Saturday, July 26, 2014

Blind Item #10

This former A list tweener turned B+ list mostly movie actor is even in worse shape than he was previously. He has been introduced to a drug he never used to take and unless he goes to rehab his friends know this drug will end up killing him.

Blind Items Revealed

February 26, 2014

I'm not sure how seriously this A list celeb/one ht wonder is taking this whole reconciliation thing considering that he had an impromptu party at his place consisting solely of three of his female backup dancers.

Robin Thicke

Blind Item #9

This barely hanging on to A list mostly movie actor was telling his friends that he was wasted out of his mind on pills at a recent court appearance.

Blind Items Revealed

February 26, 2014

Usually the items in this spot are longer and more detailed, but I just love this one so much I had to give it this position. Apparently this A+ list celebrity/"singer" is allowed to have sex BUT someone must be watching at all times AND each time is recorded. Talk about performance anxiety. Definitely going to be revealed.

Britney Spears

Blind Items Revealed

February 26, 2014-Answer In Random Photos

He went to two parties last night gathering phone numbers and trying to get someone to go home with him. Everyone kept asking him about his girlfriend. Said they split. End of the night he was texting her and making plans to meet after he struck out with every other woman.

Joe Jonas

Blind Items Revealed

February 26, 2014 - Answer in Random Photos

If you don't tell this actress how amazing she is within the first five minutes you meet her she won't give you another five minutes. I'm pretty sure she keeps one friend around who comes over to watch the show our actress is on and to tell the actress how great she is in every scene. I want to like her but every time I have run into her she is superficial and needy and always looking for the closest mirror and anyone who is noticing her.

Emmy Rossum

Blind Item #8

These two co-stars are foreign born. Although no longer co-stars, their pairing on a long running very hit show that seems to last forever was one of the better pairings. The two had a romance off the set that ended when the actress had a miscarriage. After that happened the two never really recovered despite their best efforts as recently as a month ago.

Blind Items Revealed

April 24, 2014

Publicists were scrambling the other day because this A- list celebrity/former actor looked like he was going to be a no show to a high profile event he was required to attend. when he showed up, our married A lister said he overslept, but he was really in a hotel room with his main west coast girlfriend.

Nick Cannon

Blind Item #7

This former A list mostly movie actor and Academy Award winner/nominee was out of his mind on drugs last week and sliced himself with a butcher knife when he was trying to juggle them.

Blind Item #6

I didn't think that this A- list mostly movie actress and the relationship with her brother could get more creepy but I was wrong. She was in a bikini at a hotel pool this week and she was laying on top of him while he was wearing just his swim suit.

Blind Item #5

This A list director/writer/names his own price right now spoke to his B list mostly movie actress ex-wife who used to be on a hit network show for the first time since she kicked him out of their house years ago after she caught him having sex with their maid. It was the third maid he had sex with in a six month period of time. She remarried. He hasn't.

Blind Items Revealed

April 25, 2014

This A+ list entertainer(singer) gave her new bff very specific instructions for their recent get together and the most important was that no guys were allowed. The bff had to leave her boyfriend at home for the two day fun fest. Our A+lister doesn't like to be or perceived to be a third wheel. If the bff couldn't agree with that, then there would be no meeting.

Taylor Swift/Sarah Hyland

Blind Item #4

This A- list mostly television actress from a very hit network show hooked up with her ex late this week while they were both on the same city. The fact she was there with another guy is all well and good but he is being used for jealousy and for publicity.

Blind Item #3

This former A- list mostly movie actress still has A list name recognition but is probably a C+ list actress. Maybe B- when one of her awful projects is released. Anyway, she dumped her long time boyfriend because he wouldn't let her earn some money on the side. He thought it was love. Not so much with her. It took her less than an hour after a year long relationship to find a guy willing to pay to be with her.

Blind Item #2

This aging B- list mostly television actress who is a Golden Globe winner spends most of the money she earns on three or four much younger men who are her constant companions. She loves spending time with them and loves showing them off and doesn't care what people think.

