Saturday, November 26, 2022

Blind Item #8

The manager for this alliterate barely there celebrity is someone any celebrity should use. He took a guy who had been groomed by an actress for herself and maybe her husband was involved too, and then got him a reality show and told him to come out and then got him a skin care line which sold out in under an hour. Wow. 

Blind Item #7

 The A/A- list mostly movie actor from an acting family who is the subject of song lyrics, is trying to do anything he can to get press for his new movie. Honestly, all he would have to do to get the world to notice him is post the A+ list singer's name on social media, along with the name of the movie.

Blind Item #6

Speaking of the permanent A list "singer," her former business manager was invited for Thanksgiving to the A list reality family. She was unable to attend, but was invited.

Blind Item #5

Someone finally told the permanent A list "singer" not to combine her meds with booze, so she gave up her meds and is just drinking.

Blind Items Revealed #4

November 15, 2022

The foreign born former A- list rapper who loves a good murdering rapist or a man who molests his stepdaughter took a huge check to record a song for the sporting event and doesn't care what any of her fans think, because it is a huge check.

Nicki Minaj/World Cup

Blind Items Revealed #3

November 14, 2022

Death stares for some reason this weekend between the actress/director and the alliterate reality star at an event.

Olivia Wilde/Kim Kardashian

Blind Items Revealed #2

November 14, 2022

The divorce between this former child/tween/teen/adult actress with the very lucrative side gig and her ex went really smoothly. Apparently, he was told to make it quick so no one would discover the bribe money his brother passed along that he had received from a foreign government for a soccer tournament. 

Mary-Kate Olsen/Olivier Sarkozy/Nicolas Sarkozy/Qatar/World Cup

Blind Items Revealed #1

November 14, 2022

Two weeks ago the hard to spell model was seen hanging out with some guy and it didn't catch fire. Two weeks prior to that, the same thing. So, how to get some attention? The late night actor guy. If you want to get some publicity for who you are dating, then I guess make it with someone you enjoy sleeping with rather than the rich guy who is 100 pounds overweight. I wonder how many times she has to sleep with the actor before he gets a tattoo of her kid's name.

Emily Ratajkowski/Pete Davidson

Blind Item #4

The medical bills are sky high for this former Housewife, so she is set to make a comeback.

Blind Item #3

Speaking of permanent A list singers, this aging one is discovering that boy toys are much more expensive than the ones she was paying for 30 years ago, and are constantly demanding money and toys. I don't see this one lasting very long.

Blind Item #2

It is tough to go to rehab when you are in your mid 60's, but the permanent A list singer needs to go or she will soon be dead.

Blind Item #1

The actress/director doesn't want the attention to stop which is why there have been a series of "stories" about how she is feeling about the breakup which have been leaked by her publicist.

Friday, November 25, 2022

Blind Items Revealed #21 - Anniversary Month

May 29, 2018

This band was A+ list and American. I find that typically, the greatest sex offenders from the 70's were members of British bands (yes I am talking to you Jimmy Page). This American band though, seemingly was right there on his level and others. This group, which since its formation has undergone name and personnel changes, was at its peak in the 70's. Much like all their 70's counterparts, they had a following of underage groupies they would regularly get drunk and rape. I'm sure they would all say the groupies consented, but if you are 15 with a 30 something old guy, are you consenting?

Anyway, this band had a policy that if you wanted a backstage pass or to be considered a groupie worthy of going on tour or back to a hotel room or bus, you had to have sex with every single member of the band first. They would get some mid teen female drunk and then rip off her clothes and rape her. Each taking a turn. When they were finished, the other part of the ritual was to ask any of the crew if they wanted a turn. This went on until everyone said no or they were finished. At that point, the band and crew would pretend they had not just raped this person and welcome her into "the family." At that point, each member of the band would decide who she belonged to and she was not given a choice about who would be her regular rapist.

If she ever protested or spoke up she would be beaten and probably replaced. Oh, and if she was on the road with the group, they would just leave her wherever they were and she would have to make her own way home.

Lynyrd Skynrd

Blind Items Revealed #20 - Anniversary Month

May 25, 2018

Apparently being a recurring character on a streaming service and the lack of yachting gigs for this summer have caused a cash flow problem for this B+ list mostly television actress all of you would know but the supermarket tabloid reader might not unless they watched that network show she was on. Our actress is selling things off and downsizing. Interesting side note to the yachting thing. Apparently she had some gigs last year where she bailed last minute and another where she went but then tried to ask for more once she got there. 

Naya Rivera

Blind Items Revealed #19 - Anniversary Month

May 3, 2018

I love a good bar. I especially love a good open bar. You know who else loves an open bar? This alliterate B+ list mostly television actress. I usually bump her up to A- when we drink because she lets me ask her about things. If I ever see her away from a bar, she is pretty aloof and shy and runs away as fast as she can from anything to do with any kind of talking other than what she is working on.

She said during our most recent bar conversation that she was upset. Not so much for herself because she had made her peace with it, but that one of the people she knows had spoken out and made a complaint about an A list show runner from a very hit now defunct cable show. That person had gone on the record and the trades ran the story. The thing is though, they never followed through. Her friend stuck her neck out and nothing happened. There were no consequences for the show runner other than a bit of bad press. As for the whistleblower? She is like a pariah in town now.

Now, I knew there was more to this and she knew I knew, but I went and asked it in an innocuous way, but not where we would have to tap dance around it for an hour before we got to the interesting stuff. Yes, our actress was harassed by him. Yes, he tried to make her look horrible on the show when she wouldn't sleep with him. Yes, he cut her part. Yes, he wrote her out of episodes when he felt like being vindictive or someone else would sleep with him. Yes, she hates him. Yes, she tries to tell as many people as possible. She just won't go on the record yet because she is scared what happened to the other woman will happen to her.

So, he has slipped through the cracks.

Mad Men/January Jones/Kater Gordon/Matthew Weiner

Blind Items Revealed #18 - Anniversary Month

April 26, 2018

This girl was only around thirteen at the time. And here was M, a madam her mother's age, selling her very young body for money. The madam knew damn well she was this tender age and that's why she wanted her as a star attraction in her business. Certain clients of hers paid a lot for a girl nobody in their right mind thought was anywhere near adult. There were young women around who were eighteen and older and may have looked a lot younger. But some rich clients wanted the real taboo thing.

M would get caught in her career by an LAPD vice detective who'd also nabbed most of her primary competitors over the years. The madams had clients in common also. They could be controlling over their girls, but if a man had enough money then he was free to be a patron of whoever he chose. Madam Alex is now recognized as the most successful and organized and connected of these pre-Heidi Fleiss women who ran LA's sex market. Unlike Heidi in later years, who often acted like a rock star, the old school madams usually kept their mouths shut and their profiles low, knowing silence was an advantage. The clients with such highly illegal interests did not want their tastes broadcast for the entire world to know about. Like paying for sex with a child.

The girl knew a few famous people in her life. Her boyfriend had a rock star for a dad, R. And R's girlfriend at the time was a rock star herself. F, the female rock star, found out that R had been with the girl many times. Not as a client, but yet another much older male who'd abused this kid and would soon throw her away. It wasn't the first time he pulled something like this. Or the last. And F didn't get angry with her, she was very concerned about how this affected the girl. After all, R was well over thirty. F had tried to protect the girl, hiding drugs from her and R's son in the house so that they couldn't get at them. Not all adults took such precautions.

The girl's teenaged boyfriend discovered what was going on between her and his dad and was terribly upset. R could have any adult woman he wanted and here he was acting like a person with no boundaries at all. F told the girl in a heart to heart conversation that she was in too deep, that when she was the same age she played child's games, not taken crazy risks like the girl was now into. And even one of R's ex-wives soon told the girl the same thing. R eventually stopped being in the girl's life and later on got involved with someone else very young directly connected to S, his bandmate he was often at odds with.

R's life ended a few years later, although how he made it past 27, when so many rock stars before and since had died, was some kind of a fluke. He was one of the wildest in his drug based lifestyle. And he had scum around him. Awful people. A celebrity said once if those people had tried to enter S's life in the same way it would never have happened and that Y, a rising young star who died tragically, would still be alive today.

