Saturday, April 20, 2013

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Caught

A tarp flapping in the wind is what finally brought the capture of Boston Marathon suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who was arrested by police last night. A Watertwon resident noticed that the tarp to his boat was flapping in the wind. He sent his stepson out to investigate who said he saw blood on the tarp. He looked inside the boat and there was blood everywhere and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who had eluded police most of the day after running over his brother earlier that morning. His brother is dead and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, is listed in serious condition.

I Love You Boston By Amy Poehler

Blind Item #2

This A list comedic actor who has had a run of good luck in the past two years has really started to get his drink back on. I have talked about him before and his drinking issues, but this might be the ultimate. At a party after a premiere, our actor got so drunk that he peed himself while talking to a group of people. He suddenly stopped talking and looked down and everyone else's eyes followed and there was no doubt what he was doing. He then went and found a table to fall asleep under.

Blind Items Revealed

June 24, 2012

This former B- list "singer" had a reality show for awhile. She has not done squat since then. Famous family. Her boyfriend keeps trying to dump her because she is so annoying. She calls and texts him literally 24 hours a day. The problem is he loves the sex and after two or three days gives in and calls her or texts her back then spends the next two weeks wishing he hadn't.

Ashlee Simpson

Blind Items Revealed

June 20, 2012

This controversial singer was thisclose to A list two years ago because of a couple of big hits and talked about awards show appearance. Now? Being controversial used to be cute, but now it turns people off. She is also not a fun person to work for or be with or hang out with and if you do, you do so at your own peril. Two people who worked under her attempted suicide. She dumped her baby (who she never sees) daddy via twitter so she could date someone else.

She accused a former employee of leaking tracks. He didn't and someone was discovered later to have done it. Prior to the discovery of the other person though, the singer blacklisted the man, told everyone to stay away from him and that she would not work with anyone who worked with him. She also had him followed everyday to see if he was responsible. She had him harassed to the point where he got hooked on drugs and has never been the same since. She never apologized when they discovered the real person who had leaked the tracks.


Blind Items Revealed

July 27, 2012

#3 - This A list tween singer who is moving nicely to the top 40 as she becomes an adult recently decided to surprise her celebrity boyfriend backstage at a show. The singer had finished early with her commitments and when she walked into his dressing room, her boyfriend was not there, but a girl wearing nothing but a pair of panties was. The singer stormed out, but as she always does, forgave her boyfriend.

Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez

Blind Items Revealed

July 26, 2012

Dear A list Celebrity/Reality Host/Model

I always thought you were the real deal. You seemed like the rare grounded celebrity and more importantly a good mother. You parade yourself on TV and flaunt your perfect body on billboards and always seem to look amazing. It makes everyone feel inadequate. New mothers always tell me they are jealous of how you were able to bounce back after your pregnancy/pregnancies. One moment you were heavily pregnant and the next moment you were sporting abs that would make The Situation jealous. It was like magic. After reading that you attributed your dramatic post-pregnancy weight loss and rubber band form to healthy eating and exercise, most women I spoke to thought there must be wrong with them that they could also not lose weight as quickly as you seemed to.

So, when I was visiting a friend who works at a plastic surgeon’s office, imagine my surprise when I saw you there surrounded by a wall of bodyguards. I couldn’t believe my eyes and I guess you were hoping I wouldn’t. Why lie and make the rest of us feel like crap for not being able to lose weight through diet and exercise?! In your profession who would judge you? I’ll tell you why. Apparently your visits are a more extensive project than just a nip here and tuck there. After chatting with the friend, I found out that in addition to the tummy tucks and the lipo, that you also preferred to have your deliveries scheduled several weeks early so that you would gain as little weight as possible.

Heidi Klum

Blind Items Revealed

July 17, 2012

This actress, who has been in this space before for some of her boorish behavior was at it again at the Dark Knight premiere. She is B-/C+ list and isn't even in the movie. She is barely part of the hit show on the almost network she shows up on sometimes. After she posed for photos on the red carpet without ever really smiling, the actress discovered where she was supposed to sit during the movie. She went into a don't you know who I am mode and said there was no way she was going to sit with regular people. She is an actress. Not someone who works a job. She would not stop causing a scene until she was moved into something she regarded as more her class. This is normal behavior for her, but there is one movie she was in before she got all high and mighty and I wish she had stayed the same. really liked that movie too.

