Saturday, April 26, 2014

Blind Item #6

Probably my favorite blind item of the week. This A list talk show host/married pain in the butt who cheats constantly got shot down by this A list reality star from a very hit cable reality show. He made his usual bonehead moves which work for D listers and she humiliated him and called him a pig. It was pretty amazing.

Blind Items Revealed

May 8, 2013

This B-/C+ list actress who is mostly movies, but has not done really anything in a long time other than Broadway has several offers for movies, but would all require nudity. She is on the fence, but it would be the largest single movie paycheck she has ever received and is really desperate for the attention it would bring.

Katie Holmes

Blind Item #5

This A list reality star from an A list reality show is so messed up on drugs right now that she only gets out of bed for her daily pap photos. She is a mess. Like world class.

Blind Items Revealed

May 9, 2013

It has been awhile since this A list mostly television actor cheated on his spouse. Maybe that is why he was all over every guy he saw last weekend at a party while his husband was back at home.

Matt Bomer

Blind Item #4

This A list mostly movie actress got violent with her boyfriend when he cut  her off from the coke the other night. She did a couple of lines and he wanted her to stop and she started screaming at him in a club. He just rode the storm out and 20 minutes later she was apologizing and telling him they should get married.

Blind Items Revealed

May 9, 2013

What not as famous C list celebrity/sometime actress sister spent a lot of time chatting with Crystal Hefner last week about posing for Playboy. Nothing really blind item worthy about our celebrity talking to Crystal, it was what our celebrity's brother-in-law said that caused heads to turn. "I think you look great naked." He said this in front of his former A list Tweener wife.

Haylie Duff

Blind Item #3

This B list mostly television actress left her actor boyfriend at home and spent the night this week with her A- list mostly movie actor co-star. Sex and drinking all night long. The A- lister said he needed the break from what he has been going through lately.

Blind Items Revealed

May 10, 2013

This B list mostly movie actress knew her A list mostly movie actor boyfriend was having trouble staying sober. She is attracted to guys with sobriety issues. I don't know why, but she has been that way for a decade or longer. She also should have known that when she did her usual pills or drank in front of him, that it might be the wrong thing to do. She didn't seem to care though. Maybe karma is getting her back though because a trip to rehab would not be too bad for her at this time. She is looking rough.

Michelle Williams

Blind Items Revealed

May 13, 2013

This A list reality star was ticked off, but not as much as one of her family members when this A list celebrity could not get the A list reality star a job doing what the A list celebrity did this past weekend.

Kim Kardashian/Kanye West/Anchorman 2 filming

Blind Item #1

This A- list mostly movie actress should probably be B+. She is recently married and a mess. She had a meeting the other morning but stayed out the entire night before drinking with her ex-boyfriend. No, not the A+ lister, but the one before that. They were all over each other at a club the entire night.

Blind Items Revealed

May 14, 2013

What was supposed to be a great business arrangement went sour really quickly because of some demands this A++ list producer made on this current A++ list celebrity. The story of their involvement went to press and then they had to deny it because she had no problem with the money he was going to pay her for the summer and no problem with the amount of time they were going to spend together, but when he said that he would only go through with everything if they had unprotected sex, she said no. Wouldn't budge. He wouldn't budge. She has moved on and already found someone else.

Diddy/Kate Upton

Blind Items Revealed

May 17,2013

This B list Academy award winner/nominee mostly movie actress fainted a Cannes, not once or twice, but four times in the span of 24 hours. She says it is because of the traveling and the heat. The real reason is she eats once a week, maybe twice, and has been battling an eating disorder and lately has been losing that battle.

Carey Mulligan

Blind Items Revealed

May 15, 2013

This A list folksy style singer broke up with his girlfriend not that long ago because she would never smoke pot with him and he felt they should do everything together as a couple.

Jason Mraz

Blind Items Revealed

May 16,2013

This A list celebrity is trying his hardest to make it seem like he is really in a relationship with this C+ list celebrity. Lots of photos now of them in the same place. Family time, the works. What the photos don't show is the barely out of her teens waitress on his yacht that he shares his cabin with every night.

