Saturday, January 11, 2014

Blind Item #4

Yes that was the boyfriend of this former A list reality star/singer/celebrity turned punch line getting Viagra from the pharmacy at Ralph's. It's good that he is trying because he didn't even used to bother because he had no luck getting up for the game so to speak which is why he never dated anyone longer than a month or two. Maybe he needs to go in another direction?

Blind Item #3

This former Gossip Girl was doing a photo shoot in a public place recently and refused to shoot until all the people were cleared from the building. The management refused to do it and the actress turned singer said she couldn't work under those conditions because she needed to be at one with the camera and walked out and hasn't rescheduled.

Blind Item #2

This former A list tweener is no stranger to cheating from her own perspective. She cheated back in the day with this then almost A list mostly television actor from a very hit show who was engaged while our tweener was getting busy with him. His marriage didn't last long.

Blind Items Revealed

August 21, 2013

Let me start out by saying this will be revealed. It is just too good to not reveal. This actress is A+ list. Mostly movies. She likes to think of herself as cultured and someone who wishes to be thought of as more than just an actress. Our actress travels a lot. She often travels without her significant other. She always travels without him when she is working on one of her favorite side projects. This is the one she thinks will make her beloved around the world. The reason she always travels alone for this particular side project is a man she met. He is an artist. He is much older than our actress. 20-25 years older than she is, and an intense man. Known throughout the region for his very dramatic and bold art, he is also known as someone who lives his art and our actress wanted to meet him. Once she met him, she wanted to be in one of his art works. This involved our actress getting naked. She was then covered from neck to toes in hot wax. The wax was dripped in a design for the "art." He then proceeded to have sex with our actress while the wax was cracking. Apparently he does this with all of his muses. Well, our actress enjoyed being his muse and can always be spotted with the artist whenever she is on her side project, and she has even had him visit her once at her home. Once.

Angelina Jolie

Blind Items Revealed

August 21, 2013

This B+ list singer/celebrity seems to be fading a bit. Her drinking is well documented and apparently she also enjoys getting three or four of her backup dancers to service her orally several times each day. The ones who do so all have a special trait.


Blind Items Revealed

August 20, 2013

This B list mostly movie actor who is in some trouble lately was out shopping the other day when he ran into some women. he decided to hit on them and one of the three women seemed to take an interest in our actor. At one point she asked him whether he would ever hit her. He replied that he would only if she got out of line. She seemed satisfied with his answer and made plans for that night. Seriously people. I just don't get it.

Terrence Howard

Blind Items Revealed

August 20, 2013

This A list mostly movie actor, who would love to win an Academy Award after years and years of comedies before getting serious and quirky was wasted on the set of his new movie the other day and was a disaster. He was yelling and swearing at everyone who crossed him and he threw his drinks and coffee at others and refused to come out of his trailer and sat in there in his underwear all day drinking from a bottle of booze. He is an angry angry drunk.

Bill Murray

Blind Items Revealed

August 20, 2013

This forever and ever A+ list mostly movie actor sent back two escorts to an agency he is using in NYC this summer because the escorts told him they were older then 29. That is a huge no no to our aging actor. The LA agencies know much better than that. He does like them to be older than his youngest kid, so that is a good thing. Of course this will be revealed.

Jack Nicholson

Blind Items Revealed

August 19, 2013

This Academy Award winner threw on a brunette wig last week and got up on stage at a strip club. Danced down to her panties and then gave a lap dance to her boyfriend. They then got up and left. This for sure will be revealed. She is getting a little kinky these days. Good for her.

Renee Zellweger

Blind Items Revealed

August 19, 2013

This A list singer/celebrity/reality judge is trying to make amends. When crew members first saw her when filming started, they didn't say anything to her. When she asked one why they were not talking to her, they reminded her that last time they filmed she had specifically ordered that no one was to speak to her or look at her unless spoken to or looked at first. Our celebrity said that was the old her and this is the new her. Probably not booze that is making her so friendly, because I heard she gave that up. Pot? Adderall?