Michelle Trachtenberg

Blind Item #1

This A list director recently hired an old foe because he wanted to accomplish something he had not done previously. Sleep with her. He really thinks he can this time.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Boston Lockdown - The Tsarnaev Brothers

Last night, police shot and killed Tamerlan Tsarnaev, a 26 year old Chechen who moved to Boston with his family. Tamerlan, along with his brother are believed to be the Boston Marathon bombers. For some reason, the pair robbed a 7-11 last night and then ended up car jacking a car and shot and killed one police officer while wounding another. 19 year old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (above) is still on the run from police and Boston is on lockdown while they search for him.

Random Photos Part Three

Amanda Bynes emerges. I know the camera is a way off, but does she look better than normal here?

Britney Spears heads off to Starbucks.
I think Emily Blunt is trying to be sexy with that dress, but it just kind of looks trashy. Colin Firth looks good though. You think he gets trashy?
Eva Mendes on the way to pick up lunch from a pork place. Have to love that.
Emma Roberts at a movie premiere. Well, about to walk into one.
Halle Berry back in LA after her South American journey.
Isla Fisher looks like she is getting ready to sing a song. I wonder what her go to karaoke song is.
Jennifer Garner juggles coffee and keys and food.
Josh Hartnett and Tasmin Egerton in Poland.

Random Photos Part Two

Kelsey Grammer goes to lunch with his wife and some friends.

Apparently even Tiffany needs to have a party. Kate Hudson was there.
Jessica Biel and
Michelle Williams showed up too.
The Goopster even showed up.
Katy Perry sings of her love for cell phones and even wears a commemorative dress.
Katherine Webb had her shot on reality television. Now she is going back to Alabama. Is her 15 minutes up?
Lindsay Lohan heads to New York.
Pink and her daughter in Amsterdam.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Robert Downey Jr and Susan Downey in London.

Long time no see in the photos for Riley Keough.
I believe Rumer Willis is going to go for it. The hand, moving ever so slowly towards its intended target.
The butt of her boyfriend.
Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy can't stop laughing.
Victoria Beckham gained a pound from blowing out the candle and inhaling the smoke.
Meanwhile, the Beckham kids practice soccer while their
dad also practices.
Vincent Cassel at the beach.

Cat Meets Vacuum Cleaner

Blind Item #6

I feel like today should be celebrity offspring day. I'm not sure how they all ended up in one day. Anyway, this offspring of C list celebrities with a much more famous last name than their list status would indicate has been married to at the time an A list mostly television actress. He ran out of money after their divorce and had been supporting himself primarily as a gay escort. After a decade or so of doing it though, he is hoping that the daughter of a multi-millionaire will be a ticket out of it and that she does not find out about his past or some of the STD's he carries.

This Is Amazing

People probably bought this video back in the day.

Blind Item #5

This A list mostly movie actress mom has not spoken to any of her kids in almost six months. She is wrapped up too much in her own world of staying high as much as possible and her kids are the furthest thing from her mind.

Kris Humphries & Kim Kardashian Are Divorced

And just like that, the marriage of Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian is over. A judge today finalized the divorce. There is no trial. Just like their marriage there was a lot more hype than substance to today. No one gets anything and each of them just walks away from this very much poorer as they are each responsible for their own attorneys fees. No annulment. Just a normal divorce.

Four For Friday - She Doesn't Talk About It

It is Friday. This has been a very long week. Constant news coverage of events just saps energy like nothing else because you are constantly wondering what is going on and discussing it and work gets pushed to the side so then you have to catch up and it has been an exhausting week. last week I mentioned a forum/message board that has been set up by some readers. That site is It turns out there is another site that has been set up by readers to discuss in more length, topics that have been brought up on the site and it is However they are in the process of moving to a new site but give instructions on how to follow them, so hurry over there before it is too late. I will be blogging all weekend and will have some reveals from the archives tomorrow. For the past few weeks there have been some on Sundays and I see no reason why that won't continue. This week I have not been up to tweeting very much because of all the sad news. Felt wrong to clog up a timeline with gossip and jokes when there was so much tragedy, but hopefully next week will be better and if you would like to follow me, I am @entylawyer

