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Blind Items Revealed- Kindness

December 2, 2013

This almost A list mostly movie actress married to an A+ list mostly movie actor dropped off a $250,000 check to the LA Mission on Friday.

Jennifer Garner

Blind Items Almost Revealed

December 1, 2013

This married female B+ list celebrity has been having an affair with her bandmate just for old times sake.

His name is in the band

Blind Items Revealed

December 1, 2013

This male Glee actor has been talking smack about Lea Michele every chance he gets because he says that Lea is telling everyone his relationship with his girlfriend is fake.

Matthew Morrison

Blind Items Almost Revealed

December 2, 2013

This former A list celebrity/television host/reality star?  is now a punch line. A very rich punchline though. He is making sure that his fortune keeps him well stocked with what he calls his rainbow special. He hires a bunch of different male escorts of differing races and takes them all on at once. I wonder how many of those guys just say no amount of money is worth it.

He lives alone. He has no friends. He has lots of health problems because of the way he has taken care of himself over the years.

Blind Items Revealed

December 2, 2013

This foreign born former A+ list mostly movie actor who is now a B+ thanks to some bad choices is still a sex symbol. He also loves women. He has been seeing a woman for the past few months but never gets photographed with her. He tells her that he doesn't want her all caught up in the celebrity nonsense. He also doesn't want the other woman he sees frequently or any other potential suitors to see him with a woman.

Gerard Butler (about a week after this blind, he split with the months long girlfriend)

Blind Items Almost Revealed

December 2, 2013

This Teen Mom woke up from a drunken stupor to find her boyfriend having Skype sex with another guy.

She is actually on Teen Mom 2.

Blind Items Revealed

December 2, 2013

This A list mostly movie actor who is A list because of a franchise and not really because of his acting has been getting into knockdown fights with his B+ list mostly movie actress wife almost everyday in full hearing of a group of people they work with. The couple has been working together and apparently have been going home to separate homes. He alone and she into the arms of someone else most nights.

Daniel Craig/Rachel Weisz

Blind Items Almost Revealed

December 2, 2013

This A list celebrity/singer says she doesn't remember messing around with her brother. The crowd around them seem to remember it just fine thank you.

She now says she has a boyfriend. So, no more messing around with her brother. 

Blind Items Revealed

December 1, 2013

This former A list mostly movie actor who had a franchise is down and out right now. A producer gave him a chance in an indie film and our actor showed up for work, walked to his trailer and passed out all day. The actor did this for three consecutive days before he was fired.

Macaulay Culkin

Blind Items Almost Revealed

December 2, 2013

"I started doing this little girl voice when a producer of the show I was auditioning for really responded to it. It turns out he liked it better when we were in bed together. Since then I have kept it because guys seem to like it." (Almost A list celebrity/singer/actress talking about her big break when she was a minor from a man three times her age)

She is currently on a tweener show. For now.

Blind Items Revealed

May 10, 2011

It's true, stars are just like us. This B- television actress from a very hit network drama which I wish would just go away, came home the other night and found her daughter, in a compromising position with her boyfriend. Ooops. Said boy was sent packing quickly.

Teri Hatcher

Blind Item #3

What celebrity DJ is facing some possible backlash when he accidentally revealed to a magazine that he's a Scientologist? At least one of the major music fests are considering dropping him from the lineup.

Blind Item #2

Which former A list R&B entertainer(singer) who is now a solid B and known as one of the biggest divas in showbiz is afraid that her crack addiction might be revealed during a possible court case?

Blind Item #1

This former A list model who also did a stint on reality television and is very tall was seen and heard screaming into her phone yesterday at paps that she wanted them to come take her photo with her child. Simultaneously she was yelling at her nanny to make sure that her kid's clothes stayed clean for the photo. When the paps said they couldn't make it, she packed everything up and presumably went where they could get a shot.

The Vogue Cover

The cover of Vogue is supposed to be sacrosanct. In December 2006 The New York Tomes called it "the world's most influential fashion magazine." Since 1988, Anna Wintour has been the editor-in-chief of the magazine. In her very first issue in charge she put a woman on the cover wearing nothing but a pair of jeans and a Christian Lacroix jacket. It was the first time jeans had been on the cover and it shocked the world. With competition from around the world and circulation stagnant, Anna Wintour made the decision to put Kanye West and Kim Kardashian on the cover of Vogue. Apparently Kim was the porn star Anna wanted the most on the cover. The only reason they were put on the cover is because Anna wants people to buy Vogue like they buy In Touch or US Weekly. I can't think of any other reason. She is not trying to convince us that the couple is more fashionable than any other couple are they? Is it because Kanye's "friend" works for Givenchy and called in some favors? Is it because Anna decided that Kim wore that Met dress better than Mrs. Doubtfire?

