Friday, September 04, 2009

Happy Labor Day

No Four For Friday today and there won't be any updates on Monday. I am taking the weekend off in the RV as I said before and I hope everyone else has a great weekend also. Be safe, but have fun and I will see you all back here next week.

Random Photos Part One

Amber Tamblyn Gets the top spot today. Here she is reading from her new book Bang Ditto which you all need to go buy. For those of you who requested the book, it will be shipping your way hopefully next week. (ECA)
And Amber's lovely mom Bonnie.
Notice the photographer running full speed behind Ashlee Simpson. I'm guessing he saw a real celebrity.
Bear Grylls has been absent from the photos for awhile.
Jamie Lynn Sigler on the set of Ugly Betty.
And one during the day.
Jessica Simpson walking the runway in Paris. Seriously.
Our SATC picture of the day is Kim Cattrall. The woman behind her is unimpressed.
Kid Rock - New York
Liz Taylor at the Michael Jackson funeral.
Madonna in Jordan.
Macaulay Culkin and Mila Kunis at the Michael Jackson funeral.
Mickey Rourke assumes his natural pose when seeing a policeman. He wasn't arrested. Just goofing.
"Here she comes just walking down the street singing doo wah diddy"
Robert Downey Jr. and Susan Downey headed to the DJ AM funeral.
Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane also attended.
Rumer and mom at Rumer's premiere.
Susan Sarandon on the set of her new movie.
Kathy Griffin pulling a Kate Gosselin.

Your Turn

As we slide into the last weekend of summer, I thought it would be fun to look back at this past summer or any summer if you like, but name the thing you most enjoyed about this summer or what you will most remember about this summer. As Michael K said before it has definitely been the summer of death, but I was hoping we could look at positive things that happened to you. As for me, well it will probably be this weekend as I head out in an RV. Yes, I have decided to see just how much damage a fat man can do behind the wheel of a 40 foot long vehicle. I got inspired when I was watching the episode of Entourage where the gang grabs Eric Roberts and they head out to Joshua Tree. Way too hot for me there, but I thought maybe a trip up north might be fun and so am taking mom and dad and meeting some friends along the way and I went to Costco yesterday and bought 50 pounds of bacon. That should hopefully get me through the weekend.

So, tell me your stories. This year or a summer past.

Daily Mirror Blind Item

Which married media figure was more than a little flushed when he called in a plumber to unblock a lavatory? The loo is near a bedroom he uses to woo women and the plumber fished out 25 condoms. We're sure the bloke had an innocent explanation for his wife...

Alena Jenkins On Good Morning America

Ryan Jenkins's sister was on Good Morning America this morning. She was asked among other things whether she was the person who drove Ryan Jenkins to the hotel where he hung himself. She declined to answer so I think we all assume that is a big yes. She is not going to be charged with a crime so there was no reason for her to not answer yes or no.

She was also asked whether she believed her brother committed the crime. She said, "Until proven without a doubt I have to say my brother is innocent." Well, I don't know how much more proof she needs. I guess she is looking for the Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane defense that there must be a photo showing it before there can be guilt.

TMZ released some pictures showing Jasmine Fiore being very intimate with her ex husband in the days prior to her death. Not intimate like sex intimate but some kissing and groping. Jasmine's ex had just been released from prison. Alena was asked if that could have set her brother off. Alena said no because Jasmine "was a bit of a show off" who "would quite often expose her breasts in public."

Nice. To see the video, click here. To see the photos of Jasmine and her ex, click here.

Katherine Heigl Says She Has Quit Smoking

US Weekly is reporting that someone told them who told someone else who told their best friend's sister that they saw Ferris at 31 flavors and that he passed out. Oh, wait I lost track. Anyway, someone told someone that Katherine Heigl has given up her multi-pack a day cigarette smoking habit. I think that is great. Fantastic even, but I am not sure why you need to share it with the world. Just stop for the sake of stopping and not to get accolades from the rest of the world. Why? Because if you slip or something then the entire world of paps is going to get your picture smoking a cigarette and then bloggers are going to jump all over it. Just be happy you stopped and keep it to yourself. We don't need a day by day account of how wonderful you think you are for quitting.

