Friday, May 22, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Stuff

Last weekend was of course a three day weekend in Canada for Victoria Day and this weekend is a 3 day weekend in the US and also over in the UK. That being said, I will be posting all day on Monday. I will be drunk, but I will be posting. Also on Monday there will allegedly be a post by Carli who is going to a BBQ at Adam Carolla's house this weekend. So, that should be something to get you away from the pool or the grill for at least a few minutes.

Also this week I want to say thanks to some readers who love the site so much they decided to buy ads on the site. They are over on the right next to Ben. Say hi Ben. I really appreciate the fact that readers think this site is the place where they want to spend money. I don't get any money if you click on their ads or anything, or get a commission. I will say that if you need a ticket reseller just try the people over at Ticket Liquidators before you make your purchase. A reader from Ireland has come up with a program to deal with panic attacks called Panic Away. No, not Panic! At the Disco, panic attacks. And finally, yet another reader is trying their hand at selling vacations and airline tickets so give them a look see as well on their site Travelatime.

Oh, and also the.princess.leia has started a new site to try and attempt to clarify the entire A-D list of every actor and actress known to mankind. You can help her out by contributing your thoughts. Click here to see her site.

I hope that wherever you are this weekend that you be safe and have fun. I know lots of you will be on the road this weekend. I care about all of you and want you back here safe on Monday or Tuesday or whenever you get back.

Four For Friday

#1 & #2 - This C list almost exclusively movie actress who has been in some important movies thought she had found true love. It sounds like true terror. In what should be her coming out party for her first real big lead role, she instead has to deal with her new B list writer/director boyfriend who loves nothing more than hitting her. Very careful not to leave a mark on her face, she nevertheless was almost in tears on the red carpet from the pain he inflicted on her the night before her big premiere this week. Despite this, she still held his hand as they walked the red carpet. Sick I know.

#3 - This former A list movie actor and now pretend singer and movie actor was playing at a recent golf tournament. Along the side of the fairways were multi-million dollar homes. In the driveway of one of these homes was a huge RV painted in a rather garish color. Our actor said the RV distracted him and he refused to play until it was move out of his eyesight.

#4 - Want to make this married former A list television and movie actor stop coming to your hotel? Tell him he is banned from receiving any more massages from the male masseurs employed by the hotel because of his unwanted and unwelcome advances. Our actor hasn't been back since.

Random Photos Part One

Heath Ledger on top one last time. Here he is with Lily Cole in a scene from The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus.
Does Chris Tucker actually do anything in life but show up for a Rush Hour movie every couple of years?
Diane Kruger demonstrating a Chanel version of the Gob Mobile. For those of you who need to spend the extra $10,000 for the name.
This could take awhile.

#1 - No need for Fergie to ever wear Depends when she is wearing these.
#2 - It looks like Fergie must have used generic Depends and they broke again.
#3 - No need to tuck it behind when wearing these pants.
Fall Out Boy - New York
Jamie Oliver enthusiastically selling his new magazine. Or pretending to be at least. It looks like he hasn't slept in a year.
You would think at some point Kenny G would think about changing his hair.
If you thought Kate Hudson looked like a man before changing to a brunette, you must be beside yourself right now.
Yeah, I give this look a 0 out of 0 also. Oh, and for the record, I believe she was wearing this just as everyday clothes.
Natalie Portman on the set of her new movie.
Omarosa might not have won The Apprentice but she seems to have won the free services of a plastic surgeon.
Getting their hand clapping in synch takes weeks of practice.
And then the little kid bounced off the walls of her trailer on set for the next 18 hours.
Shawn Johnson may have won Dancing With The Stars, but apparently fashion is not part of the scoring process.
Michelle Trachtenberg spills the news and SMG stops hiding her pregnancy.
Apparently there is a uniform in the Cruise household.
Taraji P. Henson was everywhere prior to the Academy Awards, but this is the first time I have seen her out in a long time.

Your Turn

Today, in honor of the 50th birthday of the one and only Steven Patrick Morrissey I thought we would discuss who your favorite music group or singer is. I would also love to hear stories of great concerts you went to or the best album you have ever heard or the time you got drunk with Ozzy. Anything music related. It is pretty much anything goes.

