Saturday, April 21, 2012

Singing Dog Plays The Piano Too

A singing dog? Seen it before. A dog playing a piano? Meh. Put the two together though and then you have something special.

Blind Items Revealed

October 19, 2011

#5 - Strangest hookup ever. In this case hookup is just making out. I have no idea if it went further, but imagining it is a horror, so to go beyond would be a nightmare. This controversial female married A list reality star spent a good five minutes making out with this second fiddle reality star who thinks he is way better then he is.

Bethenny Frankel & The Situation

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding Is Finally Coming

Next weekend is the premiere of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding - America. Unlike the version we see every week on TLC, this version appears to be way more Jerry Springer and a lot less 12 year old teen age hooker. Did you see the 15 year old getting married to the 20 year old guy going to jail last night? That is quality television.

Drunk Driver Who Killed A 20 Year Old, Forced To Wear Sign

I don't know if it will do any good in stopping other people from drinking and driving, but I'm all for anything that gives hope. Michael Giacona was ordered by a judge to wear the sign pictured above for four consecutive weekends at the exact spot he killed the 20 year old. The man was only sentenced to 90 days in jail for the crime which is a crime in itself. 90 days in jail for killing someone? I'm all for the sign thing but how about a longer jail sentence. You took a life and because you did it while drinking you get three months but if I went to a bar and killed someone I could spend 20 years in jail. How does that make sense? The first weekend that Giacona wears the sign, the mother of the victim will watch him all day. Hopefully she will get some closure, although if I was her, I think I would not want to see it because it would make sad.

Oh Lindsay

Lindsay Lohan is telling people that she is banning herself from ever going to The Standard Hotel again. Apparently she thinks it is a jinx to her. Umm, It's not a jinx. Unfortunately, Lindsay can't control herself when she is around booze and is a very angry person and has anger issues and should ban herself from all clubs not just this particular one. If you are a club owner, do you want Lindsay to patronize your club? Yes, you will get some good publicity if she is arrested or has some kind of drama, but she will also be a lot of trouble and could end up costing you money if she hurts someone and they sue you. I think you can get just as much publicity for barring her at the door and not allowing her in. She is incredibly lucky she wasn't arrested at all the past two weeks and probably the only thing saving her from more serious trouble this past week was that she was with her father. He managed to stop ranting about Kate Major long enough to get Lindsay out of there.

Real Housewives - New Jersey Preview

I watched the preview of the upcoming season of Real Housewives of New Jersey and it looks like a bunch of rats in wigs screaming and yelling at each other. So, in other words a typical RHNJ season. I think the best idea is to start the season by forcing all the women to go to wine country, away from their comfort zone and get them hammered on wine. It sets the tone for the whole season. I'm just waiting for the day Teresa gets arrested by the FBI in front of the cameras.

Ted C Blind Item

Where art thou, heartthrob Nelly Fang?

Hooking up with the most stunning partner in his fairly impressive past, that's what!

The fact that Nelly's currently smitten with golden celeb Queen Djibouti is such great news because…

As we all know, Nelly hasn't always made the wisest (or safest) romance choices in the past.

And besides, Nelly has such an impressive everything—face, career, personality, etc.—isn't it about time he settle down with somebody who's as beautifully put together, not to mentioned gifted, as he is? Totally!

Queen, who's not quite as romantically experimental as Nelly, is still probably a pretty perfect fit for her new man, as she's all about the work (just like Fang) and is totally easygoing in her private life. Which is probably why she used to date a guy just like Nelly, who also likes to do his own thing.

In other words, Fang and Queen's exes are probably each other's types! Or certainly were at one time.

But that's then. Now is all about Nelly and Queen slowly cementing their hotness for each other, which appears to be the real thing.

Kind of a shocker for Mr. Fang, who's not unused to the fake-partner P.R. thing.

We actually dig this new Nelly.

True love's always hot, right?

It Ain't: Tim Tebow and Taylor Swift, Taylor Kinney and Lady Gaga, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

The Longest Year Of Our Lives

Today marks the one year anniversary of the wedding of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian. In the past year, which has probably been the longest of all our lives, the couple has given us 467 bikini shots of LeAnn on vacation. The good news is there are three which don't make her look like she has been on a starvation diet for the entire year. The better news about those three is they generally only have her arm in it, so that is a big bonus. We have seen them take 23 vacations in 52 weeks. The only time either of them worked was when Eddie was on that Playboy show. Remember that? He must have worked on that for two or three weeks so definitely needed all those vacations. We have seen 6 fights between LeAnn and Brandi with Brandi winning everyone. There looked to have been one couple swapping and one boob job. I have my doubts they will make it through year two.