Samantha Geimer/Madam Alex/Dennis Wilson/Christine McVie/Mike Love/Sharon Tate

Blind Items Revealed #17 - Reader Blind - Anniversary Month

April 26, 2018

Be prepared to start hearing about "trouble in the marriage" of this A list athlete and his wife in the next year.  After his huge scandal over two decades ago their marriage became contractual.  He needed to keep his marriage intact to keep his BIG sponsor at the time.

She gets paid to stay married to him and when she has a baby, gets a 10 million bonus on top of the millions she gets to stay married.  She has accomplished this every time the contract is renewed and she gets her bonus.  She made sure that before she had the third baby, the first contract expired and they renewed it promising her another 10 million because she had two babies during the first contract and got screwed.  She thought she was going to get 10 million for each baby but didn't put the right wording in the contract so he didn't pay up for baby #2...hence the reason for the spread out years between the second and the third birth.

Contracts are once again about to expire and every time this happens, she sends out rumors to news sites that the marriage is in crisis so he gets the message it's time to renew.  It was worth it to him to pay up and even though she was young...she was clearly no fool.

The last few years they've tried to make a go of it since he quit his day job and be an actual family but tensions have started with the expiration date looming.  Will the date pass and they not renew but stay together and continue to try to make the marriage work?  Will he send the contract over for renewal or will he not renew and he or she decide the marriage is over?

Kobe Bryant/Vanessa Bryant

Blind Items Revealed #16 - Reader Blind - Anniversary Month

April 22, 2018

This A-/B+ list actor/singer who has arguably equally successful in both has gone quiet lately. A few years ago while at an EDM festival in Los Angeles I took his picture backstage while a French DJ whose name is very hard to spell was playing. Our actor/singer didn’t seem to be enjoying the music at all so I found it weird he was there, by himself. Fast forward to the present and after doing a photoshoot with an underage model she tells me he asked her and her friend to join him at his place. They refused. Now I know what he was really looking for at that show. 

Jared Leto/Tchami

Blind Items Revealed #15 - Reader Blind - Anniversary Month

April 21, 2018

This is entirely random and on the d/l, but since it involves that most public of public figures I thought I'd share. Can you imagine how strange and surreal it would be to wake up in the morning and find yourself the subject of one of his 3am hate tweets?

This just happened to someone I know (though haven't seen in a while). In her capacity as one of the most high profile of these, she has in the current era become a lightning rod for both sides. Not a week goes by when that Philadelphia-based blogger doesn't diss her - men, in particular, are basically obsessed with this person (in a sort of analogous way to that A++ list female politician). Of course, because it's him who is hating on her, DK has a sympathetic front page post. This all switches from day to day, basically.

Anyhow, back in the day (are the 90s back in the day yet?), she and I were in a fiction writing class with a certain out gay novelist who didn't much like teaching, and was known to the young men of the class for sometimes sleeping with them, and his voluminous porn collection.

I wrote this story about being a barely legal hustler in San Francisco called "the Tenderloin's Edge." It wasn't very good (largely because it wanted to be told for what it was - a true rather than fictional story). But she was the only person in the class who got what I was trying to do, and asked me questions about the experience behind it afterward. That's how we got to know each other. It's funny because she was practically a magician when it came to making people feel comfortable about answering questions/sharing. She'd go on to make a living doing that.

And she was right: I should write it in her preferred medium, non-fiction. I'm trying to get on that long running radio show - the one with the themed episodes on the not-for-profit stations - to tell this story. 

Maggie Haberman/Donald Trump/Hillary Clinton/Allan Gurganus/This American Life/NPR

Blind Items Revealed #14 - Anniversary Month

April 5, 2018

When the phone rang earlier this week, it was someone I hadn't spoken to in nearly a decade. Back when I first started writing the blog, I met this guy one night at The Improv. He was there watching some potential client who he thought sucked two minutes into the act. He told me as much even though we hadn't spoken before that moment. I laughed and told him I was headed to the front of the place because the drinks came faster and stronger when you were at the bar. He followed along. When he told me his name, I recognized the name and knew he had represented some really big names. The thing is though, he represented them when they were all child/teen actors who blew him off as they got older.

He had a knack for signing kids and that is how he made most of his money as a manager. He supplemented by trying to find comics who could play the older brother/sister in some of these kid sitcoms. Someone unknown, but funny is how he put it.

The guy is a straight shooter. No one has ever accused him of anything other than being greedy and trying to sign the most clients possible. He told me that especially at the age he was signing these kids, most would give up or their parents would give up. Most would only be cute for a bit and when the cute was gone, most likely was the career. He worked hard for everyone, but needed a lot of kids to make it work. He told me about this show where he once brought in the entire cast all by himself. One of the members of the cast he did not bring in was someone who is now an A lister. Probably permanent to be honest with you.

The reason he didn't being her in was because her parents seemed liked they were more interested in selling her off to older men. They just assumed, even though she had not even reached 10 that he would want to spend some time "alone" with her. Umm, no he wouldn't. Right then he walked out.

That night and he I spoke, that is where he left it. We never spoke about the subject again in the few times we ran into each other since then. Like I said though, that last time we ran into each other or spoke was about a decade ago. I was somehow on his e-mail list where he scouted for talent and talked about opportunities or parties and successes. It was kind of like a Christmas letter, I got once a month.

When we spoke this week, he said he had a premonition he was going to die and was trying to say goodbye to everyone just in case. He mentioned something about that permanent A lister because of a photo that was making the rounds and we talked about what had preceded that and then he told me again about the parents but then he went on. He said when that show ended, it kind of looked like the career might end and all that easy money that had been flowing the way of the parents. The parents wanted the easy money to continue, so basically pimped out their kid to any producer or casting director who would give her a shot. This went on for years until the A lister did get the break. The parents didn't care about the cost to their kid, they were lining their wallets and when someone else close to them had the chance, they talked themselves into doing it all over again. They knew exactly who did what to whom and they didn't care because it was money that they cared about it. Oh, and yes, the mom in the family offered herself up to the producers and casting directors who didn't want to molest a child.

Mickey Mouse Club/Britney Spears/Jamie Lynn Spears

Blind Items Revealed #13 - Reader Blind - Anniversary Month

April 5, 2018

A recent blind reminded me of this celebrity encounter I had when I was young. My family had the opportunity to attend a huge international sporting event in Kentucky. This was the inaugural competition there so this would have been 4 decades ago. To make an even bigger splash for both the present and international viewing audience, this foreign-born A+ married celebrity opened and attended each day of competition.

We had the opportunity to greet and visit with the celebrity which was a big deal. We also got a chance to witness two behaviors for which he is famous. At a reception, our celebrity compared a young lady's incredibly long hair that was woven into a heavy braid to a horse's tail, and not favorably. I cannot remember exactly how he said it, but I know he told her to cut her hair.  When he said it, there were gasps of embarrassment in the crowd, which were quickly suppressed. The celebrity didn't seem to notice. I remember that the girl, probably 17 or 18 turned bright red. I felt terrible for her to be insulted so personally and publicly.

On this trip, the celebrity was accompanied everywhere by an assistant, never farther away than a few feet, who was a younger, smartly dressed and attractive woman. I myself was too young to notice anything, but my mother, God bless her, remarked to us afterward that she had sharpened butcher knife if our dad ever tried flying around the world with his coochie-coo. I remember this because she cracked herself up. She witnessed the glances, hand brushes and lingering arms around the waist.

On this trip, the celebrity made a much bigger faux pas that caused the print media in his home country and ours to go into overdrive criticizing him, but as we all know, the wife doesn't seem to mind. 

Prince Phillip/Kentucky Derby

Blind Items Revealed #12 - Reader Blind - Anniversary Month

April 2, 2018

I have lived in Asia for several years, practically grew up here. Through work in the publicity sector and contacts in the hospitality industry, I have had several encounters with celebrities, some nice, some not so nice, and some a bit odd. (Although no one will ever be as nice as a now-deceased UK singer, who took the time to meet and chat with my family when he went to perform in one particular country that was just opening up to the world.) One incident in a neighboring place involves a famous supermodel. She had flown into one of the Asian dragons to grace the cover of the new local edition of one of the world's biggest fashion magazines. She was originally denied entry into the country because her passport did not have six months left on it. She then threw a huge fit in the immigration line, screaming at the airline rep as well as the customs officer, then went way off to the corner to sulk and smoke. Because of the way she was dressed, most people thought she was just another one of these F-list, newbie models just getting their start that they fly in for catalog work. Her childish fit (which admittedly was worthy of even the bitchiest supermodels) and smoking was widely reported, although her handlers denied everything.

