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A To D List - The Hierarchy

This is part one of a continuing series this weekend that will set to define A-D list and the people in the public eye and how they should be defined. Before getting to specific individuals this is a general overview on lists.

Trying to define A to D list is hard, but not impossible. The big problem is that careers are always in flux and things that hold true when a blind is written or a description of an actor might not be the case when it is read years later. Back in 2008 I wrote Kirsten Dunst was an A lister. Is she now? Nope. I think since the site started there have been changes in television with the advent of sites like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon  producing original content. Should those be given less weight because they are not on network television?

There has also been an increase in reality shows to the point where I consider them a genre unto their own. If I call someone an A list reality star it does not mean they are an A lister in the true sense of the word. There is a hierarchy and what I wrote back in 2008 about the true A listers is still what I believe today.

“In my mind, A list is someone who can open a mainstream film all by themselves. When I say mainstream, I mean a film that opens in the 1000+ screen category. I think that is the one true measurement of whether someone is A list or not. The question should be, am I interested in going to see this movie because so and so is in it and I don't care what the movie is about.”


There is already a flaw within this list though. You can be Jay-Z, who is an A+ list celebrity and should not be at the bottom of the list. You could refer to him as a musician and because that is a talent should be moved higher in the list and leave celebrities to someone like Paris Hilton or Courtney Stodden.

Where would you place Jay-Z though? Movies are highest on the list because they generally get paid the most. Brad Pitt makes more per movie than Ashton Kutcher gets for an entire season on Two And A Half Men. It’s close, but Brad wins. Plus, the Academy Awards are watched by people all over the world and Emmy Awards, not so much. A popular television show in the US might not be popular in the rest of the world but a movie generally has more appeal worldwide.

Taylor Swift made more money than all but a handful of entertainment people last year. She is known worldwide and has a skill other than just being famous. You might not like her or her music, but that is not the point when defining the list. There are lots of people I dislike, but you have to recognize where they rank in things.

What I want to do is to create a new category called Entertainer. This would cover people in the musical fields some stand up comedians and even DJ’s like Tiesto and athletes. They are all entertainers. In the hierarchy I would still place them beneath movies but above network television. The actors on television shows who make as much as the highest paid entertainers are few and far between.

That would mean that the designation of celebrity would be reserved for those who are not a participant in any of the other categories. Kevin Federline is a great example. With the exception of a couple of visits to reality shows he is someone who is famous because he is famous. He married Britney Spears and has been famous since. Other than producing babies at a prolific rate he has no other skill so makes the perfect “celebrity.” So, you ask, how would you classify Paris Hilton? She has been an entertainer. She has been in movies. She has been on reality shows.

I would describe her as a former A list reality star who appeared on multiple reality shows and is currently a B list celebrity we all love to hate. I would skip the singing part because I like to forget about it and the more narrow you make a description, the easier the blind is to figure out. There has to be some guessing.

So, the new hierarchy looks like this:


Now that the hierarchy has been established I want to take a brief look at each of the categories and break them down further.

General Release
Limited Release/Art House
Straight to On Demand



Free Cable (A&E/TLC/AMC/HIST)


Network Reality
Cable Reality
Online Reality


Blind Item #9

This former A list stylist turned designer and sometime reality television star is broke.She needs a television show or a high paying client quickly because that second mortgage on her home needs to be paid soon or the bank will be foreclosing.

Blind Item #8

This married B- list mostly movie actress who was in that franchise that spawned so many B and C list actors is waiting to get the most publicity to announce her divorce. She wants a magazine cover. Meanwhile she might have her hand forced because her husband has been spotted with someone he has been "mentoring." That is the new buzz word in town for casting couch.

Blind Items Revealed

September 14, 2013

This mostly television actor/reality guy now was in some of the biggest movies of all-time and also one of the biggest television shows of all-time. Apparently he is now known for going through the brothels of the mostly poor countries he is visiting and demanding he get free sex because of who he is. If he is not satisfied with the performance of one he keeps getting more and more until he finds one he likes and then takes her with him for a few days, also for free.