Over the years Victoria Beckham has made it known that she would love to be put on the cover of Vogue. She models. Many consider her attractive and she actually has made a line of dresses and handbags and glasses that she designed herself that people and celebrities all over the world have worn. Anna Wintour doesn't like Victoria though. She likes David, but not Victoria. Apparently David has been offered the cover almost a dozen times and he always turns Anna down and will continue to do so until Victoria gets the cover. I'm no fan of Victoria but at least if she was on the cover she would belong. When you think of Vogue, you think of a magazine with a million pages of ads surrounding a few pages of text. That cover though is supposed to represent fashion. It is supposed to be the world's most influential fashion magazine. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian don't belong on the cover and never will belong on the cover and I hope that this issue not only doesn't sell, but that Anna Wintour is removed from her position.

This latest cover represents a downward slide or chase to the bottom of covers. Katy Perry has been on the cover. Lena Dunham was on the cover. I think what Lena Dunham has done over at Girls has been eye opening in the way that women on the screen are represented and looked at or thought of so you could make an argument for her on the cover. I think it is a losing argument, but you could make the argument. I'm not sure why Katy Perry would be on the cover except to sell magazines.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Random Photos Part Five

Long time, didn't miss in the photos for Brandon Davis.

Bill Ray Cyrus walks his dogs.
Christina Aguilera at Disneyland.
Charlize Theron shows off her watercraft skills.
James Maslow looking sharp headed into DWTS rehearsals.
Meryl Davis makes a first time appearance in the photos.
NeNe and
Candace Cameron Bure
joined Drew Carey at rehearsals.

Random Photos Part Four

Derek Hough picking up take out.

America Fererra was at the premiere of Chavez with
Paulina Rubio and
Rosario Dawson who kissed Diego Luna.
Fergie giving a great speech.
George Clooney's new girlfriend.
Isla Fisher with her kids.
They are making a Jem And The Holograms movie.
James Franco and his fans in NYC.

Random Photos Part Three

Jake Gyllenhaal at the premiere of his new movie.

Joe Jonas hangs out with his brother and girlfriend.
January Jones at rare red carpet appearance.
Jennifer Lopez before her American Idol appearance.
Julianne Moore on the set of her new movie.
Kristin Cavallari still espousing the whole non vaccination thing.
Lily Allen in NYC.
Lisa Marie Presley in Australia.
Madonna showing off her underarms.

Random Photos Part Two

Molly Sims and Jessica Pare looking good together at an event.

Nick Lachey and his dirty shirt in NYC.
Olivia Palermo walks her dog.
Anna Paquin won a bet with Stephen Moyer.
Rihanna goes see through in LA.
Rose McGowan had an interesting look last night.
Rita Ora gets ready for Coachella.
Ryan Phillippe filming a pilot.
Rachel Zoe waits for her husband to come open the door.

Random Photos Part One

Five parts today.

Alexander Skarsgard in one of the few times around town he is not surrounded by women.

Serena Williams wears Dolphins colors in Miami.
Shakira and her boyfriend in front of big Shakira posters.
Another Captain America premiere, this time in London for Scarlett J and Chris Evans.
Shailene Woodley in her signature pose while
Theo James was all dressed up for the same appearance.
Zosia Mamet and her boyfriend.
Zoe Saldana doing some work for Rosemary's Baby.

This Woman Loves Curtains

Off Topic

I'm pretty sure french fries can cure a cold.

Blind Items Revealed

August 8, 2011

Proving that no marriage vows are sacred in Hollywood, this B- actress who will drop to a C- after a certain franchise is over apparently is ready to be the next Mrs when the marriage of this A- actor is finally announced to be ending. The couple has had a few moments here and there over the past few months and the other night, our actor was overheard telling his assistant that the actress cornered him, dragged him into a bathroom and orally serviced him. He also said the following. "You know who would never do that."

