Friday, December 07, 2007

Four For Friday

#1 - This B list television actress. I say B list because she is on a hit network show. It is an ensemble, but she is one of the stars, and thus, B list. If she was just a recurring character, than maybe a C. Anyway, she lives with a guy. Not a celebutard. He is a celebrity. Can't say what he does because it would give it away. If he was an actor I would say it, so that should give you some help. Anyway, turns out that our actress refuses to have sex with him. Yep. She only had sex with him until they moved in together. Now, all she does is yell at him, and call him names. Oh, and dresses him in her clothes. He puts up with it though. For now.

#2 - This one is kind of common knowledge, but thought you might get a kick out of guessing. This aging film actress from a very famous family and in a very famous entertainment case was at a party once. In front of her was what she guessed was a small bowl of sugar. She scooped out most of it and placed it in her coffee cup. Turns out it wasn't sugar, but instead was a bowl of cocaine worth about a thousand dollars. The hostess was not pleased and the actress was never invited back.

#3 - This married A list film actor with child(ren) dropped off his car with valet at a restaurant in LA. When the valet got into the car, there was a horrible smell coming from the car that could only be described as something dead. There was nothing actually in the car, but it seemed like it was coming from the trunk. The valet told his boss, and instead of asking the actor about it, called the cops. The cops came, smelled the same thing, and went and got the actor and asked him to open the trunk. Two dead bunnies inside. Seems they had dies three days earlier and he just hadn't got around to throwing them away and had been sitting in his trunk for three days. The cops took them for him.

#4 - B list film actress. I say B list based entirely on name recognition. Everyone knows she is an actress, but honestly it seems like forever since she has been in anything. A+ name recognition though. Bit of a drug problem. OK, more than bit. A lot. A bunch. She could keep the cartels in business by herself. She needs to go to rehab. The whole family knows she needs to go rehab, but she thinks she can do it on her own. Doesn't want the stigma attached to her about rehab. She is not one of those people who seeks out publicity and certainly not for that. She has been quietly meeting a counselor for several hours each day, and trying to make it. If she doesn't make it through though, don't be surprised if she disappears for awhile. If she does go to rehab, it will not be in the US or anywhere in the Western Hemisphere.

Random Photos Part One -- Full Frontal Friday Version

Two of my favorite people in LA. Keith Collins and Jill-Michele-Melean practice their wedding pose at a recent event.

If you have never seen Mary J Blige live, you need to do so. This is from her CNN performance last night.
I still don't know why Playboy put Amanda Beard in their magazine. I understand it was a celebrity thing and some men think she is hot. I kind of think she looks like Suzanne Vega with breasts.
I don't care if Anderson Cooper stands next to a naked Rosario Dawson, it isn't going to change the mind of anyone.
Burt Reynolds is in here. Why the hell would I put him in here you ask? Well, full frontal today is two actors, and this one is an old hairy one, but thought you might like it. NSFW.
I'm glad Mary Kate Olsen is feeling better. She doesn't look better. She actually looks pained which is no surprise because she the necklaces she is wearing weigh more than she does.
I am going to have be nice to Lindsay Lohan. She was back at the American Red Cross and this time they just let her come to them. She has actually gone a few times since her initial day that was reported. She even bought the entire place lunch one day. From someone who personally knows what McDonalds can do to a body, she may want to avoid eating there because she could start to get a little belly. Whoops.
No doubt the kid just said they hated mommy to make Chris Robinson smile like that.
Jude Law. Old photo. Not current which means he must be our other full frontal actor of the day. NSFW
The good Brittany. Brittany Snow looks incredible as always.
So Mel C played an acoustic show at The Mint last night which was allegedly awful. But, it was sold out. How was that possible? Because Victoria Beckham told everyone she and David Beckham would be there. She has to support all her fellow Spice Girls because when she doesn't show up at one of their events, she takes crap. We already know she doesn't like to be bullied.
Wow. Taylor Dayne. I love you, but stop with the work on the face. Now. Plus, I think she is wearing the same dress as Mary J Blige.
Renee Zellweger shows off a bunch of leg so we all get distracted and don't look at her face. It worked on me, but I'm shallow. Kind of like her. Nice huh. She and I have something in common. Neither one of us have slept with Kenny Chesney either so I guess that is something else.
Rachael Ray will do anything to show us how much she is in love and in a happy marriage. Do you think she has to pay her husband extra to pretend?
One thing you have to say about Ryan Phillipe that is good. He does seem to be a great dad. Of course it could also be said that he is a crap dad because he cheated on his wife, thus causing the absence from the son which then requires us to say he is a great dad when he goes to see him.