Christina Aguilera

Blind Items Revealed

August 19, 2013

This A+ list mostly movie actor is aging and has never liked his fans or appreciated his fans and age is not going to change him. He believes his fans are a nuisance and that if he could be rich without them he would. He doesn't like them and has no respect for them at all. Case in point. Our actor was walking back to his hotel in NYC after promoting a movie he wants them to see and ignored every fan who approached him. At his hotel there were about 50 people waiting for him and he had nothing to say to any of them and ignored them and pretended they did not exist. This is him every single day.

Harrison Ford

Blind Items Revealed

February 17, 2013

Have you wondered why this former A list tweener is working out so much? It is not just for her career, but also because she caught her husband cheating and she thinks that she can keep him if she looks perfect. She looks pretty good to me and since he has been cheating for a while with several different people, I think it might be time to just dump him.

Hilary Duff/Mike Comrie

Blind Items Revealed

September 20, 2013

I used to feel sorry for this former A list tween actress who now looks for work like every other actress in town. Maybe she should go back to singing. She is pretty good at it. Anyway two nights ago she was out with her girlfriends and her celebrity husband was doing his thing with the waitress he met a few months back. He's being so open about it and the actress does nothing. I know the guy has money but at some point you have to have some self-respect. He has been doing this to the actress for years.

Hilary Duff/Mike Comrie

Blind Item #1

This C list celebrity who comes from a higher list celebrity family says she has a boyfriend. What she has is a guy who takes her out when he needs some respected arm candy otherwise he likes people from a lower rent district. Our celebrity who likes to pretend she has a fashion career was hitting on another man she thought was wealthy. When she found out he teaches college she practically jumped away and moved on. The thing is the guy is a billionaire but wanted to see how she reacted.

Nick Cannon Says He Has Lots Of Sex With Mariah Carey

When you start talking ab out sex like Jada Pinkett Smith talks about sex then you know your marriage is in trouble. At this point Nick and Mariah must be feeling the heat about their marriage so they throw out a few family photos of the couple together during Christmas. None during the non-holiday season though. Huh. Now Nick is telling the world that he and Mariah must be strong as a couple because they have lots of sex. Yeah, once someone in the relationship starts telling the rest of the world how much sex they are having as a couple the relationship is doomed. I just think Nick can't bear to let people know he doesn't really have very much sex with his wife so wants people to think he is tough and a stud. It's why he said in the same breath that he is proud that his son loves to fight other people. Yeah, that is a trait that is sure to help him succeed.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Random Photos Part Five

Jennifer Saunders gets the top spot, because it is Jennifer Saunders.

Jay Z and Beyonce have a blanket to cover Blue if she starts to make too much noise. Yeah, like a bird.
Britney Spears out in LA enjoying her Uggs.
Courteney Cox after a dinner date with her new guy.
Camille Grammer protecting herself. It would have been a good time to have a nose job without anyone noticing.
Courtney Love forgot her shoes.
Richard Madden and Abbie Cornish seem to be getting along.
Emily Blunt out shopping just a few days after dropping $35K on stuff for her baby. I bet baby #2 gets a box of diapers and a couple of new onesies.
Emilia Clarke arrived at LAX last night.

Random Photos Part Four

Emma Thompson arrives in LA for the big award weekend.

Anne Hathaway didn't let a near death experience in the water keep her from getting back in yesterday.
Johnny Depp enjoying a Red Bull at the end of a long day of shooting.
January Jones out shopping without her son.
John Mayer has been absent from the photos for awhile.
Ryan Hansen shows off Kristen Bell at a Veronica Mars party.
Katie Holmes with an actual smile and
ball handling skills never used in her marriage to Tom Cruise.
Liam Neeson practicing for Taken 6.

