Friday, July 11, 2008

The Glitch

I want to thank everyone for their patience on the loading hiccup when you first enter the site or refresh. Some good news. The problem was finally identified and if you use Mozilla there is no more glitch. If you use Internet Explorer, it is better, and hopefully by Monday will be 100%.

Four For Friday

#1 & 2- So this C list television actress with A list name recognition was supposed to star in an old family standby. Everyone was excited to have her on board and thought everything was great. Then at the filming of the promos for the show, our actress was a no-show. Apparently she was too tired to come in and film, but would try and come in a few days or perhaps they could just film out at her place. Whatever was more convenient for her. The producers, instead of putting up with crap and creating some kind of diva monster, cut her loose from the project right then and brought in an old nemesis instead who has been a perfect angel.

#3 - What former NY Yankees pitcher and still in the major leagues had an affair with a teammate's wife, and then later with that same teammate's girlfriend. (This has nothing to do in any way, shape, or form with Alex Rodriguez except who knows, maybe he slept with them both as well. I don't know.)

#4 - Apparently random acts of vandalism against her ex's stuff is the way this B- television and C list film actress is getting her revenge on the guy she dumped, but says she didn't. No, not Megan Fox. Think meaner and older. Not that old.

Your Turn

It has been awhile since I have done this because I was running out of ideas and wanted to give everyone something to find to plug or promote. Anyway, I have been plugging this book to everyone lately and would love to hear about what everyone else is reading. I know that whatever we pick will be better than Oprah at least. It can be anything. I don't care if it is Slash, which by the way is a great book, or some tell-all or poems, or whatever. I liked this book about Shel Silverstein because I knew of course about his children's books and a few of his #1 songs, but there was so much more I didn't know. If you love his books or songs or have no idea who the hell he is, you will love this book.

Random Photos Part One

Carole King - Hollywood, FL
It has been a long time since I have seen Amy Irving. If I remember correctly she is the only actress who has been nominated for a Razzie and an Academy Award for the same performance in the same year. Yentl.
The makes me laugh photo of the day goes to Avid Merrion. This is a guy I would love to go drinking with.
First time appearance for Eric Etibari. Since it is his first time, we will go ahead and overlook his tribute to Color Me Badd.

I never thought I would actually say this. Well, I guess it is not actually saying when you are typing, because that would just be strange. Carrie Underwood on vacation by herself. I have looked at photos from every angle, and she is alone, on the beach, surrounded by people who don't even know or care who she is. To make up for that she then posted a sign in the sand that said American Idol Winner.
Three guys from C.S.I. A blind item magnet of a show, yet none of these guys has been one. From L to R - A.J. Buckley, Carmine Giovinazzo, and Eddie Cahill.
My French is rusty. Actually it is non-existent except for the word alcool. But, I believe the title of Carla Bruni's new CD is "As If Nothing Had Happened." Well let me tell you stuff did happen, so don't go pretending it didn't.
I was under the impression that no one ever got rejected from Flavor Of Love. Apparently I was wrong as Beetlejuice has proved to me with his lovely collection of fine upstanding women.
It's a phone people. A phone. And guess what? It will still be there tomorrow and the next day. I know you can't wait to impress the people in the Hamptons this weekend, but it is a phone. You don't think people in London would act so crazy and stupid do you? Do you?

Ummm. Guess they would. My bad.
Freddie McGregor - Brooklyn
The Entourage boys filming on Adrian Grenier's 32nd birthday. Happy birthday Adrian.
Who knew Eva Longoria could read?

Today's fashion disaster goes to, Kabir who is joined by Roisin Murphy who always looks amazing.

Today's runner-up who will take over the throne should Kabir not live up to the standards I impose subjectively is Kinder Uggagini which I think translates to Kids Shouldn't Wear Uggs.
Continuing the randomness with Jade Jagger.
Julie Hagerty is always smiling. Always. I really do love her. Just so funny and doesn't get the credit for just throwing perfect lines out there to be hit.

Lil Wayne - Austin

First time appearance for Luis Salgado.
Kelly King - Brooklyn
k.d. lang - Berlin

Rascal Flatts - New York

Nelly Furtado - Dresden
So the guy on the left is Miles Siggins and he is the stylist for American Idol. I know, I know. But hey at least he is with Orlando Jones. Love him.
See it works. Seduced.
Michael Bolton - Brooklyn
Hey Melbourne Australia. You are getting Wicked and LA is losing it. You need to go see it.