Hey, I like to throw in a little bonus now and again.

This hot blooded female singer got on an elevator at a hotel in LA with about three other people. She immediately took up a position in front of the mirror in the elevator. On the next two floors the elevator stopped, letting more people on. When the added people started blocking her own view of herself on the elevator, she told them to please move out of the way. This forced the people on the elevator to all squeeze together uncomfortably. Our singer then continued to model and pose in front of the mirror all the way to her floor. Not quite Eva Mendes strutting around a Starbucks, but close.

Like I Needed Another Reason To Like Marcia Cross

Picture this. The Whole Foods in Brentwood. Marcia Cross is wandering through the produce section when she feels a tap on her shoulder. She turns, expecting it to be a fan. The look on her face confirms she has no idea who she is looking at, and is meeting her for the first time.

The person goes on and on about how much she loved Melrose Place and literally talks for 3 or 4 minutes about how great it was, and then goes into another 3 or 4 minute gush about Desperate Housewives. Not wanting to be rude, Marcia asked our person what she did for a living. The woman replied, "that she had starred on 7th Heaven for 10 years and done a few movies."

Marcia then said, "I thought you looked familiar." It was obvious though she had no idea that it was Jessica Biel or who she was, and in fact was just being nice to the strange fan in the produce section.

Daily Mirror Blind Item

Which smooth and finely toned Hollywood star had a secret gay affair during his drama school days?

Matt Lauer's Wife Anorexic?

Is all the stress of being married to Matt Lauer finally getting to Annette Roque? Annette is 5'8" and weighs 100 pounds and her step-father, who is a doctor is worried for her life. In a recent interview he was quoted as saying,"Annette looks seriously ill. I would say she is suffering from anorexia."

Her step-father also thinks Annette will file another divorce petition before Christmas. Annette had filed for divorce in September of 2006 and kicked Matt out of their home for the second time. He had previously been kicked out in April 2006. She did all this while 7 months pregnant. It is said she couldn't handle his constant absences from home and his cheating on her.

Annette is said to be suffering from severe post-partum depression following the birth of their third child Thijs, and as a result of this and Matt she rarely, if ever eats.

According to the ever infamous "friends" of the couple, the only reason Matt hasn't filed for divorce is that his bosses at NBC would kill him and he doesn't want to give up half of his $13M annual salary. I guess it is better to be miserable and make your wife miserable just to keep that fame and money.

Cocaine Kills Irish Model

We always joke about celebrities and their drug use, but they always seem to go to rehab just in the nick of time, and get on with their lives. After ten years or so, we forget about what they did 95% of the time because we have moved on to the next coke head. There are of course exceptions like Robert Downey Jr. and Scott Weiland who just seem to have particularly troublesome addictions and so are remembered longer. Robert seems to be doing well. Scott...not so much.

Anyway, yesterday afternoon, Katy French who was an Irish model and known throughout the world died as a result of heart failure brought on by the excessive use of coke. On Sunday afternoon she had some type of heart attack and almost immediately slipped into a coma before dying yesterday.

The police are investigating her death, but have not said whether it was an overdose or just a result of years of heavy cocaine abuse. Katy had recently admitted to taking the drug to stay thin and claimed she rarely if ever had to buy it on her own. She said in the statement that it was an awful drug and warned children to not make the same mistake she had.

