Friday, March 13, 2009

Four For Friday - D Listers

You know how I love themes on Friday's. All of these people are D listers. If you saw them and someone told you what show or movie they had been in you would say, "Oh yeah. I remember them." Chances are you probably wouldn't know them otherwise. Whatever their faults though, they do make for some interesting blinds.

#1 & 2 - This was a very popular family movie based on a best selling book starring lots of kids. One of the teenagers (at the time) in the movie who is extremely good looking and makes his career based on those looks now got his on set tutor pregnant. They are not together anymore and she is raising their child.

#3 & 4- This actress was very young when she was on this hit network drama. It ran for at least five years and during the last three of those years she was doing coke on a daily basis. After the show went off the air she spent a year in rehab and getting her nose fixed before her parents felt she was ready to return to middle school. Yes, middle school. She has just started acting again, although this time it is movies.

Random Photos Part One

I put the Queen on top, because I don't think I have ever seen her smile, and certainly not one that actually looked genuine like this.
This is Brian Evigan otherwise known as BJ & The Bear's daughter.
I have put most of the Mad Men cast in the photos but I don't know if I have put Alison Brie in before.
Is that a Zodiac calendar that Bai Ling is wearing?
Do you think Carson Daly drunk dials?
Clive Owen for what seems like the 30th time this week.
This photo of Clive and Julia is pretty cool though.
Cold War Kids - Los Angeles
The horrific orange shoes kind of distract from the new hair style of Fergie.
Yes we know Gwyneth. You are better than all of us. Do you think she practices walking that way at home?
A really great photo of John Galliano at his show in Paris.
John Singleton is setting a bad example for his son by having him think that other people still wear Christian Audiger.
Liev Schreiber on the set of his new movie.
Liv Tyler kind of has that Selma Blair look about her in this picture.
How much pleather can one person wear? Apparently Mischa isn't going to be on Melrose and instead is going to play a really bitchy model in an Ashton Kutcher series.
A first time appearance for Michael Jai White.
I didn't even recognize Michelle Rodriguez.
I won't even say anything about Mena Suvari's hair. She still gets a free pass from dad.
When I first saw this photo I was like why is Penelope Cruz kissing Erik Estrada? Then I realized it was Pedro Almodovar and it made sense.
The one and only Peter Fonda.
Paul Walker is back. As long as they keep making these sequels he will have a career.
A first time appearance for Robert Buckley.
I think Reese and Kiefer have done ten different cities and their clothes have been almost identical in each one.
Shar Jackson. She looks really good.
Timothy Hutton channeling his Greg Brady look.
The Noisettes - London
And Mr. Vin Diesel back on the red carpet for an action movie.
Vanessa Williams looks amazing here.
No so much for William Romeo.

Your Turn

It's that time of the week again. Once again this week, the anonymous commenting feature has been turned back on so everyone can contribute and also can spill what they know without anyone knowing it. This week what I want to know is your juiciest gossip story. No, not about you. We already kind of did that last week. No, this week I want you to relate the best gossip you have ever heard from your friends or family.

Did the neighbor down the street film porn in their house? Was the woman across the street sleeping with her neighbor's son? Did your uncle actually get a sex change? Everyone has gossip. Let's hear it.

At Least Miley Did Like Radiohead

I would have thought this Miley Cyrus vs. Radiohead feud would have blown over by now, but Thom Yorke won't let it go. Apparently he must think that Miley Cyrus can in fact ruin his band. I think just the fact that Radiohead was Miley's favorite band has ruined them for everyone else. How can you love a band knowing that Hannah Montana used to want to be the president of their fan club.

In case you are not aware of how the feud came to be, it all started last month at the Grammy's. Miley had a dressing room a few down from Radiohead and she was dying to meet them. Dying to meet them like a 16 year old girl dying to meet them. Kind of like 10 year old girls and the Jonas Brothers dying to meet them.

So, Miley did what any 16 year old girl would do. She sent over her manager to knock on their door to find out if they would meet her. I gather it was like sending a note in high school to ask someone to ask someone if they liked you. Well, Radiohead said no. Miley was crushed because she had already told all her friends she was going to meet them and now she wouldn't and she had to stay after school because Mr. South caught her talking in class, and she was getting a zit.