So after all the success the Danish Royalty had with their MTV Cribs style show, The Netherlands had to take the plunge.
Styx - Seattle
When people say smirk, or having a fake smile, I think Soledad O'Brien exemplifies it rather well. That is the most patronizing look I have ever seen.
You want randomness? How about Stephen Collins and Drew Lachey in Chicago doing promos for their show.

Daily Mirror Blind Item

Which star boasts of his family drug connections? He looks squeaky clean on set but sorts out all of his mates on a night out...

Samantha Ronson Thinks It's Serious

How do you know when a relationship is serious here in the year 2008? Do you call friends and tell them? Do you throw a little party? Well, of course you could do all those things but then you would actually have to interact with someone. That all seems to germy so instead what you do is change your Facebook page. Well apparently Samantha Ronson changed hers today from Single to In A Relationship. Wow, I guess she wanted to make sure. Either that or Ellen and Portia broke up overnight and Samantha is praying.

So, apparently she has left the with who part of the In A Relationship blank. Maybe she is hoping her special someone will make the first move and then she can reciprocate. It can be like "you hang up." "No, you hang up first." "Let's hang up together."

Now in this day and age, you really don't get that as much. You do get Facebook updates though and it was just done, so maybe they had a really good night or that Samantha was just really lazy and only got around to it right now. Well, it doesn't really matter. I'm actually happy for her and them and I think all of you should be too. Samantha has obviously helped keep Lindsay on the straight and narrow and should allow all of us to focus on other disasters in the making.

Do you think Samantha would DJ her own wedding? I know what I'm getting the happy couple if they do get married. A nice brand new bottle of Blue Seduction For Women. If it's good enough for Melanie Griffith it's good enough for everyone.

Lets Make Fun Of Kneepads

Here is a "story" that People Magazine had on their site today under the heading of news. You then click and are taken to style. Whatever. It's an ad, not a "story." To make it more palatable, I have added some extra comments after theirs.

If there’s one thing Antonio Banderas knows, it’s the art of seduction.

While I'm sure he does, lets face it. How much seduction was needed to land Melanie Griffith?

And while wearing that Zorro mask alone is more than enough to make some of us swoon, the actor is taking things to new levels with his latest fragrance, Blue Seduction for Women.

When you actually use the word swoon in an article you know that you are pretty much reading a piece of crap. In a book, sure, or maybe, just maybe in a lengthy magazine piece about the 60's, but there are no other exceptions. Do you get the feeling that he could have called his perfume GHB and they still would be gushing.

At yesterday’s launch event for scent in N.Y.C., Antonio brought in the cast of the Tony Award-winning musical In the Heights to sing the scent’s praises — or at least entertain the gathered crowd.

The gathered crowd consisted of people who were waiting patiently for the Circle Line tour.

But it was the troupe’s final number that really dazzled.

Dazzled? See swoon above and take off that damn glitter, you are embarrassing yourself.

Antonio jumped from his seat next to wife Melanie Griffith, ran to the stage and joined the singers to show off his own impressive skills.

The fact that he was able to remove his chain and collar that quickly in order to perform really does show off impressive skills.

Your wait to be seduced by the violet, rose, and jasmine notes of Antonio’s fruity fragrance will be over soon.

The publicist should have checked that fruity thing over before letting that go to print. What about the notes of haven't had a hit in a few years or the sweat of knowing your wife stays awake staring at you all night. Where is that in the bottle?

It hits stores in September, with one dollar from the sale of each bottle going directly to the charity Broadway Equity Fights AIDS.

Do me a favor. Don't give Melanie anymore money. The bottle will probably cost $50 at least and they are going to vie a $1 to charity. Just send $10 to the charity and call it a day. Seriously one dollar? I mean how greedy can one person be? I was just guessing at $50 which would be 2% going to charity, but it will probably cost $75-100 in reality. Is Antonio that desperate for money that he can only give a $1 a bottle? That seems kind of sad and depressing that Melanie has gone through his money that quickly.

True Or False?

The National Enquirer is running a story this week that I'm kind of questioning. Hey, that's two weeks running, but again, I still feel they get 95% of their stuff right.

This week's edition of I'm not so sure is about Katie Holmes, because honestly, I think we all need more Katie and Tom in our lives. Not actually in our lives as in touching or coming in close contact, but afar, from a distance where we are safe from whatever energy they give off or suck out of you.

Tom was redoing Valkyrie for the 680th time at a church in Pasadena when Suri and Katie were ordered to drop by and pretend it was spontaneous. At the church was a playground. Suri, still being a kid and not having all of her natural emotions and desires snuffed out of her yet wanted to of course play on said playground.