The Khloe Kardashian Coke Story Keeps Getting More Strange

A few weeks back, I told you about a scene in the new Kardashian show called Khloe & Kourtney Because We Want Money Too. In te scene, Khloe is confronted by her sisters after they find coke in her purse. Khloe then spun this story about how someone left it in the changing room and she picked it up and put it in her purse because a customer was coming in the store. Uh huh.

Well, now it turns out there is more. While in Miami, Khloe was given a weekly radio show and during the show she took out the vial of coke and started talking about it.

"I have never done coke, I'm just not into that stuff. Look what I found at my store! It's like coke, I don't know, but what do you do? Do you like snort it through here?"

As she mimed snorting the substance, she added: "I'm so high! It's not mine, it's just cocaine, it's not mine!"

So, let me get this straight. She found this coke on the floor and was going to throw it away but didn't have time so put it in her purse. Later she still happens to have the coke in her purse and brings it out on a radio show? If she was so freaked out about it why didn't she throw it away? Then to make her claim even more dubious she says that she had never even seen coke before in her life until she picked up that vial. Uh huh.

Cranky Old Man Slaps A Two Year Old In A Store

We have all been there. We have been in a store when a child starts crying or begging or whining. Hell, it doesn't have to be a child. Even to this day when I go to the grocery store with my mom, I can throw a pretty good tantrum if she decides to try and buy something green and leafy.

Normally though I think are thoughts are not so much as why can't that parent get the kid to be quiet, but more sympathy, because there are so few options a parent has to deal with a crying child. We don't know why they are crying. It might not be because they couldn't have the candy or toy or latest Jonas Brothers trading cards. It could be because they are sick or just had shots or really tired.

You just never know. I do know though that I wouldn't deal with it by walking up to the kid and slapping them. Apparently though Roger Stephens doesn't live in the same world you and I do, because he was in a Georgia Wal-Mart when a two year girl wouldn't stop crying. Stephens who is 61 and looks like the crankiest a-hole ever walked up to the kid and said to the mother of the child that if she wouldn't stop the child from crying he would make her stop. Well, she kept crying and he slapped the girl four or five times and then said, "See, I told you I would get her to shut up."

He was then arrested and charged with first degree cruelty to children.

Susan Boyle Still Popular

Apparently Susan Boyle is still popular. How popular you ask? Well her new record is at the top of Amazon's album charts knocking off Whitney Houston and The Beatles. The crazy thing is her record hasn't even been released yet and isn't sue to hit stores until November 24th.

In fact, she hasn't even finished the album yet. I think she is good, but is she better than Whitney Houston and The Beatles? What if the album sucks? Maybe everyone is just buying it for Christmas or something, but I would like to hear a song or two before I committed to buying the actual album.

According to Susan's reps she celebrated the news with a trip to Harrods and then some other shopping. It didn't take her long to start spending that money.

Jack Tweed Arrested For Sexual Assault

You may be saying to yourself, who in the hell is Jack Tweed and why should I be interested in him? Well, it is the Friday before Labor Day and if you are stuck at work while the rest of the office called in sick, then there has to be something to read. Jack is the convict who married Jade Goody. Jade of course was the UK reality star turned pariah turned national treasure when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Right before she passed away this year Jack was allowed out of jail to marry her.

Now it turns out Jack could be headed back to jail. A teenager this morning filed a report with police claiming she had been sexually assaulted by Jack and another man. There are not that many details at this time but Jack has said he has struggled since Jade passed away. He was struggling long before that, but this is what he had to say about his own behavior since she died.

"I don't really know how I'm bearing up at the moment. I'm drinking quite a lot, which I shouldn't be. I shouldn't be saying it but I don't want to lie to anyone and I am drinking quite a lot and I've got to go and see someone or I've got to stop."

Ted C. Blind Items

Get ready for a gay, anonymous-sex hookup gone wrong—hunky movie-star style! Now, our latest Blind Vice entrant, Topher Hairy-Tuchus, has made an appearance before in the Awful Truth, but only as a supporting player—this totally handsome stud was never christened with his own moniker. Until now, anyway! And since Toph's made it into our sexyass annals, seems like he's dutifully checking off every other last step required for getting (and staying) on the Vice A-list. Lauded movies, check. Hot bod, check. Famous female companions, check. Totally closeted homo, check and then some!

'K, so a doable dude who secretly prefers the company of men is as common in H'wood as a paparazzi fender bender outside the Ivy. But it's where and how THT seeks his men that's quite noteworthy and somewhat unusual, considering how unglamorous it truly is...

