced comedian/actor and his wife spent a fortune renovating. Like RK’s townhouse, it had the latest must have feature of the day, heated sidewalks. C/A was at one time trying to mortgage the house, to pay off his mounting legal bills. 

There is also another interesting resident who lives on the even side of 71st , directly across from #9 & #11. The impressive home shares its west wall, with the back of the Frick, #14. It belongs to a billionaire businessman and his socialite wife. The husband is famous for the “jetset empire” he founded and later got pushed out of. While the home is not as large as #9, it is similar and has heated sidewalks, along with serious security. Some might know the billionaire couple more for their daughters’ high-profile marriages. It is the daughters, their spouses, and the coming of age grandchildren, that keep their name in the papers.

The youngest daughter married and divorced the son of a famous socialite/ clothing designer. The clothing designer’s second husband is a billionaire himself. There have been horrible whispers about Billionaire Second Husband for decades. The talk gives Creature a run for his money, in the evil department. The club has often wondered, if BSH uses his extraordinary SY as a substitute, for an island.

There are all sorts of common denominators between Creature and the Billionaire neighbor’s extended family. You just need to step back and look.

Retail King – Leslie Wexner 
Victoria Secret
Abercrombie & Fitch 
Henri Bendel
Movie Star – Richard Chamberlain 
Vera Charles & friends – Private
New Media Mogul – Rupert Murdoch (he was new then)
Date – Private
+1 – Private
C&C – Bill Clinton  
Creature – Jeffery Epstein
Royal BF – Prince Andrew
Heiress – Ghislaine Maxwell 
Comedian/Actor at #18 – Bill Cosby
Billionaire Neighbor & Wife at #14 – Robert & Chantel Miller
Daughters – Pia Getty, Marie Chantel of “Greece”, Alexandra Von Furstenberg
Married/Divorced Husband of Youngest – Alexander Von Furstenberg
Socialite/Designer mother – Diane Von Furstenberg
Billionaire Second Husband – Barry Diller

Blind Items Revealed #36

November 1, 2019

It has been awhile since I wrote about this foreign born A- list dual threat actor. He made the right decision on one franchise and then blew a huge opportunity for another when the movie crashed and burned. His long time girlfriend comes from a notorious crime family and has some information about someone outside the family. The feds want her to testify and then go into witness protection. Does that even work if she is still dating the actor? They maintain a very down low relationship as it is, but that would be taking it to next level down low. From what I understand it has nothing to do with her criminal siblings or criminal parents or criminal cousin or criminal aunt or criminal uncle or criminal grandfather.

Charlie Hunnam/Morgana McNelis

Blind Items Revealed #35 - Kindness

October 29, 2019

This tall imposing looking velvet voiced popular deceased actor would definitely be A list to people who enjoy films of a certain genre associated with Halloween although he acted in a lot of other types of movies as well.

He was a very kind and generous person and had a college degree in a subject other than acting which was truly a passion of his. He devoted a lot of his time to this passion when not acting in films, theater, and TV.

He started a foundation that helped inner city school kids pursue this passion of his and even more championed the work of this often victimized group.

A story regarding his work with this victimized group….  The actor was contacted about helping out a group of these people based in a nearby state who were going to lose their land to a proposed housing development.  The person who contacted him was this equally imposing deceased permanent A list singer who was an icon in more than one genre of music as well as being associated with a particular color and was noted for working with and trying to help this group of people.  The two of them teamed up and threatened to launch a PR campaign and the developers and the state backed down and the victimized group kept their land.

Vincent Price/Johnny Cash

Blind Items Revealed #34

October 28, 2019

As Halloween approaches, there will be thousands of people who wear the costume of this famous female character from literature who has had cartoons and live action movies made about her. Th thing is, she is based off a real person. A person the author knew very well. This person was about 10 at the time. Our author was a grown man. He was allowed to get close to this little girl because the girl's father shared the same profession as our author. Apparently the two families were very close, until they weren't. The author was obsessed with this little girl and wanted to spend as much time with her as possible. It got to the point where the girl's parents feared for the safety of the girl and broke off contact with the author, and it was sudden. One event, and the next day, no contact ever. No one to this day is entirely sure what happened, but the author wrote his book about her.