Amy Winehouse And Michael Jackson Should Perform Together

I saw today that Amy Winehouse canceled out on her next concert which was supposed to be held next Sunday in the UK. It isn't surprising, but at least for her fans they won't have to suffer through an awful performance and can get their money back. At this point I don't think Amy should perform at all because it is just one big disappointment. I guess it would be different if she lip synched, because then she could just grab the microphone for support and hang on to it for 90 minutes or so and then be helped off the stage.

I am waiting for the day that Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse sign up to perform together. It won't ever happen of course. Not the signing up part, that might happen, but the actual playing. They will just take the money and run. Amy to the nearest crackhouse and Michael to the nearest place he can find to buy the ugliest pieces of crap with which to clutter his house.

Yesterday, I talked about Michael postponing the start of his scheduled run in London and just as all of you predicted, people are ticked. People have bought plane tickets, booked hotels, and lots of other things that are non refundable. It does them absolutely no good to have the show moved to the end of March. Moving it to the end of March also means that promoters don't have to offer refunds. It isn't a cancellation, just a postponement. Of course that will change. Michael was in LA seeing a doctor again yesterday and it is only a matter of time before this whole idea collapses. I'm guessing there must be some kind of medical out in his contract which will allow the promoters to get their money and Michael to keep what he has paid. Of course all of the ticket holders will be screwed. Oh, they might get their money back for the concert tickets but nothing else.

Cannes Photos Of The Day

Lily Cole
Noemie Lenoir
Paz De La Huerta
Elodie Bouchez
Michelle Yeoh
Eli Roth, Emile Hirsch, Robert Pattinson
Georgina Chapman & Sharon Stone
Hayden Panettiere
Zhang Ziyi

Mary Kay Letourneau Hosts Hot For Teacher Night

Yes, the headline is completely serious. It seems that famed rapist, and former teacher Mary Kay Letourneau, along with her now husband and former student are hosting a Hot For Teacher night at a Seattle club this Saturday night. The bar owner doesn't see a problem with it at all.

Yes, why not make a buck off the fact that you raped your student and got pregnant with him? Why not celebrate the fact that you spent over seven years in prison for that rape. Mary Kay is now 47. Her husband is 26. They have been married for about four years now, and I hope that he is ok, but you really have to wonder how this whole thing messed with his life.

I mean they started having a sexual relationship when he was 12 and she was 34. 12 years old!! We tend to make light of all of this because she is a woman and he is boy, but imagine if the situations were reversed. What would we think about some guy having the same kind of party to celebrate the fact that he went to jail for raping a 12 year old girl when he was 34? I think we would all agree it would be pretty damn sick and disgusting so I don't understand why people treat this any differently. Just because the 12 year old was a boy doesn't mean he won't suffer mentally or physically because of this?

Thank You Oprah

It is rare that I ever thank Oprah for anything other than the fact that she is on television while I am at work and so I don't have to even inadvertently flip through the channels and see her. However, today there is something else for which I can be thankful. According to the National Enquirer (through CeleBitchy), Kirstie Alley was in talks to do a show for Oprah, but because Kirstie couldn't ever come to an agreement with Oprah's production company, Oprah instead went with Jenny McCarthy. Although I don't agree with everything Jenny says, I can't think of anything worse than giving Kirstie Alley an hour a day nationally to tell the world what she thinks about everything.

I think Oprah probably got caught up in the moment of Kirstie Alley losing all that weight and thought a show would be a good idea. Of course there is also the whole Oprah Scientology thing which is tough to explain and maybe played a part of it. I think she finally decided that no matter how many interviews she could score with Tom Cruise and John Travolta that having Kirstie Alley blather on every day was simply not worth it.

Robert Schimmel Has Domestic Violence Case Against Wife Dropped

Robert Schimmel had been arrested for allegedly assaulting his wife. Now though, his wife has dropped the charges and the district attorney here in Los Angeles has said that without her testimony there is not enough evidence to proceed so the case has been dropped. Back in early May, Robert had been arrested by the police after an argument with his wife where she had said he hit her.

