Saturday, April 27, 2013

Escaped Lion Prank

Blind Items Revealed

September 3, 2012

You know how The Situation is always willing to take out his abs and show them off for women or for $20? Yeah, well this actor who really should be A list by now because of his talent, but has a horrible way of messing things up with everything he does away from the cameras which keeps him at a B- level. Good looking though. Well, our actor has the habit of whipping out his peen for anyone who cares to see. Of course he has to be drunk first which knowing our actor is possible Monday - Friday anytime after 5pm or so and on the weekends, depending on what time he awakens, anytime after about 1pm. If you see him in a club or in a bar and would like to see his peen, just ask and he will be glad to show it. The problem is that his girlfriends do not always enjoy this behavior. Our actor, who is known for his peen and for his drinking has not always been the most faithful of sorts. And when you are pulling out your peen on request, and only by request, things happen. You know, it could slip in here or there, and the next thing you know you have a situation which the girlfriend does not really appreciate. So, then he is forced to take his peen and move on.

Michael Fassbender

Blind Items Revealed

September 3, 2012

This celebrity daughter of a former A list actor and still an A list director was supposed to watch her father speak recently with some other family members. She wanted to, but her boyfriend said he would break up with her if she watched her dad or even recorded it. He thought a much better idea would be to have sex.

Francesca Eastwood

Blind Item #2

This barely B list mostly movie actress from a huge franchise and a huge tv show has fallen off the wagon in a big way. Non-stop drinking has got her back to her old ways which include screaming at people all the time and passing out wherever there happens to be solid ground.

Blind Items Revealed

August 31, 2012

So, this foreign born A list(barely) movie actor is foreign born and also will sleep with anything that has a pulse. He has been seeing a woman(#1) for almost 3 months now which she thinks is a world record. It would be if he was not also sleeping with one of the other women(#2) from the same commercial in which the three of them starred. He has told #1 that they need to keep their relationship secret because he is known for being a ladies man and if women thought he was unavailable then it would be bad for his career. It is so #2 does not find out because he loves having both women think they are the only ones in his life. He says the sex has never been better and if he had known this before he would have always had 2 or 3 women who thought they were the only ones.

Gerard Butler

Blind Items Revealed

August 21, 2012

What B- list always now television actress from a very hit cable show tells her child to call all her dates daddy. If they don't freak out when she says that in front of the man then she goes on a second date with them. Of course she also talks about getting married to them too and has been known to bring out a Brides magazine during a first date, while at dinner.

January Jones

Angus T Jones Won't Be Back But Two And A Half Men Will

There are enough people out there watching Two And A Half Men that CBS renewed the show and agreed to pay John Cryer and Ashton Kutcher about $700K per episode which means they will be pulling in about $20M each for the season. Not bad work if you can get it. Angus T Jones will not be back except as a guest star. He plans on going to college which is great, but I bet he will be kicking himself later for passing on the millions he would have got if he kept his mouth closed about the show last season. It is really tough to walk away from the $300K he was making each episode. Even the show moved to Thursday nights, it has been doing pretty well and no one wants the steady work to disappear so everyone signed on pretty quickly.

Blind Item #1

The bearding just became too much for this celebrity. You would have a tough time guessing her name, but she recently split with her gorgeous B list mostly movie actor "boyfriend," because he has pretty much given up on even pretending they are in a relationship and she didn't want to be dating him when he officially comes out. Considering what he has been doing the past two weeks, it should not be long before he does.

Lindsay Lohan Is Supposed To Go To Rehab This Week

It is just a few days until May 2. That is the day Lindsay is supposed to go to rehab. For 90 days. She could possibly go to court that day and tell the judge she has not made up her mind on a facility and try and buy herself an extra week or two to keep making as much as she can from her sugar daddy, but that would involve a cross country flight and more drama. It has generally been Lindsay free lately because there has been actual real news and much better gossip than the Lindsay variety. Writing about Lindsay is the equivalent to a tabloid putting Jennifer Aniston on a cover and saying she is pregnant. It is what you do when there is nothing else to write about. Like today. If Lindsay stays in there for 90 days and does not try to leave or get in trouble for drinking on the sly, she should walk away mostly clean. I still think if you are taking Adderall you are not really sober, but if that is all she ends up taking after 90 days away, maybe she can make a comeback. 90 days is a long time and perceptions can change. She needs to come out of there humble and willing to do any kind of acting work and share a trailer with other people and be a team player. If she can do that and make small positive steps, she has a chance to move on from sugar daddies and back to acting.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Random Photos Part Three

Well, it is not a full on Friends reunion, but it is something. Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox.

