Friday, November 21, 2008

Four For Friday

#1 - This one of the more odd things I have heard. B- list film actor. He has tried his hand at television and was on one hit, but everything else has been pretty much a loser. Well, our actor lives on a street with some people who enjoy having parties at their house. Our actor decided to earn a few extra bucks for himself so about two years ago he started valet parking for his neighbors when they have a party. He apparently got a thrill with the looks on the faces of people when they saw who was parking their car. He can't make it to every party, and so has actually started a company that valets for people having parties. But, whenever he can he still loves doing it.

#2, 3 & 4 - So in this one we have a musician. B+ list group, but our musician definitely has A list name recognition. Our musician has an ex although that status seems to change daily. The ex fancies herself as an actress, but really she is just a celebutard with more luck than Heather Mills. Well, our musician has never really believed a word that comes out of his ex's mouth, especially concerning one of her ex's and she has several high profile ones. Well, the musician was supposed to be recording, but when it got canceled he decided to go surprise his ex at her lunch appointment with her agent. Umm, when he got to the spot though, all he found was his ex and her very, very famous ex lip locked in a back booth of the restaurant. Shouting match followed, but lucky for our musician, nothing else ensued.

Random Photos Part One

Tom Hanks, Baz Luhrman and Shakespeare. Hell, you have to put that on top of the photos. That, and I really do love the Shakespeare Festival of LA.

Until I saw Tom and Baz this was going to be the top photo. That is one hell of a fireworks display in Dubai for the grand opening of a casino.
Alec Baldwin and Salma Hayek on the set of 30 Rock.
So, yesterday I had Mary Kate in the photos. It's only fair to have Ashley today. Plus, it seems like Full House day today on the site.
I guess maybe Charlie McDowell is holding up Kristen Chenoweth's dress because I'm not sure how it would stay up on its own. I know, I'm an ignorant guy but it looks like the top could fall at any second.
Clay Walker probably deserves to be on top because he gave $100K yesterday to the National Pediatric MS Center. That is really generous.
My favorite celebrity offspring went from 14 to about 30 in a flash. I wasn't even sure it was Dakota Johnson at first.
Ellen - Las Vegas
Just checking in on Gwen and Zuma. Still want to say Zima.
Josh Blue and Jim Breuer. I wasn't going to post the photo and then I saw their initials and it reminded me of my favorite marketing slogan ever. Since it is holiday related I thought I would share it with you. --- "ingle ells -- It just isn't the holidays without J&B." I know, I know. A liquor ad is my favorite. Shocker.
Been awhile since Jon Bon Jovi graced us with his presence in the photos and his wife looks lovely.
Another person absent for awhile has been Jennifer Connelly.
I don't think Jon Favreau's wife has ever been in the photos so welcome to Joya.
Jimmy Fallon looks really good and very un Jimmy Fallon like. Must be the George Hamilton tan.
Jamie Kennedy was probably not making anyone laugh at the Comedy Festival.
A first time appearance for Katy Mixon in the photos.
OK, OK. Are all of you happy now. I went back and found an event that Kevin McKidd went to a few weeks ago. Here he is. Please stop the e-mails and just enjoy.
Apparently Keanu Reeves just found out the event had no liquor.
Ladyhawke - London
Minnie Driver looks great and that is an incredibly tiny Christmas tree.
Book signings can be pretty tough if no one comes.
Sure, why not? Rhys Ifans seems to have a thing for blondes. This time it is Natalie Imbruglia.
Natalie Portman and Scott Cohen on the set of their new film.
Robert Duval and his wife I think are making their first appearance in the photos.
The marriage everyone said wouldn't last. Ric Ocasek and Paulina Porizkova. Seems to be doing ok.
Uh oh. The mysterious hand is back. It looks like it is trying to hold Reese steady.
And since I know there are lots of shoe fans, here is the pair Reese was wearing.
Solange Knowles - New York
One of my favorite people in the world Schuyler Fisk.
She and her mom Sissy Spacek posed for lots of photos together, but I thought they each deserve their very own photo.
Well at least we know Tyra Banks knows how to fake it. Good news for her boyfriends.
The lovely Tina Fey.
The Pigeon Detectives - London
Amy Poehler making her first post baby appearance. Will Arnett probably decided he wasn't going to miss out on the chance and got away too.

