Saturday, September 21, 2013

Blind Item #3

Which C-list morning show regular and former co-host on that A list talk show had all her staff attempt to get any clips of the morning show host deleted from YouTube that portrayed her in an unflattering light. Yeah, the ones where she was really heavy. So far, most of the clips are still up.

Blind Item #2

Which former A-list Oscar winning actress and singer was arrested when she was a teen for forging a prescription for her actress mother? She told the pharmacist that she was buying the pills for herself and her name was on the prescription, but in fact they were prescribed for her mother. The police took the teen to her mom's house and confiscated the prescription pad. They then let the teen and the mom off with a warning.

Blind Item #1

"That was one of the worst concerts I've ever been to. I'm just glad I didn't have to pay. No one other than her fans will buy her music... hell it isn't even music, it's noise. A five year old can write better s**t than her." - A+ singer and songwriter about this slowly-slipping from A to B-list eccentric diva.

Blind Items Revealed

October 18, 2012

This celebrity has told his former A list tweener wife that she must be doing something wrong if she has not lost the weight from her pregnancy and that she needs to work harder and that she must be cheating and eating when he is not around. He then points out pregnant celebrity moms who are all skinny.

Mike Comrie/Hilary Duff

Blind Items Revealed

October 17, 2012

This former B list actress from a very hit television show has gone through a lot this past year. She has been in the news a lot and is really enjoying the attention. A lot. Magazine covers and people wanting to know what is going on in her life which they never really cared about before this year. Over the past few weeks though, the attention has died and she does not have very many things going on professionally so knows her time in the spotlight is probably coming to a close. Then, she stumbled on a way to get some more attention. She claims she did something this week because she cares and out of the goodness of her heart. The thing is she lied. The person she said she tried to talk to hates our actress with a passion. Our actress knows this. But, right now, she will do anything to keep seeing her name and photos in print.

Jennie Garth talking about Amanda Bynes

Blind Items Revealed

October 15, 2012

For the first time ever, our A list all movie actor who is still A despite having no real success in the movies in the past decade. You just feel like he never deserves to be called less than A list and when he makes a movie it is still his name above the title. For the past several years he has gone from one girlfriend to the other. They always tell him they have no problems with his sexual fetishes and quirks. He is upfront about them before he ever has sex with a woman and they always say they are fully on board because they want some of that pile of money he has. A few years ago he thought he had a match and he kind of did, but she felt like she could not be exposed to that lifestyle with her having children and also having a public image that is fun and flirty and not orgies and threesomes. They had a very acrimonious split. Like that word? Went into a calendar store over the weekend and saw that on some word a day thing. Vowed to use it this week. Not sure when I will get to use the word abstain which is the other one I saw. Anyway, our actor found someone not too long ago who said she was fully committed to his sexual fetishes and was ok with the filming him while he danced for her and touched himself while listening to some music he recorded. She was ok with him watching a mix video of his past sexual conquests while they had sex, but suddenly she would not take his calls and said that she was just too creeped out and needed something normal. Enter the new woman. Someone who is open to anything our actor wants to do. In the past month he has thrown everything at her and she has begged for more. When he made her watch while he was with two other guys she told him how sexy it was. No matter what he thinks of, she is on board with and our actor is in love for the first time ever. He thought he was in love with a previous wife but he says that he could tell she was all about the money and not really into what he is into and that with his current girlfriend it is totally different. They are "on the same plane," because they are both sexual freaks.

Eddie Murphy

Blind Items Revealed

October 15, 2012

This B list actress who is an Academy Award nominee/winner is regretting her rush marriage to a celebrity. He was basically a rebound from one bad relationship and this one is no better. She thought he loved her and only her and not half the people that he runs into on a nightly basis. He keeps saying he is busy working and then she sees photos of him out at parties with women and he says it is all just part of being him. Meanwhile, she is crushed and has been people are starting to wonder if she needs some professional help because she is so devastated.

Carey Mulligan/Shia LaBeouf/Marcus Mumford

Blind Items Revealed

October 12, 2012

The longer this B list actor from a hit movie franchise is single, the more oily he gets. Long married, but now free, the actor was working this week and was introduced to a production assistant and our actor immediately had his hand on her butt. As in within five minutes. When she didn't say anything then he became more bold and 30 minutes later had her practically sitting on his lap and told everyone he needed a quick break. He went and had sex with the production assistant and then when they came back out he acted as if nothing had happened and ignored her the rest of the shoot. Never said another word to her.

