Saturday, October 29, 2011

Justin Timberlake And Jimmy Fallon

In what seems to be almost an every two or three month event, Justin Timberlake was on Jimmy Fallon last night and once again they continued what at some point is going to be enough material to actually sell, their third installment in the history of rap. Justin Timberlake to me is really hit or miss as an actor, but he is really good at this type of thing and should really think about being on SNL full-time for a year or two to really get some training and practice. He is at his best there and here, but not so much movies. The worst part of Bad Teacher? Justin Timberlake.

Demi Moore Under 90 Pounds

Demi Moore stands about 5'5" which is what Tom Cruise sees when he wears heels. Unlike Tom though Demi only weighs about 90 pounds right now. I always joke about someone weighing 90 pounds, but do you realize that is like one pound over 89? There are kids in elementary school who weight more than that. This is why the pictures of her look so shocking lately. No one who is 5'5" should ever weight just 90 pounds. That is crazy. I have eaten 90 pounds of food in like two weeks. Not proud of it, but I have.

E! News is the one who found out how much she weighs. I say they are taking a guess, but I think it is a pretty good one. How much did Nicole Richie weigh the final time she was arrested? I think it was about the same and since then she has added some weight. Now people are going to speculate that either Demi is stressed and not eating or that Demi really is taking drugs to cope as some tabloid reports have suggested.

Michael Lohan Held Without Bail

I really wish a the judge that is handling the Michael Lohan case was also handling Lindsay Lohan's case. Unfortunately the does not take any crap from anyone judge is in Florida. She also could have been ticked because she was working on a Saturday morning and had to see Michael Lohan. I think anyone who spends their weekend like that is going to have a bit of an anger issue.

Anyway, the judge was not impressed with why Michael needed to be released on bond. The reasons, according to TMZ were that Dr. Drew and Michael are scheduled to tape something; that Lindsay has a hearing on Wednesday. Umm, hold it right there. He was not at the last hearing, but suddenly because he is in jail he wants to go. The final reason? Celebrity boxing match against Tareq Salahi. The judge told Michael he was going to have to stay in jail with no bond set. Love this judge.

Here is a question. Michael was turned in by Kate Major who he is living with right? AT the same time though he has had a bunch of other girlfriends during the time he has been seeing her. This is probably one messed up relationship. Kate testified this morning and spent the time crying. I bet she would take Michael back though. They both need to move on from each other.

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At Least An R Rating Would Have Mad The Movie More Interesting

Kristen Stewart has given an interview to Glamour Magazine. In the interview she says that the original sex scene that she and Robert Pattinson shot had to be re-cut because the movie originally got an R Rating. Not wanting to alienate the 10 year olds who love the books and movies, the scene was cut to make it as bland and boring as the acting talent in the movie. I don't know if I can handle two more of these movies. At least if they had kept the sex scene intact it would have made for something to look forward to in the movie. It is hard to believe they could make anything R rated. The books are not even R rated. The fights are not R rated. The birth of the baby/vampire will probably be no worse than something from daytime television. They should have gone dark and gone for an R and really pushed the envelope. Instead it will be the same old same old and by same old same old I mean boring with some of the worst acting this side of a CSI episode.

Victoria Beckham Says She Spotted A UFO

Victoria Beckham took to her Twitter to post a photo of what she claims is a UFO. Yes, it looks like the moon, but go out tonight and see if the moon looks anything like that. It does not. Wrong time of the month. My guess is that it is something Victoria probably does not see much in her neighborhood but every other Angelino sees on an almost constant basis. Helicopters. Specifically police helicopters. They love nothing more at night then to find some neighborhood and run back and forth over the houses flashing down the searchlight in hopes of waking you up. They are supposed to be up there to assist police officers on the ground but I get the feeling they enjoy just flying over random neighborhoods and flashing their light down in hopes they will see something fun or have a celebrity think they are a UFO.

Kendall Jenner Gets Her Own Special

At this point I expect the E! camera crews to have a special for any Kardashian who goes to the bathroom or eats a sandwich. A whole 60 minutes of television devoted to watching Kim Kardashian choose whether she is going to eat, and then decide where she is going to eat and then finally taking a tentative bite. That is captivating television according to E!.

Well, now they have moved to the next generation of kids and Kendall Jenner is getting her very own special devoted to her 16th birthday party. She turns 16 on November 3rd and there are camera crews following her around and filming her because yes, what the world needs is another member of this family to be thrust upon the world.

It is kind of going to be like that MTV show, My Sweet 16, but with Kanye West performing and the $100K budget for the birthday party probably paid for by E!. Still will have the very spoiled teen who probably feels a Mercedes is not good enough for her present.