Your Turn

It's that time again. I know all of you were disappointed there was no Your Turn last week. Well this week, I thought everyone could get a chance to offer up their very favorite film character. Not actor, but character. What role did you think was just the greatest ever, or worst. I mean some of you might really want to say that your favorite film character was the one Paris Hilton portrayed in House Of Wax. I know it gave me a good laugh.

Also, it is that time again. It has been six months and we are heading into the New Year which of course means blind item reveals. As will become a tradition here, I think it is time for all of you to send in your reader photos so I can post them between now and January 1st. Of course on that day I will put all of them into one huge post again.

I'm sure things have changed with those of you who submitted in the past, plus we have a whole new slew of readers that have joined since the last time. So, send them on in and let the posting begin.

That Sucks

Looks like I'm going to have to wait awhile to see Michael Lohan get his ass kicked. Remember how Michael was all gung-ho about his charity boxing match? Well, a guy pledged $30,000 to get into the ring against Michael and I have no doubts he would have laid him out repeatedly. I was looking forward to watching it repeatedly on YouTube. I was going to make it the permanent top spot in the blog. This is something I was really looking forward to. Not as much maybe as Paula Abdul singing live on a morning show program which still has never seemed to happen, but I was counting down the days until Monday when the fight was going to happen.

I can't even blame Michael for it, although he did seem really pleased that it was not going to happen. Apparently since Michael is still on parole for a violent crime, the State of New York decided that he shouldn't be allowed to climb into a boxing ring and potentially put into another violent encounter. The only thing violent about it would have been when his head hit the floor of the ring, but, who am I to argue with a state government?

Lohan, for his part said he was really disappointed but understood why the decision was made. Yeah, I bet he was disappointed. He got what he wanted out of this whole thing. And, instead of setting up something for when his parole ends with the computer guy for some other charity he instead says now he wants to fight Mark Ronson. Whatever. The good news as you can see is that I found a close-up of his mesh shirt. Enjoy.

Bob Saget Still Has A Chance

I really thought that this marriage had a chance. I'm an optimist that way. I didn't care that she was a recovering meth addict and that her future husband had no discernible job. I just knew that Jodie Sweetin and Cody Herpin would make it. I was wrong. Jodie dumped him. Jodie filed divorce papers in the OC on Wednesday. They were married in July of 2007 and had a daughter in April. OK, well Jodie had the baby and Cory just watched.

They are actually filming a reality show right now so this could be a little problematic. Of course it could also be the season ending cliffhanger and we already know the spoiler. Crap. Do you think this should have a spoiler warning at the top? Are all of us going to be glued to our sets each week waiting to see what happens in the life of Jodie and whats his name. Oh, Cory. Sorry.

Well, if I have ruined any kind of dramatic thing for you, then I apologize. There doesn't seem to have been any kind of statement released, but I'm sure it would have said something like this.

Both Cory and I love each other very much, but just felt that at this time we needed to move in separate directions in our lives. We both remain committed to our daughter and hope that you will respect our privacy.

Feel better now that you got something official?

The Human Weapon Huh?

I know that I have been busy lately but I can't believe I missed this story. Jason Chambers who has been on CSI and Days Of Our Lives and now hosts a show on the History Channel called The Human Weapon was arrested on suspicion of rape and possessing narcotics. Chambers is a guy who made his fame, what little there is of it as a martial arts expert. According to the police, Chambers allegedly raped a woman after knocking her out with drugs. Apparently he is such a loser a-hole that this is the only way he can actually be with a woman.

