Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dr. Snoop Dogg Gives Kris Humphries Marriage Advice

Better than Dr. Phil, plus he is high as a kite so that makes it more fun.

Slow Down Rosie O'Donnell - Michelle Rounds is Trying To Get Pregnant

Rosie O'Donnell needs to stop, take a breath and a step back and think to herself that she has had some really bad luck with relationships in the past and this one with Michelle Rounds is going way too fast. The couple has barely been dating for six months, are engaged, planning a wedding, and Michelle is already seeing as fertility doctor to get pregnant. Whoa. Rosie talks about all this next week on Dr. Oz's show February 2nd. Normally I do not work on February 2 as I pay homage to the movie Groundhog Day and choose to stay in bed all day and watch the movie, and later go upstairs and watch recorded Jeopardy programs with my mom while I shout out the correct answers while swigging from a bottle of booze. Ahh, good times.

There is no way I will take an hour off from that schedule to watch Dr Oz. Rosie and her issues just don't measure up to watching 12 straight hours of Bill Murray and wondering what I would do if I had to live the same day over again. With my luck the day would be the day that some Kardashian did something so the entire 24 hours would be devoted to nothing but Kardashian.

Sarah Jessica Parker For Demi Moore?

Lovelace, which is being shot right now has a certain feel. I can tell is it is going to be 70's authentic and it looks like it will probably be dark and I thought Demi Moore as Gloria Steinem was great casting. They have a similar look and feel and I think Demi can bring the dark and dramatic as well as anyone. When Demi decided she enjoyed smoking synthetic pot and snorting nitrus more than working though she had to drop out. So, if you are a producer who are you going to bring in? Carrie Bradshaw. Seriously. Sarah Jessica Parker is going to star as Gloria Steinem. As much as I love Demi for the role is how much I dislike SJP for this role. Sarah is box office poison and I don't think this movie is going to do great anyway so you might as well make the acting top notch and hope for some awards and a bunch of horny teens who want to see Amanda Seyfried naked. I can't take Sarah seriously as an actress. The one time she tried to play serious in Family Stone she was awful and she does not do drama. At this point you might as well just throw Amanda out on her butt and bring back Lindsay Lohan and really drive this movie into the grave of bad acting.

Jon Gosselin And His Girlfriend Split

Jon Gosselin took to his Twitter yesterday and said that he and his girlfriend Ellen Ross had split after nearly two years together. Radar said it was because Ellen did not like the media attention. Umm, hello Radar, she loved the media attention which is why they split. Jon did not get any media attention anymore. She kept hoping it would pick up and reach Jon & Kate levels and when it didn't and realized it was not going to she hit the road. It is not like Jon is exactly the catch of the decade. The guy has 8 kids and barely makes enough to feed himself, let alone enough to pay child support for 8 kids. When Ellen started dating Jon, he was still making the tabloids and she was probably hoping for a reality show.

Soap Actor Kills Himself After Putting Down Dog

Nick Santino was an actor who appeared on lots of soaps and other television shows that film in New York. He also had a pit bull for nine years who he considered his best friend. The building in New York where Mr. Santino lived banned pit bulls from the building. Although Mr. Santino's pit bull was grandfathered in, his neighbors gave him a hard time about it everyday and he says that he was harassed about his beloved Rocco. After a lot of discussion with his vet, Mr. Santino put down his dog and and just a few days later Nick killed himself because he felt like he had let down his best friend. That is a man who truly loved his dog.

David Arquette Heading To Cougar Town

Just because you are separated and seeing other people does not mean you cannot work together. David Arquette will guest star on the season finale of Cougar Town this year. I'm guessing it will probably also be the last episode of the series. When you love a show you do not wait until almost the end of sweeps to bring it back. The show begins its run on Valentine's Day and the finale at the end of the season is probably also a way for co-executive producer David to make his mark on the show in front of the camera before it goes buh bye forever.