Julie Bowen goes for the fringe look.
A rare appearance for Autumn Reeser in the photos.
Ashley Benson does not like you.
Bryce Dallas Howard looks great.
Long time no see on the red carpet for Mira Sorvino.
Ditto for Adrian Grenier.
Britney Spears on her way to Starbucks.
Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes in Toronto. Someone hired him to be in a movie.
Ireland Baldwin shows up for St. Patrick's Day a little late.
I saw someone reading Jessica Alba's book yesterday. First time I ever saw that happen.

Random Photos Part Two

Jon Hamm spreads his hands in the approximation of the size of his Hammbone.

Now this is a random photo. Sean Penn is in it with Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgewick.
Kate Beckinsale hits up the Funny Girl premiere of the restored version.
Ileana Douglas was also there.
One hour after photos of Kate Middleton in this dress showed up, it was sold out at Topshop around the world.
Kendra Wilkinson seems recovered from her car accident.
Avril Lavigne at a secret show for her husband. I guess people showed up which makes me sad.
Leonardo DiCaprio does his dog out the window impression.
Michael Buble tries out a new look.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Pamela Anderson looking like she has had some recent work done and not great work at that.

Emma Roberts goes to an event dressed as a black and white cookie.
At the same event were the expectant couple of Fergie and Josh Duhamel.
Amber Heard looking amazing.
Al Pacino wears his suit everywhere. Even the beach.
Is it permissible to hit royalty in this situation?
Selena Gomez looking much better without Justin Bieber all over her.
This is a whole lot of magazine covers. Beyonce and Salma Hayek.
More Star Trek love. This time some of the cast hits Moscow.

Ryan Lochte Sells Pool Water

Blind Item #6

This B list mostly television actress from an acting family recently spent 30 days in a mental institution  She has spent time in them previously, but not for this long. There are rumors she has had some very drastic procedures performed on her because she has long complained of hearing voices in her head.

Lil Bub Gets Interviewed

Blind Item #5

This controversial former almost A list mostly television actress who has had a dry run after a very long run on a very hit show was out at dinner the other night and started yelling at her husband right there in front of everyone. She had a bit to drink and was calling him a loser and piece of s**t. When he tried to get her to go outside or to keep quiet it just made her even more loud.

Ann Curry Still Hates Matt Lauer

Kathie Lee Gifford decided to cause some drama over at The Today Show. She decided to take out a full page ad in USA Today to show support for Matt Lauer and had everyone on the cast and crew of the show sign the letter. Well, the ad never got published, but Kathie Lee told the NY Daily news that she managed to collect seven pages of signatures but that Ann Curry was not one of them. Kathie Lee says she never had the chance to see Ann while collecting the signatures and that Ann is not really part of the group anymore anyway. Well, I guess we know who wants to guest host with Matt Lauer next time there is an opening. Throw Hods under the bus.

Four For Friday - Get Away From My Daughter

It is Friday. Another week gone by and already the last Friday in April. I love May. may is the time when you really start thinking about summer and taking off early on Fridays and then by July becomes not showing up on Fridays and trying to cough your way out of Thursday afternoons. Anyway, there are really no announcements this week except that I will be blogging all weekend and will have some reveals from the archives tomorrow and probably on Sunday. I didn't Tweet this morning, but I was running late and promise to make up for it. If you would like to follow me on Twitter I am @entylawyer

