Friday, May 15, 2009

Four For Friday

These are four that will be really hard to guess, but they are such great items that they need to be shared.

#1 - This producer has had at least one Academy Award nomination for Best Picture. The thing is, he has been the producer of many, many movies, but has never done any actual producing. He takes the producer credit in exchange for a reduced fee in the drugs he supplies to the set.

#2 - This C list actor shows up as a recurring role for three or four episodes at a time on a television show and then disappears for a year or so and does it again. His latest show was an arc on a bubble network comedy. Anyway, during his three weeks on the show, he managed to get not one, but two extras pregnant. Nice huh? It's a good thing he doesn't work more.

#3 - This director has had a top ten movie of the week this year. The word is to never visit him in his trailer. Ever. From the second he walks into the trailer he takes off his clothes. If you come to his trailer he doesn't cover himself or make any efforts to be modest. It is full frontal the entire time. He isn't lewd about it, he just goes naked until he is needed on the set again.

#4 - This B-/C+ actor from a hit network drama who has had a very famous girlfriend in the past year, thinks he has a life coach that he hired last year. What he really has is a tabloid reporter who is writing a book about the show and the people on it.

Random Photos Part One

I'm not sure how Amanda Bynes made it to the top. I really need to stop drinking before noon on Fridays. The only reason I include her in the photos at this point is to make sure I have a catalog of the fact that she continues to wear the same thing but in different colors everytime she goes out. I know I have said it before, but she just doesn't ever change. Short dress, long legs, high heels.
I will choose to ignore the fact that Rashida Jones has her arm around Anna Faris. Maybe Anna was about to pass out or was going to be ill. Perhaps Anna needed a shoulder to cry on because she realizes her movie career is just going to be her playing the same part repeatedly for less money each time.
Adam Lambert out shopping in Beverly Hills. It doesn't look like he has seen much sunlight since being in LA. I mean seriously. Look at his hand. When is the last time it saw any kind of light other than what is reflected from Ryan Seacrest's shiny face?
I picked this picture of Pete and Ashlee because you can only see half of her. I know I am slow and I don't always catch things, but is that big tattoo on Ashlee's arm new?
What does Brooke Burke have now, six kids? I would much rather watch a reality show with her about raising her kids than Jon & Kate.
Blink 182 - Los Angeles
Christian Bale and his wife Sibi at the Terminator premiere.
Also there was Eric Dane, who looks really different.
I wrote about Grey's Anatomy earlier so thought I might as well throw up a picture of Ellen Pompeo.
The "candid" photo of the day goes to the greedy Gretchen Rossi and her latest money sucking sucker Slade.
Last week Kylie Minogue was having sex with this fuse box and this week Hilary Duff is all over it. The Empire State Building fuse box gets more action in a week than I have seen in my life.
I'm surprised none of the paps coughed up a quarter for Jessica Alba. Must be the economy. Or they don't like her.
Jennifer Hudson - New York
The one and only John Lithgow.
This is Jason Mesnick and his son Ty. I didn't see the Bachelor person he is supposed to be with now that he dumped Melissa.
Bethenny Frankel was there though.
Is Kelly's dress pleather?
Nikki Reed taking a little break from Vancouver.
This was supposed to be the top photo. Note to Trudie Styler. Owen Wilson is about 100 times more famous than you. Guess what? He is coming out of the train station in Washington DC. He took the train!!!!! Not a private jet. A train.
Carey Hart and Pink back together again for now.
Patrick Wilson looks lonely. Anyone want to join him on the carpet? On the red carpet, not on your carpet. Get your minds out of the gutter.
Seriously. Rose McGowan didn't just pose like this did she?
Stockard Channing looks amazing. She looks younger than when she was in Grease.
Judging by his footwear, Sam Worthington apparently has a shift to pull at the construction site after the event.
Weezer - Los Angeles

Grey's Anatomy Kills Off The Entire Cast. Starts Fresh For Next Season **Spoiler**

I didn't watch Grey's Anatomy last night but judging from the number of status updates I saw on Facebook last night, there are a tremendous number of you who live and die with this show. From what I understand, Katherine Heigl flatlined and will only be revived if her next few movies bomb. TR Knight was killed for sure and will only return as a ghost if Katherine Heigl's movie career goes up in flames. It also seems like McDreamy got married. Kind of. Anyway, all of you can have at it and discuss if you would like to.