Amber Portwood Needs A Better Lawyer

Amber Portwood should spend some of that Teen Mom money on a better lawyer. Yesterday she struck a deal with prosecutors which will have her serve no jail time if she completes rehab. That part sounds great right? It is. But, as you can see with Lindsay Lohan and other troubled people who abuse drugs, sometimes completion can be difficult. With Lindsay if she did not complete things, her punishment would be about a year in jail, which given the LA jail system turns into house arrest for a month. If Amber screws up she goes to jail for five years. For one count of drug possession. There would be no one left to act in movies or on television if such a sentence existed here.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

Presley & Ethel Bradshaw were married for 73 years. They died within four hours of each other.
Bradley Cooper talks trash to Dennis Quaid about being the sexiest man alive. Did Dennis win? I seem to think he did.
Chloe Moretz and Blake Lively at the launch of the Jason Wu collection.
Bar Rafaeli watches some soccer in Spain.
This is a work of art by Cecilia Paredis which also includes her.
Diane Kruger is still at Fashion Week.
Also there this week is Dita Von Teese.
As Gossip Girl gets an award for their 100th episode from the Mayor Of New York, Blake Lively leans over to Mayor Bloomberg and says, "I f**ked Ryan Reynolds last night."
Claire Danes won the Hasty Pudding woman of the year award and promptly
dropped half of it.

Random Photos Part Two

Alec Baldwin tries out some new name calling on his daughter Ireland.
That is James Franco as Hugh Hefner with Amanda Seyfried on the set of Lovelace.
Jude Law went out on a date last night with
Lisa Moorish. I think she is hiding her face because she does have a child with Pete Doherty. You do realize this means she had unprotected sex with Pete Doherty. As in parts touched. She also has a child with Liam Gallagher.
Jane Lynch on the way to lunch yesterday.
I will take Kristin Cavallari's word for the fact she is pregnant. She does not even have a mosquito bite, let alone a bump.
Katherine Heigl on her way to buy yarn. I kid you not.
The Michael Jackson handprint ceremony. That is Chris Tucker over there and Quincy Jones and Smokey Robinson and circus people and yes, that is Justin Bieber.
Two thoughts. If you did not know this was Justin Bieber, would you guess male or female or Will Ferrell dresses as Janet Reno on SNL?
Meanwhile, the Bieb's on again off again girlfriend was down in Mexico City.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Nicole Scherzinger shows off her new guy.
Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber celebrating Australia Day.
Peaches Geldof shows off her baby bump.
Forget an umbrella carrier. To show you are really big in Hollywood, you need a person carrier. Paula Patton and Elizabeth Banks chip in to buy their own for a week.
Lots of money spent on the game, not so much on spell check.
Rose McGowan seems to be transforming to a different person right before our eyes.
Speaking of transforming, I am not used to Reese Witherspoon having a case of the Mondays. That is actually the only line I hate from Office Space. Just because I have heard it so much.
Tracy Morgan is back at work on the set of 30 Rock.
Just when we were getting to know him, Uggie announced his retirement yesterday.

You Need To Watch This Video

If you only watch one video on the site this month, you should watch this one from Mark Malkoff. Seriously. It is hilarious and fun and it is worth the five minutes of your time to watch it.

Ted C Blind Item

Meet Soheila Stuff-It. She probably won't remember meeting you, but what difference does it really make?

‘Cause that's the way Soheila likes it—drugged up halfway to Brigadoon to escape the burdens of being the downtrodden diva that she is. And when she's not partaking in a dabble of this or a hit of that, you'll likely find her drowning at the bottom of a bottle.

It's all terribly, terribly sad. Which is why Ms. Stuff-It's peeps are desperate to get the star into treatment stat. To which the always stubborn Soheila says:

Hell, no!

See, Soheila hasn't exactly had an easy go of it lately (despite the fact that she has the most gorgeous hair!).

But instead of trying to get better or, ya know, even just talking about her issues, S2 prefers to handle things her own way. And a trip to rehab is so not on her To Do list anytime soon. Or ever, if Soheila has anything to say about it.

Which, actually, she does.