Random Photos Part Three - W Magazine Party

Sofia Vergara

Sarah Hyland
Allison Williams
Kate Hudson
Marisa Tomei
Idris Elba
Jared Leto
Kirsten Dunst and Garrett Hedlund
Dylan Penn

Random Photos Part Two

Kaley Cuoco takes her husband shopping. She paid of course. Before Kaley it was Target and the mall. After Kaley he suddenly can only find the right clothes at Barney's.

Kendall Jenner is back from sexing up Harry Styles and takes her turn at pap bait.
It's kind of shocking to me that at 13, Nicole Richie weighed more than she does now. Yeah, that is Kim Kardashian.
Wolf Of Wall Street premiere in London and Jonah Hill looks like a third wheel.
Daisy Lowe was there wearing some kind of thing.
Ashley Roberts was there. She has taken off in the UK since being in multiple reality shows there.
Lindsay Lohan out at night and
lighting up while in London.
Matt LeBlanc.

Random Photos Part One

Five parts today.

Hello Michelle Dockery.

Nick Cannon looks like he is writing a note rather than just signing his name.
Orlando Bloom shows off the latest in child safety technology.
Olivia Wilde looking very casual.
Roger Federer and
Maria Sharapova getting ready for the Australian Open by playing inside an office.
Sandra Bullock makes the morning school run.
Sosie Bacon - aka Miss Golden Globe
Taylor Swiftand her brother hanging out again.

Blind Item #11

This still married B list actress on a cable show has been trying to get pregnant with her co-star. He wants a baby and she wants to make him happy.

Blind Item #10

This B- list mostly television actress who is on a cable show was out to lunch yesterday and sucked back a bottle and a half of wine with her baby in tow. The waiter asked if the actress wanted the rest of the second bottle and the actress said no because she was headed to an early happy hour. Lovely.

Awkward High Fives- Part Two

Blind Item #9

This aging foreign born actor was almost A list at one point in the US. Still A list in his own country but even there he has been forced to take his love of young teens to another country. When he is sober he can handle his urges but when he gets drunk watch your 12 and 13 year old girls if you live in this adopted country he sometimes calls home. The parents of the daughters have complained to the police and it is the parents who get arrested for negligence or some other made up charge and are kept in jail until they agree nothing happened.

Off Topic

I wish there was a restaurant chain that only served different types of nachos.

Blind Items Revealed

August 18, 2013

For the first time that I can remember, I heard something really nasty about this A+ list celebrity with A+ list name recognition. She does a lot of things, but one she does not do very well made her the most money. Other than being married to her A+++ list celebrity husband. Anyway, she has said previously that she only wants normal sized models to appear in her fashion line. Normal meaning like average people. A person new to her staff did just that and lined up a bunch of normal sized models. Average people. Our celebrity went ballistic and told him that stuff was just for the press and her line would look stupid if they trotted out a bunch of people who looked fat in her clothes and they are made for people size 0-4 so they need size zeros plus one person who is a size four to make themselves look good.

Victoria Beckham

Four For Friday

Announcement time. I will be posting all weekend with blind items and reveals and breaking news and on Sunday afternoon will post a space for everyone to talk about the Golden Globes pre-show and then another separate post for the actual show. If the comments get high enough I will then put up another post. If you would like to follow me on Twitter as I attempt to organize a concert for my basement I am @entylawyer

#1- This actress is probably B- list. She was mostly movies and finally got her big break in television. Famous family. Our actress is very germ phobic to the point where her sex life is all about condoms and gloves. Her long time boyfriend says that she likes to use gloves when touching him otherwise she feels the need to wash her hands every five seconds. She apparently loves sex, just has issues with germs. Oh, and kissing is a big no no.

#2 - This B- list mostly television actress who can also sing used to rush home with her co-star and have sex with him before her other co-star roommate would get home. Those two ended up dating.

#3 - This Bravo reality star has split with her boyfriend but refuses to acknowledge it because she thinks it will be the end of her career.

