Friday, March 19, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

Fess Parker - RIP
Beth & Dog Chapman. Dog was on a radio show this morning and said he has cheated on Beth but not for awhile.Bon Jovi & Kid Rock - Detroit
The thrill of victory at Cheltenham.
You have to admit that Demi Moore shows what good plastic surgery should and could look like.
Apparently Eddie holding a beer just drives LeAnn Rimes crazy.

Greta Gerwig crouches down to Ben Stiller's level.
Meanwhile Christine Taylor is far too good looking for Ben Stiller.
"Finish the ice cream before we get home and don't tell your mom."
The always lovely Heidi Klum.
Madonna dressing like she is Jesus' age.
A real smile from Jennifer Lopez?
Jeremy Renner and Aaron Eckart. Or would you like
Jeremy Renner & Patrick Dempsey. Or
would you rather have Patrick Dempsey & Joel McHale?

Random Photos Part One

Two parts today.

Get an award and lose your dress. Which hand do you use to hold the award? The good news is the whole country is paying attention to Katherine Heigl today.
And after the show in something that stays up although Josh Duhamel might have preferred the other look.
One of my favorite pictures of the day. It actually looks like a genuine smile on Katie's face too.
Kourtney squishes Mason.
While Kim sells her diet secret.
Katy Perry and the Oscar The Grouch Snuggie.
This is how alike twins are. While Mary Kate was loaded down with bags on one side of New York,
Ashley was on the other side of New York loaded down with her own bags.
Kelly Rutherford and her on screen husband and now maybe off screen.
I would love to have a drink with Rhys Ifans.
The SATC women in Las Vegas. A lot of crap was being made of the fact Kim wasn't there, but she is in a play in London, so there is no drama.
Vanessa Hudgens shows she is a big fan of Neil Patrick Harris. Who isn't?
Robert Downey Jr gives Zach G some love.

Your Turn

Sex or money - Which is harder to discuss?

The Hoff Gets Some Attention

What do you do if you are an attention starved celebrity in Hollywood wanting some fan love? Well, if you are The Hoff you pretend you are going to eat at a place that is conveniently next to your star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. The trick is to time your appearance with the arrival of a tour bus full of fans who will then give you all the love and attention you crave.

Beyonce Sold 72,000 Bottles Of Perfume In One Hour

It appears that people actually enjoy smelling like Beyonce. While Diddily Piddily is forced to go the home shopping route to sell his scent, the rest of the world appears to be willing to actually make the effort to buy Beyonce's perfume. Most celebrity perfumes generate about $2.5M in sales over the course of a year. According to WWD, Beyonce's perfume has made that in a month. In fact so many of you love smelling like Beyonce that her perfume is the number one selling brand at Macy's and at one Macy's when Beyonce made an appearance the store sold 72,000 bottles in the one hour she was there.

Ted C Blind Item

Well, we already knew the gays live to push the wild and crazy sex card, what with kinky guys like Nelly Fang and Crotch Uh-Lastic. But who knew the straights were so good at being daring, too? Always thought you folks were a bit more behind-closed-door types. Learn something new every day, huh?

Just like Secretia Ohio and Chester Shorts-Off, our newly arrived Blind Vice swingers are learning more lovin'! Ohhh, do tell:

As we told you last, Secretia and Chester are pretending like it's 1969, or something, and attending select Hollywood parties where they throw car keys into bowls and have sex with whichever partyer's keys they pull out.

And you people say us gays are kinky!

Jeez, I like to actually choose a partner before having sex, is that so old-fashioned? Apparently so, according to Secretia and Chester, who have made quite the name for themselves, as most people who attend these catered orgies aren't nearly as famous as is the beautiful couple.

But two things are taking this very sultry sitch to a new level: One, Secretia has started stepping out on her own for private affairs. And even though the twosome has an agreement that this is OK, Secretia's really going a bit overboard (as she's done with many of her previous relationships, monogamy's never really been her thing).

Chester just fools around once in awhile, which is what he'd hoped Secretia would do, as well.

No such luck.

And secondly, Chester and Secretia have been in the rags a bit more than usual lately. Their profile's higher—as are the chances that somebody from one of these Hollywood sex parties is going to blab to the tabloids. Which is usually the case in these types of situations.

Or have they spilled already?

It Ain't: Kobe and Vanessa Bryant, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis

Gwyneth Paltrow Goes Honkytonk Dancing

It appears that when Gwyneth Paltrow visited Nashville a few months ago she actually, might have acted normal. I know, I know. I'm sure she was sick or will blame it on hallucinations from a bad cleanse but she went to normal places and ate normal food. In fact she seems fascinated by everyday people food. She went on a quest for the best fried chicken in Nashville and actually had the guts to say when a restaurant was bad.

"Another family run Meat & Three joint, the sides here are great, and even better than some of the other places’, but you’re better off eating fried chicken elsewhere."

This is the most normal I have ever seen Gwyneth. The entire GOOP newsletter is so normal that I thought it must have been written by someone other than her until I saw this line she wrote about her hotel. I stayed at the Hutton Hotel for 3 weeks and truly enjoyed the whole experience. A new hotel, it is very clean and exceptionally kempt.

Only Gwyneth would use the word kempt like that. This GOOP is actually worth reading. I can't believe it.

DNfromMN - Movie Review - City Island

Release Date 3/14/10

The Story: Jake Rizzo (Andy Garcia) is prison guard keeping a secret from his wife Joyce (Juliana Marguiles). Their college-going daughter is keeping a secret from her parents. Their teenage son is keeping his own secret. It all comes to a head when Jake takes pity on Tony (Steven Strait) an inmate who is eligible for home detainment, if he had some family, and so Jake invites him home.