Jason was arrested on November 11 and was released after posting $200,000 bail. The district attorney's office has not filed any charges yet and the jerkoff is due back in court on December 5. Great. So between now and then he can just keep doing what he was doing. Of course since this is all alleged he wasn't probably doing anything except sitting at home watching a continuous loop of himself on television and wishing he had a bigger peen.

What About Jared?

I bet when Jared Fogle was in college and weighed 500 pounds he never probably thought that eating Subway sandwiches was anything more than a way to lose weight. Well, a bazillion years later and that decision has basically become his career. Until now. I think that Subway, despite always doing well with Jared's campaigns is ditching him for Michael Phelps.

That's right, Michael Phelps who already has 100 endorsements that he doesn't care about except for the checks and the parties is probably going to be kicking Jared to the curb. Basically Jared has been doing the dirty work for all of these years. I think he has gone to a vast majority of the Subway stores. He travels around the country telling his story and Subway pays him. They don't pay him anywhere close to what they Michael Phelps, who will probably film a couple of commercials and just keep eating McDonalds like he always has.

Does Subway really think that a few spots from Michael Phelps is really going to make the world run to Subway and eat their food? Don't you think the world would be a little more pissed that Jared would be out of a job after everything he did for the company? I think Subway is going to regret this decision.

The Child Molester Wants To Look At Children In Other Countries

Gary Glitter, the convicted child molester is really upset at the British Government. It seems that because he is on the sex offender list, he has to apply to the government for permission when he wants to travel outside the country. Well, Gary thought that perhaps some nice French and Spanish children might cheer him up so he requested to go there and the UK said no.

Even if the UK had said yes, does he really think that Spain and France would have let him enter their country? As soon as they heard he was coming they would have found him and kicked him right out. I think it would be irresponsible of the UK to let him loose on another country. Can you imagine if he did molest kids in those countries after the UK gave him permission to go? Those countries would be permanently ticked off at the UK.

Plus, the idea of this guy taking holidays all over the world and never having to work just makes me sick. Disgusted actually.

Is That Incest?

Carrie Fisher has a new book coming out. For some reason I always think she has written 20 biographies about herself. Maybe it is because she has given so many interviews. Anyway, she has a new book coming out called Wishful Drinking. In this book she basically whines about how popular her mother Debbie Reynolds was while Carrie was growing up and how she didn't get enough alone time with her mother and blah blah blah. As a result of this lack of alone time she turned to drugs. Basically all of her life's problems based on that. I know Carrie is a manic depressive, but basically it seems as if she lays the blame for everything bad that has happened in her life at the feet of her mother. How about taking some responsibility for yourself and your own actions.

Now, the one that was in the book that I do blame on her mother and which just blew me away is that Carrie's mom suggested that Carrie go ahead and get pregnant and have a baby with her stepfather. Ummm, Carrie's mom says sleep with my husband and let him get you pregnant. OK, I can see where that would be reason to have a drink or 20 for about a year. But after that. No excuses.

Lily Allen Learned A Lesson

The other day there was this big shindig in Dubai and celebrities flocked there like they were getting paid. Oh, wait a second they were. Anyway, as could be expected at an event where money is no object, the booze was flowing and it was free. Unlike Lindsay Lohan who was there, Lily Allen stayed away from the booze.

In an interview with GMTV in the UK she said that she has basically given up drinking at any public event. This was because of that little incident she had back at the GQ awards with Elton John. I think that is where it sunk in for her, but she has been hammered at lots of other public events prior to that one.

Apparently having that tape shown repeatedly all over the world made her realize that if she kept drinking in public, she knew she couldn't control how much she drank and there would be more incidents like that one.

So, Lily Allen is growing up and learning lessons. Who would have thunk it. Good job Lily.

Ted C Blind Item

Been awhile since we heard from Fake-à-la Ferocity, I know. The babe who has used prescribed synthetic goodies to help her get off a nasty drug habit is two-timing her man, didn’t you know?

