Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ashton Kutcher & Kim Kardashian In One Post

The past two days I have tried to make the site a little more Kutcher and Kardashian free. I have hard time believing that huge football fan Ashton Kutcher was totally unaware of the Joe Paterno child molestation scandal when he Tweeted about it as he is now claiming. I also don't believe he is really giving up his Twitter account completely. I think it was just some damage control because lets face it, he looked like a stupid insensitive idiot and he is already world class at looking like that.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Jaxson was all over everywhere talking about Kim Kardashian and all the publicity stunts she did for fame. He said that she already owned her engagement ring and that she used the ring to try and get everyone to believe she was engaged to Reggie Bush. Jaxson also said that Kim made a ton of money off her wedding and that she wanted to call off her wedding long before it happened but did not want to have to give the money back. You would think for that kind of money she could stick it out for a year. I think she did it now because she wanted higher ratings during sweeps.

Bil Keane Died This Week

Growing up, I remember each day that I saw the newspaper sitting out that I would open the comic page and read Family Circus first. I'm not sure at what age I understood it, but there was something about the drawing and the style and the characters that made them more real than some of the superheroes. No mater what, everyday that family was there and I felt like there was much more of a connection to that strip than to others, at least when I was young. Later of course I graduated to Calvin & Hobbes and other strips that might have been more edgy, but there was always something about Family Circus that drew you back and it never grew old. Although Bil's son has been drawing the strip for awhile now, it still is sad to know the creator and the inspiration, Bil Keane died this week at the age of 89.

Holly Marie Combs Files For Divorce

I will not make some sarcastic remark about how Holly Marie Combs' marriage was not charmed or that it did not turn out to be so magical after all. It is just way too easy to mention the one show where she actually gained some fame. She is on Pretty Little Liars now, but this is nothing like her Charmed years. She kind of was lost in that show though. It is like Gabrielle Carteris who played Andrea on 90210. She was on 90210 forever, but she kind of got swallowed up by the other personalities on the show. Holly was kind of lost on the show. She actually starred in the most episodes of anyone else in the show, but most people remember Alyssa Milano or Rose McGowan or even Shannen Doherty.

Anyway, Holly was married for seven years to a guy who was a key grip on the set of Charmed. His job was to grip all the keys really tightly and to not let go of them until after the work day was over. Kind of like the key master. Not so much like Rick Moranis in Ghostbusters but more like Lloyd in Say Anything. The couple has three children together. Do you think Holly met someone new? Wanted the long hair of their wedding day back? Freaked out when her husband said mullets were back in?

Wilson Ramos Rescued

Major League Baseball player Wilson Ramos was rescued by the military today in a gunfire filled rescue that remarkably left no one injured or dead which shows there must have been some really bad shooting on both sides. Four men in their 20's were arrested and charged with the kidnapping of the player from his house two days ago. Four other men from Colombia managed to escape during the gunfire exchange and have not been found. Also arrested was a couple in their 60's who are accused of supplying the kidnappers with food and shelter.

Wilson was unharmed physically but says he suffered a lot of psychological damage. Well, I am glad he is safe because in Venezuela kidnappings do not always have such a happy ending. AT least two family members of major league baseball players have been killed after being kidnapped for ransom money.

Black Sabbath Reunites - Tour, Album & Retirement Money

What do you do if you were in a popular band 30 years ago and need to make some money for retirement? Well, if you are not named Ozzy Osbourne but are the other members of Black Sabbath you announce an album and reunion tour and cash in on people willing to pay $100 to see a bunch of guys in their 60's play songs from 40 years ago. Yeah, kind of like going to a Rolling Stones concert. Oh yeah, or an Aerosmith concert. Yesterday Black Sabbath announced they were going to release their first studio album in over thirty years. They also said they would be going on tour next year and that Sharon was tired of seeing Ozzy sitting around everyday so got the band back together. The tour will be sponsored by AARP and Ensure.

The Braxtons Are Back

So, I have pretty much decided that Braxton Family Values is my favorite celebrity reality show. In that mix I also count the Real Housewives, because lets face it, after the first year they are celebrities. That holds true for Jersey Shore too. I'm not comparing it to Survivor or Amazing Race or those because they are pretty spectacular shows. The problem with both of those is you have to commit to the entire season. They have to be your life for four months from the outset or you just cannot get into it. Something like the Braxtons you can come in after a couple of episodes into a season and you are all good. Last season I got hooked on this show when WE had a marathon one weekend. I think that is how everyone gets hooked on reality shows. As much as I despised The Hills, if you put me in front of a television playing 8 hours of them back to back, anyone will get hooked.

