Friday, October 02, 2009

Four For Friday

No Four For Friday today. I'm sorry, but I just haven't had the chance to make very many phone calls or see many people this week and don't want to give you anything lame that I have in reserve. I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Random Photos Part One

Jeff Goldblum gets the top spot today. He looks great here, is a nice guy and a great actor. Those seem like good enough reasons for the top spot.
Ann Curry once again showing off the fact she has Brangelina's photo on her phone. Oh, and their private number.
Zak George from Animal Planet learns a new trick from his dog.
Come out in defense of your half-sister and the next thing you know Chynna Phillips has paps following her.
"Chris Rock. You are very, very funny."
"No, seriously Chris, umm, how about putting me in your new movie."
It's been awhile since Dominic Cooper was in the photos.
It hasn't been that long for Dita von Teese, but at least this looks like a subtle change from her regular look. Do you think she puts white makeup on all over her body?
I can't remember the last time I saw Gwen with both of her kids at the same time. It is always one or the other.
Talk about bearding, this is ridiculous.
I stand corrected. This bearding is even more ridiculous.
The woman behind Kim Kardashian is obviously not impressed.
Unlike the people in Paris who all seem to be looking at Rihanna.
Kristen Stewart in Interview Magazine.

Umm, I'll guess. How many drinks you have had in one night multiplied by pi? Umm, how many days you spent in jail for your last DUI arrest? Something you thought made sense one time you got drunk?
Do you ever wonder if perhaps sometimes Lady GaGa says to herself, "you know what? Today it is just going to be jeans and a t-shirt?"
I hope no one loaned her that jewelry.
Mark Linn-Baker and his mom. Now we just need Balki.
I love watching anything Malcolm McDowell is in.
That doesn't look like a very safe way to transport your child Matthew.
The randomest photo of the day. Nia Long and Garry Shandling.
Always room for Neil Patrick Harris.
"Look, that's me on the cover of this book."
A first time appearance for Olivia Williams.
Powderfinger - Melbourne
The first time I have seen a photo of Zelda Williams without her dad Robin. In case you can't tell them apart, Zelda has much less hair.

Alyssa Milano Wants You To Know She Isn't Pregnant

Once you get married in Hollywood then all that is left for the tabloids is to keep throwing out those pregnancy rumors and hoping that one day they will stick. They just keep trying with whoever is having a bumpish week that week and then keep trying and trying.

Alyssa Milano is sick of it though and wants you to know she isn't pregnant and for everyone to get off the Alyssa is pregnant train once and for all. She wrote on her Twitter page, "Rumors that I am pregnant are still false and still annoying. Please, please, please refrain from retweeting such rumors." I wonder if the reason for her annoyance is that her family keeps calling her and asking if the rumors are true. I mean if not, then what is the big deal? Sure, it is a pain but at least it is a harmless rumor. They aren't accusing her of doing something awful.

How Much Money Does Solange Knowles Make?

I know that Solange Knowles sings but is she really all that popular? I mean when you are more known for being the sister of someone than you are for your career or songs then chances are you are probably not making that much money. Of course who would have thought The Hills cast was pulling in $2M a year each? Solange was on Oprah and said that before she finally shaved off all her hair she was spending up to $50K a year on her hair and spending two days a week in salons. That is a bunch of money to spend on hair.

I would probably spend that much money to get some hair, but that is just me. I am thinking of getting one of those hair pieces that Homer Simpson once rocked. Long hair down to the shoulders or something. Anyway, where does Solange get the money? Is Beyonce giving her that much money where Solange can spend $50K a year on hair. That is after tax money people. Before taxes that would probably be $70K a year. How many people here earn $70K a year and to think about spending it all on hair? Crazy.

Your Turn

All this week I have been sick. What started out as a sore throat has got progressively worse to the point where as I write this I think I am going to have to go to the doctor. To me the doctor is almost as bad as exercising. I remember when I was younger and had sick days I sat around all day and watched television. Now it seems even when I am sick I still have to work. With that in mind, this week I would love for you to talk about what you do on your sick days, or if you have faked being sick to get out of work or the most sick you have been. Some kind of illness story.

