Saturday, August 17, 2013

Blind Items Revealed

March 17, 2013

When this former A list movie and television actor who is now still a B with A+ name recognition gets drunk, he also gets naked. It does not matter where he is. He knows this and his family knows it. Party and gets drunk? Clothes are coming off. At home entertaining on Christmas and gets drunk? Clothes off. Not just down to underwear, but everything. Naked. A big round mound of jiggling naked flesh. And can be grabby. He gets away with it though because he is funny while he is doing it. Still though, after years of practice, he confines his drunkeness to private places.

Danny DeVito

Blind Items Revealed

March 15, 2013

Even though this former Tweener who is now a B list actress has cheated on her boyfriends in the past and had sex during those times, apparently she is a straight up turn off the lights, missionary person who says she just does it because her boyfriends want to do it and not because she thinks it is all that fun. She says, "I would rather just have my life be like Grease, where we kiss and hug."

Selena Gomez

Blind Items Revealed

March 12, 2013

This B- list mostly movie actress who would be a C lister if not for her A list name recognition is taking a pass on doing some press for her movie because she suspected her C+ list mostly television actor boyfriend   has been cheating on her and yelled at the actress she felt was responsible. Well, there was also a punch or two thrown and some yanking at extensions. So, she is attending to "personal issues" while the rest of the stars do some work.

Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler

Blind Items Revealed

January 25, 2007

Speaking of addictions, this B-list hunk was moving steadily up the fame ladder, but his battle with meth and alcohol effectively stopped him in his tracks for almost a year. When he emerged from rehab, he thought things would pick up right where he left them, but this is not the case. Studios were already starting to forget him, so now he is forced to fight and audition for indie roles which he thought he had done away with for good. He did manage to get one indie role, but it looks like it is headed straight to video and our actor may be headed back to rehab.

Joaquin Phoenix

Blind Items Revealed

January 5, 2007

Heard it through the grapevine that this absolutely lovely television actress who stars in one of those shows that seems to be on every night and every channel and who is married has a little secret. After the birth of her child, they were having a hard time in the romance department so she decided to spice things up. She discovered tantric massage. Not telling hubby, she enrolled in a class and started bringing those lessons home to hubby. He was ecstatic and could not get enough of her. Things were looking up and he encouraged her to keep attending class. Well, lo and behold she started going more frequently than before but it was not because of the renewed spark between she and her husband but instead the drop dead gorgeous (I know you are thinking clue) instructor who was and continues to give her private lessons.

Courteney Cox

Blind Items Revealed

November 20, 2006

So last week I think I promised to fill you all in on a story that a pap related to me because he wanted to know if he was legally obligated to do anything about what he had witnessed and his obligations should it occur again in the future..

Most of you readers are used to seeing the photos of celebs up close and personal that are taken from just a few feet away..However, you may have also seen photos, especially on the beaches that are taken from a much greater distance, and then there was a recent case involving Jennifer Aniston where topless photos of her on her deck were taken from over a quarter mile away..

There are some pap who follow their quarry all the time, but for much of the time they just stay close to certain places they know celebs tend to hang out, or they know will be coming to at some point in the day or night. However, the big money are for pics that are harder to come by and that is where you get the guys following you everywhere ot finding a place that overlooks your house and then waiting for hours and hours and sometimes even for days depending on how valuable the pic would be if taken.

The pap who came to my office is a follower..he goes for the big bucks and does not settle for anything less..He has become very good at tracking his quarry from a distance (some would say it has something to do with the device on their fav car he put there, but I He also has found a place also about a quarter mile away from a particular house which provides him an excellent view of about 30% of the house including some rooms of the house, and into them as well..

He came to me because on 3 or 4 occasions (definitely 3, and unsure of the 4th) he witnessed the current A list actor beating his girlfriend and has the pics to prove it. (they are grainy, but very clear what is going on) The first time it happened he was not prepared to take pics because he knew the object of his pics was not at the house and so he managed to only get a couple of pics which are useful only if looking at the others to put the first in context. After the fight, he waited for what he was sure would be an appearance by the police, but none ever came. This same scenario played out the other times as well.