I did not even know the new season of Braxton Family Values had even started until last night when I watched an episode. I am hoping it was just the first or second because for some reason WE does not put the show on ON Demand. I still don't even know what the heck WE really is except they show some bridal show constantly and apparently Trojan vibrators are the very best. Seriously? Every commercial break has Trojan vibrators. Apparently every person who watches WE is a woman who is getting married or is married and needs help with their sex life. I guess that makes sense because it would probably take you days upon days of television watching just to discover that a network like WE exists.

If you don't watch Braxton Family Values, you need to. They don't fake anything for the cameras. This family can create drama without even trying. I heard that Toni fired Tamar's husband as her manager so I am anxious to see that played out on the cameras and the mom has promised to slap the piss out of Tamar if she ever disrespects her mother again. Seriously, the confessionals of Tamar are worth the show alone. If you did not watch this week's episode you missed three minutes of Tamar getting Toni to admit she is having booty calls with her ex-husband.

Could someone explain to me how Toni can have declared bankruptcy twice but still live in a rental that costs $20K a month. Seriously. Between her and Teresa Guidice, I think everyone will want to declare bankruptcy because they make it look so easy and painless. Oh, and how spoiled do you have to be if you don't even know how to open a bottle of wine in your 40's?

Whitney Duncan Is Secretly Married

You know, when you appear on a national television show that is pretty popular, people are going to check up on you. Apparently Whitney Duncan has been checked up on and is not actually the single person she has claimed to be. She even won some Bachelorette Of The Year award. She is actually married and has been married for over a year so the fact that she got into a relationship with Keith Tollefson kind of brought some trouble to the marriage. Whitney is married to the lead singer for a band called KingBilly. Well, Whitney left for Survivor back in May and before she came back she called her husband and said she fell for another contestant. She then moved out of his house and has since been hanging out with Tollefson.

11-11-11 Weddings And Births

Apparently celebrities wanted to mark memorable occasions on 11-11-11 as much as everyday people. Look at that, an homage to Kathy Hilton on a rainy Saturday morning. Not sure why it has to rain only on the weekends. It is like the weather Gods are just forcing me to stay inside and drink and watch football all day. Not that I need a lot of encouragement to stay on the futon/bed all day. I guess at some point I might wander upstairs and see what my mom is cooking today.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah. Well, Kim Zolciak got married and decided she was going to go with a Gone With The Wind theme. She made everyone call her Scarlett and had I Don't Give A Damn napkins printed up. Not really, but it would have been more fun. If you are going to go with a theme, I think you should just go all the way.

Jerry O'Connell and Rebecca Romijn renewed their vows yesterday. Jerry just wanted to make sure the wedding was real and that he was not dreaming when Rebecca married him. Just shows that love is blind.

Shayne Lamas gave birth to a baby girl who she and her husband decided to name Press. Apparently they had always planned to induce on the 11th, but the baby almost came a day early. If she turns into a bottle rat will Nik Richie just ignore it or will he put her on blast? See, I keep up with everything everywhere, even The Dirty. It is like watching Jerry Springer on a website.

Beyonce's Pregnancy - The Incredible Shrinking Bump

OK. who stayed up late last night and watched Jimmy Fallon? Please tell me you did. Please also tell me you stayed up to the very end. Yes, you made it through Adam Sandler and then a very funny Chris Martin and then you got to Beyonce's performance and wanted to see the baby bump and you got? I tell you what I got. I got three minutes of me looking really hard for any kind of bump and then another 20 minutes of me going back again and again watching it and still not seeing any bump and then deciding she is actually thinner than she was last year. I really had a lot to drink last night, but it was like one of those 6 hour benders where you just kind of maintain a buzz all night. Still though, I ran through the possibilities. Was it a rerun? No, because Adam was on and they talked about Jack & Jill. Did they edit in Beyonce's performance from months ago? Maybe. Apparently she might have filmed this back in July and they saved it for sweeps. They then cut in Chris Martin at the end. It seems kind of odd to save her for a holiday night in November.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Random Photos Part Three

Take a moment today to remember and to thank the people that have served your respective armed service members and what they have done and sacrificed for you.
Anna Faris looks up at the pencil she threw and stuck in the ceiling.
Angelina Jolie takes Max back to Vietnam for the first time since he was adopted.
Billy Bush tries to look cool.
Colin Farrel chugging whiskey on the set of his new movie.
Demi Moore opts for Red Bull instead of whiskey.
Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova in Miami.
The Goopster in Berlin.
Jessica Alba looking amazing in Italy.
Looking like they have been partying for a long time, Kaley Cuoco and Rachel Nichols.

