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Honest Trailer - Spiderman

Blind Items Revealed

January 11, 2007

If you are involved romantically with an actor or actress, you really should think 2,3,4, or even five times before letting them run off to some international movie set leaving you home alone. (I know what you are thinking/too easy) Well this actress has taken a shine to her new castmate. From the time filming started recently, they could not get enough of each other. She has been dating the same guy for awhile and this break from the mundane is exactly what she needed. At first she was going to treat it just as a fling. Not usually a tabloid victim means she can do what she wants and who she wants without much trouble. The problem is she has started to fall for her co-star and is maybe even PG(not like the movie). Her current boyfriend meanwhile is just waiting for his girlfriend to come home.

Mila Kunis

Blind Item #3

This C+ actress/model who is married to an A list celebrity has always suspected her husband is at least bisexual. They rarely have sex despite her being considered one of the more beautiful women in the world. When they do have sex, it is awkward and often disappointing as if she is the first woman he has ever been with and he can rarely maintain any kind of well, you know. Now he says he wants to take a year away and travel the world with his male trainer while she works on her career.

Blind Items Revealed

February 29, 2008

#3 This foreign born A list actress in her own country and probably C list here in the US. English is not her first language and her only chance at an American film came as a result of her first language. The film was a blockbuster. She wanted to go to LA as she got lots of offers after that first film, but her boyfriend wouldn't let her. He has become so controlling and so jealous of her career that she is not allowed to own a cell phone, and he goes with her everywhere. No one understands why she stays with him, but she doesn't allow anyone to speak bad about him. Of course he has alienated most of her friends anyway.

Zhang Ziyi

Dating Horror Story Minus The Dating

You know I love it when you send in your dating profiles and things that have gone on in your dating life. This is a really good one sent in by a reader.

 So here's the background. I was at work when an old friend, B, showed up with his friend Colin. (real name must be used).  I said I would join them after work.  I went to my car to take my jersey off because I didn't want to drink in my uniform and left my tank top on with a jacket over. I didn't really talk too much with Colin, but he texted me the next day thanking me for directions (I incorrectly assumed he got my number from B) and then just started a conversation with how I was doing and the usual stuff. I didn't want to be rude, so I answered him politely until he started letting his stupidity show. Here's a gist of the conversation (don't have screenshots.)

Colin: Favorite store besides Victoria's secret?

Me: Not a favorite

Colin: Wow that's surprising.

(Apparently all girls with big boobs must love VS!)

Colin: Can I ask you something personal? Promise you won't get mad? Longest relationship?
Me: How would that make me mad?
Colin: Well, cause I was going to ask you if you'd ever done the friends with benefits thing. It seems like more and more people do that... I don't think it's bad and since you're so good looking, I'm just curious.

Me: No, I don't do that.

Colin: Since you're such a sweetie and we're friends now... well my birthday is coming up. You should totally bake me a cake or cookies. If you do that for me, I'll take you shopping or whatever ya want.

Me: That's not necessary.

(I complained the night before that everyone thinks I'm a lot younger than what I am and he asked what I am usually mistaken for- 18 or younger)

Colin: Oh lord... yeah cause 18 year olds have DD boobs and a smile like yours...

Me: Girls stop growing around 18, sooo, yeah they do. And I don't think your smile has anything to do with age.

Colin: Do you get annoyed with guys talking about your boobs or do you like the compliments?

Me: Annoyed.

Colin: Are you really a DD?

Me: I never said I was

Colin: I know, I just guessed... but the way you were flaunting them at work I figured they were that big

Me: I wasn't flaunting them. You probably just didn't stop looking. There is a difference.

Colin: lol wow thanks for calling me out... you really are so sweet ;) Guess you don't want me coming to see you this weekend.

(Bastard! I never even said I wanted to see you again!)

After sending so many texts without a response and me very annoyed and tired of being nice--

Colin: Guess you weren't interested

Me: I never said I was. Stop texting me, You're an asshole, if you didn't already know.

Colin: How am I an asshole? I never did anything to you

Me: You don't go around asking girls you don't know about their boobs and making stupid assumptions based on what you think you know. Everything you've said to me has been disrespectful
Colin: Ok you're good looking... excuse me for telling you that.