He came to me because he wondered if he was under some obligation to report the beatings to the police. He did not want to alert the police because he did not want the subject to learn about the pap watching his house and thus tip-off what the real goal with the pics is/was. Also, the fights happened over a several week period and always in the same room of the house and so he was wondering if they could have learned of his presence and were staging the fights because they always did happen in the same room..To back this theory up he stated and as I viewed the pics, admitted it is hard to see if there are any bruises or marks on the woman. Most of the blows appeared to be of the open hand variety and therefore would maybe not leave a mark and also would not leave any evidence if the pap decided to call the cops on his own and they investigated. He has thought about calling the police as soon as he sees something but doubts they would be able to respond in time..The girlfriend rarely leaves the house which makes it tough to follow her and see if there are marks or to confront her..She is not really in the public eye and so sometimes that can be problematic as well..He hired an assistant to follow the girl if she does leave, but she does not seem to leave until at least two days after a fight which would bolster the theory that she has been hit.

He wants her to leave because he knows that when she is gone, then his payoff pics will happen..I will keep you updated on this story..of course it could break out into the open at anytime as well..too many people are being brought into the loop..of course the pap could be bought off also...remind me to tell you about some big payoffs in the past to keep things quiet..

Terrence Howard (back when this happened, Terrence had just come off two huge movies. Crash and Hustle & Flow) which gave him the A rating. He probably should have been B+/A-, but this was the second week of the site and things were still being worked out.

Blind Items Revealed

May 23, 2013

This almost A list celebrity has been wearing more and more clothes despite the heat and despite her pregnancy, because she has not been able to have any of her regular procedures done while she has been pregnant. Apparently she is dying for some botox and hates the way she looks without it.

Kim Kardashian

Blind Items Revealed

May 24, 2013

This A+ list rapper has banned this former B list celebrity from ever working with anyone he does business with after she opened her mouth and said some nasty things about the A+ lister. A lot were true, but, she is going to find it very difficult to make a buck now.

Jay-Z and Foxy Brown

Thomas Gibson Cheated On His Wife For Two Years

If you are going to cheat on your wife for two years and send naked photos and video to a woman, you should probably find out if the woman is real. According to TMZ, the woman Thomas was cheating with sent him a bunch of fake photos and videos of herself, mainly from porn sites. The couple also exchanged lots of dirty e-mails. Everything was great until about six months ago when Thomas found out the woman was not real. He was probably wondering why every photo and video was of her naked. I just can't believe she managed to find enough photos of the same porn star to continue a two year relationship. Didn't he notice the photos were all high quality and probably taken by a photographer while all of Thomas' photos and videos were selfies.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Random Photos Part Five

I don't know how I missed this yesterday, but a mini Home Improvement reunion gets the top spot today.

Hilaria Baldwin is due to deliver this weekend.
Beyonce has changed her again.
A dress up day for Britney Spears.
Speaking of dressed up, Carmen Electra looks amazing.
Chrissy Teigen. Presumably she is not wearing underwear.
I have no idea if Chanel Iman is or isn't.
I have been getting a lot of requests for Matt McGorry so here you go.
Derek Jeter and his girlfriend make an appearance in the photos.

Random Photos Part Four

Elle Fanning looks for her car in LA.

Eva Longoria hits her 35th red carpet of the month.
Emma Watson tries for the one leg illusion. Tough to move to pull off.
Ashley Greene wonders why there are always paps taking photos of her. Remembers she called them.
Hannah Anderson makes her first public appearance since her kidnapping.
Harrison Ford out promoting his new movie.
Luke Wilson and Helen Hunt make out on the set of their new movie.
This Iranian woman was kicked off the city council in her town because she was too pretty.
Jessica Alba looks really good here.