Daily Mirror Blind Item

In today's Daily Mirror, we asked: Which uber-skinny Hollywood starlet can't seem to keep a thing down her throat apart from her fingers? The only thing that manages to stay down are the shots of vodka to keep her going through the day...

Your extra clue: Wonder if this has anything to do with her recent break-up.

Elizabeth Edwards Going To File For Divorce - Maybe

The National Enquirer says that Elizabeth Edwards is about to file for divorce from John Edwards. Well, actually they said that Elizabeth Edwards is planning on filing for divorce. I am planning on winning the lottery but it hasn't happened yet. If it does though I will be on here all day. The Enquirer says that previously Elizabeth has said she would never file for divorce but that the revelations in the upcoming book by John's former assistant have made her change her mind.

I think she should have divorced him a long, long time ago. There is a special place in hell for people who cheat on their wives while their wives are fighting a life threatening cancer.

"Elizabeth had always sworn she wouldn't divorce John. But every person has a breaking point, and Elizabeth's friends believe she's reached hers. Elizabeth made it clear to John that she will take him for everything he's got. She will divorce him and claim their $53 million fortune. Elizabeth knows every dirty little secret in her husband's political past. She's been his confidant for years, and she's always kept quiet. But now she's prepared to reveal all his secrets in open court."

I don't know if this is true or not but it would be one sensational divorce.

Is Mary Louise Parker A Home Wrecker?

It wasn't that long ago that Mary Louise Parker was dumped by Billy Crudup while she was pregnant with their now five year old son Atticus. Now she is turning the tables and has started dating singer Charlie Mars. Apparently she started dating Charlie despite the fact that he was living with his long time girlfriend. Don't you think that someone who has been on the receiving end like Mary Louise has would be a little more sensitive to the fact that she was basically doing to Charlie's girlfriend was doing to her? Now granted the situations might be completely different and for one thing I don't think Charlie's girlfriend is pregnant, but still, if they were involved and living together you would think that maybe she would be a little more careful about appearances at least.

Roman Polanski Is Going To Get Pardoned - I Smell It

There are a lot of headlines this morning that say Arnold Schwarzenegger is not going to pardon Roman Polanski. However when you read the actual articles or his quotes from the interview you see that what he actually says is that he won't pardon Roman Polanski in advance. That is much different from saying that he won't pardon the guy at all. The way I read it, Arnold is a huge fan of Roman and probably would love to be in one of his movies at some point. The Governor was practically drooling when he spoke about the director.

"I think that he is a very respected person, and I am a big admirer of his work."

Arnold said Roman should be treated like everyone else despite the fact that Roman is famous. "It doesn't matter if you are a big-time movie actor or a big-time movie director or producer, I think he should be treated like everyone else."

Sounds kind of good for not pardoning the guy until you read this last little bit he said which probably makes Roman's attorneys think long and hard about coming back to California and getting this over.

"One should look into all of the allegations, not only his allegations but the allegations about his case. Was there something done wrong? You know, was injustice done in the case?"

It sounds to me like Arnold thinks there was injustice in the case. He doesn't mention the woman at all, or the the gruesome aspects of the case. He seems to have jumped on the injustice bandwagon and I think that if Roman did come back and was sent to jail, that Arnold would pardon the guy. Arnold is not running for re-election so he doesn't have to worry about anything other than movies for his future.

Elizabeth Smart Testifies - ***WARNING*** Graphic And Disturbing

Until yesterday when I heard this was going to happen, it had been a long time since I had thought about Elizabeth Smart. Much like Jaycee Duggard, Elizabeth was a girl that everyone thought had died. She was kidnapped in 2002 and then nine months later was found, still alive but forever changed. Now, seven years later she was testifying in a federal courtroom about what happened.

