Saturday, October 19, 2013

Blind Item #3

This former Playboy Playmate who had her own show for a bit once had her boyfriend break up with her because she had sex with his mom at a Playboy party. It was before they started dating but once he found out he was gone.

Blind Item #2

This former B list reality star turned B list member of a group turned B list celebrity turned back to singer who for all the bouncing around actually has a lot of fans who love and adore her. She also has at least one guy fan who offered the celebrity $10K if she could finish him off with her mouth in the back of a cab in one mile on the Vegas Strip. She took him up on the offer and she won with plenty of distance to spare. This will be revealed.

Blind Item #1

This B list actor who is B list simply because of the franchise he is in and nothing else tried to have sex with a woman last week. She is someone who was on an extra on the set and our actor had been getting teased about not being with any one on the set. So he got drunk and then hit on her and when he couldn't get it up blamed it on drinking. He should just come clean. Completely clean. Not the vague statements he has been making.

Blind Items Revealed

January 24, 2013

This A list Victoria's Secret model has been avoiding the DNA test that her baby daddy wants to have done. Seems as if the baby daddy has heard that he might not be the baby daddy and that the real dad is an A list celebrity in his own country just had a baby of his own.

Alessandra Ambrosio

Blind Items Almost Revealed

January 20, 2013

One too many visits to gay nightclubs has finally caused the C list movie actress of this A list all movie actor to finally give him the boot. He kept saying it was a place where he would not be mobbed by fans. Has he looked at himself in the mirror? She has just finally realized that she will come a distant second to guys.

He has a fairly strong connection to a diva who is used to making really bad movies. 

Blind Items Almost Revealed

January 17, 2013

This former almost A list singer had a huge hit just a couple of years ago and was everywhere and has very famous friends so you would think the hits would just keep on coming. Or at least the albums. Or songs. The thing is despite knowing lots of people they are afraid to work with him because he spent most of his money after he was accused of fondling two kids on the set of a commercial. Over the course of two separate days he took one each day back to his trailer to play video games. He offered them pot and touched them while touching himself. No witnesses, but the kids' stories were almost identical. The singer paid out and the record company and the company producing the commercial.

Tenuous connection to a very big celebrity from Canada.

Blind Items Revealed

January 16, 2013

This A+ list all movie actor sure has been spending a lot of time at The Four Seasons lately. Not for work or photoshoots for a movie, but rather what he claims are advance plans for one of his children's birthday party. This of course that he meets with one of the staffers at the hotel frequently to plan it and they sure do check out the guest rooms a lot too when ones will probably not even be used for the party. And does it really take 45 minutes to look at a room?

Mark Wahlberg

Blind Items Revealed

January 13, 2013

This former B+ list actor who is also an Academy Award winner/nominee was working on developing something for television just so he could get some work. The show would have probably been picked up if our actor had been able to actually act. Too many drugs in his past and he now does everything like he is doing Shakespeare in the park or something. Maybe he should try reality television. Long way down the entertainment ladder from where he once was.

Cuba Gooding Jr.

Blind Items Almost Revealed

January 10, 2013

I think this A list singer needs to take a look at a friend who does the same thing for a living and call her about how that friend dealt with her man. Because he basically did the same thing that the husband of this A list singer is doing now. It is never going to turn out well if you are the mistress turned wife. If he cheated on his wife with you then you know he has no qualms about doing it to you too. He has loved how busy his wife has been lately. He was going crazy with the amount of time they have spent together the past couple of years because of circumstances. Now that she is gone so much he has been able to sleep with lots of women. He loves name dropping his name and his wife's name. He is constantly amazed that he can drop his wife's name and that a woman will sleep with him anyway. They think he is going to help their career. There is no way he will leave his wife. She will have to throw him out. He does not have nearly the amount of money she has. He used to have a lot. Divorce and bad investments made him lose most of it. He has been draining his wife's money faster than she even knows with his plans for making a comeback. Recording time is expensive and he has his wife convinced to foot the bill. While he cheats. She doesn't know what to do. In the past she did not date many men. despite her sensuality she was kind of shy and quiet when it came to guys and her husband is only one of a handful of guys she has even been with.

The couple together has one child. Your guess is as good as mine how many he has with other women.