Random Photos Part Three

Justin Bieber. Just waiting for someone to come along so he can show off his car and his low pants. Probably take off his shirt soon too.

Speaking of getting undressed. Joel Edgerton after a surfer's shower.
And before.
Jason Sudeikis had to fly back from London just to go to Olivia Wilde's movie premiere.
Meanwhile, Jennifer Aniston went to the Berlin premiere of their movie alone.
Katie Couric headed to the gym.
Kevin Federline out celebrating his daughter's second birthday.
This is the photo that got Kanye West all mad at Kris Jenner. Glad to see one of the nannies is in charge.
Leo DiCaprio takes his latest girlfriend bike riding.

Random Photos Part Two

Lady Gaga seems to be going through with this whole new makeup look thing.

Lucy Liu takes her dog for a walk on the set of her show.
Also hanging out with dogs was Matt Bomer on the set of his show.
Miley Cyrus is doing a very good job of hiding her cigarette.
Minnie Driver goes for the wet hair look. Keeps you cool and it has been hot this week here.
Megan Fox with the airbrush award of the day.
You can tell this is the former Miss Universe. No sash.
No sash, but plenty of skin for Naomi Campbell and Stacy Keibler who were on a boat together.
Naomi says that she quit smoking. Umm.

Random Photos Part One

Five parts today.

Ozzy Osbourne took Sharon out on a date last night. Do you think they still have sex?

Aaron Paul spent his day with his wife while she shopped.
Rihanna is back in camo. When she goes through these camo phases, it usually means she has changed her drug of choice.
Another shiny happy day for Rooney Mara.
Robin Thicke took his kid to a baseball game. Great way for him to meet women. Robin that is.
Hard to believe there are at least two people wanting photos of Rumer Willis.
Not hard to believe that a lot of people would want photos of Shakira.
Sienna Miller wraps her arms around her friend and goes in for the kiss.
Tim McGraw. He looks good but the spray tan looks a little uneven.

Blind Item #10

This B+ list mostly movie actress who is only a B lister because of her name and talent and not because she has been in anything lately had to shave off her hair. A few years ago she lost huge clumps of it when she was really struggling with bulimia and it has never grown in right. She has tried everything, but is now just going to a full-time wig.

Blind Item #9

This former A+ list mostly movie actress who is still A list and will always be an Academy Award winner/nominee would not give approval to photos that were taken for a photoshoot. She said that they made her face look like she had work done. Of course she just had work done, but didn't want it to look like it.

Woman Tries To Back Car Out Of Garage


Blind Item #8

This B- list mostly television actor from a very hit network show who also fancies himself pretty good in a different profession (singing) was out with his girlfriend two nights ago and started yelling at her when she ordered dessert. "Didn't I tell you earlier that you are gaining weight? Stop eating."

Blind Items Revealed

May 22, 2013

According to the girlfriend of this former A+ list mostly movie actor and now just a solid B list Academy Award winner/nominee, the actor was the first person in the world to see these. Even before a certain someone you would be expected to see them first. Photo though, not in person

Billy Bob Thornton/Angelina Jolie's new breasts.

Four For Friday - She Will Steal

It is Friday. I feel like it has been a really long week. It is one of those weeks where you sit looking out your office window at the sunshine and think to yourself that you wish it was not quite so bright so you could sleep at your desk. You would close the blinds, but then the people that stare at your fat, sweaty back all day from the office across the street would think you are doing something sketchy and call the cops who would show up and find you asleep in your office which would not be that bad except I can only sleep if I am wearing less clothing than normal. Yeah, going on vacation would be nice too. Anyway, I will be here all weekend and blogging away. Probably just another weekend of blind items and reveals from the archives. I have some really juicy ones that I have been digging through so will share some of those with you this weekend. As always if you would like to follow me on Twitter, I am @entylawyer

This A+ list model is also a reality star. She is also a pain. A big pain. One of her favorite tricks is to try and get things for free by telling staff she is borrowing something and never returning what she borrows. It gets the staff in trouble and causes a huge drop in the bottom line and our model does not care at all. She is like that though. Not too long ago she walked into a store that an A list designer runs. It has a couture section  where you can try on the one off dresses and get them made to measure. Which costs a fortune. Some of the dresses cost well over $100K.