Me: Lol, really? You don't see anything inappropriate with what you've been saying to me? "What's your fave store besides Victoria's Secret?" "Are you really a dd?" "Do you like guys talking about your boobs...?" "How do you feel about friends with benefits?"

Colin: I didn't say how do you feel about friends with benefits, I asked if you had done it.... well every woman likes victoria's secret so excuse me for putting you in that category.

Me: No they don't. That's a stupid assumption and that's even worse! You don't ask strangers about their sex life. Get your head out of your ass.

Colin: Okay, well I'm sorry for giving you compliments... it's not like I was trying to date you or anything... you seemed like a cool person to be around. So since you obviously hate me now... do you even want to talk?

My replies were not edited. This guy couldn't take a hint. I was sent 4-6 texts to my one short answered text. I really could not believe how dumb he was.

Blind Items Revealed

February 11, 2008

#1 This A list director has come full circle. Unable to find anyone he hasn't screwed, our director managed to convince his old flame and very in shape celebrity to go home with him. Obviously she has some extreme self esteem issues to go back to this well again. It also goes against everything she presents to the public.

Brett Ratner & Serena Williams

Selena Gomez is Glamour's Woman Of The Year

I know that you are thinking to yourself that you could come up with 100 different women who would be a better choice for Glamour's Woman Of The Year than Selena Gomez. Then again, you probably could come up with 1M better mothers than the former mother of the year winner Dina Lohan. No, seriously, she did win a mother of the year prize not that many years ago. At the time Lindsay had been only arrested five or six times, so Dina was still considered to have done a good job. Selena Gomez is a woman. I know it seems like she is only 14 because she dates Justin Bieber sometimes, and when anyone stands next to him they look ten years younger, but she is over the age of 18. In fact, in the magazine article she says that if she had stayed in Texas she would probably have been a teen mom so already she is being a good role model. Of course, the fact that she is 20 means that if she had kids now would also mean that she would not actually be a teen mom, but we get the point. Glamour wants to draw in the younger crowd and you are not going to get that by naming Oprah as woman of the year. Besides, Oprah has her own magazine and names herself woman of the year every year. The vote is never even close, although one year, Jada Pinkett Smith was a write in candidate and then Oprah started spending some serious money to win and then realized she is the owner of the magazine and controls the ballots and won unanimously. Glamour can do whatever they want with their magazine, I just have a tough time believing there are no worthier candidates.

Blind Item #2

This former A list all movie actress has been going through a rough time the past year. Getting paid $1M to spend the weekend as a host for a party will probably help improve the mood. Our actress refers to it as being a host. There will be a party and she will be a host with the owner of the house, but, she will have to perform some other duties during the weekend too. Of course considering how wasted she was when she arrived for her flight, and her inability to form sentences or put two words together probably means she might not even remember any of the weekend.

Boy Meets World Sequel

Reports are that Disney is really hard up for programming. So much so that they are resurrecting Boy meets world and want to make a sequel called Girl Meets World. The good news is that Disney wants the show to star Danielle Fishel and Ben Savage, who are reportedly being asked if they would be interested. Umm, considering they probably have been camped out looking for work and hoping to get such a break I don't think much convincing will be necessary. You could probably offer them a couple of bucks and a ride to work and they would be all over it. The show would focus on the couple's pre-teen daughter and essentially use the same scripts that were used ten years ago and just change the gender and maybe update the laugh track. Easy peasy lemon squeezy and you have yourself a show. Next on the list is a sequel to Lost called Found.

Blind Item #1

This married A+ list movie actress let it be known at an event yesterday that she is open to a new relationship because she is bored with her celebrity husband. Our actress turned on every bit of acting knowledge she has ever showed and flirted non-stop with a man approaching billionaire status. When she was asked about her kid(s) she said that is what boarding schools are for and he would never have to worry about seeing them.

Kirstie Alley Says John Travolta Is The Love Of Her Life

I don't know if John Travolta used to do Kirstie Alley's auditing sessions or if Kirstie is really thankful to Kelly Preston and owes her a few for sticking with her on this whole diet regime fiasco, but last night on 20/20, Kirstie Alley said that John Travolta is the love of her life and the only reason that they didn't have sex constantly while filming Look Who's Talking is she was married to Parker Stevenson at the time. Maybe John was getting close to her so Parker would come over to the set more. Kirstie went on to say that it took all her will power not to run away with John during the movie. It is a nice story and maybe if she had been single she could have ended up John's Kelly Preston. Can you imagine if some person at Scientology got their hands on every auditing tape ever from celebrities and then ran away from the church and uploaded all of them to the internet. I think Hollywood would explode.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Random Photos Part Four

Halle Berry goes for daring and tight in Moscow.

