Friday, April 15, 2011

Your Turn

No Random Photos or Four For Friday today. Sorry. I will make up the FFF on Monday. Anyway, for today, I saw a statistic that said 17 percent of women watch porn on the internet and that almost 20% are addicted. So, my question to all of you is do you watch porn on the internet, stick to videos or just do not watch porn at all?

Ted C Blind Item

We're on a lesbian roll, love it! We've always thought girls know better how to have a really sexy time (guys are just too damn bam-bam-oriented, right?), and Butter Pussy and Cookie Muncher are proving us right.

Take Sheila Horn E., for instance. Now, they just don't come any more gorgeous than the luscious, exotically beautiful Sheila. Ms. Horn E.'s also pretty gifted in her chosen profession. But what Sheila's fans may not know (in fact, we're sure they don't), is that Sheila also has a knack for making other chicks quiver and quake:

But not always for the right reasons!

Just like Butter is wont to do, Sheila lives for taking a chance on gals who may—or may not—be interested in having a good time with her. For the record, most babes say yes to Sheila's advances. Not only is the multi-talent strikingly beautiful, but usually the women are so overwhelmed by Sheila's charm and fame, they pretty much just do whatever the Industry-respected honey asks them to.

Such was not the case in the Hollywood Hills at a recent A-list party, where Sheila—she ironically is in yet another happy "straight" relationship—put the moves on a striking, slender brunette with vibrant green eyes.

Those eyes darted, dug and may well have blurted, I don't care who you are, get the ef off me, bitch, which is precisely what a very shocked Sheila then did.

It was a major set-back for Ms. Horn E., who's always gotten what she wanted in the past—at least, as far as her lesbian love-life goes. Sheila's heterosexual romance history, on the other hand, is an entirely different subject, and one that's been covered to great extremes in the media, which is always so busy singing some poor-me song for the beautiful broad.

Well, if all these ass-kissing reporters knew Sheila loves to get it on with girls (maybe more so than she does with guys?), then maybe they'd a have a different approach next time they file one of their inevitable break-up stories on the star?

Oh, yeah.

AND IT AIN'T: Reese Witherspoon, Blake Lively, Taylor Swift

7 Year Old Has Plastic Surgery

You would think that if I was writing about a 7 year old getting plastic surgery, that it is because they had some kind of physical deformity or that it was medically necessary. How about just because the mom wants to prevent possible future bullying. Yesterday Samantha Shaw was on GMA because the first grader had plastic surgery to pin back her cup ears and fix a fold on her right ear. When Samantha's mom was asked about it, she said she did it so Samantha would not be bullied. Not saying that she has been bullied, but preventing possible bullying. Plastic surgery is not to be taken lightly. I am not sure this is a good idea at all. What if your child had died during the surgery? There has to be some kind of line. If not the parents, then the doctors have to learn to say no. Will Smith has made hundreds of millions with ears like that.

At Least Kimora Tells It Like It Is

Kimora Lee Simmons recently lost about 25 pounds. That is a lot of weight for a woman who is not very big to begin with. How did she do it? "I have shed the fat by not eating." She also says that she does not tell kids that or anything because she knows it is wrong. At least she is honest about it. No crap like I eat a lot of small meals or watch what I eat and exercise. She just lays it all out. Not eating. So, is it better to just not eat, or to eat and then purge yourself? Not eating must be healthier right? It takes a lot of will power to not eat. I once had to fast for some blood work and that 12 hours was the longest of my life.

Prince Frederic von Anhalt Forgot His Meds Again

Whatever Prince Frederic von Anhalt was smoking during that whole Anna Nicole Smith baby daddy mess he must have found the stash again, because the guy is off his rocker. In a story worth of The Weekly World News, the Prince says that 94 year old Zsa Zsa Gabor is going to be a mom. Yeah, I know, you just choked on your drink. Apparently science can turn a bed ridden, almost dead woman into a mom now. He says that he is going to use an egg donor, artificial insemination and a surrogate mother. Umm, so how exactly would Zsa Zsa be a mom? It sounds like to me she would have no part of any of it.

Diddily Piddily Wants Clean Ice And $45K

When Diddy's tour hits New York next week, he wants to host an after party. No problem right? Well, it is when you want $45K to host a party. Yes, Diddy believes if he shows up at a club he is worth $45K. Not going to happen, and apparently clubs in New York don't want to pay. Some club in New Jersey offered to pay, but Diddy does not do New Jersey.

