Saturday, July 08, 2023

Blind Item #8

This A+/A list country singer has been showing off the naked photos his significant other gifted to him after her breast enlargement lift.

Blind Item #7

In what is probably the worst idea ever, the permanent A list singer is going to personally finance a movie project starring her husband.

Blind Item #6

This pay cable actor was saying this and that about splitting with his actress girlfriend but it all comes down to the fact he is enjoying sleeping with another woman more than his girlfriend.

Blind Item #5

This barely there celebrity says she is engaged to a long time Bravo staple.

Blind Items Revealed #4

June 30, 2023

You can bet if the three named A- list actor cheated on his then girlfriend with his childhood sweetheart who he then cheated on while they were married, he will certainly cheat on the A- list singer turned actress.

Jeremy Allen White/Emma Greenwell/Addison Timlin/Selena Gomez

Blind Items Revealed #3

June 30, 2023

This former A+ list singer has met with his legal team to discuss options moving forward against a current A+ list singer.

John Mayer/Taylor Swift

Blind Items Revealed #2

June 30, 2023

This foreign born A list singer passed out on the floor of a bar if you would like to know how his battle with booze is going.

Sam Smith

Blind Items Revealed #1

June 30, 2023

I am not generally the biggest fan of this A- list actress married to an A+ lister, but to specifically single her out because you know she won't even try her own brand, is missing the point. The vast majority of celebrities don't use anything they sell. They just want you to think they do, just like they want you to think they got skinny through diet and exercise. It is all smoke and mirrors to get as many of your dollars into their pockets.

Blake Lively/Ryan Reynolds/Betty Booze

Blind Item #4

When the press run beings for the sports documentary, the ginger haired one plans on doing the entire thing solo. This really does seem to be more and more of an conscious uncoupling. 

Blind Item #3

This A list showrunner insisted that this A list dual threat actress get naked for him before he was willing to cast her in a project. He wants her naked as much as possible in the show and was afraid she would look too old.

Blind Item #2

After years of discussing in this space about the celebrity CEO, his drug problem and still having a security clearance, it is nice the mainstream media finally decided to bring it up.

Blind Item #1

In one corner you have the momager of the reality family trying to convince tabloids that the possible GOAT QB is dating one of the daughters. In the other corner, you have a group of tabloids saying he is dating the hard to spell model. Neither would ever be much more than a hookup.

Friday, July 07, 2023

Blind Item #13

This A list host/creator/producer has it written into his contract that he gets final approval on who his game show co-star is.

Blind Item #12

This long time HGTV star is doing what he always does. Cheats. The person being cheated on changes though.

Blind Item #11

This one named A- list industry plant totaled the car of a promoter at a European show. She just took it and went about fifty feet but didn't know how to drive a stick and crashed it into a semi-truck unloading the sets.

Blind Item #10

This three named A- list mostly television actress can say what she wants about getting a character removed from a show, but everyone knows she did it and she would do it again.

Blind Item #9

This reality star let it slip that this showrunner is doing some writing on one of his shows.

Blind Items Revealed #5

June 28, 2023

The foreign born singer in #11 extended her fame when she became the girlfriend of this permanent A+ list one named legend.

Sheena Easton/Prince

Four For Friday - Live Studio Audience

#1 - These two former late night actors (one who went on to bigger and better things and one who crashed and burned, would find two willing women and play strip poker. The way it worked is that if one of the actors laughed during the show, the actor who did not laugh got to take a piece of clothing off the woman the actor who laughed, brought. This would continue on through the night.

#2 - This former A+ list mostly television actor directed a porn while also filming his hit show.

#3 - This actor is permanently A list and starred on multiple very hit network shows. During the one that made him famous, he would have lines of coke everywhere on set so he could get a bump. Beginning in later seasons, there were two other cast members who would join him.

#4 - During a live show, this A list mostly television actor who has also starred in some very hit network shows, was so wasted out of his mind, he punched his female assistant when she dropped his coke on the floor and the powder went everywhere.

Your Turn

 The longest you have gone without showering/bathing.

Blind Items Revealed #4

June 28, 2023

At the same time the actor in #10 was sleeping with the singer, he was also sleeping with a different singer, a foreign born former A list singer who had a really big hit song from a popular movie franchise.

Jim Carrey/Sheena Easton/James Bond/For Your Eyes Only

Blind Items Revealed #3

June 28, 2023

This foreign born former A+ list mostly movie actor used to regularly hookup with the singer who used to sleep with a Governor.

Jim Carrey/Linda Ronstadt/Jerry Brown

Blind Items Revealed #2

June 28, 2023

No, this former A+ list tennis player did not hire a party planner who was trying to get everything for free.

Serena Williams

Blind Item #8

This recently deceased A-list singer in her part of the world used to tell everyone early in her career she was a virgin. She wasn't.

Blind Item #7

Lost in all the drama about the slap, is why there is a line of credit at the casino in the husband's name when the singer is the one who pays for it. 

Blind Items Revealed #1

June 28, 2023

This A list dual threat actor/sometime director/sometime musician is upset because he wanted to make his wife look like the toxic person in the marriage, when it is really him.

Kevin Costner

Blind Item #6

It is always the politician stepping out on their spouse. Well, in this case, the spouse of this state A+ lister has been hooking up with a billionaire she met at a campaign fundraising event. 

Blind Item #5

Speaking of being passed around, I think this A- list singer/actress has enough self-esteem to not date the three named actor who couldn't go a day without cheating on his wife.

Blind Item #4

At least this former A- list actress knows that she is marrying into some money and all the coke she can handle. Sure, she might be passed around once or twice, but it is way better than the alternative. 

Blind Item #3

This reporter might not have the ginger haired one's phone number, but he has the email and multiple phone numbers belonging to the alliterate one.

Blind Item #2

Speaking of lying to fans, this one named permanent A list singer decided she wanted a day off so canceled a previously scheduled show. 

Blind Item #1

This A+ list singer is lucky she isn't facing tens of millions of dollars in lawsuits. She also got away with lying to the public again.