Suge Knight Thinks Tupac Is Alive

Coming to Coast To Coast soon will be Suge Knight. You remember Suge don't you? I'm pretty sure he is the one who set up Tupac to be killed and since then has had karma issues that have turned him from an almost billionaire to a guy driving a five year old Chevy and looking for anything he can get. Suge was interviewed about the hologram from last weekend at Coachella and Suge told KDAY that no one has really ever seen Tupac's body and that he thinks Tupac might still be alive. Hmm. I was wondering how he keeps releasing new music each year. So, Suge was in the driver's seat when Tupac was killed and he says no one ever saw the body. Did it disappear right before his eyes?

Friday, April 20, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

Adam Levine and Maroon 5 were filming their new music video. Think he hit on the woman?
Chris Hemsworth and a very pregnant Elsa Pataky.
So, who do these belong to?
Emma Roberts.
Heidi Klum in her first photoshoot.
Harry Styles of One Direction shaving his legs.
Jon Hamm going out solo.
Jennifer Lawrence battles with action figures on Spanish television.

Random Photos Part Two

Jennifer Lopez continues to try and bring back the 70's one outfit a a time.
Kelly Osbourne's leg tan does not match her hands or face.
Miley Cyrus and her finger seem to be healing nicely. Just don't hurt it on the bong today.
Megan Fox does the permanent walk of shame. She did marry Brian Austin Green after all.Michelle Trachtenberg is dating one hit wonder Mark Foster.
Nicki Minaj and pink PVC. Interesting.
It's baby time. First, Natalie Portman with Aleph and
Ashlee Simpson with Manhattan Jungle Book.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Sandra Bullock seems to be in a ridiculously good mood.
Jennie Garth had her 40th birthday party and got some of the former cast of 90210 to show up. Of course they all had something to promote which could have also been a reason.
Not on the red carpet was Jason Priestley who continues to experiment with pants that work best in floods.
"And for your inflight entertainment, we will be presenting Spice Girls The Movie."
Vanessa Lachey points out the photographers.
Vanessa Williams and her amazing looking mother.
I feel like someone yesterday also wore that dress Taylor Schilling is wearing. Maybe Victoria Beckham?

South Park Has Live Action

Sofia Vergara Lets Her Mom's House Go Into Foreclosure

Whenever you hear about well paid celebrities letting their parents' homes or their sibling's homes go up for auction or be foreclosed, you always wonder what the whole story is. Sofia's mom owed $13K to the bank and did not pay so the bank foreclosed. Does Sofia have that much money? She makes that in about two days on her show and easily that for every appearance. Do you owe something to your parents to keep them in a home? Do they have another home and maybe this is a second home? I guess because my parents let me live with them, that I owe it to them to help them out if I ever could.

Four For Friday - The Girl Who Got Pregnant

As is the case every Friday, I like to direct you towards my Twitter which is over on the right somewhere. Usually I use the little -----------> thing, but I thought I would be different today. Counting down to 4:20 and all that. Oh, you thought. No, that is when I get to leave work today. Anyway, on my Twitter I have blinds that I don't have on the site. I had one this morning as a matter of fact. Oh, and here on the site on Saturdays I reveal a blind from my archive.

This show was on a few years ago, but most the leads in the show are all working still and are solid B- listers. It was a modest hit show which was part of a hit night for a network. Yes, a network. Not an almost network or cable, but a network. It was supposed to be good family fun, but behind the scenes were some truly nasty things going on. The object of the entire mess was this teen who has not really done anything since because she was so traumatized by what happened. When she first came to the show she got involved with one of the actors on the show who was slightly older than her. He was experienced and she was not. He was really into drugs and she was not, but she thought he was the greatest and in love and they had sex all the time. While this was going on, one of the older actors on the show also wanted the teen. She thought of him like a father figure, but he wanted to be more than a dad. Well, one day he had way too much to drink and came on to the teen. She didn't want it, but she also didn't want to get fired so went along with sex. To this day she refuses to eat the food she was eating right before this happened and has a loathing for the cologne he was wearing. When she told her "boyfriend" about it he blamed her. When she told this B- list actress on the show about it, the actress told her to never tell anyone and that kind of thing happens and it had happened to her in the past before she got too big and they couldn't take advantage of her like that anymore. Well, our teen got pregnant. When she talked to her boyfriend, he said it was not his and that she deserved what she got. When she talked to the older actor about it, he said that he was married and had a family and none of this could come out. He then had his assistant make an appointment for the teen to get an abortion and to make sure the assistant went and made sure the procedure was completed. About three days after the procedure our teen got a call from the older actor. The teen though it was to apologize or to see how she was doing. Nope. He wanted to know if she wanted to come over to his place for sex.