Melissa Joan Hart Sued Again

It has not been a very good five months for Melissa Joan Hart. The one time Sabrina actress and former tweener, Melissa was sued back in May when an African American employee accused Melissa of discrimination and said that Melissa berated and humiliated her. Now, Melissa's former manager has sued Melissa and in documents obtained by Radar, the former manager says Melissa has no heart. Wow. That is a pretty cold thing to say, but honestly, Melissa has always cared more for herself than we have cared for her. Don't forget this is the same person who went on a rant because what was supposed to be her People Magazine cover got replaced when Farrah Fawcett died. Melissa thought she should still get the cover and went into meltdown mode. The lawsuit by the former manager says Melissa stopped paying him when she rose from obscurity. Well, she was in obscurity land for awhile. I still don't think that a show with Joey Lawrence pulls you out of that. Apparently Melissa is a real treat at home to her husband and kids too.

Adele Is Out Of Commission Until The Grammy Awards

While hoping that rest of her voice would prevent the need for surgery, Adele has been informed she needs to have surgery and has had to cancel every date for the rest of the year, including just promotional appearances. She has had issues for the past 18 months almost constantly and hopefully this will get her on the road to recovery. The surgery and resulting rest period will likely mean that she will not perform live anywhere until the Grammy Awards which are in February.

Jon & Kate Plus 8 Editor Charged With Child Porn

Bill Blankinship was arrested last week and charged with sex exploitation of a minor. Blankinship spent the past several years working for the production company which produced Jon & Kate Plus 8 and 17 & Counting or 31 & Counting whatever it is called at this point and it makes you wonder what kind of child porn he possessed when he was arrested. Think about the all the unused footage of these two shows and all the shots of the children which do not make it on the air but might have made it home to this guy's laptop. Even though the guy never actually came in contact with any of the children, it seems like someone would have maybe noticed his fascination with children and would wonder why he always wanted to work late at night and be the first one to come to work. He even looks creepy doesn't he?

Friday, October 28, 2011

Random Photos Part Three

Abigail Breslin wins the award for brightest shade of yellow ever seen on a red carpet.
Adele emerges from her home for the first time in a couple of weeks.
Anne Hathaway comes home from a workout. Looks like she stole Ashton Kutcher's hat.
The always amazing BD Wong.
The Madden brothers pointing at each other and
then pointing to the side. It is like watching a ZZ Top video but without the talent.
Chaz Bono hits New York.
Meanwhile, Courteney Cox was filming in Malibu for Cougar Town.
Elle Fanning looks 20 here and also a lot like Nicole Kidman.
Long time no see in the photos Christina Hendricks.

Random Photos Part Two

Those sneaky Girl Scouts. Next thing you know they will come up with a Samoa cologne to rival my bacon one.
I have no idea what Jessica Biel is thinking here. She is amazingly skinny though which highlights the shoulder pads.
Leelee Sobieski wearing Amish couture.
Jaime King and Topher Grace show off their matching sneakers.
Jerry Stiller was supposed to be on the top. So pretend he is there.
Is it Matthew Perry the actor or Matthew Perry the
famous actor?
Mark Wahlberg and the scraggliest beard ever.
Oliver Platt looks thrilled at the NY Rangers hockey game.
With no Knicks, Spike Lee starts attending hockey games.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

I have to say that when I do watch the Gene Simmons show, my favorite parts are the parts with the kids, and especially Nick. The guy is pretty funny.
Rob Gronkowski apologized to his team and to the NFL for letting porn star BiBi Jones wear his jersey. I am not sure why he should apologize. For her part BiBi just kept saying how much she wanted to have sex with Rob, but he never made a move.
Two nights in a row for Rob Morrow and Gina Gershon. Apparently this is serious.
You think Urkel hates being called Urkel? Richard Thomas has been John Boy for about 50 years.
amfAR galas always make for interesting combinations. How about Sean Penn and Sinead O'Connor.
Also present were Colin Farrell and Rose McGowan. He hit on her all night.
Sandra Bullock and Garcelle Beauvais flank Kevin Huvane.
Selma Blair after barely touching her salad.
Tom Cruise continues to be Jack Reacher and I continue to be annoyed.
I think it's possible that Vincent Piazza and Ashlee Simpson are going to kiss. You really want to do that Vincent?

Your Turn

Every year about this time my throat starts to get a little sore and my eyes a little dry. That means I also know the winds are about to shift and the Santa Ana winds are going to start. For some reason I have some type of allergy with something in the air from the desert. It got me thinking though, what are any of you allergic to, whether it be food or pollen and also if you have any stories to share about your allergies.

Beavis And Butthead Are Back

Even if you cannot sit through or find the time to watch the entire 20 minutes, you have to watch either the 16 & Pregnant part or Jersey Shore. The best 20 minutes of television this week.

