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Don't Trust Anyone Ever

Blind Items Revealed

January 30, 2009

#1 & 2- This must be obvious week or something because this is about the fifth or sixth one that has been really easy. This one is not difficult, nor that juicy, or even blind item worthy, but it is funny as hell. This former B list television actress who is now a C list wannabe film actress and sometime blog writer with a substance problem and has a sister who probably is not her biggest fan has made a big deal about the fact that she has a new love in her life. This new love is the singer of a band that sounds a lot like the name of a band that was really good back in the day and has the same number of letters and the same consonants at the beginning and the end. Anyway, this singer has been on tour away from his beloved but in one recent city he performed in the past few weeks he spent the entire night holding hands, and making passes at one woman. The woman asked him why he was hitting on her so much when he had our actress waiting for him. "Oh, I'm just with her because she can't get a job to save her life and wants the publicity." There is probably more to it than that, but the fact that he said it shows what he thinks of her at least.

Mischa Barton/Luke Pritchard from The Kooks

Blind Item #3

This foreign born A list reality star in her own country and probably a C+ here who used to be higher when she stripped a lot, dates a lot of guys, but will only get in a relationship with a guy who also loves other men. First question she asks a guy who asks her out. "Have you been with another guy?" If you don't answer yes, then she says bye.

Blind Items Revealed

December 12, 2008

#1 - This guy is an A list television star and probably B in films he has done. Probably not any higher than B list on name recognition though. Oh, he stars in one of those crime dramas. Anyway, for the past year he has just had his paychecks sent to directly to various charities in the city where he films his show.

Gary Sinise

No One Watched The Last Episode Of Jersey Shore

The series finale of Jersey Shore only managed to get 3.1M viwers which is still way better than lots of programs but is the lowest amount of people to watch any of the finales of the show. Last October when they finished a season they drew almost 5M viewers. They came, they were here, and now they will be going bye bye. Yes, there will be a spin off series or two, but unless they start getting invited to those competition shows on MTV, most of them won't ever see the flicker of 15 minutes of fame again. I think Pauly D can make a niche for himself and maybe maybe maybe Snooki, but I don't know what she would do except be a red carpet host and ask uninteresting questions.

Blind Item #2

This A+ list all movie actor has been feeling lonely since he broke it off with his B list all movie actress girlfriend even though she did drive him crazy. So, he turned to this almost A list all movie actress for a little canoodling which of course almost destroyed her relationship with her almost A list all movie actor boyfriend.  The thing is, the B list actress will still take back the A+ lister anytime. He can do whatever he wants and she will probably stick around.

Katt Williams Says Jamie Foxx Is Gay - Names Names

It is one thing for someone to say that another celebrity is gay. Katt Williams does not exactly have the most stellar track record when it comes to interpersonal relationships the past month. He has never had his name in the news more than he has the past month. It might be because of that instability that he decided to tell a crowd at a recent show that Jamie Foxx is gay. He went on to say some names, including Marcus Anthony, who apparently is the only person on Jamie Foxx's record label. "Who’s gay? Jamie Foxx,. I can even tell you the name of the dude he f**ked. His name is Marcus Anthony; he’s the only dude signed to Jamie Foxx’s label.” Katt then went on to say that he was offered the role of Django first and turned it down and that Jamie should be ashamed of himself for taking it.

Blind Item #1 - Easy Easy

This A+ list all movie actor says that he is never getting divorced because he does not want to give half his money to someone who cheated on him.

Ashton Kutcher Finally Files For Divorce

It looks like all the financial issues have been settled between Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, because he filed for divorce after a year apart. There is nothing crazy or unusual in the filing. No secrets like Demi Moore is actually 60 or that Ashton Kutcher is really 12. Just a plain old divorce that allows Mila Kunis to feel a little bit better about things moving forward, although if she is hoping for that ting and wedding and an entirely monogamous Ashton Kutchcer, just him filing the divorce paperwork is not going to change all that.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Random Photos Part Four

The entire world is looking for this woman because she is sexually abusing 4 and 5 year old children on tape, including one just two weeks ago. Call your local police or FBI if you see her.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds had a lot of sweets at their wedding. None of which the couple actually ate or would eat.
Britney Spears always acts like she is the guest of honor at a surprise party. She looks great though.
Ditto with Demi Lovato getting touched by the slimy Mario Lopez.
Khloe Kardashian tests her strength by grabbing on to Simon Cowell and making him talk to her.
Harry Styles and One Direction performed last night on the X Factor final.
Same with Pitbull and
Courteney Cox gets a crew member to help her carry her bags.
Courtney Stodden seems to think that if she takes naked photos of herself that we will all have a merrier Christmas. At least she cares.

Random Photos Part Three

If this whole acting thing does not work out, I see a promising career on price is Right for Emma Roberts.