She was supposed to face her accused kidnapper but he came in the courtroom singing a Mormon hymn and when the judge told him to stop, the man refused. The judge ordered him to leave the courtroom and had to watch Elizabeth's testimony on CCTV.

From the first day when she was kidnapped at knife point from her own bedroom, Elizabeth says she was raped every day. I can't imagine how Elizabeth even sleeps at night anymore. Can you imagine being 13 or 14 and being kidnapped from your own bedroom during the middle of the night? I would never want to close my eyes again.

That first night she was kidnapped, Elizabeth was married to the guy. "I put the robe on ... he came and performed a ceremony, which was to marry me to him. After that, he proceeded to rape me."

The entire time she was held she was tied to a tree. The only time she was not tied to the tree was when she was being raped which was up to four times each day. Her captor also made her drink booze and watch porn so she would be more willing. Elizabeth though fought back and bit her captor several different times. The a-hole said if she did it again he wouldn't have sex with her anymore and then she would be missing out on the best thing ever. So, she kept biting him but he wouldn't stop.

Elizabeth says her parents have never really asked her what happened. She leaves on a missionary trip next month to France and will be gone for two years. Her captor has been ruled incompetent to stand trial in Utah which is why the federal government is having a crack at him.

Kanye & Lady GaGa Cancel Their Tour - Ticket Sale Issues Or Something Else?

I know this might come as a shock to you but I was actually looking forward to seeing Kanye & Lady GaGa on tour when they came through Los Angeles. As much as I dislike Kanye as a person, I do like his music, and I thought the combination of the two of them was a really good idea. Earlier this week I heard rumblings that Lady GaGa wanted off the tour because she wanted to go do her own thing and to me that was part of the attraction so I saw my own interest waning. I had a vision of them performing one or two songs together at the end of the night and now it didn't look like that was going to happen.

Still though I didn't expect the entire tour to be canceled which is what happened yesterday. Live Nation who was promoting the show won't give a reason. TMZ says it was due to poor ticket sales. I think that had something to do with it, but they had just started promoting the show and I'm not sure many people really knew about it. Lady GaGa and her people couldn't stand Kanye's people but that happens all the time and bands still make it work. I think what happened is that Lady GaGa is exhausted and didn't want to go on a however many city tour and then Kanye couldn't find someone as fun or decided he was going to fake a rehab appearance and so canceled it. It happens.

David Letterman's Extortionist Identified

That didn't take long. Last night during his show, David Letterman told the world that he had testified before a grand jury yesterday. He had done so because police had arrested a man for allegedly extorting money from Letterman because of a series of sexual relationships he had with co-workers. The relationships occurred before he was married or his son was born, but while he was living with his current wife.

The man arrested in the plot was named today and he is a producer for 48 Hours named Robert Halderman. Halderman lives with one of the women (Stephanie Birkitt - see photo above)Letterman had an affair with and she still works on the show. Halderman needed money and so tried to extort $2M from Letterman who immediately went to the police. When Dave gave a fake $2M check to Halderman the suspect was arrested.

It sucks that Dave has been cheating for years and years and years. I mean when you like a guy you would like him to be decent and apparently he isn't if he has been having a string of affairs for years and years. And with co-workers which makes it even worse because then you wonder if they felt pressured to have sex with him or face losing their jobs. People might say it takes guts to go to the cops or say all of this to a national audience on your show, but honestly, it was going to come out in the next few days anyway. All Letterman did was release it on his own terms so he could reduce the damage. All the focus now is on the extortion plot and not all of his affairs.

Ted C. Blind Items

This one's full of sex 'n' love and secondhand embarrassment for Stinky Carrot-Crotch, a boob-tube dude used to rolling around in piles of money, but typically all by his lonesome.

Man's not exactly a lady-killer, though his bank account and undeniable talent certainly get women to give him second, third and fourth glances, shockingly. He's not exactly tragic-looking, either—so we're kinda stunned to hear SCC's got trouble with the female sort.