City Island, the place, is a small fishing village in The Bronx, and despite a lot of exposition about this small town, this really could have taken place anywhere in New York. Or L.A., or really anywhere. The only thing that relates to it is the Italian American/Bronx accents all around.

What’s never explained is, why? Why is everyone keeping secrets? The kids have secrets because they’re salacious, and really, what teenager doesn’t keep secrets from their parents? But why is Jake keeping secrets? Why does his wife seem to disparage him? It gives some conflict to the story, but it’s never justified. That may be over thinking this otherwise simple movie.

The highlight of the film is Ezra Miller (from cable shows “Californication” and “Royal Pains”) as Vince, Jr. Either this kid nailed every line given to him, or just got all the good lines, I couldn’t decide. Emily Mortimer is great as Jake’s friend and mentor from class. And Steven Strait’s chest is a work of art.

What It’s Worth: $4.75, or about the cost of a rental. It’s almost worth it to zip through the first 30 minutes and get the gist of it, and then watch the last hour when it starts to get decent. It’s an entertaining flick, but not something anyone will be writing down on their favorite movies of the year or that you’ll go back to more than once. CITY ISLAND is a movie that you’ve seen before, and probably done better. It’s a family dramedy that would’ve made an entertaining TV show on Showtime or FX.

One Country Says No To Lindsay Lohan

India kind of has the right idea. How can you keep Lindsay Lohan from influencing your kids? You keep her out of the country. India is considering banning Lindsay after her false child trafficking reports and also because she lied to immigration officials when she entered the country. Less than one day after arriving in India Lindsay famously posted on her Twitter that she had personally saved 40 children. After the world finished laughing she tried to correct it but the damage was done. India is upset because the children had been saved prior to her arrival. They are also upset because she came to the country to work but told immigration that she was there as a tourist. Now the government is considering banning her. I say go for it. I just wish we could too.

Jennifer Lopez Is No Goldie Hawn

I love Goldie Hawn movies. From Seems Like Old Times to Foul Play, I love them all. One of the last big movies Goldie made was Overboard. The premise was a bit outlandish but I still loved it. Cast with Kurt Russell it was about a spoiled woman who fell overboard from a yacht, bumped her head and woke up convinced she was Kurt's wife and mother to all his kids. Now there is talk that the movie is going to be remade and I am going to have to live with Jennifer Lopez in the title role. I really don't like the sound of that. Yes, Jennifer Lopez can play the spoiled role but I don't think she can do the other part of the role without her usual overacting and will ruin the movie. As much as I don't like Kate Hudson personally or most of her roles, if they are going to remake the movie why not cast her? She could play the role and it would be kind of fun. Goldie could even make a cameo.

The Horrible Jesse James Apology

Jesse James kind of apologized to Sandra Bullock and his three kids. Apparently Jesse says the vast majority of the allegations made are untrue. Uh huh. The only allegation I remember seeing is that he was having sex with that stripper. Which part is untrue? He doesn't say. All he says is, "The vast majority of the allegations reported are untrue and unfounded. Beyond that, I will not dignify these private matters with any further public comment. There is only one person to blame for this whole situation, and that is me. It's because of my poor judgment that I deserve everything bad that is coming my way. This has caused my wife and kids pain and embarrassment beyond comprehension and I am extremely saddened to have brought this on them. I am truly very sorry for the grief I have caused them. I hope one day they can find it in their hearts to forgive me."

It kind of sounds like he is the martyr here and that woe is me for having sex with the white supremacist stripper.

Popbitch Blind Item

Which celebrity mother has been reported to social services about her parenting on at
least three occasions?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Today's Blind Items

This about to hit A list television actress on a fairly new hit network show shocked all of her fellow cast and the crew after she was handed a cup of coffee by a production assistant. After the production assistant had walked away, she had a sip, turned around and said, "that f**king n***er can't even make a cup of coffee. They should fire him." You could have heard a pin drop.

Random Photos Part Three

Alex Chilton - RIP
Alicia Keys & Beyonce - New York
Apparently that Kelly Osbourne Flinstones thing must be in because Alessandra Torresani wore one last night too.
The best known groupie ever. Bebe Buell along with Jim Wallerstein.
Chevy Chase and his family.
Crispin Glover & John Cusack in the same photo. And to top it off it looks like Crispin is wearing velvet!
Jay Leno cruising the streets of LA looking for friends.
Not a good look for Chloe Sevigny.
It's Lucy Ewing Cooper otherwise known as Charlene Tilton.
All I have to do is look at DJ Qualls and I crack up.
I haven't seen Eva Mendes on a red carpet in awhile.
Eli Roth and Peaches Geldof have made it through almost two weeks. Now only if she could find a bra.
Gisele after working out.

Random Photos Part Two

One of my favorite pictures of the day. Jessica Alba is back from South Africa and spending time with Honor.
I actually love this picture too. Joan Jett and Kristen Stewart in New York.
Dakota Fanning was also there. She looks so much younger than Kristen without the movie makeup.
Wow, by my calculations it has been three days since Jennifer Love Hewitt has been without a boyfriend. I think within the next week she will have one. Someone she says she will love forever. Here she is with Jenny McCarthy.
WTF? Jaden Smith already got an award?
Kate and her bodyguard. They are made for each other. Always cranky.
What looks like a very drunk Kevin Nealon and Chelsea Handler.
Two of your DWTS contestants, Niecy Nash and Erin Andrews.
Eat something Nicole.
Nicole Sullivan - New York
Reggie Bush at a party without Kim. I wonder if he drank all that vodka himself.


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