Ashley Greene/Peter Facinelli/Jennie Garth

Four For Friday - Strange Hookups

Happy first Friday of spring. It has been really nice outside here and of course I have a horrible cold so can't enjoy the weather at all. No worries. I'm an expert at self-medicating. A weekend of NyQuil and booze and binge watching television should make things better. Of course I will be here blogging all weekend too so hope you will stop by in between March Madness games. If you would like to follow me on Twitter, I would love to see you there. I am @entylawer

#1- Ben Affleck spent about five minutes in this movie but it didn't keep him from making a bet with this A list mostly movie actor that he could hook up with the only female lead in the movie in the two days he spent filming. The bet was Ben had to hook up during filming and not after. Ben managed to do it by the end of the first day.

#2 - Jamie Kennedy and this former A+ list mostly movie actress who is still an A list mostly movie actress and cringes if you ask her about their weekend fling.

#3 - Ryan Reynolds and this former A list mostly movie actress who was just hitting her peak at the time. Since then she has dropped to B list but still has A list name recognition.

#4- Catherine Zeta Jones and this former A+ list mostly comic movie actor who was just getting started on the television show that would make him famous and several others not named SNL. They met at a party and she says he lasted for what seemed like a week straight.

Your Turn

Would you date someone on Lindsay Lohan's sex list? Would you want to be on her sex list?

Blind Items Revealed

July 21, 2011

This top 3 finisher on American Idol thought she had it all figured out. Go public with the failed marriage thing and show off the new guy she met on location who said he was in love with her. One tiny problem. The new guy dumped her, but she already told her significant other. Now she does not know what to do, except show off what looks like some really bad looking plastic surgery.

Katharine McPhee

Blind Items Revealed

September 26, 2011

This B list celebrity acting couple is all about the television acting for now. The actress in the couple has certainly had some great success in movies. Really big success, but for now focuses on television. Anyway, the couple is pretty open sexually and have brought other women into the relationship before with no difficulties. However, a woman they brought into the relationship not too long ago has caused some problems mainly because the actor in this relationship will not stop calling her and has seen her on his own with our actress present. She is not thrilled at all. The actor says he will not do it anymore, but very shaky ground right now for the couple.

Anna Paquin/Stephen Moyer

Blind Items Revealed

December 2, 2011

This B- list television actress has been in this space before for some not so model behavior. She is on a hit show for this almost network and wants everyone in the world to think she is the perfect mom and girlfriend to her B list actor boyfriend who is also on a hit television show. Our actress has gone through a series of relationships with men and at the end she always makes it seem like the boyfriends were the awful ones and she was perfect. The realities? She sets aside time for sex with her boyfriends. They get three times a week but she only schedules it for 30 minutes. If you are late then that is your fault. When 30 minutes is up, she is up too. She considers it a necessity rather than fun. Oh, and don't forget that pre and post sex shower. Food? She only eats four things. Seriously. Just four. Chicken, rice, Total and apples. Nothing else. No seasonings or spices. If you are with her when you eat, then she insists you eat the same thing too. One of the actresses on her show who is getting to be almost A list said that if given the opportunity she would slip a chocolate bar or pot into the homemaker's food just so she could actually live a life for two minutes. Red carpet events? She tells her dates what to wear. Why do guys put up with it? Because she latches on to them and does not let go. They don't have a choice. If you ask her out and she says yes, she will be texting and calling and doing drop ins before you can say boo. She does not let go and it is very tough to get her out of your life.

#1 - Actress - Kelly Rutherford
#2 - Her boyfriend- Matthew Settle
#3 - Co-star who talks smack- Blake Lively
#4 - Television show- Gossip Girl

Blind Item #7

While this foreign born A list mostly movie actress has been all over the world promoting her new movie, her new husband has been seeing not only his ex but also the couple's nanny. This should be an interesting discussion when our actress returns home.

This Is Why Kneepads Sucks

If you have ever wondered where my hatred of all things People/Kneepads Magazine comes from, this article they published yesterday pretty much sums it up. I'm not sure a magazine could suck up more than they do to one particular person. In this case, they are sucking up to Gwyneth Paltrow but you can pretty much put in any celebrity and they would be happy to run it.

The kissing butt starts from the first sentence. "We like to think of Gwyneth Paltrow as our own personal lifestyle guru. From her bold crop top-wearing skills to her crazy cleanses to those GOOP newsletters (yes, we subscribe!), the actress is everywhere (including in our head as we get ready)."