Random Photos Part Two - Latin Grammy Awards

Sofia Vergara does her best to pose while seated.
One had sex with Lindsay Lohan and one is getting sued by Lindsay. Wilmer Valderrama and Pitbull share Lindsay stories.
Zoe Saldana backstage.
Also backstage and wearing her fur, Paulina Rubio.
Demi Lovato goes for the revealing look. Does the dress look way too big on her?
Adrienne Baillon goes for a different kind of revealing.
Erik Estrada is thrilled that someone recognizes him.
Usher and Romeo.
Taboo, well, wears things only he does.
Shakira performed as part of the show.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Suri Cruise shows what she thinks of the paps following her and Katie.
Kellan Lutz brings out his Where's Waldo sweater.
Kate Middleton and Prince William at a party last night.
Kristen Stewart films more scenes for Snow White And The Huntsmen.
Lance Bass, Jamie Lynn Sigler and Maksim get their party on.
Michaele Salahi dwarfs her boyfriend, Neal Schon.
Nicole Richie is going to sell her clothes on QVC.
Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell at an X Factor viewing party. I think they are the only ones watching the show.
First time appearances fro Sebastian Rocha, and Daniel Mays who flank Jamie Bell.
Tina Fey and Fred Armisen start a conga line while Bill Hader watches.

Your Turn

I saw something like this in the news this week and thought it would be an interesting question. Would you marry someone even if you found out you had a terminal disease or your future spouse had a terminal disease? Would it be too much to handle and you would not go through with it?

Jimmy Fallon Does GOP Ads - Part Two

Jimmy Fallon just continues to make great late night television.

Happy Nerd New Year

I hope that all of you have stopped what you are doing and looked at your clock and if you haven't then you need to so tonight. Of course, since I am on the west coast, the people in just about the entirety of the world have had a chance to celebrate one of the greatest nerd events of the century. 11/11/11 11:11:11. Apparently I am not alone in thinking it is a pretty cool event. Wedding licenses in Las Vegas are up a zillion percent because people all want to get married today and at last count some 4,000 couples have already applied to get married and that is just Vegas.

Ted C Blind Item

Jackie Bouffant, still young, still beautiful, seems to have already run the Hollywood gamut in his brief career: boys, drugs, not to mention the requisite "beard." As in, a red-carpet girlfriend he loves to trot out for the paparazzi and mainstream press.

But that was so yesterday.

Today, Jackie's got some totally homo cajones on him!

Just like Toothy Tile once sported the young man he adored, it looks like Jackie's showing off his, too! Hot!

At a recent very glitzy Hollywood event, Jackie was likewise very obvious. And trust us, Jackie's not a silly, stupid boy like Parrish Maguire, who doesn't always triple-check where he hooks up.

So what happened?

There Jackie was, A-list everybody all around him, hitting the top of the press line with his new boyfriend in tow. Only, Mr. B. stopped just short of walking the carpet with cutie-pie BF, who has the most adorable curly coif and darling rosy cheeks.

Jackie, instead, had his dude walk around the carpet. And then guess what the TV and movie star did, once he finished walking the press line? He picked his boyfriend up at the end! It was totally like they were pulling some kind of playground game, too cute!

Only it was hardly grade-school stuff, once the newbie couple rejoined inside the party: with all the giggling and rubbing up against each other they were doing, who needed those outdoor heat lamps?

Funny thing, whenever an in-house photog tried to get Jackie and his man, the BF split faster than Brett Ratner chomps shrimp cocktail.

Smart man, he'll be by Jackie's side for years (or months) to come, we predict.

And It Ain't: Taylor Lautner, Chace Crawford, Robert Pattinson

Four For Friday - Quick Hits

#1 - This up and coming just about A list R&B singer either needs to head for rehab or get clean. She is out of control and spending almost $2500 a day on her drug habit.

