Saturday, December 01, 2012

World AIDS Day

Every year since I started this blog, I always make sure to take time out on December 1 and have a post about HIV and AIDS in honor of World AIDS Day. I have shared personal stories, and shared lists of celebrities who have contracted and/or died from HIV/AIDS. It is amazing to me that in such a short time that a positive HIV test has gone from a death sentence to something that seems inconsequential to many. It is not though. According to the United Nations, about 34 million people worldwide are living with HIV, and 2.5 million were infected last year alone. In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control says there is an alarming rise in the spread of HIV among teenagers and young adults, with 1,000 new infections each month. Teens with HIV? To me that has to stop. And that is in the US. What is it like in other countries of the world, especially those with less access to medicines to control the virus? If you have never done so, I encourage you to watch the movie And The Band Played On about the very early days of the AIDS crisis. It is a powerful movie and has a great cast and was originally aired on HBO when no other network wanted to touch the movie. I encourage you to share your stories or experiences here.

Danielle Fishel Is Lindsay Lohan Playing Elizabeth Taylor

Yeah, I'm pretty sure Danielle Fishel playing Lindsay Lohan playing Elizabeth Taylor is an award winner. Of course, who doesn't love Topanga?

Blind Items Revealed

July 17, 2008

#1 - Chastity? What chastity? Done it, done it, not done it.

Jonas Brothers

Dina Lohan Thinks Lindsay Lohan Arrest Is All Michael Lohan's Fault

Dina Lohan says she is not doing drugs and hates coke, and my first question to her would be how do you know you hate coke unless you have tried it? Anyway, Dina also says that Lindsay Lohan was arrested because Michael Lohan set it all up. Her proof? The victim lives only a few minutes from Michael. So, does that mean my drinking issues are related to Lindsay living just 10 minutes from me for all these years? Dina is the most ridiculous person in the entire world. I'm not exactly sure how she functions in her own little world, but I do know that if Lindsay ever does go to jail for a very long period of time that Dina will probably be forced to try and sell her children because she obviously knows no other way of making money other than exploiting them and since none of the others have shown Lindsay's talent for making money appear out of thin air, it's no wonder that Dina will always take Lindsay's side.

Blind Items Revealed

July 10, 2008

Have a baby and then lose your husband? This A list singer recently had a baby, but it seems that the little bundle of joy was also just delaying the inevitable. The only thing that held them together was the pregnancy. Now that the pregnancy is over, so is the marriage.

Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman

**Back in 2008, I would say Christina was still A list. Now she is a former A list singer/reality star just in case she comes up again.**

Gabriel Aubry Drops Restraining Order Against Olivier Martinez - Spends Time With Nahla

It is amazing to me how quickly that the events of 9 days ago are trying to be forgotten and swept under the rug. It is not so much that everyone wants to just move on, but that for a year Halle Berry has not wanted to move on and has spent so much time and money trying to get her own way in court. Then, she finally has a chance to get her own way because of what happened on Thanksgiving morning and everything is dropped and good and everyone is best friends. Does she not want to move to France anymore? Did Gabriel agree to move to France with them? I think Halle in France would be a really bad idea. She loves getting her photo taken and she would never get it taken again except on red carpets. That is not her. Maybe she realized that?  Anyway, yesterday Gabriel dropped his restraining order against Olivier and in return got to spend time with Nahla. I wonder how he explained the bruises.

Blind Item #2

What A list foreign born singer who has not had a hit in a long time but will probably always be A list does not consider herself married even though she has a husband. She doesn't wear a ring and does not allow her husband in her bedroom. She does not believe in divorce so didn't leave him when he was cheating on her with a bunch of different women and draining her fortune in get rich quick schemes. She won't cheat although if you hear her talk to her friends, she has only had sex a handful of times in her life despite being married forever.

Kansas City Chiefs Player Kills Girlfriend - Kills Self

Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher shot and killed his girlfriend this morning and then drove to Arrowhead Stadium where the Chiefs play and committed suicide in a practice facility at the stadium. The stadium is in lockdown and a game is scheduled there for tomorrow.