#4- This Disney Channel actress on a hit show for them is a minor with an unusual name. She also has an eating disorder and weighs herself twenty to thirty times a day.

Your Turn

Do you have a my strange addiction type addiction?

Blind Items Revealed

August 16, 2013

This A+ list model is also a reality star. She is also a pain. A big pain. One of her favorite tricks is to try and get things for free by telling staff she is borrowing something and never returning what she borrows. It gets the staff in trouble and causes a huge drop in the bottom line and our model does not care at all. She is like that though. Not too long ago she walked into a store that an A list designer runs. It has a couture section  where you can try on the one off dresses and get them made to measure. Which costs a fortune. Some of the dresses cost well over $100K.

There is a small team in the store who are used to dealing with celebrities and the rich and the angry, but were still flustered when this A list model walked through the door. She went straight up to one of the staff and demanded that she gave her the dress in the window (a one off couture piece). She said that the designer had called her and said that she should come in and pick it up. No one had told the sales assistant who started to get nervous. Our model was completely awful to her calling her stupid and started raising her voice saying that this was ridiculous and that the designer would be furious that our model had been standing there for five minutes without getting what she came for.

The sales assistant decided to call the designer. As soon as she got through to someone our model started to laugh and said "Oh darling I was just kidding!!" and then she promptly left.

Naomi Campbell

Blind Items Revealed

August 16, 2013

This former A+ list mostly movie actress who is still A list and will always be an Academy Award winner/nominee would not give approval to photos that were taken for a photoshoot. She said that they made her face look like she had work done. Of course she just had work done, but didn't want it to look like it.

Nicole Kidman

Blind Items Revealed

August 16, 2013

This A list mostly movie actor is telling friends he is in love and found the love of his life and he has known the woman about three days. He has been non-stop texting her and calling her and has even blown off call times on the set of his movie just so he can talk to her. Every second he has not been on set he has been with her and the thing is, she has a boyfriend. She is just enjoying all this movie star attention. This is not going to turn out well, especially considering how much he has been drinking.

Owen Wilson

Blind Item #8

Have you ever been scared by someone at a party? You know, the person who probably did a whole bunch of something before they got there and walk around with a dazed and glazed look that says that someone might end up dead before the night ends. Two sources wrote in almost the exact same thing about this B list actress who went from a big hit to a show that will probably be canceled at the end of the year. She walked around in a daze talking to herself at a party last night and then would suddenly stop and turn and talk to someone and then move on. Then suddenly she was gone.

Blind Item #7

This D list celebrity who would be a nobody on no list f not married to this A list actor has gone through multiple nannies and maids over the past few months and is apparently a tyrant who screams much more often than she talks. The agency she uses says two people quit before lunch on their first day and multiple people have not gone back after the first day.

Blind Item #6

My only guess is this B list mostly movie actress who is in this space frequently didn't want to sleep with anyone for awhile so got herself a boyfriend. She can plead boyfriend when confronted with the casting couch and go on vacation with someone she can call her boyfriend but when they guy has a boyfriend already who he left behind and is barely in the closet you can run the risk of being very embarrassed by a tabloid headline.

Shia LaBeouf Retiring From Public Life

Shia LaBeouf  is tired of the world. He is tired of people hating on him because he plagiarized a film and then plagiarized an apology and is racist and a mean and nasty drunk who is violent. So, Shia has decided to take himself out of the public eye and is retiring from all things in the public. I guess that means he would like to make movies but never promote them. That will not fly with any producer. Of course if he is serious about all of this then he should pack his bags and move somewhere and never appear in a film or television show again. He won't though. Even though he is a huge a-hole and a guy who has mommy issues that are beyond what we can comprehend he loves being noticed. He loves being recognized. He loves the perks. He won't quit. Remember when Alec Baldwin promised he would leave the country if George Bush got elected? How did that turn out for Alec? Oh yeah, he stayed.

