Friday, October 03, 2008

Four For Friday

#1 - Former A lister but he hasn't been one in awhile. I guess technically he would be about a C lister now but with some A list name recognition. Always films. He was trying to make a career comeback. His agent and manager have a brand new television show lined up for him, but he hasn't done anything about it, returned any calls or met with the people he needs to because he is newly in love and can't bear to be apart from his girlfriend. Manager and agent are ready to let him go unless he gets his act together.

#2 #3 and #4 - This is really interesting. This foreign born actress is definitely C list. Attractive and young, but C list. Apparently she was also the reason that this now married B+ film actor who got his start in television broke up with his then fiancee who is an A list singer. The C list actress and our B+ actor had a thing for about five minutes while they were making a film together, but she was always keeping in touch after. Although she wanted more, our actor didn't. Unfortunately for him, his A list singer, didn't believe him or his protestations, and eventually it led to the break up.

Random Photos Part One

No special reason for Bradley Cooper to be on top. There just was no one really special today and no photo that really stood out, so Bradley gets the top spot. Will probably be the only time unless he does something really spectacular.
Beyonce - Hamilton, Bermuda
I thought about putting Carla Gugino on the top just because I have never really seen her in casual clothes, but she has been in the photos so much lately that I figured it would be going overboard.
Frank Black - Sydney

Eve - New York
Elizabeth Banks had never been in the photos before this week and now its twice. She is just lucky that there were no solo photos of Jenna Fischer.
Coldplay - Amsterdam
Cypress Hill - New York
I actually think this is the first time Hill Harper has been in the photos. Glad to correct that slight.

See? Two days in a row with the whole head covered thing. It is going to be a trend. Want to bet?
Britney yesterday.
I was going to make fun of this outfit until I realized Kanye probably already has the entire thing including the backpack.
Ummm. I don't mean to be rude, but with that thing on your head, getting in and out of the car is going to be difficult. And please don't let me see you driving with it on either.

Look. I like Michael Cera as much as the next person, but doesn't it seem like he only plays one role after the other that are exactly the same? Now, with that said, go make me an Arrested Development film. I want one every other year until I die.

Have not seen Kathy Najimy around at anything in awhile. Great to see her.
Wow. With that beard, Jason Ritter looks just like his dad.
The interesting couple of the day award goes to Jason Lewis and Jennifer Siebel. I didn't see her husband in any of the photos, but since they just got married, I'm assuming all is cool on the homefront. I mean I think most of you would probably take your photo with Jason as well, so this is not like a shocker or anything.
Hugh Jackman on the set of a new photoshoot.

Sugababes - London

Rachael Ray does not have throat cancer. Yes, she is going to have surgery on her vocal cords, and yes, she will have to not talk for a few weeks, but it is nothing serious. So, since she is going to be ok, is it ok to be happy she is going to have to be quiet for two weeks? Do you think her husband is happy about that?
Swear when I first looked at the photo quickly I thought Ricki Lake was Shannen Doherty.
Naughty By Nature - New York
Mos Def, Chuck D and Flavor Flav - New York

I would have to say that Tim Daly is probably aging better than anyone in Hollywood right now.

The Automatic - Manchester
"Says here, that bloodletting is making a comeback."
Lisa Ann is your Sarah Palin porn look-a-like. Should be an interesting film.
It's fake excitement, but it is Samuel L Jackson so I will give him a break. Do you think he ever gets tired of wearing those hats though?

Zoe Kravitz at fashion week in Paris.

Wendie Malick is going to be 58 in two months. Pretty damn impressive.
One of the nicest guys on the planet is Wayne Knight.
The Ting Tings - Manchester, UK
I just like the goofiness of Matthew Perry here. The deer in the headlights thing on Hilfiger is nice too. Maybe Matt is groping him.

Your Turn

So, this week it is kind of a two parter. The first part is the normal Your Turn where I throw something out there and then you participate. The second concerns future You Turn's. I'm running out of ideas. I need help, and so I am turning to you for help on that. Honestly, something like how old you were when you lost your virginity, while interesting, is not going to get many responses, so try and think of subjects that will get lots of participation.

For today. It is one very simple question.

Which do you like better? Shoes or sex?

Daily Mirror Blind Item

Which celebrity couple of the moment are actually nothing more than vague acquaintances? The supposedly loved-up duo have only ever met each other in front of the cameras...