This actress is A list. I would say until a few years ago she was A+ list. Mostly movies. Now, as she gets a little older, she might even be close to dropping down to the B's. It is not that she won't always be the top lead in whatever movie she stars in, because she will be. She is not a big fan of being a supporting actress, but maybe that is something she needs to look into. Our actress has kind of faded from the spotlight that she was basked in for years. Although she has been around a long time, her experience does not really reflect her age. She is not a big fan of discussing her personal life so she has been very good about hiding her growing substance abuse issues. Normally this would be quick blind perhaps, but with this actress any abuse is scary. First it was a glass of wine and then a bottle. Just once a week she said. Soon it was just once a week that she was not getting drunk. People who came into contact with her were shocked she was drinking and watching her get drunk before their eyes. They always thought she had stopped. Nope. Wine became pot because she told people that pot was not a real drug and it was about the same as wine, but with less calories. Of course since she usually ingested hers in brownies, I'm not sure about the calorie thing. This was not an overnight process. This was a years long process. Well, one day she was with some friends and buzzed on wine and pot and she did something she vowed she would never do and that was a line of coke. One became two which became staying up for three days straight doing coke like she never had before. She thought she could handle it. She couldn't. There was a very very silent trip to rehab and for 30 days she was gone. Since then, she has been less about work and more about life and as much as she would be celebrated for becoming sober again, she just won't talk about it.

Your Turn

Tanning mom is trying to make money by doing porn. She says that she will be great and that people will love her. Would you ever watch a porn starring Tanning mom?

Blind Item #4

This A list female mostly movie actress says she is best friends with her fairly new husband. This is probably true considering that they don't do much else since he has a boyfriend. She loves how he keeps the boyfriend quiet and she gets to be out of the dating pool which she hated.

Snoop Dogg's Son Wants You To Know He Loves Pot

Snoop Dogg's son Corde has decided to share with the world just how much he loves smoking pot. A lot. For the past two days he has posted lots of photos of himself smoking pot and expressed his love for pot saying there would be no love without bud. Previously there had been a photo of Corde lighting a bong for his dad. I wonder if he had not been exposed to so much pot in his youth if he would be as crazy for it now. It is pretty tough for a parent to talk about any kind of drugs or say they are wrong if they are out there encouraging the use of something.

FOX News Philadelphia Make Fun Of Just How Dumb Ryan Lochte Is

It is a good thing Ryan Lochte looks good without his shirt on, because there is not much else going on with him.

Blind Item #3

This female A list Academy Award winner/nominee is said to have had an intense discussion with her manager and agent about coming out during the press rounds she is going to make for her latest movie.

Nikki Blonsky Thinks Amanda Bynes Is Normal Amanda Self

Nikki Blonsky does something you and I don't do. She talks to Amanda Bynes almost everyday. She also spoke to Life & Style and says that Amanda is the same person she met while doing Hairspray and that Amanda has not had a breakdown, but rather a breakthrough and that she is not concerned with Amanda's behavior at all. I appreciate Nikki being a great friend and all and Nikki has proven her loyalty to other people before, but if she is the same person and nothing is wrong with her, then why are her parents freaked out? So, when they were filming Hairspray, Amanda would just randomly take off all her clothes and offer up her lady parts to be murdered? Multiple cheek piercings? Chain smoking pot? She really covered it well back then if this is the case. Hopefully Nikki is really doing something about her friend and trying to help.

Blind Item #2

There is a cell phone video that more and more people are starting to see. From what I have seen, it is tough to make out whether it is this reality star/actress offspring of this former A list singer. The reality star/actress is being called by name and it looks like her, but she is turned to the side as someone helps her inject heroin into her arm for the first time.

Weird Science Is Getting A Remake

I have mixed feelings about the announcement that the same person who wrote the 21 Jump Street movie is now writing a remake of Weird Science. Remaking a John Hughes movie? From that time period? You want to remake Curly Sue go right ahead, but Weird Science? I have very warm spot in my heart from any movie in that time period. Sure, Weird Science is a little strange, but it has everyone in it (Robert Downey Jr., Bill Paxton, and Michael Berryman) and a great performance by Anthony Michael Hall with some help from Kelly LeBrock. This is a woman who voluntarily married Steven Seagal. I know, I know. Hughes' version was PG-13. The remake would be R, but part of the fun of the PG-13 version is that it felt like an R without having to go that far.