So tight that it looks painful for her to bend over and sign autographs.
Heidi Klum and her bodyguard in LAX.
Jessica Chastain enjoying some champagne after her Broadway premiere.
A very rare pap photo of John Cho.
James D'Arcy at the premiere of that Hitchcock movie. All the other stars were no shows.
Kevin Smith came in his red carpet outfit.
Katie Holmes wandering the streets of NYC.

Random Photos Part Three - Country Music Awards Photos Part Two

Taylor Swift

Miranda Lambert & Blake Shelton
Kelly Clarkson and Vince Gill
Dierks Bentley
Kellie Pickler
Jane Kramer
Jennifer Nettles
Carrie Underwood

Random Photos Part Two - Country Music Awards Photos Part One

Hayden Panettiere

The Band Perry
Tim McGraw and Faith Hill
Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Lockwood
Shawn Johnson
Hillary Scott
Keith Urban and Zac Brown
Lucy Hale

Random Photos Part One

Four parts today.

 Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos even look perfect when they are just taking a random walk through the streets.

The thing that is most shocking in this photo is not Miley Cyrus tonguing her boyfriend who is wearing a unicorn costume, but just the length of Miley's tongue. It is huge. Like Gene Simmons huge. Apparently chewing gum 24/7 really makes your tongue big.
Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher in Australia.
Why hello Paula Abdul. She looks amazing.
I do believe that Prince Charles is trying to be sexy here.
Not so sexy in this look is Sharon Stone.
Nick Loeb knows that dinner is over with Sofia Vergara and he knows he is about to get some sex. With some strippers.
Three Twilight stars quiet when asked how come they have never received a best acting nomination in the Academy Awards.
Kristen Stewart did get to kiss some Golden Globe butt though with Simon Baker so she will probably get some nomination in return.

Michael Moore Auditions To Be Star Wars Director

Conan is just really funny.

National Enquirer Blind Item

WHICH former Disney kid-turned-pop star loves to show off her body by dancing topless in the window of her Hollywood mansion? Neighbors of the barely legal homeowner have complained to the naughty resident, but she pays them no mind – and even flips them off!

Ashlee Simpson Is Back And Wants To Shock You

Ashlee Simpson knows that no one really wants to listen to another album from her. No one believes she can sing so she decided to get people to pay attention by getting half naked in a video and throwing out a bunch of f bombs and this will make you forget that she is auto-tuned to an inch of her life and that no one cares about her or her half baked career that ended gloriously on SNL.

Blind Item #4

This B-/B+ list actor is one of those actors who you could name every movie he has ever been in, but would not be able to remember his name. He has been in several huge hits and has done both television and movies, although movies have given him his fame. It was a movie that also gave our married with kid(s) actor an insight into who he really is when he had a torrid affair with a male co-star who is always A list. Our actor told everything to his wife and she has been supportive and understands that they won't be able to get divorced because his family would never understand. She has her own career and the kid(s) and wants our actor to be happy. He has become pretty open in public and at parties and clubs but would never actually come out to the world.

Four For Friday - Every Director Has Had Her

It is Friday which means it is announcement time. I will be here all weekend blogging and will have a reveal or two for you tomorrow. For those of you who blow through this without reading, you might miss that next week sometimes will be the annual MV anniversary clue and the clue will be objective rather than subjective. Not sure what day yet next week, but I will let you know on here and on Twitter. Follow me @entylawyer.
Don't forget this weekend the time changes and fall back sucks for getting dark early, but if you go to a good bar they will let you drink an extra hour.