Dominic Monaghan

Blind Item #7

This Victoria's Secret model with the alliteration for a name and a significant other set what I think is the personal record for most money paid for companionship. She recently spent a week in the Caribbean with a billionaire who paid her $5M for the week. Almost $1M a day. Apparently she wasn't shy about doing her best in earning that money at least according to one of the crew on the yacht they were staying.

Blind Items Almost Revealed

September 9, 2013

This openly gay female talk show host caused a scene at a hotel two weeks ago when she refused to pay money to an escort who had shown up at the hotel room of our talk show host who did not find the woman she had hired attractive enough. The escort demanded to be paid and started yelling and the talk show host started yelling and wouldn't back down and called security.

Not Ellen; Is a national television talk show host.

Blind Item #6

Which B-list movie and TV actor whose almost network show ended recently talked his female PR person to pose as his date for the day to fool the paparazzi. He's not really dating anybody now, just been having some random male hookups in WeHo. He may come out this year because he has sworn off any women since his last female relationship ended in a drug fueled mess.

Blind Items Revealed

September 7, 2013

This foreign born B- list mostly television actress now who found her greatest fame on a very very hit television show before heading back to movies is now on a hit cable show. She also can't leave the bottle alone for the length of a fashion show and went through an entire pint of booze in under 20 minutes. She had the pint in her bag and kept reaching in and sipping and repeated the process for the show. As it ended she finished off the last swallow.

Emily Mortimer

Blind Item #5

Of all the annals of showbiz stage moms, this one may be the worst (yes, it even outdoes anything Dina Lohan or the mom i don't like to name concocted). This mom of an almost A-list singer and TV star who has one of the most rabid tween fanbases of any singer actually encouraged her daughter to sleep with that skeevy producer to get the part she's been playing for a while.

Blind Items Revealed

September 6, 2013

#5 - Denise Richards and this always and forever A list comic actor who is about 30 years older than her who got his start on a huge network show and now does movies. I can't imagine that it was very good for either of them.

Bill Murray

Blind Item #4

This A list band made a recent surprise appearance. The supposedly sober singer of the band was anything but. Hopefully they are not planning on touring soon because he won't live through it.

Blind Items Revealed

September 6, 2013

#1 - Bruce Willis and this B- list split between television and movies actress while on the set of Charlie's Angels. Demi Moore was shooting while Bruce and this other woman hooked up.

Lucy Liu

Blind Item #3

This B list mostly television actress (#1) is a really good actress. She is also married. She is also known as an actress who will do anything for publicity including befriending a B- list (#2) mostly movie actress who is going through a huge event in her life right now. Our publicity hungry actress is working overtime on wooing #2 and wants to be known as her first public lover.

Blind Item #2

Things are so bad with this former B list mostly television actress who used to be on a hit cable show that she is missing time from a job she finally landed to fly around the country to guys who will pay her thousands of dollars for sex. Yeah, because meth smoking actresses who only stop long enough to pop pills are worth it. Apparently to some guys they are.

Blind Item #1

This married A+ list mostly movie actor who will drop quickly if he keeps making movies just for paychecks with questionable actors was sitting in the bar at the Beverly Wilshire and got so drunk that he had to stagger over to one of the chairs in the bar. It didn't stop him from making out with two different women he kept buying drinks for who both tried to sit on his lap in the small chair.

Chris Brown Is Back In Jail

Chris Brown has been thrown out of his second rehab facility where he is dealing with anger management issues. Apparently he has not dealt with those issues very well because he was kicked out of the first one for throwing a rock at his mom's car window and this one for getting into a physical altercation with someone inside. The judge in Chris' case said that if Chris left rehab or got kicked out he would go directly to jail. Staffers at the facility called the judge and police were sent to pick up Chris who can now look forward to some quality jail time. I bet he doesn't try and get into any physical altercations with people inside jail. He is more of a beat those who are way smaller kind of person. Apparently Chris did have sex with one of the workers at the facility. She obviously finds women beaters attractive.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Random Photos Part Five

Bradley Cooper looks a little too big for this bike.