Lewis Carroll/"Alice in Wonderland"/Alice Liddell

Blind Items Revealed #33

October 25, 2019

Way back in the day, I had a blind about some people participating in an underground poker game. It was high limits and a precursor to the Molly Bloom games. Well, it turns out that two of the former participants teamed up to start a new room, but in a much nicer place than the back of a restaurant in Koreatown. I had no idea that this A list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee even knew this permanent A list NBA player who retired not that long ago. You have to be invited to join and there are only about a dozen people so far. Just enough people to make sure they can fill one or two tables a couple of times a month. There are no other athletes involved because the former NBA player said he doesn't like anyone else in the league anyway, and prefers to be around the entertainment community. Apparently no women will ever be invited. No female waitresses or servers. This was both of the founders' mandate. They don't seem to think that the guys, including themselves will be able to refrain from sexually harassing the women or trying to sleep with them and then they might report them which would expose the game. Knowing those two, that is pretty much their thought pattern in life.

Ben Affleck/Kobe Bryant

Blind Items Revealed #32

September 9, 2019

Much of the vitriol and leaks about A (alliterate one) are coming from B's (pedophile and lover of them) camp.  C (on again/off again ex of B and apparently at least once orally serviced the dead pedophile) is still livid about various grudges relating to A's pregnancy announcement and D's (offspring of B&C who spent time with the pedophile, but not as much as D's sibling) wedding. C has been slowly edging her way back into the family with the hope of remarriage once E (racist old guy who, much like Larry King will seemingly live forever) kicks the bucket.  All this scandal isn't helping that cause.  Keeping the focus on A's antics also keeps it off B.  C contributed anon tips for the foreign television show that trashed A.

The state of F's (sibling of B who never makes the news) marriage is in the trash. Apparently she's gone full cougar and is having a dalliance with a younger man.  Like father like daughter.

G ( A's husband/frequent excuse maker for flying in private jets/privates holding after a wild party/secret parent to a child who was born in Vegas, but now apparently lives in North Carolina) and H (Bald guy who sure does look like a dear friend of his mother. I'm pretty sure everyone in the family looks like each other though after all these generations of reproducing with your second cousin) are barely speaking H's wife wants another baby just to take her mind off her cheating husband, but hasn't wanted to have sex with her husband to conceive.

The boss is aware of all of the above and is happy to let A (aka Wallis A's last name is what she is being called) The boss also believes that C is responsible for B being hooked up with the pedophile in the first place, since there has been a constant and decades long scrounge for money to pay C's bills. I would blame it on the madam for the introduction who B wanted to have sex with everyday or threesomes anyway.

A: Meghan Markle
B: Prince Andrew
C: Sarah, Duchess of York
D: Princess Eugenie 
E: Prince Philip
F: Anne, Princess Royal
G: Prince Harry 
H: Prince William (King Juan Carlos of Spain) (Kate Middleton) 
BOSS: Queen Elizabeth 
MADAM: Ghislaine Maxwell 

Blind Items Revealed #31

October 17, 2019

It looks like the royal married to the man closer to the throne discovered who has been leaking to the other side so to speak, and fired them.

Kate Middleton/Sophie Agnew

Blind Items Revealed #30

October 15, 2019

This foreign born A- list mostly movie actor has been wanting to sleep with this A-/B+ list mostly movie actress for a long time so he was really vocal about casting her for a huge role in his next movie. He thinks he has a shot with the married actress.

Robert Pattinson/Zoe Kravitz

Blind Items Revealed #29

November 13, 2019

Once again, a first person account that I lightly edited to remove the names of other victims, locations of homes and made blind.

When I was a teenage housekeeper on my own at 15 in Marina Del Rey, I met more than a handful of sexual predators..One was an ER doctor who had recurring segments on a network news program.  He was a predator who also lived by the beach. This pedophile used his hospital ID to get me to trust him and he offered me a housecleaning job. When I went to estimate his home, he gave me a couple glasses of wine and promptly asked if I knew what the white powder substance was that he pulled out of his pocket.

I was 15 and I wasn't sure.