Tiger Woods

Blind Items Revealed

May 16, 2013

This A list mostly movie actress says that she wants to get divorced, but does not want to be the bad person so has tried to set up her celebrity husband and get him to cheat with women she has hired. The problem is her husband is so dumb that he believes his wife actually loves him.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Friday, April 25, 2014

Random Photos Part Five

Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom were joined by

Jodie Foster at a photo exhibit yesterday. That is a lot of star power.
Ben Affleck and his bad back.
Courteney Cox premiered her directorial debut last night while
Nikki Reed was at the premiere of her new movie.
Also having a NYC premiere last night was Spider-Man 2 with Emma Stone and
Andrew Garfield.
Alicia Keys was there and
Jamie Foxx with his daughter.

Random Photos Part Four

Denise Richards out buying her oldest daughter a bike.

Ashley Benson wants you to know she was in the pool yesterday. In a bikini.
A great shot from the Girls set.
Anne Hathaway decides for once to not go with the humdrum look she is fond of.
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard at a Broadway premiere last night.
Jessica Chastain on the set of her new movie.
Joanna Krupa and Carmen Electra keep going out together. People are going to start talking.
Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult laughing in England.
Jennifer Lopez walking into Idol.

Random Photos Part Three

Kaley Cuoco at a riding competition.

Kevin Connolly is still recovering from his broken foot.
Katie Holmes wandering the streets of NYC again.
Also in NYC last night were Kate Upton and Cameron Diaz.
Matthew Modine showed up at their premiere that also had
Taylor Kinney and
Russell Simmons show up.
Gayle King was there too.
Lindsay Lohan previews her future career.

Random Photos Part Two

Marc Anthony was the big winner at the Latin Billboard Awards last night.

Besides looking gorgeous, Roselyn Sanchez was a big winner because Marc Anthony didn't hit on her.
Enrique Iglesias dedicated his award win to all the women he has loved before. OK, so he stole the line from his dad.
Ricky Martin performed at the event.
Long time no see anywhere for AnnaLynne McCord.
Michael Fassbender was in Ireland yesterday where they declared it a national holiday.
Kellan Lutz was there too.
More Michael Fassbender because everyone loves him.
Melanie Griffith posing at LAX.

Random Photos Part One

Five parts today.

Mark Wahlberg has an interesting collection of friends and Drama and Nacho are not even in this photo.

James Maslow and Peta Murgatroyd out last night.
Nicole Richie and Rachel Zoe rekindling their friendship.
Sarah Jessica Parker at a fashion event in NYC last night.
Solange Knowles asks around for a quarter so she can get a prize.
Ashley Tisdale out shopping yesterday.
Tara Reid wants you to know the camera adds fifteen pounds.
Zac Efron is still in London promoting his movie.
Zoe Saldana spends some alone time in LA yesterday.

Blind Item #8

This B- list mostly movie actor is aging. He is an Academy Award winner/nominee and has had his greatest success over the past few years. Throughout his career he has always tried to have sex with his female co-stars. At his present age though, none of them are all that interested in him so producers always find some female and give her a line or two in return for sleeping with the actor so he still feels like he is a stud.

Blind Item #7

There is a video making its way around Hollywood that features this married A+ list entertainer(singer) who is way more comfortable playing her favorite instrument than acting. The reading our A lister did for a chance at a part in a movie is considered to be one of the worst auditions ever seen. She is truly awful.

Grown Up Annie

Off Topic

Remember when the whole world was Mad Men crazy? That seems like a long time ago.

Blind Items Almost Revealed

May 8, 2013

After nearly a decade together, this married B list actress who deserves to be a D, but has A list name recognition has split with her long time girlfriend. The girlfriend just could not handle the actress being married. The actress has already moved on and found someone younger and who also loves dogs.

The girlfriend has been repeatedly spotted with this almost A list mostly movie actress who has always had very public relationships with guys, including some disastrous ones, at least publicity wise.

