Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's A Beautiful Morning - Paris Hilton Arrested For Coke

Paris Hilton continued her world tour of jails yesterday as she and DMX continue to race head to head to see who can see the inside of more jails in one summer. Paris was detained or arrested or whatever word you want to use twice for pot overseas, and now last night she was arrested for coke.

The police made a traffic stop. Paris was a passenger. The male driver was arrested for DUI and drug possession. Paris was arrested for coke possession after police found coke in her purse. Now, Paris says it was not her purse. Kind of like they were not Lindsay's pants.

Oh, how I love Paris Hilton being arrested. Oh, how I love when she is brought down off her high horse and all her lies where she pretends she has never been caught doing drugs or all the video proof that she is an awful, awful human being. I am still mad at Larry King for letting her get away with lies on his show and not calling her on any of them. He should have retired then and there after seeing what an awful job he did.

Anyway, Lisa Bloom was on The Early Show this morning, and while she is Michael Lohan's attorney she does predict all kinds of doom and gloom for Paris so it is definitely worth a viewing.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Four For Friday - Kindness

Recently while shooting a movie, this B- list mostly television actress who had one big career role for a network and is on a current hit show, discovered that her makeup artist was having her home foreclosed. The makeup artist has four kids and her husband had died about 18 months earlier. Anyway, our actress could have written a check to cover the amount, but when other members of the cast and crew heard what had happened they decided to make the movie shoot also one big fundraiser. With the help of this B list actor/comedian and this B list Academy Award nominee/winner actress, they organized bake sales, dunking booths, bowling tournaments and anything else they could think of doing. It made the set fun and everyone participated and the woman received enough money to save her house.

#1 - B- list actress
#2 - B list actor/comedian
#3 - Academy Award nominee/winner
#4 - The name of the movie.

Random Photos Part Four

Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova get the top spot today. They were tennis in the 70's and 80's.
Anna Chapman is back in Russia and doing what she does best. Not spying and modeling for a magazine spread.

Adrianna Costa jumps on the Renee Zellweger band-aid train.
As does Michael Gladist while Bryan Batt takes a pass.
Or does he? There you go Bryan.
Alyson Hannigan's daughter must have seen Karate Kid. ("Sweep the leg.")
Alex & Simon seem to be a fan of big balls.
Bradley Cooper back in LA.
That must have hurt.
Apparently Charlotte Ross has no belly button.
Presumably though Christina Ricci does.
Donny & Marie - Hammond, IN.
A rare smile from Emily Blunt.
Elisha Cuthbert doing some charity event.
The tallest female teenager in the world wants to get into modeling. This is Brazilian, Elisany Silva who is 6'9".

Random Photos Part Three

Prior to big award shows, it is swag suite time. That time of the year when celebrities will pose with anything in exchange for free stuff even if they don't need it or use it.

Beau Bridges with some kind of age cream.
Ditto Catherine O'Hara.
I don't think Jayson Blair really needs that.
Nope for Joe Manganiello too.
It is kind of ridiculous. Do you think Gray Damon is really going to use it?
Aaron Paul needs to learn how to pose correctly. Hide the water Aaron, you are not selling it.
Much better.
Now this is a product I could endorse. Crystal Reed feels the same way.
Some person is going to bid on this lunch box and say wtf is Estella Warren.
Michael P. Jordan wants to show you he is actually willing to sample the product.
Pick a different team Felicity.
Brandon Routh seems to be saying, "I just want my stuff. No anti-aging cream please."

Random Photos Part Two

It's always fashion week somewhere. This one is from Sydney. Its the latest for welders.
And when you want to be a peacock.
Emma Watson going for that Mia Farrow look now.
Congratulations to Julio Iglesias and his girlfriend of 20 years, Miranda Rijnsburger who finally got married.
When you hug Melissa Joan Hart, make sure you are not holding a script. Joey Lawrence learned the hard way it can tear your cornea.
The thing is I bet Snooki thinks about what she is going to wear everyday.
James Tupper and Anne Heche still together.
Lindsay Lohan tweeted that she wishes the paps would stay away. That would of course disrupt her cash flow so I don't even know why she bothers to say stupid things like that. Of course look at her parents.
Lea Michele riding her bike in Long Beach.
Also out riding bikes were Carey Hart and Pink.
The amazing Mary Louise Parker in Vanity Fair.
Also amazing, and should be in Vanity Fair sometime, Martha Reeves.

Random Photos Part One

Four parts today.

Michelle Trachtenberg looks more and more like the offspring of Cher and Ozzy Osbourne. You don't see it?
The always lovely Niecy Nash.
Natalie Portman and her dog. I think it is her dog.
Nicole Richie is now a blonde.
Pete Doherty & Carl Barat - Leeds, England
Sandra Bullock in high school and
Brad Pitt.
If there is mud and music it must be The Reading Festival.
The very funny Steve Harvey.
Not exactly sure what look Solange Knowles is going for here. Cafeteria lady chic?
Shia on the set of Transformers 3.
Tracy Morgan has given himself boobs.


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