Thursday, July 06, 2023

Blind Item #13

This celebrity owned drug rehab is still paying kickbacks and still letting celebrities get treatment for free. 

Blind Item #12 - Old Hollywood

The daughter of this permanent A list mostly movie actor says there is no way he ever slept with men. Umm, ask your mom about the actor he lived with for many years, when each could afford mansions on their own.

Blind Item #11

The holes in the music awards rules are massive. There won't be any stopping payola from the artists who have it to spend. It just means no new unknown names will ever get a chance to hear their named called. It is just going to be one big love fest for those who can afford to buy the voters or the board. 

Blind Item #10

The pint sized actor has stayed out of the legal system for the past several years. He had quite the losing streak and the attention was not good. If he goes in for another fight, there are going to be a lot of questions asked he doesn't want to answer. The thing is though, he likes everyone to believe he does all his own stunts, so the latest reports that he doesn't do them all are the kind of thing his ego makes him want to avenge.

Blind Item #9

The problem with trying to secretly date the year singer so your fans don't find out is the year singer has a really big mouth.

Blind Items Revealed #5

June 28, 2023

There is no way on this Earth, that this permanent A list singer ever was worth a billion dollars. You will notice the attorney said "in the range." It's just for more attention. She didn't even write her songs and barely went on tour. She had no big investments or holdings or companies. Also, you could, if you wanted include cents in the ten figures. 

Britney Spears

Today's Blind Items - The CON in Convention

Is he a big star? No, he isn't. That doesn't mean he doesn't think he is a big star and will be charging accordingly at a fan convention for his pictures and autographs. Even though actors from the long running almost network show on which he starred are bigger and more famous, our actor is charging (way) more than ANYBODY for autographs and photo ops. And his meet and greet is literally as much as quadruple the cost of others from the show or those more famous. Does he really think he’s worth all of that just because he’s married to an actual star?? Considering he’s worked a grand total of maybe two months out of the last six years and his last gig was a huge flop in part due to his ego and not showing up for work, it is nuts what he’s charging. He’s literally taking huge advantage of fans. Talk about entitlement. 

What is also interesting is at this convention, at least two of his exes from the show that he slept with will be in attendance. He has a history of cheating, including with fans, so it’s going to be interesting to see who he will cheat on his wife with first. Will it be a fan or an ex. Also, will anyone actually pay his inflated prices? 

The chef's kiss to all this is the very important life event he will be skipping just to cheat on his wife and gouge his fans. There is nothing that will stop this guy from his hundreds of teenage fans desperate to meet him and give him money and perhaps later sleep with him. By the way, the convention is even offering loans and payment plans through a third-party vendor so fans can afford all of this. And if he cancels or the convention is canceled apparently there’s no refunds, so he really picked the most shady possible convention to be a part of for the first time in years. Why is he this hard up for money? Is his wife finally leaving him, or did she actually tell him he needs to finally contribute to the family a little? Can this guy ever do anything that’s not embarrassing? 

Your Turn

The food item you grill the best.

Blind Items Revealed #4

June 28, 2023

If she is alive, this cult is really going to have to show off her in a very public way so we get proof of life.

Shelly Miscavige/Scientology

Blind Items Revealed #3

June 28, 2023

The prime minister actor is really throwing everything at the wall to see if it will stick to get those charges against him dropped before trial. He must really want that superhero gig to go this route.

Jonathan Majors/The Kang Dynasty

Blind Items Revealed #2

June 28, 2023

If you really think about the term full circle and what it means, it really is no surprise the A list host ended up with the show he just landed.

Ryan Seacrest/Merv Griffin/Wheel Of Fortune

Blind Item #8

Let the whole molesting of a relative scandal fade into the background and then there can a very quiet divorce announcement between this former A list singer (twice) and his husband.

Blind Item #7

I think people are shocked that this controversial movie got great reviews from the trades in town. For the most part, the trades just review them as they see them. It happens to be a good movie. If it had been a bad movie, they would have said so. I mean, one of the actor's most controversial roles, saw the film win three Oscars. 

Blind Items Revealed #1

June 27, 2023

This A list showrunner loves to tell the world how wonderful and amazing he is and how he single handedly has taken care of all the Native Americans in this country. He just refuses to cast them in any roles on his shows.

Taylor Sheridan/Violence Against Women Act

Blind Item #6

This former A list rocker couldn't get anyone interested in funding a new record until he also threw in an offspring to sweeten the deal.

Blind Item #5

If you think this former manufactured singer/reality star/serial filter user/lover of geriatrics wouldn't go back to the offspring of the former A++ lister, you would be wrong. This is why she is always telling tales out of school about him. He would make a nice change from the guys a year from a nursing home she currently hangs out with to make a living.

Blind Item #4

The end of the week singer seems to think if can retool some things that there is going to be a second season of his show. That is fools gold. For some reason though, he seems pretty confident he can offer something to someone that will get him that second season. 

Blind Item #3

This is not something you probably ever thought you would hear. The long time ago ex of the woman in #2, had lunch in January or February with the ex of the man the woman from #2 has been seeing for years. That would have been a crazy lunch.

Blind Item #2

Even if she has not really split with her boyfriend, this former news anchor finds herself having to sell herself in many different ways to keep her show on the air and the donations coming in and it really doesn't also leave room for a boyfriend who has any kind of jealousy issues.

Blind Item #1

The publishing family sit on the board of the movie studio. Of course they are going to kill a story about the CEO of the studio.

Wednesday, July 05, 2023

Blind Item #13

The significant other of this A+ list politician all of you know, is spending many thousands of dollars per month on a webcam woman from Asia that he met online.

Blind Item #12

 The alliterate one sent her husband home from a party early because he was annoying her.

Blind Item #11

The married leader of this "church" got a woman not even old enough to drink, pregnant. He has got many other women pregnant before, but this is the first he has allowed to stay pregnant. He wants the baby to be the leader of the church. He is going to say it is a reincarnation of the founder of the church.

Blind Item #10

This food loving publicist is constantly sending in anonymous tips to tabloids and gossip sites about his clients and who they could be dating. He is just way too heavy handed in his approach.