Blind Items Revealed

January 8, 2013

This almost A list rapper who has been through lots of ups and downs the past year told his C list reality star with A list name recognition friend that he knew he had been through a lot and that the rapper was willing to let the reality star have his girlfriend for a few hours for just $1000. The reality star agreed but the girlfriend refused. Not that she was offended by the being sold out by her boyfriend, but because she hates the reality star and his family.

The Game/Rob Kardashian

Blind Items Revealed

January 2, 2013

Despite what they would have you believe, this celebrity couple did split earlier this year, at least for a bit. She is A list all the way and he is a far cry from what he used to be and to be honest would be D list without his wife who keeps his name out there. Otherwise he would be a one album wonder. Anyway, he discovered as much when they split because his wife canceled all his cards and access to their bank account and he realized he had no money of his own. None. He didn't have the heart for a messy legal fight so came home and has been kissing butt ever since.

Gwen Stefani/Gavin Rossdale

Blind Items Revealed

June 17, 2011

This primarily television actress was probably up to a B a few years ago, but has since dropped down to C. This happens when you disappear from the public eye. Never really catching on, she has a new series starting in the fall, but producers are thinking of replacing her as the star with someone more publicity friendly. The reason? The show is so difficult to get into they need someone who will come make people watch for a few weeks.

Debra Messing (Guess they should have picked someone else)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Random Photos Part Five

Duck Dynasty - No beards.

This is Alec Baldwin 20 years from now on a daily basis.
Beyonce and her daughter. or could just be a pair of legs from a doll.
In this one photo you can see why Colin Firth is a good actor and Jennifer Aniston isn't. She could never do this. She would give it the Jennifer Aniston always there squint.
Casper Smart hangs out with Jennifer Lopez. Yeah, this is rock solid.
David Beckham and Harper.
Derek Hough and Maria Menounos
Eva Mendes has a formal event to go to in Canada later.
Fergie pays tribute to the NFL refs she loves.

Random Photos Part Four

Gina Gershon always looks great even when she has been going through what she has been.

Christine Taylor always looks better when Ben Stiller is not attached to her.
Long time no see on a red carpet for Paul Rudd.
Dame Helen Mirren has her cross. Always ready for vampires this one.
Isabella Cruise hangs out with Tyler Shields.
Iman two days in a row makes me a happy guy.
Jessica Alba tries to go incognito yesterday.
Kim Kardashian never goes incognito. her head would explode if people didn't notice her.
Zach G taking the baby for a walk.

Random Photos Part Three - Swag Bag Event

I guess this would be Gwen Stefani's way of confirming a pregnancy?

Josh Duhamel seems to think it is. Those aren't her breasts he is staring at. Gavin and his velvet seems to be looking off to the guy dressed as a woman.
Rachel Zoe shows off her fake pregnant stomach. Oh, she is pregnant but brings out the big bump so people don't ask why she is so skinny. Speaking of skinny look how skinny Nicole Richie is.
Demi Moore was there and looked lonely.
Hello Charlize Theron.
Freida Pinto and Dev Patel look like they got back together or she stopped cheating at least.
Alessandra Ambrosio showed up solo at the event.
Amy Adams dropped off her kid and came in a dress that looks remarkably see through but I don't think it actually is.
Long time never see on a red carpet for Courteney Cox.
Wow this must have been some good swag to get Jodie Foster out of the house.

Random Photos Part Two

Kate Middleton showed up solo at an event yesterday and

showed that the entire pregnancy thing was fake. No seriously though, she looks the same and it has been less than three months.
Katy Perry takes a night off from John Mayer.
Amy Adams and her baby daddy and baby do some shopping yesterday.
Madonna and her damn gloves.
Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are such happy go lucky people.
Matthew M and Camila Alves at the premiere of Dallas Buyers Club with
Jennifer Garner and Jared Leto.
Emile Hirsch showed up too.

Random Photos Part One

Five parts today.

Aaron Paul has shaved his head.

Meanwhile in other Breaking Bad news, Anna Gunn and RJ Mitte hang out together at an event last night where RJ was
joined by the always smoking hot Marlee Matlin and Ryan Lane
Fred Willard stopped playing with himself long enough to show up which put a temporary halt on Vaseline production.
Robert Pattinson looks like he has been working out. Buffing up. HGH?
Rainn Wilson and Mario Lopez have a peen battle.
This is what Ahnold looks like when he is about to have sex too.
Selena Gomez in NYC with a bunch of slits in her skirt.
Tom Hanks says hello or goodbye. Is anyone sure which?