The Canadian embassy then came to her rescue and she was let in. What many people don't know is that it got worse during the press conference for her cover shoot. The press conference took place at a hotel that was built where a shantytown once stood, and ties into several other celebrities in this blind. The magazine had originally planned to have her wear something by a local designer. She refused, and instead insisted on wearing something she had brought by a classic American designer whose initials are not CK or MK. She spent much of the press conference snapping at both local and foreign reporters, telling them to leave if they didn't have any interesting questions to ask her. In a place where face is so important, to say she angered and embarrassed her local  hosts is an understatement.

A few years later, a European band came into town to promote their third, and just about final, album at the same hotel the supermodel held her press conference. They had had some pretty big international hits and were often compared to another quartet from their same country who hit it big in the 70s. The visiting group had managed to squeeze out one last hit before disappearing. I knew someone who was covering their press event so I managed to attend that and then hang out with the band afterwards in a VIP space off to the side after the event. This was the same hotel where a pop king had stayed a few years earlier, and had spontaneously invited an Indian couple and their child up to his room for photos with their child, photos that the couple would try to shop around to the press (not for any scandalous reason, but just to brag that they met the guy).

There was nothing special about the photos, except that the singer looked hideous in them--his face was literally falling off. This was at the same time the singer was facing some serious allegations, and his family came out to defend his innocence, staying at another five-star hotel across town. Despite the accusations and accompany stress, he performed two knock-out, perfect shows. Back to the European group, they were incredibly nice, more than happy to sign autographs, and seemed genuinely interested in anyone who talked to them, even though it was obvious their days on top of the charts were about over. Their bags didn't arrive in time and they were literally wearing the clothes they flew in on. One odd thing, however, is that one of the members never showed up. In fact, you can see on their album art, that she sort of fades in the background.

They really didn't seem to want to talk about her, saying she was afraid of flying, and kind of leaving it at that. This was in the same room, by the way, that a few years later a Disney star turned singer would channel the supermodel and have a huge fit where nothing was right while trying to rehearse for her press conference. The hotel where all these singer events took place would become famous in its own right several years later, when it became a filming location for what was a current big actress star's first big bomb. A couple years or so after the European band's visit, a Latino heartthrob who is enjoying resurgent fame in a TV role stayed at a different hotel across town.

This hotel is rumored to be haunted as it was build over an old graveyard. His first concert in this city, he enlisted a local (Hong Kong born, but North American raised) Asian superstar singer, who mostly sings in Mandarin and whose English-language debut flopped, to sing a duet with him. She would brag about being a virgin and loving her adopted country (not everyone thinks it is a country) but everyone knew she was not a virgin and everyone knew she would rather live somewhere else. As for the heartthrob,  in addition to spending a lot of time at the hotel gym's sauna, he ordered up both male and female escorts. Although it was not clear at the time, we now know which escort was meant to throw the scent off the trail, and which one he enjoyed.  

George Michael/Linda Evangelista/Ace of Base/ABBA/Michael Jackson/Scarlett Johansson/Ricky Martin/Grand Hotel in Taipei/Coco Lee

Blind Items Revealed #11 - Reader Blind - Anniversary Month

April 2, 2018

Take the time machine back to Los Angeles,1994, to a Spanish style 1930’s apartment building near the Farmer’s Market. I was a young producer working in the television business, a recent transplant from NY, who found themselves surrounded by celebrities on all sides.

In the building to the right of me was a A+ list singer/actress who is in the news a lot lately because of her relationship with a former A+ list athlete. She was then a dancer on a TV show, and would later become a rising star due to her portrayal of a deceased Latino pop sensation. She was then living with her high school sweetheart, and had a cocker spaniel who forced my cat into a amazing Ninja routine one day when he was out on the back patio. The dog left the cat alone from then on!

In the apartment above her, at least for a while, was this former A+ list child star turned romcom actress, who currently is divorced and has her own production company. At the time she drove a vintage Toyota Land Cruiser with the license plate “FlowerChild’ [the word flower was a mod daisy symbol] and once almost ran me off the road, yelling “Hey watch it, lady” even though I was barely into my 30’s.

A well-muscled, long-haired male heart throb celebrity who was famous for being famous and appearing on the covers of romance novels, also lived on the block, and I saw him in his Rolls Royce with the top down, quite often.

In the building to the left of me lived a handsome sometime soap actor and B cult movie star. He was the son of an actress who was nominated for an Academy Award back in the day, and allegedly married to one of the most notable figures in Hollywood history, a recluse and billionaire. This neighbor was adorable and a friendly guy. I’d see him outside practicing his golf swing, or driving away in his Mustang and always wave hello.

The Monday night in question was a warm Monday night of June 13th. I had gotten home early from work, about 6:00 pm. As I went into the kitchen to make myself dinner, I opened the windows adjacent to the building next door and noticed that their windows were open too. Bits of conversation, the sound of a muffled tv, music coming from a radio drifted up into my place as I sat eating dinner.  One particular conversation got louder and louder. It was impossible to ignore. One male voice was strident, panicked sounding, at the very least agitated and insistent. I immediately dropped my fork and froze. It sounded very scary.

I heard him say  “I know he killed her, but he told me he didn’t do it. He said “I didn’t DO IT, I DIDN’T DO IT” his voice rising in intensity, his speech rapid and filled with fear. “But the cops said they KNOW he killed her and that  HIS BLOOD IS THERE.” I got in my car and came here  the minute I could.”  There was then an exchange I couldn’t hear, but the other man’s tone was reassuring and calm, obviously trying to talk his friend down. It didn’t work. The freaked out guy got very frustrated and screamed out “YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND—HE WILL KILL ME.”

WOW—This was more than I had anticipated dealing with on a warm summer, early in the week night. The conversation was bone chilling, unmistakably real, the person speaking’s fear so pronounced that I had a visceral reaction. My hands shaking, my first thought was to call the police but I was so freaked out and afraid, I called my boyfriend at the time instead and told him I had just heard someone in the apartment next to us talking about a murder.  He laughed and said “Don’t worry. Handsome B cult movie star must be rehearsing his lines for the soap that he’s on. I’m sure that’s all you heard.” I swore to him that there was NO WAY that the conversation I heard was someone running lines. It was too disjointed, too real, too spontaneous to be scripted. He finally convinced me to calm down and I went to bed that night thinking “[Next door neighbor] is a better actor than I thought.”

I forgot about what I overheard until many months later—early winter 1995. Boyfriend and I had just come home from dinner with friends, and we turned on the TV just in time to see the beginning the ABC news magazine show 20/20 teasing an upcoming Barbara Walters insider scoop of the night of one of the most infamous murders of all time, featuring none other than our next door handsome B movie actor neighbor, who it turns out, had been good friends with the murder victim, and the shaggy-haired tenant of the former football player turned acquitted killer’s.

He recounted that his friend, who was declared a hostile witness by the prosecution for his evasiveness on the stand, had come directly to his apartment the day after the bodies were found, where he recounted his conversation with the acquitted killer, who he was afraid may come after him for his knowledge of what went on that fateful evening. I HAD BEEN RIGHT ALL ALONG—I HAD heard about a real murder first hand, directly from one of the most recognizable and well-known witnesses of all time, frazzled beyond belief by the events of the night before, and the efforts of his good friend to calm him down.

As a post script, we also later remembered that the morning of the murders my boyfriend’s father had teed off right before the alleged killer at a tony LA Country Club, and that the two parties had traded balls and insults, laughing along the way. Little did he know that later that night his golf companions ex-wife would be found brutally murdered at this sport legend’s own hand.

Odd how sometimes in life there is a confluence of incidents that puts you, a nobody, somewhere in the middle of a big event. That’s my own brush with one of the biggest news stories of this century. I have a few other stories to tell  and they’re juicy, but I will have to think about how to recount them without revealing myself.