Blind Item #9

This A- list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee was still doing the whole southern accent thing in Paris this week. Can we get him a new movie and a new accent please.

Blind Items Revealed #5

June 27, 2023

This former Disney actor is headed for a settlement with AKA Sticks.

Shia LaBeouf/FKA Twigs

Today's Blind Items - The Stalker

The young Grammy winning/nominated singer-songwriter just made a comeback and has a big day in court this week. It isn't the usual deliberating of writing credits. She's pursuing a multi-count criminal complaint against a longtime stalker. Among many other things, the creep followed her around the world during her headlining concert tour last year, showing up at and in some cases even sleeping outside her hotels. Countless videos online show the screwball getting way too close for comfort, staring her down, lunging at her for autographs, being shoved away by her security after blocking the door of a car she's trying to enter. It's unclear what his motive is, and that might be the scariest part. It's reached a point where many of her fans know who he is by name and have expressed growing concern for her well being in public. There was even an incident outside a coffee shop at the end of last summer when his actions resulted in a member of the starlet's security team sending him away in an ambulance. Well, it's escalated quite a bit beyond that since the beginning of the year and it appears that it's finally time to put an end to it.

Your Turn

A drug you would never take.

Blind Items Revealed #4

June 27, 2023

These actresses have been bff forever. They had a recent falling out because the lesser known actress kept bugging the much much more well known actress to star in a new television show she is pitching. Our more well known actress doesn't do television any longer.

Busy Philipps/Michelle Williams

Blind Items Revealed #3

June 26, 2023

This former Housewife called a pap to come take some photos of her, and then yelled at people who were blocking the shot.

Lisa Rinna

Blind Items Revealed #2

June 26, 2023

This foreign born alliterate A list mostly movie actor says he hates social media. The truth is he's very active on his private Instagram where he spends a lot of time trashing fans.

Sebastian Stan

Blind Item #8

Speaking of confusing, the closeted actor who "dated" the superhero actress for a bit is now "dating" another actress? Each of the actresses has been known to have certain kinks they enjoy, maybe this is the guy who makes that happen.

Blind Item #7

This foreign born A list singer/tax evader was in an open relationship for years, but gets mad when her husband actually then catches feelings for one of the women? 

Blind Items Revealed #1

June 27, 2023

The actress/muse has really set herself up through yachting and hustling. Good for her.

Julia Fox

Blind Item #6

This YouTube star in the middle of a huge crash and burn is trying to hang on to the rich guy she is seeing outside of marriage. If she is going to go down, she needs his income.

Blind Item #5

This former Housewife decided to turn the news away from the implosion of one of her businesses, by doing a little leaking about her former fellow castmate of whom there is no love lost.

Blind Item #4

This A- list actress who plays the same role in movies and television had no problems in her role of producer demanding other women get naked if they wanted to be cast. She just refused to do it herself.

Blind Item #3

Considering they both like to date the same sex, perhaps the split of the former politician and his wife is not the worst idea ever.

Blind Item #2

Beginning next season, this seasonal house show is going include offspring of Housewives.

Blind Item #1

She might have been released from prison early, but if she wants to get on the straight and narrow path, perhaps this actress should stop communicating with her ex who is also still in the cult.

Tuesday, July 04, 2023

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Blind Items Revealed #48

May 4, 2023

With all the hype this award season about a certain actor and a movie in which he appeared so long ago, there was a family who tried to use the press and attention to find answers. Back when the movie was filmed, this family had a young boy and a young girl who filmed village scenes. Only the young boy ended up with a  credit. The young girl did not and can barely be seen in one still frame. The boy had done a few earlier roles when he was even younger, but this was by far his biggest appearance.

At some point during the filming, the boy and girl were filming a scene that would end up in the movie. The shoot that day finished in the evening after dark. There was an uncle who was waiting to take the kids back home. He had done so for the entirety of the shoot in this two name country. This time though, they disappeared. There was no sign of them. The uncle went and asked every crew member he could find. They all said they didn't know the location of the kids or had not seen them or maybe they had seen them, but hadn't seen them in a while. They were just gone. He searched for hours. There were no cell phones back then and had no idea where they had gone. He had seen them at lunch.

The next day he brought the entire family of the kids and they searched and asked everyone until they were kicked off the set because the kids were just kids, but this was a huge Hollywood production. The family was then banned from the set, so the family started hanging out at the crew hotel and got the police involved. Then suddenly, the police stopped helping and the family was banned from the hotel.

This year, a journalist tried to ask several members of the cast who were at that shoot. That movie got a lot of attention this year. To a person, they all said they either didn't remember it or it was so long ago, they forgot the details. 

Ke Huy Quan/Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom/Sri Lanka

Blind Items Revealed #47

May 2, 2023

The Met Gala didn't use to always be the first Monday in May. For much of its early existence, it was a pre holiday spectacular to get everyone in the mood for the holidays. As soon as the current person took over, she switched it immediately because she wanted to do the exact opposite of anything the former editor did. Anyway, one particular year when it was still held in December, there was an alliterate designer who needed a very big loan because his business was struggling. He was an A list designer at the time but needed funds. Normally, he would have been the date of the person in charge, but that would have kept him from face time with people who could get him his money. So, in an act that might have actually set her death in motion, he gave her something that made her seriously ill to the point where she couldn't attend the event. The designer then got to pick his date and he chose a model/socialite/twin who knew just the right people to get the designer the money. In that particular year, the one name singer/actress had the best outfit.

Vogue/Anna Wintour/Diana Vreeland/1974/Bill Blass/Consuelo Crespi/Cher

Blind Items Revealed #46

May 1, 2023

Seeing the people in the calendar of the dead billionaire pedophile reminded me of a story of a guy who broke into a university that the pedophile supported with a lot of money and where one of his best friends worked. The best friend who is willing to support him and cover for him to this day. Anyway, the guy who broke into the university, didn't really break in. He walked in with a pass he had. he got arrested for doing things with the pass he was not supposed to do. Now, it should not have been a big deal, but two of his co-workers decided to throw him under the bus so they could make tens of millions of dollars more than they would have if he was alive. They knew he had problems with depression and anxiety. One of his co-workers is married to an A lister. The co-worker not married to an A lister leaked to some federal government law enforcement types that the guy arrested had been facilitating the leaking of government secrets and was helping the foreign born accused rapist/journalist/secret leaker who is seemingly under some type of permanent arrest without actually being charged with anything. 