Katy French turned 24 last week.

Amanda Peet To X-Files Please

Amanda Peet is joining the cast of the X-Files movie which is set to start filming Monday in Vancouver and be released in July of next year. I expect everyone in Vancouver to be nice to Amanda.

Amanda will be playing a FBI agent alongside another addition to the cast Xzibit. That's right, Xzibit is going to be a FBI agent. I like how The X-Files is actually moving forward and not relying on so many actors from the early 20th century like they did on the television show. I know I am probably wrong, but I honestly can't remember if they ever had any characters on the show who were other than white.

Scottish comedian Billy Connolly who is a blind item on here somewhere has also signed up to play a role, but no one can figure out what the hell he is going to be doing. The film has been shrouded in secrecy, but it is known that the movie has a complete stand alone story and is not a sequel or continuation of the 1998 film. Damn, has it been nine years? Did Billy Connolly and Whoopi Goldberg used to be together or was that a movie or a really bad food poisoning dream? I seem to remember dreads and a kilt somewhere in my mind but am too lazy to look that up.

Anyway, I love the X-Files, but am ecstatic for Amanda. She gets to be in a cult film that will be shown forever. She likes cookies people. Lots and lots of cookies. No, not that kind Jax. Just regular cookies. Macademia nut if you have them. Preferably not store bought.

Sex And The City Trailer

I know there are about half of you who hate the thought of a Sex And The City film and could care less about seeing it or even watching the trailer. But, the other half lives and breathes for Carrie and the other women so I think it is only fair that I show them the trailer. The rest of you can just ignore it and pretend you are not interested. Of course, I think many of you are secretly going to click on the clip, and dare I say it, watch it when it comes to an airplane or a hotel near you.

For you guys who just don't care, I will tell you that almost 10% of the clip is Sarah Jessica Parker in only bra and panties. I guess the reason for that is when they show the trailer at the theater, the gf/wife/whatever can say, "see, you can go with me, you can see SJP half naked."

Of course we are not talking close-up here and we are talking about some very good lighting, but it is better than seeing Kim Cattrall naked for the 100th time. If you are into that, I suggest you watch Porky's when she was about 25 years younger.

Ted C Blind Item

So funny. Last week, when we had Pricey Dicey in One Keep-On-Truckin' Blind Vice, out in the boonies, servicing truckers through a glory hole in a video arcade (this is no joke, really happened), teams of readers thought it was a certain actor. Well, it wasn’t. Nor will any guesses for this par-tick TV dude be included in next week’s elimination mailbag. That’s because he’ll, instead, be featured in this week’s baddie-boy Vice, too fun for the seen-it-all tum!

Tubby Pay-Stub, interestingly enough, shares many a kinky quality with Pricey-poo. Both men are respected, popular and fairly largely talented performers on the small screen. Both dudes are not exactly what one would refer to as traditionally good-looking. These are men who don’t always get the girl. Doesn’t bother Pricey in the least, as the dude’s a total pooftah. But let’s just say it does bother Tubby-poo plenty. That’s why he sometimes purchases his companions.

And TPS' currency factoid is amusing on a couple different levels. It’s no secret folks have, on occasion, raised a plucked eyebrow or two at Pay-Stub’s flashy-trashy choice of femme company. No one’s, uh, surprised, really to find out a few of these hons have been given mucho green to appear on TPS’ arm. And Tubby likes things that way.

Why, you ask? 'Cause so many execs, stars and jokers all the way around in this town have done the same. Charlie Sheen, anyone? Tubby just adores how all this ersatz cutie-and-cleavage to-do makes him appear one of the butch boys, in the end. Because—and you haven’t been reading this missive very long if you haven’t guessed what’s coming round the boy-toy bend—the hooker sensibility helps keep folks' snoopin’ noggins off the fact that Tubby equally (not completely, like Pricey, above) loves doin’ the dirty with the guys, too.

See, Tubby’s something truly rare in this town: an utter bisexual. He’ll sleep with anything. Actually, maybe that’s not so unusual, after all.