Jennifer Lopez/Alex Rodriguez/Drew Barrymore/Fabio/Grant Cramer/O. J. Simpson/Kato Kaelin

Blind Items Revealed #10 - Anniversary Month

March 12, 2018

Mr. Hedge

A few years ago, a certain aging A+ list Mogul allegedly traveled a considerable distance, to meet up with a far younger man he had been dating.  The young man was a college athlete, in a very high-profile sport.  The Mogul was allegedly caught with this young man in a very embarrassing situation, at a very inappropriate time, in a less than private place.   This college is located in a very conservative part of the country, and it caused quite a scandal. 

The whole thing went downhill for both parties pretty soon afterwards. It was revealed that the Mogul met this young man while he was barely legal, on a website for that sort of thing.

I use the term "allegedly", because recently, it appears as though the Mogul has been somewhat successful at getting the 1st part of the story changed, from what was reported at the time - to cover his exposure.  The 2nd part of the story went through the court system on a couple occasions, which meant that part could not be controlled so easily.

Almost 2 decades ago, the Mogul invested as a minority partner in a certain entertainment company, which was basically a front to get underage boys drugged and raped.

3 young men sued the main operators of this entertainment company for being drugged and raped while underage. They won a court judgement, but sadly got next to nothing, as the company operators had fled the country. 

About a year before he fled the country, the Head Criminal at this company got into a legal dispute with the Mogul.  Court documents revealed 1 of those 3 young men was an aspiring Actor, who left the entertainment company - to go and stay at the Mogul’s house.

Around the same time, this Actor was given a small part in a film, made by a certain A- list Director.  The part, as constructed, didn’t really fit in that particular film's story - but nobody cared.

Of course, our Actor never had a credit in anything else, before or since.  Our Actor never included the Mogul or the Director in any legal action. 

After this all happened, the Actor changed his name and basically disappeared.  Once, in recent years, he briefly reappeared to help the Director defend a lawsuit he was facing. 

David Geffen/Jamie Kuntz/DEN/Marc-Collins Rector/Alexander Burton/Bryan Singer

Blind Items Revealed #9 - Anniversary Month

March 8, 2018

The Dancing Boy's Boyfriend

I've been a regular reader of CDAN for years so I'm used to wild and crazy stories, but I have to say it goes to a whole new level of strange when you make one of your daily visits to the site, and there's a blind about someone from your own past. Followed by others... You see,  I was the dancing boy's mid 90s boyfriend. I have a story that I think may be of interest to some of your readers.

Back in high school, my older brother was an aspiring a&r guy and sometime road manager for various bands. It was then that I learned what you might call the Epstein effect, by which I mean Brian not Jeffrey. This is the rule which states that while the band might not be gay someone with the management often is. So, if you're a fan boy/autograph collector like me, and liked to get backstage for that reason, it was better to make contact with them, rather than the band. It's how I got in to meet everyone from Aerosmith to a now recently deceased permanent A list musician/bandleader who had come up from the swamps. The latter show was where I met the dancing boy.

I was in college in Nevada at the time, and visiting the Bay Area just to see this long running benefit concert where the musician was performing. ***** was there as a fan too but also because he had known the musician's daughter and her boyfriend from college. At the moment we first made eye contact backstage though he was talking to the daughter of another permanent A lister, this one a foreign born but English speaking comedian, who had appeared as his screen offspring in a certain movie/comedy in the 80s. She was also a friend of the musician's daughter. I guess they had all met in college.

In fact, he was asking her if this rumor from a couple years back was true. The story was that her dad had come to visit her on campus, and had gone to the right room number of the wrong dorm. It happened to be the room for the son of a disgraced 80s Wall Street financier/ inspiration for the famous movie villain, who was I guess known to regularly cavort with the campus rapists. Her dad knocked on the door, and the young man said "come in." Apparently he was expecting it to be a girl he had invited over to expose himself to, as the son was lying naked on the bed, masturbating. Upon seeing the young man's "tiny hands," and understanding he was up to no good, the comedian purportedly/mockingly said "I'm terribly sorry," and left. The daughter laughed out loud, which I took to be a confirmation.

Anyhow, sensing an in, I asked her for an autograph. "Sure sweetie," she said, pinching my cheek. I handed her my autograph book, and ***** whispered something in her ear. For a second I thought they might be dating, but then read what she wrote. It was an autograph with a postscript, which said, my friend ***** thinks you're cute. I'm thinking to myself what is this the 8th grade, and we're passing notes to each other? But I played along. I wrote that I liked him below it, and handed the book to her. She read it and handed it to him, which made him blush.

I never got to meet the daughter of the musician, as she had I guess already left with her boyfriend for an after hours shooting club frequented by Bay Area rappers, athletes, and Silicon Valley execs. One of the members was that legendary CEO. He had apparently started carrying after being robbed at gunpoint with his former business partner. The daughter herself had started carrying after an attempt was made on the life of her father, and the family. In their case it was an arsonist. They barely made it out of the house, which was quickly engulfed in flames. That crime remains unsolved. And yeah, there's a song about it.

One thing I will say about the dad is that the recent revelations about not only the cause of death, but the origin/timeline of the problem, are very probably true. With respect to the latter, often these are bs stories put out by the family or lawyers to conceal a decades-long addiction. But in his case I can tell you from what I saw he was stone cold sober back then, refusing even the champagne and weed being offered to him by the press and hangers on backstage. And everyone going back there was screened for track marks on their arms, because he didn't want that around.

After exchanging pleasantries - wasn't that a great show, where were we from and what were we doing now - he asked me if I wanted to go to a party in the City. I said sure.

He drove an Austin Healey 100-4. I once read that this car back in the day used to be called "the widow maker." Apparently there was a small epidemic of speed-related traffic deaths, most of them involving young men. And by the way he was driving I was afraid we might become latter day casualties. I asked him if it was really necessary. He said we'd be late otherwise. I told him I didn't want to become a martyr for punctuality. He said they wouldn't let us in if we were late. I said I didn't care. Finally, he slowed down.

The party, it turned out, was at this Mission District club and bar which officially closed at the designated time, 2am, but unofficially re-opened as an after hours venue for local and visiting celebs and their guests. The doors stayed open for just fifteen minutes. That was the case not only because they continued serving booze after closing time, but what else was on the menu, namely the stuff of that famous 80s rap tune they didn't let you play at jr. high dances. The A or A+ list and then still alive area rapper was rumored to be one of the stakeholders. ***** was on the guest list because his old friend and then current housemate was dating the singer of a certain influential but never very successful SF emo act, the one with the hard candy name. We got in with less than a minute to spare.

Tom Petty/Bridge School Benefit/John Cleese/Cynthia Cleese/Ivan Boesky/Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak/Jawbreaker/I Won't Back Down/White Lines/Grandmaster Melle Mel

Blind Items Revealed #8 - Anniversary Month

February 22, 2018

This celebrity is old. Back in Old Hollywood days he was A list both as an actor and singer. Dozens of songs on the Billboard charts. At that point in time everyone knew he was just as bad as Jerry Lee Lewis when it came to having sex with tweens and early teen girls. He just didn't usually marry them and wasn't related to them. If you were in the fan club of our celebrity and were young and cute you were going to get invited to meet him when he was in town. You were also going to get kissed and groped and fondled whether you liked it or not while posing for photos. If you didn't pull away, you were going to see him later that night and be forced to have sex.

Like most things in Hollywood, times changed and he slowly dropped down the list. Then, he had a very lucky resurgence which made him a star again for a year or two. Now, this resurgence was three decades ago, but all of you know of the resurgence or at least why he was popular again. That iconic movie of which he was a part. He had a whole new group of fans who were tweens and teens again. Granted, he was not as famous as he once was, but he still did the same things he did decades earlier. This time, some of the tweens and teens spoke up, but nothing was done to him.

Fast forward to the present day and he still does the same things he has always done at least when it comes to the kissing and groping tweens and teens but now he gets a pass because everyone says he is old and that he doesn't really mean to be that way. Yes, he does. He always has. If anyone called him out on this, there would probably be hundreds, if not thousands of his former fan club members and other people from the street who would all tell similar stories.