Four For Friday - Popping Pills Like Candy

It is finally Friday and I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that in a week it will be May. The year is flying by. I always think of May as the dividing line in the year. Prior to May it is still that winter/spring combo that kind of melds together because you never know if you are going to have a cold or hot day. When May comes though, it means summer and the joy that comes with leaving work early on Fridays or ditching it if you can and that good feeling lasts until September when you start thinking about football and then the holidays. I guess I am a second half of the year guy. Anyway, I will be blogging all weekend and if you would like to follow me on Twitter I am @entylawyer

Our actress used to be A list. You could make a very good argument that she was A+ list at one time. When people were talking female leads for movies she was always in the conversation. That kind of all changed. It wasn't just that she angered almost every person who worked with her, it was that she stopped sleeping with the directors and producers that got her those parts in the first place. When she reached that almost A+ list status she thought she didn't need to do that any longer. She probably would have been right, but, because of the way she treated people, her career dried up quickly. No one was going to just give her a break. There were plenty of others out there who had talent and were a lot easier to work with.

She found a husband and he put up with her because he was gone so much of the time. When her career nose dived our actress started popping pills. She got hooked after one of her many surgeries and hasn't stopped since. If you catch her on a day when she is taking the right combination you get a dazed looking person who at least won't yell at you. If you catch her though on a day where she is taking the wrong combination she becomes the biggest pain on the planet and you will wish you stayed in bed that day. She has no friends other than those she pays. Her husband is grateful each day that she is no longer in his life. She keeps trying to resuscitate her career but no one wants to give her a role. No one wants to work with her. So, she keeps filming parts in low budget movies and keeps popping those pills.

Your Turn

I'm wondering how prevalent this is. Do you have a plastic bag law in your city?

Blind Items Revealed

May 7, 2013

This almost A list mostly movie actress who deserves to be about a C and would be if not for a franchise was wasted out of her mind and people swore they were getting a contact high just being next to her.

Kristen Stewart

Blind Items Revealed

May 3, 2013

This former A list celebrity/singer who probably would have faded away to much less than C list if not for a previous relationship and certain level of craziness has stopped having sex. It has been several months. She quit booze drugs and sex all at the same time. She has slipped once or twice on each, but for the most part has kept to it and as a result she says has gained 40 pounds and is heavier than she has ever been in her life. She looks healthy at last.

Courtney Love

Blind Items Revealed

May 1,2013

It has been a long time since there was a multiple choice in one of the blind items. I think I have done it previously, but honestly, don't remember when. When the Tony Awards were announced, one of the names below went ballistic when they found out they had not been nominated. The person yelled at their agent and then manager and then someone very close to them and said some of the most vile things you could ever imagine. I knew they had a temper, but not like this.

Katie Holmes
Jessica Chastain
Alec Baldwin
Jim Parsons
Bette Midler
Scarlett Johansson

I know you are all thinking Alec Baldwin so you can eliminate him, because, although he might have gone crazy, he is not the one I know about for this.

Jessica Chastain

Blind Item #5

When this former A list reality star/celebrity who still has A list name recognition got her hair done, she insisted that she be given the service for free. When the owner declined, our former A lister said she has never paid to get her hair done and is not about to start now and walked out.

Blind Item #4

This former B+ list mostly movie actor, who is more well known for his previous relationship and good looks than acting, has started working with a female trainer. His girlfriend doesn't know that the male trainer was replaced or that the actor is sleeping with his new trainer. Hope he is using protection.

Blind Item #3

This A+ list entertainer(singer) gave her new bff very specific instructions for their recent get together and the most important was that no guys were allowed. The bff had to leave her boyfriend at home for the two day fun fest. Our A+lister doesn't like to be or perceived to be a third wheel. If the bff couldn't agree with that, then there would be no meeting.