Blind Item #1

This B+ reality host has made it perfectly clear to his soon to be wife that he has cheated on her and will cheat on her and had her sign an agreement which says she understands this and will never speak about it privately or in public. How bad do you want to be with a celebrity that you would agree to a clause like that in the pre-nup.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

Aziz Ansari gets the top spot because his Tweets make me laugh. here he is with Lily Aldridge at some event that also brought out

Peter Facinelli and his new girlfriend.
Eva Longoria on the cover of GQ Mexico.
Halle Berry, Nahla and a police line.
Hugh Jackman hailing a cab in New York.
I often stay awake at night and ask myself what is going to happen to all of these idiotic pants Justin Bieber wears.
Will they end up at the Jonas Brothers museum. Where Tweeners can relive their glory days while slathering on Rogaine and talking about their latest comeback album and how this one really shows off their craft.
Jennifer Hudson and family cutting their own Christmas tree. Look Rusty they remembered to bring a saw.
Kim Kardashian ruining Middle east policy for a decade in a visit with the US Ambassador to Kuwait and some Kuwaiti.
Meanwhile, Kourtney continues to save the world by filming another season of Kim & Kourtney take Miami alone.

Random Photos Part Two

I think Lea Michele might have missed a spot. Probably needs someone to come rub that in for her.

Diane Kruger didn't seem to notice or notice that lea was trying to pull an Angelina on the sly.
Olivia Munn went for the sheer look.
There she is, Miss Golden Globe 2013, Francesca Eastwood.
Liev Schreiber takes his kids along on his paper route.
Maggie Grace and
Brooke Shields showed up at the opening night of
Dead Accounts.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Pippa Middleton is really going places. Now she opens up sections of department stores. You can hire her for $20 to come around your store and cut a ribbon too.

Ryan Gosling looks like he is about to go hunting.
Even though Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are married and traveling together, they never actually
appeared next to each other.
Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin look to be in a great mood.
Sharon Stone and a half naked Sofia Vergara film a scene for their latest movie.
This is what Sofia looked like before she got undressed.
Tyler Shields and his latest ingenue, Abigail Breslin.

It's Cat Friday

I'm pretty sure it is a rule that the last Friday in November you have to show a kitten video.

Blind Item #5 - Easy Easy

This is not what this B- list television and movie, but best known for a hit almost network show expected. She did not sign up to hide inside and never be seen. She wants to go out and be noticed and have a career and be noticed and be in magazines and be noticed, not order in every night. It's what you get though when you are with this A list all movie actor. It is all about him and what he wants.

Jackie Chan Disinherits His Son

Apparently Jackie Chan and his son got into some huge disagreement and now according to The Enquirer, Jackie Chan has changed his will and decided to leave his entire $130M estate to charity and disinheriting his 30 year old son who is also an actor and singer. Jackie thinks that his son Jaycee has got too soft and never had to do anything for himself so if he realizes he is not going to get a huge chunk of money when his dad dies that he will do something with his life before it is too late. I wonder if his daughter that he refuses to acknowledge will get anything. She is 12 and he had her with his mistress.

Four For Friday - She Is Close To Giving Up

Friday today and it is a very rainy and gloomy Friday and not what I expect out of the weather here. I am disappointed in the weather and wish I could ground it, but maybe it will learn a life lesson. Anyway, if you have not done so already and would like to be in the reader photos that will start being posted Monday and continuing through Reveal Day, send it to There have already been lots received. I post them in the order I get them, so do not fret if yours does not show up right away. I would love for you to follow me on Twitter. I try and keep things a little different over there so if you would like to follow me I am @entylawyer

This actress is almost A list. Always movies. She was at a party the other night and started talking about how she is thinking of leaving her A list actor significant other. She can't handle him anymore. What he says are just tricks and games and don't mean anything, starts to look a whole lot like cheating when he comes home with panties in his pocket or rushes to the shower as soon as he walks in the door or has just showered right before coming home. The nights where he refuses to answer his cell phone or has it turned off. How he is always interviewing models. He has appeared at parties they have thrown together completely naked. He had one party and insisted everyone bow to him each time before they spoke. The actress says times can be great but that over the past few years the fun times have been replaced by someone who she longer recognizes. His temper has increased dramatically and anything will get him to lose it and scream and she said that when he screams he is a spitter and she is terrified and scared, but then he says it is all a game. She said the games were fun a long time ago, but now it is time to grow up.