Your Turn

So, your significant other comes to you and says they killed someone. Could be the past, could be now. Stay with them? Turn them in if it happened now?

Tyra Banks Fires Everyone

Apparently Tyra Banks heard that she could be cloned and have lots and lots of herself which is what she loves best so she fired everyone on America's Next Top Model. Talk about a bloodletting. Nigel Barker? Gone. He was one of the only reasons to watch the show. J. Alexander? Gone. Jay Manuel? See ya. Tyra of course says that she loved working with all of them, but she needs to keep firing people so no one can get more popular than her and also to keep costs down. Hire them when they are not famous so they are cheap and get rid of them once they are headed to a new contract.

National Enquirer Blind Item

WHICH cooking/lifestyle star threw a major hissy fit when the first-class cabin ran out of fresh lemons for her hot tea? The decorating diva berated a flight attendant for handing her a packet of lemon juice and then complained how she would demand a refund on her ticket!

Worst Song Ever

I think I found a song that is probably going to be as popular as Friday and just as awful. The song is called Hot Problems and is two teens singing about how they have life rough because they are so hot that it causes them all kinds of problems. This could have been a parody, but it looks like they truly believe what they are singing and will probably be very famous and then crash and burn really quickly after 15 minutes. Rebecca Black, who "sung" Friday, she has not been doing a whole lot lately despite everyone saying she was going to be the next big thing.

MIke Tyson Got A Woman Pregnant While In Jail

Although he was serving a sentence for rape, apparently at least one woman in the prison where he was serving his sentence found him attractive enough to have sex with him because she got pregnant. Mike Tyson gave an interview to Rick Reilly, who asked Mike what he left out of his one man show and Mike said the time he got the prison official pregnant. He also said that she did not have the baby. Well, if teachers and students are having sex constantly then it doesn't surprise me that prison guards or officials are having sex with inmates. I guess the fact he was in jail for rape would kind of turn me off if I was a woman, but maybe the fame or celebrity or dream of being Mrs. Mike Tyson overcame that for her.

Marc Anthony's Divorce Lawyer Is Getting Nasty

Marc Anthony must be really upset at Jennifer Lopez for wanting to divorce him because of his serial cheating. Well, because she found someone so fast is probably more of the reason. I'm pretty sure Marc thought of himself as indispensable and that every woman should be grateful to be married to his 75 pound chain smoking self.

Turns out that is not the case and now, according to Radar, Marc has his lawyer talking to Ojani Noa, who of course was married to Jennifer a few husbands ago, and has been a pain in her butt ever since. If there are secrets, Ojani will know them. Marc seems to think Jennifer has money hidden offshore. Considering she let Marc pay for everything while pleading poverty during their marriage, I'm sure she has money stashed in a lot of places that he doesn't know about. If he had known about it, he would have just spent it all.

The nastier the fight, the better for the gossip, but bad for the kids.

Rihanna Goes On A Date - With A Woman

Last night Rihanna Tweeted that she was headed out on her first date in two years. Most of her relationships do not actually involve dinner and a movie but are just this decade's version of a booty call. The only difference is that you text and call and IM instead of actually going through the dating process so when you do finally meet it is third date time from the beginning.

Surprising a few people probably, but designed to get your attention, Rihanna's date is a woman named Melissa Forde. The two were even spotted holding hands and being affectionate. So, I guess if others in Rihanna's past can play for both teams, Rihanna can too.