He said it was pharmaceutical cocaine and its harmless, he wanted to wake me up because the wine was strong & I guess I was acting drunk. He put on Led Zeppelin's "House Of The Holy" LP and proceeded to play it repeatedly while he started massaging me and kissing me. He also then offered me a half of a pill which he also described as "harmless" and told me it was a Quaalude. He pulled it out of a giant jar.. like a vitamin jar that read "methaqualone" on it. Before long, he gave me the other half while he continued pouring wine and giving "toots" of cocaine to me to keep me awake. Next thing I know, we are on the floor, him still massaging and I cannot get up, and I got really scared because my hands locked up. I could not close my fist or bend my fingers I was becoming paralyzed!

I told him my concern and he said "it's ok it happens sometimes" and he carried me off to his room where he repeatedly raped me all night. Next day I couldn't walk, he wanted to give me a shot of some sort to help me heal quicker but I refused. He told me to just stay there & I could live in his home and have his office as my room, so I stayed, as I was a run away. After he starved me for about 2 weeks and he was always at work round the clock, I ended up eating the last of his grandmother's quiche which upon discovery threw him into a rage I've never seen. He screamed at me to move out immediately and I begged for a couple more days, which he agreed to. His sister lived next door on a joined property. We had an arrangement that I watch her place for her while she went out of town. During that last couple days I forgot about the arrangement and I was so depressed and hopeless that I tried to kill myself with a big bottle of pills. I couldn't find the methaqualone but I found a big jar of something in the bathroom, I ate 2 handfuls, put "Journey/ Departure" cassette tape in my Walkman and cranked it up while I started slipping away.. suddenly the sister started knocking.. today she was leaving and I was to meet her beforehand to get the key. The room was spinning but she kept knocking and then came in! I pretended I was asleep so she tried to wake me, then she called her brother & asked him what to do. I had no choice but to get up and try to convince her that all was fine which I did but had REAL TROUBLE walking her to the door, also when she walked out, she noticed when I slammed my whole hand in the door & quickly reopened to pull it out.

I couldn't feel anything. She asked if I was ok and I said "yes" . I went to lay back down & passed out. I woke up at 8:pm on the hour SO SICK & DIZZY I couldn't even crawl straight to the toilet I was crawling into the wall missing the doorway the room was spinning so bad but I found the toilet in time to vomit which was a big accomplishment because I was determined not to make a mess when I checked out.

I will never forget waking up with shag carpet in my mouth (breathing face down?) As the toilet rug had become my pillow.

I looked at the clock which was said 9:pm again, on the hour! I barfed profusely again and passed out, waking up EVERY HOUR, ON THE HOUR, ALL NIGHT LONG to vomit until I lost consciousness again. Somewhere in the middle of it all I woke up freezing cold and the room not spinning as bad.. I can't remember what hour, maybe 4:am? I had been throwing up every hour for probably 8 hours by then, so that's my guess. After 8 hours at the foot of his toilet (glad I had recently cleaned it beforehand) I was finally able to get up and crawl back to the sofa, where I passed out again, but continued waking on the hour to throw up and able to crawl back n forth to sofa. I survived the night! I was unkillable!! Now what?? All I knew is I had to get away from "Dr Date Rape"
I went on the streets and suffered with no safe place to sleep or food but I had my life still and he couldn't hurt me anymore.. or could he?

About a year or so later I had discovered that many of my teenage friends had also met him. He made moves on all of them including C who confirmed to me that Dr. Date Rape was successful at date raping our (then 15 year old) friend L.. Like me, she would allow them to pour the drinks up but she really couldn't handle her booze at all. Once about 5 or 6 of us teenagers realized what a sick predator that this "DOCTOR" was, we decided to play a trick on him and show up at his doorstep to call him out as a pervert! He was home and happy to see us all! Quickly inviting us in.. but our plan to confront him was foiled, when a couple girls started eating the Quaaludes he was dishing out ..and drinking the wine he poured! (I was pocketing the pills so I could trade them for food or $ to my older friends to help my survival between housecleaning jobs) 3 of the girls went with him into his office (where I OD'd) and they closed the door ..staying in there a long time.

