Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sacramento Kings Cheerleader Scandal

These photos seem to be causing an uproar in Sacramento. I think they are pretty tame although I am sure the Sacramento Kings organization is not particularly fond of seeing their cheerleaders drinking alcohol while wearing the team jerseys. I believe the owners of The Palms hotel in Las Vegas are also the owners of the Kings which could help explain why the women resemble casino hookers more than actual NBA cheerleaders. You would also think that the owners of an NBA team could find some cheerleaders that were a little better in the looks department. Not exactly Playboy material, but rather more of the Hustler variety. Anyway, it seems like the good photo scandals always happen on the weekend, which is not really a bad thing except it interrupts my 48 hour binges.

Friday, February 15, 2008

The Real Dakota Fanning Bald Head Story

I think in Random Photos the other day I made a quick mention about Abigail Breslin having to shave her head for her new role. The reason I didn't do a post is I honestly don't care about Dakota Fanning or whether she wants to shave her head for a role. Until now.

Although Dakota looks kind of funny for not taking the role considering she had no problems with the whole molestation theme in one of her films. Here is how it all went down.

The film is My Sister's Keeper which is based on a 2004 novel of the same name about a sister who sues her parents to stop them from using her as a genetic guinea pig for her sister who has leukemia.

In preparation for the role, Dakota went to a hospital with the director Nick Cassavetes to see child cancer patients. In a room filled with patients, Dakota in a very loud voice said something along the lines of, "there is no way I will ever shave my head and look like these kids." Every kid in the room heard what she said. Since that day Nick Cassavetes can almost always be seen wearing a shirt that says FDF. The DF stands for Dakota Fanning. I will let you guess what the other F stands for.

Four For Friday

#1 This B- list film actress is someone you may have never heard of but you have heard of most of the movies she has been in. From Academy Award winners (at least 3) to huge summer blockbusters. She recently broke up with her boyfriend not because they had grown apart but because she found a tape of him at a rap video servicing one woman after another with a bunch of the other guys on the set.

#2 This C list film and television actress by body of work but with A+ name recognition likes to have the world believe she is Ms. Happy Wife and mother. Then why has her husband been living in a hotel the past 3 months since he left her.

#3 This B list married couple who are known for television and really bad made for tv movies belong to an exclusive, web cam swingers group where they perform for other couples in the nude.

#4 This greasy celebutard is trying to sell a sex tape of himself with two different celebutantes. No takers so far thank goodness.

Random Photos Part One

Hmmmm. Valentine's Day and you have a brand new boyfriend but for some reason you are spending the most romantic (according to Hallmark) night of the year with your parents. What do you have to say about that Hayden Panettiere?
Eric Bana in Berlin. I just mention Berlin in case it gets you more in the mood then say Eric Bana over at the Arclight on Sunset.
Dianne Reeves - Apollo Theatre - New York City
I think Alexander Klaws is telling us that he might come up a bit short if I were to put him in FFF. Not Javier Bardem short probably, but short.
America Ferrera looks really good here and it is a nice change because honestly she hasn't looked all that great lately. Here she looks fabulous.
It's Rudy Huxtable. I bet you never though Rudy would turn into this did you?
There is something about this photo of John Mayer that makes me think of old 60's British music photos. Maybe the side profile or the smaller door. It is a really good photo.
Wow. Janet Jackson needs to remember to leave time in her schedule to put on the wig. Please. Oh God, make it stop.
Need something to listen to this weekend? Go buy Idina Menzel's new CD. If you do maybe I will show her husband later in the photos.
I love Holly Robinson Peete. She is funny, sweet, and really gorgeous.
Hey Nick Lachey. How is that career going? "It's doing great EL. Hell this week, I am at a Hot Wheels anniversary celebration."
If I took up skating this weekend, I should be able to do this by the end of the month right? I mean it isn't like Mirai Nagasu is that great right? Anyone can do it.
The only reason I am posting the photo of Miley Cyrus is because I like reading the comments of her fans and because I have no idea why on earth she is going to be a presenter at the Academy Awards. The only film she has ever been in is just a tape of her concert. If the Academy thinks a bunch of 10 year old kids are going to sit through the show and boost your ratings, you must have never heard of YouTube.
Did Canadian yesterday so today Australian. This is Les Hill. He looks all happy because he had to take his girlfriend to a cage fight.
Do you think maybe 16 hour days of partying may have led to the unplanned pregnancy of Lily Allen? Just asking.
Happy Birthday Rob Thomas. Next time tell your wife to get you a cake that doesn't look like a big pile of tuna fish.
Robin Givens might be laughing, but you know she is just one broken fingernail away from killing you.
Rick Fox in case you have a thing for retired athletes and all the groupies they have f**ked.
The made me laugh photo of the day goes to Ross Anthony at the Echo Awards in Berlin.