Since that day, Miley has vowed to ruin Radiohead. But, also since that day nothing has really happened in Miley's quest to destroy them. Her best bet would be to sing a covers album and that would pretty much ruin them. Instead of just letting it all go though, Thom decided to open his mouth and take a shot at Miley. In an statement to US Weekly he said, "When Miley grows up, she’ll learn not to have such a sense of entitlement."

I don't think sending her manager over is having a sense of entitlement. And I know there are lots of bands and groups that are just as excited about meeting some other group and they get excited and nervous to meet their heroes. As much as I like Radiohead, I think they could have spent ten seconds meeting Miley, and continuing this feud just sounds like Thom is trying to generate some extra publicity for the band which doesn't make them look so hot either.

WTF? Jamie Kennedy & Jennifer Love Hewitt

I didn't really have much respect left for Jennifer Love Hewitt, but whatever I did have is completely gone. She was engaged to by all accounts a really nice guy who put up with all of her wacky crap for a very long time. Despite the fact that she probably had her mom sleeping in the same room with them, and dealing with Jennifer's continual whining on a daily basis he stuck it out only to be dumped.

And for whom was he dumped? Jamie Kennedy. Can you imagine how Ross McCall feels knowing that he lost out to Jamie Kennedy? I know I posted about it on Monday, but let me reiterate how unfunny he was and how much of a douchebag everyone in town thinks he is. Somehow though he managed to get Jennifer Love Hewitt. This morning on Ryan Seacrest, Jamie confessed they were a couple. Apparently working together everyday must have given him the chance to grind her down and suck up to her enough where he managed to win her heart, or the heart of her mother, or just managed to demean himself enough to where she would agree to go out with him.

I mean I could understand if she dumped Ross for some guy she felt she had a better connection with, but Jamie Kennedy? Seriously? Jamie Kennedy? With his history of hitting on every woman who comes within six feet of him, I wonder how many condoms she makes him wear. Didn't she make that LFO guy wear two or something?

On Seacrest's show Jamie said the two are in love. Actually he called it more than love. He did say they were not engaged. I'm just wondering how many months Jennifer was cheating on Ross, and you know Jamie didn't care at all.

Miss May Is Miss DUI

Apparently being a centerfold in the upcoming May issue of Playboy doesn't pay the bills like it once did. Oh, and it also apparently doesn't keep you from getting arrested for DUI. Crystal McCahill was arrested back in January for a DUI. Until yesterday though, no one connected the dots that this Crystal arrested for DUI was the same Crystal who will not be wearing any clothes when the May issue of Playboy hits the stand.

Well, someone finally figured it out and so now Crystal, who has been on The Girls Next Door will have a nice sized scrum of press surrounding her March 19th court appearance in Chicago. According to the Chicago Sun Times, Crystal was on her way home from work when she was pulled over for running a red light in her 2005 VW. It turns out Crystal works at a nightclub called Climax. You really can't make this kind of stuff up. While at work, she says she only had three shots of booze but which kind of seems wrong considering her blood alcohol level was about twice the legal limit.

I'm guessing this arrest will probably make her much more famous than she would have been otherwise. Kind of sucks that she runs a red light while being drunk and could have killed someone and now she will probably make a bunch of money off it.

NY Daily News Blind Item

Which rapper threatened a pal after the buddy mistreated his girlfriend? The icon got in his face, then froze him out on the group’s private jet.

Bret Michaels Doesn't Want You To Forget The Diabetes

Bret Michaels is releasing a tell all book in June. The title is going to be Roses and Thorns: The Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy To My Reality. OK, that is a lengthy title. In the book, Bret basically says that he has been a drug using man whore for his entire adult life, but as an after thought, throws in the fact that he is also a guy who suffers from diabetes.