We had already been doing cocaine, ludes & wine so I got a sick feeling that he was shooting them up with cocaine as I had found his vile of liquid cocaine and his used syringes in the trash  back when I cleaned his home. I left the party disgusted that my underage friends were possibly partaking in his delights and that he was able to use his drugs again to "control". I wanted no part of it and I walked home to an apartment where I had a room. I had recently turned 16 years old and I was drunk from the wine so I fell asleep quickly. Next thing I knew, a stranger had broken into the apartment and was climbing in bed with me and grabbing me! I screamed but no one was home yet from Dr. Date Rape's place. The stranger tried to rape me but somehow I got up in the bed on my knees and though it was very dark, at that moment, I could see the outline of this man's head from the light outside my window, so I punched as hard as I could and hit him square in the nose! He cried out in pain! I jumped up, switched on the light.. guess who was holding his bloody nose in his hands? Doctor Date Rape!! Now he has gone to NEW LEVELS OF CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR. Even I was SHOCKED.. I screamed at him to leave and I ran to the door but he ran out first so I locked it (again) and waited for my friends/ roommates to come home. Next morning guess who was knocking at my door again..pounding! Yep, you guessed it.. Dr Date Rape! He had the nerve to yell at me on my front doorstep..

"I helped you when you had nowhere to go!!" His nose was swollen looking.  I was scared that he may have had a syringe or gun in his pocket because he was very angry. I had the front door on a chain lock and he demanded to come in trying to push his way in but the chain stopped him. I threatened that if he didn't leave I'd call the cops and tell them EVERYTHING. He did leave. A year or so later I was stuck going to a hospital after a terrible burn I got. By misfortune, Dr. Date Rape was working the ER that day.. he treated me..LIKE SHIT. He waited and waited taking forever to look at the burn. I had to ask the nurse twice to please hurry him as I was in excruciating pain and a giant blister was developing. He refused to bring me anything to cool the burn and he refused any pain meds. I had to ask the nurse to give me wet paper towels to soothe the burn as I waited endlessly for him to actually to his job. As I left, I couldn't help but shout "where's all your Quaaludes now ..when I really need one??"

I saw him one last time as C and I were walking down an alley behind his beachfront home. His BMW was parked in front of his garage. C was telling me how he kicked her out after she tried to get her friend L to leave with her because it was getting late.. and the 3 of them had lots of wine & pills that night. She told me that he had molested 15 year old L in his Jacuzzi at his new home. I was disgusted and C being humorous saw a newspaper & some dog poop on the ground. We were right next to his BMW and she took the newspaper, grabbed the poop & quickly smeared it on his beautiful car.. unfortunately, he was coming out of the garage and caught C! He chased us both down the alley calling her a bitch and he kicked her quite hard in her 15 year old butt! Once again, we should've reported him but we were afraid of his money and his power over people with his drugs and his position as a prominent ER Doctor in the area.. he would often brag.. " Everyone knows me. So we felt even the Cops were his Pals. We kept it among ourselves.

My helpers at CAST assisted me in making a police report on him.. they found out by Google search, he is an actor now! WOW! (ugh) After SO many years of guilt for keeping quiet, I have finally told the authorities.

Dr. Bruce Hensel (in the best timed blind item of all time, the doctor was arrested several hours after I posted this blind)

Blind Items Revealed #28 - Kindness

October 12, 2019

I will just leave it in the tipster's own words.

My grandmother died in 2011. We planned her small ceremony at a Crematorium. My mum was in pieces and my sister too sad so the eulogy was left for me to write and perform. Terrifying. After the ceremony we went to the pub for her wake. One of the guests said to me “my daughter thought your eulogy was lovely and would like to talk to you.” I agreed of course. I recognised the woman as she approached me, she has been part of my extended family for many many years. She also happens to be a fairly big Hollywood star. Our Hollywood star began talking to me. She thanked me for such an incredible tribute I made to my grandmother. She was always fonder of my side of the family than her own. She always considered my grandmother to also be hers. It was an out of body experience. She took my number and found more details from other family members. A few days later she sent me a HUGE bouquet of flowers to my address. In the card she said how moving and touching my eulogy to “her adoptive grandmother” was. It was incredibly thoughtful. This lovely woman didn’t give her superstar name, she didn’t need to. She never spoke about being famous. Just was simply being a wonderful and sympathetic caring person with fame nowhere in her thoughts.