P.S.: We think Tubby’s boob-tube boss peeps are, like, totally in the know on this one, 'cause they already have the PR war plan in the works, should Tub’s sizable, and very innocent, audience start sniffin’ the truth.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Today's Blind Items

Going to do things a little in reverse today. Blogger is being its normal error prone self and not uploading photos, so Blind Items comes first.

#1 This C list film actress/dancer hanger on and this B list film actress who thinks really highly of herself spent much of a recent party openly passing joints to each other and downing shots. Although it was a party, it was not really that kind of party. After causing numerous disruptions throughout the night which included talking louder than everyone else combined, publicly stripping out of everything but their dresses, flashing whoever wanted to see, and many who didn't, the pair were escorted out, and have been banned from any other parties thrown by this PR Company. Of course this will only last until one of them becomes A list or starts sleeping with one. They will sleep with anyone, so it is a matter of time before they get lucky.

#2 B list television actor known for being a jackass here and in other places has a new game. He hits on women almost constantly and can't remember their names or phone numbers or who is who and where he met them. What he does is arrange for all of them is to schedule a lunch for 1pm three days a week. If any of them show up, he buys them lunch. One or more. He then takes whoever wants to go, back to his place for some afternoon fun. At least once a week he gets busy though and fails to show up at the restaurant. Since he doesn't remember their names or numbers and could care less if he stands them up, they are often left waiting, sometimes a small group of them. The restaurant is perfectly aware of who they are waiting for, and will often all our actor's assistant to find out if he is in fact going to be at lunch. If he isn't coming the staff will send them home.

Random Photos Part One -- 2007 GQ Men Of The Year Edition

I'm sure we all have had the munchies, but how many drugs did Amy Winehouse have to take where she thought she needed an entire box of Popsicles to take care of those munchies.
You can always tell when someone is the next big thing. Other stars want to come to you to take their photo with you. They will even wait in line to do so. You just stand there and don't move an inch. Diane Lane was first on the list to be seen with Hayden Panettiere who didn't even know who Diane Lane was. How tragic is that?
Sometimes Rumer Willis doesn't try very hard not to look like a man.
Jim Nelson is the editor of GQ. You would think he would dress better. He looks like William Hurt from Children Of A Lesser God.
Even Ryan Gosling wanted his taste. Yes, I mean that literally too.
I don't even want to think about Elisha Cuthbert tasting Shaun White.
Carla Gugino has that 50's starlet look going on here. Incredible.
Casey Affleck and Ben Foster look like they may have had a drink or six.
Bow Wow was mugged by the photographer. Seriously, why on earth would you need that much cash?
Britney Spears wearing more clothes in this photo than the entire year combined. Very mannish of her despite the baby bump, or beer belly. You can never tell with her.
More Gosling, this time he and Josh Brolin must be talking about the tasting Ryan had planned for later in the evening.
Matthew Perry tells Dave Annable how he was a GQ Man of the year back about 20 years ago. Now he just comes to relive his youth.
Kanye West is already pissed.
Donde esta Ben Affleck?
"You like me. You really like me."

The Violin Is Playing For Victoria Beckham

In her new interview with Elle, Victoria Beckham says she was bullied by the other kids, and that she didn't have any friends at all. "They were literally picking things up out of the puddles and throwing them at me. I just stood there, on my own. No one was with me. I didn't have any friends."

She added: "People would push me around, say they were going to beat me up after school, chase me. It was miserable, my whole schooling, miserable. I tried to be friends with people, but I didn't fit in. So I kept myself to myself.”

She has since had all those people shot.

Seriously, am I supposed to feel sorry for her? Did her publicist say, people think you are an arrogant, obnoxious woman who looks down on everyone and doesn't treat common folk well (i.e. no tipping) It doesn't make me feel sorry for her. If she had her ass kicked a little more when she was younger then maybe she would have become more un-alien like. Of course, I'm sure a shrink would say that her being bullied as a child led to massive amounts of insecurity which has caused her to hide beneath a shell, and is why she seeks out perfection with plastic surgery and performing, in order to be accepted by the friends she never had. She desperately seeks approval, but at the same time doesn't trust anyone because of her problems during childhood.