See, Ms. Stuff-It isn't a pushover. In fact, she's made a name for herself in this town by being a tough chick who doesn't back down.

Which is why we're so sad to see her destroying herself…again.

That's the other terribly, horribly sad thing about all this. This isn't the first time Soheila has spiraled. It's all happened before and even though she slapped a smile back on her face and chitchatted about how fab she was feeling, underneath Soheila was the same damaged, messed up broad she was before.

To which we say: Hey, Soheila, relapse happens. Heck, it's practically expected. But it's time you give up your pride—and partying—and straighten yourself out.

We have far more faith in you than, say, Morgan Mayhem or Mimi Kitten. And we just hate seeing you be so blasé about your life, babe.

Oh, and if you stop hooking up with bisexual men, Soheila, that too just might lead you on the way to recovery, just a suggestion!

AND IT AIN'T: Angelina Jolie, Kim Richards, Mischa Barton

Alcatraz Tourists Wandering Off Looking For Hurley

It did not take long for tourists to Alcatraz to start thinking that the scenes from the new show on FOX are real and have been wandering around trying to find the secret rooms and other areas shown on the show. This past Monday night's show was disturbing. I only managed to get around to watching it last night. This is my one big question. The doctor from the prison and Parminder/Lucy must be 90 but have not aged, but Sam Neil has aged. Also, if the doctor has not aged then he must be in on everything and knows where everyone is and where they came from and who they are working for so how come he does not spill. Oh, and so far the actors who played the criminals in the 1st episode and the third episode deserve Emmy Awards, especially the guy from this past Monday. Watch that episode and then watch the rest of the actors on shows and see if you can spot the difference between an actor and someone who wants to be one.

Ferris Bueller Returns During The SuperBowl

Discuss. Even though it is just going to be a commercial and this is not how I imagine Ferris coming back, I am still pretty excited to see the character again after all these years. You know, if they bought enough ad time and with the cost of production, the commercials could end up costing more than the movie did.

Four For Friday - A Demi Moore Movie

When the news of Demi Moore going to the hospital the other day, one of my old friends called me and reminded me of a story about Demi and the filming of a movie I had not heard in awhile but is really good. You have an important piece of the puzzle with Demi, but see if you can get the rest and the movie.

This movie was made really quickly and not for a ton of money. It was trying to capitalize on the last vestiges of Demi Moore as a young sex symbol and the whole brat pack thing. During this movie, there were a couple of sex scenes with this actor who was pretty close to A list at the time and is still a solid B. Many said the scenes were real because they had sex in the past, but Demi was engaged at the time and the actor was cheating on his then A list girlfriend with enough people anyway so he probably did not need to be cheating with Demi too. Although, I would not have put it past them. The thing is he was definitely sleeping with the co-star of the movie who was also making her film debut and soon became a B+ actress. Demi never made any moves on her, but did make some moves on this actress who later got nominated for an Academy Award. The other male co-star in the movie made his own moves on this other actress in the movie and supposedly that was one of the reasons his marriage collapsed a short time later. The filming definitely lived up to the title.

Your Turn

While catching up on Teen Mom 2, I wondered how many of these pregnancies happened under the roof of the parents and if the parents let the kids sleep together in the house. So, my question(s) to you are would you let your child have sex under your roof and if so how old would they have to be first or what would your conditions be? My other question is when you give me your rules, I want to know if you ever did anything at your parent's house and if they ever knew.

National Enquirer Blind Item

WHICH handsome Oscar-winning actor has been caught in the middle of a children’s charity crisis? Turns out the big star – who has no kids – was scheduled to appear at the charity’s function by the ambitious wife of his production partner. Now the A-lister has to decide whether to back out and disappoint the kiddies in need – or cancel a vacation he planned with his hot new girlfriend.