Kate Winslet

Blind Items Revealed #27

October 11, 2019

So, that disgraced director who is forced to live overseas even though he should be in jail was at an event two weeks ago. Someone asked him about his legal troubles and then he started rambling on about how nothing ever happened to this former A+ list mostly movie actor turned worst Hollywood dad of all time. Apparently the two of them used a very young and underage celebrity offspring of, an at that time A- lister to pick up other underage girls. The offspring would often join them in bed with the other girl or girls. The director said that he didn't know how old they were, but considering who was doing the picking up, they were probably in their tweens or teens. He said that no one cared back then and why was he suffering and no one else is.

Roman Polanski/Ryan O’Neal/Melanie Griffith/Tippi Hedren

Blind Items Revealed #26

October 2, 2019

So that helicopter crash from last year that was supposed to kill all aboard from that hospitality company. Something went wrong and there was one survivor. What to do? Make sure they don't get the best care possible. Look up the address of the place the patient was sent. No one in the history of the place ever was critical. There are multiple amazing places they could have gone that were much much closer. The patient was taken to an out of the way place that no one in the area really even knows. They needed that patient to die.

Standard Hotel/Standard International survivor taken to Orange County Global Medical Center

Blind Items Revealed #25

October 7, 2019

James Franco shouldn't be the only one worrying about more people from his past coming forward with stories of assault, this A- list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee should be petrified. Also petrified should be the family member who helped cover all of them up for years with studios and producers in exchange for compensation whether work related or taking less money for projects. Our A- lister didn't count on an ex being the person who is kind of been the point person for all of this when a former victim confronted this ex in a grocery store about the past behavior of the A- lister. This has led to a handful of other women who are all ready to come forward and tell what the A- lister did to them.

Casey Affleck/Ben Affleck

Blind Items Revealed #24

July 11, 2019

Way back in the early 90's there was an investigation led by someone who has been in the news much of the past two years. His target? A bank. Bank is being kind. It was money laundering for the world's worst criminals including the CIA disguised as a bank. Its main financial backer was the head of state of a Middle Eastern country. One of the recipients of this fraudulent money to the tune of hundreds of millions was this part-time reality star with multiple celebrity offspring. It is how he made his fortune. Yes, he made it via very shady, if not illegal means and at one point had it almost all come crashing down on him. The son of that head of state is now a head of state himself. He has spent the past two years being investigated by the same man who investigated his father. He is also the protector for the convicted child porn/molester guy turned informant as well as friends with the wealthy pedophile. One of the other people in this little circle now is a different billionaire with an entitled spouse and some of the most entitled children you will ever encounter. He also deals with the wealthy pedophile on a fairly frequent basis. He has ties to Hollywood and the disgraced producer and the movie guy turned government guy. He used his money and Hollywood influence to get his offspring a lot of acting roles. Oh, and do you remember when she had the long relationship with the offspring of the part-time reality star I mentioned earlier. Everyone and everything is connected.

Investigator: Robert Mueller
Bank: Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI)
Head of State: Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Former President of the United Arab Emirates
Part Time Reality Star: Mohamed Hadid (Gigi, Bella and Anwar Hadid)
Son: Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates
Billionaire with entitled wife and children: Nelson Peltz/Claudia Heffner (Nicola, Will, Brad, Zachary and Gregory)
Child Porn/Molester guy: George Nader
Wealthy Pedophile: Jeffrey Epstein
Disgraced producer: Harvey Weinstein
Movie guy turned government guy: Steve Mnuchin
Acting offspring: Nicola Peltz and dated Anwar Hadid

Blind Items Revealed #23 - Mr. X - Old Hollywood

September 27, 2019

When this permanent A-list actress/comedienne/sex symbol said she would take a few secrets to the grave, she was not kidding around. No it's not the rumor you think (yes she was born a woman), the big secret was that she was illiterate. She never got past her freshman year of high school, so she said, but her educational career was spotty at best probably because she was dyslexic and ashamed of it. Yes, she even had people write letters and sign autographs for her. An actual autograph from her is extremely rare, because she also used auto-pen. Even though she took credit for all of the play and movie scripts she wrote, she had other people write them for her. One of the people who helped her create her works and develop her persona was the man who was briefly married to her at the beginning of her career. She kept him on her payroll for decades. Even though she had the marriage annulled, the husband didn't contest the divorce and technically remained married to her until this secret marriage was exposed during the height of her popularity in the mid 1930s and the marriage was dissolved not too long after. Between then, he helped write her scripts and develop some of her classic one liners. When he died in the mid 1960s, she paid all of his funeral bills as a kind of thank you.