All that being said, I still don't feel sorry for her.

The World Of WD - A Week In The Life

A Typical Week in the Atypical Life of an Actor.

So the last post brought up some interesting questions, especially when I mentioned the actors striking. Unless you are submerged in the industry, it's easy to be mislead about the glamour and money.

There are millions of people in LA who want to be actors. Out of those millions, 5% are in SAG (Screen Actors Guild). Out of that 5% in SAG only 5% work enough as an actor to get health care benefits through the union.

To qualify for health benefits you must earn at least $15,000 in a year. You do the math. Out
of that 5% only 10% can make that much a year as an actor regularly. I'm not that great at math but I think that doesn't leave us many people.

Most actors wait tables, do temp jobs, substitute teach and audition like crazy. The number of actors making millions is a handful. Those actors don't need to strike or really need SAG because they have huge powerful agents that negotiate their contracts for them, and people like Ent to review them.

Hopefully the SAG strike will not happen but if it does, even though the people you see in the press are huge stars, it's not really for them. A strike would be for those who are living well beaneath the Los Angeles poverty line.

All that being said, don't pity us. Support us, but don't pity us. We wouldn't be doing this to ourselves if we didn't want this more than anything! I hustle my butt off to get everything I get. But that makes me value it even more.

In an ideal situation, my agent would get me out on hundreds of auditions. They try, but they don't. In an ideal situation I wouldn't have to compete with stars for small TV roles, but
I do. So let me give you a glimpse into my week and all it took to get me there.

Some weeks are slow, this week was CRAZY!

Thursday 11/29th

I had a meeting with my agents that I just signed with. The meeting went well...not what I was expecting. I thought it was a sit down with everyone at once. It turned out to be a sit down individually with 3 of the 5 agents. But the most important one was the owner. He was very
kind and we actually talked about my family for a while. When I asked him what he saw for me he was honest. He said I might not be the "typical" leading lady but I was very versatile. And he listed the types of roles I'd be good for. And I agreed. "You've done everything we've asked and then some. The onus is now on us to get you in front of as many people as we can." It was a good talk. The others had a similar tone and content.

After meeting my agent, I had to book it across town for a play reading in which I am playing a dominatrix whose roommate has been raped. My character is tough with the guys but really caring with her roommate. Great role. It is by this amazing new playwright Ross Tedford Kendall. Such fun!

Then, my BF whisked me away to Santa Barbara for the night at the Four Seasons. He had booked a job and the studio was paying for the room. We drove Thursday night and I left in the AM and he got a ride back later.

Friday 11/30

Writing session with my friend. We are producing a webisode together. I'm really excited about it. Then, it was off to the editors to put together a short that I had written and shot. After meeting with them, I had a meeting for a fledging film festival of a friend and for whom I am on the board.

Saturday 12/1

Drove to San Diego to visit with my cousin who lives in DC but was at a conference in San Diego.

Sunday 12/2

Came back from San Diego, coached my friend on her audition. Then to the Magic Castle (an exclusive club for magicians only. You have to be invited. My friend's uncle is a legend in the business. John Calvert is 97 years old and still awe inspiring).

Monday 12/3

Vet trip for the new rescue puppy, Edison, I just adopted. That night was a really cool party where I got to hang out with some old friends and made lots of new ones as well. It is all about networking.

Tues 12/4

I did some more Motion Capture for a video game I had worked on in the past. We recreated a fight scene from the film. So much fun. (Motion Capture is when you wear a tight one piece suit with little silver balls on it. The cameras film your movement and the data is then transferred to the computers. That data is used for the animation.) Plus they always have the BEST craft services. (pictures below)

Weds 12/5

Picketed with the writers and got together with an editor to piece together a demo reel of all my acting work.

