Friday, October 08, 2010

Four For Friday - Quick & Dirty

#1 & 2 - This C+ list actor on a hit television show is cheating on his significant other
with his television daughter.

#3 - Never one to really do drugs, this A list movie actress has started doing a lot of coke with a new group of friends.

#4 - This former just about A list television star from a massive hit show is now a struggling C lister. While doing some press for his latest project he met a woman, they had sex and he caught crabs. He tried to tell his wife they were bed bugs.

Random Photos Part Four

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all my Canadian friends. I hope you have a great weekend and I'm jealous you are having turkey and stuffing this weekend. Oh, and mashed potatoes. No green bean casserole up there though I don't think. You should try it. I will have poutine for mine if you do.
Amelle Berrabah headed to court on a DUI charge. She is, or was a Sugababe.
For a second I thought Lindsay Lohan was out of rehab but it is Amanda Seyfried and
her dog.
Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza.
Amy Winehouse went up to this guy and just sat in his lap. Seriously. Looks like she might be groping him too.
Some of the cast of Big Bang Theory on etalk.
So, did Beth Riesgraf leave Scientology after she and Jason Lee broke up? If she did then I guess he is not seeing his child. Kind of like the whole Nicole Kidman thing.
Daryl Hannah in Berlin.
Daniel Radcliffe on the set of his new movie.
I think it is sad of me that what I will always remember a great actor like Eric Bogosian for, is a Steven Seagal movie. Of course that was Katherine Heigl's first movie too.
Esperanza Spalding - Los Angeles
Gap changed their logo. Lots of outrage. I wish people would get that outraged about who is making the clothes for stores rather than whether some company took five seconds on Microsoft Clip Art to make their logo.
Gisele Bundchen on the way to a shoot in Miami.

Random Photos Part Three

Heidi Klum is wearing some interesting rings or bands or something on her fingers.
The women of the Hooters calendar. I guess they sold the most chicken wings.
After the coffee run, Jessica Alba went to Costco. Is she wearing her wedding ring?
The amazing Dr. Jane Goodall.
Jody Hill and Danny McBride created Eastbound And Down. You have to watch this show.
Jay Kay hanging out in Mexico.
Kate Bosworth and Alexander Skarsgard still pretending they are not a couple.
I don't think I have ever seen a photo of Kathy Griffin exercising outside.
Looks like mama Osbourne got some new lips.
Kelly Rutherford doing the posed but pretending it is random pumpkin thing.
So, how do you decide when you have enough gold chains on?
Kate Winslet taking her daughter to school.

Random Photos Part Two

Larry David going in for the grope?
I always thought Laura Linney was tiny but look at her next to Christina Ricci. That is tiny.
Maura Tierney looks pretty damn hot here. I think even
Colin Farrell would agree.
Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe.
Petra Nemcova wins the brightest lipstick of the day award. Here she is next to Adrienne Baillon.
Pee Wee with the people.
Apparently that is a portrait of Richard Kind.
The one of Thom Filicia looks more like real life.
WTF? Even Just Jared got a portrait. Damn, what does a fat man have to do to get a portrait.
Rose McGowan in Washington DC.
Rachel McAdams taking a break on her new film.

Random Photos Part One

Four parts today.

Randomness. Renee Zellweger and Eva Longoria.
Eva then got her claws on Bradley Cooper.
Sarah Jessica Parker on her way to the New York Ballet last night.
Also there was Candace Bushnell.
Meanwhile in Los Angeles, it was Philharmonic night and Eva Mendes turned up and
Joanna Kerns and
Stephen Moyer.
Oh, and Mr. Neil Diamond was there too.
Sienna Miller in France.
For Tila Tequila this is a lot of clothes. A judge yesterday denied Tila's request to halt the release of her sex tape.
Hopefully Victoria Justice and Miranda Cosgrove will never turn out to be like Tila.
Willem Dafoe sporting a new beard.


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