Saturday, July 07, 2007

Music News And Photos

On Sunday there will be a huge Live Earth photo extravaganza.

Toni Collette - Aussie Stadium - Sydney
Lenny Kravitz - Copacabana - Rio De Janeiro
D.A.D - Tall Ships Race and Festival - Aarhus, Denmark
Blue King Brown - Aussie Stadium - Sydney

Jessica Alba In UK GQ August 2007

Saturday Links

Madonna thinks Britney is selfish. Let's see. Madonna is 48 and Britney is 25. Now, when Madonna was 25 was she any better than Britney is now? Madonna lucked out because there was no internet 23 years ago. She had enough trouble without 200 gossip sites tracking her and 300 paps. Her almighty act is really tiresome because she was probably just as bad if not worse than Britney. Stick to music and quit whining about how everyone needs to be an uptight, fake English accent, thinking you are still 20, bad acting, naked on every page of a 200 page book, sleeping with anything that walked ho.

Now it's going to cost Tony money to get out of this damn thing.

So Mariah is allegedly much better in her latest acting role. That's not saying much if you think about it.

Jim Carrey will play every role in a new version of A Christmas Carol. He will also be the caterer, grip, gaffer, and honey wagon driver.

John Travolta is a slut.

Eva Mendes in a bikini. You know. Just in case you are into that kind of thing.

Pictures of Shar Jackson at Chippendale's surrounded by half naked men. You know. Just in case you are into that kind of thing.

A Mighty Heart is dying a slow, painful death.

Pete Burns from Dead or Alive left his wife of 25 years to marry a guy.

Pics of Jessica Simpson and Dane Cook. They look thrilled to be together.

Friday, July 06, 2007

ZX Update-Yes ZX Is Dominique Swain

Shooting guns day

So when we last heard from Dominique she was headed to Mexico. While In Mexico, Dominique found herself a new boyfriend, and she is madly in love. I mean like madly as in head over heels in love. As in it gets annoying to listen to after awhile head over heels in love. She is actually meeting his parents this weekend so I know we wish her all well in that.

Her boyfriend doesn't live in LA which makes it tough, but they both want it to work so I'm hoping for both of them it does. Because he doesn't live in LA, and Dominique is currently terrified to drive because of all her recent accidents, I have had to be a chauffeur and delivery person a great deal lately. Pink Dot has also seen about a ten fold increase in sales because of her fear of driving.

Last week, Dominique needed to go to a costume fitting for a new movie she's going to be in and wanted to know if I would take her. No problem I said. Then she told me they were only filming at night and so the fitting was at 2am. Lovely. Well it took forever to find the set because she had neglected to bring anything with her except a phone number and that the lot was at the 5 and 110. Nice. Well, 10 voicemails and a trip to an internet cafe brought us to the studio and she went and did her thing while I watched a rehearsal for a fight scene. The movie is based on some Japanese comic book and so there are a bunch of action sequences.

By the time she was done and I took her all the way back home and then got back to my place, the sun was coming up. She got to go to sleep. I had to go to work.

DS hasn't been really posting because of the new love and also she wanted him to have a chance to read everything she wrote and make sure he was ok with her doing it. He is. Also, she has said that she's not as free to write now because she doesn't want to throw anyone under a bus and so has to think what she can write and how to do so in a way that's fun and still her but not as mean or making anyone mad.

She starts filming this Sunday so maybe she will be bored and do some writing. Hope so.

June Blind Item Updates With One New Reveal

#1 Four For Friday - 1- Again, I worry. 2-He wears a rug 3-He is actually over 50 4-update

#2 A list after party - think adult magazine and see if things fall into place

#3 Music Producer 3some fun - easy, easy, easy

#4 Three of them - 1-think gyro 2-there were more things revealed about three weeks after this post 3-still waiting on the birth certificate. When the money is right the certificate will be produced.

#5 B list lesbian boozer - Clean and sober and gorgeous

#6 Actor leaving the wife and child behind - you need to think outside of North America.