Well, Katie said she could but to wait in the car until she sanitized the place. Katie then went over each surface with sanitizing wipes and was comforting Suri by saying that she was almost done. After wiping off every surface, then and only then was Suri allowed to play on the playground. Presumably she was allowed to actually walk to the slides and swings and was not carried to each piece of equipment and placed on it. I mean lord only knows what kind of germs are in the sand or dirt or grass that could get on her shoes or on her skin.

So, is this true? I mean Katie seems to be slowly going off her rocker, but is she really Joan Crawford reincarnated? I don't know. I mean is it because of the germs from other kids or because it was a church playground and Xenu would forbid touching the equipment without cleaning it? I mean the sanitizing thing in an outdoor area seems overboard. Every kid is going to reach down and touch something and get dirty and just don't see the germs in an outdoor setting like that.

Here is what I think happened. Katie saw there was mud or dirt or jelly on a swing, wiped it off and the story got blown out of proportion. What do you think?

Peaches Geldof Is Forgiven

Peaches may be a crackhead, but at least she has the guts to interview someone properly when given the job to do so. Maybe it was the crack that pushed her to test the boundaries of what you can get away with in an interview, but as far as I'm concerned she should be the permanent host of Larry King Live, and if they say she's too young, then I say f**k you, Larry is way too old.

So, why do I feel this sudden love for Peaches? Well she was working for ITV2 in the UK and interviewed the winner of Strictly Come Dancing which in the US is Dancing With The Has Beens. Anyway, the winner of the show was Alesha Dixon. Alesha is a singer/model/do anything who became famous for being in a girl group. She later married a guy named MC Harvey.

She and MC got divorced after MC started having sex with a woman named Javine Hylton who was one of Alesha's friends. Apparently this affair was discovered when Javine's boyfriend caught Javine and MC having sex in where else? A toilet. So, this was always just a rumor.

So, Peaches was having her interview, and just cruising along making Alesha comfortable, when going against her suck up producer asked the following question:

"How did you feel when your husband Harvey was caught f***ing Javine in a toilet?"

Apparently Alesha didn't like the question and stopped the interview. She then later complained to the head of ITV2 about Peaches' question, and Peaches in general. Hey Alesha, as far as I am concerned, it is a fair question. Every time anyone has ever asked Alesha a question about anything, she has always denied it and then when proven true looks stupid. To me, this was an opportunity for Alesha to get her side of the story out and Peaches was just letting her have the forum to do it.

See, Peaches is the right person for this because even if she skewers someone, she kind of gets a free pass because of what she has been through. I say give her a microphone and some scandalous celebrities and let her at them. Just make sure you hide the crack.

Well I Could Have Told You He Loves Nuts

So all week long there was story after story about how the police in Oakland, Ontario had pulled over David Lee Roth for speeding, only to find that he was about to die from an allergic reaction to some nuts he ate. The policemen rushed him to a hospital and saved his life. The world was focused on how they saved a legend.

The thing is, none of it is true. David Lee Roth hasn't even been in Ontario this year. He did spend three days in Quebec earlier in the month, but never got behind the wheel of a car, and said that he never drives when he is on tour.

Oh, and he said the only thing he is allergic to is criticism. No food allergies. So, then who in the hell did the police stop in Oakland? Is there actually a constable in Ontario named Chris Thompson who was interviewed by local media and who passed along the story.

Here is what Constable Chris had to say about the stranger: "The guy stuck out like a sore thumb. He was wearing a little silk scarf and flashy clothing - it's not something you see in Oakland too often."

Maybe it was Sammy Hagar. It makes sense, because as you know, he can't drive 55.

Ted C. Blind Item

Oh, this is a cruel town, and I can be an equally snitty columnist, sorry. You try growing up a fruit in Texas and get back to me. Until then, let’s dish up Pickled Fickle, shall we? See, Mr. F’s not in a great way these days. Career ain’t what it used to be, and his bedroom notches certainly aren’t what they used to tally up to, either. And take it from moi, all this mattress and life sadness has nothin’ to do with P.F.’s split with his honey recently. Ol’ P-man was certainly stepping out on his lady long before their recent bust up, I assure you. But like a lot of closeted stars in this town, used to having it his way—meaning the gal and all the guys he wanted. Until...gravity and genes set in. And I’m not only talkin’ getting old here, hons, I’m talking the whole he-bang, as in the ever-awful three W’s: weight, wrinkles and wondering (as in what went wrong).

