Friday, April 22, 2011

Four For Friday

#1 & #2 - This one is kind of complicated. Two male movie actors in the same family. One is A list, the other B- list. The B- list actor is married. The A list actor is married. The A list actor has been having sex with the wife of his brother the B lister forever. No one knew until the other night. Apparently the wife of the B lister got hammered the other night and started arguing with her husband and let that little gem of knowledge out. At a party.

#1 - A lister
#2 - B- lister

#3 - What former A+ lister and now still a B list movie actor made his children sign confidentiality agreements so they would not reveal anything about his life, their life, or anything they know. That is a very trusting father.

#4 - What High School Musical star slept with five different people from the show?

Random Photos Part Four

Earth gets top spot today. No matter where you are in the world, this is the one thing we all have in common. We live on Earth. Tom Cruise and Gary Busey being the exceptions. So, since we are all here, lets take care of it.
Probably a very interesting dinner. I wonder who picked up the check.
America Ferrera at the new play Jerusalem.
Amy Smart just got engaged and now is telling the world how many marriages she is going for in life.
Tourists play the guess who the person is. None guessed Amanda Seyfried.
Demi Lovato doing some shopping.
Ethan & Sunny Embry.
Faith Ford still looks amazing.
Interesting idea for a marketing campaign. That girl looks like she weighs ten pounds. I have had steaks bigger than her legs.

Random Photos Part Three

The Goopster gets ready to sign copies of her book. I would not buy her book, but I will say she looks nice here.
Hugh Hefner chasing the ladies in his scooter. Hef was at Disneyland looking for people he can marry when they turn 18.
Also at Disneyland was Tom Brady with his oldest child.
The idiot of the day is this guy who was charged with murder after police noticed he had storyboarded the whole event on his chest.
Jennifer Garner teaches her kids how to farm and where Daddy's skeletons are buried.
Jeremy Irons takes a smoke break.
Interesting. Jenna Ushkowitz and John Stamos.
John Walsh still going strong fighting crime and playing polo.
Kelly Bensimon shows how she loses weight. The dog food diet.

Random Photos Part Two

Kristin Chenoweth at a New York opera party.
Katie Holmes with the just got out of bed alone look.
That's right Jenner girls. Stick to Smarties. Crack is whack and so is coke. So, stay out of your sister's purse.
Luis Guzman on the set of his new movie.
Lindsay Lohan headed into court this morning.
Yesterday she showed Ali how to achieve orgasm on a roller coaster.
Malin Akerman in what looks like pleather.
Mark Ruffalo in New York.
The happiest couple in the world.

Random Photos Part One

Four parts today.

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz can't decide which one gets their son for the photo op, so they decide to share the spotlight.
Rebecca Black was at her first after party last night. I guess the death threats were not enough to keep her from the party. Next thing you know she will be hosting pool parties in Vegas, having her own reality show and spending two months in rehab. Welcome to fame Rebecca!
Where did Renee get legs like that?
Steven Spielberg at the Obama fundraiser. Also there were
George Clooney
Rita Wilson, Eddie Murphy and Tom Hanks.
Last night was the premiere party of Treme. You must watch the show if you can. Steve Zahn and Kim Jenkins were there as was
Eddie Kaye Thomas.
Taylor Momsen is hoping to completely transform into Dee Snider within the next year.

Your Turn

In honor of Earth Day today, I always like to hear your best recycling tips or what you have done to help the planet. Love these stories.

Mel Gibson Speaks

It took me a little while to read through the Mel Gibson interview he gave Deadline and what he is trying to say and what he does say. After reading it, I think he is just trying to cover his ass the best way he can and tries to seem contrite but at the same time it does not really come across that way. More than once he says that he has never treated anyone badly based on their race or religion or sexuality, but this is not true. There have been repeated instances where he has and they have been caught on tape. Think about how many times he has said things which were not recorded or caught on tape?

He says that he does not care if he acts anymore so does not care if audiences support him or go to see his movies. I think he actually does care, but realizes that people just might not be willing to give him a chance. To come right out though and not appear to care what audiences think show me this is a guy who really does not care about anything. At the same time, I fight with my own argument because if he did not care what audiences or people thought then why did he consent to an interview at the same time his movie is being released? He wants people to go see it.