I guess he wants to remind us all that he isn't that bad of a guy no matter what he does because he has to live with that everyday. I've watched that show of his and he's a tool. He has no respect for the women on the show and I think trying to get us to sympathize with him just because he has diabetes is kind of pandering. I'm glad it shows the people who do suffer from diabetes that they don't have to give up on their dreams of being a rock star or living a normal life, but it just feels all oily the way he uses it as a shield against any negative reviews of the way he has lived his life.

That being said, if I find myself stuck in a bookstore in June I will probably sit down and read the thing. I don't think I would actually want to purchase it, but I would like to read about the fist fight he got into with CeCe DeVille and if either one of them actually landed a punch or if they were too worried about messing up their hair or knocking their coke off the table.

Would Britney Spears Live In Afghanistan?

Since Britney Spears doesn't seem to be able to stop wanting to be with Adnan Ghalib, I was just wondering if she would be willing to follow him to Afghanistan if he gets deported there. I always thought he was British, but The Sun is saying that he may in fact be an Afghani citizen which is where he moved when he was five years old.

Adnan is facing all kinds of charges for allegedly using his car as a battering ram against a process server last month. If Adnan is convicted of the charges he currently he is alleged to have committed, he would serve his sentence and then be deported back to the country where he has citizenship. Although he was born in the UK, he and his family moved to Afghanistan.

The thought of Adnan forced to live in Afghanistan makes me laugh, but could you imagine Britney Spears living there? "Where's the fried catfish ya'll?"

Hayden Panettiere Is Still A Pain

Hayden Panettiere continues to have a very bad week. Even when she tries to explain herself, she sounds vindictive and makes everything that came out about her this past week right on point. Apparently Hayden consented to an interview with OK! to try and explain everything that has gone on this week. Well, I say interview, but in actuality it just appears that OK! got fed a few lines from her publicist and printed those.

In response to the allegations that she is trying to get Milo Ventimiglia kicked off the show, she said, "Milo and I are very close. We have enjoyed and continue to enjoy working together." Umm yeah. That doesn't answer the question about whether you are trying to get him kicked off the show. Apparently she must be having some luck, because the guy who runs Heroes says he is till deciding who is going to get to stay on for next year. Those are not very encouraging words if you are Milo.

As for why she went ballistic in Hawaii, she says, "I have tremendous respect for the media and reporters – particularly the press who treat the people they are interviewing with dignity. I am appreciative that the press has supported me, my career, and especially the causes I feel passionately about. While in Hawaii, one reporter grabbed me suddenly from behind and frightened me. It happens. Typically, the press has treated me with great respect."

Umm. How did he frighten you. He touched you on the back of your shoulder because you had blown off all the press. As for wanting them to treat you with dignity, maybe you should show them some as well. Oh, and by dignity do you mean reporters who are going to kiss your ass and/or pay you for the privilege of getting to speak with you? I have never seen worse spin. All it shows is there was no way you can spin the truth. She was an ass and nothing is going to change that.

Gay Porn Murder

Who ever knew that gay porn producers could be so ruthless? Apparently there is this actor named Sean Lockhart who has the stage name Brent Corrigan (lower right photo) in gay porn who is the best of the best. He is really good at what he does and he makes a great deal of money for the producer of his films. He was tied into an exclusive contract with a producer named Bryan Kocis. (lower left)

I say he was tied into a contract, because Bryan is dead. Bryan was murdered by a rival producer who drove from Virginia to Pennsylvania to kill Bryan just so he could sign the services of this porn star.

But wait, it gets better. So, the producer who did the killing is Harlow Raymond Cuadra (upper left) but he didn't act alone. Nope. Harlow decided he needed some company to commit the murder so he got his ex boyfriend and to go with him. Is this kind of like ex-sex? Instead of getting back together for sex, you get back together and go kill someone in order to save your relationship?

So, Harlow and his ex boyfriend Joseph Kerekes (upper right) who made his living as a gay escort get to Pennsylvania, go to the producer's home and then stab him to death. Not content with just stabbing the guy a bunch of times, they also decided to go ahead and burn his house down.

Apparently Joseph plead guilty to second degree murder back in December, and yesterday, Harlow was convicted of first degree murder and now faces the death penalty. This actor must be something pretty special. I wonder who signed him now.

