Saturday, October 05, 2013

Blind Item #3

This A list mostly television actress from a very hit network show has millions of dollars in her bank account which is why she is being pressured to marry quickly before she has a chance to think about the pre-nup she should be creating. She is going to wake up in a year and find half her stuff gone.

Blind Item #2

This former Scientologist who is a B list celebrity and not named Leah Remini doesn't get much play at all because people would wonder how and why her famous family still gets to talk to her. They might not be able to talk to her too much longer though if she keeps selling the tabloids stories of every dirty secret she knows about her celebrity Scientology friends.

Blind Item #1

This former A list tween start turned B list television and movie actress turned mess of the year sure does have a funny way of showing she is serious about getting better when a camera crew was spotted where she is currently residing. Well she has bills to pay.

Blind Items Revealed

March 28, 2013

This is quite the reunion. Several years ago, this B+ list celebrity/singer had a long term secret relationship with this former A list reality star. He did this while dating various other women. She is in a long term relationship now, but has not stopped them from reuniting after they bumped into each other in the airport and sat next to each other on a LAX-JFK flight. Since then, she has met with him twice. Once at a hotel and once at his NYC apartment. He is currently single. Wonder if this is the reason why.

John Mayer and Kristin Cavallari

Blind Items Revealed

February 18, 2013

This A+ list mostly movie actor with A+ list name recognition has discovered a new hobby and it is not paying off well for him at all. The actor, who has been known in the past for diving head first into things without thinking about them has spent the past few months gambling several times a week and has suffered losses of several million dollars. Apparently he has not made good on the debts because he does not have access to his money directly and needs to request it which he is reluctant to do.

Nicolas Cage

Blind Items Revealed

February 19, 2013

How much would you pay to spend the night with someone? Would you pay $450K? That was the price paid for one night with this A list reality star. Let me back up though and tell you how this all came to be. Back in the day this man was a little starstruck, and had very big pockets. So, he started a company which really does not make very much money, but he used it as a tool to meet the stars he always wanted to meet. 95% of them are women and 95% of them he wanted to not only meet, but to have sex with. When he approached the first few women with his offers he was told that things could be arranged, but perhaps it would be better for everyone if these meetings happened outside the country. No problem said the man. The first few meetings were with the usual suspects. This former B list mostly movie actress turned gift loving fiend. The former B list mostly television actress who makes her living off reality television. The former A list reality star who turned into a hated C list celebrity. Our man was not happy with those. He wanted more and he ended up with more, but at some point he decided on his ultimate prize and paid $450K for one night. This one night though has had repercussions that no one could have foreseen when it happened. What was supposed to be quick payday could cost multiples more than that if it is forced to the light as some people want it to be.

Former B list mostly movie actress: Lindsay Lohan
Former B list mostly television actress who makers her living off of reality tv: Pamela Anderson
Former A list reality star who turned into hated C list celebrity: Paris Hilton
Ultimate prize: Kim Kardashian
Repercussions: Divorce proceedings with Kris Humphries

Blind Items Revealed

March 27, 2013

This Academy Award winner/nominee actress who is A list and does mostly movies is on a trial separation from her long time love. Well, that is what he says anyway. He says that she has been cheating on him and that she calls it exploring and that it is good for them. Not that he has not been doing some exploring on his own with that home decorator he met a few months ago.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Blind Items Revealed

October 3, 2013

This show runner not named Shonda for an ABC show says he hates his show more than any show on air and can't wait until its canceled. Lucky for him his show does awful and no one likes it so it shouldn't be too long.

Lucky 7 (got their wish. canceled yesterday)

Blind Items Revealed

March 25, 2013

This A+ list model has been passed around by her boyfriend the past six months as his punishment for her disobeying him. Apparently she went through his phone because she was being jealous and saw some things she was not supposed to see. She begged to stay with him. He has been making her life miserable but she has not given up on being with him.

Naomi Campbell

Blind Items Revealed

March 25, 2013

This A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee who spent one weekend night talking to women in a bar. When they approached him, he asked each what they would be willing to do for $1000. Apparently one of them answered the way he wanted because he invited her to sit down and then left the bar with her a short time later.

Mel Gibson

Blind Items Revealed

March 23, 2013

This former A list mostly movie actor and now still a solid B who works anywhere when he can get it has always been a ladies man. Never bothered before about being married and cheating, he still isn't. His wife (for now) has decided to believe he has reformed but he hasn't. Give him a drink or three and he will still end up in the bed of someone else.