This celebrity is fast approaching A list status. He is a tweener. A tweener who pops up every now and again in pap photos and usually has an equally famous female tweener on his arm. There was one special tweener he had his eyes on for awhile and they had some supervised dating. The female is fast approaching A list status herself but in an entirely different profession. The supervised dating led to unsupervised dating which led to a pregnancy scare which led to one last chance at supervised dating. The couple, being tweeners still found ways to be alone and the relationship was becoming more and more serious. The parents of the female started freaking out, but not quite as much as when their perfectly crafted daughter was caught up in a little bit of a drug scandal which would have rocked the family to the core. Going through their daughter's phone, they found photos of her boyfriend doing lines of coke and a bunch of lines waiting to be snorted. The daughter insisted she did not do any drugs. The parents made her take a drug test but no one knows what the results were. Meanwhile they told the male tweener to stay very far away and if he didn't, they would see the photos were published. They wouldn't have done it though because it would have sent their future money earner down with him.

Your Turn

Did you take your child to work yesterday? Have you ever? Do your co-workers?

Blind Item #4

This former A+ list celebrity/sometime B- list actress is still A list in the mind of many but it is all based on her past and her legend. She has been a mess for sometime and because of that, quietly sold off most of the rights to almost everything she has ever done. She blew through all that money and now can only get money by performing which is always a very shaky proposition.

Amanda Bynes Shaves Half Her Head

I guess Amanda Bynes was tired of all the wigs and being recognized so easily so she took out her trimmers and shaved half her head. She compared herself to Cassie because it is probably the only person she could think of who also shaved half her head. I think Cassie still keeps the same style most of the time. Once you do that and are known for it, it is tough to move on. Everyone loves to be recognized. Is it just me or does it look pretty good? Amanda looks more healthy too than she has been. I'm sure it is just a temporary blip, but the smile looks real.

The Goopster Talks About Her See Thru Dress

On Ellen, Gwyneth Paltrow tries to explain the disaster that was the dress she wore to the Iron Man 3 premiere in LA.

Blind Item #3

This set of two married couples is A list and they always used to do everything together. It was always a strange pairing of couples, but it seemed to work for them. Over the past year though, there have only been two occasions and on both, the wife of the lesser known celebrity male was not there. reason? She told her husband that she has a thing for the more well known celebrity male. There have even been rumors the pair hooked up.

Ace Of Base Member Denies Nazi Past

Yesterday, Ace Of Base member Ulf Ekberg was accused of belonging to a Swedish musical group that promoted the Nazi way of life. The group, Commit Suicide, is known for being very anti-immigrant and that the party he supported with the band has long been known as a very right wing party. Way right wing. Yesterday Ulf said that he was a member of the band but does not recall any of the lyrics that were released and insisted that the lyrics were not his and he is not on the demo and that Ace Of Base will always be a very centric group and that the rest of the members have no leanings in either direction and are very bland as to not offend anyone. Well, that is not exactly how he put it, but that is what he meant. He did say way back in 1997 that he did things he regretted. Hopefully Commit Suicide is one of those things.

Blind Item #2

This recent reunion between celebrities was because the lesser known, female, in the couple begged and pleaded and made a secret financial deal for the male member of the couple to show up and be photographed with her. The male member has been telling friends that if he was a talking man there are a lot of things he could and would say and that it is getting harder to keep everything inside. Oh, please tell.

Photographer Says Edward Norton Attacked Him

In what sounds like a guy trying to antagonize the easily antagonize-able Edward Norton, the man claims that when he tried to take Norton's photo with a cell phone camera that Edward grabbed the camera and hurt the man's finger badly enough that the man had to go to the hospital for what he described as a tissue contusion. So, what is that exactly? He wanted to file charges but there were no witnesses, so there is no criminal case. The guy could try and sue Edward but I think he would look like an idiot. He says that he asked Edward whether Edward thought the photographer looked like him or not. The photographer said he was very scared.

Blind Item #1

This former A list mostly movie actor who achieved such results only thanks to a franchise and has since been demoted to B-, and maybe even C+ has had a tough time getting work. He has been booked for a few things in the past year but has been such a drunken mess that no one wants to work with him any longer. When you can't remember your lines, show up to work late and throw up over your co-workers, then you don't get hired.