Mary Hamer On Anderson Cooper

Dr. Mary Hamer is on Anderson Cooper again today and talks about why she gave $100K to Joran Van Der Sloot for his criminal defense and how, despite him confessing to the killing of Stephany Flores that Dr. Hamer believes he is not guilty of murder. Really? He confessed. She says it is because his family would have been in danger if he had not. Huh? They have been ok before and nothing happened to them after the Natalee Holloway murder. I think Dr. Hamer must be in love with Joran even though he has got some other girl pregnant he was sleeping with while in jail. I don't understand what Dr. Hamer sees in the guy and what she says on Anderson contradicts much of what has come out in the past couple weeks where she said she feels betrayed and ripped off.

Can Ryan Seacrest Eat 100 Buffalo Wings?

Yesterday at TMZ they were debating whether or not Ryan Seacrest ate 100 buffalo wings while watching football this past weekend. I don't actually see Ryan watching football unless he was forced, but I could see him eating 100 wings. Ryan is an eater on the inside. The guy loves to eat but wants to be skinny. If you watched both football games over the weekend that is a little over 6 hours. That is like 15 wings an hour or one every four minutes. It might seem like a lot, but it really is not. Take it from a guy who wants to go to every Man vs Food Nation location but am sticking to the diet, that there is not much meat on a chicken wing. You are more likely to get bored eating chicken wings than full. I would say it takes about ten of them just to equal one leg of a chicken so 100 wings is not that hard over a six hour period. Could you eat one drumstick an hour for six hours? Congratulations, you just ate 60 chicken wings.

Yes, I realize I have spent far too much time on this. I think about these things a lot now that I am not eating.

BuzzFoto Blind Item

This B list actress has recently been studying feminist theory and saw a documentary, in which clips of her were featured, that discussed the portrayal of women in the media. She was shocked to realize she was part of a system that sexualizes women and is determined to do something about it. She told her agent she refuses to be booked in any role that objectifies a woman. While this is a step in the right direction, her team is worried since most of her previous roles have been based on her appearance.

US Weekly Tells Us Something We Already Knew

Every week US Weekly has some fascinating new story which they claim as an exclusive. Usually I only get upset if it is one of my blind items I revealed that they are now claiming as their own. Seriously, if you employ hundreds of reporters you should be able to kick my ass around the room on a daily basis. I am a guy who spends a couple of hours a day trying to read and type while not trying to get caught by my boss.

This time though US Weekly is exclusively claiming that Russell has seeing other women. I have not even been blind about that. I have been saying since they were married that he has been seeing other women. I said it at least once or twice a month and since they split I grew bored with myself talking about how he is having sex with other women. Apparently though, US Weekly caters to those who only get their gossip in supermarket checkout lines and probably think Jennifer Aniston is simply having the longest gestation period on record.

Drop Dead Diva Stunt Casts Kim Kardashian

I don't know if Josh Berman is smoking crack or just wants to hang out with Kim Kardashian all day but the executive producer of Drop Dead Diva has just cast Kim in a recurring role and she is not even going to play herself. She will be actually required to act. As a viewer of her porn tape, let me assure you that Kim has no acting capabilities whatsover. I tend to not watch Lifetime except during the holiday season. The only reason I watch it then is because my mom has Lifetime or Hallmark on 24 hours a day because one or the both of them shows holiday movies all season long and she keeps those channels on a continuous loop and has either a radio station or her iPod streaming Christmas music in every room of the house to the point where you just become so over saturated with the holidays you want to go out and hang out with some Jehovah Witnesses and knock on some doors.

I have seen an episode or two of Drop Dead Diva and it did not appear to need stunt casting to stay alive. It is on Lifetime after all. I just am anti anything that gives Kim an opportunity to stay in my vision any longer than she has to.

Melissa McCarthy Is All About Keeping It Real

If you were not a fan of Melissa McCarthy before yesterday Ellen's show, I hope you are now. Very rarely do you see someone or hear an actress talk about how star struck they can get and especially admitting it on national television. When you tell Brangelina they need to be quiet for a second because your brain is on overload by meeting and talking to them, you move to the top of the list of fun people I would like to hang out with. And to tell the story without not wanting to star constantly at Jimmy Kimmel in a dress is something special too.