Gerard Depardieu is not quite the sex symbol he used to be.
Jessica Alba hits up Target for her kids' Christmas gifts.
The series finale party of 30 Rock. Tina Fey, Jack McBrayer and Jane Krakowski.
Katrina Bowden was there.
Alec Baldwin and his wife.
Kelsey Grammer wants you to know that he has a car seat and is using it.
Katie Holmes on her way into Letterman the same week her ex was there. Great color on Katie.

Random Photos Part Two

Katherine Heigl actually looking like herself and not someone in her mid 60's.

Kendra Wilkinson and her family do the whole train thing in your pajamas for Christmas. Unless you are riding on top of the train in the blowing snow in Siberia, it just is not the same.
Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts out riding bikes before
Naomi gets all dressed up for Letterman.
A first time appearance in the photos for Ashley Madekwe from Revenge.
Marcia Cross takes her daughter ice skating in the bone chilling arctic tundra of Santa Monica. They went swimming later.
Even when Matthew M finishes this movie, do you think he will look like he did before. He better win an Oscar for this.
Scarlett J in the premiere of Cat On A Hot Tin Roof on Broadway. Heard she was really good.

Random Photos Part One - All Reader Photos

Just one more week to get in your reader photos for reveal day. I guess technically there is a little more than a week, but next week is the holidays so I don't want you to forget. You can e-mail them to me at

 Four parts today.

Reader Photo #1

Reader Photo #2
Reader Photo #3
Reader Photo #4
Reader Photo #5
Reader Photo #6
Reader Photo #7
Reader Photo #8
Reader Photo #9
Reader Photo #10
Reader Photo #11
Reader Photo #12
Reader Photo #13
Reader Photo #14

Christmas Drinking Game

Boiling Water Turns To Snow

Yes, it is that cold in Siberia.

Blind Item #5

This male celebrity who has been in this space very recently for cheating on his B+ list celebrity wife also has two other people he sees during the week that he rotates. One of them must be very special because she has showed up in several different cities that our celebrity was in over the past month.

Rita Ora Had Sex With Jonah Hill While Dating Rob Kardashian

On a trip to New York, Rita Ora and Jonah Hill hooked up and spent the night together and presumably had sex. If Rob Kardashian is to be believed, Jonah probably had unprotected sex with Rita because that is how Rita rolls. Apparently Rob could handle Rita cheating with a bunch of nobodies like himself, but could not handle her having sex with someone who actually has real talent and a job. According to US Weekly, this is the reason Rob split with Rita.

Four For Friday - It's The Meds

Friday today. The last Friday before Christmas. I will be here all weekend and Christmas Eve and Christmas too. I don't want you to forget about me or be without some blind items or some gossip, so I will be here plugging away. Tomorrow I will have a blind item or two to reveal as we get closer to Reveal Day on January 1st. If you would like, please follow me on Twitter @entylawyer

This actress used to be almost A list. Always movies. Hated television. Thought it was beneath her. That is because she started off with such a bang that she thought she would never have to do television. Time have changed. Her stock has dropped to B-/C+ and she will do television as long as it is a movie. Not just something thrown together for ratings, but a real movie. Of course if the paycheck is high enough she will lower her demands about the quality of the programming.People don't really like working with her. Actually they hate working with her. They hate being her boyfriend or husband too, but that can take a little bit longer because she is so different that the guys get wrapped up int he fact that she is ready and willing to do anything with anyone so the guy will put up with her throwing dishes at them or threatening them with a knife or gun or beating them when they least suspect it. Unstable does not begin to describe our actress, but the guys she is with love it. When a regular guy asks her out, she has no interest. She needs to see that the guy has an edge too and that he might fight back. Not actually fight back, but looks like he might. It seems like she always has a boyfriend or husband because no women want to hang out with her so the only person she has in her life ever is the guy she is currently with.

Your Turn

How do you think the world will end?

Blind Item #4

This reality show celebrity has been getting texts from her former B+ list and now C+ list actor ex saying that she looks like she has gained weight. This of course caused her to go into freak out mode because she, for some reason cares about her a-holey ex and she has started purging again. She doesn't want anyone to know so she is eating normally and then rushing to her trailer and purging.

Gordon Ramsay Calls Jamie Oliver A Fat F**k

Gordon Ramsay is on a show in the UK tonight and on it called Jamie Oliver a fat f**k who needs to shower and is too fat to be telling anyone about healthy eating. Gordon then also went on to say that Jamie wants to have sex with Gordon's wife and that he wishes Jamie would always stop mentioning Gordon's wife. Well, at least he is paying attention to Gordon's wife. I mean when he was out having affairs, was he paying attention to his wife? I thought it was kind of remarkable that despite Gordon being called out by women he was sleeping with and all the details that his wife didn't even blink and stayed right next to his side.

Marvel Comics Meets Mad Men

What happens when an artist for Marvel Comics gets his hands on Mad Men? Well if you are Dan Panosian you get the images below which are incredible and makes me wish there was a Mad Men comic book. You can see all the ones he has drawn on his site, which is here.


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