Well, not always—Stink got kissed by lady luck (and then some) one special evening, but maybe he should've been careful what he wished for...

Stinky, who just loves to hear the sound of his own voice, slunk into a karaoke joint for a night of dorky fun, but ended up with a whole lot more in his hand than a microphone. Like two babes looking for a good time and a famous guy to do it with. The punch-drunk gal-pals recognized the dude from his work on the small screen and were more than willing to hightail it back to his place for a night of supersloshed after-hours antics.

Was Carrot-Crotch into it? Totally! This was his first ménage à trois ever, and he was sick of being a prude by default. Unfortunately for him (and even sadder for the two girls) he didn't know what the hell he was doing the whole time, since he barely knows how to handle one broad in the bedroom, let alone two.

The next morning, C.C. woke up with a sparkle in his eyes for one of the honeys—'course, she had endured enough of the star's inexperience in bed the night before and ran out of there, prioritizing her libido over a life of riches and jewels and other high-class crap. Her other friend, however, totally had the hots for Carrot-Crotch, but his mind was too focused on what he couldn't have: the other girl who wanted nothing to do with him.

Take heed to the moral of Stinky Carrot-Crotch: This proves that money sure can't buy you everything—including how to please a woman. 'Course, he could always pick up one of these at his local sex shop; they do the trick just fine, we hear! Unlike Stinky. Poor rich, funny baby.

And It Ain't: Jon Hamm, Sam Trammell, Matt Stone

Thursday, October 01, 2009

October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Today's Blind Items

This former A list singer and now a probably a B- or C+ went off on her ex-boyfriend the other night. He is an A lister and she said that he only ever could have sex with our singer if she stayed completely quiet the entire time. Of course since they only had sex every few months she didn't have to make that effort very often.

Random Photos Part One

My favorite picture of the day. Can you tell Alyson Hannigan is a new mom and probably takes a million of these photos a day?
You would think Alex O'Loughlin would smile knowing he was going to be in the photos on here.
Anthony Michael Hall has come a long way from Farmer Ted and being the first Rusty.
Are the Yankees out of town? Kate Hudson looks crushed.
Adrian Young shows off his new jock itch cream.
Britney Spears on her daily Target run. Daisy Dukes and UGGS. Classic Britney.
They are a pretty good looking couple aren't they?
Randomness of the day. Dr. Dre and Lady GaGa. She does work for him now though so maybe not so random.
Dave Matthews - Kansas City
Something you would never see in real life. Eva Mendes and Will Ferrell as a couple.
Honor Marie looks like she wants to walk.
So, Jessica Alba lets her walk. Brunette to blonde to red head all in about two weeks for Jessica.
Nothing says class like a thong halfway up your stomach.
I can't wait to see this movie. I don't know how good it is going to be, but I really want to see Jason Bateman and Vince Vaughn interacting on screen.
The director of the movie has managed to not shoot his eye out. Yet.
"So, which one do you think is Dirk Diggler?"
Jaime Pressly picked up lots of gifts for the baby, but had to leave the baby behind in the store.
I can't decide if I like Kristen Bell's dress so I will leave it up to you.
I'm surprised Katie Couric is still standing. You give me a drink that big and I am going to be passed out.
Filming has begun on The A-Team.
It stars Liam Neeson.
And Bradley Cooper.
It's kind of like Seinfeld but not really. The real George and a woman that looks like Elaine and Jerry.
Orlando Bloom shows off the newest dance craze in Paris. It is called the Lindsay Lohan. You run from a store as fast as you can.
The always cool, Snoop Dogg.
Shia on the set of Wall Street 2. This is a conversation I had with someone last week.

Me:Did you see the Michael Douglas picture from Wall Street 2?
Someone:They are making Wall Street 2? WTF?
Me:Yeah, Oliver Stone is directing again. Shia is in it.
Someone: Shia LaBeouf? The guy from Transformers? Really? WTF?
There is always someone. Notice the woman at the left elbow of Woody. She has one smear of blood and that's it.


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