#7 Four For Friday - 1-rarely dates women of his persuasion 2-easier than you think 3-it really comes down to two choices 4-actually his pilot wasn't picked up

#8 Two of them - 1- was on a reality show 2-the wife moved out and our B lister moved in

#9 Actress paid more than she is worth - Think outside the US

#10 Caught watching gay porn in a hotel - Nice pics

#11 Two of them including genital warts guy - 1-think porn star who prefers women unless it's for money 2-Has a new girlfriend..ewww

#12 Four For Friday - 1-He's been here before but in another capacity. 2-Divorce 3-African-American 4- An addendum to the porn trailer

#13 Poker game - think aging

#14 Two of them - 1- Always in the news 2-not ambiguous

#15 Dead producer leaves a buried secret - A LLC was formed and the house is being bought.

#16 Two of them 1-****New reveal**** Jessica Simpson 2- In the news lately

#17 Four For Friday - 1-television drama 2-cute couple though 3-Cameron Diaz 4-still no insurance

#18 Bachelorette Party - She has been the subject of one other goody goody blind item

#19 Two of them - 1-white bentley 2- 50's

#20 Two of them - 1-One was in some very popular pics this week 2-late 20's

#21 Two of them - 1-easy if you think about it 2-Under 50

#22 Four For Friday - 1-filming a movie right now 2-ummm 3-recent movie 4- mentioned before today in another update

Random Photos Part One

Well, I'm sure she's a very careful driver now.
Ummmm. Maybe not.
I think this is the most clothes I have ever seen on Serena Williams.

Well sure. Who wouldn't want this lovely specimen instead of Kim Porter?
Penelope Cruz always looks better in these casual shots. When she's dressed up and at a premiere she just looks overdone.
Fergie actually knows what to do to avoid flashing her frank and beans?

May Blind Item Updates With 12 New Reveals

#1 - Jackass ex - He has been on the blog within the past three weeks

#2 Sex plane - Had a number one movie at some point within the last year.

#3 Woman buying tighty whiteys - ****New reveal****Julia Roberts

#4 Four For Friday - 1-cable reality show 2-Has a problem with former houses 3&4 - All four are always together now in public.

#5 Academy Award actress diva/rebuild career - Started with television

#6 Bearded couple and the wife scores the ladies for both of them - He has made an appearance before in a blind item or two on this site.

#7 Actress in a loving lesbian relationship - Still together. Referenced this relationship again within the last week or so.

#8 Jackass v Kindness - MAC actress and Apartment hero - Jackass - not married and he is a big metrosexual Kindness - Nick and Vanessasexphotominillo

#9 Four For Friday - 1-think southern 2-daughter is an actress also 3-she has new breasts 4-My mom

#10 Actor with strippers in the middle of nowhere- maybe this is why there was a break up with his past girlfriend

#11 More from #10 - makes sense when you figure out the movie

#12 Wife posing as public health official - would you believe they are still together. Well he is a very smooth talker

#13 Female reality star deep into drugs - for once I wish it hadn't happened.

#14 Four For Friday Fill In The Blanks - ****New Reveal****1.Kelly Clarkson 2.Reba McEntire 3.Narvel Blackstock 4.Ronnie Dunn 5. Brooks and Dunn

#15 Wife beaten and locked up - He has a new girlfriend who is photographed with him and then disappears for a week even when he is out and then she shows back up again.

#16 Girl Scout cookie scofflaw - think balding

#17 Engaged actress who pretends not to be - ****New reveal**** Stacy Keibler, Jennifer Aniston

#18 TJ hooker fun - She is there when you see the photos and she wasn't there a few months ago.

#19 Four For Friday - 1-****New reveal****Jared Leto 2-****New reveal****Jennifer Love Hewitt 3-Actually bought a car not too long ago just so he could keep playing 4-He has been out of the country filming for two months Bonus-Looks very good in a bikini

#20 Maid with no confidentiality agreement - I can't talk about this one right now.