#2 - This Twilight actress is telling friends she is pregnant and desperately trying to hide it for a few more weeks.

#3 - This former B+ list television actress from a very hit teen drama type show and now pretty much always unemployed but still pap worthy when spotted actress faced a $10,000 cleaning bill when she recently left her apartment in the middle of a lease. She could not afford to pay the lease and owed the cleaning bill because apparently she could not be bothered to ever take her dog outside and was very bad at cleaning the messes up.

#4 - This former tween television actress on the Mickey Mouse network has been in this space before because she is passed around like candy between hip hop artists. Now though she has been passed to a Saudi prince who had a crush on her during her Mouse days and pays her a fortune to be with him.

Jay-Z Profits Off Of Occupy Wall Street

Jay-Z is set to release a line of Occupy Wall Street t-shirts for his Rocawear brand and is not planning on sharing any of the money he makes. Although there have been people who have been making and selling t-shirts featuring the protest, this marks the first time they are going to go national and Jay-Z says that he supports the movement, but hey, he still needs to make a buck.

National Enquirer Blind Item

WHICH entertainment show personality is in danger of losing her cushy five-day-a-week gig because of her annoying attitude? This would be the SECOND job the thin brunette’s lost. In 2009 she was dumped from a hugely popular ABC prime-time position!

I Wish This Maury - Justin Bieber Thing Would Happen

As much as I enjoy watching Maury Povich saying you are the father or you are not the father, especially when the guest has been on ten times and still cannot figure out who the baby daddy is, it still is missing that celebrity feel. Maury and his producers have been trying their hardest to get Justin Bieber on the show for his DNA test results and it would be the greatest episode of the show ever. But, it is not going to happen. First, Maury would probably want him to face his accuser and that is not going to happen. Second, if he is the father, this is going to be the quickest settlement, payment and confidentiality clause you have ever seen. Although all of us would love to watch them on the show together, I just don't see what the upside is for Justin. Now, if this were ten years from now and he had not had hit in that decade, then he might agree to do it. Hopefully by then he will be lasting longer than 30 seconds too.

Sasha Grey Reads To Kids - Parents Complain

Last week, Sasha Grey was invited to an elementary school to read to children as part of the Read Across America program. Sasha had such a great time that she Tweeted about it and kids went home and told their parents about the celebrity they had read to them. Then some parent probably Googled Sasha Grey and discovered she used to be a porn star. Uh oh. Parents began raining phone calls down on the school and the next thing you know the principal of the school started lying and says celebrities come all the time to the school, but Sasha was never there. Hmm. She did Tweet about it and was very specific. Oh, and then of course there are the photos that TMZ just happened to find of the incident. I bet the principal is glad that today is a holiday so he does not have to answer any questions. What do you think? Should parents be upset that Sasha was reading to their kids?

BuzzFoto Blind Item

This male, C-list actor has been getting a lot of work done, mostly to improve his physique so he can keep getting roles for his body type. Friends are whispering that he’s becoming addicted to the procedures after he recently scheduled a procedure to get his feet worked on. Sad!

Three Minutes That Are Totally Worth It

Kaitlin Brand, who just turned 16 discovered the body of her mother last month after she had committed suicide. Despite that, Kaitlin, managed to make this video which is awesome. Take three minutes and see if you are not moved.

Anna Wintour And Vogue Go Insane - Name Olsen Twins As Best Dressed

Maybe Victoria Beckham should start spending more of her advertising dollars to Vogue if she wants to achieve her life long dream of being on a Vogue cover. Until this month neither of the Olsen twins had been on a Vogue cover, but apparently the ad buy from their clothing line must have finally been high enough where they not only got a cover, but also were awarded the title of best dressed. I'm sure the person who decides on the award is a very nice person and I think it is admirable that Vogue finds jobs for the visually impaired and encourage other companies to do the same. I just think that when it comes to determining a visual award that the judge should be someone who does not have Full House photos on their bedroom walls still and the entire collection of those Olsen twin detective videos.

The Story Of Angie Varona

If you have never heard the story of Angie Varona, head on over to ABC and listen to what she has to say. Angie is 18 years old and for the past four years has been the most Googled teenager in the world who is not a celebrity. When Angie was 14 she took a whole bunch of photos of herself in bikinis and lingerie and sent them to her boyfriend. She stored them all in a Photobucket account. The account was hacked and every photo made its way to the internet where they have been used for porn sites and other ads. The pictures have been altered to make her look naked and there are numerous sites on the internet all devoted to her. The problem is that she did not want any of this attention and at school she was bullied and called some pretty nasty things. Random strangers would call or e-mail her that they were going to rape her. She had to quit two schools and ended up being home schooled just because of the constant attention. Because of the stress she also started taking drugs and contemplated suicide because she knows the images will be there forever.