There is a small team in the store who are used to dealing with celebrities and the rich and the angry, but were still flustered when this A list model walked through the door. She went straight up to one of the staff and demanded that she gave her the dress in the window (a one off couture piece). She said that the designer had called her and said that she should come in and pick it up. No one had told the sales assistant who started to get nervous. Our model was completely awful to her calling her stupid and started raising her voice saying that this was ridiculous and that the designer would be furious that our model had been standing there for five minutes without getting what she came for.

The sales assistant decided to call the designer. As soon as she got through to someone our model started to laugh and said "Oh darling I was just kidding!!" and then she promptly left.

Your Turn

Have a free for all Friday. Whatever you want to say or promote or sell or give away. I am using it to talk about a friend of a reader named Tyler Brown. You can read more about his story here.

Blind Item #7

This is a very disturbing story. A 14 year old teen who lives outside the country went into a police station last week with her parents to report that this A list mostly movie actor touched her and made her touch him. She and her parents were staying at a home next door to the actor and he invited them over to use his pool. The police said they would investigate, but nothing has happened yet. This comes from the wife of one of the policemen who was at the station that day when the teen came in with her parents.

Blind Items Revealed

May 21, 2013

This actress is B- and mostly movies. Some good roles. A couple of great roles. Loves publicity. Had her stylist, alter her dress for Cannes just enough so that she too could get some of the wardrobe malfunction press that has been going on this week. Her expression when it was "discovered" and pointed out to her was embarrassing. Everyone could tell she had planned it.

Rosario Dawson

Blind Item #6

This former B- list mostly television actress turned celebrity/singer is not someone you want to date. Definitely not someone you want to marry. She got married once and told her ex that she would tell the world he molested children unless he agreed to her demands. In one of her relationships/marriages she told her ex that no one would believe him, given his past history that he had not beaten her everyday of their marriage and she got another huge check. In her most recent relationship, she discovered that her boyfriend was in big debt despite his status and dumped him for a millionaire who has no idea what is about to hit him. A few months of sweetness and a quickie marriage before the destruction begins.

Blind Item #5

This A list celebrity who used to be a pretty good singer/performer when she had other people's stuff to sing was on a plane last week. She started talking to the guy next to him and an hour later was taking care of him with her hand. It must have been good for both of them because they have not been apart since. This will be revealed.

Jace Robertson Gets Kicked Out Of Hotel - They Thought He Was Homeless

Apparently having the highest rated cable show in the history of cable television is not enough to keep you from getting kicked out of your own hotel. Jace Robertson was staying at a hotel in NYC with his family. They were all doing press for the upcoming season of the show. Jace was in the lobby when he asked where the restroom was. Instead of showing him where the restroom was, he was escorted out of the hotel and told not to come back and good luck. Yes, they thought he was homeless. Jace said it was facial profiling. Does the bear really make him look homeless? Are we that anti-beard now? Everyone who has a shaggy bard must be homeless? The hotel apologized and so far, Jace has not spilled the beans about which hotel it was so it must have been a very good apology.

Blind Item #4

I guess his A list celebrity/extremely good singer/Grammy winner wife and child were not even a glimmer in this B list celebrity's mind as he hit on every woman at a party this week. He got 10 or 15 numbers from women who didn't seem to care that he is married. He told some of them he was splitting with his wife and told others that they have an open relationship. He even told one woman that his wife had not had sex with him in almost a year.