Frankie Avalon

Blind Items Revealed #7 - Anniversary Month

February 2, 2018

A few years back there was a movie made starring a group of women who were all probably equal status in the movie. There was also an A- list mostly movie actor involved. He got involved simply because he knew the director and knew the movie would be filled with teen actresses. The group of women were probably all A-/B+ list actresses who all of you know. They stood around and laughed while the teen actresses and walk ons were subjected to constant sexual harassment and groping by the actor and director. If the extra allowed it she would get a walk on role. If she had sex with one of them she would get a speaking part. The actor and the director were like kids in a candy store. The wife of the director was around but didn't say anything either because that is how she got her start and said it was just the way things were and if the extras and walk ons didn't want to do it, they could leave. A few of those extras are speaking out and really calling out the group of A-/B+ list actresses who didn't care because it wasn't happening to them and never said anything. They would encourage the actor and director by laughing and clapping when some random actress would have her top ripped off or groped from behind when she wasn't expecting it.

Spring Breakers/James Franco/Harmony Korine

Blind Items Revealed #6 - Anniversary Month

January 25, 2018

This B list actress who can usually be found on television has an interesting tabloid past that makes all of you know her. Sure, her prime tabloid days were about a decade ago, but when you have a character in a movie based on you, then you know you are something else. Anyway, she was talking recently about something that happened to her in the #MeToo movement, but she has one thing wrong. She once tried to get a job by casting couching and the producer said no because he knew it would lead to trouble. Probably the only time he said no.

Anne Heche/Bowfinger/Harvey Weinstein

Blind Items Revealed #5 - Anniversary Month

January 20, 2018

Let me count the ways this A list singer/wannabe actor hates women. He hates when any woman makes more money than him. Even though he is a crap actor he insisted on his latest movie that he make more than any actress on the movie. When he found out an actress close to half his age was making more he threatened to walk out. He didn't because he is a wuss like that. He hated that his A list ex made more money than him and continues to make more money than him on a per day basis of actual work. He broke up with a former A+ lister because she made more money than him and he would belittle her every day about she was lucky to make that much money and what he did took skill. The guy is an a-hole. 

 Justin Timberlake/Trolls/Quvenzhan√© Wallis/Britney Spears/Cameron Diaz

Blind Items Revealed #4 - Anniversary Month

January 19, 2018

I remember every fall sitting around and watching a program. It only came on once a year and back when there were limited channels available for your viewing pleasure, one of them was stuck with this particular event. Everyone knows who the host of the event was, but there were co-hosts. One was a former A lister. He had a huge network hit back in the day for which he was nominated/won a couple of times with an award. The events you are about to read happened a good decade beyond his peak. He was a huge drinker back when this happened. There was rarely a night he didn't end up passed out drunk. He also had a thing for women. Lots and lots of women. He was married for a long time but rarely went a week without cheating on his wife. He didn't particularly care how old the women were or if the women were actually teens. Apparently he did have some kind of sick code of ethics where he wanted them to be at least a teen although at least one twelve year old would beg to differ.

She was one of many tweens and teens who were on the show. Not in the spotlight or featured but tagged along with a sibling who was being featured. Often times the parents would be focused exclusively on one sibling and not the other. Plus, the parents in these pre internet days would be talking to other parents who faced similar struggles and the siblings were left unattended for long periods. With hundreds of things going on at any point and a lot of drinking, there was a lot of room for trouble.

The twelve year old said that when she was twelve and thirteen she attended this event and both times she was cornered by the aforementioned co-host and was molested. When she was twelve she says she wore a dress and after what the host did to her she wore jeans the next year. He tired to touch her beneath her jeans but was too drunk to figure out the button. She ran from the dressing room and never went back to the show despite her sibling continuing to go for the next couple years.

At a meeting when she was in college she found a support group of siblings who had siblings with this disease. All of the women in this support group had all been molested and in one case raped by this co-host. What were the odds that the five women in this group who had all gone to the show had been molested and they were the only ones? Pretty small. So, she reached out to others, but did so in a couple of ads she placed in newspapers around the country. Well, that brought the full force of the organization down on her and she didn't have the money to fight them and their lawyers. They told her to stand down or would sue her and make sure her sibling never got any help ever again.

Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day Telethon/Chad Everett

Blind Items Revealed #3 - Anniversary Month

January 10, 2018

Lost in all of The Web stories and information that keeps coming out, is this little nugget. You have a former A-/B+ list mostly television actress who acted from the time she was a toddler until she got fired from a hit show. Why was she fired? Repeated heroin relapses and a definite f**k you attitude about anything to the producers and her fellow castmates on the show. She goes on to do what she has always wanted to do and that is make music. She fronts a band which is never going to have any hits but can sustain itself through live shows, especially those overseas where she is very popular. She is more popular overseas for her celebrity rather than her music, but hey, it sells tickets.

So, she and our now deceased rocker meet. This is at the same time he is married and also hooking up with randoms including that shady escort. He starts hooking up with this singer/actress who has not really gone cold turkey with drugs. Did she share? No one knows yet. It is really doubtful that she did not use in front of him considering they spent quite a bit of time together when her band opened for him and that they were hooking up more nights than not. Was she sent by someone to see if she could seduce him? Seduce him with herself or with drugs? She does seem to miss him and has changed lyrics of a song to refer to him. Interesting little twist/nugget to the whole thing going on.

Taylor Momsen/Chris Cornell

Blind Items revealed #2 - Anniversary Month

November 8, 2017

Want to know the most corrupt studio? It doesn't really exist any longer. It sure made a lot of money for the people who ran it though. It was like a giant ponzi scheme. The owners siphoned all the money; took money from investors; and even raided a bank to the tune of $100M before stashing it all overseas and declaring bankruptcy.

Where did all the money go? Good question. A lot of it remains in offshore accounts. A bunch of other money though was spent on drugs and women and men and parties. This is the movie that Hollywood needs to make. Honestly, it involves many of the sexual predators that have been named over the past few weeks. Some of the owners of this place turned against each other and publicly said the same things years ago that are only now getting those same predators in trouble. No one cared before. Now they do.

Lets go through some of the players shall we?

A list public figure. John Oliver is a huge fan of this guy. Infamous wife. - In a previous blind, I wrote about how he met his wife. This was after he spent a few years at the studio passing out business cards to every blonde in town. Only blondes. Brunettes who knew about this would wear a wig because he was paying $10K for a night and would bring party favors. You needed those party favors to put out of your head who you were sleeping with. A cruel, cruel guy in bed. Those nights when he brought in a second woman were apparently the worst. Just a twisted f**k/. He is also the one who made it possible for everyone to flee with more money. Flee is a strong word. Get away with. Screw other people with by taking the money would be a good phrase too.

A list director who so far has escape this round of scandal. He had big budgets and was allowed to do what he wanted with them. The studio covered all those payments to parents of minors who complained about him sexually assaulting their teen boys. The investors thought their money was going to movies, not to sexual assault payoffs.

Another A list director. He was responsible for finding women for all the studio bosses. All of those casting calls and the executives would just happen to stop by where he would talk them up. Then, the executives would stand around watching and so many of those actresses would find the time to walk up to the executives and they just took their pick. The problem with this A list director is that he was stealing from the studio which later caused the executives to turn on the director.

This Academy Award winning actor was a partner in the studio. He just used it as another avenue to find young boys. The thing is, he and the director who also liked young boys didn't always get along. Our director liked them young, but despite the payoffs always insisted everything was consensual. The actor liked things when they were not consensual. Just an evil guy.

A list public figure. Foreign born. He specialized in throwing even more money around. He had the most of the bunch. He also had connections within an organization that not only helped launder money but also provided women as needed who were not actresses. There were some investors who enjoyed things more rough and if something happened to one of these women, they were shipped to some far corner of the world, deep underground. 

Relativity Media/Steven Mnuchin/Louise Linton/Bryan Singer/Brett Ratner/Kevin Spacey/James Packer

Blind Items Revealed #1 - Anniversary Month

November 14, 2017

I will try not to make this book length. First, we need to go back more than a couple of decades. The spring of 1990 to be exact. Yes, I know many of you don't even remember that year, but it was a very important year. It shows just how powerful certain people in the world are and how life can be taken in an instant if you cross the wrong people or end up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

In that summer, there was an A list comedian working everywhere. He was at his peak. He was making movies and specials and was in music videos. He was also using a ton of drugs. That is not an exaggeration, he was using a lot. Any kind of drug, he loved. Despite having a girlfriend, he was always picking up any woman he could find to have sex with. One night, he was on tour in a small southern town. He was hanging out with pretty much a nobody back then except in his own state. Later, that person would become an A+ list celebrity and to this day remains so. These two loved to party and pick up women and had very similar backgrounds growing up.