Melissa Joan Hart Gets Feisty

Melissa Joan Hart made the most of her recent appearance on Bonnie Hunt's talk show to take some shots at some people and some shows. Love it. Who knew she had the snark in her? Her first order of business was trashing Heather Mills who she referred to as a British chippy. She holds a grudge against her and DWTS for bumping her so they could have Heather Mills on their show.

But that's not all, because face it, I think everyone if given the opportunity would take a dig at Heather Mills. I am surprised though that DWTS has not offered her a slot since that season. It's not as if they are throwing out A listers on the show. In her second order of business, Melissa took a jab at just about everyone else by saying, "These kids are like franchises right now. They are not just acting and singing. As soon as you have a TV show or a hit song, all of a sudden, you have to have a clothing line, a fragrance, you've to got put out a country album - are you kidding me?"

A country album? Who could she possibly be referring to? Hmmmmm. Do we know anyone who had a tv show and a hit song, put out a clothing line and a fragrance and recorded a country album? Let me think about that for one second. Could Melissa possibly be taking a shot at Jessica Simpson? Love it.

I will say this though. Melissa is not exactly playing straight here though as she was one of the original franchises. I seem to recall she did her Clarissa show and then moved into Sabrina and was doing her best to make herself her own little franchise as well. I seem to recall that her family owns a good chunk of Sabrina so perhaps some of this stems from some kind of hidden envy that she didn't do the whole clothing and fragrance lines. Anyway though, it is nice to see someone go on a talk show and not just throw out a bunch of cliches.

SNL Does It Again - Here Comes The Queen

I must admit I didn't watch the VP debate last night. I decided to watch baseball instead. I know, I know, but I knew I wasn't going to be intellectually stimulated either way, so might as well have some fun. Apparently though I was about the only one outside of LA or Chicago who didn't watch the debate because it got more viewers than the Presidential debate. Usually they get about half.

Anyway, the moderator of the debate last night was Gwen Ifill, and SNL has signed up Queen Latifah to play her when they do a VP debate sketch this weekend. Obviously you have Fey as Palin, but what I think would be a great move is to have Anne Hathaway who is the host this week, play Biden. I think she could pull it off.

It just seems as if SNL really can't do anything wrong this year because of the election. They will probably be hurting again by Christmas, but for now they definitely are making at least the first ten minutes of each show very watchable. Not that I would actually watch the show. I mean it is available on the website, and easier, and lets face it. Cinemax has a triple feature on about the same time as SNL if you know what I mean.

You Are Not Evil If You Don't Have Kids

Apparently in the Publicist 101 manual somewhere it says that all celebrities must at some point make it be known that while they are not pregnant, they are perfectly willing to adopt a child and look forward to it at some point. If every celebrity adopted a child who said they were going to, there would be no more children left to adopt anywhere in the world. So, obviously they haven't.

I guess the response is designed to make us feel more connected to them and to show us they have real feelings as well. Whatever. I just think it is a bunch of self serving crap. And when you have heard it from certain people for years and years and yet they still haven't done it, then you realize it is what it is, and that it is just for publicity.

Lindsay Lohan is the latest to announce to the world that she cares about children and wants to adopt. Well, I don't know anyone who doesn't care about children in general. There are lots of people who don't want kids and can't stand to be around kids, but I don't think anyone would say they want children to suffer. Lindsay just wants you to know she is like us.

In an interview with Marie Claire she says, "At some point, I want to adopt a kid – a child in need or a newborn from another country. I'm not sure."

Well, if you adopt them, I don't know if that is really going to take them out of the in need status where you found them. Lindsay does not seem to be the motherly type. Wonder why. And do you really need Dina being around any additional children. I think one generation messed up is enough thank you very much.

Kiss A Sheep? Yes - Kiss A Girl? No

Apparently in Van, Texas wherever the hell that is, the school board gets a little freaked out when their students perform a song that talks about kissing a girl. Can't have that. That would be wrong. It doesn't matter that the entire student body knew the words. What does matter, is that the song promotes kissing a girl, and because Katy Perry liked it, therefore it is wrong. If Katy hadn't liked it or whipped out a Bible, then all would be great and, instead of the girls getting in trouble would probably get a coupon for a free Blizzard at Dairy Queen. But, no, Katy liked it, the girls danced to it, the students sang to it and therefore the girls who performed it were suspended for three weeks from all extra curricular activities.

Those who were singing the song during the performance were advised there could be a mark on their permanent record, were given a four hour lecture on why it is wrong to kiss a girl. They then made the boys and girls play spin the bottle for 4 hours to reinforce opposite sex kissing.
Parents and pastors were called in. Prayer meetings were held. There was talk of the world ending, and looking for the seven signs. All because Katy kissed the girl and liked it.