Mr.X Blind Items Part Three

10) Which Oscar winning actress who is now about to star in a TV drama is worrying cast and crew because of her scarily skinny frame? They're whispering that she's returned to binging and purging her food.
11) What soon-to-be B-list pop diva is posting under several online aliases in which she slams herself? *cue cuckoo clock sound effect*
12) What mogul/powerbroker is about to be the latest name revealed by the accuser in the Bryan Singer scandal? His image might not recover after this.
13) Which Winter Olympian, who didn't compete in this year's games, is preparing to finally come out of the closet?

Bryan Singer Won't Do Press Or Promotion For X-Men - Taylor Lautner Outed By Gawker?

After eight days, Bryan Singer finally released a statement about the sexual assault lawsuit that was filed, and for once the statement didn't come from his attorney.

“The allegations against me are outrageous, vicious and completely false. I do not want these fictitious claims to divert ANY attention from ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past.’ This fantastic film is a labor of love and one of the greatest experiences of my career. So, out of respect to all of the extraordinary contributions from the incredibly talented actors and crew involved, I’ve decided not to participate in the upcoming media events for the film. However, I promise when this situation is over, the facts will show this to be the sick twisted shake down it is. I want to thank fans, friends and family for all their amazing and overwhelming support.”

I don't think anyone really expected him to do press for the film because no one would actually ask a question about it and would just ask questions about the lawsuit. As it is, every single person who does do press is going to be asked about it and every story about the movie is going to mention the lawsuit. I'm not sure though that any amount of questioning about his behavior or discussion about the lawsuit is going to keep the movie from being a box office hit. Maybe if the lawsuit had reached its conclusion, things would be different. I did notice that his attorney has backed off the countersuit discussion and is now saying they will file a malicious prosecution claim after they win.

Meanwhile, Gawker has a great article on their site about more actors who attended Bryan Singer parties and implies, that not only is Taylor Lautner gay, but that he had sex with men to get cast in roles. Kevin Spacey was also mentioned as a guy who was at many of the parties with Singer and young men.

Blind Item #2

A room service waiter got the surprise of his life the other night when this B- list singer/newbie actress answered the door and told our waiter to set up everything in the living room. There in the living room was a half naked woman lounging on the couch and when the waiter wouldn't stop staring, the singer asked the waiter if he would like to join them. He said no. He did get a big tip though.

Mr. X Blind Items Part Two

6) What recently deceased character actor used to publicly praise his former boss in public, but badmouthed him in private as much as he could? Might've been because the boss forced him, when he was still barely legal, to have sex with older actresses, most notably with the widowed wife of the VP.
7) Which former tweener turned raunchy pop tart is actually in rehab for her drug issues?
8) Which B-list mostly TV actress may be in some hot water with that group she's been flirting with for some time now, after she said she's friendly with the LGBT community (which the group is totally against)? She's probably regretting letting her ex-boyfriend suck her back in.
9) What former tweener bitched out that friend of her ex after he blabbed to the tabloids about the ex hooking up with that reality show sibling?

Blind Item #1

This B+ list mostly television actress who could really be A- because of her network show's longevity was wasted the other night at an event and decided to celebrate that by lifting her dress and flashing numerous times throughout the night even though her long time boyfriend was there. He finally grabbed her by the arm and got her to leave before things really got out of hand.

Dennis Rodman Is A Mess

Wednesday night was not a good night for Dennis Rodman. According to The NY Post he was kicked out of two restaurants in Miami for being drunk and unruly. After being kicked out of one place he immediately went to another and this is where you really have to wonder how much longer Dennis Rodman is going to be alive if he doesn't get help. He walked into the place with a lit cigar. When asked to put it out he refused and went outside and sat at a table with people he didn't know. He started ordering cocktails on their tab. They asked him to leave, but he wouldn't. He then grabbed a bottle of wine off another table and started drinking it before grabbing a scotch and soda off the bar without paying for it. management told him they would call the police if he didn't leave right then. I'm sure if it wasn't Dennis Rodman they would have called the police. Maybe they should have. Maybe someone should. If they had called the police or someone had pressed charges to get him arrested then maybe a judge would order him into rehab where he would have to stay and get him on some type of probation and testing where he would have a chance. I know it would be a very tiny chance of getting better, but it would be something. There is no way he can continue to function if he keeps going. There is going to be an end to all of this and I don't think it will be in a happy Disney kind of way.