No, not that hunk she’s got at home stashed in the fully toy-equipped bedroom, but her doctor, I mean. Turns out F.F. knows how to work her fierce femme charm on the good docs (a very old story in this town, right? Just ask Liz Taylor’s 263,000 docs if you don’t believe me). So you know the last Vice tale: Ms. Ferocity needed to get off her substantial habit so she could not only save her home life and marriage but make a movie, too. Thought nobody would notice that she went right back to using not that long ago.

Yeah, right, exactly. So gotta get clean again! Yep, she’s back on the synthetic stuff, and not just with one doc but two. Two pro docs who don’t know about the other, by the by. Guess Ms. F. really likes to feel good when she’s feelin’ bad comin’ down from the hard stuff? I swear, it’s not the docs and the man at home, nor F.F.’s family, that’s gonna find out first how much crap she’s shooting into her bod, it’s gonna be the public, when she keels over dead one day. Jeez already, get help, woman!

And It Ain’t: Felicity Huffman, Kate Bosworth, Ashley Olsen

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Today's Blind Items

Bet you think I forgot. I didn't actually forget. I just thought I had already hit the post button. Oh well, sorry about that, but it will give you something to digest tonight or in the morning. Speaking of digesting, I had a tough time when I heard about this one. This openly gay singer has spent some time overseas. When I say overseas, I mean not in his home country wherever that may be. Anyway, it turns out that our singer got into some trouble recently. Not the kind of trouble you would expect, but more of the, "crap this is going to cost me big." Our singer has always had a bit of a violent streak when it comes to his sex life. He knows this and only participates with people who are aware of it and can handle it. Never been a problem until now. Seems that while overseas he took a liking to someone who was ill prepared for the experience and ended up in the hospital for several days. The person he took a liking too was barely legal. Hell, might not have even been legal. It took a massive monetary bribe to make his parents go away, and not press charges. It took another massive bribe to keep the one of the local papers from printing the story. Look for our singer to be playing a birthday party really really soon.

Random Photos Part One

A real Belafonte. Harry Belafonte must hate that Mel B's husband changed his name just so he could pretend to be a relative. Harry is a legend and deserves the top spot. He is just class.
One of my favorites is Alicia Witt. Actually anyone who has been a kindness deserves to always be in the photos.
Love Christopher McDonald as an actor.
I love when Ed Burns is on Entourage. I really had no idea he could be so damn funny until he did that show.
I know I am probably taking a chance here, but I feel like if Ethel Kennedy makes an appearance I have to put her in even if I'm risking an onslaught of Dead Kennedy comments.
I can do without the scissors, but I do like seeing Fran Drescher.
I'm not a big fan of Kelly Brook but she looks really nice here.
Kylie Minogue - Dubai
Kiefer Sutherland looks great at the premiere of 24.
Is it the pose or does Lorraine Bracco have something wrong with her?
A random combination, Lisa Kudrow and Dustin Hoffman. When is the last time anyone saw Lisa wear her ring?
Last time Lindsay Lohan got this skinny a trip to rehab was what happened.
Apparently Lionel Richie refused all requests to dance on the ceiling.
Another random combination. Rihanna and Madonna. One word names both ending with an A too.
Any day now I expect to see Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker start eating dinner at 4pm and being asleep before the sun sets. They get older daily. They look fine, just...old.
Mischa Barton actually looking good. I think she wore the dress before though so she must not be getting free stuff anymore.
A much better photo of Matt Dillon than I have seen lately.
Michael Jordan. I think this is his first appearance in the photos.
The one and only Mary J. Blige.
Thank goodness there is only one Mary Kate Olsen. I mean Ashley is a twin, but there is only one Mary Kate.
Love Sam Waterston.
Timbaland can probably expect a call from PETA. He also probably doesn't give a crap.
Go to jury duty and get to meet Uma Thurman.
Nice photo of Viggo Mortensen. All of your favorites have been in here the past few weeks.
Wesley Snipes looks like he has lost a lot of weight.
Zucchero - Sydney


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