So, the government really goes after the arrested guy hard. They don't have any proof of anything and his other crime was minor and should have been a slap on the wrist. They started harassing him and got wiretaps and they drove him mad. He wouldn't break and the other two co-workers got impatient. The next thing you know there was a doorknob suicide. I'm not saying or implying the co-workers killed him or had anything to do with his death. I just always find doorknob suicides very puzzling, especially when there is a huge benefit to others after the death.

Jeffrey Epstein/Aaron Swartz/M.I.T./Noam Chomsky/Alexis Ohanian/Serena Williams/Steve Huffman/Julian Assange 

Blind Items Revealed #45

April 10, 2023

This young north of the border no name actor is resting easy now that his fans have made him look like the innocent party after a series of very serious sexual assault allegations that go back quite a few years. They completely tore apart the credibility of one of the whistleblowers. But she is far from the only person who has spoken out. Doesn't matter anyway because our actor had an extended on set fling turned serious relationship with one of his co stars (that pint sized it-girl you all would know) while they were working abroad.

Not only that, but his star actress paramour is now executive producing the popular streaming show and is using her newfound influence to protect her ex-boyfriend's career. She's well aware of his pattern of behavior and the evidence of his— ahem —proclivity towards vulnerable and underaged girls. So she's effectively enabling his abusive tendencies. But does she know he was grooming and propositioning minors while he was still dating her?

Wait until some text and email messages with underage girls start leaking.

Percy Hynes White/Jenny Ortega/Wednesday

Blind Items Revealed #44

March 17, 2023

#1 - This recently deceased  leader of a lower constitutional body who could be called a trailblazer was once considered a contender for an A++ position although she ultimately couldn’t try for it and gave a very memorable emotional explanation of this. She was married almost her whole adult life but also had relationships with women. Her husband was okay with this.  After leaving the body, she ran an organization for a period of time and her longtime girlfriend was her assistant.  

#2 - This deceased leader of his state in an A+ position which is large and often in the news these days also worked for a still living A++ leader.  He himself did try unsuccessfully for an A++ role. He had a mean sense of humor and when he was in the A+ role he and some of his donors used to go to state mental facilities and release the inmates into a recreation area where they would throw water balloons and other projectiles at them while they tried to jump out of the way.

#3 - This deceased person whose name was a verb but was not a household name was A list in his career. He was from a sparsely populated place and was one of the worst womanizers in a field of filled with womanizers. In college, he had sex with two of his female instructors.  He was married a number of times and cheated on all of his wives.  One of his ex-wives publicly accused him of adultery.  He kept different women on his office payroll for sex and one time had one of them perform fellatio on him under a table during an event while this popular A++ figure who was already known from another career was speaking.  He had a huge manhood which he liked to cover with oil and show people often wagging it around in a circular motion.  He briefly considered going for an A++ listing himself in two different years going as far as setting up the apparatus but gave up when he considered what information on him was out there.  

#4 - This still living unsuccessful A++ aspirant who is not Steve Forbes had no other qualifications for this role other than the company his father built and its money.  He once killed a man while driving drunk as a teenager but his father pulled strings to make this go away. 

#1 - Congresswoman Pat Schroeder

#2 - Reuben Askew, Governor of Florida, Jimmy Carter, Trade Representative

#3 - Malcolm Wallop (Senator Wyoming), Ronald Reagan  

#4 - Maury Taylor

Blind Items Revealed #43

March 22, 2023

This fairly new husband to an old school YouTuber is quietly making moves to secure the bag. They have barely been married for a year, but he is secretly already getting his ducks in a row for the inevitable divorce. 

The desperate YouTuber (who brags about being not cancelable, but her dwindling views say otherwise) has been too unstable, aggressive & volatile for the hubby to want to stick around... especially now that a helpless infant is in the mix. He can't even trust her enough to leave their baby alone with her for more than a few minutes, that's how unhinged and immature this woman is. 

So the stealthy hubby has been secretly recording and photographing evidence of her craziness and incompetence to use against the controversial YouTuber all along, to ultimately "expose" her - just like he did the first time she physically abused him. Only this time, he'll get the courts involved to make sure that he gets his hot little hands on that sweet sweet child support money. 

The YouTuber is completely oblivious, claims that they're both madly in love and brags that her wannabe guru hubby magically healed all of her many (mostly self-diagnosed) mental illnesses. She is definitely not going to take his scheming and betrayal well. 

Moses Hacmon/Trisha Paytas/Malibu Barbie 

Blind Items Revealed #42

March 24, 2023

#1 - Considering how many drugs this foreign born A list singer of an A list metal band did, he was lucky he lived as long as he did. Usually he had no problems smuggling meth across international borders, but there was a tip that when they crossed the border after a show they were performing that night, they were all going to be strip searched. He was told to throw away his drugs, but instead, he decided to use all he had, which was a lot. To speed up the process, he just put the powder in a spoon and started spooning it in throughout the day and evening and even during the show. He says he stayed awake for five days and has no memory of any of it, but they didn't find any drugs at the border crossing which he doesn't remember, but they did strip search the entire group and crew.

#2 - The permanent A list singer of a permanent A list band, would often start shows late until he could find a vein to inject heroin. He says he is clean now. Uh huh.

#3 - All of the members of this three named punk band would get wasted and then take turns drinking the urine of the other members of the group.