Blind Item #1

It is pretty interesting to me that this C list celebrity mom who gives advice for a living didn't know what to do when her underage daughter started having sex with this former B list mostly movie actor who is less than a decade from eligibility for social security benefits. She would have berated others it happened to but she says in her family it is fine.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Random Photos Part Five

Britney Spears looking at plastic surgery brochure.

Chris Pratt is in London for the Guardians Of The Galaxy premiere with
Zoe Saldana and
Chris Hemsworth.
Gabrielle Union, Dwayne Wade and Steven Tyler at the Beyonce/Jay-Z show in Chicago.
Jessie holds on tight to Slater at Universal Studios.
Gordon Ramsay and his wife double dated with
The Beckhams last night.
Hilary Duff had a party for the release of her new single.

Random Photos Part Four - Comic-Con Part Two

Jack Black

Kiefer Sutherland
Jeff Bridges and Odeya Rush
Gillian Jacobs
Evangeline Lilly
The cast of Teen Wolf
Josh Hartnett
Dolph Lundgren
Wesley Snipes

Random Photos Part Three

Jaimie Alexander and

Wes Bentley on the set of their new movie.
Justin Theroux out promoting his show.
Katie Holmes looks pretty good here.
Kristen Stewart at LAX.
Leonardo DiCaprio covers up after all the fat comments he has been receiving lately.
Lea Michele without her escort boyfriend.
Mr. T makes a rare appearance in the photos.
Naya Rivera is back from her wedding. No honeymoon?

Random Photos Part Two - Comic-Con Part One

Ali Larter

Tara Reid
Robin, Catwoman, and Batman
Megan Fox and Will Arnett
Matthew McConaughey
The Rock
Benedict Cumberbatch
Jenna Dewan
Katharine McPhee

Random Photos Part One

Five parts today.

Salma Hayek leaves her dog at home and sticks to mother daughter photo ops instead.

Rosie Huntington-Whitely got a new modeling gig.
Snooki  out running errands yesterday.
Sylvester Stallone struts through LAX.
Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara make sure they stop long enough to have their photo taken at the airport.
Tom Hardy covered in blood on the set of his new movie.
Taylor Schilling and
Lucy Liu were joined by
the always amazing Mira Sorvino at an event in NYC last night.

Blind Item #6

One thing missing from the reality show of this B list mostly television actress is the ending of her marriage and the new guy in her life. She really wanted the world to think she has a rock solid marriage.

The Purge In Canada

Blind Item #5

If this C list mostly movie actress thought her A list mostly television actor was going to start being home more often now that his long running hit show is finally ending its run then she is going to be sad. Our actor is trying desperately to find movies that only film a long way from home so he can keep on having fun with women and not having to deal with his long time girlfriend.

Off Topic

Friday's in the summertime mean leaving early and enjoying your weekend even more. Unless of course you have a boss like mine.

Blind Items Revealed

April 27, 2014

This A+list performer(singer) changes clothes multiple times each day, usually in her SUV. She loves to have new looks for the paps. What is strange is that she changes in front of her bodyguards and always changes her bra and panties because she thinks each new outfit also needs new garments.

Taylor Swift

Four For Friday- A Most Interesting Beard

It is Friday and the last Friday in July. That means next week is August which means people will start heading back to school and people will be in a bad mood because vacations are over and there will be nothing to look forward to except for work. Yeah, I just depressed myself too. Well, there are always those Christmas packages to look forward to in a few months. Anyway, I will be here all weekend and would love for you to join me as I wallow in self-pity and bacon grease. They probably go well together. If you would like to follow me on Twitter as I drunk Tweet at night I am @entylawyer