After our comedian performed he picked up two women. Both of them were not old enough to drive. The two teens were introduced to our comedians friend and the four of them began partying. The partying involved a lot of coke and booze and there was sex. Apparently the teen who was being sexually assaulted by the future A+ lister began having convulsions from the combination of drugs and booze and died right there in this cabin in the woods.

The future A+ list celebrity had access to some very helpful assistance due to his position and the now dead teen was removed and taken to a distant location. Her parents were informed their daughter had died of a drug overdose but nothing of the circumstances or who she was with. The other teen was sworn to secrecy and remarkably enough, let go to return home.

Our comedian went back to Los Angeles, but did tell his girlfriend what happened. His girlfriend told him he should go to the police or even better blackmail the future A+ lister for some money. The comedian said no and that was the end of it. What did happen because of this is that our comedian got sober. For a couple of months he was sober. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, his girlfriend was using the information she had received and was trying to make some money by blackmailing.

One night, the comedian went out to work and met up with a man who drugged the comedian. He then carried the comedian to his car and brought him home. Then, for the next 12 hours, the stranger raped the girlfriend and said next time she tried to blackmail anyone, she would be killed. When the comedian came to and found out what happened, he told the girlfriend to drop it. She didn't. She decided to press charges against the man. There were some strings pulled and some money distributed and a mistrial was declared.

Fast forward to the summer of 1991. Our future A+ lister is in the Bohemian Grove where his future is being debated. Basically it comes down to whether he will be a future A+ lister or will someone else. This messy incident involving the two teens is problematic. The girlfriend of the comedian is problematic. It is agreed that the other teen involved - the one who was let go needs to be killed. She is a loose end and knows the whole story. They agree to have her killed and the future A+ lister is chosen to be the A+ lister they know he can be.

The teen is killed under very mysterious circumstances. It was designed to look like it could be a few different reasons, but when the toxicology report showed coke and tranquilizers, police just chalked it up to drugs and let it go.

Fast forward to the spring of 1992. Our future A+ lister continues to clean up his messes and one of those messes is that our comedian is getting nervous and his girlfriend who is about to be his wife is getting nervous. They want to speak out about the soon to be A+ lister but know what happened the last time the girlfriend tried. The comedian decides to pick up the phone and calls our soon to be A+ lister.

Everything sounds good on the phone and our comedian relaxes. He relaxes so much that he decides to take his girlfriend on vacation and they end up getting married. Meanwhile, the powers that be know something has to be done. The comedian and his now wife are big loose ends and especially the wife needs to be killed. So, they arrange for an accident. To find their killer, they go to the boyfriend of the teen who was recently killed and tell him that the comedian gave his girlfriend the drugs and then raped her and killed her and that the wife of the comedian was there too.

The teen wants revenge and he gets it. He kills the comedian and almost kills the wife. Because he is a teen, he ended up doing no time for the death and no one even knew his name. They muddied the waters of the accident by making sure that the comedian also had some drugs in his system. Coke and tranquilizers which were the go to drugs of this group.

The wife learned to stay quiet after that and the future A+ lister became an A+ lister.

Sam Kinison/Bill Clinton

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Blind Item #8

Apparently a gardener has come forward with new information about the death of an A list singer from a group, at the singer's home. A lot of new information.

Blind Item #7

Perhaps the permanent A list "singer" should be going after her husband for making the pass at the former singer turned A- list actress instead of the actress who turned him down cold.

Blind Item #6

It is pretty clear by now that if this former A- list actress keeps getting back together with her ex, at one point she may end up dead. She will certainly be broke if she keeps paying for his first class tickets from her pocket.

Blind Item #5

It would be the television network and the cable sports giant that the fruit company would be buying if a deal can be made. So, no, they are not buying the whole thing. 

Blind Items Revealed #4

November 14, 2022

The meme actor and the cannibal have been hanging out again. That never turns out well.

Timothee Chalamet/Armie Hammer (I mean, Armie's dad did die since they started hanging out again.)

Blind Items Revealed #3

November 13, 2022

Way back at the beginning of the year, people knew the now public girlfriend, existed in the world of the superhero. It is not a new development. I wrote about it way back then. Now, did she get close to him because she knew about his sugar daddy account and what his preferences are? Perhaps. She certainly has played up the fact that she loves Lolita and Leon. 

Alba Baptista/Chris Evans

Blind Items Revealed #2

November 13, 2022

The alliterate pay cable actress who gets naked a lot, thought she was getting one kind of article/interview about her and got something that made her look ungrateful and the interviewer look like they were stoned. She needs a new publicist.

Sydney Sweeney

Blind Items Revealed #1

November 12, 2022

With all the things 70's making a return to the forefront, this long running sitcom from that time era which was a spinoff of a truly iconic piece of American television, is going to be given a reboot. The actress died a few years ago, but always wanted a continuation of the story.

Rhoda/Mary Tyler Moore/Valerie Harper

Blind Item #4

Wait until everyone sees the photos that this fashion photographer has taken of kids all around the world and the way he displays them.

Blind Item #3

This foreign born A list author recently admitted that her newer works are written by someone else and she just consults. So, why isn't it possible the books that made her famous were just part of a deal to help get a movie made?

Blind Item #2

It is pretty funny that within 24 hours of the one named A- list actress posting that iconic thirst trap photo, that the PR team of her "boyfriend" release a barrage of messaging about how they can't wait to get married and start a family.

Blind Item #1

This celebrity VC guru recently visited a place that's been in the news a lot lately. During a press conference there, the guru not only praised a certain celebrity CEO, he also showed off his ample bulge during the entire event.

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Blind Item #13

This married A list mostly movie actor who has starred in two movie franchises, but no superhero universes is cheating on his wife with a woman who works at a Coffee Bean. 

Blind Item #12

It took a lot of calls before any organization was willing to let the alliterate one and her husband come help for the holiday. You are not supposed to demand things of the organization when you are doing the volunteering.

Blind Item #11

This A list superhero who loves to get naked, has two women pregnant at the same time. I believe he is still technically married too.

Blind Item #10

This infamous celebrity is really playing with fire and deportation with some of the things she has been doing.

Blind Item #9

This barely there celebrity offspring of a permanent A lister has been hooking up with a guy in his 50's. I'm not sure she is even out of her teens.

Blind Items Revealed #5 - Anniversary Month

December 28, 2017

This one named A- list rapper pays three or four women at a time to be nannies for his kid(s). Sounds legit. The thing is though, they all used to be strippers and his very young kid(s) seem to be in the middle of everything when there is a party. One of the worst celebrity parents.


Today's Blind Items - The Dinner

Do you remember the movie, The Freshman? Yeah, not so memorable, but it did lead to a dinner that was held for several years by this actor who is rarely ever in the blinds. His most famous appearance in the blinds was in the first few months of the blog's existence. 

At the time the movie was made, he was one of the biggest actors in the world. Not necessarily the biggest star, but one of the biggest actors. He is foreign born and is an Oscar winner/nominee. Shortly after the movie came out, he got together with several friends who owned land and hunted in the middle of nowhere. He also then used his contacts to have meat brought in from Asia which would never be allowed to be hunted in Europe or here. He got a little of this and a little of that from several corners of the globe. He invited a dozen of his friends who brought the best liquor they could find and they had a dinner. 

He has done the same thing with roughly the same dozen people for almost thirty years. He stopped during the pandemic, but two months ago on the autumnal equinox, the group was back together and eating all kinds of different things. It really kind of goes against everything he has talked about in his career, but at the same time, it seems like something that fits in with the real him, rather than the perceived him. 

Your Turn

 The best time you ever had at a holiday gathering.

Blind Items Revealed #4

November 13, 2022

I am reminded this weekend, of what the perv director, who makes very questionable movies, once said long ago about the wife of the actor on trial. The only reason she was ever cast in anything is because of the number of people she slept with as a teen who felt like they owed her a favor. The perv director will have you believe he was immune to her charms. If she was over 18 at the time, then maybe.

Larry Clark/Bijou Phillips/Danny Masterson

Blind Items Revealed #3

November 12, 2022

This not selected former Housewife has been begging to get cast on the new reboot. It is hilarious that she says she didn't want to be on it.