How do you tell them apart when only one Mowry twin shows up at an event?
In case you wanted your loving with a little grey hair. Actually Ted Danson looks pretty good doesn't he? What is he now? 80, 90?
So here is Taye Diggs since I know you are going to go buy Idina's CD this weekend.
How could you ever date Sydney Poitier. You would always be saying, no not the guy.
So Natalie calls Scarlett an evil bitch, and then Scarlett says, "Yea, but I'm f**king Ryan Reynolds."

I Love When I Get To Smack Tyra

There are few things on this earth I enjoy more than smacking down Tyra Banks. The reason is that she never just does anything half assed. When Tyra screws up, she screws up good and when she is a bitch, she is the biggest bitch on the planet.

I will have to say though that even for Tyra, this is world class. She can go the rest of her career and I doubt she could ever come off more heartless than this. She can try and try but this is the cream at the top baby.

Last year Tyra had a makeover show for people who had suffered in their life. Until now they couldn't speak about their experience on Tyra's show because the participants have to sign a gag order which lasts for one year from the date of their appearance on the show. The following accounts are from this week's Enquirer.

Woman #1 -
Jodi Hughes is a 39 year old woman. She has cervical cancer and lupus and is raising her two children, one of whom is legally blind on her own. Well, Jodi was thrilled that Tyra wanted to do a makeover of her and Tyra flew Jodi and her two kids out to the show.

Jodi says things went bad the minute they stepped off the plane in Los Angeles to tape the show. "Jordan, 17, and Nick, 10 - who is legally blind - were left sitting on a curb outside the studio lot for hours with no food, no phone and no money while Jodi underwent her “transformation” - which included nothing more than the services of a professional makeup artist, a new dress and a cheap, painful hair weave, she says. Tyra’s producers scripted her lines for the show, Jodi says. “The producers told me to say: “Thank you, Tyra, for making me feel like a woman again.’ That was the most humiliating part.”

Actually I think the most humiliating part might have been the fact that Jodi had spent months regrowing her hair after chemo and the weave destroyed it all. The weave also infected her scalp and necessitated an emergency room visit.

Woman #2

On the same show was a woman who had no arms. Instead of getting the woman something useful like artificial limbs, Tyra instead got the woman a $500 purse. Great, she can carry the purse around with her teeth. Instead of realizing what idiots they were, the producers of the show told the woman she should be grateful that someone would give her a $500 purse. Hell you know Tyra probably got it the night before at some swag suite and said to herself this would be perfect for a guest. "It is a little scratched. Hell, I will give it to the woman with no arms. She can always sell it on E-Bay if she doesn't want to look like a little dog with it in her mouth."

Rich Actors Don't Want To Strike

Now that the WGA strike has ended, the focus shifts to SAG and their contract which expires on June 30th. Apparently Tom Hanks, Robert DeNiro and George Clooney speak for all of the actors, or at least the rich ones because they have taken out full page ads which are trying to drum up support for not going on strike on June 30th.

See, to the rich actors it doesn't really matter if they strike or not, because they have a dollar or two tucked away to save for a rainy day and probably can hold out just fine. It also doesn't matter what happens in the new contract because they will just get what they have always got in the first place. The SAG contract has never been about the big actors. It has always been about the epople who are acting and trying to survive.

SAG sets minimums and basic conditions that must be met on sets, and making sure some money goes into retirement and pension. The SAG contract is the floor. How often do you think Tom and George and Robert have been on the floor? The only time they ever take scale is if they are getting a huge chunk of the gross in the film. To them, SAG is more of an annoyance than anything.