Your Turn

So, with this being Victoria Day weekend in Canada, and next weekend Memorial Day here in the US, it got me to thinking about vacations with the family, and vacations I have taken on my own. I have had some truly awful vacations sitting in the back of the car watching my parents chain smoke their way across the US while I silently begged for a little fresh air. Then when we got home there were the thousands upon thousands of slides and home movies to watch night after night as my parents revisited their glorious two weeks without work. You know how with a digital camera you can take ten pictures of the same subject because you can just delete all of the ones which suck? Well, my parents also would take 10 pictures of the same subject, get the film developed into slides, display them on our living room wall, and then have discussions for hours about which one was best while I begged for the sweet release of death. There were good times too. I'm sure there were. What I want from you today is your most memorable vacation story. It can be with family or friends. It can be good or bad. Just some vacations or trips that really stick out in your mind.

Mary Jo Eustace Has A New Book - Love It

**I couldn't decide if the photo was Heather Mills or not, so just went with a different one**

I'm sure that at some point while writing her new book Mary Jo Eustace came to the conclusion that she was much better off without the king of the douches Dean McDermott aka Mr. Tori Spelling. It is because of that realization that she only slammed Dean and Tori just a little in her new book. In one portion of the book she describes how she met with Tori personally to beg her not to break up her marriage.

"I told her I thought (her) behavior thus far had been the height of insensitivity and rudeness. I tried to explain that we were a real family, with a new baby and a substantial history, and there were serious consequences to all of this...
"The toughest moment was when my husband kept calling her to see how the meeting was going. She told him it was 'going great' and joked that we were quickly becoming 'soul mates.' I left the room on that one."

Wow. Dean wasn't calling his own wife for status updates, but was instead calling his future meal ticket. I think Mary Jo shows a lot of restraint in this passage. I'm sure she is happy as hell now that he is out of her life, but at the time this meeting with Tori took place she must have been just devastated. What was Dean expecting his wife and Tori to decide? Was he having Tori end his own marriage for him? Did he think Mary Jo would give her blessing after she sat down with Tori? There are few people in the celebrity world I dislike more than Paris Hilton, but Dean McDermott is right there neck and neck with her. When Tori finally wakes up or finds some new boy toy and dumps Dean, I think he will fade faster than Lindsay Lohan's career.

Cannes Photos Day 3

Tony Parker & Eva Longoria
Abbie Cornish
Juliette Binoche
Phoebe Price
Mariah Carey
Lenny Kravitz
Jane Campion
Barbara Mori
Vincent Gallo

Criss Angel Sued Over A Cat

I will let you decided who is right, who is wrong, and who needs to go out and just adopt a new cat. According to the NY Daily News, there was a couple in Las Vegas that owned a cat. The couple both died of cancer and gave the cat to their son Jeff Beacher who produces shows in Las Vegas. At the time Jeff's parents died he was living in the Hard Rock Hotel and they wouldn't let him keep the cat. So, Mr. Beacher sent the cat to live with a friend until he could find a place to live other than a hotel. The friend he let take care of the cat is Jennifer Madden. At one point Criss Angel went to Jennifer Madden's house and took the cat. Both Mr. Beacher and Ms. Madden protested, but very, very weakly.

Later, Criss phoned Mr. Beacher and said, "I took your cat. He lives with me now. The cat no longer likes you. The cat and I have become close friends."

That last part definitely sounds like something Criss would say. So, you would think Mr. Beacher would demand his cat back then and there. But, nooooo. He waited two years. That phone call was two years ago and now he is just filing the suit. He says in the suit he was too distraught over the death of his parents to worry about it until now. I'm sorry, but I don't really have much sympathy for Mr. Beacher. If he really cared about this cat, don't you think he would have done something by now? I have never taken Criss Angel's side in anything, but at least he seems to have been willing to provide a home for the cat. Ms. Madden didn't really try that hard to get it back. Why would you go after the cat now? What would you do? I say let Criss keep the cat.