Ted C Blind Item

Fake à la Ferocity has nothing on wholesome TV and movie actress Trixie Twinkle-Twat, whose new series, Family Values, was renewed recently.

And, trust us, that's saying a whole helluva backstabbing lot.

Trixie's current crime?

Telling her bosses—and, consequently, the world—that she not only adores her famous costar, Vander Van Der Butt, but she wouldn't considering doing anything other than their show, professionally speaking.

When the truth is Trixie, who's got a reputation for sending homemade cookies to people she loathes, will not even look Vander in the eye when they're alone, much less speak to him. She detests him, curses him ever opportunity she can—and the feeling is mutual.

Trix just faked liking him because she knew it would get her a big family boob-tube job.

And it gets even more ironic! Not only did execs approve Trixie and Vander's current cozy show based on the fact they were (supposedly) real-life friends, but also because Ms. Twinkle-Twit's made an entire career out of folks thinking she'd prefer to bake cookies instead of bitch people out like the truck driver she is at heart.

AND IT AIN'T: Nancy Travis and Tim Allen, Julie Bowen and Ty Burrell, Patricia Heaton and Neil Flynn

Kim Kardashian Went Basketball Player Shopping

The website has an interesting article up on their site. They claim that E! producers of Kim Kardashian's show called around to various NBA players and offered them the chance to date Kim and be on her reality show. Apparently the producers set their eyes on the guy above, Danilo Gallinari who plays for the Knicks and is from Italy. Danilo said he would love to meet Kim but had no desire to date her or to be on her show. Guess they found their sucker in Kris Humphries though. I wonder if he really thought Kim liked him. Danilo's photo kind of looks like a mug shot doesn't it?

Jean Claude Van Damme Trashes A Bar

Last night a stuntman in the movie The Expendables 2 was killed in an explosion gone wrong. Earlier this week, Jean Claude Van Damme had an explosion of his own as he trashed a bar in Bulgaria where the movie is being shot. Apparently Jean Claude went into the bar around 4am and was already drunk and bought vodka for the bar. He then was challenged to an arm wrestling contest. When he lost, he went into a rage and throwing glasses and smashing tables. He also accused someone of stealing his watch. Jean Claude does not sound like a fun drunk.

Lucy Davis Files For Divorce From Owain Yeoman

After being basically separated for the past three years, but officially since January, former UK Office star, Lucy Davis filed for divorce from her husband, Owain Yeoman who is on The Mentalist. You know, if you combine him with Simon Baker, do you think that show has the best looking pretty boys on it? I think other shows have the claim on the gritty good looking people, but also they are on cable and The Mentalist is on CBS. Anyway, Lucy was the original Pam before Jenna Fischer became Pam. If you have never seen the UK version of The Office it is brilliant. It makes you way more uncomfortable than watching the American version. The first few episodes of each are almost exactly the same if you want to compare and make sure you watch the last episode where David Brent goes on a reality tour.

Four For Friday

#1 - One of the most conservative and powerful media moguls in the world knows all right? So, he probably knows that his much younger wife prefers women right? Apparently there is a big payoff in the works for her latest conquest. Things got a little rough and her conquest got hurt.

#2 - This C+ movie and television actress is on a huge network comedy hit. Small, but recurring role and is usually on every week. Well, she was at an event the other night and getting paid, but it was sparsely attended and she was not getting paid much. She was complaining that she never gets the good parties and the parties that pay a lot for her to attend. At one point she said, "Who do I have to f**k to get to host a Vegas party because I will. I am sick of this crap here."

#3 - What former talk show host and now reality star/producer/author said the other day that she has not had sex in almost two years. She said she just is not that interested but does enjoy time on her own if you know what I mean.

#4 - What one hit wonder D list movie actor who has been in this space before for his a-holian behavior went up to this foreign born, sometime movie actress who seems to be more famous for her ex-boyfriends than acting and tried to hit on her. When she rebuffed his efforts he got really nasty and talked about he was famous and could have anyone and even said at one point, "I could buy you." She then replied, "You should spend the money on about six inches up top and below, some breath mints and some manners."

Tonya From Real World Says She Was Raped During MTV Show

TMZ obtained a copy of a lawsuit that former Real World Chicago star, Tonya Cooley filed against MTV,the producers of the show, and two of her fellow cast members. In the suit, Tonya claims she was raped using a toothbrush by Kenneth Santucci and Evan Starkman. They did so while she was passed out drunk. In the lawsuit she also highlights rampant sexual harassment that goes on during the filming of the show and that producers encouraged the women to get naked and the guys to grope the women. Whenever she complained to producers, her protests were ignored. Although she was kicked off the show for slapping someone, she says that nothing happened to the two guys who raped her.