Oh, and if you decide to fork over the money you also have to satisfy his rider which has one of the strangest requests I have ever seen. He wants clean ice. Do people usually give out dirty ice? Is there some guy who inspects ice? How do you get dirty ice? Freeze it in mud? I personally like some good dirt in my ice. It's roughage. Don't laugh. When you don't eat vegetables, you want roughage.

Jenelle Evans Pleads Guilty

Even if you don't watch Teen Mom 2, bear with me here because I have a question. First, let me tell you what happened. Jenelle and her loser boyfriend broke into a house to smoke some pot. Let us just stop right there. Who the f**k breaks into a house just to smoke pot? Have you heard of the great outdoors? It is not like she lives surrounded by millions of people, there are plenty of places to smoke without breaking in. Morons. This is probably why she is thinking of having another baby. Yes, she is, because she thinks it will keep her famous. Yesterday, Jenelle, plead guilty to possession of drug paraphernalia. All the other charges were dropped, and if she completes 24 hours of community service then it will be like none of it ever happened. Kind of like her 15 minutes.

Worst Exclusive Ever

About 75% of the time, tabloids and their brethren overuse the word exclusive. The word should be reserved for something really good. If you have pictures of Michael Jackson having sex with a donkey, that is an exclusive. Apparently over at US Weekly that exclusive tag has a very very low threshold. In their online edition, this is their headline: Exclusive: Stylist: Why Drew Barrymore Dyed Her Hair Red

Unless the reason is because Drew started a new religion or has a Mick Hucknall obsession that has gone too far, than there really is no need for the story, let alone an exclusive. Want to know the reason? Oh, it's a doozy. "Drew just felt like trying out red, and it looks great on her -- she loves it!"

She felt like trying it. This just in. Exclusive: In-N-Out Cashier: Why Enty Ate A 3X3 Animal Style. The reason? He wanted to try it and he loved it.

Seriously, this has got to be the worst exclusive in the history of exclusives.

Could I Borrow A Cup Of Pee?

Back in the day, I remember when neighbors would come knocking for some forgotten ingredient for some food they were making or to borrow some obscure tool, but for some reason, it just does not seem like it happens as much now. Maybe it is because people are scared of their neighbors, or what they will see when the neighbor opens the door, or maybe the neighbor will want the favor repaid by asking if they can swim naked in your pool. Who knows. Anyway, I do know that no one has probably ever gone knocking and asked for a cup of pee. That is unless you are a neighbor of Brooke Mueller. According to Radar, when Brooke found out she was going to have to test for drugs, she started calling her friends for pee. The problem is she does not have many friends who would test clean. Does she think the testers are going to let her come in and bring her own pee. It is not BYOP. Good luck on that Brooke.

BuzzFoto Blind Item

This actress has a little sister who is mousy and shy and is her assistant. The actress (foreign born) can’t figure out why all her good secrets keep spilling over the web. It might be because her little sister is sleeping with a well known (foreign) gossip reporter.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Today's Blind Items - Soaps

In honor of All My Children and One Life To Live that got canceled today, I thought I would do a blind from each.

#1 - All My Children - This actor from the show who seems like he has been on there forever, annoys every teenager hired by the show by daily reminding them how many days left they have until they turn 18 and then can date him. He also loves to get handsy.

#2 - One Life To Live - This actress, who has been on the show for a long, long time has always slept with every actor in real life who she was sleeping with on the show. She called it method. I wonder what her husband would call it.

Random Photos Part Three

Happy 20th anniversary to The Blue Man Group. Dave Matthews was there to celebrate.
Adrien Grenier needs to stand up a little straighter.
Perhaps he would if Jenna Jameson walked by. I know she perked up when
Helio walked by.
Brangelina check out a play.
You can tell Cameron Diaz has been working out a bunch lately.
Diane Lane is looking great. Not sure why she sticks with Josh Brolin.
Yeah, like Eva Longoria cooked all those recipes in her book.
Not sure about this look from Ellen Pompeo.
Hmm. A beauty detox. OK, I can see it for Fergie or
maybe even Hilary Duff or
Drew Barrymore, but
what the hell was Spade doing there? Maybe he thought it was another detox?
Oh God. She is cooking again.