Mae West/Frank Wallace

Blind Items Revealed #22 - Mr. X - Old Hollywood

December 19, 2019

She was only A-list for a brief period of time, mainly because she died young. An Oscar winner/nominee, she could do it all: actress, singer, comedienne, songwriter. She should have been bigger than she was, and who knows how big she would've become had she lived longer. Shortly after she won several awards for the movie she's best known for, she got caught up in the HUAC Communist witch hunts. Her name appeared in affiliation with far left leaning political groups that she was active with early in her career. She was interrogated and questioned by Joseph McCarthy's goons but she played dumb throughout this denying affiliations with these groups even though there was clear evidence that she was. She didn't name names like some celebrities did, and her career didn't suffer because of it mainly because the tyrannical head of the studio she was under contract to saw that she was a good egg (and he didn't like many people) Being a liberal at this time was dangerous, because you would automatically be labeled a Communist. One influential gossip columnist was an ally to McCarthy and smeared the actress every chance she could get in her column. The actress was pregnant at the time, so when the columnist heard she didn't name names she did the unthinkable. She hired people to anonymously call the actress and her husband and send her death threats including 'I hope you miscarry your baby' and 'I hope you die in childbirth'. Pure evil. Word got back to the studio head (who was mob connected) and he sent some pals to tell the columnist to lay off or else. The threats stopped. Shortly after this incident, the columnist and the actress ran into each other at an industry party. The actress brought along her son to show off to her friends, and the baby all of a sudden decided to poop in his diaper, right in front of the columnist. The actress told her, "that's what he thinks of you, and I agree".

 Judy Holliday/Hedda Hopper/Harry Cohn

Blind Items Revealed #21 - Mr. X - Old Hollywood

October 21, 2019

#1 - The permanent A+++ list singer and actress who was robbed blind by the agent, after she switched managers from her then husband to the aforementioned manager. The husband hired a tax auditor to look over her bank accounts, being that she spent money like crazy, and found that vast sums were disappearing. He went to confront the manager and his wife and was blocked from entering by goons posing as security guards. Of course the wife, being in an inebriated state, didn't believe a thing her husband was telling her and their marriage further eroded. Then, after a near fatal overdose in London, the manager threatened the iconic performer that he had photos of the star getting her stomach pumped in a hospital that he was threatening to sell to a tabloid... unless she gave him $50,000. Since she had a new TV project on the line, one that the manager got her, she forked over the cash. Several other similar incidents happened between the icon and the manager even after she dropped him.

#2 - Speaking of the iconic performer, her eldest offspring  was on the cusp of A-list stardom at the time when the previous BI occurred, and on her mother's advice she hired the manager too. Everything was going smoothly, until the manager called up the offspring and threatened to release photos taken at a party in Greenwich Village when she was very underage where she was clearly seen drinking, snorting what appeared to be cocaine and smoking pot.... unless she gave him $100,000. She had a potential career making Broadway musical on the line and like her mother she forked over the cash. However, she didn't get the part in that musical (after the manager told the producer of the play she was a liability) but eventually got to star in the film adaptation which she won many awards for.

#3 -  Many people forget that this alliterate A+++ list actress and sex symbol was a client of the manager. She indeed was, towards the end of her life. It abruptly ended after that Chicago mob boss had his goons, on order of the manager, take pictures of the actress drunk and passed out on a vomit-filled floor. The photos were taken a few days after the dalliance between the actress and the high ranking politician. Thankfully she had help in stopping the pictures from leaking. She placed a call to her singer/actor friend who was the owner of the resort she was staying at where the pictures were taken. He also hated the manager with a passion. He placed a call to the mob boss, and the photos were never leaked.

Manager-David Begelman
#1 - Judy Garland/Sid Luft
#2 - Liza Minnelli/Cabaret
#3 - Marilyn Monroe/Sam Giancana/JFK/Cal Neva Lodge in Lake Tahoe/Frank Sinatra

Blind Items Revealed #20

September 16, 2019

It all makes sense if you think about it. What was the House On St. Charles known for? As I have recounted here several times, it was designed as the ultimate honey trap house of all time. Maybe Epstein and Maxwell would say otherwise, but St. Charles has always got the mos return for its buck. If you will also recall, the owners of the house specifically targeted big name celebrities as part of their push. They wanted control over actors and producers and directors. Why though? They can pay of course and are worried about being caught as much as anyone else, but why them? Why the focus.