Strangest Quote Of The Day

A lot has been said of the relationship between the Beckham's and the Cruise family and how the relationship has soured. Well, it isn't like you are ever going to get a straight answer from Tom Cruise or even Katie Holmes on it. Speaking of which. Wouldn't you think that with all of the publicity she is generating for this play, that perhaps some magazines would like to sit down and interview her. Now, knowing that the magazines have asked her to sit down for interviews, why would she be turning them down? Is Tom afraid to let her be alone in a one on one interview. Actually, I think that if Kate had an interview with a magazine, Tom would be there even if being there meant he might die. OK, maybe not that far, he would just make her cancel until he could be there.

Anyway, since we can't get anything out of the stiff ones we need to move on to their friends Victoria and David Beckham. David never says anything to anyone so it is up to Victoria and she gave us what she wanted. But it is the strangest quote ever. "We can't wait to come support Katie. Her husband Tom Cruise says she's amazing, the reviews have been amazing. We're so proud of her."

Now, a couple of things. Weren't the Beckhams in New York this past week doing the whole couple perfume thing? Umm, and why couldn't they go see Katie perform? If they can't wait to support Katie, it seems as if they had their chance. Oh, and don't say they were too busy because they were photographed eating dinner. Oh, and they were alone. No Tom and Katie with them. Here is the strangest part though. When is the last time you referred to your friend's spouse by their first and last name. Does she have another husband? Does she have an L. Ron husband and a Tom Cruise husband? Does Tom Cruise make everyone call him Tom Cruise just so he can hear his name over and over again? Did she think we would confuse Tom Cruise with a different Tom she could be married to?

Michael Lohan Opening Rehab For Celebrities

Hey, what do you know, an exclusive. Do you feel the excitement? Me neither. It just kind of seemed too lame to make a blind item, but exclusives are kind of lame. Of course it would have to be about Michael Lohan. Well, can't win them all. At least he is fun to make fun of. Apparently now that Michael is getting married he is looking for something to do to make a buck other than trying to live off his relationship with his daughter. Probably a good idea considering the disintegration of that relationship and it wasn't even a year ago when they were all huggy kissy when she got out of that Utah rehab clinic. Well being a general pain in the ass and making unsolicited comments can lead to the break down of even a father-daughter relationship.

Enough about that. Lets talk about Michael's new money making scheme. Right now he is gathering investors for the purpose of getting them to pony up a bunch of dough so Michael can open his own celebrity rehab place. Not sure I would give him money to buy me a loaf of bread at the store, but ok. According to the person who passed me along all of this, otherwise, known as a source. Sounds cheesy like that though huh? Trying to stay off the cheese though this morning. No, not a lactose thing, but thanks for your concern. Anyway, the source says that Michael is telling all these potential investors that he is eminently qualified to to run such a place because of his own history with substance abuse and because he has a "unique insight and understanding into the nature of celebrity addicts." Well, sure, but that means when he is selling this idea to investors he is exploiting Lindsay, because as far as I know he is the only celebrity addict he really knows. And does having insight into one celebrity addiction and going through rehab yourself somehow make you an expert and give you the ability to run an entire clinic? I don't think so. Oh, and you think that when Michael needs some extra cash that perhaps someone at the clinic will whisper something to the tabloids. I wouldn't go there if I were a celebrity. I wouldn't go there period. The last thing I need to see if I am coming off a four year bender is Michael Lohan's face in mine everyday while I'm trying to get clean.

Ted C Blind Item

It can be a rocky journey to the top, and no one knows this better than Finnegan Furrow-Brow. He's been in the spotlight for years, but never had that star recognition until most recently. See, Finny's a younger-type dude who's been thrust upon this world of flashing lights and flashing panties simply due to his ambitious achievements (which, of course, means he's starting to dabble in all kinds of crossover activities too, which usually happens with the young, firmly muscled and pretty popular).

F's tight ass and adorable smile def don't hurt his fame cred, either, but newly minted megamoney and magnified status aside, FFB isn't exactly a traditional knockout stud. Regardless, his basically "unthreatening" demeanor gets girls into the throes of his sheets all the damn time, anyways. But...these digging damsels shouldn't be too eager. Here's why:

Despite Frazzy's best ass-getting efforts, when it comes down to it, he often has difficulty knocking the cojones outta the park. Why? Oh, not because of any diss-able effort on his part—turns out, actually it's quite the opposite, as Mr. F.B.'s predicaments usually occur because he's such a good guy. See, he got the herp. And being the nice boy he is, he'll always warn (hugely unlike most of his H-town counterparts, hugely) these supple potential nooky sirens that he has herpes, but not to worry cause they can "just use a condom."