#21 Trailer park pot grower - think foreign

#22 Holier than thou art family - One of the comments was a very good guess

#23 Gay icon on L Word - ****New reveal**** k.d lang and Leisha Haley

Music News And Photos

Ciara - New Orleans Convention Center - New Orleans
Ludacris - New Orleans Convention Center - New Orleans

Velvet Revolver - Whiskey - Hollywood

Xzibit - Makuhari - Tokyo

Wu Tang Clan - Hammersmith Apollo - London
Norah Jones - Good Morning America - New York
Deacon Blue - Aintree - Liverpool, UK
Alice Cooper - Enmore Theatre - Sydney

April Blind Item Updates With 11 New Reveals

#1 Two of them including white power one - 1-Still paying 2-Think comedy with a live studio audience.

#2 Two of them - 1-Shannon Elizabeth - Joe Reitman. They are broken up but it is a very strange relationship. 2-Did the same thing at the Pirates premiere.

#3 Rock star with the Xanax challenge - *****New reveal**** Howie Day (I almost wrote Howie Long and then would have got my ass kicked)

#4 Two of them - 1-****New reveal**** Joan van Ark 2-****New reveal*****Kate Jackson

#5 Four For Friday - 1-3 initials to the show not his name 2-*****New reveal*****Tim Allen 3-She has been everywhere and hosting anything that will take her 4-Think A++

#6 Golfer who ducked out of the pro shop - He really does play lots of golf

#7 Juice bimbo - Somehow, someway she moved up to A list but he lives further away from the juice bar so they are all happy she doesn't come in anymore

#8 Fertility doctor is really counseling - They got married.

#9 Hulk Hogan and his wife

#10 Four For Friday - 1-British 2-two more dogs 3-still with the guy 4-popbitch

#11 B actor pretending he is straight - show canceled

#12 A list actress with the helpful maid - They found one !!!

#13 Greedy actress wants sponsors and money - *****New reveal***** Eva Longoria

#14 Four For Friday - 1- she is in a new movie 2-still selling 3-*****New reveal****Vanessa Minnillosexphoto 4-****New reveal*****Jack Nicholson

#15 *****New reveal***** Paris Hilton and that guy she was going out with--K-Fed was the one the tabs picked

#16 Actor with porn trailer - next film location is out of the country

#17 Singer with assistant -*****New reveal****** k.d lang

#18 Eyebrows****New reveal***** Jamie Foxx

#19 Four For Friday - 1-****New reveal****Jessica Alba 2-easy 3-NOT Rose M. 4-Pretends to be goody goody

#20 Third actress doesn't get to join in much - She got rid of him recently. Very recently.

Jen Meets Shiloh

Even though this just came out, it did miss on the Jen and Paul thing and also even though the headline says they met, it doesn't look like they actually met when you read the article. Oh well, it's gossip and it's fun. Look, in the corner, Nicole is having a boy. They do have a 50% chance of being right.

Brad Pitt is extending an olive branch to ex-wife Jennifer Aniston by arranging a secret lunch date to introduce her to his daughter, Shiloh . “Brad wants to tell Jen that he cares for her and always will,” says a close source. “And he’d like to hear her say that she forgives him.”

A source reveals to Star that Angelina is going to be furious about this meeting. “Angie would rather Brad leave things where they are. She doesn’t’ give a hoot about Jen or her feelings. But Brad does what Brad wants.”

When they broke up after their four-year marriage, Jen was reportedly heartbroken. But now, Brad’s reaching out because he wants to clear the air and he wants her to meet his daughter,” reveals a close source to Brad. It was the June 17th get-together with Brad’s mom that may have opened the door, the insider adds. “He’s tried before to meet with Jen, but she’s said no. This time, she asked his mom, Jane, to come with her and Jane said she would. Jane loves Jen like a daughter and thinks this will be healing for both of them.”

Jen’s change of heart comes after a determined effort by Brad – but her new romance with British model Paul Sculfor, may also be what made her relent. “Brad has been trying to meet with Jennifer for months,” says the source. “He’s made several attempts since Shiloh ’s birth, but she hasn’t responded until now. I think she’s over him and moved on.”