Remember this is the city where the university covered up their experiments more so than anywhere else. They had the doctor everyone feared the most. They had the doctor who knew more about altering brains, than any other doctor in time. While his experiments and work is now being praised for bringing scientific breakthroughs in cures for certain diseases, one part of his research has not been discussed. It was his research, the hidden research that has caused the government to get into bed so deeply with Hollywood. It is not just about propaganda. It is what he hypothesized during his experiments. What would happen, if you didn't need the actual electrodes hooked to the brain. What if you could do it via some other method. What visual effect closest resembles/mimics what he was doing with electrodes. Was there something? Yes, there was. The thing of it is, everyone who submits to it, does so voluntarily.

Back in the very early 80's when things were tough, they had to keep a low profile because of all the hearings and aftermath of the Congressional investigations. It was disguised as a grant paid to the university and it involved using 3-D in movies. This was crude. They were guessing and was not sure what was going to work. They needed a huge 3-D movie they knew would get tens of thousands of people into theatres to see what would work and what wouldn't. It also had to be a film that got people to react several different times during the movie and cause some stress. So many things to test. The government gave a whole bunch of money to get a movie made that really had no reason to be made and then, made it in 3-D. It was exactly what researchers needed, and they set up five theatres in different parts of the country with cameras and measuring devices to see the results of their tests.

They also wanted to test it with a completely different kind of film. One which made zero sense to put in 3-D. It was ridiculous and also a really bad movie. To make things interesting, they picked a movie about spies and Russians. They wanted to test reactions in a completely different way.

Those were the first two. Since then, they have refined and refined and found which actors work best delivering messages or lines. Funny thing how the actors that perform the best are the ones who were blackmailed. Two A+ list mostly movie actors are at the top of the list. Think the long long long awaited sequels in two separate franchises starring the same A+ list actor and in two very differing formats was a coincidence? It is the same type setup they used over three decades ago. Two total opposites.

Tulane/Robert Galbraith Heath 
Huge 3-D movie: "Jaws 3-D" 
Ridiculous and also a really bad movie: "The Man Who Wasn't There" (1983)
A+ list actor: Keanu Reeves/The Matrix/Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Blind Items Revealed #19

September 29, 2019

The four named actress who has tried to lead the charge against the disgraced producer continues to go down a dangerous spiral and needs a lot of professional help. The disgraced producer knows this and has people out there trying to make her even more paranoid in hopes she won't be able to testify against him.

Paz de la Huerta/Harvey Weinstein

Blind Items Revealed #18

September 27, 2019

This A-/B+ list mostly movie actor who has been in this space before for being a serial cheating/not very nice actor that every actress is learning about is actually a defendant in a lawsuit where people were swindled out of $100M.

Noah Centineo

Blind Items Revealed #17

September 20, 2019

I have written a few times about this prolific showrunner who wanted to save money for himself and said goodbye to regular cast members who had been with him for many years. Well, now, in order to make even more money for himself he is shooting 12 hour days with little or no breaks and doesn't care if gets fined because the fines would be so little. Plus, the unions won't complain against someone of his stature. He also is trying to jam in as much as possible this week because he wants several days off to party for the Emmy Awards. I wonder if that disgraced director will be partying with him. One day this week, his heavy schedule forced several people to leave the set and see the medic.

Ryan Murphy/Bryan Singer

Blind Items Revealed #16

September 17, 2019

I have always had a favorite in this family of reality stars. I guess I will need to find a new one now. Well, honestly, probably not. Not really a family you want to get too involved with. Over the years I have highlighted some of their more memorable scams and sins, but they are taking it to a new level in their latest scam. Of course nothing I mention here will ever outweigh the covering up of all the horrible things done to some of the kids, but this is just about the scams, and my favorite is involved.

Somehow the favorite managed to include the person who was supposedly exiled/banned/shunned moving away but never really did and is with the favorite 24/7 as if they were together or something. Anyway, although they are involved and complicit and helping in the scam by soliciting money. Oh yes, money. They don't want anything useful or any supplies, they only want cash or cards they can convert to cash. If you do give them supplies or anything useful, they sell it on the black market rather than distributing it.