He also says he does not care if people judge him and that he is way beyond that now. The strangest comment? The fact he would give Jodie Foster a pedicure every day if he could. Interesting. You can read the entire interview here.

Charlie Sheen & Denise Richards - Not In A Good Place

Just in case you thought that Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen were in the middle of some kind of love fest where everything is roses, Denise would like to set the record straight. So, she did what any person does now when they want to dish. They go on Andy Cohen's show. This is not the first time Denise has been on Andy's show in the past few weeks, although she did look better this time around. Last time she was on it was like someone convinced her that the best way to go makeup wise was to apply in bulk. She looked like a four year old who has been allowed to use mommy's makeup for the first time and smothered her Barbie doll.

She said that it is hurtful to have Charlie trash her on stage during his show. Probably tough on their kids too. Who trashes the mother of their kids like that? Denise did confirm that she offered to take care of Brooke & Charlie's twins but no one ever said yes. She also said she does not know whether Charlie is sober or not. Ummm, lets go for not. Surprisingly she also was not wearing a Winning t-shirt.

I Forgot Peaches Geldof Was Married

Peaches Geldof has been shacking up with so many different guys over the past two years, I actually forgot she was married. Her husband though apparently did not and has filed for divorce. Although TMZ is way behind the times and says that Peaches is still dating Eli Roth, they did have the news first that Max Drummey filed for divorce earlier this week. He cited irreconcilable differences, which is just his way of saying he got tired of the naked photos, heroin allegations, the never ending robo calls from Scientology and watching his wife make out with other guys.

Military Music Videos Never Get Old

Last year there were a rash of music videos from members of the military not only from the US, but from other countries too. It was really fun and then I think some generals got their underwear in a twist and they all seemed to stop really abruptly. Now though we have this from some members of the US Marines and Hold It Against Me from Britney Spears. Love it.

Rupert Grint Looks Buff - Smokes Pot

Who knew that lifting a bong repeatedly could give you such a wonderful upper body workout. Look at those toned arms on Harry Potter star Rupert Grint. You would think that as much eating as I do, that my arms would be ripped. I mean like Mr. Universe ripped. For some reason though it never seems to quite work out that way for me. I think maybe I eat too fast. I should do like different sets with a fork in one hand and then let tat burn kick in and then use my other hand and repeat the process. Yeah, that way both arms are getting a maximum work out every time I eat.

I don't really care if Rupert Grint smokes pot 24 hours a day. The thing that is always crazy to me is celebrities never seem to care that people are snapping photos of them while they are using a bong or having sex or whatever the case may be.

Emily Longstreth Has Been Heard fom

Back in April and May of 2009, I wrote two posts about Emily Longstreth. The first was in response to a reader question who wanted to know what happened to the actress who looked as if she was headed for stardom. The second post was what allegedly happened to Emily. Well, it turns out that Emily is alive and well and would like the posts removed from the site. She used a public interest lawyer to write to me and because I am a nice guy I have agreed to remove the comments from the two posts and to not allow further comments on those posts. I am not going to remove the actual posts though. I also extended an invitation to Emily to speak to me because I think her story would probably be fascinating to all of you. I know it would be to me. This is was an actress who was set to be A list and then she just disappeared. The question is why.

Ted C Blind Item

Poor Pokie McPillster. The cute celeb has fought addictions for years (and not everybody knows how many), but while the girl's busy telling everybody she's a clean-living machine, trust us, she's not.

Pokie's pals were already increasingly worried about their famous friend's increased boozing and drugging, but then Pokie hit Coachella, and it got worse:

"We already knew she was using," says one of Pokie's confidantes, "but then at Coachella, it was really obvious."

Wandering around aimless, bumping into everything and everybody, slurring her every word, Pokie was a damn mess!

Pokie's various jobs could be jeopardized, fear these amigas. Plus, what concerns Ms. McPillster's friends even moreso, is how Pokie's family will take it once they learn the sad news (if they don't already know).

You see, others in McPillster's immediate family are desperately fighting to stay sober, and so Pokie's posse is not only worried as crap about their girl, but they also think those who love Pokie the most will now go out and start getting high again, as well.

Oh, come on, people. Nobody gets high unless they want to get high. Of course, it doesn't help if your wife or brother or whomever is getting plastered while you're trying to clean up your act, but it still ultimately shouldn't matter.