The Chicken Came Before The Egg

In Sri Lanka, a hen gave birth to an egg less chicken. Apparently the chicken incubated and hatched inside the hen. No one has ever seen it before and it does seem to kind of prove that the chicken came before the egg. Apparently the hen died as a result of her injuries which means that if the chicken did come before the egg, then the chicken population would die off quickly if every birth resulted in a death. When I read the story I kind of imagined a scene from Twilight with the baby growing inside Bella and attacking the inside of her body. Having an egg hatch inside you would do that. The chick is fine and will be headed out on a world tour and has already been signed to their very own reality show, and is hoping to develop their own line of perfumes and cosmetics before joining Pamela Anderson in her fight to stop KFC across the globe.

Elisabetta Canalis Is 21 Days Sober

Steve-O broke up with Elisabetta Canalis and apparently she must have taken what he said seriously, because as of this morning she would be 21 days sober. A person close to her told me this yesterday when she was 20 days sober, so if she slipped last night, then of course she would be starting all over again. No rehab for Elisabetta. She is attending 12 step meetings instead to deal with her various issues. I don't know if she is doing this for herself or for Steve-O, but I do know that if she wants any level of success at this then she needs to be doing it for herself. If she is doing it for Steve-O, then she is doing it for the wrong reasons and might not even think she has a problem. It does bring up an interesting question though. Krista Allen went through some issues right after she and George Clooney broke up and now Elisabetta Canalis is going through the same thing. Are they having substance issues going in to the relationships with George or during or after? Does he like women who have these kinds of issues?

Lets Talk Lindsay Lohan - & Michael Too

As I predicted earlier in the week, apparently there is video confirming Lindsay Lohan was at The Standard the night she is accused of shoving a woman. I'm pretty sure Lindsay told her publicist that she wasn't there and her publicist called everyone liars who said Lindsay was there. Lindsay even said she was at home watching television. I think maybe she got confused and thought the bar at The Standard is her house. Understandable considering how much time she spends there. You know, because a bar is not a club so she is allowed to go. If she told the police she was not there, then she is in trouble.

So, just like Amanda Bynes, bad news must make you want to go back because yesterday, TMZ reported that Lindsay went back to the same spot this past Wednesday night and got into another argument with a woman and ended up throwing her drink at the woman. Supposedly the drink was not alcoholic. Two things about that. Never throw an alcoholic drink at someone here. They are way too expensive to be wasting. Second, if your temper is that short, then either you were drunk; you are on something else; or you need to go to anger management class. This is true especially if you shoved someone the week before. I think it is entitlement mixed with medications.

Now, another interesting thing about Wednesday night is that Lindsay's vehicle was in another accident at the club, although Lindsay's assistant was driving. So, who did Lindsay call to help her? Her dad. Yep. I don't think they have been out since they were on their worst behavior about six months ago. It's interesting that her dad was her first call and he came and made the decision they should party together. Sober of course. They spent the night ogling women and crank calling Kate Major from Lindsay's phone.

Pregnant Man Getting A Divorce

The Pregnant Man, Thomas Beatie was on the show The Doctors. Didn't that used to be a soap like way back in the day? I think it was a radio soap that went to television but didn't do as well as some of the others. Why do I think it was really scandalous? Anyway, now there is a syndicated show called The Doctors, and on it, Thomas said he underwent the final procedure to fully become a man and also shocked the audience when he said he and his wife have separated. The couple have three kids together, but I have to imagine that the nine years they have been together has to have created a ton of strain on them. They have had a lot of attention, back to back to back pregnancies, plus there is a ten year age gap and his wife already had two children.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

One day after Demi Moore hits a red carpet, Ashton Kutcher hits his sidewalk.
Ali Lohan looks more and more like death everyday.
Anna Paquin shows up in public for the first time since announcing she is pregnant.
Amy Poehler and Aubrey Plaza show up together at an event.
Blake Shelton and Cee Lo Green promoting The Voice.
Channing Tatum taking it all off for his new movie.
Demi Lovato meeting new friends in Rio.
Elisabetta Canalis hits the beach with friends after being dumped.

Random Photos Part Two

Yeah, that photo of Eva Longoria and Joel McHale is not going to work.
So, he got down on his knees.
Jason Biggs gets some sun in Rome.
I kind of expect to hear Jennifer Lopez start singing Beyond Thunderdome and pull out a hologram of Tina Turner.
Jennifer Love Hewitt goes makeup free.
Julia Roberts at a premiere and
Emma Roberts was also there so wouldn't it be best to
combine them. Julia's sister was there too, but that is too much Roberts for one day.


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