She is still proceeding with the divorce action which she filed a few days after the incident but will basically let him go free to find a new girlfriend or wife and let her find out what it is like to live with him. On the one hand I am happy she hasn't decided to drop the divorce case, but obviously something happened that night or else she wouldn't have called the cops and wouldn't be divorcing him.

On the other hand I hate the fact that now he can always say he didn't do anything wrong and that it was all a misunderstanding or something.

Jessica Simpson And Ken Paves Break Up

According to the NY Post, there is reason to believe that Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves have gone their separate ways. Yeah, kind of like the Journey song, but minus Steve Perry singing really loudly or Randy Jackson playing bass in some ridiculous outfit for which he paid a fortune. Anyway, it seems that when Jessica was on the cover of Vanity Fair, for which I will never forgive them, the stylist listed for Jessica is Oribe. Uh oh. Where was Ken? Well apparently Vanity Fair hates Ken, and when they had offered Jessica a cover shoot years prior, when she was actually cover worthy, she turned them down because her friendship with Ken was more important. Well, that friendship got tossed under the bus pretty quickly when Jessica needed some positive publicity in a national magazine didn't it?

Maybe this is why Jessica has not been going out so much. She has no one with whom to go out. Ashlee is off filming her television show and Tony is off anywhere but with Jessica and John Mayer is covering himself in lipstick and then taking pictures and so that leaves Jessica with Jessica. I guess she could go out with Caycee and Donald, but then Zach Braff always wants to come along and then Jessica gets drunk and thinks Zach really is a doctor and lets him examine her and so it gets really weird.

The NY Post might be on to something because it has been awhile since I saw them photographed together, but I don't go out of my way looking for photos of them, so I could be wrong.

What Do You Think?

Have you been watching or reading about the saga of Danny Hauser and his mother? Danny is a 13 year old boy who was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma and after one round of chemo, his parents decided to not take him back for more. The parents are registered members of a Native American tribe and have decided they want to treat their son naturally, and without medication. A judge in Minnesota said no, and ordered the child back to chemo. So, mom decided to make a run for it. Supposedly mom and son are now in California making a run for Mexico while dad is back in Minnesota trying, and not doing a very good job of convincing authorities that he has no idea where his wife and son are.

It seems to me the pair shouldn't be that hard to find, but with the exception of a possible sighting in Southern California, there really has been no trace of them. They are probably traveling with a guy who says that he was cured of the same form of cancer without relying on medicine. Of course he never proved that to anyone. The mom and dad are registered members of this Native American organization which says that "our religion is our medicine." The fact that the leader spent time in jail for all kinds of things related to his "religion" and "medicine" doesn't exactly give him the highest credibility.

You would think the parents might have looked into that part of him a little more carefully. I just want the kid to be safe and not die. I don't understand why they can't do a mixture of natural and chemo. The thing is this form of cancer is fairly easy to beat as far as cancers go, and I would hate for a 13 year old boy to not see the rest of his life because mom decided to run. I don't know how running will improve his health, or how much he is going to like having his mom in jail for the next few years while he is fighting cancer.

$20,000 For A Kiss On The Cheek?

I think sometimes people go to charity auctions and lose their minds. It is really the only logical explanation. Sure, it is charity, but it also shouldn't take away common sense. If someone came to your house selling cookies for charity and each box was $75 would you buy one just because it was for charity? Hell no, because no one pays $75 for a box of cookies. Unless of course you have been drinking or smoking pot all night and then, in that case $75 might be the going rate.

Last night in Cannes there was a charity auction for amfAR which is a great organization and one of the few that will actually let Sharon Stone be in charge of anything. Anyway, at the auction celebrities were participating and Robert Pattinson decided to auction off a kiss on the cheek. Yep. If you were the high bidder Robert would kiss you on the cheek. And because he is so generous with his time he was willing to offer this prize to two lucky winners.