If they think of her as their lifestyle guru then that explains a lot. Who thinks she is their guru? The article plugs the Goopster's website and then is basically an ad for Restorsea which she plugs. The article doesn't mention the ongoing lawsuit involving the company and its hatching fluid supplier. The article does contain a purported interview with Gwyneth although I'm guessing no one from People actually spoke to Gwyneth and would never dare to ask if they could. This is an ad for a company and for Gwyneth. No one paid actual dollars for it but thhey might as well have. Tell me where the news is in this article. There is none. It is simply a piece designed to make sure that Gwyneth gives the magazine and the company access when they do want to directly pay her money for a non-story or because she let them interview her for a movie she is promoting. The magazine and this Britney Talarico should be embarrassed.

A To D List - The Rankings - Part Eleven

Robbie Williams – Foreign born former A list entertainer(singer) who tries to be A list on his own but really needs his former group to pull it off.
Robert De Niro- Permanent A list mostly movie actor who sometimes looks like he is cashing paychecks now and not so worried about the role or his legacy.
Rooney Mara – B+ list mostly movie very wealthy actress who definitely had A list commitment to a recent role.
Rose Byrne – B list mostly television actress who everyone knows by her face but not by name.
Rose Huntington-Whitely- C+ list mostly movie actress who is more well known because of her action star boyfriend than her career.
Russell Brand- Foreign born A list entertainer(comedian) who has dabbled in movies and done great in supporting roles and crappy in lead roles.
Ryan O'Neal- Former A list mostly movie actor who is in top 5 for worst celebrity parent/boyfriend of all-time. How many lives can one person ruin?
Ryan Reynolds- Former A+ list mostly movie actor who is a one note A list mostly movie actor who might just be more controlling than BAG.
Ryan Seacrest- A list everything who works harder than almost anyone in the business but needs to be honest with the world.
Salma Hayek- B list mostly movie actress who has her A list years. Lots of them. Another actress who is enjoying cashing those quick comedy paychecks rather than working on a tough role.
Scarlett Johannsen- A- list mostly movie actress who is always hovering right at that A-/B+ level and is an Academy Award winner/nominee
Selena Gomez – Former A list tweener who is having as much ptrouble staying sober as she is making good decisions about her boyfriends.
Selma Blair- Former B list mostly movie actress turned failed B list mostly television actress. Her look and her name keep her higher on the list than she probably deserves.
Seth Macfarlane- A list everything kind of guy who does a little of this and a little of that and chances are you have heard him or seen him or watched his stuff.
Seth Rogen- Barely hanging on to A list mostly movie comic actor who had a great run until the whole scene in a movie that kind of stalled his career.
Shakira- Foreign born A list entertainer(singer) who kind of got lucky not to be tagged with a homewrecker label.
Sharon Stone – Former A+ list mostly movie actress who is trying her hand at television now. After her big break she slowly has slid down to B and would drop lower if not for her name.
Shia LaBeouf- A list mostly movie actor who loves his booze as much as his mom.
Sienna Miller – B- list mostly movie actress who has shown more talent sleeping with husbands than acting.
Sigourney Weaver – Former A list mostly movie actress who has stayed in the A list range for decades and has played multiple roles but known best for one.
Sylvester Stallone- Former A+ list mostly movie actor who will always be an A lister and is also an Academy Award winner/nominee. Just when you think his best days are behind him he finds another franchise.
Sir Patrick Stewart – Former A list mostly television actor who has embraced social media unlike many others his age.
Sofia Coppola – B+ list movie director who was A list and then got carried away with how important she thought she was. Plus that one director crushed her heart.
Steve Martin- Permanent A list mostly movie actor who got his start at the start of this long running network show and has had his best days but people have said that before about him.
Steven Tyler- Permanent A list entertainer(singer) who loves women almost as much as he loves back pills.

Blind Item #6

This DWTS pro has been ignoring her own partner quite a bit because she has been trying to hook up with this A list tweener on the show. She thinks it will bring her a whole new fan base. Her problem is that he is already having sex with his current partner.

Blind Item #5

This B list entertainer(athlete) with a more famous wife has been told by his employers that certain family members will not be allowed to visit him at his work place unless some requirements are met first. Apparently a visit from those family members could potentially be harmful to his fellow employees and their families.