#1 - Lemmy/Motorhead

#2 - Steven Tyler/Aerosmith

#3 - New York Dolls

Blind Items Revealed #41

March 27, 2023

Other than probably the alleged GOAT quarterback and the closeted one, no athlete has more blinds about them than this NFL player. Most of the items talk about who he is partying with, rather than the partying itself. A few years ago, the NFL started following the player. They hired security who would try and follow him when they knew in advance that he was going out, especially when he was going out with one person in particular. That person has a long history of violent crimes, including guns, and trafficking, both human and weapons. Because he is high profile and rich, he has managed to avoid jail time for a lot of his crimes. The list of crimes the NFL knows about this person is way more than any local or federal law enforcement knows. The issue is how much the player knows and how much the player has been involved with what has been going on. Did the player participate in any of the crimes? These are some truly horrific things the other person has been involved in and everyone fears there is a ticking time bomb with the player. Most teams don't want to take that chance. 

Lamar Jackson

Blind Items Revealed #40 - Old Hollywood

June 26, 2023

At the peak of her popularity, our actress (AA) maybe reached A- list. It was after she retired from acting that she became a muse/icon that many books and comics and movies have used her as inspiration. She is considered one of a kind. Although she had a successful career after acting, it took a good decade for that to come about. In between acting and her new job, she was an escort. It isn't a secret, she talked about it. What she did keep secret was that she primarily was a Dominatrix to very very wealthy people. Extreme wealth. There was the owner of a NFL team (BB) who would get tortured by her in the evenings and beg her to marry him in the day. There was the broadcast legend (CC) who kept her on retainer for years, just so she would always have time for him when he could get a few minutes to be with her. When she embarked in her later career, which made her A list in the part of the world in which she was working, she didn't stop being a Dominatrix, she just didn't brag about it. There were a handful of men at the top of this photo company who could afford her services, and she would see one each day Monday to Friday and then have weekends for herself. Did I mention the alliterate permanent A list actress (DD) she once had a fling with too?

AA: Louise Brooks

BB: George Preston Marshall/Washington Redskins

CC: William Paley

Photo Company: Kodak

DD: Greta Garbo

Blind Items Revealed #39 - Old Hollywood

April 5, 2023

This actress offspring who is a very recent Oscar winner/nominee had a father who was much higher on the list. The father, while out of the country, once threw bottle of booze out of a hotel room window. It landed many stories down on the head of a girl. She had permanent damage to her head, and the actor said he would pay for all her bills, but never did. He just fled the country as fast as he could.

Jamie Lee Curtis/Tony Curtis

Blind Items Revealed #38 - Old Hollywood

May 29, 2023

This former A+ list actor who was closeted until close to death never married this aww shucks A- list actor/singer who starred in multiple long running hit shows, but they did have a mock ceremony that attracted a who's who of gay Hollywood in the 60s/70s.

Rock Hudson/Jim Nabors

Blind Items Revealed #37 - Old Hollywood

June 22, 2023

The director (AA) was A+ list. He actually has offspring (BB) that have made it nearly as high on the list. This director was known for his wandering eye. He once made a bet with a man that he could bed what he called the super seven. It was a magazine spread that in later years became famous. He bed them all except one, in fact he eventually married one of the seven (CC) although they both cheated constantly on each other and both had children outside the marriage. The child his wife bore outside the marriage still had the director's last name though. Anyway, one of the seven, by far the most famous (DD) had not had sex with the director and never planned on it. Well, the actress did come to work for the director in a movie and he treated her like crap. The director as usual was blowing through the entire budget on gambling and women and had to borrow some from a mafia guy who did that for the director from time to time. What the actress didn't know was she was put up as a loan bonus for the mafia guy. The actress didn't like it, but she was basically hauled off to a hotel room and raped. Then, it happened again the next day and the day after. As a result, our actress started taking more pills than she normally did and was also calling random men who owed her favors including two of the most powerful men in the world (EE & FF) who thought she was going to tell people things that should not be told. She also slept with this singer/mafia type (GG) who promised to kill the mafia guy that raped the actress. He didn't. But our actress ended up dead shortly after all of this.

AA: John Huston

BB: Anjelica Huston

Magazine Spread: Eight Movie Stars Try Mixed Emotions Article 1949

CC: Enrica Soma/Allegra Huston

Child: Allegra Huston

DD: Marilyn Monroe

Movie: “The Misfits”

EE: John F. Kennedy

FF: Robert Kennedy

GG: Frank Sinatra

Blind Items Revealed #36

March 9, 2023

It seems like this mysterious former government official who worked for the very very secret think tank funded by the rich brothers and the wealthy farmer, knew she was going to be killed on that flight. Apparently, she was upsetting something that should have been left alone and there was no choice left but to kill her. It is one of the reasons she insisted that her family members be allowed to take a different flight. They allowed that as long as she would go willingly, and she did. Pretty remarkable that in the past four decades, only three people have died from what she died from and none of the others were on a private jet. This is despite tens of millions of people in the same exact circumstances over the course of those four decades.

Dana Hyde/Cato Institute/Charles and David Koch/Bill Gates/Turbulence

Blind Items Revealed #35

March 4, 2023

I find it to be the most remarkable of coincidences that within 24 hours of recording the lowest ratings of the bar show in nearly two years and down 30% from the premiere episode a few weeks earlier, that news of an affair involving multiple stars of the show suddenly breaks under the most unlikely of scenarios and circumstances. 

If that was not enough, Kneepads, who has not written anything negative about anyone in a decade, suddenly decides to write a detailed story about this affair and what led to the discovery and how and then you realize it really doesn't make any sense. Further, the article just happens to mention that viewers of the show are in luck because all of this drama is being captured for the cameras, so can you please come back and watch the show so it isn't canceled.

Because Kneepads doesn't print bad news without permission, it is remarkable they failed to mention that the female victim in this scenario was herself the other woman when she first got together with the guy now doing the cheating. That doesn't fit into the manipulation they have story boarded for you though, so that was not part of the "leak."

Vanderpump Rules/Ariana Madix/Tom Sandoval/Raquel Leviss/People/Ariana Madix/Tom Sandoval/Kristen Doute

Blind Items Revealed #34

March 3, 2023

There is a storied indie rock label that first signed one of the most famous ‘90s rock bands of all time, featuring a famed and gone-too-soon front man. In recent years, one of their rising stars, a bovine-named solo artist, was accused of sexual assault by a former collaborator. The thing is, this was far from the first and multiple accusations were quieted by the label and their lawyer. This was an open secret within the company but the artist was protected because he was signed by the co-president.