Blind Item #10

This former almost A list mostly movie actress who was in some very big movies back in the day before her career as an escort took off is trying to get a tabloid cover to tell people she is sober. This would be her third sober tabloid cover. The fact that she isn't sober and hasn't stayed sober makes this all more interesting.

Blind Item #9

This former A list mostly movie actor who is now a B+ and goes more off the edge every day has lost his girlfriend. She is an actress too and thought she had seen every thing our actor could throw at her until he brought home two guys he met an hour earlier and told his girlfriend to have sex with them. She declined and left the house and went to stay with some friends.

Indiana Jones In Real Life

Blind Item #8

This A list celebrity/singer/B list mostly movie actor was at dinner the other night and two teenage girls waited until he had finished eating and was getting up from his table when they approached him to try and have their photo taken with him. He told them to f**k off and walked out. Seriously, those are the words he said. More than one person heard him say it. The girls started crying.

Blind Items Revealed

February 14, 2011

This married Academy Award winner/nominee actress was spotted last night making out with one of her former co-stars last night at a Grammy party. I'm sure she will blame booze.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Four For Friday - Child Slaves That Hollywood Hushes Up

Announcement time. Huh. Hmm. Yeah. Not much to say really. It is Friday. Oh, I ate all the Halloween candy. Four bags over the past five days. Need to buy some more. The good stuff never goes on sale after Halloween because they just throw it in the Christmas section. I will be here all weekend with reveals and blinds and any breaking news. I'm on the Twitter thing if anyone wants to follow me. I am @entylawyer

This week is not a traditional blind. I will give you a person but it is going to be hard. The reason I am writing it is not so much to out the one person I discuss but to tell you that Hollywood knows this happens and just because you have a bunch of people who claim they care about the world they really don't. Tell me the next time you see an actor walk away from a million dollar paycheck because their costume making was outsourced to child labor. Even if you told them to their face they would say they are just there to act. Huh. Then why do you have a producer credit? Why are you screwing over your union and pretending you are working for scale while that huge "producer" or consulting fee check that SAG can't touch gets deposited in your account. I have seen a President of SAG do that same trick. Didn't even blink. So why should they care about some child labor making their costumes?

If you are going to talk about costume designers today the first name you are going to mention is this woman. If she is not the first name out of your mouth, she is going to be in the top three. She has literally worked on the biggest movies on the planet designing thousands of costumes that all need to be made. The producers of the movies she has worked for made hundreds of millions of dollars on these productions and the actors in these films are the biggest stars on the planet.

This costume designer has all her garments made south of the border. All of them. Nothing here that she would be forced to pay scale wages on because the producers don't want that. They want cheap. If some kids get exploited in foreign countries so be it. In the last big budget movie she worked on which starred arguably the biggest actor in the world who was also a producer this designer paid each worker a flat fee of $700. That was for three months work. 16 hours a day. Do the math and it works out to about 48 cents an hour. No overtime. If you want a lunch you need to bring it. You only got the money after the three months were up. If you worked two months and got sick you got no money.

The movie has grossed just over $500M to date worldwide.

Your Turn

Gordon Ramsay admitted he installed a camera into the bedroom of his 15 year old daughter. I think it's creepy and an invasion of her privacy. What do you think?

Blind Items Almost Revealed

April 29, 2013

For the first time that I can remember, this former almost A list mostly television actress who has had some roles in some great movies but is best remembered for a hit show or two she was on showed up to an event with her girlfriend on her arm. Well, not on her arm, but with her which is a first. She didn't talk about it and they didn't kiss, but there was some hand holding and a lot of affection. Good for her. I hope she comes out.

She has been married. A tenuous connection to one of the stars of Entourage. 

Blind Items Revealed

March 14, 2013

This just about A list mostly movie actress who got her fame on television for one specific role fired a nanny earlier this week because the nanny was watching a television show that our actress found offensive and started screaming about how much she hated it and that no one was allowed to watch the show in her house and then proceeded to fire the nanny while spittle was flying out of her mouth. The show is a middling almost network hit.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Blind Item #7

This actress is A list in her own country and in the rest of the world about a B-. She has been in some huge movies. Blockbusters. She had a huge starring role but after that role didn't work for almost three years because this married A+ list mostly movie actor who likes to always come off as a kind guy blackballed her after she refused to sleep with him while they were making a movie together.