Blind Item #5

This former West Coast Real Housewife who still gets reality work cheated on her significant other with a producer of a show that is currently airing. There was a lot of sexual tension between them (son't ask me how) and they met after the show wrapped for drinks and that led to some sex in the front seat of the car.

Blind Item #4

This actress is B list. Actually with the number of shows she is on she could be almost A list. Anyway, our actress is still a minor. She is also dating/having sex with a guy in his 30's and is doing it with the blessing of her family. They like the guy and think he is a good influence. Of course they introduced the guy to her so that may be why they like him. I think it is creepy.

Blind Item #3

This former A+ list mostly movie actor who is living off his millions but still has a name that gets people to turn their heads does not go for the usual rub and tug. He goes for the full waxing of his body from neck down and then gets tugged. Apparently there is something for everyone. Remember when he dated________. That was a strange coupling. Then of course look who she married and it starts to make more sense.

Blind Item #2

This now former college quarterback is running around having sex with almost every woman he meets. He is also having sex with all of these women without condoms at least according to three of the approximately twenty he has had sex with in the past week. The twenty is just a guess considering the three women said they were one of many in their night. It was kind of like Hef's assembly line thing.

Blind Item #1

This B list mostly movie actor with a very unique look and style is married to a B- list mostly television actress who does not work much but is lovely. Anyway, the actor was out alone the other night. Well he went into the show alone but ended up seated next to another man. They held hands and touched during the entire show.

Flava Flav Arrested In His Hyundai

There he was flying down the highway. Flava Flav doing 79 in a 55 zone. Rebel Without A Pause is turned up full volume. There is a big clock on top of the car. Then the camera pulls back and you see Flava driving a Hyundai. It kind of ruins the fun. Flava was arrested yesterday after being pulled over for speeding. It turns out Flav had a few drivers license suspensions on his record. How many you ask? 16. Can you imagine the number of times he has been pulled over and arrested and missed court to have that many suspensions? Chances are nothing will happen to him. He will go to court and have his license suspended and he will keep on driving. Just a rapper and his Hyundai.

Justin Bieber Vandalizes House- Police Don't Care

At this point Justin Bieber must think he can do absolutely anything he wants and nothing will happen to him. He can have people beaten. He can use drugs. He can drink underage. Minors can pass out drunk at his house. He can speed. He can throw sex parties that include minors. He can cheat on his girlfriend every day with hookers and strippers and make her wait while he does it and she will still be there waiting for him. He can adopt and abandon pets on a whim. He can call all women b**ches and they are the same women who will defend him 24/7 on Twitter hoping they can be his b**ch. He can pee in a bucket in a restaurant kitchen that is serving food. He can also vandalize houses and when the police come knocking can have one of his bodyguards say that Justin is unavailable. I want you to go out right now and do all these things that I listed above and see what happens to you. Do you think that maybe you might have different results? This is why Justin and so many other celebrities feel so f**king entitled and it drives me nuts. Throw the guy in jail for a day. No bodyguards and no special housing. Just right in the middle with everyone else and lets see how happy he is when he gets out. It won't happen to him and if he did go to jail he gets put in a special area so basically it is just hanging out by yourself for the few days they ever keep you in jail.

Bobbi Kristina Marries Her Brother

In a few years Bobbi Kristina will regret this decision. A lot. Somehow the very violent Nick Gordon got his sister to marry him. Bobbi announced the news yesterday on her Twitter and somewhere Woody Allen was smiling. Nick is not actually Bobbi's brother. Probably. Whitney never adopted him. Probably. He just lived with Bobbi since Bobbi was a child and they grew up together as brother and sister and before they started having sex always referred to each other as siblings. Now they refer to each other as husband and wife. What Bobbi needs to do is run away from the guy and get off drugs and go to some therapy and break free from all this. This will not have a happy ending. There was also no pre-nup. As soon as Bobbi gets that trust money Nick is going to be raiding those accounts and Bobbi is going to be broke.


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