Sub-Pop/Nirvana/Kurt Cobain/Avi Buffalo/Rebecca Coleman of The Pageants

Blind Items Revealed #33

February 28, 2023

If you thought payola in the streaming services and radio was bad, let me tell you about another form of payola, only this one could get you killed. Research scientists and doctors are always looking for grants. Not only so they have a job for themselves, but often can get funding for a place to live and transportation and if you string enough of them together from some very high end donors, you can live really well. The thing is those big donors all have pet causes, so you have to be able to match yourself with one of their causes and then make sure the big donor sees it. The donor wants to see that you have done the work. You also need to make sure your research fits what the donor wants to see to write the big check. Many times, the donor can be a big business who would like another business to be put out of business. If it can be done with some splashy research, that is scientifically backed and looks plausible, all the better. Then, the one big business can send out press releases talking about why some product is awful and then come in a week later with another press release about where consumers should go to spend their money.

The scientists and doctors need a publication that is willing to publish some really shaky science so the doctors can go to the donors and say look at this. We are published in this magazine that even you know. So, give us a bunch of money. The magazine has been around forever. It started as a magazine that just talked about general easy to digest science stuff for the general public and was sold on newsstands. Over the years, it has become more tailored to the scientific crowd. Most of you know the name of the magazine, especially if you were around when it came out and was sold everywhere. Now, it just takes huge amounts of money from businesses and scientists to publish poorly done research papers that most of the time are inherently flawed, but they make ten times what they ever did when it was just for sale as a regular magazine. I was reminded of it this week when it published a story that made a lot of news and was going to benefit a huge conglomerate of businesses while hurting another. The study makes no sense and would not be accepted anywhere but this magazine. The study got the press though and the payola is going to be worth it.

Popular Science

Blind Items Revealed #32

February 22, 2023

Fans have been waiting for this movie for well over a decade. There have been promises made and then promises broken. The movie took so long to make that the original casting decisions were just not possible any longer because the story would not be as believable. I think it would have been fine, but whatever. It has been done. They have cast two new leads and have been shooting for a long time now. This beloved project is being ruined. It is being turned into an abomination of the original. The studio decided in advance that since people have been waiting so long to see the movie, then why not make two of them at once. Split into a two parter before you even know if they like the first. I'm not sure the built in audience is big enough for that kind of move, but again, but whatever. So, now we have two big mistakes that are going to turn off a lot of fans. What if the studio had to call in extra directorial help, because the director wasn't exactly sure to do about shooting this kind of project. Yes, he has experience directing musicals, but, not this whole doing two movies at once thing and where to end the first part and not make it a cliffhanger, and how to add another 45-60 minutes of run time to a project that was already perfect. Plus, to make matters even worse, there is the whole shooting a bunch of film and then looking at it and then realizing most of the costumes look like crap and having to go back and redo the entirety of the costumes and then having to go back and reshoot what they had already done, sometimes with different actors because the others had already wrapped and moved on to other things. 

Wicked/Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel/Ariana Grande and Cynthia Erivo/Universal/Jon M. Chu/

Blind Items Revealed #31

February 23, 2023

This foreign born A- list actor who has a problem waiting until his dates turn 18, hired someone to follow an actress who is barely over the age of 18. Apparently our actor is super possessive and wants to know what she is doing all the time.

Henry Cavill/Millie Bobby Brown

Blind Items Revealed #30

February 23, 2023

In that "suicide" I wrote about yesterday, everyone questioned how you could have a suicide by gun, but not have a gun next to the body. Miracles miracles, the police now say they did find one that was 30 feet from the body. 

Mark Middleton

Blind Items Revealed #29

February 21, 2023

This singer is permanently A+/A list. One of the true legends of our time and she is still very much alive. Although she is beloved, she is beloved only when we look the other way at one of her most important characters she liked to play. Yes, she is a singer, but yes, she had characters. She doesn't do that any longer, but for many years, she had a variety of characters she would portray. She would dress like them and act like them and live like she imagined they would live. She then, would use that version of her life to create music. The issue that everyone likes to ignore and the one that was probably the most problematic was when she decided to live on and off for many years as a black man. She would never be able to do that now and even then, everyone around her found it strange that she wanted to inhabit this character all the time. This character took over her life. He went to parties and weddings and concerts and the singer almost ceased to exist. This character even is on the cover of one of her albums and I guarantee if you look at the album, you would never know it is the singer. She did this for years, until one by one, her friends finally told her enough and a boyfriend she loved broke up with her because she chose the character over him.

Joni Mitchell/”Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter”/Don Alias

Blind Items Revealed #28

February 17, 2023

There will be no Hugh Grant or Eddie Murphy (technically he was only stopped by police and the prostitute in the car was the one arrested) ones in this list.

#1 - This A list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee has been hiding behind all his friends this year and succeeding. Maybe, things would be different if people started discussing his arrest for exposing himself to others without their consent.

#2 - This foreign born alliterate good guy actor everyone loves because of that television role, once got arrested for beating up a security guard while our actor was drunk.

#3 - This permanent A list athlete legend had a huge, high profile arrest that everyone remembers. What most people don't remember is that police questioned him about his relationship with his girlfriend/future wife because her parents wanted him arrested for statutory rape.

#4 - This actress was A- list. She has been nominated/won Emmy Awards for daytime and nighttime. She was arrested many years ago for DUI. People, may or may not remember that. What people don't know about is that she avoided arrest for drug smuggling by sleeping with the guy who was set to arrest her.

#1 - Brad Pitt

#2 - Joshua Jackson

#3 - Kobe Bryant

#4 - Anne Heche

Blind Items Revealed #27

February 20, 2023

Do you remember when the foreign born actress who quit the hit network show because she thought was above it all, got her younger sibling hooked on drugs and how it was way worse for the younger sibling. Yeah, at least it isn't as bad as this former A- list mostly television actress who did the same thing to her sibling, but now he is dead.