Britney Spears on her way into the airport. I really don't know why she doesn't fly private.
Jaime King and Christina Hendricks at a party and both looking great.
Denise Richards takes her daughters horse riding.
Val and Danica McKellar seem to be getting along very well at DWTS.
Girls party. Alison Williams got stuck with the pirate pants.
Hilary Duff seems to be out shopping every day lately.
Ireland Baldwin picked up some guy who looks like he enjoys a mirror and hearing about himself. Oh, and talking about himself too.
Isla Fisher is pregnant for a movie.

Random Photos Part Four

A very reluctant Jamie Alexander poses for a photo.

When did Jon Bon Jovi get old?
Josh Duhamel out getting groceries.
Jennifer Garner and Judy Greer. Two of my favorites.
Jared Leto in Ukraine.
Kristen Bell was talking about Veronica Mars last night.

Kate Upton is now a DJ. Apparently anyone can do it Paris.
Lily Allen heads to the races with her husband.

Random Photos Part Three - Captain America Premiere

Scarlett Johansson and her baby bump.

Chris Evans brought his mom.
Cobie Smulders.
Emily Van Camp
Clare Grant and Seth Green
Jeremy Renner
Kelli Burgland
Chloe Bennett

Random Photos Part Two

Lea Michele was filming Glee in NYC yesterday with

Darren Criss.
Mila Kunis. I hope she isn't pregnant.
More Mickey Rourke and another tattoo.
Noah premiered in Germany and Emma Watson was there.
Jennifer Connelly looked amazing.
Aaron Paul is in NYC. His movie is going to open strong.
Ashanti thinks about celebrity boxing.
Sandra Bullock after dinner with a director.

Random Photos Part One

Five parts today.

Sheryl Crow performed at the Million Women March in Washington DC yesterday. It looks like it was cold.

A very rare photo of Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr.
Toni Braxton cuddling up to Babyface.
Uma Thurman at the premiere of Nymphomaniac.
Emmy Rossum was there. Throw down a red carpet and Emmy Rossum will be there five minutes later.
Gillian Anderson is back in New York and was there.
Same with Christian Slater.
Vanessa Hudgens out shopping.
Zoe Kravitz picked out an interesting look for her BET appearance.

Blind Item #9

This B list mostly television actress from a very hit cable show hasn't been seen with her boyfriend in a bit. He has been recovering from the glass she threw at his head which gave him a nasty gash and required stitches. He still loves her though.

Walking Contest

Blind Item #8

This B list half of a B+ list group has A list name recognition. He also has a big problem after he got his peen pierced. A serious infection that is keeping him from having any kind of sex and has been that way for well over six months. Apparently it is worse than any photo you could Google about penile infections.

Off Topic

Turkey is for Thanksgiving and sometimes sandwiches. It is not for grinding up or making bacon.

Blind Items Revealed

September 6, 2013

This former almost A list mostly movie actor thanks to a huge franchise is now a B- list take anything he can get guy. At a party earlier this week the actor was wasted as usual and fell down a flight of about 25 steps and severely damaging his arm. The thing is, he can't get out of his current gig and didn't want to explain what happened because it's in his contract he can't get drunk so he is wearing a sling unless he is actually on the job so his employers don't find out.

Daniel Radcliffe

Four For Friday - Traditional

I love Fridays. It is the best day of the week. It is the best night of the week to go out. If you go out on Saturday then Sunday can be a recovery day and the next thing you know you are back at work. If you rest all day Saturday you still have Sunday to enjoy. Anyway, I know I owe you all the updated list with all the names and it will be coming tomorrow. There were just too many names for me to finish it by today. If you can't make it here tomorrow, then don't worry because there will be a link somewhere on the sides of the site for you to easily access it. I hope you all had a great week and I know I don't tell you enough, but I do appreciate all of you. If you would like to follow me on Twitter I am @entylawyer

#1 - Two weeks later and not a peep about this A list mostly movie actress being in rehab. I wonder if she will make it the whole 30 days without anyone noticing.

#2 - This C list mostly television actress on a long running hit network show is in a position to move to B and then A in a matter of months. She is petrified that someone is going to discover she is gay. Literally shakes about it.