Peter Facinelli

Blind Items Revealed

June 21, 2013

She was pregnant. That much was obvious. This A list celebrity/reality star did not make any announcement she was pregnant, but paps could tell that she was. She wanted to hide inside her house, but this was when she was at her peak. She is still a B- lister, but at the time she was way higher. She was in contact with several of her friends, one of whom gave me this little nugget in return for ten bonus points next time we go bowling. The celebrity wanted her friends to come over and help her figure out who the father of her baby was. Yeah, it was like that. There were a total of four choices. Two of them the celebrity had been seen with and she was pretty confident it was one of those two, but there had been a three day window where she had sex with both of those two guys and two other guys she sometimes hooked up with. She had to decide which of the four was the dad and then tell him and she did not want to make a mistake, especially if the guy found out there were others and asked for a DNA test and she had guessed wrong. She did not use condoms with any of the guys and apparently her cycle was very irregular, which was making things even more difficult. The friends came over and they literally got some poster board and made a calendar of the month in question and checked text messages and searched the internet and looked at her schedule and pieced together where she was almost every minute of the whole month. When they put it together, they narrowed it down to two people. One of her regulars that she had been seen with and one other guy who, in a phone call with the celebrity that was listened to by everyone there on speaker said they had both passed out before completing the task at hand so to speak. The celebrity then decided to make the call and told the man she thought he was the father, that she was pregnant. It turns out he was indeed the dad.

Nicole Richie

Blind Items Revealed

June 21, 2013

This foreign born A+ list mostly movie actor is at it again. He was kicked out of a college dorm two weeks ago when he was discovered in bed with a student by the student's roommate. Apparently no men were allowed in the dorm past a certain amount of time, even if you are an A lister.

Hugh Grant

Blind Items Revealed

June 23, 2013

This former B list mostly television actress who can't get work now since her hit show ended tried to get in touch with her former co-star who is also a B lister, but is way more successful at everything else. The more successful B lister's only reply were two words, one of which began with an F and the other a Y. The more successful B lister has had nothing to do with her since their co-starring ended because the less successful B lister would do everything to try and steal boyfriends and husbands and not be shy about it.

Teri Hatcher/Eva Longoria

Blind Items Revealed

June 23, 2013

This spectacular a-hole of a celebrity who should be permanently banned to the F list was at a party last week and said that the worst celebrity sex he ever had was with this former almost A list mostly movie actress who now spends more time in trouble than on film sets. He said that all she wanted was his coke and when he tried to collect she actually asked if she could text while he was having sex with her.

Joe Francis/Lindsay Lohan

Friday, September 20, 2013

Random Photos Part Five

Look at Jake Gyllenhaal's face in this photo and

this one. Strangest smile ever. Hugh Jackman appears frightened by something. Probably breasts.
Speaking of breasts, Courtney Stodden was trying to keep hers restrained this morning in London after her crazy night out last night.
Daniel Craig after hitting the gym.
Dev Patel at a pre-Emmy party.
No one would have cared about this press conference until this past weekend but Liam Hemsworth's new lady was there so the place was packed.
Eva Mendes gets a little help walking from the hand.
Not a bad look for Henry Cavill.
Kate Bosworth and Hilary Swank coordinated their outfits.

Random Photos Part Four

Jon Hamm goes with beard but without Hammbone.

Jennifer Love Hewitt has been on a be nice to paps kick since her baby daddy went off on one.
Speaking of baby daddies, here is Jeremy Renner.
Alicia Keys and her son hang out in Argentina.
Khloe Kardashian is getting ready to throw Lamar Odom under a pile of buses but needs to boost store sales.
Meanwhile Kim Kardashian does something she will do frequently. Leave her kid home with a nanny.
Kate Moss in Milan is getting ready to pose for Playboy to mark her 40th birthday. Hasn't everyone in the world already seen her naked a million times?
Lindsay Lohan must have a client who is into leather because this atrociousness is back.
Speaking of bad looks, Leah Remini really needs to rethink this.

Random Photos Part Three

I posted this photo of Liev Schreiber and his kids solely because I was fascinated that they had some American flags. It is not usually an impulse buy in the middle of September.

Melissa Joan Hart and her husband and one kid at Disneyland.
Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher back in NYC after traveling to Israel for a funeral.
Maria Menounos goes big hair for an event last night.
Jennette McCurdy was at the same party. I almost did another reveal of her today but decided to give her a break.
Nikki Reed has been doing a lot of things solo lately.
Mena Suvari takes some time away from her boyfriend as she heads out of town.
Michelle Williams and her dog.
Michael McDonald cracks up Sandra Bullock.

Random Photos Part Two

The NYC Ballet had a thing last night so of course Natalie Portman was going to be there with her ballet director husband.

Sarah Jessica Parker showed up. She thought there was a princess theme. She always thinks that.
Drew Barrymore made a rare red carpet appearance there.
Long time no see in the photos for Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann because I hate typing her name.
50 Cent was there because he knows that ballet dancers have the best pot.
Martha Stewart was there for the same reason.
Orlando Bloom finally got a chance to spend some time with his wife who saw his pretty blah version of Romeo & Juliet.
Patrick Dempsey is looking like he has been working out.
Reese Witherspoon always works out.