Mischa Barton/The O.C./Hania Barton/Hayden Panettiere/Jansen Panettiere

Blind Items Revealed #26

February 19, 2023

This B list mostly television actor was in a three named show that 95% of the time is referred to by fans with its initials. We knew his new girlfriend was nearly two decades younger than the actor. It turns out it is even a bigger age gap and that she is still a teen and not in her early 20's. She is legal, but it is super creepy.

Kenan Thompson (45)/SNL/Aria Lisslo(19)

Blind Items Revealed #25

February 9, 2023

I didn't think I would be writing this blind item for another year, but one of the guys who was caught up in the death of the former singing actor, got off probation a year early. It was already crazy that a guy facing a decade in jail for possession of child p**n and also distributing it to various local and statewide elected officials and government employees, got zero jail time, but that he gets off probation early too? 

He was arrested shortly after the singing actor died. As I have said before, the singing actor had a lot of first time ever seen child p**n and then it showed up on the computer of the guy who just completed his probation. As far as I know, that was the only arrest made that was in any way connected to the singing actor. The guy arrested was using his government computer to send all of this out. None of the people he was sending it to were charged. Zero. Oh, did I mention this guy was in charge of finding good homes for children to be adopted? How many of the children ended up in the homes of celebrities or politicians? Were those same celebrities and politicians on his email distribution list? You know he didn't say anything which is why he had to serve zero jail time. None. The county wanted this closed and people to forget about it and forget about there were people on the other end of those emails and the other end of the server. 

Mark Salling

Blind Items Revealed #24

February 15, 2023

Even as recently as two weeks ago, there was an instance of a girlfriend of an actor who had to delete 90% of her social media because of the thins she had written in the past which would cause the actor to have to answer questions about why he was with the girlfriend and would cause her to have to explain all of her racist and homophobic Tweets. I wrote a blind about the social media posts and within 48 hours, they were gone. I also made it clear that the actor didn't really care if she removed them or not. It was his team that made him tell her. I bet they break up in a few weeks.

A celebrity or in some cases like the one above, a significant other will remove horrible posts. That is usually as far as it goes. How many degrees of separation are really necessary? Well, in the case of this A list actor who used to be a superhero, the degrees of separation are numerous. The actor's girlfriend is foreign born. Her team and the actor's team have been going over her social media and removing as many posts as they can. There are so many truly awful posts, that it has taken some time. Her team is doing it to help renew the the show she stars on, even though I think she will bail on it, even if it is renewed. His team is making sure he has deniability and doesn't look like an idiot for dating someone who is clearly awful, at least on social media. 

The problem his team is facing, and her team doesn't really care about are all of the replies and @a she did to her friends on all their social media posts. One of her best friends has a social media page that is littered with Nazi references and white nationalist imagery and a host of other horrible things. There are other friends who also have posts, just not as numerous. The actor's team is reaching out to all of the people who own those accounts and asking them to delete posts and replies or make their accounts private. There are dozens of accounts and the actor's team is working nonstop so none of it comes back to him. I wonder if the actor knows or cares.

Rachael Lange/Dylan O'Brien/Chris Evans/Captain America/Alba Baptista/Warrior Nun (which has now been saved)

Blind Items Revealed #23

February 17, 2023

The alliterate one had lunch with the person who decides the replacement for certain very very high profile positions. Coming so close on the heels of an announcement seems more than a coincidence. 

Meghan Markle/Gavin Newsom/Dianne Feinstein’s California Senate Seat 

Blind Items Revealed #22

February 8, 2023

This religious organization discovered who leaked information to a radio host for his death pool prediction about the actress who subsequently died a short time later. The organization sent some relatives of the leaker off to a base across the country from their home. 

Scientology/Kirstie Alley/Mike Calta

Blind Items Revealed #21

February 7, 2023

Our actor was A list. He was a crazy party animal who did a lot of drugs and died because of drugs. Everyone knows about his drug use, but his sexual habits are just now coming to light. He was recently mentioned in a recent scandalous documentary, where a valet revealed that he was into his blood being drawn during sex and transgender prostitutes. He was also friends with this A list singer/musician from the same hometown as the actor, and they would regularly have threesomes with prostitutes and/or groupies he would pick up. To make things more strange, every so often, that crazy writer/author/movie subject would join them on their sex journeys.

John Belushi/Secrets of Playboy/Stefan Tetenbaum/Warren Zevon/Chicago, IL/Hunter S. Thompson

Blind Items Revealed #20

February 6, 2023

This blind is not particularly hard, in fact it is super easy. I think that in light of events and records set last night, that perhaps we need to shine a light one more time on to the record holder, who is without a doubt, music's biggest thief in the last fifty years. There is a not a song that this singer has been given credit for, that she actually did any work on. None. Oh, you might have someone say the singer worked on a harmony or a line change or a word change, but that is just to give cover. Our singer's philosophy is that if she agrees to sing your song, then you are going to give her a songwriting credit. Because if she didn't agree to sing your song, then it would be unproduced and still sitting on your hard drive.

Her very very biggest songs are songs that are generally written by one person and then our singer came in an added herself and then wanted a 50% credit. If she wants to add herself to a list of songwriters that is 20 names deep, no one really cares. What about the times our singer straight up stole songs from writers and the writers didn't know they had their works stolen until the song showed up on an album or a single. Sometimes the writer gets a credit and sometimes they don't. Our singer is often taken to court when this happens and often wins because she has a massive purse and the broke songwriters suing her, do not. 

Is our singer alone in doing this? No. Is she the most blatant? Yes. has she admitted to stealing songs? Yes. Does she care? No. You know why? Because people don't care. They hand her out record number of awards. They do get back at her though. Those professional songwriters who stick up for each other. They will never ever vote for her to get one of the big two awards. That is the one thing they can do. Those two awards are the only ones not messed with by the Academy, so they know if they refuse en masse to vote for her, she will be denied the big awards.


Blind Items Revealed #19

February 6, 2023

Grammy Awards

This former "rapper" turned A list actor was supposed to be part of the tribute to a musical genre last night. His partner was. Instead, he bailed, at the last minute, leaving producers scrambling and created more burned bridges.