The reason for Jen’s new happiness is Brad-alike Paul who she recently moved in with. A source close to Sculfor tells Star, “Paul is looking for a date n August to fly his parents, Jean and George, out to L.A. to introduce them to Jen. That romance is growing stronger every day.”

While reps for Jen and Brad claim there is no meeting with Shiloh in the works, sources close to Brad say that he plans to tell Angie that she’s welcome to come along – but she isn’t expected to show up. “She’d rather Brad not have any contact with Jennifer at all!” says the source. Most of the time, Angie gives Brad a cold look when he mentions Jen. There have been times when Angie has let loose a snippy comment like ‘Jennifer is good at playing the martyr’ or, ‘she’s out for publicity.’”

But nothing can keep proud papa Brad from introducing his little girl to his ex-wife. “He hopes,” says the source, that having adorable Shiloh with him will make Jen melt.”

A Blind Item From Cybill Shepherd

Juju was kind enough to pass this along and if anyone can figure this out, it is the readers of this site. Juju guessed Peter Bogdanovich and that guess is pretty good.

Actress Cybill Shepherd has revealed she was once sexually assaulted by a famous actor when she attempted to cool their relationship. The former Moonlighting star plays the mother of a rape victim in new TV movie Open Window and admits she used her own experiences to prepare for the harrowing role. Speaking for the first time about her own ordeal on U.S. TV show Entertainment Tonight, Shepherd reveals her ex turned nasty when she told him she wanted to date other people. She recalls, "He jerked the necklace off of me and he threw me around the kitchen. He said to me, 'Don't even think of getting the keys to your car, because I have them, and you're not getting them to be able to get away.'" The unnamed actor demanded sex and Shepherd was terrified as he pinned her down. Eventually she wriggled free and ran to get help. She adds, "That changes your life forever. It takes awhile to trust men again. It takes awhile to trust yourself again. You wonder, 'How could I end up with someone who seems perfectly OK... to suddenly be demanding sex." Shepherd admits she never had the courage to report the incident, and years later received an offer to work with her attacker. She explains, "I said, 'I don't think so.'"

Morning Links

If you have the stomach for it, you can click on the link and see what Britney's dress looked like from behind. It is safe for work but not much else. Can anyone think of a couple that had worse hair? Well at least he's rich so we know he won't be asking her for money for lap dances. He also said that Britney visited him in the hospital when he was recovering from surgery and sat with him all night long holding his hand. That's a nice story. So is Winnie The Pooh. Speaking of which did you hear that Christopher Robin is not going to exist anymore? I thought it was his damn imagination that brought them to life in the first place?

Some Harry Potter news. Daniel Radcliffe thinks Harry dies, which may be true because JK Rowling broke down in tears as she was writing the last few chapters. Daniel incidentally is happy to use every bit of his fame in order to get girls to have sex with him.

I understand when concerts are canceled because the singer is a drug addicted alcoholic and just wants to party even though they are pretending to be sick. It's part of the game and I am ok with that. What I don't understand and don't appreciate is when that same singer goes out to a public bar and gets photographed boozing it up. Just stay in your house or your hotel room and play the game while you abuse drugs and get drunk. Now, I'm not saying Amy Winehouse does any of those things but she was photographed drinking at a pub when she had called in sick for work.

Ted C. Blind Item

Bulbous Seymour is one fine piece o' man-lovin’ meat. Not a bad actor, either. But Bulbous knows—just like most audiences and H-town execs are aware—that his best talents lie not on the silver screen but in the golden nether regions of B.S.’ impressive bod. Yeah, he’s a stud. And what do studs do best?

Now, before I get too carried away on whatever (or whomever) Bulbous utilizes his heavenly powers for—this Blind Vice ain’t about him. Well, not exactly. See, Mr. Es has been doing what we here at the Awful Truth live for: gossiping about other closeted homosexual movie stars! Too fun for the hard-abbed tum! Delish, darlin's, so let’s get to whom B.S. is blabbin’ ‘bout:

Toothy Tile, natch. You were expecting Gussy 'n' Fussy, perhaps? Like, who cares about those ersatz het jokers anymore? (Not too many folks, I assure ya.) Nah, it’s all about Toothy Tile—and when the hell this gorgeous scaredy-puss is gonna disclose his sexual pref, already—and Bulbous knows this fagola factoid. So much so, he’s been mouthing off at chic Hell-Ay events about just how Toothy isn’t foolin’ anybody.