National Enquirer Blind Item

WHAT cast of a popular TV series is so miserable that they can’t wait for their show to come to an end? The stars always put on their best poker faces during group interviews, but behind the scenes they’re desperately ripping each other apart!

More Courtney Stodden Photos - Pre-Stroll Days

This has been a big week in the what did Courtney Stodden look like before she got new breasts, started chain smoking and working the lunch rush at a strip club. Besides photos from her early modeling days alone and with her sisters, there is also now a video of her competing in the Miss Washington Teen USA contest. Yes, the same contest owned by Donald Trump. I think he probably uses it as a date pool and marks it down when they will turn 18. "Happy Birthday______. This is Donald Trump. Yes, the guy on television. Yes, my hair is real. It just gets that way when the wind blows it, but it is real. No, I don't have Lil Jon's phone number. Listen, anyway, the reason why I am calling is that I saw a great deal about you that I liked and want to talk to you about your career as a beauty contestant at USA. What? You just turned 17? I thought you were 18. Oh, well talk to you next year. Bye. Someone is getting fired."

Charlie Sheen Gets A New Show

It did not take Charlie Sheen long to sell another show to television. In fact, according to The Hollywood Reporter, three networks were fighting for the chance to air his new show Anger Management. It has the same title as the Adam Sandler/Jack Nicholson movie but it does not really sound the same. Charlie plays a guy with an anger management problem which sounds like a stretch acting wise doesn't it? His job though is to help other people with their anger management problems. It will start airing next year on FX.

I don't really need Charlie Sheen to get another show and be in my face every week. It is bad enough that Two And A Half Men appears to play on a 24 hour non-stop basis on every channel. Why should I reward a guy for being an a-hole who has threatened to kill his wife, does crazy amounts of drugs and booze and has sex with random porn stars.

BuzzFoto Blind Item

This B/C list actor from mostly an action genre is happily married to his wife. Our source says it’s because the two have developed a strange fetish that involves figure skating… naked. As in they coordinate a routine and everything, sans the sparkly outfits. You can’t make this stuff up.

Robyn Gardner Still Missing - Gary Giordano Still In Jail

The National Enquirer is reporting that police in Aruba received a tip on the disappearance of Robyn Gardner. You know, it has been months since she went missing and her accused killer, Gary Giordano is still in jail and being held without charges. At some point does he get to go free? I don't want him to go free, but don't you think they could at least charge him with something? You don't need a body to prosecute someone for murder. It is helpful obviously, but not necessary. Anyway, police say they received a tip that Robyn might have been buried alive on Dog Grave Beach. That is the place where many people on the island bury their dogs and it is sandy and easy to dig on your own. The tipster is suspected of being a man who police had originally thought was involved in the killing and from the sound of the tip it does sound like the guy was right there.

He described how she was beaten and her head put in a plastic bag and then how the grave was dug and that when Gary put Robyn in the grave that she started moaning and was still alive. How do you know this stuff unless you were there? How come this person did not go dig her out when Gary left? Would you just leave them there? This is why I am not so sure I believe the tip or that the person helped with the beating which is why they did not go get the body. Police have been searching the dog grave beach this week.

Kelly Clarkson Wants You To Know She Is Not Gay

I know there are people out there who are probably convinced that Kelly Clarkson is gay. I am not one of those people. Yesterday she went on The View and told the world she is not gay. Of course that does not really mean anything because Ricky Martin said he was not gay forever. To me Kelly is one of those people who guys think of as a great friend and someone to hang out with but that you never see yourself going out with. She even said on the program yesterday that her last date was awful. I bet it was a blind date. I bet her friends are constantly trying to set her up and she is probably a serial one dater. A lot of that is not her fault. She is a very busy person so trying to find the time to start a relationship is tough if you are on the road all the time. I think she will eventually find someone but it will be someone she works with like a band member or some guy on the crew. With people like Kelly, what happens is you find that perfect person much later in life but it is generally way better and stronger and lasts longer.

Alexa Ray Joel Talks About STD She Got From Ex-Boyfriend

Although Alexa Ray Joel did not specifically name the boyfriend who gave her an STD, it is pretty easy to figure out who it is because she let on piece of important information slip out during an interview with XO Jane. She said she was living with the guy who gave it to her. The only person she has lived with is Jimmy Riot. They met when she was 19 and he was 34 and were together for 5 years. When he left her she also attempted suicide. For those of you interested in dating Alexa in the future she says that she has no symptoms and that he gave her the HPV virus which is common, and there are usually no symptoms, but every once in awhile you can get a bad case and end up getting some nasty looking things in the genital area. After living with a musician for five years who was always on the road I think she can probably consider herself thankful she did not get something much worse.


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