#3- This B- list mostly television actress from a hit network ensemble show took two days off from filming last week to have a procedure. Yep, the one you think I'm saying. The producer who got her pregnant said his wife would never understand.

#4- AP saw coke mom at a party last week and coke mom was back to her old coke snorting tricks. Did you know she doesn't have custody of her kid(s). That is a good thing.

Your Turn

Items from Paul Walker crash site are headed to auction. Would you buy something from it? What if it was 50 years from now?

Blind Items Revealed

September 4, 2013

This newlywed couple is already on the rocks. Two main reasons are that the A list (it pains me to say that)  celebrity/singer husband has discovered his A list (it pains me to say that) celebrity/singer wife is a pain in the butt and has been spending all of his money and saving hers and she caught him texting and having phone sex with at least two of his exes. It's interesting to me that her friend who I got this from freely admits the wife is a big pain and is not just trashing the husband.

Avril Lavigne/Chad Kroeger

Blind Items Revealed

September 3, 2013

This A list reality star from a hit reality show has a long history of drug and alcohol abuse and has not stopped. She's just a little more discreet than she used to be and stays in the shadows while others take the fall.

Khloe Kardashian

Blind Items Revealed

April 3, 2013

This C list celebrity offspring was asked the other day about three scars on her body. She says they are burn marks from when her A list celebrity mother burned her with a crack pipe.

Bobbi Kristina

Blind Item #7 - Old Hollywood Blind

This former child star, who was then teetering towards B-list with A-list name recognition after several years of being A+++ list, had to deal with one of Hollywood's most powerful producers, after he invited her to his studio office to discuss the movie that would prove to be a sort-of comeback. He then exposed himself to her and she ran out of the room crying. Fortunately, another actress who was to appear in the same film was waiting in the next room for her daily session with the producer whom she would later marry.

Blind Item #6- Old Hollywood Blind

On the set of one of her better known movies, this then A-list funny lady invited her male costar, an Oscar winning character actor, to her dressing room to put the rumors to rest that she was really a man. Right as she shut the door, off came her top and out came her breasts.

Blind Item #5

Apparently this guy is a serial cheater because he is willing to give up some serious money by cheating on his wife. This guy used to be an A list celebrity/reality star who was married to a very lovely woman. That was the second or third marriage. Busted for cheating with his wives and girlfriends he supposedly has cleaned up his act. He is just being more sneaky about it because of the huge wallet that is available to him now which he uses against the person who is giving him the wallet.

Blind Item #4

This B list actor who is almost as well known for his B list mostly movie actress wife than his stellar acting was in a movie theatre the other night alone. As soon as the lights went down a woman, who is not his wife came over to the actor and they whispered and kissed and groped for the entire two hours. When the credits started rolling she got up quickly and our actor stayed until almost all the crowd filed out before he left. I fear for his safety if his wife finds out about this one after she forgave him before. Oh, and before that too.

Lady GaGa Eats Vomit

Apparently Lady GaGa likes to shock people. I know, I know, I never saw that coming. Perhaps she is trying to use a little misdirection to get people to stop talking about her fake charity and start talking about a possible sequel to 2 Girls 1 Cup because that is where GaGa is headed. Last night she played SXSW and during her performance had another woman vomit all over her. Yeah, but wait, there is more. GaGa then swallowed some of the vomit. She then stood up and yelled, "Your turn Miley." Naah, but that would have made it at least somewhat funny and not 100% disturbing. I'm sure she will say it is art. No, it is disgusting and if that is what art is I don't want to be an artist. I don't need to eat what you digested earlier in the day. Of course the whole thing was sponsored by Doritos so maybe they are trying to tell us something.

Kate Gosselin Is Headed Back To TLC

TLC just keeps coming back to the drug that is Kate Gosselin. They had so much success back in the day with her and her brood that they keep hoping for more magic. So far her specials have only produced fizzles and I hope that continues because if anyone actually watches this special in June then there will be a series order. TLC thinks the kids are old enough now that they can be part of the story. Oh sure, Kate will want the cameras on her 24/7 and give the kids a pat on the back if one dares show their face on camera in her presence but Kate is willing to let her kids be on if it means more fame and money for Kate. She knows the kids won't be out doing publicity for the show and she will get the spotlight to herself. She knows she will get the endorsements and commercials and limos and first class plane rides. I think the whole world would rather just have TLC put up a test pattern for an hour, so please don't watch. Please don't give TLC an excuse to put Kate Gosselin on the air every week.