Well, I beg to differ. Had I been at this one par-tick fancy-schmancy soiree, I would have gladly explained to B.S. that half of Bush’s “Mare-kuh” thinks T.T. is as heterosexual as our current prez. Wait, Bush is straight, isn’t he? Don’t answer that, actually, do not want to go there…

Back to B.S., who’s clearly dying for Toothy’s sexuality to come to the surface so the media will ease off his dubious dame-doin' existence. Uh, word to the unwise wower: Boyfriend, you just keep on gettin’ higher 'n' higher at those swell dos you go to. You’ll be outing Toothy long before anybody like moi would ever dream of doing so.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

March Blind Item Updates With 10 New Reveals

#1 Two of them 1- Not with the boyfriend anymore. 2-****New reveal**** Carlos Mencia

#2 Four For Friday - 1-Like his famous body part, he pops in and out of the tabs lately. 2-Arrested, but not for what I predicted. 3-I guess I will say I was wrong about the pregnancy part, but I really think I was right. 4-He did it again recently. Bonus - think foreign.

#3 Two of them - 1-Lindsay Lohan 2-She is looking good again. Maybe it was food poisoning.

#4 Old flame didn't go to wedding - ****New reveal***** Hugh Grant

#5 Women competing to be taken care of by rich guy. -The 80's actress won

#6 Poker tournament kindness - Maura Tierney

#7 Four For Friday - 1-*****New reveal**** Jeremy Piven 2-n/a 3-This cycle ended a little differently than the others 4-not Sly Stallone. Think younger.

#8 Ralph's mini-jackass 1-maybe he was having a bad day because he's been nice a great deal lately.

#9 Tiny one inside AP post - Easy, easy, easy in more ways than one.

#10 Party tricks - I believe it was a Heineken Light party.

#11 Four of them - 1-I was wrong and so very happy that I was. 2-Hasn't been spotted with the guy again in public. Getting along publicly with her husband. 3-Can't think of a clue without giving it away. 4-Not too blind huh?

#12 Two of them - 1-Very quiet lately 2- *****New reveal*****Hilary Duff

#13 Two of them inside AP post - 1-Haven't seen him or his fake girlfriend in awhile. 2-He has been spending some time in various states.

#14 Two of them - 1-****New reveal*** Kirsten Dunst 2- Honestly I don't know how to organize it to give clues.

#15 Two guys sharing men and women - Both have been blind items before.

#16 LA Fashion Week 3 - 1-****New reveal**** Kim Kardashian 2-She's even worse now 3-****New reveal***** Ryan Cabrera

#17 Two of them - 1-still going out with daughter's friend 2-maybe that is why she is so quiet.

#18 Two of them - 1-His girlfriend is always confused with a similar looking woman. 2-****New reveal**** Jeffrey Sebelia

#19 Two of them 1- *****New reveal****Amy Lee 2-It makes sense if you really think about it.

#20 Four For Friday - First an update on this one. I talk about Nicole Eggert and she wanted to let everyone know she is fine and that there was some tragedy in the family but not to her. She is happy and working and spending time with her daughter. 1-Soooo close to coming out. 2-He is still there and the guy is still none the wiser. 3-I was wrong 4- ****New reveal**** Carlos Mencia

Random Photos Part One

Minka Kelly tries to convince Juliet Rogulewski that quite possibly all the cameras and guys staring could all be avoided if she would change somewhere more private.
The wet makeup look is not a great look for Hilary.

He's back. Normally I would be upset, but Geri has been looking really rough lately.
Claudia Schiffer for Dom Perignon
Anne Hathaway looks really different but I don't know what it is.
Having no luck with the ladies, Chris Kattan goes back to humping hallway walls.