Dennis Quaid

Blind Items Revealed

March 21, 2013

This former B list reality star who was in multiple reality shows has her career barely registering a pulse for some time now. She is desperate to revive it again and calls her agent almost hourly to ask him if he has found her any work. She says she needs the money and she really wants the fame again. While she used to ask for $25K an appearance and burned so many bridges when offered less than that, she is now willing to appear places for as little as $1000. She even appeared at a Bachelorette party not long ago for $1500 so she could do a Q&A about one of her shows.

Audrina Patridge

Friday, October 04, 2013

Random Photos Part Five

Congratulations to Julianne Moore on getting her star. I'm always amazed at who has one and who doesn't. She deserves hers.

Brant Daugherty posing for the Russian edition of In Style.
Bridget Moynahan had nothing to do so went to a premiere. Wore a tux with track pants.
Britney Spears sexing up her Starbucks run.
Courteney Cox is filming Cougar Town. It is now being aired on QVC6.
Claire Danes for Vogue UK. This was the best shot they had to release?
Dianna Agron in Paris.
Elle Fanning and her Hello Kitty bag.
All 6'3" of Gwendoline Christie from Game Of Thrones makes her first appearance in the photos.

Random Photos Part Four

Apparently Lifetime is not punking us and Gina Gershon really is going to play Donatella Versace.

They also managed to get The Edge and Michael Stipe there with Helena Christensen.
The Goopster is still filming for Hugo Boss who obviously think she can help sell product. Snooki would probably sell as much.
Helena Bonham Carter dodges traffic to get away from paps asking her about Tim Burton sucking face with someone else.
Angelina Jolie spends another day looking for places to film her latest movie.
Josh Duhamel looks guilty here.
Hey it's American Idol.
George Clooney just always has to be a clown. Here he is trying to photobomb the Seinfelds with Steven Spielberg.
He then gets to have his photo taken with Jon Stewart and Sandra Bullock.

Random Photos Part Three

Ke$ha feels left out with the attention Miley Cyrus has been getting so sent out this photo and a bunch of herself half naked so you will notice her too.

Jack Osbourne decided to dress up his daughter like Ozzy.
Speaking of kids, Victoria Prince has two. One just happens to be really overweight and old.
Katherine Heigl and her dog and two steps behind her as always is her mom.
Khloe Kardashian just had to go to Kitson. Uh huh. More like had to make sure she gets photographed every day.
Kate Walsh at the premiere of her new project.
Matt Damon now speaks at colleges.
Melanie Griffith saw a college once.
Marie Osmond explains to Wendy Williams why she is a blonde at home and it had nothing to do with anything sexual. It was something convoluted and I think she made it up.

Random Photos Part Two

Nicole Kidman wants you to think she is just like you so she went and picked up her daughter from school.

Naya Rivera shows off her new engagement ring.
Bella Thorne was there but didn't have an engagement ring and better not for about a decade.
Oprah in a very rare pap photo.
Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem head to the premiere of her new movie.
Princess Eugenie started her new job in NYC yesterday. The boss took her out for lunch.
This is Rose McGowan's wedding dress and it's not a Game Of Thrones themed wedding. Or 80's Penthouse.
Amy Smart was recognized by the paps. She loves that.
A very rare appearance in the photos for Scott Foley.

Random Photos Part One

Five parts today.

The pap behind Selena Gomez realizes he was a little late to the party and is sprinting to catch up.

Scarlett J and Joseph Gordon Levitt look like they are getting ready to make an awkward family photo.
Ashley Tisdale goes solo to the Walking Dead red carpet.
Sarah Silverman is back to being Sarah Silverman and being one big fashion miss.
Alexa Vega hits two red carpets in a row.
Andrew Lincoln and
Norman Reedus were all dressed up.
Looking for her car was Teri Hatcher.
Vanessa Hudgens actually looks really good here. You can tell it's Friday and I want to be nice.

Blind Item #11

This A list mostly television actor with A+ name recognition got his brother a hooker for his birthday. He didn't tell his brother the woman was a hooker though and kept asking her out on dates. He wanted to leave his wife for the hooker until his brother told him that the reason she kept saying yes was that the actor was paying her but meant it to be a one time thing.

Blind Item #10

This A list mostly movie actress who was also an A list mostly television actress has about C list when it comes to acting talent. Oh she also has an A sized ego. She says that the only actor who didn't hit on her while filming was this A list mostly movie actor who teams up with the same group of people frequently. She says he was so whacked out on drugs that he didn't even know his character's name most of the time. This was one of her highest grossing movies of the past decade probably because the guy was wasted. Maybe she should try it.