This one took some piecing together and the problem for all of you is that two of the three people involved in this are pretty random and not easy people to classify. I debated even bothering with it, but it is such an interesting and convoluted way to cheat on someone and the third person involved is a big name and has supposedly a rock solid marriage that in the end it was too good to pass up. Let's start with the sole female in this blind. She has been an actress for a couple of decades. Very attractive. She has had some hits and misses with the emphasis on misses. A few network series to her credit where she ended up in a few handful of episodes to go with her filling in the gaps with one off guest roles. Movies are there too and it is in one of those movies that she met her future lover. The lover is unique in that at one time he was almost A+ list in movies and he has also been A+ list in television. That kind of cross over doesn't happen often. A multiple Emmy winner he would have won an Academy Award too if not for a really freaky set of circumstances. He is closer to old than aging. Been married forever. For most of the time he has been with our actress he was able to keep things quiet and hidden from his wife and family. Over the past six months though, things have started to happen which has led to holes cracking in his story. So, with the help of his son of all people he found a guy who is bi-sexual and mainly does gay porn. For a nice sum of money which is more than the porn star makes each year our older actor set up the porn star with the actress/mistress and arranged for some news leaks the couple is dating which is harder than it sounds because they are such bit players in the entertainment universe. A few of those news stories made their way into the actor's wife's hands and now she is convinced her long time faithful husband is just that. Problem solved for now.

Your Turn

I would love to hear your Your Turn suggestions.

Blind Items Revealed

April 28, 2014

This B- list mostly movie actress who had her biggest fame in a defining television role has been the opposite of that role, at least for awhile. She told friends over the weekend that she is entering her second year of celibacy and that she is loving it.

Kim Cattrall

Blind Items Revealed

April 29, 2014

This former B list mostly movie actress who has been in this space a million times has been banned by a club where she is visiting because she was doing coke openly at the tables. She didn't even bother using a rest room. She was asked to leave with her two male friends and not ever return.

Lindsay Lohan

Blind Items Revealed

April 29, 2014

It might be a top rated show for CBS, but these two co-stars can't stand each other. Apparently the female and male lead don't get along at all because the female lead thinks she is a much bigger star than she really is and acts like it every second on set with her demands. A couple of hit movies a decade ago don't make you a huge star.

Lucy Liu/Jonny Lee Miller

Mr. X Blind Items Part Six

11) What late night host and reality show producer pulled a "don't you know who I am?" at a restaurant after they said they had no more open tables?
12) What bisexual supermodel was spotted getting intimate with her new bff, a former tweener turned B-list singer/actress?

Mr. X Blind Items Part Five

9) What former tweener turned A/B-list mostly movie actor is in negotiations to make his Broadway debut in Hedwig and the Angry Inch after Andrew Rannells' run? Will this be his official coming out statement?
10) Which singer, who is currently the temporary front man for a legendary rock group, was spotted backstage smoking a joint, even though he says he's sober?

Blind Item #4

If you want to see a guy absolutely go crazy just have him be this possessive clingy B list celebrity who sometimes performs in a band and then have his A list mostly movie actress girlfriend tell him that she wants to meet up with a couple she enjoys threesomes with. I think she is going to go anyway and just not tell him. I hope he finds out and would love to be there when he does.

Blind Item #3

This foreign born B+ list mostly movie actor was given a second chance by his A+ list mostly movie actress girlfriend who is an Academy Award winner/nominee. The second chance was really a third or fourth because he was always cheating. He is doing it again now with a celebrity who seems to make the rounds of B+ list actors from this country.

Mr. X Blind Items Part Four

7) What young actor who is currently on a BBC sitcom thought he could go incognito into the infamous gay nightclub Heaven, but his cover was blown when an overweight female fan screamed his name after spotting him outside the club?
8) Which A-list (for now) actress' is finally letting her cranky side show? Allegedly she's not happy with her latest film's b.o. performance and is venting on anybody and everybody. She's not normally like this.

Mr. X Blind Items Part Three

5) What political power couple were once described as the "new FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt"? Yes, it's that kind of arrangement.
6) Remember that rock star spawn who's writing a roman a clef? Well, she's going to expose one B/C-list actress in particular who she despises. She thinks the actress had a hand in her late son's death.