Your Turn

What is the most money you have ever found on the street or ground or anywhere else.

Blind Item #4

This Real Housewife has had sex with so many guys that she is one degree of separation away from every other version of the show except New Jersey,. She slept with a guy who has slept with a woman on Beverly Hills. She has slept with a guy who has slept with a woman in New York. She has slept with a guy who has slept with a woman in Orange County and has done the same in Atlanta and Miami. Only New Jersey has somehow managed to escape her attempt to be the sexual Kevin Bacon of Real Housewives.

Ashley Roberts Slams Nicole Scherzinger

I don't think anyone in England really knew who Ashley Roberts is. I don't think many people here know who she is either, but she was on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here over in England and made the finals. During an interview with the host of the show, it came out that during her time in The Pussycat Dolls, no one was allowed to speak during interviews or for the group except Nicole Scherzinger. Everyone else was barred from speaking unless directly asked a question. The host said that was crazy and how did the group survive. Ashley then stated the obvious and said they didn't. It is interesting to note that Nicole has not really been able to do as much without the group as she did before.

Matthew Perry Is Angus Jones

Blind Item #3

What A+ list all movie actress is finally getting a chance to explore with women which is something she has always wanted to do. While on the set she met someone who changed her life and the pair have continued to explore, although not as much as they did while filming. The actress is not going to leave her significant other for the woman, although he has said that he feels threatened by this new version of the actress. He does say she is nicer than she has ever been before.

Want To Know What Winning The Lottery Is Like?

This man in the yellow is assumed to have one-half of the Powerball jackpot. he bought the ticket in Arizona, but lives in Maryland. The store clerks claim the man had all the correct numbers. Watch his reaction when he finds out he won.

Blind Item #2

This B-/C+ list television actress who is dropping quickly thanks to the end of her show was at an event for charity and was told that the organizers were waiting for some other celebrities before kicking off the night's festivities. The actress asked who the other people were and when told, she said, "I'm not waiting for them. I am a much bigger celebrity then them so we need to start right now or I am walking." The organizers caved and started the event which looked ridiculous because no one else was there yet.

Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry Settle Everything

That did not take long. Once Halle Berry got Olivier Martinez to do her bidding, she quickly settled all the child custody matters with Gabirel Aubry in court yesterday. The two sides released a statement that said everything had been resolved and no other statements would be forthcoming. From what I understand, Gabriel will allow Olivier to beat him once every few months and Halle will get to watch and otherwise all things remain the same. That really did settle quickly. You got the feeling that things would drag out another year, but maybe Halle is tired of spending millions of dollars fighting Gabriel when that money could just go to Nahla.

Blind Item #1 - Easy Easy

What A list country singer once was at a movie theatre and saw there was a black man in the same row. The singer got up and moved a few rows to the front and said, "Now that (n word) is behind me where he belongs."

Countdown To Rihanna Being Beaten

It's official. Previously when it came to the subject of Rihanna and Chris Brown there were no real photos of them together other than at a club. They were obviously together when they tweeted photos of themselves at what appeared to be the same place, but there was never that, "Hey look at me, I'm Rihanna and have decided to take back the guy that almost beat me to death. Next week we are double dating with Jerramy Stevens and Hope Solo so Chris can learn some tricks to avoid leaving many marks." Last night though, that all changed as Rihanna uploaded a photo of her about to have sex with Chris where he would probably call her a hoe and she would ask, "You mean like the garden tool?" He would then say, no that he always has trouble spelling the words that are two letters and prefers using only swear words because he has those memorized and makes him fell smart and if she laughs at him for spelling something wrong he will beat her. I have given up making any kind of sense in this relationship or dynamic. You know what is almost even worse? Karrueche Tran would probably hook up with him today if he called. Maybe even last night after he finished with Rihanna. I don't understand where self-esteem has gone for so many people.

Johnny Lewis Autopsy Showed No Drugs

Johnny Lewis killed his landlady and her cat and ultimately fell to his death in her driveway. At the time the Sons of Anarchy actor died, everyone assumed he was on drugs and had come from rehab not long before and even his attorney suspected Johnny was on drugs. How else do explain what he did that day? Yes, he had been suffering from mental issues, but everyone thought it was drugs. In a report released yesterday though, the coroner said there were no traces of any drugs or medication in his system.