Meet Siri

Blind Item #9

Party last year. Former A list model and general all around slightly crazy person who has also acted was with this former A list celebrity/singer. The two women found an unlocked gun cabinet and started shooting the guns in a room while drunk. At the walls. With people on the other side.

Blind Items Revealed

 March 21, 2013

This A+ list mostly movie actor describes himself as a family man. He must love families because besides his public family, his long time mistress has two kids of her own with the actor who financially supports them and does so with the blessing of his wife.

Denzel Washington

Four For Friday- Quick Ones

Announcement time. I have none to make. It's desert winds time in LA so fire season and allergies for me are on the way. I need to hunker down in the basement and wait it out until things go back to normal. Freaky things happen in LA when the winds come in from the desert. I will be blogging all weekend but will be drunk and paranoid. Lots of blind items and reveals so come on over and keep me company. Oh and if you want to follow me on Twitter I am @entylawyer.

#1 - This A list celebrity/singer has been only having sex with his much much younger girlfriend when she can get pregnant. He wants the money pie.

#2 - This former almost A list mostly television actor from a very hit cable show who is now seemingly permanently out of the country says he was drunk when he let the guy go down on him at backstage at a show last weekend.

#3- This hired boyfriend of an A list celebrity was fired because he was selling stories to the tabloids.

#4- This is as sick as you think it is. This A list mostly movie actor told his ex-girlfriend that he once had sex with his mom. The ex was telling everyone last week. She said he missed some payments to her so she was now going to talk.

Your Turn

How old were you when you stopped trick or treating? Do you remember the last year you did?

Blind Item #8

About two years ago this actor was right there at A list. The his first solo film came out and bombed and he has steadily dropped to a B-. No franchise to keep him artificially boosted. His latest movie was supposed to be his return to A list but his acting is so bad that the script had to be revised and he is being edited out of as much of it as possible while still using his name to sell it.

Blind Items Revealed

March 21, 2013

This A list celebrity/mogul has his people offering up multiple reasons why he split with his most recent girlfriend. All of them blame her. That is the unifying concept. She got caught after they agreed they would keep those things quiet. He is ticked because it was perfect for him and he wants to have her feel some of his pain, but not pain in a broken hearted kind of way.

Ryan Seacrest/Julianne Hough

Blind Item #7

This A- list mostly television actress on a hit show for an almost network is discovering what so many others have learned before her. Her celebrity boyfriend had a friend come over to the house the other night and since our actress was high as a kite and wanted more the celebrity said he should help out his friend first. He always does this. The guy is f**ked up.

Blind Item #6

This C+ list actress with B list name recognition who was on a hit show that just ended its run on almost network and isn't Gossip Girl is thrilled the show has ended. She says she got tired of having sex with one of the producers of the show who had made good on his promise to fire others who didn't have sex with him on a regular basis.

Blind Item #5

This show is on a network and has been around for a few years but most people don't even talk about it. It just keeps going on and on. It isn't on NBC so that should get rid of all the Law & Order and their offspring. Anyway the lead actress was having a fling with a guy right up until he got married. His wife told him that the actor needed to stop so he did but started with someone else on the show who he has convinced his wife is a lesbian just so she won't figure out what he is doing.

Blind Item #4

This almost A list singer anywhere in the world but here said that her recent boyfriend dumped her when she told him she had cancer. Well, her husband did the same thing before. She needs to find better guys.

Giuliana Rancic Says Her Metabolism Is Faster Than Anyone In The World

Earlier this week Giuliana Rancic said that she eats lots of junk food and that since she had cancer she eats way more junk than she used to and doesn't exercise very much. Well, no one bought what she was selling so she tried a different tactic yesterday and said in an interview that her metabolism is higher than anyone else she knows and maybe in the world and that is why she is so skinny and she walks a lot. Uh huh. What happened to the no exercise thing earlier in the week? The next thing you know she will be telling people the reason she is so skinny is because she sucks the fat out of her body to give it to starving children in Africa or she chooses to skip meals because she is on a hunger strike until Mars is colonized.

I don't understand why she doesn't come clean and admit she has self esteem issues and doesn't eat because of it. Every years when she is out promoting something she comes up with a million excuses. That is ho you know she is lying about it all. If she was telling the truth she would stick with it and not alter course. She rarely eats. She would die inside if she got heavy which is why there is no way she would ever get pregnant. The scary thing to me is that she keeps losing more and more weight. She weighs less now than she did a few years ago. What kind of image is she setting for her kid and soon to be kids?