Cue girl's exit. Almost always.

Sheesh, maybe the dude should take that offer Miley Cyrus shot down and start reppin' rubbers? At least he'd get the (bigger) bucks if not the girl.

And It Ain't: Jesse McCartney, Cristiano Ronaldo, Roger Federer

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Today's Blind Items

So, our singer and her husband are back for I think the third appearance in this space. You remember them don't you. She had a baby and the marriage all fell apart. Well sometimes you may see them out together. What you don't see is the fact that she makes out with other guys right in front of the husband. Oh yes, they are still married although it is in name only. Now as for other activities she does in front of the husband, still no word. Working on it though.

Random Photos Part One

It's almost like they were doing a public service announcement. Hell, maybe they were. Anyway, I think this is probably the first time these four have been photographed together, and so it makes the top spot. Oh, we will see them later, so don't worry if you want to see them all by themselves. Not that you would worry about that. I mean, there are other things to worry about like whether money will actually be worth anything in a few weeks or if we will keep our jobs, or be able to buy food that isn't contaminated by greedy manufacturers, and imported without checking out the manufacturers first. So, I doubt you are really all that concerned about whether you will get to see Sean Connery alone or not.
Is it me, or is the kid not looking at the check.
Carlos Ramirez where have you been?
You get the feeling that maybe Cameron is a little scared of dogs?
Just a little closer.
Human hair is making a comeback this year (or)

Cousin It turns to runway modeling.
Emma Watson's top kind of looks like that mime freak show yesterday on the runways, so maybe there is a crowd who likes it.
Smoking and self tanner = not so good for complexion as Catherine Zeta Jones is discovering.
Now this is an interesting pair here. Charles Grodin and Cybil Shepherd.
Jodie Foster on the other hand obviously loves the dog. There was another photo where it looked like there was tongue, but this is a family blog.

OK, so I didn't watch the video and so I only saw a headline and therefore I am probably ignorant, but did Jenny McCarthy come out and say that her son was cured of autism. Is that possible?
"I like the first one better. The sequel just kind of played to the lowest common denominator. " I would have also accepted, "Saturday nights at the Alba house."
Ione Skye. I say that name and it just makes me smile. Good memories.
I know I did the whole Gavin and Gwen thing yesterday but this is one of my favorite photos of the day so it gets in.
So, I want to say upfront here that I think that Jumpstart's Read For The Record is a great program and I think it does fantastic things. That being said we are going to have a little fun.

So, Jo Jo was in Boston and was reading the book of the year which as you can see is Corduroy.
Greg Kinnear was in New York reading the same book. No problem and he looks like he is having a great time doing so.
LL Cool J, in the same place reading the same book to the same group of kids.

Mary Louise Parker in the same place reading the same book to the same group of kids.
Jesse McCartney in the same place, reading the same book to the same group of kids who have now heard the book four times.
Matt Lauer and Ann Curry reading the same book in the same place to the same kids who are hearing it now for the fifth time.
Mario on the other hand is in Washington DC and reading it for the first time, but all the kids and parents are looking in the opposite direction.

Probably the best I have ever seen Kate Walsh look. Doesn't mean the marriage is real, just means she looks really good.

Kiefer has looked fantastic lately. I don't think he has given up smoking, but maybe staying off the booze is doing it.
The dog is back, oh and the Target pup as well.
So, if you are going to make a multi-million dollar solid gold sculpture of a woman you are fascinated with, don't you think you could come up with something better than this? It's frightening actually.
John Turturro and Robert DeNiro which is a nice photo moment.

Father and daughter dressing alike. Nice. Didn't see what the new girlfriend was wearing, but if she was wearing the same thing that would have been really special.
I'm not usually a big fan of Natalie Portman, but she looks great here.
That dog is excited about Mike Myers.
I just know Liza is going to fall in. I look at the photo and she doesn't move, but I can just sense it.

A first time appearance for Tony Robbins and his wife and Quincy Jones who was being honored for his good works and deeds.

Notice that Sean is not actually touching Robin. Arm around her yes. Touching? No.
Hello Shirley MacLaine.
"You must always show the dog who is boss."
It has been an age since I have seen Rita Moreno. Wow!


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