Random Photos Part Two

Even brown looks good on Heidi Klum. I look like a big brownie when I wear brown. All I want to do is cover myself in frosting at that point.
You would think that Hayden P wearing a hat would be ridiculous until you
see Billy Corgan's hat.
An actual real smile from Jennifer Aniston?
Ditto for Jessica Alba.
At least Justin Bieber has a bigger camera than the guy Selena is cheating on him with.
James Gandolfini talks about how wide his bald spot was before trying a home remedy.
Jillian Michaels wins the airbrush of the day award.
Jennifer Lawrence finishes a close second.
Look. Benjamin Travolta already has his first hair implants. I am going to tear up.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Whenever I see Kim Cattrall, I only expect really bad sexual innuendo jokes to come out of her mouth. Tough to act in anything else now.
Kate Hudson paddles away in Brazil. Trying to catch Matt Bellamy who is probably running for his life.
Randomness. Lionel Richie and Lisa Kudrow.
Mark Salling taking a break.
As much as Nicole Richie exercises you would think she would weigh 80 pounds. Oh, right. She does.
It's that time of the year where Scott Bakula hypes Men Of A Certain Age.
Andre Barugher tries to stay awake as Ray Romano repeats his same tired jokes.
One of the downsides to dating The Hoff is the kissing. Oh, and the constant pumping of the stomach.
Huh. I guess Tori is pregnant.
American Idol is Coke, so of course X Factor has to be Pepsi.

Kobe Bryant Fined $100K For Homophobic Slur

Although I think a suspension was probably the more appropriate punishment, Kobe Bryant was ordered by the NBA to pay a fine of $100K for his use of the word f****t during an NBA game two nights ago. Bryant had received a technical foul and the cameras caught him saying the word to the referee who called the technical on him.

I waited until today to write about it to see what the punishment was. To all of us, it is a tremendous amount of money. Even for someone with his wallet, the fine is a hefty sting, but a one game suspension would have cost him way more money. Yes, he apologized which was great, but the fact he has the word in his vocabulary and so easily can use it is pretty disturbing. Of course he has not exactly always shown great character so it is not out of the norm.

Louis CK & Ricky Gervais In An Elevator

I think the headline says it all. Oh, you should know that Louis CK is a big fan of Hall & Oates. He just does not know which is Hall and which is Oates. Just ignore the first 30 seconds of Jim Norton.

No One Has Killed Joran Van Der Sloot Yet

Somehow, Joran Van Der Sloot is still alive in a Peruvian prison. When he is going on trial for the murder of that girl? Honestly, it does not really matter to me. We all know he killed Natalee Holloway so if they decide to keep him in jail in Peru indefinitely while they think about bringing him to trial for the murder of the Peruvian girl than I am ok with it.

Anyway, despite the prison probably doing nothing to protect him, somehow Joran has not only managed to stay alive, and unhurt, but has also become the guy everyone fears. Apparently Joran has stabbed three different inmates since he has been in prison and almost killed one of the three. So, let me get this straight. From the reports that have leaked since he went to jail, he has his own room, meals delivered to him from the outside, reporters paying him for his stories, and yet he also finds time to stab random inmates.

David Arquette Hits On Courteney Cox

David Arquette and Howard Stern always turns into something interesting. Yesterday, David told Howard that when he and Courteney were in Disney World that he made moves on Courteney. I could see that. You know, married for a long time, comfortable, so why not try for the ex sex. Forget the fact that Courteney just came back from a week long romp with the guy she is having sex with and might not want to be with the guy who has been having random sex with strangers since the separation.

Last night on Letterman, Courteney confirmed that David did try and hit on her and she told him that he did not have a Fast Pass. Oh, I love it when sex talk turns to car driving references, especially toll booths. Nothing turns on a guy more than to think about fast passes or EZ Pass which makes him think about work in the morning and the commute and the having to get gas because you were too lazy the night before and that you forgot to go to the cleaners so you will have to iron a shirt, and oh, it is your turn to be the carpool guy so you have to leave earlier so even though it is only 9pm, you better get to sleep because you will have to be up at 4am to accomplish all this, so no sex tonight honey.