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Start The IVF Rumors

I have always thought of the Tom Cruise media campaigns kind of like those politicians use. They throw out a little idea to a couple of people who pass it along disguised as a leak or source and it can't be traced back to the top person. Well, I think Tom is doing this with the whole baby making thing. Over the past year or so, the rumors have been that Tom was waiting, and that he wasn't waiting. They tried the story that Katie was ready, and then she wasn't ready because her career was taking off, but the one thing they kept doing the entire time is mentioning the name Suri and how she needs siblings. The subtle part to that whole thing was to remind people that Tom fathered this child and that all those nasty rumors about fertility should just be thrown out the window. When the time was right they would have another child and have no problems.

Well, In Touch (through Celebitchy) is reporting on the latest Tom Cruise trial balloon. This one is that the couple could pregnant and have kids no problem. I mean Tom has Xenu sperm. BUT, to make things easier on Katie they want to just have one more pregnancy. The problem is they both want at least two more kids. What to do? How about IVF? This way they have a great shot at twins, and Katie only has to go through one more pregnancy.

Wow, Tom. Great idea. The IVF isn't because of any fertility problems. Tom can still make them the old fashioned way. No, this is all about making things easier on Katie so she doesn't have to be pregnant twice more. Isn't that damn thoughtful of Tom?

Josh Lucas Can Sell A Product

In most cases, celebrities who are paid for endorsing a product just show up one day and take some pictures and collect a paycheck. For the most part, they don't seem to really use the products they are trying to foist on all of us and sure as hell couldn't tell you anything about the company or even persuade you to buy it. The companies know this and just hope you love a person so damn much that based on their photo alone on an ad you are going to go out and purchase their product.

Enter Josh Lucas. Josh, who I will be the first to admit is a good looking guy and definitely Rachel McAdams worthy was doing an event yesterday for Dentyne. You know, the people who make the gum you used to buy about 20 years ago, but now put in the same category as Trident. If someone is offering you a piece you will chew it, but you are not going to go out of your way to buy it.

Well, Josh was asked about relationships and texting at this event, and I don't care if it was a PR set of talking points or if Josh came up with it on his own. He said he didn't really like to text during the initial stages of a relationship because,"If you don't end up sitting down and really having face time, and saying 'Hi, who are you, what are you about,' smelling their breath and seeing how they taste, it makes a huge difference."

See what I mean? That is the way to sell a pack of f**king chewing gum. Now, no amount of chewing gum is going to help my breath. What can I say, I enjoy garlic and onions. You don't think now that every woman or man so inclined doesn't want to sit down and get tasted by Josh Lucas? Brilliant.

Greed Knows No Bounds

I really thought I had seen just about every kind of greed imaginable here in Hollywood, but, everyday you see an entirely new level that makes you laugh at the Gordon Gecko version in Wall Street. The Executive Producer of that Farrah Fawcett dying special that aired this week is suing Ryan O'Neal and Alana Stewart who was also a producer on the film.

The man who is suing is Craig Nevius who has known Farrah forever and at some point several years ago she wanted him to just document everything she was going through in regards to cancer. No one gave it a second thought. Farrah just wanted someone to record it all. Then, as Farrah started dying and was unable to really communicate and Ryan O'Neal figured there was some money to be made off this film, he is alleged to have physically threatened Nevius in order to get the film so he could sell it on his own.

Not to be outdone by that greed, Alana Stewart, who was filming Farrah as a favor to Farrah also realized there was money to be made in this whole Farrah dying film thing and told Nevius she was not going to hand over any of the footage she had shot of Farrah unless Nevius double the amount of money Alana was being paid and give her a producer credit. Nice huh? It's always good to be worrying about producer credits while your supposed "friend" is lying there dying. Wow, this is low even by Hollywood standards.

Nevius is suing to determine who owns the rights to everything and has control of the film. O'Neal was shocked that he could be accused of anything so awful in this time of need. Yeah, this is the same guy who had no idea about the meth in his room until he plead guilty.

NY Daily News Blind Item

Which troubled young starlet was caught doing lines with her new bestie at a hot NYC club?