Blind Item #2

This rapper/singer combination recently reunited but it doesn't mean they are getting along. Apparently there was a huge fight when they discovered they were booked on the same flight out of town after a recent show so this female A list rapper/singer played peacemaker and arranged for the pair to sit as far away from each other as possible in first class while she sat in between them to make sure nothing happened on the flight.

Blind Item #1

This A list mostly movie actress is recently married. She is also in non-stop fight mode with her new husband. It might have something to do with the fact that he thought they conceived the old fashioned way and she didn't tell him until after it was a done deal that she got pregnant in a lab and didn't even use his sperm.

Mr. X Blind Items Part Two

3) Which two mostly TV actors who are supposed dating are being seen together because they might be playing a couple in an upcoming movie and they're doing this as "research"?
4) What female rapper and sometime reality star's PR team and road crew consists mainly of lesbians? Is she trying to send a message?

Mr. X Blind Items Part One

1) Which east coast Real Housewife and sometime actress is not gaining any friends at her new gig? She ordered that the rest of the dressing rooms be moved miles away from hers. Some angry cast members blew up her iPhone with texts calling her a b**ch, etc.
2) Which A-list funny lady who divides her time between movies and TV found out soon after dating her new boyfriend that he likes guys as well as girls? She's fine with that, but she's hesitant on telling her kids.

Jessica Biel Got An Acting Gig On New Girl

Do I think New Girl is doing some stunt casting this season? Yep. Whenever you bring in Damon Wayans Jr to be a regular that is the first step and then when you bring in Jessica Biel for an episode you are really reaching. The good news is that it is not Lindsay Lohan. That is stunt casting and just showing the world you don't care about your show. If you think I am going to rip Jessica Biel as an actress here, I am not. Her problem has always been that she wants to be the lead in a movie which she is not good enough to do. That being said she is really good on television and can be good when she does not have a huge role in a movie. It is still stunt casting, but unlike Lindsay Lohan I think Jessica will be pretty good. When you are starring in a movie, even though you ca do repeated takes, at some point it becomes really expensive and really time consuming and when you are the lead that is just not sustainable over the long term so the director gives up and Jessica is Jessica. She can be good in a limited role though and I think moving to television is a really good idea for her career and playing"the hottest scientist in the world" on a Fox show is not a bad way to start.

Michael Lohan Threatens To Burn Down House Of Record Label Owner

Michael Lohan is still the two bit crook who has spent time in jail before and will spend time in jail again. He just can't help himself from being a tool to those he comes into contact with and his kids. A couple of weeks ago I wrote about Ali Lohan getting a record deal and how Dina and Michael made sure to cut themselves in for all kinds of fees which would end up leaving Ali with enough money to record her country album on a borrowed iPad. Well, Ali is ok with her mom taking all her money, but apparently not her dad and told her dad to go away. So, Michael told the record label he wanted to cancel the deal, but the label said no so Michael told the head of the label that he knew where he lived and that his house was not very secure and that Michael could burn it down really easily. Nice guy this Michael Lohan. Probably the kind of guy who would throw his kids under the proverbial bus if he could make a buck. Well, actually he has already done that so maybe he would back it up and do it again. Too late. At this point, the bus is just driving back and forth over them like that golf cart in the hallway of that Austin Powers movie. The head of the record label notified police who are investigating. Meanwhile Michael continues to raise his toddler alone while his pregnant wife is locked up in jail.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Random Photos Part Five

Bradley Cooper and his girlfriend have a few words on the set of his new movie.

Britney Spears went out to dinner with her boyfriend last night. Kind of has a prom feel about it.
Elizabeth Berkley took her son shopping.
Ashley Greene and Cara Santana after working out together.
Giorgio Armani might as well go naked, but I'm glad he didn't.
Jessica Alba on the way into the office.
Josh Duhamel spends more time with his son. They are always doing something.
Jessica Pare in a rare pap shot.
Kate Beckinsale seemed to be in an awfully good mood yesterday.


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