Random Photos Part One

Five parts today.

Scott Eastwood seems to be the man of the moment so here is a shirtless photo of him for you.

This is the first time I can recall seeing Shenae Grimes drinking something that didn't have booze in it.
Stacy Keibler wants to be taken seriously. She's hoping to become an actress. This is her serious look.
Yeah, Tina Fey and Alison Williams both found that funny.
Padma at a pre-Emmy party.
Long time no see in the photos Jennifer Grey and her husband Clark Gregg.
Taylor Swift and Luke Bryan tell stories about Julianne Hough. Not really, but they should have. They know LOTS.
Victoria Beckham looks for the sun so she doesn't melt.
Former Miss America Vanessa Williams gives some tips on how to pose with other women to the current Miss America.

Blind Item #10

This former Real Housewife has volunteered to have sex with the ex of a former Real Housewife any time he wants. The only condition is that while they are having sex he needs to call his ex and put it on speaker.

Blind Item #9

This B list do everything comedy actor who is in a million television shows and movies is quietly gay. He doesn't hide it but hasn't come out publicly either. Apparently he is another name caught up in the HIV+ porn actor madness because he too has used the services of one of the men who tested positive. I don't think our actor's boyfriend knows though.

Florida Gets An Intervention

Blind Item #8

This actress is a B- list mostly television actress. She is on a show for that almost network. I can't believe the show or the network is still on the air. Anyway she's pregnant and one of her long time on/off friends who used to be an A list mostly television actress and is now a freaky C list find me anything on television to do celebrity/actress/reality star visited our pregnant actress at her house. She started doing lines of coke in front of our pregnant actress and asked if she wanted to do some. The pregnant actress said hell no and asked the other actress to stop. The actress then said she would stop but they should do some shots. The pregnant actress kicked her friend out.

Courtney Stodden Had Sex In A Club Bathroom Last Night

According to several people waiting to use the bathroom at the Whiskey Mist club in London last night, a very hammered Courtney Stodden decided to make use of the bathroom for an entirely different purpose. Sex. Courtney and a club goer she had been flirting with and drinking with for most of the night entered the bathroom and according to one person the sex was incredibly loud and not just with the typical screams but also because they were having trouble making it work and both parties were injured during the process but managed to get the job done in the end. There was one person in the bathroom with the couple and one wonders if they managed to get photos taken and one also wonders if anyone actually wants to see the photos.

Blind Items Revealed

 October 12, 2012

#3 - What former B list movie actress who has had one fail after the other lately including a canceled television show still has almost A list name recognition. She spent an entire flight from NYC to LA headed to the bathroom every 15 minutes for 30 seconds a time. Probably explains how she is freakishly skinny.

Christina Ricci

Four For Friday - Don't Date This Guy

Friday everyone. Fall starts this weekend. It really sneaks up on you especially here because the only thing that really seems to change are the days getting shorter. That part of fall always makes me sad. That day in your office when you realize that it's pitch black outside but not even 6pm. In brighter news I will be here all weekend again blogging my fat fingers to the bone. Lots of reveals and blinds planned for the weekend and any breaking news too.

Did I tell you that the big blind item from yesterday is going to be revealed? I meant to. Anyway, the same holds true for this one too. Time to expose some of these people for what they do to others. This particular actor is an Academy Award winner. Didn't even through up the /nominee part like I usually do. He is a royal pain to work with and doesn't work as much as an actor of his talent should. He is an even bigger pain to date or live with. I would put him in the top five when it comes to worst tempers of an actor in Hollywood. Of all time. Sure the drinking and drugs have a lot to do with his ranking but he sucks at relationships and has been through multiple marriages and live in girlfriends and they all have one thing in common. He abused every single one of them. Sometimes, as in the case of one of his more notorious relationships he would beat the woman in his life and sometimes it would just be constant verbal abuse. He always wants you to know he is in charge and has no problems humiliating his girlfriend or wife in public if they do something to offend him. He has left people on the sides of roads and without any way to get home. He has laughed when he makes women cry. There is no such thing as gentle sex with this guy. It's rough all the way every single time. He knows he's not a nice guy but he claims to have changed. I think women have just grown smarter and run from him the second he starts acting out and never come back so the whispers about him are more quiet than they used to be.

Your Turn

Should you be lifting weights while pregnant? The woman above has been getting a whole lot of grief for posting these photos online. She has two other kids and worked out during their pregnancies too, but not to this extent.

Blind Item #7

This former A list mostly movie actor who has fallen to C list mostly mostly movie actor with the name that gets him confused with two other guys was rushed to the hospital for the third time this year. All alcohol poisoning. The guy is a mess, but he still has that possible relationship as a trump card to get some money.