Blind Item #3

This B list mostly television actress who has worked steadily since being on one of the all-time franchises is on a hit show right now. On cable. While on a semi-vacation our actress has been meeting with doctors about a procedure to fix her cocaine destroyed nose. It's barely being held together and our actress needs it fixed before the next seasons of her show starts shooting. Not much pap action where she is right now.

Blind Item #2

The girlfriend of this former almost A list mostly movie actor and Academy Award winner/nominee who is now a punch line to a lot of jokes is so forgetful that he left her naked and tied up for hours because he had got up to go to the bathroom during sex and then became distracted with something else.

Blind Item #1

This B- list mostly television actress from a hit ensemble show thinks she is living the perfect life and that no one will ever figure out her secrets. They already have. Her big time boyfriend is going to dump her very publicly when he finds out about all of her past activities and what she will still do today to get some good coke. Even though she is on a hit show and makes a lot of bucks her boyfriend has to pay for everything because she has spent all of hers on drugs.

Hilaria Baldwin Complains About Paps

Two years ago did you know who Hilaria Baldwin was? Nope. Two years ago she was Hilaria Thomas and a yoga instructor who happened to have a famous client show up for her classes. That client was Alec Baldwin. She dug her claws in and never let go. Yesterday she started Tweeting about how she was jogging and paps got too close to her so she ended up spraining her ankle. She also says that she complained to the NYPD about the paps but when they found out who she was they declined to intervene and the paps weren't doing anything wrong.

She then Tweeted there need to be new laws protecting celebrities from paps. Yes she thinks of herself as a celebrity now because she is married to Alec and had his kid. I have told you for at least as long as they were dating that she wanted to be famous and wants a reality show and to be a star. Paps don't care about her on her own. Why do you think she calls them to let them know where she will be? If they don't come she gets all upset and finds other paps who will come take her photo.

Now she is complaining about them? If she and Alec get divorced tomorrow do you think she would still be a celebrity?

Benicio Del Toro Moves On To Another Blonde- Leaves Cameron Diaz Behind

A weekend of sex with Cameron Diaz was about all Benicio Del Toro was apparently all he wanted because the actor has moved on. As usual he has found another blonde but this one is much much younger than Cameron. Hell she is even younger than Kimberly Stewart. Benicio was spotted making out with a blonde at a bar who was probably 21 but not much older. I say 21 because the bar was carding people. Benicio came alone but within an hour had the blonde sitting on his lap and she stayed there for the next hour as they drank. Then she and Benicio left in a cab together.

To me the guy is kind of freakish looking but then again he is in movies so and a star so that doesn't seem to matter to people. He probably wouldn't get a second look most of the time but because he is in movies women are all over him. Probably not to the extent they would be all over a rock star and ignoring a rock star's missing teeth and one arm, but close.

Cameron is getting dumped on a fairly consistent basis lately and after not much time with guys.

Barbara Sinatra Calls Mia Farrow A Liar

Barbara Sinatra called Mia Farrow a liar in an article in a Palm Springs newspaper. Apparently people still read newspapers in Palm Springs. Barbara has called Mia Farrow a whole lot worse things in the past other than a liar and most of them rhymed with bore.

Barbara is not an idiot and knows her husband Frank Sinatra cheated right up until his death. What she hates is the thought Frank cheated with Mia Farrow. This week Vanity Fair released a portion of an interview they did with Mia Farrow and in that portion she says Ronan Farrow is probably Frank Sinatra's son. If you look at the kid there is no Woody in him and Nancy Sinatra told vanity Fair that Ronan is a special person in the family. Why would he be unless he was related? Barbara said it was all lies and that Frank would never sleep with that rhymes with bore.

Ronan was born in 1987. Frank and Mia split in the late 60's.

Kardashians To Use Lamar Odom Drama To Try And Boost Ratings

With their ratings in a free fall and viewership down to an all-time low the Kardashians are desperate to keep themselves on the air through the end of their contract. They know it isn't going to be renewed and they knew that before which is why they gave everyone the song and dance about walking away from the show at some point to try and live a normal life. Their only goal now is to try and keep some type of Kardashian show on the air with whatever family member can do it.

The plan? A very single Khloe Kardashian going through a divorce to an evil man who used drugs and cheated on her while Khloe stayed home and tried to be the best wife she can while also trying to get pregnant. Yeah, they are going to play those cards too. So, Khloe gets divorced and then she will have to enter the dating world and they want the cameras to follow her and keep up with her until the younger kids can hold a show on their own with help from kris of course. Kris wants to be on all of them.

Apparently she is ticked off that her shot at stardom failed so miserably on her talk show and wants something of her own so she doesn't have to share the spotlight.


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