This actress is B list. probably the definition of B list. Even though she has been a lead actress in lots of movies, she still has to work hard to make sure she gets roles. Not as hard as some other people. If you have ever seen this very attractive actress in anything, you might have asked yourself how she got the role. She is a good actress, but she is not a great actress. She tries to make films which will get her nominated for things, but they never do and then she has to go back to doing what she does best. F**king directors for parts. The funny thing is that she never has to audition, but she is usually in the mix of two or three people who look fairly identical to her. She knows that her reputation precedes her though and that she will get the role if the director is straight and not too happily married. It started about a decade ago. She came out of nowhere really and landed a huge role in a huge movie which put her name on the map all because she made it very clear to the very married director that she would be happy to have sex with him as much as he wanted. The director who is A list is not known for his good looks and he jumped on the chance. You never saw a happier guy during filming. Our actress thought she could suffer through a few months of sex for what was turning into almost $500K  a movie and letting her have a chance to make serious movies without having to have sex with directors. She has never really had a boyfriend because she just goes from one director to the next. 2 or 3 months with a director then takes a break for a year and then gets another role and a director. A decade of doing this and our actress has a very solid career and one that you scratch your head and wonder how she got the role, but now you know exactly how she got it and she won't be shy about admitting it if you ask her either.

Your Turn

Do you consider yourself a person who has good luck or bad luck?

National Enquirer Blind Item

 THIS hunky A-lister is getting calls from his desperate C-list actress ex-wife – she was famous when he was struggling – because now she’s hoping he’ll help HER with her floundering career! But the still-bitter actor wants nothing to do with her. Who are they?

The NYC Marathon

On Sunday, the NYC Marathon is scheduled to be run. The run travels through all the boroughs of New York City and from everything I have read and from e-mails I have received from readers, the only people who want to have the race run are the people flying in for the event and all of the corporate sponsors. Probably so they can get free food and some electricity. None of the newspapers are in favor of it being run. Most of the residents when they hear about all the power used solely for the marathon at the expense of people who don't have any electricity are against it. It is tough to find anyone who is in favor of it. It is a pain to reschedule for the 20,000 people flying in from all over the world, but what about the all the people who are trying to survive and then be forced to suffer even more as the city shuts down roads and diverts police and other first responders to deal with all the marathoners. Is this the right time to be running a marathon? Is it that important of an event? What about all the food and water being provided to the runners? Think the people who are dumpster diving for food might enjoy some of that? What about all the generators running the mediate tents for the event? Supposedly each generator can provide enough power for 400 homes and the media tent alone has 3 of them. 1200 homes could have power instantly.

Brad Paisley & Carrie Underwood Gangnam Style - Kind Of

I am just really grateful that Carrie Underwood has not decided to get into acting.

Blind Item #3

What B-/C+ list actress with A++ name list recognition is counting down the days until she ends her latest project. What started out as an innocent lunch with a co-star has turned into a full court press by him almost 24 hours a day. She is wary of any bad publicity coming her way right now and thinks he will run screaming to the press if she treats him poorly or blows him off like she wants to. So, she sucks it up and puts up with his constant badgering. Never has someone been more grateful for no cell service. The constant calls and texts have stopped, but now he pops in at her hotel all the time to make sure everything is ok.

Michael Nouri Arrested For Domestic Violence

Yesterday at 6pm, police were called to a home in Beverly Hills and found Michael Nouri and his girlfriend involved in a physical fight. When police looked at Nouri's girlfriend they saw that she had been hurt and arrested Nouri and charged him with felony domestic violence. Nouri is most known for his role in Flashdance and lately has been in NCIS and Damages. Oh, he was also in Army Wives. Bail was set at $50K and he was released early this morning.

Blind Item #2

What reality show contestant who is a celebrity themselves is on a coke bender for the ages. They think it is the only way they can fit enough hours into the day because they really want to win. They know this is the last big chance at a career boost.

Two Minutes Of Twilight Interviews On MTV

In the little over two minutes from this clip on MTV you get to see Kristen Stewart acting extremely dramatic, 30 seconds of their first red carpet appearance together, and Robert Pattinson trying to shove an e-cigarette into his pocket when they came back from the clip. I hope it was an e-cigarette or he is going to have a nasty burn.

Blind Item #1

This actress is fast approaching A list and made her fame in television and movies. Always seemingly nice, she also has a husband and kids. Turns out that she may love fame and publicity more than she has ever let on before. She usually will let paps know when she is leaving her home and leaves it up to them whether or not they want photos. The other day they did and she and her family walked slower than you have ever seen anyone walk just so that lots of photos could be snapped. When one of her children started crying about how long the whole process was taking, our actress sternly reminded the child that there is no crying allowed when they are being photographed by paps and to be quiet.