Ramona Singer

Blind Items Revealed #2

November 12, 2022

To file a lawsuit on a day the courts are closed, shows just what this A list actor is thinking. He thinks there will be criminal charges filed against him next week.

Alec Baldwin(It turned out to just be the police report, but he knew it was coming a week in advance of its arrival)

Blind Item #8

This alliterate no name celebrity tried to get cash from first magazines and then paps to try and sell pics of her kid's first birthday. Nothing like trying to make a buck off the kid's birthday because the singing dad died.

Blind Item #7

The drug addict/muse pretty much confirmed she was playing for pay with the rapper.

Blind Items Revealed #1

November 12, 2022

This crypto bigwig tweeted some crazy stuff, inferring the former A list child actor / pedophile / crypto mogul was running a blackmail / sex trafficking / pedophile operation.  A few hours later, he was found dead.  Oh, and both of them just happened to live in the same town.

Nikolai Mushegian/Brock Pierce/San Juan

Blind Item #6

This permanent A list singer told the wait staff serving her to put on masks. This wasn't for health reasons, but because she didn't want to look at their faces. She thinks it makes for a much better dining experience.

Blind Item #5

The former Housewife thinks she can make a run for it. That would be a horrible mistake. Where is she going to go that she won't stand out?

Blind Item #4

Apparently Kneepads has decided the man who killed his pregnant wife and two kids is a sexy killer and they get a lot of clicks when they show him not in a prison cell or his mugshot, but rather perpetuate him as some sort of guy who didn't kill his family and is the kind of guy you want to spend Thanksgiving with. It is pretty sick.

Blind Item #3

The cleaning product actor thinks there is going to be a ton of money for him now that dad has passed. Nope. The dad basically blew whatever he could that wasn't in trusts.

Blind Item #2

The A list everything in her mind celebrity is looking at projects she can star in with her husband. Yeah, that worked out well last time.

Blind Item #1

 Do you think the former A+ list rapper's "trainer" wanted him to interact with employees like that or that he was way off the plan the "trainer" had for him?

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Blind Item #13

The alliterate talk show host is back and better than ever. Now, just keep her away from her ex. And vodka. And pills. 

Blind Item #12

The day this former A+ list rapper has $75M in a bank account will be the first day he has $75M in a bank account. He is like the guy who says he is waiting on a third party out of town payroll check to clear and then he can pay you back.

Blind Item #11

This former one-third who had some initial luck as a solo singer, has been known to hook up with some of the women this former A list singer passes on to her.

Blind Item #10

The confession of the alliterate celebrity currently starring on a reality show makes you take a second look and ask yourself if he wasn't hooking up with both the wife and the husband.

Blind Item #9

Just like I told you at the beginning of the season, the TikTok star was guaranteed a spot in the semi-finals and then it was up to her. The same deal was given to the college scandal celebrity but everyone made a big deal of it, so she got paid like a semi-finalist, but didn't get the guarantee because no one wanted to know the fix could be in on the show. 

Blind Items Revealed #5 - Anniversary Month

December 27, 2017

There is some bad blood going on right now and some palace intrigue. Apparently with the recent holiday traditions, this most popular female royal is under the impression that the highest ranking royal doesn't like her. It all stems from something she was not allowed to do, but the new soon to be royal was. She would be wrong though. She needs to look at the person next to her in bed who told her for years she wasn't allowed simply because he wanted to keep his options open in the event he found someone more to his liking.

Kate/The Queen/Meghan Markle (only married couples invited to Sandringham)

Today's Blind Items - The Cruise

There are a group of bands that seemingly form a never ending rotation of former A- listers that roam the seven seas year round playing cruises. It pays better than playing a casino in some out of the way place and you get to pick and choose from fans to sleep with or have your family come along which is super rare. You don't see a lot of family time from any of these band members unless they are making up from something they did the last time out.

There are a lot of really bad things that happen to women on these cruises. Not just from the bands themselves, but also other guys who say they are friends of the band or work in some mysterious capacity with the band and then take advantage of a woman they got drunk, or worse.

Most of the guys in these bands are decent guys. They know they don't have to work all that hard to have sex with someone. If a woman says no, there are others from which to choose. This is not necessarily the case with a drummer from one of those bands. It is only because he is in a group that had any kind of fame that he ever has a chance with women, and he loves the cruises. He loves prowling backstage. The thing is he hates women. Everyone knows he does. He would rather hit a woman than have sex with her. No one knows why exactly. Two decades ago he was a happy go lucky guy, but aging has made him nasty.

The band had a decent run and like I said, they play casinos in the winter and amphitheaters in the summer and make a good living. Most of you would know at least a song or two of theirs. Just before COVID shut everything down, and I mean, just before, the group was playing on one of these ships. There was a woman who was last seen with the drummer. They were seen down on a deck with pools. She was really drunk. Everyone agrees on that. Staggering drunk. Someone thought they heard a scream. Most people agree they heard some kind of thunk like some object hitting the back of a head. When the ship docked the next morning, no one could find her. The band left early and was on a flight home before everyone even had to depart the ship. Then the world went crazy. 

Your Turn

Your most unusual holiday side dish, and it can be for any holiday. I am not limiting it to Thanksgiving.

Blind Items Revealed #4

November 12, 2022

The child murderer is going to blame her dad without actually coming out and saying it. I can't believe the streamer is going to allow that. That is crazy.

Casey Anthony

Blind Items Revealed #3

November 11, 2022

The UFC fight with the huge betting line move is the first of many to come apparently.

Darrick Minner vs. Shayilan Nuerdanbieke

Blind Items Revealed #2

November 11, 2022

The publicity run continues. You win an award and the next thing you know, that new season of the show airs and magically for the first time ever, you appear publicly with your girlfriend the day it is released. 

Chris Evans/Alba Baptista/Warrior Nun

Blind Item #8

I see once again that in less than two weeks from now, The Comedy Store will once again, be paying a statutory rapist to come play on their stage. 

Blind Item #7

The former A+ list tween/teen actress/singer turned A- list adult singer really feels like the former late night actor, in her words, did her dirty last year and made her look foolish. Perhaps that is why he was excluded this year from what will be a mainstay for at least the next five years on the end of the year holiday.

Blind Items Revealed #1

November 11, 2022

The talk show host arranged for her offspring to be featured in an issue of this weekly magazine, so it shouldn't have been a shocker.

Kelly Ripa/People Magazine Sexiest People Alive

Blind Item #6

With certain photos she posts to social media, the thirsty wife of the A list actor/killer must know that she will be attracting some of the worst predators out there, but she keeps doing it anyway. It is kind of like she wants her very own Wren Elanor.

Blind Item #5

Apparently the foreign born singer didn't like that she only had one butler on call at her hotel suite, so moved to the place down the street where she could have a team of four to boss around and wait on her. Oh, and she didn't tip the one she had before leaving, so the new team should also expect nothing.

Blind Item #4

 I don't know why anyone is surprised now to learn that the permanent A list "singer" is in a care plan. I have been telling you this from the day the conservatorship ended, that there was a plan in place and the same non relative person running it. The same person who was at the wedding. 

Blind Item #3

Apparently this married foreign born A list mostly movie actor didn't appreciate this foreign born director from hitting on the mistress of the actor and they are no longer friends.

Blind Item #2

If you think the accent on the podcast is bad, you should see the alliterate one in action in town. It comes on heavy and for only being in country a short while, she sure does have a lot of the aristocratic, mannerisms and interactions with people. Most people she encounters are treated as socially inferior to her as only the royal system does.

Blind Item #1

The A-list political commentator / grifter was the public face of the "anti-woke" bank which just collapsed, after burning through $50 million of investor money, in less than a year.   She was pumping the bank as recently as a few weeks ago. Regulators are looking into the extent of her involvement and whether it was limited to just being a spokesperson.

Monday, November 21, 2022

Blind Item #13

With the huge push as of late to remind everyone she is with/married to/lives with the foreign born A+ list mostly movie actor, he must have threatened to leave the former B+ list actress again. 

Blind Item #12

There is a reason why this foreign born A/A- list mostly movie actor has not committed to buying a dog with his on again off again model girlfriend. Because he is not committed to the girlfriend. 