P.F.’s got those so big time right now—in fact, he’s very nearly delirious with the three W’s. He actually said to a pal whose shoulder he was crying on not long ago, “Maybe I should just go back to hooking.” Oh, darlin’. I dare say you’re in the category now where you have to dole out the green, babycakes. You been smokin’ somethin’ you picked up below the border? Damn, Sweets. Look in the friggin’ mirror.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Today's Blind Items

Have a baby and then lose your husband? This A list singer recently had a baby, but it seems that the little bundle of joy was also just delaying the inevitable. The only thing that held them together was the pregnancy. Now that the pregnancy is over, so is the marriage.

Random Photos Part One

There were really no truly worthy candidates to grab the top spot today. So, the appearance of Bode Miller on the top is simply a matter of chance.
Bell Biv Devoe - New York
I know Austin Chick has never been in the photos before and as a director would normally not be, but I just love the guy's name. He has a ready made porn star name. No need to combine the address and dog's name. Saves a great deal of time at parties.
So the woman on the left is another Ronson. This time Charlotte. The woman on the right? Guess. Come on. Give up? How about Shoshanna Lonstein. Do you know she is 33 now? 33? I remember when she was like 18 or something and doing Jerry Seinfeld. I'm getting old.

Celine Dion in a bikini. If that isn't frightening enough, she has a hose. Attention residents there will be no water today because Celine has used it all. Again.
Hard to believe that Bobby Trendy still gets invited places and that I get desperate enough for photos to post him.
Lots of athletes today. Here is Ben Roethlisberger.
Not exactly the monumental sand castles from we saw in Belgium a few weeks ago, but in my mind a better promotion than a pie hole eating contest.
If you notice the backdrop, then you will have seen that Bobby Trendy was at the same party that Emmanuelle Chriqui attended. Feel sorry for her. Nicky Hilton was also there. Don't feel sorry for her. I hope Bobby followed her around the entire night screaming "Nicky!"

It's always nice to see former Vice-Presidents out there plugging products.
Damn Dave Navarro wears a lot of makeup. Notice the woman checking out his ass.
Almost the top spot. Almost. The guy is Harold Kuhn. The laughs are what makes this day easier. Thanks Harold.
Coco Sumner - London

There will be more photos of this event tomorrow. The guests are still arriving so there aren't very many available yet. Jenifer Hudson looks really good.

So, you know I gave that stylist in Sydney a bunch of crap a few weeks ago for designing and wearing that outfit that I said would never sell. Guess I was wrong.
John Cleese is already moving on to the next wife.
Jimmy Barnes - Melbourne
Feist - Brooklyn

Just in case you haven't seen the promos on Bravo every four and a half seconds, Jo & Slade have a new reality show.

The only guest other than family and the guy having sex with her that came to Jessica's birthday party is Vivica Fox. She came because Jessica is the only woman who has a worse career as an actress. Makes her feel good to say hi to Jessica.
You probably don't know any of these people, but from L to R are Julia Roitfeld, Jeremy Kost, and guest. I love the and guest. I especially love them when they look like this. When you are the and guest, you need to bring the cigarette smoking (even though banned), drinking, cussing, loud mouthed, don't care what anyone thinks guest. That is a party. You can also bring Luenell. Either works well.
Been wondering about John O'Hurley? Well wonder no more.
Looks like Josh Hartnett knows how to win friends and influence people wherever he goes. Check out the guy in the background.

Lisa Bonet and her two kids. Yes, that is Zoe back there somewhere. So basically that is about a six foot purse.

The drinking really helps to clarify some things.
More Josh and look who he brought with him. Interesting.
So, Kevin Costner doesn't look that great, but for once in about 20 years I want to see a film he is in. Go figure.
Jason Taylor. Sorry about the angle, but this is the only one he took.
So, imagine you are 5 and you are in the Barnes & Noble in Las Vegas. Just minding your own business. Reading Thomas The Tank Engine or Dora or perhaps something more edgy like Mrs. Piggle Wiggle, when a dude in a wheelchair comes rolling up looking like this. Do you think you would scream and run crying to mommy? Well Michael Jackson spent the majority of his two hour visit to the store in the children's section. Yes, his kids were there also, but they were off to the side. Michael was just rolling along and reading children's books.

This is as good as Michael Imperioli has looked in awhile.
Margaret Cho - Los Angeles
Well at least she looks normal. Still wouldn't touch her with a ten foot pole, but it is good to know that Mischa Barton is still capable of dressing normally.
Lake Bell just because, hell it's Lake Bell and she looks good.
A Barber twin. This one is Ronde.

That is a whole lotta bike, but Queen Latifah is a whole lotta woman.
The man responsible for American Idol. Do with him what you wish.
A whole bag full of DNA samples. See, even when Maury Povich is on vacation he wants us to know he's ready to make somebody a daddy or let them off the hook.
And he brought along Connie.


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