Well, the two lucky winners each paid $20,000 for a one second kiss on the cheek. Kind of disappointing I think. I mean I understand the $20,000 is going to charity, but again, look at that $75 box of cookies. He probably kissed 100 people on the cheek yesterday for free yesterday while he was in Cannes, so suddenly charging $20,000 for it seems high. How about some lunch or something tangible?

To give you an example, for $60,000 last night you could have had a private screening of Inglorious Basterds for you and a friends plus dinner at Cipriani for all of them as well. Yes, it is expensive, and a truly awful movie, but it is better than a kiss on the cheek from a kid who is probably going to disappear after this whole Twilight thing. I don't think there are too many people out there bragging about the time they paid $20,000 for Corey Haim to kiss them on the cheek.

NY Daily News Blind Item

Which newly attached TV actress got it on with a gawky star from the same network?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Random Photos Part One

This is Gina Lollobrigida who used to be one of the biggest stars in the world. I think it is appropriate to have her at the top of the photos. It is amazing that someone who used to be such a worldwide star just kind of fades away and no one really cares anymore.
Ashlee Simpson doing some press for Melrose Place.
It's Sydney Andrews!!! Oh, wait, I mean Laura Leighton. Yeah. I'm wondering if she could just kill off Ashlee's character in the first episode.
Christina Aguilera looks completely different than normal here. I couldn't really figure out why at first and then I realized I can't remember the last time I saw her in daylight.
If you ever have a chance to see Carlos Santana in concert you need to take advantage of it and do so. I know you are all excited about the American Idol tour, but do yourself a favor and see someone who is actually a musician.
Chace Crawford. A man with a career on the rise.
Ed Westwick. A man who enjoys a fake tan.
Everytime I put the words Countess and LuAnn together, I seriously laugh for about 20 minutes.
I have seen Chloe Sevigny look a lot worse.
Umm. Wow. Elle Macpherson is an attractive woman. She is 46 years old and looks amazing.
"Pip sir. They call me Pip." Yeah, I know, and I know you might not get it, but Ginnifer Goodwin just kind of looks like a little boy in this picture. In a dress mind you.
Heather Locklear and a child who deserves some kind of award for surviving the last year.
I am rarely mean for the sake of being mean, and here is an example. Jessica Alba looks beautiful. This is about as perfect as she can look.
Even Selma Blair looks decent in a 80's Dallas kind of fake tan way.
Jane's Addiction - Irvine, California
Another person you could see in concert if you don't want to see Carlos Santana is Jason Mraz or the guys above.
All of you asked for more Joel McHale so here is more Joel. For those of you in Los Angeles, I saw that he is going to be at The Wiltern this month but I can't remember the day. That could also mean he is on tour if someone less lazy than me wants to look it up.
Kimberly Caldwell has done probably the most out of nothing. She barely finished in the Top 10 of Idol but has turned it into a career.
Leighton Meester just because for some unknown reason she added me as a Facebook friend last week.
Blake Lively, well the picture makes me think summer is almost here.
Calm the f**k down. Matthew M was invited to throw out the first pitch and you can just tell he wants to play in the damn game.
Most celebrities just go to a gifting suite and take pictures with stuff and walk out with the loot. Nina Dobrev though, shows why someone should hire her to endorse products. This scarf was a gift and she put it on. OK, that isn't that great, but better than posing with it in a box. But, wait, it gets better.
She actually went and completely changed clothes to put on the jeans from this company and found a shirt to wear with it. Everyone else just did what LuAnn did up at the top of the photos. Just held them, smiled and grabbed as many as they could stuff in a bag.
Selfridges in London had a unique promotion yesterday. Not sure what it was other than having half naked men riding the escalator.
Did you ever see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?
I wonder if Rihanna and Pete Wentz ever hooked up?
Have you ever noticed that Reese Witherspoon always seems to go out to workout. To gyms, or running or to classes? You know she could afford to have someone come over, but she actually makes the effort. I admire that.
A first time appearance for S. Epatha Merkerson. Long overdue.
Tyra was on time.
What is Taylor Momsen's natural hair color anyway? Anyone know?


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