In case you were wondering what happened to Thandie Newton.
In case you were wondering what Sharon Stone looks like without makeup. In case you were wondering what Harrison Ford's stunt double looks like in the new Indiana Jones movie.
In case you wanted to mimic Lindsay's recent weight gain, now you know what to drink.
I don't know why I started the in case of, but I need to stop. I'm also going to stop with the Kylie photos because I just don't see the point.

More Links

I'm guessing there just wasn't enough money in it for Paul, or Jennifer has had enough to get her through until winter.

What could possibly make Kim Porter want to move out? I can't believe she stuck it out this long.

Kate Moss' parents are cock-a-hoop. I'm guessing that is something good or some kind of sex game which would also be good. In this context it has something to do with Kate getting rid of Pete. Does anyone think he'll be back? Hmmmm. Anyone? Anyone?

Avril gets sued. I was hoping for hit by a car and losing the ability to sing, but this is a start.

Tony took Eva on a helicopter trip. Somehow she managed to remain in the helicopter until landing. I blame seat belts or the fact that Tony didn't want embarrassing questions if he tossed her out.

INF Daily wants to know who the big hairy guy with Britney is. I think he's wearing a wig also so maybe it's some kind of club they belong to. Of course it looks like this guy went to the Chris Benoit school of exercise also so maybe that's the reason for the wig.

So, we're thinking that's an energy drink in Lindsay's hand and not a big old 40 of Colt. 45 right?

Dane Cook is back for seconds with Jessica Simpson.

Dori Cooperman reminds me of Jennifer Jason Leigh in SWF.

February Blind Item Updates With 13 New Reveals

#1 Texas Connections - 1- Still together and recent adversity has brought them closer. 2- Grew up in Dallas.

#2 Four For Friday - 1&2- She is still working but something happened which caused her to get booted from her latest role and I don't know what it was. Maybe it was the cellphone pics from the 2nd part of the blind item. The guy in the first part was really big in the news about a month ago. The second part has nothing to do with MTV. 3-career is flying right now 4-Our lingerie stealer has made a return appearance.

#3 Three of them - 1-In the news a bunch lately 2-****New reveal***Sylvester Stallone 3- *****New reveal*****Leelee Sobieski

#4 Fashion Week 4 - 1-*****New reveal*****Jamie Lynn Sigler/Kimora Simmons 2-I honestly don't know if she was pregnant or not but she is not now. 3-Back to men and doing poorly. 4-*****New reveal*****Katharine McPhee

#5 Fashion Week 3 - 1-*****New reveal*****Rachel Ray 2-******New reveal******Paris Hilton 3-I hope she's not doing it now and that's just not being nice for her sake.

#6 Fashion Week 3 - 1-Not very hard to figure out 2-Think poor man's rock store and mall fashion icon rather than runway icon. 3-*****New reveal*****It was one of the girls from Danity Kane but I honestly don't remember which one.

#7 Four For Friday - 1-She's being good and so is her husband. 2-She is a previous blind item reveal. 3-Still no dates 4-The wife isn't really around anymore.

#8 After party hand job - Talk show host

#9 Wedding ceremony loving musician - ****New reveal**** Kid Rock

#10 Two of them - 1-Still a man ho 2-Kirsten Dunst

#11 Two of them - 1-The relationship is over. 2-Record is doing very well

#12 Two of them - 1-*****New reveal**** Jamie Kennedy 2-Too easy

#13 Three of them 1&2 - still doing what got them here in the first place 3-*****New reveal****Solange Knowles

#14 Two of them 1-She has been banned from most gifting suites now 2- *****New Reveal***** Bai Ling and the other woman who will not be revealed have not got back together again.

#15 Four For Friday - 1-*****New reveal****Melanie Griffith 2-Still no luck 3-No more reports with liquor lately. 4-*****New reveal*****Jennifer Hudson

#16 Three of them - 1- Still with his "date." 2-still true 3-****New reveal**** Demi Moore

#17 Two of them - 1-Haven't heard if it's still going on or not. 2-She didn't get the role

#18 Two of them - 1-Easy 2- She did it alone

Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2008


Elie Saab

Franck Sorbier


Gustavo Lins


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