Blind Item #11

I have talked about the recently deceased star of the most popular iteration of the long running children's show before. He has made fairly regular nostalgia appearances in the show, before leaving earlier this year. Except he didn't actually leave. The costar he bullied into quitting back in the day, wasn't the only one. At least three others have quit the show over the years due to him, and for so long, his popularity among fans protected him. The producers finally had enough of his bullying and all round diva behavior and fired him. Losing his gig on the show that made him as well as a recent divorce, probably contributed to his suicide.

Blind Item #10

Speaking of permanent A list singers, this singer is not that, but at one point she did make it to A+ list. She bought her female lover a house several years ago and the singer is now selling it without letting the girlfriend know it is for sale.

Blind Item #9

Of course the alliterate one and her husband are going to kiss the butt of the permanent A list singer. He is the one who loans them his private jet for free.

Blind Items Revealed #5 - Anniversary Month

December 26, 2017

This is like Scientology redux. During "counseling sessions" with his celebrity congregants, I'm guessing they don't know they are being recorded. All of those confessions from life are going to be used against them for more money at some point.


Today's Blind Items - Her Version - Anniversary Month

It wasn't long after this television show ended, that this at the time A- list actress all of you know, but a lot might not, was at a table at dinner with about ten or twelve people. It was a loud restaurant. When you had a group, the place wouldn't give you a private room, but they did kind of try and shove you in a corner so the noise would not even become louder. I am really not sure why they were worried about that considering the DJ they usually had playing and the Bachelor parties which would always go crazy for the naked woman covered in sushi who would lay upstairs for private parties. Maybe not the classiest of places, but it was fun for its time. 

Anyway, people asked her what happened to the show. I'm sure there was some feigned interest, but there were people who probably were gleeful because they like the misery of others, especially in this town. The show had some big names, especially looking back at it now. One in particular was always going to be too big for it. Plus, everyone was sleeping with everyone else and I have written about that on her before and the jealousy that came of it. The show had a crazy name which also probably doomed it. Our actress talked about the sleeping together and the jealousy and she said that the lead actor on the show who is A list now, beat her when he thought she was sleeping with another male co-star on the show. Our actress was so shocked, she didn't do anything. She did know she didn't want to be on the show any longer and asked to be let out of her contract. Apparently, while this behind the scenes stuff was going on, a production assistant confided in the actress that she too had been hit by the actor after she refused to go home with him one night when he was being mean to her at dinner. She too stayed quiet, because she didn't want to lose her job.

Other than that one dinner party, I have never heard the actress mention it or anyone tell me she mentioned it. It would destroy the carefully crafted image the actor has given himself over the years as one of the nicest guys in town.

Your Turn

What time of day do you have your Thanksgiving meal?

Blind Items Revealed #4

November 11, 2022

Both this A list dual threat actress and her foreign born A list husband are on the "naughty" list of records that hackers are threatening to release.

Nicole Kidman/Keith Urban

Blind Items Revealed #3

November 11, 2022

I don't usually appreciate the blocking game the A+ list singer is playing, and if you don't think she is playing a blocking game, then you need to open your eyes. In this week's block attempt though, I am on board because why give the underage girl lover/misogynist/liar the top spot.

Taylor Swift/Drake

Blind Items Revealed #2

November 11, 2022

Look for the husband of the permanent A list "singer" to head out of town again for another "movie" which keeps him gone even longer. 

Sam Asghari/Britney Spears

Blind Item #8

The foreign born late night talk show host who won't be hosting that particular show for much longer because he will probably be scooting over to the big opening, doesn't like women to know he is taken which is why he hates being asked about women he could be dating and most definitely doesn't like to be photographed with women he could be dating. 

Blind Item #7

This media conglomerate wants to turn one of their cable networks into 24/7 betting with an online gambling platform they own. As part of the deal, their long term vision is to have the online/television tabloid they own to start sending that much younger audience to the gambling website and to create odds on celebrity marriages/divorces and deaths too.

Blind Items Revealed #1

November 10, 2022

Apparently the alliterate one is ready to move in to the rental in town right away, but her husband is having second thoughts.

Meghan Markle/Prince Harry

Blind Item #6

The southern reality star thinks she can get her own show, now that she is married. It would help if you are likeable and if anyone thought the marriage would last longer than a year.

Blind Item #5

The reason this permanent A list singer has always lied about her age is pretty simple. It is only a one year difference, so why would she do it? It wasn't her. It was the record label owner/significant other. He wanted her to be able to go through an entire decade with people saying she was in her 20's. He didn't want the blip at the end where people would call her 30 or nearly 30. It was long term marketing.

Blind Item #4

The serial woman beater/drug addict/serial sexual assaulter didn't get the chance to perform the tribute to the child molester last night, but the organization kept up their part of the deal and gave him the award to honor him for being such a role model to others, except for half the population, and those who don't like to support men who commit violence against women. 

Blind Item #3

The in his words, soon to be retired director is lying through his teeth when he didn't know the disgraced producer was sexually assaulting women. 

Blind Item #2

The biggest buzz last night at this "award" show is just how unrecognizable this A list country singer is when you see her in person. The amount of work done to her face has been extensive.

Blind Item #1

The rapper is no more serious about running for the A++ list job, as he was 2 years ago.  This time, he surrounded himself with the Gen Z podcaster notorious for hating Jews and women, and the disgraced political Internet personality. It is all one big grift.

Sunday, November 20, 2022

Blind Item #8

There has been a lot of crazy stuff written about the former A++ lister over the years. I have written about a lot of it and confirmed a lot of it, especially as it relates to the early years when no one outside his state knew who he was. The craziest rumor I have ever heard which even tops the stand up comic story of yore, is that he is actually the father of the first two kids of this reality mom with a lot of kids which is why she got married in a hurry. They certainly knew each other and crossed paths multiple times. 

Blind Item #7

 The A list rapper has been drinking again. That is never good. It really can push him over the edge. It is when everyone he knows should bunker down.

Blind Item #6

It is only the huge financial consequences of losing millions of dollars of her fortune, that this foreign born one named A lister is going to do the residency. If you ever want to see her in concert, this will probably be your last chance for at least a decade, if not longer. She definitely doesn't want to be there and is hating every second of it.

Blind Item #5

After what seems like forever, this foreign born A list actor/superhero is divorcing his wife.

Blind Items Revealed #4

November 10, 2022

This north of the border singer has seemingly quit the singing part of his career and focusing on the acting. How much acting did he have to do with the porn star Monday night?

Shawn Mendes

Blind Items Revealed #3

November 10, 2022

The magazine was supposed to honor this actor last year, but couldn't because of the kind of naked photo that emerged. So, it happened this year when he really has nothing to promote for the next year, but did last year. But hey, his girlfriend has that new season of her show which comes out, let me check my notes, today. Nice timing.

People/Chris Evans/Sexiest Man Alive/Alba Baptista/Warrior Nun

Blind Items Revealed #2

November 10, 2022

Apparently this actress/writer/producer best known for a pay cable show was involved with One Taste for a while, and like quite a few folks, had a traumatic experience with them.  So she got revenge on the cult group by helping to bankroll the expose/movie.

Lena Dunham/Orgasm Inc: The Story of OneTaste

Blind Items Revealed #1

November 10, 2022

I hope the alliterate part-time boy bander and his actress wife do not need to sell their place in a hurry because they are asking way too much for a house they just bought last year. Honestly, if they want to sell, they are probably going to have to do so at a loss. Other than taxes, I'm not even sure why they bought a Miami place. They are never there which makes the tax dodge a little harder.

Joe Jonas/Sophie Turner

Blind Item #4

 See, the former late night actor was getting paid whenever he had his photos taken in the last relationship. He was getting paid when there were cameras. He would get some random deal that paid him a bunch of money. The hard to spell model did none of that. Just had the paps ready to go and it was all for herself. That is all she cares about which is why she will end up the plaything of the QB again or something.

Blind Item #3

The foreign born A list singer certainly seemed to be enjoying his first night of freedom. The person I told you about a couple of months ago that he was hooking up with then, was right back with him this weekend. They didn't have to hide as much this time.

Blind Item #2

Apparently big checks can still manage to persuade a jury pool. You just have the right person to give the check to. The crazy thing that the juror doesn't understand is the upfront payment is all they will get. Who can they complain to when they don't get the much bigger second payment?

Blind Item #1

The former reality star who has a husband in jail for sex crimes against kids, has been hooking up with another guy who isn't even in her religion.


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