Will Smith/50th Anniversary of Hip-Hop/DJ Jazzy Jeff

Blind Items Revealed #18

January 26, 2023

If you ask the question around town about the person you should never give or loan money to, one of the most popular answers is going to be this singer/multiple reality star(including network reality). He is fast running out of people to scam, but it took a long time to reach that point. Everyone was afraid to say no to him because he would then use his massive social media platforms and call out the person who wouldn't help and then the fan base would descend on the person not willing to help. 

Eventually the sheer volume of people overwhelmed even the reality star and he had to back down under waves of pressure and accusations and, if not for a couple of A+/A listers, his career would have been done. Stealing money and sexual assault, not to mention discrimination and sexual harassment are usually things that would bring down someone who is not A list. In his case though, he had information he could use against the people trying to help him, which is why they did. It is why instead of being canceled he has been given a very high paying second chance. He hasn't learned any of his lessons though and is doing the same thing he did before, confident the A listers will bail him out once again. Or, he might end up dead. He thinks he is safe and protected. He should think again.

Todrick Hall

Blind Items Revealed #17

January 31, 2023

There is a private detective hanging out in the northwest. Actually, there are several, but, there is one that is not working for the defense or the one that is working for an insurance company. No, this other detective is actually working for a pair of documentary producers who want to see if there is an angle, other than the obvious. These producers specialize in offering alternatives to what everyone thinks are slam dunk cases. The investigator, and his team, probably believe the standard narrative. No one knows though. What everyone does know now though is that one of the parents offered up an offspring for sex for much of their tween years. And another parent sold parent/offspring naked videos. The question is whether the documentary will be finished and aired before trial. Will it sway a jury?

Bryan Kohberger case

Blind Items Revealed #16 - Old Hollywood - Mr. X

March 31, 2023

#1 - This mostly TV actor and this iconic sex symbol/actress/dancer hooked up shortly before the actor was cast as a superhero in the series he’s best known for.

#2 - Sometime in the mid 1970s, this permanent A-list singer solo and in a group hooked up with this alliterate tennis player who’s considered one of the greatest of all time.

#3 - This foreign born socialite/power boat racer was openly lesbian and some would say she was trans, but she had a long list of conquests. The flings with the foreign permanent A-list actresses and the deep voiced actress/socialite are well known. She had a long on again off again relationship with the foreign born female half of the Broadway power couple who have a theater named after them and had brief flings with the alliterate Ziegfeld Follies star, the “wife” of the openly gay songwriter, the US-born French entertainer and the movie actress known for her chic fashion sense and the Barbara Walters speech impediment. 

#4 - She has always denied it, but this three named A- list actress/A+ list sex symbol did hook up with the perverted comic actor who grifted off troops and veterans for much of his later life while hitting on their wives while the soldiers were overseas.

#1 - Adam West/Rita Hayworth

#2 - Diana Ross/Arthur Ashe

#3 - Marion ‘Joe’ Carstairs/well known flings: Greta Garbo/Marlene Dietrich/Tallulah Bankhead, lesser known flings: Lynn Fontanne/Marilyn Miller/Josephine Baker/Kay Francis

#4 - Mamie Van Doren/Bob Hope

Blind Items Revealed #15 - Old Hollywood

March 20, 2023

This singer at his peak was A list. His peak was during his teen years. He comes from a very famous entertainment family that spans generations and runs the gamut from singing to acting. Our singer died in a very notable way, long before he would have from natural causes. Back when he was a teen heartthrob, our singer was pursued by thousands of teen girls. It was a fandom that was crazy. Growing tired of just having sex with whatever teen came along, our singer used to find teens through his fan club and write them letters. Actual letters. He had two guys who worked for him who would find girls in whatever towns he was visiting that would do whatever he wanted. He always was looking for threesomes and virgins and because he had so many teens to choose from, he never had problems. His greatest joy was on a crew member's birthday, passing a teen off to the crew member after our singer had sex with the girl. That would invariably lead to several crew members then having sex with the girl while our singer watched and cheered it on. It was usually non consensual and our singer loved it more depending on how non consensual and depraved the scene would become.

Ricky Nelson/Ozzie Nelson/Harriet Nelson/Matthew & Gunnar Nelson/Tracy Nelson/plane crash

Blind Items Revealed #14 - Back In The Day

February 13, 2023

This is not really Old Hollywood. Several of the cast members of this hit show are still alive, although, very old. The show spawned other shows and movies and it all comes from a series of books. One of the more famous cast members, also hosted a long long running program that made you really think. He is the subject of the blind. Our actor was famous for getting drunk at bars in Hollywood. Staggeringly drunk. He also made it a point to never drive drunk. He would walk drunk though. Many times, our actor would be discovered sleeping a drunk off in an alley or pressed against the wall of a store. What he was known for though was trying to find women to sleep with he had to pay. He found that much more interesting than hitting on whatever groupies/fans he would meet in whatever watering hole he was in each night. The women of the night all knew of his predilections and would often wait for him outside a bar, hoping to be able to have sex with him. He paid well and usually was unable to perform because of the drinking. His favorites were those who didn't speak English because he liked to pretend he could speak all manner of languages but he really couldn't speak any. 

Star Trek/Leonard Nimoy/In Search of...

Blind Items Revealed #13 - Old Hollywood

January 2, 2023

The Christmas season reminds me of the movie that has the name of a city in its title. That movie stars someone all of you know in the lead role. There is a male actor who appears in it and was closeted for his entire life. He died an early death because of the stress of keeping his sexuality a secret. He could have lived his life after acting in a comfortable manner rather than having to take a used car sales job in his latter years. The thing is though, the game show host/owner/talk show host who our actor had a long time romance with, chose to not help. It would have taken very little money, but our host was also trying to juggle a lot of secret relationships and let his long time lover die in poverty and didn't help out with medical bills. When the actor's family approached the host for help with funeral expenses, they were told to take a hike. What is also interesting is the our host also had a relationship with the lead actress of the Christmas film.

Meet Me In St. Louis/Judy Garland/Tom Drake/Merv Griffin

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