Kate Gosselin Says "Everyone Wants My Hairstyle"

I truly was finished with Jon and Kate Gosselin stories for awhile until I saw her quote. I don't doubt there are a few misguided Flock Of Seagulls fans searching for some new hairstyle to follow and chose Kate. Everyone has fans. I mean some people would actually stand in line to meet Mr. Tori Spelling, but it doesn't mean that "everyone wants to meet him."

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, she said,"I have very, very thick hair, so it's not going to work for everybody. I've seen people come through the book line with thin hair and it's just won't work. My hair stylist gets calls from all across the country."

Calls from prison don't count, but at this point I think she will take anything.

Ted C Blind Item

If you have a problem with yet another Blind Vice being about veiled same-sex goings-on, you really are reading about the wrong community. This is Hollywood, home of the unfree and the unbrave, a city where everybody pretends to be something they're not—and I don't just mean the gays.

But today's Blind Vice is all about a TV personality who not only goes commando when he's hanging at his buddy's apartment, but who hits on whoever walks through the damn front door!

Woody Drop-Hint's a total guy's guy. He struts around his nonscripted TV offering, helping run things, not only with considerable aplomb and charm, he's totally doable while doing it, too! Woody's a really approachable guy, for sure. So much so he approached a guy who just happens to be...

A very close friend of the Awful Truth, if Woody only knew! So, there Mr. Drop-Hint was, all studly, burly and hangin' loose in his gym shorts over at a friend's Hollywood apartment. But Woody's pal, who was out at the moment, needed Drop-Hint to do a favor for him: As he was moving soon, would Woody be so kind as to show the pad to a potential renter?

Sure thing, bro, no prob!

Buzzz. Flop. Flop. Flop. FOT (Friend of Truth) hears Woody coming to answer the door, just off the Sunset Strip, obviously barefoot. The posh apartment door swings open and Woody's eyes laser right through FOT's humpy and chiseled bod like he's something up on some porno website.

Woody says, "Hey..."

FOT, taken aback by the double whammy of Drop-Hint's fame, as well as the eyeballs so busy undressing him, says, "Oh, hi! I'm here to look at the apartment!"

Woody: "Yeah, that all?

FOT: "All what?"

Woody: "You want to look at?"

FOT [Awkwardly grimacing]: "Yes...?"

Our intrepid and pretty pumped source then toured the apartment as best he could, despite Woody getting an erection beneath his unstrung gym shorts, fondling it and asking FOT if he didn't "want to stay a while?"

FOT, for some reason I'm not entirely not sure I understand, declined. But suffice it to say, he's probably happier with himself today because of it. Toothy Tile he's obviously not.

It Ain't: Ashton Kutcher, Ryan Seacrest, Howie Mandel

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Today's Blind Items

This aging former list television actor hasn't been on anything big in years. Back in the day he went from a hit drama straight into a hit comedy. Now he spends most of his days yelling obscenities at his neighbors dog. His neighbor is a b list actor who was the lead on a semi hit comedy. Our former a list actor is married to a former beauty queen who was on a hit television comedy.

1-former a list actor
2-b list actor
3-former beauty queen/actress

Cannes Photos Day 2

Andrey Shishkanov and Elena Udalova

Elizabeth Banks

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan

Elsa Pataky

Devon Akoi

Bae Doo-Na

Oprah Takes Her Pound Of Flesh And Then Apologizes

There has probably been nothing more embarrassing for James Frey than to have to go on Oprah's show and have her scold him for an hour about the falsehoods in his book, A Million Little Pieces. The guy was basically raked over the coals for an hour and just took it. He took it despite the fact that, according to him at least, he was brought there to be part of a panel, and instead found out that he would be the only person on the panel. I actually can't believe he stayed. He knew he was going to be embarrassed but he stayed anyway. Well, that was in 2006. A month later, his then publisher dropped him and I doubt anyone ever thought they would hear about him again.

Then, last fall, Oprah meditated. When she got done meditating, she decided to call James Frey and apologize to him for what she had done. In an interview with Vanity Fair, James said that Oprah said, that she owed him an apology and that the harshness in the interview towards him resulted from her sense of feeling betrayed.

Well, now that they have kissed and made up, perhaps she will let him come on the program again and plug his new book. Hell, maybe she will even give him a television show and he and Jenny McCarthy can co-host.


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