Blind Item #4

This living legend and permanent A list actress/singer got out of a nasty coke possession arrest when the officer let her destroy the vial with the coke. Our actress has been causing a little scene while drunk and the policeman asked her if she had been taking any drugs and our legend pulled out the vial. The policeman made her put shoe to vial and then told her to get on her way.

Blind Item #3

This B list mostly television actress who was on a very hit long running show has stayed B list for a long time. This past week she was getting paid to eat and after every few takes she would go to the bathroom and purge. It was a shoot for a food company and our actress had to put the food in her mouth for the shoot and swallow so she could say her lines. She hated that she had to eat the food so took care of it every few minutes.

Cameron Diaz Says Everyone Gets Cheated On And People Who Have Kids Are Screwed

Cameron Diaz is promoting a movie about cheating. In the movie she is dating a guy who is married and also has a girlfriend. So, of course when doing press she is going to get asked about her experiences. She says that everyone gets cheated on and that everyone will be cheated on and there is nothing you can do about it and that you have to accept it and decide how you want to deal with it. I'm guessing there have not been many relationship she has been in where guys have not cheated on her or else she probably wouldn't say that. Look at the guys she has dated though. Alex Rodriguez. Jared Leto. Both of those guys will cheat every second of every day. Justin Timberlake. At some point you have to stop and ask yourself what kind of guys you are attracted to and whether you are attracted to a guy you know is going to do that to you. In the interview she also says that she counts on her friends and that she has lots of friends and that she is fortunate to have such great friends she can see all over the world because she is mobile.

"That's the great thing about being mobile; a lot of my friends have kids and they are stuck, planted in one place."

I know lots of people with kids who are very mobile. I wonder if she is rationalizing her decision to not have kids or she really believes people are stuck once they have kids. I feel like she is talking down to people who decide to have kids.

Blind Item #2

This B list reality star who has been in more than one reality show has a B list reality star wife. The husband thinks everything is locked down tight with the one or two women he cheats on his wife with with all types of agreements. The thing is though, one of those women has been sending the wife little anonymous notes that only someone who could have seen the husband naked would know. It would crush her perfect little world if this comes out.

Blind Item #1

This B list mostly television actress who at one point was headed for A list everything is on a hit cable show and a new boyfriend but never sees her kid(s). The reason? The new boyfriend thinks they get in the way and he doesn't like interacting with the ex because the ex is a guy who scares the boyfriend. Probably because the ex actually has a real job.

Seattle Police And The Kurt Cobain Investigation

With the 20th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death approaching the Seattle police say they are just preparing themselves for the onslaught of questions and interest in the death of the rock legend. This, they say is why they have started looking at the case again. After a Seattle news station reported that the police were re-opening the investigation Courtney Love went into panic mode and stopped looking for MH370 long enough to make sure she still had her story straight. The news report says that police recently developed four rolls of film from the scene that had just been discovered. There was no information about whether the film provided any new evidence or clues and it probably won't because there were a whole lot of police and detectives swarming all over the scene when it happened. I remember watching MTV that day. They still showed music at the time and the little crawl just came across the screen and then you had to wait because there was no such thing really as the internet to jump on and take a look at news reports. Everyone had to patiently wait for Kurt Loder to finish chain smoking a pack of cigarettes and come on the air and give us a report about the shooting. If there had been the same kind of access then as there was now I wonder what the furor would have been like.

Jennifer Lopez Lip Synchs On American Idol

Sure, it is a singing competition. Sure, the contestants are required to actually sing the songs they are performing, but they are not out Jennifer Lopez who would never be able to actually compete on the show she is judging. Just like Paula Abdul before her, Jennifer Lopez lip synchs all of her performances on American Idol and will continue to do so because she is a lousy singer who knows she will look like an idiot if she tries to sing live. See, when you lip synch you can say there was a reason she had to do it whether it is production or a sore throat or time constraints or a million other excuses. When you sing live, it doesn't matter what excuse you come up with, the only thing people remember and play all over the internet is where you sound like crap. Real singers should be the judges on the show. How about taking some people who finished in the top 3 of Idol and have them be judges on the show. How can Jennifer Lopez judge and give advice on something she can't even do on our own. She would not even make it to Hollywood week.


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