Demi Moore 911 Call To Be Released - Publicists Waver

Publicists hate to look bad They know it will happen and that they will be embarrassed by clients from time to time, but when they say that someone is going to rehab to get help with exhaustion and just to get more healthy and then a 911 tape is released highlighting the drugs your client was taking which put them in rehab in the first place, then you look kind of foolish. But, the District Attorney in Los Angeles cares about publicists and has decided to redact the names of all the drugs Demi Moore was taking when the 911 call about her is released. The DA cites privacy reasons. Uh huh. I don't think they have done that before, but whatever, we don't need to hear someone announce the names of the drugs, although it would be nice to know if Demi was doing more than Whip Its and Adderall.

Taylor Swift Will Spill Jake Gyllenhaal Secrets

Lesson number one when dating Taylor Swift is that if you are the one breaking up with her be prepared to have you entire relationship played out on the radio. If Jake Gyllenhaal said anything he did not want made public, then that is going to be too bad. Sure, Taylor's songs are not going to mention Jake by name, but we will know. Apparently he really messed with her mind while they were dating and that Taylor has been writing songs left and right about him and the way he treated her. That means Taylor and Reese Witherspoon have some bonding they can do. The thing is Reese has been around the block a few times and knew what she was getting into. Taylor's dating experience consisted of a Jonas Brother and some Twilight novels which she thought she was getting by dating Taylor Lautner, but got something else totally unexpected.

Drew Carey And Nicole Jaracz Call Off Engagement

Drew Carey was just not ready to get married again. Yesterday his rep released a statement saying Drew and his fiancee' called off their engagement. I think it was more of, "Yeah I know we have been engaged for almost 5 years, but I still don't think I am quite ready to get married yet." So, what I am wondering is if he does not have Nicole and her son in his life if Drew will start piling back on the pounds. I hope not because I am kind of using him as my inspiration to lose weight. I figure if he can do it, I can do it. You would think I would use John Goodman, but didn't he get surgery? I am scared of surgery so would prefer to do it the old fashioned way. No, not the Hollywood old fashioned way of coke and Adderall. Take those and you will look just like a movie star. The real old fashioned way of diet and exercise minus very much of the exercise. I also think Drew missed the porn stars and playmates he used to hang out with. Maybe he wants one more go round on that train before he hits 60.

Fran Drescher Has An Alien Chip Implanted In Her

I am guessing that Fran Drescher is a person who stays up all night and listens to Coast To Coast every night on the radio. She told Rob Shuter that she was abducted by aliens back in middle school and says that her ex-husband was too and that is why they have a special bond. Fran also says that the scar on the back of her hand is where the aliens implanted a chip inside her. The thing is she is serious. She honestly believes it and she says that her ex has the same exact scar in the same place and it is because he was abducted too. Peter Marc Jacobson says that Fran got the scar from a drill bit or burning herself. Fran says no and that is what the aliens want the public story to believe, but that it is a chip. So, if you are driving across the highway late at night and you hear, "Lets go to west of the Rockies. Fran you are on Coast to Coast," you know who they are referring to. Well, that and the distinctive Fran Drescher voice.

Robert Hegyes Has Died

Robert Hegyes, the Jersey-born actor who played Jewish Puerto Rican wheeler-dealer Juan Luis Pedro Phillipo de Huevos Epstein on the 1970s classic "Welcome Back Kotter," died from an apparent heart attack after suffering chest pains at his Metuchen, New Jersey home this morning. He was 60.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

Ebony & Ivory reunited 30 years later gets the top spot.
Oh those 70's fashions. Amanda Seyfried on set of Lovelace.
Ashley Tisdale and the hugest key chain ever.
Ben Affleck and his moobs out with Jennifer Garner.
Long time no see Beth Ditto.
Interesting seatmates last night at the Lakers game. David Beckham and Scott Disick.
Pau Gasol checked on Beckham to make sure he was ok after sitting next to Scott to make sure he did not get Kardashian flu.
Drew Barrymore shows off her fiance'.
An iceberg in Antarctica shaped like a dragon.


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