Ethan Hawke Cheated Like Crazy On Uma Thurman

Ethan Hawke is interviewed in the new edition of Elle and says that he had no business making vows to Uma Thurman when they got married. Translation, he cheated. A lot. He goes on to say in the interview that when you are famous at a young age, opportunities present themselves that make vows really tough to keep, especially if you are immature like he was. He said that he admires Derek Jeter because Derek has it figured out. You don't get married while you are famous. You just enjoy as many women as you can until you are not famous any longer and then you find one and settle down. Yeah, it is also a good way to be known as the reason so many women have to wear protection after being with the guy. Don't even get me started on the celebrity herpes family tree.

Blind Item #3

Do you think this A list celebrity/singer knows that her actor husband had sex with her best friend? I'm guessing no. Our A lister thinks it has been limited to the husband watching the A lister and best friend be intimate, and nothing more. Our A lister would be wrong.

Blind Item #2

This former B list celebrity/reality star who worked her way up to A list celebrity because of her boyfriend is back down to B and slipping quickly. Apparently her new gig is not paying as much as she thought it would so she accepted the invitation from a man to spend a week with him on vacation. Our celebrity is in bad shape. She called a friend and said it is the worst week ever, but she feels trapped and has been doing as much coke as possible to numb herself.

Blind Item #1

This A list mostly movie actor is telling friends he is in love and found the love of his life and he has known the woman about three days. He has been non-stop texting her and calling her and has even blown off call times on the set of his movie just so he can talk to her. Every second he has not been on set he has been with her and the thing is, she has a boyfriend. She is just enjoying all this movie star attention. This is not going to turn out well, especially considering how much he has been drinking.

Woman Suing Best Buy - They Shared Her Naked Photos

If you take naked photos of yourself this is what you need to do. Download them to a USB stick. Keep stick with you at all times. In your shoe. Yes, you will develop a limp, but people think that is cool. Throw in an eye patch to really sell it.

This is a lesson that University Of Alabama student Nicole March has now learned. She thought she could trust the guys at Geek Squad in Best Buy to fix her laptop and not look at all the naked photos she had taken for "art" purposes. She probably also assumed they would not upload them to the internet or share them and that is what led to her filing a lawsuit against the company. Back in 2011, the then 18 year old student brought in her laptop. She did not find out what happened until a few months ago, when a Best Buy employee shared the news. The Best Buy employee who took the photos uploaded them to a website, used Nicole's real name and sent the link to the photos to everyone he knows.

Teresa Giudice Needs To Get Ready For Jail

Yesterday the US Attorney said they would accept no plea deal from Teresa Giudice which does not involve jail. If she wants all of this to go away, she needs to be prepared to spend some time in jail. Indications are that the minimum deal prosecutors would accept would be one year in jail and lots of probation and even some house arrest included. The other thing that is going to crush Teresa is that they want a big fine. As in a fine that will make all of her money go away. Combine that with time in jail and no income opportunities and a husband who would be sentenced to a much longer amount of time in jail and then deportation to Italy, it is amazing to me that Teresa is able to smile, let alone go out and party as in the photo above. I guess she knows she needs to make money now. She could go to trial, but, if she loses then she will only see her kids through bars for the next 20 years. Take the deal and get it over with. Let Melissa Gorga raise them for a bit and they can have their own reality show which Teresa can be bitter about while in jail.

Mason Disick Fake Baby Daddy Needs To Give It Up

I know that this guy Michael Girgenti once did a photoshoot with Kourtney Kardashian and I would not put it past her to have hooked up with him and lied about it, but his claims that Mason Disick is his, just need to go away. A DNA test was provided and he is grasping at straws to ask for an independent one. Have you seen the kid? He looks just like Scott. There is no love in my heart for any of the Kardashians, especially Scott Disick, and there is nothing I would like to see more than for the baby to be this guy making the accusations, but it is not going to happen. A judge might order an independent DNA test and then are you going to turn into that woman who accuses Keanu Reeves of being the father of her baby every few years? Do you want to be that person who is known for making crazy statements so no one ever takes you seriously any longer? The guy is not looking for custody. The guy is looking for a paycheck. He does not make any money so if he is the father he can get some child support money. He probably fancies himself the next K-Fed.


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