"When you're 14 you don't realise that the things you do really do matter at that point. No one ever thinks that, yeah, I'm going to take these pictures and it's going to end up all over the Internet. You just do it for yourself."

Currently if you search Google for images of her, you end up with 65,000. Her parents tried to stop the spread of the photos but were unable to do so and since there was no nudity it was not considered child porn.

My one question about all of this is whether doing a national interview is the right way to bring this to an end or if this will just result in more hassles and notoriety.

Howard Stern Coming To Network Television

It looks like it is not taking producers of America's Got Talent long to find a replacement for Piers Morgan. The Wall St. Journal of all publications is reporting that Howard Stern is thisclose to signing a deal to be a judge on the show for $15M a season. That is a ton of money to work just a few hours a week. I guess he does have a commute to make which will add to his burden, but for $15M a season, I think I could suck it up and fly coast to coast once or twice a week for a few months.

The big question is whether America is ready for Howard Stern to be in their faces every week. I actually think this is a perfect job for him. He sees and speaks to so many people with dubious talent that he can probably recognize good talent when he sees it. I do wonder though if he is going to try and bring his radio show personality to the television show or if he is going to tone it way down which will please the benign masses, but will disappoint his fans who gave him his popularity which got him the gig.

Escort Suing Oscar De La Hoya

The NY Post has an interview with Angelica Marie Cecora who is 25 and spent a crazy night with Oscar De La Hoya. He found her on her website. She says that several months ago, Oscar came back from visiting the troops in Iraq and wanted to party. Apparently they did. It included sex, and positions that Angelica says she still remembers vividly and which she had never done. She also says that Oscar was drunk the whole time, had drugs ordered to the room and loved wearing her skirts and panties. Apparently Oscar got a little aggressive so Angelica called another girlfriend to help her and together the two of them entertained Oscar for awhile longer until they wanted to sleep. Oscar kept wanting to party and would not let them leave. That is the basis of the suit. It sounds to me like a shakedown. She admitted that he hired her for the whole night so it makes sense if he is paying for the whole night he wants to have fun the whole night. They were able to lock him out of the bedroom so I am pretty sure they would have been able to walk out the hotel room door. They also could have used their cell phones or the hotel room phones. I think she is more upset with the fact he never called again and that he checked out while she and her girlfriend were trying to rack up $1500 in charges at the hotel spa and charging them to his room. They ended up having to pay it themselves. She is suing Oscar for battery, false imprisonment and emotional distress.

Billy Crystal Hosting The Academy Awards

I think the Academy Awards should have this kind of drama every year. The past few days have been way more exciting then the show could ever hope to be. Usually the Academy just picks a producer who nobody has ever heard of and at some point some safe, non offensive actor or actress is asked to host the most boring four hours on television. This year though we had a full on scandal. Well, scandal in the minds of the elderly people that run the event and probably had no idea who Brett Ratner was, but knew he was their best shot at getting Eddie Murphy. It kind of sucks that Eddie is not going to host, but with Billy Crystal hosting, people who have heard the name but have no idea who he is anymore can see him in action. This will be his ninth time hosting the show, but his first since 2004.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Random Photos Part Four

Adam Sandler got all dressed up for Letterman. He did tell a very funny Tom Cruise story though.
Christoper Meloni in velvet?
Eva Longoria walking the streets of West Hollywood.
Is that a crotch grab of Josh Duhamel by Fergie?
Freida Pinto getting ready to be interviewed by Mario Lopez.
Geraldo. Nothing to say, just like saying the name.
Iman looking lovely as always.
Jonathan Lipnicki is all grown up.
Kathy Griffin and Rachael Ray at a Stand Up To Heroes event. Or, as Rachael likes to call it, "Show off your boobies night."
Katie Holmes in New York and
in a new ad campaign. Airbrush much?
Hard to believe, but this is a first time appearance for Ken Watanbe.
Mariah Carey is your new Jenny Craig spokesperson.
Speaking of locing weight, Minnie Driver has lost a ton.


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