Katt Williams Gets Community Service

I can't even keep track of all the times Katt Williams has been arrested in the past year, but the one where he was trying to escape the police has been resolved. That was the one where he led police on a slow speed car chase when he was on his motorcycle. It was up in Sacramento. He had faced serious jail time but managed to plea his way down to 428 hours of community service which must be completed in the nex tnine months. That is really fast because it is equivalent to about two and a half months of working full-time and he already works full-time, but it does beat sitting in jail for 6 months or a year.

Mother Of Boston Bombers Thinks Everything Was Fake

I know that moms can be a hard bunch to convince that their children have done anything wrong, but the mother of the Boston Marathon  bombers is really stretching that envelope a lot here. The mother gave an interview to CNN and says that not only did the bombings not happen, but that the entire thing was fixed to frame her sons. The mom says there was no blood and all the blood that was shown on television was actually red paint. The mother says that if there are any injured people she feels sorry for them but that her sons were not responsible. She will not be returning to the US because she faces felony shoplifting charges here.

Gay Man Who Said He Was Turned Straight Now Said He Lied

Back in the day, John Paulk was the poster boy fro every organization that said that being gay was a choice and led the way for conversion therapy which said you could become straight from gay. I know, I know, but it is what some people believed. They probably still do. John Paulk though told PQ Monthly that he was never turned straight and that it was all for show for the group Exodus International which is an organization for former gay people. In 1998 he was on the cover of Newsweek with his wife. Oh, his wife said she used to be a lesbian but was turned straight too. Paulk wrote two bestselling books with his wife, but now is apologizing for everything he said or did in the past and admits therapy does not work and he is proud to be gay.

Jennifer Love Hewitt As X Factor Judge

When I first hard yesterday that Jennifer Love Hewitt's name was being thrown around as a name to be an X Factor judge, I really thought it was a bad idea. Then, I remembered she did have a pop career. Bare Naked comes to mind here and I think in Japan she was really popular as a singer. The thing is it was so long ago that I'm not sure anyone actually remembers and it seems to me there are plenty of other people you could get who are way more qualified and who would not seem such obvious stunt casting choices. Face it, that is what it is. With every singer in the world who is currently working or all the record executives, you want to choose Jennifer Love Hewitt?

Jason Aldean & Wife Separate

Just a few months after assuring the world that everything was fine in their marriage despite Jason Aldean being spotted in a club making out with American Idol reject Brittany Kerr. Previously when the scandal hit, Jason and his wife made joint television appearances and appeared to have put it all behind them. Then, she probably found out about all the others. The pair actually split in January.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Random Photos Part Four

If you get this much plastic surgery in one photo, you have to put it on top. Demi Moore and Cher.

Coming in a very close second was a Blade Runner screening hosted by Harrison Ford which brought out tons of stars, but not his wife. Hmmm.
Bette Midler at the premiere of her new show on Broadway.
Coco shows off her umm, pattern.
Emma Stone and the clothes that were too big.
Gisele Bundchen shows off her baby and her ergo.
Zuma goes for week number five of continuously playing Pin The Tail On The Donkey
Hilary Duff and her son Luca yesterday.
Heidi Klum in LA for America's Got Talent.

Random Photos Part Three

Jessica Biel hangs out with one of her special friends in NYC.

January Jones and Jessica Pare sure seem to have got chummy lately.
Jamie-Lynn Sigler picks up a couple of bucks for the baby by doing a photo shoot.
Jesse McCartney has obviously moved on from his Paris Hilton phase and now just likes women who look like Paris.
James Van Der Beek takes the kids for a spin.
Kate Middleton looks surprised there are people waiting for her. Lots of people. Thousands of people.
Madonna's brother's mugshot.
Mariah Carey shows off a little leg to distract everyone from the American Idol rumors.
Melissa Gilbert and Timothy Busfield got married yesterday. Yep, on a Wednesday. They are new the Saturday and April is the new June.


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