To most of the 120,000 people in the union it represents health care at an affordable cost, a pension when they don't make enough to contribute to an IRA, and a wage which if they can find the work will at least let them live until they can find another job.

Obviously Tom and the gang could call Doug Allen who is the executive director of SAG, and so the ad is designed to appeal to the other members and to show the producers that they should not have any hard feelings against A listers.

In response to the advertisements, Doug said, the union would open negotiations "at a time that will most benefit all our members". He might as well have added, but didn't, "not just the rich ones."

Daily Mirror Blind Item

Which American actress is so incredibly stupid, she has to have two faffing assistants around her at all times - to remind her where she is and who she's talking to?

When It Comes To Marion Cotillard - Picturehouse Goes Cheap

Picturehouse must have learned some lessons from Vince Vaughn on how to go cheap. Oh, not with their own self promotion or anything to do with how the company itself looks. On that they go all out. Now, if you happen to be an actor or actress though, then they want to go as cheap as possible as often as possible even if it makes you look like crap.

Picturehouse is the partnership of HBO and NewLine that is responsible for La Vie En Rose. They are making a ton of money off the film, but apparently have no desire to accommodate any of the wishes of the lead actress of that film Marion Cotillard. For the entire promotion of the film, and during the entire award season, Marion has been paying for her one hair person and one makeup person to travel with her to make sure she looks good. It is not out of vanity, but because she has been making multiple appearances daily and has been to multiple award shows in support of the Picturehouse film. Although it is really expensive, Picturehouse has not offered to pay even one penny of the bill despite the fact she is out there shilling for them.

Well, when it comes to the Academy Awards, she finally broke down and asked the company if they would pay for the two to come over to the US, and put them up in a hotel. The company laughed at her and said, "Everyone in LA is better than anyone in France who does hair and makeup so you can just use someone here."

Nice way to make friends and influence people. This is the same person who won the BAFTA and the Golden Globe for Best Actress you are pissing off here. Marion from what I understood just started crying and is going to borrow the money from friends to pay for the two to come over to the US and do her hair and makeup.

To me this is not about diva behavior, this is about a woman who is probably going to win the award for Best Actress and be looked at by over 1 Billion people across the globe. In that kind of situation are you going to get your hair and makeup done by some person down at Supercuts that you have never met?

Meanwhile, Picturehouse keeps running those full page ads at a cost of well in excess what it would cost for them to fly over the pair and put them up in a hotel for the week.

Picturehouse needs to stop being cheap and Marion needs to find an agent or manager who has some balls and who is not afraid of a studio.

So I Went To Bai Ling's Blog

After reading today about how Bai Ling blamed her whole shoplifting episode on a bad breakup, I wanted to read the quote for myself because she goes through guys a little more quickly than the average person. OK, a lot more quickly than the average person. So, to me that excuse was just crap and she was just trying to get attention like I said yesterday.

Anyway, on her blog, she has deleted any of the references to a bad breakup, but it has been awhile since I had read it and I forgot how much she actually posts. She probably blogs more than just about any celebrity, and it is worth a look when you get the chance. Here is what she wrote late last night.

Here I am in Albuquerque with my heart feeling sad, and my emotions are running through me like a wild river, tears come from the lake of my heart hurt my eyes. Life happens to you either you liked it or not, sometimes I feel you have to be so brave to stand in front of the World, and just hope that people will have a tender heart toward you. Right now I just walked from the set to My trailer, cold, but the evening brightness on the sky is just so beautiful in Albuquerque, so beautiful, it takes my breath away like a bralliant lover, nature is my gift, no matter what happens it always there to confort me give me wisdom and love, how lucky I am to have it and recognise its beauty and power. So beautiful here in Albuquerque, the desert the wild endless land, the stars and the moon so up high there quietly singing a Valentines song. Many many friends called me today but I can not talk because I am shooting, I want to thank all my friends and the people that I don't even know out there cared for me and send me love. Its a gift and I am lucky to have you. Thankful with all my heart to all of you and send my Valentines love smile to you, with my sweet sad heart. Bailing Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

English is not her first language, and honestly she uses English better than most of the American teenagers on MySpace so give her a break on the spelling and such. Anyway, it is a really good blog and does what a blog should. Except for the past few days it doesn't look like she has very many visitors so she could probably use the boost if you all click on it.