Demi Lovato Insists It Was Just An Eating Disorder

Do I think Demi Lovato struggles with an eating disorder? I am not so sure. Even though I am not sure, it can do no harm for her to participate in a campaign to help people increase their self esteem so they don't have eating disorder issues. She told Seventeen Magazine that the only reason she was in rehab was because she had a nervous breakdown and implies, but does not say directly that it was all because of an eating disorder. This is not true and she knows it and if she wants to truly help people then she should open up about all the reasons she went to rehab and not say to the world, "if you go to rehab, make up a bunch of reasons you went, but not the really bad ones." How does that help anyone? If you are really so concerned about people and helping them, then help them.

Now I also want to say that it seems like she is on the right track for getting better and staying healthy and I think that is a wonderful thing. I love happy endings. There are very few people on this earth that I want to see fail. See, I would like Lindsay to succeed. Michael and Dina can end up homeless for all I care. Just because I snark on someone does not mean I wish them to stay down. That is just not right.

Zombies & Funeral Homes - A Perfect Match

Most of the time when movie or television ads go up on the side of buildings, there is no real relation between the two. Oh sure, sometimes you might get lucky, but this ad placement for The Walking Dead is genius. In case you have not seen the show, it is about zombies. What better place to advertise zombies than on the side of a funeral parlor. This way when people go and visit their loved ones before they are put to rest, they can not only get an idea of what they will watch on television that night, but can also hope and pray that their loved one will be lucky enough to be a zombie.

By the way, does cooperative funeral care mean that everyone chips in to make the body look good? Are there embalming parties and no one told me? Oh, maybe it is kind of like the movie Night Shift. Oh yeah. Henry Winkler, Michael Keaton and Shelley Long. I can't believe she left Cheers AFTER being in that movie. You would think she would have learned her lesson.

Mickey Rourke Is Brutally Honest

As you could probably guess by now, Mickey Rourke is not afraid to speak his mind. Unfortunately for producers of his movies, his honesty is not always good for the movie. New York Magazine caught up with Mickey at a Scream 4 screening and basically Mickey said that every movie he has been in for the past year or so has sucked, that he did them all for the paychecks and that Megan fox is a horrible actress. This is of course after he called her a great one previously. To be fair, at the time Mickey called her a great actress, he had not actually worked with her yet, and probably did not realize that she had a boyfriend so would be uninterested in sleeping with a 50 year old boxing damaged, heavily botoxed, crazy dude. Once it was established she would not be sleeping with him, he became honest.

Jennifer Aniston Wants You To Know She Likes Bradley Cooper

A few weeks ago, there were a couple of little stories floating around about how Jennifer Aniston and Bradley Cooper were in the process of hooking up again. Jennifer likes guys who will treat her badly and Bradley will be with anyone so it is a good match. Anyway, no one really noticed or commented on the stories, and in the world of Jennifer Aniston that is just not acceptable. If someone leaks something about a guy she is interested in, "then the whole world better sit up and take notice, because I was on Friends for 10 years and make really bad movies and am America's sweetheart."

So, her people did what all people do in these situations, they turned to People who has some ridiculous story out with the vaguest quote that Jennifer's people hope will get people talking about Jennifer and getting her on some covers. Do you realize it has been weeks and weeks since she was on a cover? That is simply not acceptable in her world. People might start to realize she is not that great of an actress and you would have a much better chance of getting your money back for her $20M fee playing roulette in Vegas. Plus free drinks and buffets. Oh, and Celine is back, to make that $20M loss more palatable.

BuzzFoto Blind Item

This D List actress, only known for one movie, bragged to friends that she supplied her drug habit last year and lavish lifestyle by skimming people’s credit card numbers in a card scam. The ring was broken up, but it was never linked to her.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Today's Blind Items

This NBA star is cheating on his reality star wife with another reality star who used to be on Real World way way back in the day.

Random Photos Part Three

Charles Laufer - RIP
Ali Larter and Rebecca Romijn share parenting tips.
This is why Lindsay Lohan will never get clean. How often do you see Amy Winehouse photos anymore?
An indifferent Bridget Moynahan to the interesting look of Trisha Yearwood.
Chris Hemsworth doing more Thor promo stuff.
A first time appearance for Crystal Renn. I think.
At the same event was Rose McGowan who was looking very nice.
The Goopster and Christy Turlington.
The amazing Dolly Parton and her weightlifting gloves.


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