Thur & Fri

I will be Stunt Coordinating the new music video of someone you all know. ALL of you. I might have to end up doubling her too depending on what she feels comfortable doing. I'll tell you all about that next week and I'll try to take a bunch of photos!


Voice over gig for Google.

Let me go back to what I said earlier about networking and how it has helped me with all these projects. The MoCap is a relationship I've been building all year. The music video work was because I did a favor for the production company fight coordinating the Queens of the Stone Age music video, 3's and 7's, a couple of months ago practically for free. So now, they are paying me
much more!

The Google V.O. gig is because I offered to help the company cast the other voices. From working with me they decided to recast and record one of the voices because they wanted me

Then there's a role in a new film I got. A really nice sized film with a good budget. Not sure when I film that but I got the role because the casting director was in a rush, knew my acting coach, asked her about me and my coach RAVED about me. They also called another casting director that they knew I had auditioned for and he also raved.

These are seeds that I'm constantly planting, and it feels SO GOOD when they blossom into roses!

Here's my point. All this running around and there are times I'm still afraid I won't make rent. Everyday is different which is a blast but, every paycheck is different too and that can be like winning the lottery or really scary. I have to say, and maybe it's because I'm having such an amazing week, but I wouldn't change it for anything...except actually winning the lottery...that'd be cool.

Daily Mirror Blind Item

Which pop star's favourite bedroom trick is to put cocaine on his conquest's bits to heighten their pleasure and keep them coming back for days and days?

Gerard Butler vs Joaquin Phoenix

Most of you wanted Gerard Butler on your most requested list. Some wanted Joaquin Phoenix. I will let you battle it out. I know who WD would pick. She has a huge post coming up with lots of photos. I will leave you to your men now.

Osama Was Working The Drive Thru Window At The Kabul McDonalds

The man who lived my life by eating McDonalds every day for a month in Super Size Me has maybe done something that the US Government has been unable to do for over six years. Morgan Spurlock has quite possibly found Osama Bin Laden.

This all begins back at the Berlin International Film Festival in February, where Spurlock showed a select group of potential buyers 15 minutes of footage from his new documentary, Where in the World Is Osama bin Laden? The film follows Spurlock through the Middle East in his search for the elusive leader of al-Qaida. The Weinstein Co. allegedly bought the film before everyone else saw it, but let it play because they wanted to piss off the other buyers.

Adding to the belief that Spurlock found Osama is the quote from the director of photography for the film who said in Variety, "We've definitely got the Holy Grail."

Sure this could all be publicity, but if not true, could backfire worse than Geraldo and Al Capone's vault. The whole damn country was teased about that for a month, and there was absolutely nothing.

The film is slated to premiere at Sundance in January. (Maybe) I think they might hold off on that if the buzz gets loud enough and just to try and open in as many theaters as possible. Of course if it is a big publicity stunt, than a movie theater in Utah in January might be best.

Winehouse vs West

Although there are other contenders for album of the year at the Grammy nominations announced today, I love the idea of the most spectacular Kanye West meltdown ever. You know he hates losing and feels like anytime he is nominated he should win. I think if he ever lost an award to Amy Winehouse, he would absolutely explode. An MTV VMA is one thing, but a Grammy is quite another. Kanye West received 8 Grammy nominations this morning, but Amy Winehouse was second with 6. Kanye must be feeling the hair on the back of his neck starting to rise. He can sense that he might lose again. This might be another award show disappointment. I actually think he will win, but you know that he will be tense as hell.

Can you picture a winning Amy Winehouse crawling up to the podium on all fours, barely able to utter an intelligible word while Kanye starts screaming right there in the audience. Attempting to rip up chairs and screaming at the top of his lungs, he only calms down after Amy's date and f**k buddy for the evening Pete Doherty comes over and injects him with a little H to just push that anger to the side.

Kanye becomes so mellow and enjoys the experience so much, that he and Amy decide to do an entire Carpenter's cover album.


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