Bongo Goes The Whore Route Again

With the exception of Rachel Bilson, the last few spokespeople Bongo has chosen basically make me feel like they are trying to sell cheap sex with a woman of questionable morals. Yesterday in one of the most annoyingly written press releases of all time, Bongo announced that Kim Kardashian would be their new spokesperson, Oh, not Kim Kardashian the sex tape loving queen.

Nope, "The marketing campaign embraces Kim's natural sexiness but adds a touch of innocence and sweetness to the pin up theme. The ads show Kim striking playful poses on a swing and inside an oversized heart." "Kim is not only gorgeous, sexy and confident, but she is also kind and gracious. In a lovely gesture, Kim handwrote thank you notes to the crew after the photo shoot. We are thrilled to have her join the ranks of past Bongo spokeswomen such as Vanessa Minnillo, Nicole Richie and Rachel Bilson."

If I were Rachel Bilson I would have my lawyer write a letter to Bongo and tell them to stop using my name in the same sentence with the other group. Also, I'm not exactly sure that signing an autograph with your phone number and prices is exactly a the handwritten thank you note we are all imagining with that statement. I bet you would also be shocked to know that Kim is now a television star. Oh yes. According to Bongo anyway. Kim is a huge star like she is well on her way to A list. They of course probably said the same about Vanessa and Nicole also.

In the one quote attributed to Kim but most certainly not is this: "This is a fun, young, fresh campaign and I am honored to be a part of it. What I am excited about is how Bongo jeans fit. They hug my curves in all the right places!"

What I'm sure she is honored about is the fact that someone was willing to pay her money to model clothes and she didn't have to sleep with them first.

Conspiracy At American Idol?

Now you know I don't watch the show anymore, and usually don't even care about anyone on it, but I just had to talk a little about this latest little issue. Lyndsey Parker over at Yahoo Music wrote a really great piece last night about one of the Top 24 named Carly Smithson. It really is good and I promise worth your time reading even if you can't stand American Idol.

The premise of Lyndsey's article is that Carly Smithson nee Carly Hennessey is a former teen pop star who despite the backing of MCA and the expenditure of several million dollars could not sell any records and should not be allowed to compete against inexperienced singers.

Lyndsey goes into a great deal of depth about her indignation at this injustice, but what she glosses over is this. Carly Hennessey was supposed to be the next big thing. She was big in Ireland when she and her family decided to come to the US to get a recording contract here in LA. Upon hearing her demo tape, the label boss at MCA signed her on the spot. This was back in 2001. It is inconceivable to me that the people over at 19 Management didn't know exactly who Carly was when she auditioned. Carly was the subject of newspaper articles all over the world at the time her album failed. There was so much money spent on it for so little return that she became the lesson on marketing and how not to market new acts.

I want to be clear that there is no way, despite what everyone thinks that American Idol can be rigged in favor of the show up to a point. What they can do though is to load the show with as many ringers as possible so they don't end up with a Taylor Hicks again.

Instead of spending the money to try and release a new album by Carly Hennessey the Irish failure. They instead remake her into Carly Smithson, put her on American Idol and let the show do the publicity for them and the marketing. Even if she gets voted off tomorrow, she has been given more publicity than she would have ever otherwise received without a huge expenditure of money. The longer she stays, the better for 19 and Jive.

Make no mistake though. They know who she is, who she was, and will sign her to a record deal when the show is over. They can't control if she wins or not, but they sure as hell can control the way that you the viewing public sees her, and the way to make sure each and every person out there remembers who she is so there will be no more multi-million dollar failures when her new album comes out.

Below is a video off the bomb of the record. The video cost $250,000 to make which in 2001 was much more expensive than most videos.

I Just Assumed

Well you know what they say about assuming. I didn't run a full post about Gary Coleman and his new wife, but rather just made some comment that having a wife would finally allow him to get some after a 40 year dry spell. Well, I was wrong. Seems that the woman Gary married has managed to avoid her tiny husband for the few days of their marriage. I guess she told Gary she wasn't the kind of girl to have sex before marriage, so Gary being a horny 40 year old married her. Hell there probably wasn't even a pre-nup. I mean he makes his money by advertising check cashing places, so to him this was a no brainer. The only problem is that his wife also doesn't seem to be the type who has sex after marriage. At least with Gary. Oh, I'm sure if you run into her she will have sex with you no problem, but for some reason she still hasn't found the courage to be loved on by Gary.