The ringleader is one of the members of the reality family, but he brought along members from a similar family. They are all pretending to be law enforcement and carrying badges in a country that has been devastated. They are commandeering relief packages from overseas saying they had been given contracts to control every bit of cargo. (Narrators's voice) They haven't.

They are stealing fuel and then billing NGO's for the fuel. It is a scam on a massive level and pales in comparison to the one two other members of the family pulled while out of the country.

The Duggars/Hurricane Dorian/Medical Evacuation Disaster Intervention Corp, or "Medic Corps" 
Favorite: Jana Duggar
Exiled/banned/shunned member: Josh Duggar 
Ringleader: John David Duggar
Similar family: Nathan and Lawson Bates
Family scandal: Jill Duggar Dillard and Derick Dillard (Jill and Derick's missionary organization and death of fellow missionary)

Blind Items Revealed #15

August 21, 2019

The wife has borne the brunt of the cheating talk with her lover, who is really rich. It was the big talk earlier in the year. The thing is though, the husband of the wife was hooking up with someone who was engaged and that relationship ended because of it. Somehow that managed to stay quiet until this post. The pair have since gone public.

Lauren Sánchez (Jeff Bezos)/Patrick Whitesell/Pia Miller/Tyson Mullane

Blind Items Revealed #14

July 8, 2019

When the companies are numerous and the number of true high rollers are limited, there is nothing that a casino won't do to get that business. I should clarify. A casino doesn't want to lose its gaming license, so would cut itself out of the equation, but what about their employees. The ones who go after these high rollers from all over the world? Their livelihood depends on landing these whales and will do anything to get them. One of the biggest requests from high rollers is they want someone underage. The higher ups at the casinos know. They must know. There are cameras everywhere and when you have the same three or four men going through these casinos to the villas and suites of high rollers with underage boys and girls, they know. When those same men emerge many hours later with the boys and girls also in tow, they know. When they arrange for these men to have special passes so they have no issues moving from the car drop off point to the high roller, they know. They have deniability though and will let their employee take the fall. The thing is though, the feds aren't going to raid these places. Every single politician in the city, county and state is dependent on the casinos to get them elected. Whether they are a friend of the worker or the executive, they need them. Plus, they are the largest employers an source of tax revenue. So, everyone turns a blind eye. Want proof? This foreign born A- list actor handed up videotaped proof to law enforcement including NAMES but local, state and federal law enforcement were told to stand down. Apparently it must be worth sacrificing some children to keep the money flow going and those in power to stay in power.

Sacha Baron Cohen

Blind Items Revealed #13

October 7, 2019

This politician resigned from office over a decade ago, due to inappropriate behavior.

While he was in office, this politician’s misdeeds were much worse than was ever made public.

He sexually abused many former employees who were either just underage, or barely legal.  That has been all covered up from the public.

In recent years, he has worked his way back into the good graces of local officials, in the area he formerly represented.  It appears likely that he will try to run for office again in the future.

Fortunately, this has come to the attention of a group with an amazing track record of exposing this sort of horrible people.  Stay tuned.

Mark Foley

Blind Items Revealed #12

September 12, 2019

An actor friend of mine had an audition earlier this week for a role in a movie. Not a big role. Maybe twenty lines total, but it would be a big break for them because it is in what will be a huge box office smash. While he is auditioning, he noticed a guy in the back of the room who was very obviously on some type of dating app because of the way he was swiping. My actor friend didn't recognize him at first, but had noticed him simply because of the aggressive swiping. It was only as he was leaving the building that someone came to him and said that __________ had loved him. The person only used the first name. Still not knowing exactly who the person was talking about, my friend asked, "Oh, is ______________ making the decisions?" The person replied, "Yes, but no one is supposed to know. You know, because of what happened." My friend, again, not putting first name together with person he saw said something along the lines of I'm glad he liked me. The person actually replied back, "I 'm glad he liked you too. I was expecting to have to cast a dozen teenagers for him to lust after every day." My friend still didn't get it and continued to net get who it was until he got home and started Googling the first name of the disgraced director and found him only with the first name and the line about lusting after teenagers and it came up with exactly who it is.

Bryan Singer (Later tonight I am also making the two podcast episodes about Bryan Singer free to listen to)

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