Lily Allen Contributes To The Recession By Hitting A Pap

Look at the motion of Lily Allen's throwing arm in the top photo. She has really great form and I'm sure if she had actually hit anyone with the bottle she threw, it may have caused some damage. Of course, I believe the bottle was plastic, and empty, but it still could have stung.

The reason Lily was working on her pitching and her punching is because a pap allegedly hit Lily's car. Instead of letting her two big bodyguards beat up the pap, Lily decided to go ahead and do it herself. First, she threw the bottle. She then tried to punch the guy, who moved out of the way. Growing frustrated, Lily decided to go ahead and kick him.
It is actually quite funny when you look at the photos. I'm wondering a few things though when I look at the photos. For one thing, if Lily is so damn poor, and she says she sold off her car, then how does she now have a new car and two bodyguards to travel with her? Bodyguards are not cheap. Plus, why does she need bodyguards? You might say for incidents just like this one. I would agree except for one thing. They are not doing anything. They pulled Lily off the pap. Other than that they didn't get involved. Why pay them if they are not going to give the guy a beating for hitting Lily's car? Oh, because they kept their calm unlike Lily.
Now, if she gets arrested she will probably get her work visa yanked, so she won't come play concerts here and her album sales will suffer and she will become even more poor and have to make do with just one bodyguard. See? The recession even affects bodyguards. Oh, and think of all the people who were going to work a shift at the concert venues she could have played here if she had kept her cool. The concession stand workers, the security guys. The ushers and ticket takers. What about parking lots attendants and valets. Don't forget the waiters and waitresses and cooks of the bars and restaurants people would have gone to before and after each show. With losing her temper, Lily has basically just added to the misery of the recession.

Is Howard K Stern Responsible For Anna Nicole's Death?

By now I'm sure you all have read about how Howard K Stern and two doctors were arrested on a variety of felony counts all having to do with making sure Anna Nicole Smith was kept fully medicated at all times. I understand the two doctors being arrested. They obviously knew she was addicted to pills, and yet they kept prescribing them despite there being no medical need.

What about Howard K? I don't like him and never will, but should he also be arrested for this? Sure, he helped Anna get the drugs, and had the doctors come up with fake names, but there are LOTS of celebrities who get prescriptions in fakes names, or names of family, or even in the names of their doctors. Paris should have thought about doing that. I'm not sure how common it is in the rest of the country, but out here, I don't blink when I hear about some manager who has 20 different prescriptions and none of them are for him. The game then is trying to figure out which of his clients belong to which prescription.

What I am interested in knowing, and what this case will probably not ever bring to light is if Howard controlled Anna with the drugs? Did she know what she was taking? Did he get her addicted to the drugs so she would be dependent on him? Was it because of Howard that her son got addicted and ultimately died? I would like to see someone be held responsible for her son's death. As for Anna's death, if she knew what she was doing, then why should the person who brought her the drugs be held responsible for her death. Howard didn't prescribe the drugs. He found doctors who would be willing to use fake names and who weren't ethical, but ultimately it was Anna who took the pills and made the decision to keep taking them.

I understand the crime Howard K committed. I understand why he was charged, and to me anyway, it is pretty clear that he committed the crimes he has been alleged to have committed. I'm just wondering if he is responsible for Anna's death by his actions. If you want to read the entire 18 page complaint, click here.

Ted C Blind Item

Schlong Fenn is a real schmuck—everybody knows he treats women worse than his liver, everybody. And yes, more than a few folks are aware Schlong, who's infinitely talented in his many different creative endeavors, likes to reserve the right to Charlie Sheen it up and pay for his booty.

And as if this is going to surprise anybody, Schlong isn't just paying the ladies to distract him from his many other (nonpaid) gal interests, he's going for porn stars, too. That's what happens, right? I mean, it's like drugs, I guess—one minute you're tokin' on a little Black Gold, then—wham!—-you're shootin' up with Fake à la Ferocity, right? Right: So much so…

That a chick who was just filming a porn movie—high-budget stuff, no joke—right across the street from Schlong's fancyass pad just happened to end up doing Schlong, too. Hmm…wonder what S.P. was doing over there anyway, borrowing a cup of lube?