Francesca Eastwood Is Miss Golden Globe

Every year, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association finds some actor or actress who they would like to attend the ceremony and name their daughter Miss Golden Globe. It is usually someone in their teens and they are seen several times on the show when handing out awards or escorting a winner off the stage. I fully expect there to be several years in a row of everyone of Brangelina's daughters being Miss Golden Globe. They will have a lock on it for three years. Anyway, this year, Francesca Eastwood has been named Miss Golden Globe. She of the reality show which she seems to spend most of her time naked and telling her step-mom how much she loves having sex with her controversial photographer boyfriend Tyler Shields. If you have seen some of the things they have done together, the HFPA should be very scared. Very scared. Francesca has never been the quiet do what you are told kind of person. This could end very badly, but will be another reason to watch.

Michael Jackson's Dad Suffers A Stroke

Late Wednesday night or early yesterday morning, Joe Jackson, the father of Michael Jackson, suffered a stroke. Apparently Katherine is on her way to see him in Vegas and hopefully while she is gone this time her children will not try and stage a mutiny. I'm not sure why she is still married to the guy or exactly how a marriage works when you live five hours from each other, but apparently this is what she likes. he can sit by the pool all day and tell a bunch of 18 year old women that he can make them famous if they will just rub his bunions and Katherine can just stay in Los Angeles and take care of her grandkids. I always wondered that if Joe Jackson had died before Michael did, if Michael would go to Joe's funeral. I know the rest of the family would have, but I think Michael would have stayed away.

Lindsay Lohan

There are so many words, and they just will not all fit into a headline so thought I would keep it simple. As expected, Lindsay was charged yesterday here in Los Angeles with three separate charges related to her accident during the summer while filming Liz & Dick. The accident was about as bad as the movie. Because Lindsay was on informal probation, I don't know if she will go to jail. If she gets her probation revoked, then there would be a hearing and I just don't see her getting thrown back in jail. I think after all the charges have played out in NYC and Los Angeles, she might get some jail time then, but the crime in LA is not violent so chances are she would just get house arrest or lots more probation so when she gets arrested again we can do the same song and dance about having her probation revoked and whether she will go to jail. Meanwhile, Lindsay is apparently back up to her two liters of booze a day. For those of you are who not big drinkers, even I can't drink that much in a day. There are not enough hours in the day. I suppose if I got up early on a weekend and drank all day until I passed out, I could possibly do it, but think about doing it every day all day. Combine that with all the pills she takes and whatever else finds her way in to her tobacco stained fingers and I am constantly amazed she continues to live.

Comments from her parents include Michael who says Lindsay is in a dark place because of Dina and Dina who says that Lindsay is perfect and an angel and will be earning more money for Dina real soon even if it does not involve acting.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

The top spot goes to the NYPD officer who paid $100 out of his own pocket to get a man a pair of winter boots.

Ben Affleck takes care of the girls while Jennifer Garner takes care of their son and films in New Orleans.
Colin Farrel still filming the movie on a horse.
Carly Rae Jepsen on the cover of Cosmopolitan.
Anna Faris takes a hike with her son.
Fergie wearing sunglasses at night. Because you know, she is cool. The only person who should wear sunglasses at night or indoors is Jack Nicholson.
Gerard Butler at a charity event for his new movie. The charity probably should have picked a different movie, but I am happy for this child.
Apparently Dennis Quaid skipped the charity part of the night.

Random Photos Part Two

Jared Leto has lost a lot of weight. This new movie he and Matthew M are in is the ultimate weight loss tool.

Jordin Sparks and her boyfriend Jason Duelo.
Apparently Neiman Marcus and Target got together and Kate Bosworth wanted to be there.
Zoe Saldana was there too.
Leighton Meester was there, and looking way different than she usually does.
At another event, Kelly Osbourne wore a Christmas tree.
Kristen Stewart is always about dressing up.
Lauren Conrad got this from the Chris Brown line of clothes.
Leo DiCaprio being arrested in his new movie.


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