Blind Items Revealed

 October 9, 2012

It is finally happening. This B list actress who is known for basically one role flew out for meetings with attorneys and the father of her child. Apparently the father has not been paying what he promised because his significant other still doesn't know that he is a dad. The actress says it is put up or shut up time and will tell the world everything unless he follows through with his agreement.

January Jones

Blind Item #6

This C+ list mostly television actress who would love to get a lead in a Lifetime movie has caught a little break recently with her new gig. Anyway, she is really more famous for the people she has dated and thought she was going to marry this A+ list mostly movie actor until he dumped her for someone younger. Our actress says that she is shocked he manages to even have sex considering all the steroids he takes that has shriveled him up to nothing and makes him rage at people at least once an hour. Bad breakup, I'm guessing.

Blind Item #5

This forever A list celebrity/singer better watch out for her oldest child because she is telling friends that her mom doesn't spend more than thirty minutes a day with her kids because after that amount of time they get on her nerves. The mom also has been encouraging her older son to watch gay porn to see if he likes it. She desperately wants him to be gay and asks him every day.

Miley Cyrus Cheated On Liam Hemsworth For Months

Everyone thinks that Liam Hemsworth moved on quickly after the "official" breakup with Miley Cyrus. Apparently Miley moved on even more quickly because she has been hooking up with her music producer (above) for the past four months which would be about two months after Liam hooked up with January Jones but two months after Miley hooked up with the guy at the Christmas party but a month after Liam hooked up with that actress from The Hunger Games but a month after Miley hooked up with that woman after she had a threesome with Liam and the woman. But, they were happily engaged for all of it. I could keep going further back in the Miley/Liam timeline. They both had some fidelity issues.

The only reason I chose to make the headline is because Liam has been taking some heat for moving on with his new hookup so thought it was time to at least even the field and show that Miley was ready to take her new guy public too.

Blind Item #4

This former B+ list reality star thought many of the pieces of jewelry she wore to a huge event in her life were gifts from her husband. Turns out he had borrowed them all and our former reality star and now desperate celebrity had to return everything but one tiny piece valued at under $1K. The other $999K worth of stuff went buh bye.

Eiza Gonzalez - Addicted To Plastic Surgery - 14 Procedures Before Age 23

The new hookup of Liam Hemsworth is Eiza Gonzalez who has been a star since she was 16. She is a huge star in the telenovela world and in the seven years since she first hit television screens she has become one of the most popular stars in Mexico. She is also a bit of a plastic surgery freak. OK, she's addicted. She is now 23 and had her first procedure when she was 16. In those seven years she has had fourteen different procedures ranging from nose and boob job to eye lifts to lip injections to some kind of bone shaving which I don't exactly understand but has something to do with the jaw. She gets lipo suction regularly and I'm not even including botox in the calculations. She looked fine to me at age 16 but she obviously has some issues with her looks and I worry that when she is 35 you won't even see anything resembling what she used to be.

Blind Item #3

What's the rule on half-sibling sex? Is it still incest? This former A-/B+ list mostly movie actress had sex with her half-brother about 18 months ago. She was out of her mind on drugs but he was stone cold sober. She wants to include the story in a new book but her publishers are scared of touching it.

Blind Item #2

This former A list mostly movie actor is probably still an A- list mostly movie actor. At the height of his franchise he was A+ but his movies are not that successful and having rabid fans doesn't translate into ticket sales. Our actor has also had issues with drinking and drugs and lots of women that have been made available to him by the same guy that ruined Zac Efron and have also made our actor not always up to form at work. Friends have been trying to do one on one interventions. One A+ list mostly movie actress friend even offered her place for him to stay for a month away from everything.

Blind Item #1

I used to feel sorry for this former A list tween actress who now looks for work like every other actress in town. Maybe she should go back to singing. She is pretty good at it. Anyway two nights ago she was out with her girlfriends and her celebrity husband was doing his thing with the waitress he met a few months back. He's being so open about it and the actress does nothing. I know the guy has money but at some point you have to have some self-respect. He has been doing this to the actress for years.

Simon Cowell And Lauren Silverman Aren't Getting Along

When Simon Cowell opened his mouth yesterday he was talking Lauren Silverman. He was also saying into a phone that if she wasn't pregnant that he wouldn't be going out with her still. Lauren was just one of the women he liked having along on holidays. A woman to put into his vacation rotation but not someone he wanted to spend the rest of his life with and certainly not someone he wanted to see every day. For his daily life he has Mezhgan Hussainy who he was engaged to at one point and who apparently gives him what he needs. If he needs a little something extra or different she either joins in or steps aside.

Apparently Lauren thinks that she should be number one in Simon's life now and is talking about marriage and when she can move in with him or where they will live together and that is not how Simon sees the relationship going.


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