Friday, January 08, 2010

Four For Friday

At a recent photo session for an editorial in GQ, this former major league all star and still pretty decent player replaced a golfer who has had some recent issues and could no longer make it. Yes, it is who you think it is. At the shoot, our baseball player was hitting on the model he was posing with and used the following line. "I love to drink my own c*m." Yes, he actually did say it. The makeup artist who overheard the line dropped her supplies when she heard it. Now, our baseball player has had some very famous dates in the past. He has dated this former A list tweener who now is a C list television and movie actress. He also has dated this permanent married B lister who has been around since she was pre-teen and had two very hit shows.

#1 - baseball player
#2 - golfer
#3 - former A list tweener
#4 - married B lister

Definitely going to be revealed in July.

Random Photos Part Two

Al Green gets the top spot today. Love him.
Amanda Bynes says she wants to be seen as an adult and not as some kid from Nickelodeon. So, she did what anyone would do and posed for MAXIM. The only thing she is ruling out in the future is porn. Other than that it seems like she is willing to do any other kind of movie.
Angelina Jolie was dropped as the spokesperson of St. John. They said it was because she was bigger than the brand. I say it was because she fell asleep during the photo shoot.
Alicia Keys - New York
Britney Spears was having a bad day. Coffee on the front.
Bald spots on the back.
Bradley Cooper squeezing into a suit.
A very rare appearance for Ben Wishaw in the photos.
I would be looking too. This is actually a pretty cool photo. Christina Aguilera and Cher.
Chris Pine after a date with Olivia Munn.
A fan letter from David Bowie to his first American fan.
Ethan Hawke getting ready to display his martial arts moves.
That is a whole lot of country. Garth Brooks, Jewel and Ty Murray.
So, who has had the better career? George Lucas or James Cameron?
From the look on his face, Hugh Dancy must be trying to match the constant expression of his wife Claire Danes.
This is all you need to know about why you should dislike the Kardashians. That is Joe Francis being fondled by Khloe.

Random Photos Part One

Two parts today, not that Jennifer Westfeldt couldn't be top spot worthy in a stretch.
Kid Rock at a SWAGG party.
Lady GaGa with a hat made of her own hair. I'm presuming it is hair from her head and not other parts of her body. Hopefully.
It's like a Project X reunion.
Megan Fox posing in her trailer. This actually is reminiscent of how candid photos used to always be of stars on set.
Matthew's team lost which is why he might be drowning his sorrows in really bad beer.
I'm going to go out on a limb here and say this is Miss USA.
Natalie Portman on the cover of Elle.
Patti Labelle - Highland, CA
Rex Lee is never one to miss a party or a photographer. Still LOVE him though.
Reese Witherspoon looking lost.
Sisqo on Celebrity Big Brother.
Shawn Johnson getting some type of limo lap dance.
Congratulations to Sam Waterston on his well deserved star.
Not to be outdone by Brangelina, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes dragged Suri to Mary Poppins and the cameras.

Happy Birthday David Bowie

Happy Birthday to David Bowie who turned 63 today.

Jon Gosselin Found Someone Willing To Date Him

Umm, somehow Jon Gosselin found some woman who actually thinks he is attractive or she can pretend long enough to make a couple of bucks from some tabloid. People is reporting that on his recent trip to Utah for skiing, Jon found some woman named Morgan who was willing to be seen in public with him and not be ashamed or humiliated. Am I missing something here? What is the attraction? Even if you can make a quick 5 grand from a tabloid, you will be forever in the internet as having hooked up with Jon Gosselin. Do you really want that? Why would they do this? Do they think they can become famous? Do they have dreams of getting Michael Lohan's phone number so they can get their hands on his mesh shirts? How does a guy like Jon Gosselin keep finding women? It is shocking to me.

Your Turn

A reader sent over a really good idea for Your Turn last night. With all of the Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien drama going on, it would be interesting to see who you would pick to be your late night host. But, I am also going to add in another question about your overall favorite late night host.

#1 - Conan or Jay

#2 Best late night host.

A - Jay Leno
B - Conan O'Brien
C - David Letterman
D - Craig Ferguson
E - Jimmy Kimmel
F - George Lopez
G - Carson Daly
H - Nightline
I - Hell, Enty I don't watch television I listen to Coast to Coast all night.

FASHION OR FICTION: Over-The-Knees, Please! - Adrianna Costa

Fashion is like an unpredictable boyfriend. He LOVES you…he ditches you…he vows never to see you again…and then comes calling months down the road…just when you FINALLY thought you were over him!
Come on ladies, you all know what I’m talking about. Well, sadly, the same is true with fashion. Trends always seem to come full circle. Case in point; Over-The-Knee-Boots. For years we’ve been told thigh-highs are designed for one place and one place only….the corner of Hollywood Boulevard. Ladies, I’m hear to tell you to ditch your old way of thinking. It’s time to fall in love again!!!

Here are a couple quick tips: Keep your look streamlined. Avoid mixing and matching too many colors and designs. Since the boots are your showpiece, so to speak, keep everything else simple.

FASHION: In my opinion, Kate Hudson can do no wrong when it comes to style. Her look is (as usual) effortless with a fitted top with skinny jeans tucked into a pair of over-the-knee boots..LOOK FOR LESS: To rock-out like K Hud, check out these nifty little over-the-knee flats called Blondee, for less than $100 at
PS- There is an entire section devoted to over-the-knee boots!Beware: If you’re vertically-challenged (like me) stay away from the flat boots. Instead, opt for a heel (preferably 4 inches or higher) so you don’t get swallowed up.

FASHION: Check out Audrina’s look. She nailed it at the 2009 MTV Awards.LOOK FOR LESS: You can score your own sexy thigh-highs a la Audrina at With a price tag less than $100, you can’t beat that.FICTION: Thigh-highs are fierce…but not in white. Linds, those boots are about as classy as…(I’ll let you fill in the blank) Come on, chica, you know better!!FICTION: Posh is not much better. Because she’s so tiny and her boots are so…not tiny, she must downplay the rest of the look to draw attention to just the boots.
Is it me or does that dress look like road-kill??

Note from Enty - No money is being exchanged. No consideration is being offered. Adrianna just tries to find the look for less.


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