'Cause the nasty freak surely doesn't use condoms, that we know. But get this: In the course of diddling the pretty hung dude (damn shame Schlong's usually so wasted he really doesn't know what to do with his gift of an organ), she discovered that Mr. Fenn is currently having a longstanding affair with another porn actress!

Crazy, I just love this! While everybody is so frantic wondering why Schlong and his gal broke up (and then got back together and broke up and then, well, you know the boring story), no one's put it together that that other babe's a triple-X kinda gal! Oh, and that's not even the best part.

In some states (maybe all of them?), I don't believe Madame X is old enough to be having sex, much less making a living photographing it.

It Ain't: Diddy, Nick Lachey, Rob Pattinson

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Today's Blind Items

What married Oscar nominated actor and very senior citizen has moved out on his wife of a bazillion years to shack up with his barely 20 something co-star who herself is probably a C lister seen pretty much always on television. She has two great shows to her name.

Random Photos Part One

The original Tony & Tia from Escape To Witch Mountain and Return From Witch Mountain at the premiere for Race To Witch Mountain.
And here Ike Eisenmann and Kim Richards are back in 1975.
You would think that Amanda Bynes would be smiling much bigger knowing she dumped that tool Doug Reinhardt, and that any kissing she may have done with him was prior to him getting exposed to whatever Paris Hilton has running through her system.
The new Tony & Tia, although in the movie their names are Seth and Sara.
Brittny Gastineau claims there is interest in her doing another reality program. Interest and a paycheck for doing it are two completely separate things.
Is it just me, or is Bai Ling really becoming more modest in her clothing choices?
"Dear Lord. Please let Britney not go off the deep end so we can keep getting paid."
Corey Feldman with two guests who are definitely not his wife.
Why hello Carla Gugino, it must be a week since you have been in the photos. That is far too long.
You may not recognize the name Christine Lakin, but if you watched Step By Step you probably recognize her face. It's hard to believe she is 30.
Bad Idea #642 - Daniel Baldwin and a golf club.
Apparently Dwayne Johnson really wants to do a Broadway musical. I'm thinking he should take Shannen Doherty's part in Heathers. Seriously, I'm trying to think what role he might be good for and can't think of one.
Our very own Dominique Swain. Not that we own her, own her, but she does have a special place in the history of the site.
Ummm. My vote for the worst ever photo of Dita von Teese.
I'm not sure why Gwen is wearing Gavin's pants, but whatever makes their relationship work. It has worked for Tom and Katie.
Hugh Jackman does airplane rides with his daughter.
The lovely Juliette Binoche.
Jewel and a crutch.
Jennifer Morrison and Amaury Nolasco don't usually let themselves be photographed together so this is kind of interesting.
Kimberly Caldwell on the way to her dinner theatre job where she plays Sandy in Grease. I would have also accepted Rizzo.
Randomness of the day. Kanye with Lady GaGa who looks a lot like his girlfriend. I'm surprised Kanye even went out last night considering how bad the reviews of his American Idol performance have been.
Miranda Cosgrove going to a party at the adult table.
Michael Vartan with a golfer tan and some tattoos I didn't know he had.
I guess it is because it is about the only time she ventures outside, but every photo of Natalie Portman is always when she is walking her dog.
Orlando Bloom letting his hair grow out.
Olivia Wilde needs to eat something.
Shannen Doherty and her dude. Shannen says she is going to be on the season finale of 90210. Maybe she gets to kill someone. That would be fun.
Taylor Swift - Sydney
Apparently today in Sweden is Victoria Day. So, everyone in the entire country comes out and says hi to Crown Princess Victoria. Does she get presents? I bet Victoria would like some presents. It probably makes her feel more like a princess when she gets presents. How about cake? Does she get cake? Maybe she passes out red velvet cup cakes to all her subjects. It is a big crowd, so you would think they have free food or ABBA showing up.


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