Mr. X Blind Items Part One

1) Which C-list actors turned reality stars are faking their marital troubles because they're really in need for some cash?
2) What model/reality TV mainstay promised her staff an expensive catered meal after the latest season of her show wrapped, but she decided to be a cheapskate and order off the McDonald's dollar menu?
3) What A-list rapper might have already moved on from his on-again-off-again girlfriend? That was fast.
4) Which former A-list rapper/reality star has apparently moved his new mistress, a no-name groupie, into the Atlanta mansion he still shares with his wife?
5) Which A+ list songstress had a staffer write that pro-feminism blog instead of doing it herself? I wonder how much the staffer was paid for it...

Justin Bieber Gets Back In The Country

After several hours of questioning, Justin Bieber was let back into the United States last night. After traveling to Asia, Justin flew back into LAX and he was detained and questioned by immigration officials before being allowed back into the country. I love him having to go through this and there is always hope that someday he won't be let back into the country, but I don't think it is going to happen unless he gets arrested a few more times for crimes that are far more serious than the crimes he has committed thus far.

The White House already has gone on record stating that Bieber won't be deported for his actions which makes me wonder why he was even questioned and stopped in the first place. That official response by the government must mean that someone actually looked into the situation and determined he could stay and go back and forth which means that immigration wasn't going to be able to keep him out. I am glad they did it to make him sweat and ruin his evening plans, but it all seems like a big waste of time in the big picture of keeping people out who don't belong. The crotch grab by Justin was not really necessary but in his defense he might have trouble finding his so needs to locate it every so often.

Did Tori Spelling And Dean McDermott Fake The Cheating Scandal?

Jezebel has a post on their site which makes a really good argument that Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott faked their most recent cheating scandal to land another reality show. They list seven reasons why they believe the scandal has been faked, but I want to focus on two of them because they are the most strong.

They cite Tori's relationship with US Weekly and how the US Weekly and Tori's scandal don't really fit together in that relationship. US Weekly was the first to report about the most recent scandal. Other tabloids have reported other times that Dean has cheated and I had a blind about one of the times he cheated, but no one other than US Weekly caught this new scandal in their net. The thing is US Weekly has paid for and featured Tori on plenty of covers and stories, so why would they release the story about the scandal, and do so on Christmas Eve when it would get the most attention in a very quiet time for breaking gossip stories?

Why would Tori then give US Weekly her first exclusive interview after the scandal?Wouldn't she hate the magazine after what they did to her and her family? Not if it wasn't real in the first place. This kind of accusation puts US Weekly in a very awkward spot. Were they complicit in all of this? How come they didn't provide a photo of the alleged person who gave them the story? The only Emily Goodhand in Canada found on social media has denied being the Emily Goodhand who had sex with Dean.

This brings me to the other great point that Jezebel made. How is it that a 28 year old woman who had sex with a married Dean McDermott has no social media presence. No LinkedIn. No Twitter. No Facebook. No nothing. That just doesn't seem likely. How come no other tabloid has been able to locate her?

Now, a point of my own. Amber Goodhand is a reporter for Radar. That is the only Goodhand I have ever heard of, but granted, you might know some. Amber is also from Canada. Do you think that name was chosen as a dig at Radar? I think it is kind of strange that the last name and nationality of the person who had sex with Dean shares the same last name and nationality as a reporter for Radar, and that the name is really uncommon.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Random Photos Part Six

Jennifer Hudson gets the top spot because she has just continued to amaze and transform since her Idol days.

Adrien Brody decides which woman will get to be presented with a rose and his room number.
Chelsea Clinton shows off her baby bump. Looks like she is going to have a lectern. Just a guess.
Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann hug it out in NYC.
Cher Lloyd cue cards.
They are filming season five of Downton Abbey.

David Beckham is still in Macau.


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