Blind Item #1

This former A+ list baseball player who is still an A+ in fan's minds in this baseball mecca recently paid off the 25th woman in the past fifteen years who claimed they got genital herpes from the player. There are two B-/C+ mostly movie actresses with A list name recognition in the list who got herpes, but only one was paid off.

Edward Norton Got Secretly Married

Sometime last year, Edward Norton and Shauna Robertson got married. Huh. Apparently it was a low key affair. I wonder if Courtney Love was invited. Do you remember when she was dating Edward Norton? It was the one time in the past fifteen years that she seemed to actually become someone who cared about her appearance or what she said. She changed her clothes, not just actually changing them, but also her style. With Courtney, you don't always get the changing of the clothes, so we should be grateful for small favors. She does know her way around a gun. I digress though. Anyway, Edward has been dating Shauna since 2011 and they welcomed their first child together last month. So, since they were announcing the birth, ten you might as well announce the marriage too.

Kristin Chenoweth Weighs 88 Pounds - Thinks She Is Fat

The photo above I posted earlier this week. It shows Kristin Chenoweth in a bikini in Mexico. The 44 year old actress weighs 88 pounds. I have eaten meals that are bigger than that. Despite weighing just 88 pounds, Kristin thinks she is fat. Yep. She says that she is fat because she can't stop eating junk food and that she sees things that I guess no one else sees. What bothers me is that she actually Tweets to the world that she is fat. It makes me wonder then if other people look at it with body issues and think they are fat too even when they are not because an 88 pound Kristin Chenoweth thinks she has a muffin top. Her word, not mine.

Kneepads Calls Off Miley Cyrus Wedding To Liam Hemsworth

All of those rumors about Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth calling off their wedding can now be confirmed. I know, I know, you were looking forward to a reception featuring six different hot boxes while Snoop Lion nee Dogg serenaded the young couple. You know it is over when People takes the time to tell you it is over. The statement says it is just postponed while the couple decide about their relationship. Pretty much what has been heard for the past several weeks, but publicists like to feel like they earn their money and the best way for them to do that is to feed a story to People and spin it in a way that makes them feel like they have earned their paycheck even though no one believes a word of it.

The publicist says the couple is still engaged and still living together. Uh huh. So they just don't like to hang out anymore because they are never together.

In Other News, Selena Gomez Flies To Norway To See Justin Bieber

Apparently the way into Selena Gomez's heart is to wear no shirt and the ugliest diaper pants that you can find. If you do that, she will apparently follow you to the ends of the earth. Well, not really the ends. I happen to love Norway. It is just a really long way from Los Angeles, so it is kind of surprising that this is the place that Selena chose to meet Justin. It would have been nice of Justin to let Selena fly private, but maybe Lil Twist was using it. I'm pretty sure all that Lil Twist does everyday is figure out what he can use and then break of Justin's.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Random Photos Part Three

Two Doctors return for the anniversary episode of Dr. Who. It is going to be interesting to see how they write this.

Brandon Routh looks depressed because he has a tough time finding any work now, but had a gorgeous child. So smile.
Britney Spears at the Dodgers game with her sons.
Charlize Theron practices her backhand any chance she gets.
Diane Kruger with the most casual look I have ever seen on her body.
Anne Hathaway is late for her sailing class. Gilligan's Island reunion show?
Well, if there is one person who would like to see Jon Hamm's Hammbone, I'm guessing it is Elmo. Well, the voice of Elmo. Former voice of Elmo.
Jennifer Lopez walking the tough streets of Beverly Hills.
John Travolta with Kelly Preston looking like a Meg Ryan movie retrospective.

Random Photos Part Two

For once, it is not a photo of Katherine Heigl and her mom having lunch, but she was over at her mom's house.

Kate Hudson in NYC.
Kim Kardashian continues to dress like she does not want to believe she is really pregnant.
Katy Perry after a workout.
Kristen Stewart keeps it classy while
dumping her trash in her truck and then driving off.
No Friends reunion but Lisa Kudrow is still busy working, this time with
Zac Efron.
Miranda Kerr goes for the modest look in Australia.


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