In an interview with ET, he alluded to the fact that it might be an issue of his own making, but somehow I doubt that. The former child actor said: "It's my business, it's my issue and I really don't think it's a problem.

"I don't choose to be one (virgin), I just am. I have love in my heart, I have the desire; I just don't know what it is.

"It'll happen when it'll happen, and it'll happen for all the right reasons."

Well Gary I have to tell you that you need to do it soon. Your wife Shannon Price is about as good as you are going to get groupie wise at this stage of your career. After Shannon it is a quick slide down to Michael Jackson's ex or doing Todd Bridges in the back of a car.

Ted C Blind Item

Death-Mint Myrtle is the successful star of small and big screen. But it’s her addicting show, At Home with Hate, that—even though some jealous bitches say is past its prime, à la DMM—it’s really put Deathy back on the glossier maps. Hate is still a ratings force to be reckoned with on prime time, no BS. Now, Death-Mint might be enjoying the spotlight, but she’s still got a slew of secrets up her size-zero sleeves that are slowly slipping out. This actress’ apparently hideous eating habits are getting to be such a prob, not only for her feeble frame but for her fellow coworkers on the hit show.

See, the crew is quite inconvenienced whenever DMM has a scene, since it takes an extralong time to stage the camera angles just so—so that Ms. Myrtle’s obvious dubious health isn’t so noticeable to the naive TV viewer at home. “We have to make it look like she actually has a chest, sometimes,” bitched one totally in the know Hate worker-bee, and he wasn’t talkin’ boobs, honey-pies.

Howev, Myrtle might be battling an unfortunate mastication sitch, along with some unfair double standards. Despite her skinny skeleton, our girl’s handling the aging process quite well—offscreen. But in TV land, normal lifelines don’t fly. Wrinkles and creases in Myrtle’s forehead, due to her wilting frame, are blurred out in postprod of the show, since makeup sure can’t cover every little unwanted bit. The question to ponder is why the show’s producers are even trying so hard, when DMM is always being upstaged by her cuter costars.

Oh, of course, guess they like the tension on camera. What a doofus question. Forget we asked.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Today's Blind Items

#1 Out of the spotlight and out of the country, this B list or maybe C list film and television actress has been back to her old ways. Full of remorse here doesn't necessarily apply overseas as our actress proved by drinking until puking and doing more pot smoking than an entire audience at a Cypress Hill concert. She has been enjoying her freedom so much, she is planning on staying overseas permanently. Yay!

#2 This married, aging C list comedy actor with the B+/A- name recognition has been doing some press for his new film. Maybe his wife should have come along to keep him from running up his credit cards in a sex fueled hooker orgy that he plays out every night on the road.

Random Photos Part One

How about Eduardo Verastegui to start things off? A little Latin spice for your Valentine's Day.
It is always nice to see Kelly Lynch. If I could just get the image of her and Jim Belushi out of my mind that would be nice.
Another 80's fantasy. Justine Bateman.
Now we know what happened to the pink wig that Jamie Spears threw away.
Curly from the Harlem Globetrotters must be about 100. He was on the Gilligan's Island episode and Scooby Doo like thirty years ago.
If one Latin heartthrob was not enough for you, maybe you would like to add just a little touch of Esai Morales.
It is be nice to Mandy Moore month but she is making it very difficult.
Mel Gibson doing his courtroom walk. Not really a perp walk but close enough. Keep expecting him to pull out a gun and blow people away when I look at this photo.
If there is free booze and Maria Conchita Alonso gets an invite she will be there.
Lindsay Lohan must think they are going to make a Fly remake.
Keith Urban - New York City
Ryan Reynolds for the 85th day in a row.
Rick Mercer. Hey, he's Canadian so give him a shot.
I don't really like looking at Rose McGowan, but when she tries to pull off the "innocent" look it just doesn't work.
Nelly Furtado pregnant? Do we even care?
Remember Nelly. It is just a cake.


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