Blind Item #3

This C list mostly movie actress who is only as high as C list because of who she is married to loves the spotlight. She always has. She went from one celebrity to the next until she found an actor who married her. Anyway, they have a child together and nannies. Lots of nannies. When our actress spotted a pap the other day she went over to the nanny who was carrying the baby and yanked the baby out of the nanny's arms and then posed for photos with the baby. When the pap left the baby went right back to the nanny.

Another Reason To Hate Terry Richardson - Thank You Charlotte Waters

One of the big themes I try and focus this site around is the exploitation of people in the industry. It has been going on since Hollywood started and it will probably continue going on because people want to be famous and want to make movies or be on television and people in power to make those decisions take advantage of this and prey on people. It is wrong and I want it to stop and the more it is discussed, the less likely it is to happen. I especially abhor the predators who go after teen actors and actresses because they are afraid of people who are legal. Terry Richardson is no different except that he has an advantage most producers don't and that is his subjects know they are going to have to get undressed when they are photographed by Terry and because of the celebrities that flock to him newbie models work with him thinking they can trust him. Read this (Graphic language and some partial nudity), and then think about all the rumors and stories about Terry and how celebrities who supposedly are all about equality and women's rights continue to work with the guy and praise him. If someone is successful in this industry then their crimes that should get them thrown in jail or shamed beyond redemption never seems to happen. cc: Woody Allen and Roman Polanski. bcc: Charlie Sheen and Chris Brown.

Now that Charlotte has come forward, I wonder if people like Lena Dunham will shoot again with Terry. Will Jared Leto invite him over for photos and drinks like he did the day after the Academy Awards.

Blind Item #2

This former A- list celebrity/singer/offspring who is probably a C lister now despite her A list name recognition is trying to make another one of her comebacks. She was at rehearsal the other day and the oft troubled singer was drunk and couldn't remember any of the words to her songs and refused to use a teleprompter so she basically hummed for an hour.

Blind Item #1

This former celebrity turned B list mostly television actor turned kind of reality star again has been sharing a bed with one of his television (rather than reality) show co-stars. I guess this means his fling with the B+ list celebrity/comedienne is over?

Hal Douglas Has Died

Hal Douglas, a voice-over artist who narrated thousands of movie trailers has died. He was 89.

Michael Lohan and Kate Major Get Into Another Drunken Fight

If you ever wondered if it was possible if Michael Lohan could screw up a kid worse than he screwed up Lindsay Lohan, he is trying to give you the opportunity to see for yourself. Despite Michael and Kate Major having a very young child living at home they continue to fight almost every day and have had the police come out twice in the past month. Last night Kate was getting drunk again as per her custom and she started arguing with Michael. Kate started beating Michael for wearing his mesh shirt around the house again and Michael was scared for his collection so called the police. Kate, not wanting to get arrested and probably thinking they couldn't catch her if she left, got into her car and tried to drive away. She made it as far as a neighbor's bush which stopped the car from going any further and Kate was arrested for DUI. Tell me again why a judge doesn't yank this child out of their home and find someone who is normal to watch the child. Just go into court and show the judge a collection of photos of Lindsay and you win your case. The only problem is I wouldn't want to leave the kid with anyone related to Michael or Kate. Do you think Denise Richards would be willing?

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Random Photos Part Five

Alec Baldwin is still in NYC.

Umm, your guess is as good as mine when it comes to Britney Spears.
Chloe Sevigny out and about and looking for work. Probably. I told you her show wasn't very good. The ads are way better than the result.
Eva Longoria and those bangs are back.
Yeah, even Elisabeth Moss gets a laugh out of them.
Emmy Rossum goes see through.
Emma Watson practices her hand gestures for when she gets engaged.
Ed Westwick after working out.
Kristin Cavallari showing off her baby bump.


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