A Great New York City Halloween Story - Courtesy Of Emma Watson

This little blurb comes from a reader in New York City. Despite all that has gone on in new York this week there were still kids who wanted to go trick or treating and to wear their costumes. One five year old boy wore his costume and probably won't have any idea of what happened to him until he gets much older.

I will let the reader tell the story.

I wanted to tell you a nice celeb story about what happened to me last night while I was trick or treating with my kids and some friends of theirs.

One of the kids in the group, a five year old boy, was dressed up as Harry Potter, complete with matted hair, glasses, wand, etc.  We were walking on East 78th Street which is a popular Halloween spot for NYC kids since all the town houses and apartments on the blocks between Park and 3rd Avenue go all out decorating for the holiday and load them up with candy.

Anyway amid the madness, the boy was walking along the street when a young woman came up to him and said, "Excuse me, are you Harry Potter?"  After he mumbled out a yes, she said, "That's great, because I'm Hermonie Granger and we're best of friends" and she gave him a big hug.

Of course the boy was too young to realize that it was indeed Emma Watson, who couldn't have been nicer.

Brazilian Actress Dies From Liposuction

Pamela Baris Nascimento was a very popular Brazilian model and actress. She had previously undergone two plastic surgery procedures, but the third cost her life. On October 19th, the model died while undergoing liposuction. Apparently the doctors punctured her liver while she was on the operating table and then hospital officials tried to cover up the reason how she died for the past two weeks. The doctor who performed the surgery is now facing manslaughter charges.

Lynne Spears Beats Sam Lutfi In Court

Yesterday afternoon a judge threw out the entire lawsuit of Sam Lutfi, because he had not proven his case. Lutfi had sued Britney for unpaid fees, Lynne Spears for defamation and Jamie Spears for punching him. The testimony had a whole lot of dirt, but not much substance and Judge Suzanne Brugera threw the whole thing out. The Spears' attorneys were excited while Lutfi says he plans on appealing and then sinking his claws a little deeper into Courtney Love.

Sexual Assault Claims Against Cee Loo Green Just Got Way Worse

When the first reports of Cee Lo Green being accused of sexual battery came out, it was reported that the incident happened at a restaurant which led me and others to assume that he groped someone or did something inappropriate inside the restaurant. Turns out the sexual assault started at the restaurant, but continued later into the night and got way worse for the victim. TMZ is reporting there is an audio tape on which Cee Lo admits giving a drug to a woman and then having sex with her. The woman says she remembers going to a restaurant with Cee Lo and the next thing she remembered was being in a hotel room naked with Cee Lo. There are differing reports about whether the woman went to the police first or got a lawyer first and the reason why she got a lawyer. Cee Lo's people say she got a lawyer to try and get money from him. The woman's people say she hired a lawyer to find out whether Cee Lo has any STD's. The woman does not live in California which has been the cause of the delay but the LAPD is referring the case to the DA this week.

Amanda Bynes Says She Wasn't Naked In Tanning Salon Lobby

If you have not seen the latest issue of In Touch they claim that Amanda Bynes did something very Amanda Bynes-ish. They claim that she was at a tanning salon when she decided to wander through the lobby of the salon stark naked. I could see her doing that. She says that the story is not true and is going to sue In Touch. First of all, with as much as Bauer Publishing has been sued lately, I'm pretty sure they have multiple sources that will back up their story. There might even be security camera video which would probably make its way to the internet. Amanda might also think think that wearing bracelets or rings counts as a piece of clothing. Maybe she thinks you have to be completely naked to be completely naked. It is also possible she can't remember any of it because of all the pot she smokes.

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Random Photos Part Five - Halloween Photos Part Three

That scowl by Kim Kardashian is more acting than she ever showed in her sex tape.

Jenny McCarthy celebrates her 40th birthday by wearing what she does everyday.
Cutest costumes of the day? Definitely.
The Rock didn't even need a suit to be The Hulk.
Jennifer Lopez went as a 60's version of Taylor Swift.
How can you even tell when Lady GaGa is wearing a costume?
Katy Perry and Shannon Woodward win an award for originality. I think Kate Moss or Sharon Osbourne probably win for best costume.
Avril Lavigne goes out solo last night.
Should mom and son wear same costume?


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