Topher could nab any leading lady he wants (and he has), but when it comes to his men moods, THT goes to Craigslist. Maybe you shouldn't go looking for lovers the same place you get cheapo couches and scalped concert tickets, but no one told Toph that. And hey, his Internet dabbling worked, since somebody replied to his ad looking for a good, quickie time. No names needed, just body parts, and meaty ones at that.

Hook, line and sink 'im: Once Topher had lured his catch to the house, he went far out of his way to keep this nooky expedition under wraps—he even set up a sheet with a hole in it where all the action would take place, keeping identities secret on either side. A "glory hole" one would call it, of course, except this particular hole was cut out of fine linen (what a waste!) as opposed to etched into a dingy bathroom stall wall. Guess that makes it so much more romantic, no?

THT was ready for some clandestine action, but when Topher's gentleman showed up, the lured dude didn't want to keep it nearly as anonymous as Hairy-T. The guy refused to partake unless he could see THT's face—to check for sores (and let's be honest, to make sure he would be doing a hot guy). THT refused to budge on this bang request, but the guy swung the sheet back anyway to find one of the most wanted celebs staring back at him!

'Course, they both went through with the unsheeted deed, even after the unveiling of Topher's famous face. What horny man in the world wouldn't? What I want to know is why the ef doesn't THT use nondisclosure forms instead of stupid 300-count sheets? What a moron!

And It Ain't:
Daniel Radcliffe, Robert Pattinson, Chris Pine

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Today's Blind Items

This former B list movie actor with A list name recognition who now goes from tv show to tv show on a fairly regular basis was leaving for work the other day when he ran over his neighbor's cat with his car and killed it. The neighbor saw the entire incident and screamed. Our actor stopped the car and took a look at what happened and said, "I don't have time for this right now. I have to get to work. We can talk about it tonight when I get home." He has yet to talk to the neighbor or say he was sorry.

Random Photos Part One

Hugh Jackman gets the top spot today because he is still out there selling tickets to Wolverine which had it's premiere in Japan.
Ashley Greene headed back to Los Angeles. With the exception of say the top three stars in these Twilight movies, I need to say the rest of them are about as down to earth as you are going to find for people who are photographed almost constantly. When they fly, which they do every week, it is very rare for them to go to the First Class lounges. For the most part they stick around and wait with everyone else even though they know they will be photographed and asked for autographs. They don't hide out in their hotel rooms and are really nice people. I give lots of crap to celebrities who think they are better than everyone else, but this cast is pretty down to earth.

Competing with Ashley Greene for who can carry the most stuff at one time is Common who is carrying all of Serena Williams' stuff.
Barcelona Fashion week this week. Apparently mosquito netting can now be worn.
Don't think the 80's are back? Think again. It's like watching Terminator and Pretty In Pink at one time.
I threw up more than a little when I saw this.
The ridiculously good looking couple of the day award goes to Gabriel Garko & Laura Torrisi.
"Welcome to Fantasy Island."

Hayley Wood at the DJ AM funeral.
Travis Barker was also there.
When did they start giving out stars at Karate class?
I guess that Jessica Alba hair color from yesterday was real and not a wig. Here she is with Kelly Sawyer.
Jennifer Connelly in InStyle. Notice that the heels don't reach the ground. I am no fashion expert, but it would seem that this would be a difficult way to walk.
With these boots you don't even need pants.
Yes, yes, this is Lo Bosworth. Forget about her for a second and focus on the metal grate on which she is standing. That grate is my enemy. I cannot tell you how many times I have tripped on that thing and fallen to the ground. Granted I was drunk each of those times, but it is my enemy.
Not in a million years would I let Lindsay Lohan hold my baby.
Senior prom night 2009.
Melissa Gilbert and her newest way to make money. Prairie-cize.
Two days in a row of SJP. We need different cast members. So, here is Cynthia Nixon and
David Eigenberg.
Shia LaBeouf and his driver. I mean girlfriend, Carey Mulligan.
Almost a smile from Sam Ronson. Almost. Oh, and Benji Madden.
Scott Weiland - Las Vegas
Tyra Banks and Bow Wow. If they became a couple they would be called Ba Bo Wo which is also the name of a Star Wars character.
Viggo. Enough said.


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