We're all responsible for ourselves. Too bad Poke's not that interested in such a sentiment—as she's currently blaming all her troubles on that damn man who did her wrong.

And It Ain't: Ashley Greene, Nicky Hilton, Paris Hilton

Open Bar At Weston Cage's Wedding

Weston Cage aka Cousin It, could have just got married really quietly this weekend to his girlfriend Nikki Williams. Instead he announced the pair were getting married this Sunday. You know, because no one else really has any plans on Easter anyway. What probably would have been a quiet wedding will now be a pap circus. Why? Nic Cage and an open bar? This just screams for some media attention. There is nothing like a good Easter wedding celebration where the new father-in-law makes an ass of himself, throws cake at the wedding guests and then screams at his current wife while maybe making some moves on an ex-girlfriend. Way, way better than an Easter egg hunt.

LeAnn Rimes Knows Why She Cheated

LeAnn Rimes gave some interviews as a part of her special for the Great American Country Channel. This is obviously not the channel for people who are not great Americans or if you don't like country. I'm also guessing there are not too many promos for Al Jazeera. It is a place for cheaters to tell why they cheated. Unfortunately, despite the tease, LeAn Rimes does not explain why she cheated. She talks about the cheating and says she knows why she did it. She kind of blames her parents divorce for her own cheating and says that because of their divorce she did not know how to handle her own life. Huh? Let me tell you why you cheated LeAnn. You were away from home and a guy made moves on you which probably had not happened in awhile. Just sayin'. Next thing you know you were having wild crazy sex on a film set and when you got back home you just could not stop. You don't need to sugarcoat it. All the people who watch Great American Country Channel know why you did it. Hell, nothing makes for a better country song than some cheating and some drinking. Oh, and a dog.

BuzzFoto Blind Item

We just got word that this C List comedian, actor, and writer goes online and trolls religious websites, political websites and gossip websites and purposely provokes people. He then watches for the best and funniest responses, writes them down, and they become one-liners in the hit show he works for.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ab Fab Returns!!

For three glorious episodes this summer, Patsy and Edna will return to television. It has been a very very long six years since Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders have portrayed their beloved characters in Absolutely Fabulous and I can safely say they have been missed. Just three episodes though? That is hardly enough to really get into it, but I am not going to complain. Anything with these two is better than nothing. Is it summer yet? How about now?

Lindsay Gets The Kim Kardashian Role

Yesterday Lindsay Lohan thought she was out, but they dragged her back in. That was by far the worst Godfather movie. I don't even know why they made the third one except for greed. Anyway, yesterday, the producers of the Gotti movie had enough of Lindsay and said they would not work with her because of her unrealistic demands. Apparently Lindsay's management team realized that if Lindsay was not working then Dina might actually have to go out and get a real job. Hey Dina, I hear Carvel is hiring.

The part which Lindsay was going to play was actually a fairly large role. Now, she has been forced to play Kim Gotti. This part is so small that it was originally intended to be played by Kim Kardashian. Yeah. So, now your career has sunk so low you are having to beat out the people hired for stunt casting.

BuzzFoto Blind Item

This A/B list celebrity couple with kid/s is currently in couples counseling to address some issues of marital infidelity. Both cheat on a regular basis and it was quietly accepted between the two. Until they each started cheating with the same nanny. Both became extremely jealous and were forced to confront the cheating. Now the nanny is gone and therapy is the newest thing they share.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Today's Blind Items

So, this is not really celebrity gossip per se, but it is tabloid fodder, so I think it works. There is a Republican out there who is in the top 3 or 4 potential candidates for President. He wants to desperately run, but is trying to come up with a payoff for his mistress. Cheating is not unusual for him considering he even married a mistress in the past.

Random Photos Part Three

Tim Hetherington - RIP
Apparently people are willing to buy Ashley Tisdale's new DVD because she was signing copies yesterday.
Adam Lambert headed out of LAX. I get more e-mails about Adam Lambert and his secret love than just about anything else I write. Of course he is going to have someone new if the other guy won't leave his wife. Want him to wait forever?
After court yesterday, Brooke frantically looks for her dealer.
Those are some serious muscles in Fergie's neck. Or, could be stress about Josh.
Guy Ritchie and his pregnant girlfriend.
Heidi Klum filming Germany's Next Top Model.
Jamiroquai - Manchester
Jennifer Hudson still looking fabulous in London.


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