Blind Item #6

This A list celebrity/singer/reality star doesn't seem to care if anyone notices him cheating on his A list celebrity/singer wife. Well maybe a little since in public this week the affection was confined to hand holding and hugging with his latest mistress before they headed back to her place that night. He never takes anyone to his place.

Blind Item #5

For once it was not a celebrity or an actress who was the drug addled mess at a party. This beloved B list mostly television actor from a very hit network show had to keep apologizing last night for the behavior of his wife who was hammered out of her mind and kept touching men who were most definitely not her husband. She made frequent trips to the bathroom but our actor didn't appear to be contacting you know who even with the frequent absences of his wife.

Blind Item #4

This former A list tweener and now just a celebrity who can't get his act together embarrassed himself last night by making a very clumsy pass at his movie actress ex that involved first a missed kiss and then he tried to put his arm around her and she pushed him away. He called her a b**tch and went to find someone else to grope.

Alessandra Ambrosio Has Split From Boyfriend - Already Has New Guy

If you have been scrolling through tabloid websites lately you might have noticed an uptick in the number of Alessandra Ambrosio photos. She usually appears in a tabloid website about once every two weeks. In these past three weeks she has shown up almost daily. Reason? Two of them actually. One is the paps are waiting to catch her with her new guy. The other is because she is not with her boyfriend and baby daddy any longer and has been out and about which is something he didn't really like her to do. She has been out with a new guy but has been staying inside places where it is tough to get a photo. Don't believe the reports that she is till with her boyfriend. He wants that but she doesn't. She has moved on.

Blind Item #3

This A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee was out two nights ago with his boyfriend. Yes, sure his girlfriend was there too but he didn't come in with the girlfriend she came later. He didn't leave with the girlfriend she left earlier. He did leave about one minute from his boyfriend though who had a car waiting right behind our actor.

Blind Item #2

This A list celebrity/singer (not Britney Spears) is right on the edge of a breakdown. She is taking medicating now and needs a break very badly but her record company and the rest of her people are telling her to push through it while giving her other things to help her cope. This is not going to turn out well. She is a mess and something bad will happen if they don't give her a break soon.

Blind Item #1

This former A list mostly movie actress who I still can't believe was ever A list made it seem like she was the kindest, most sensitive woman ever when she rushed to the side of her soon to be ex husband. She was only there long enough for a few photos and a story or two to be planted and then she was on her way when there was nothing more for her. If she could get a Kneepads cover she would rush back to his side though but I'm not sure she can convince him.

Austin Mahone Cancels Entire Tour

I know, I know you have no idea who Austin Mahone is. Well, go to a magazine rack and you will see his face all over every teen magazine sharing space with Ross Lynch who some people confuse as Austin because Ross' character is named Austin on Austin and Ally. If you have kids or trying to impress a kid make sure you keep the two straight. Austin Mahone is a kid found on YouTube like Justin Bieber. Yesterday he was rushed to the hospital and apparently is sick enough he had to cancel his entire tour which was supposed to start yesterday. That is pretty sick. His mom took over his Twitter account so he couldn't even do that. Huh. I'm sure this must be something interesting so I guess I will look into it for a bit and see what I can discover. Maybe it will be something juicy.

Britney Spears Interviews Are A Disaster

I spoke to a couple of my radio friends who were granted one of the very rare five minute interviews with Britney Spears that she has been giving to promote her new record and Vegas gig. Apparently the five minute interviews are useless and two of the three stations I spoke to said they can't even use what they have because it is so messed up and they don't want to make Britney look bad because it is like an adult beating up a kid in a playground. It doesn't look or sound right. The rules were simple. Three questions and you could talk to Britney about Vegas or her album. It had to me something work related. No personal stuff. If you ask about her album it comes out mechanical but it is Britney's voice, but you have to ask the question phrased like this: "I heard you have a new album coming out." That she can answer. If you ask her about her album phrased like, "How did you come up with the title of your new album?" the answer paralyzes Britney.

All of the radio people say there is no way that Britney can sing live for two hours at a show. It will be impossible. "She can barely speak," one said. "How is she going to be able to sing for two hours? I will be surprised if she does more than stand in place while people move around her to make it look likeshe is dancing."

Crocodile Dundee Divorce Could Be Nasty

Paul Hogan has gone through one awful divorce in his life. If he is smart he will make sure he gives his soon to be ex-wife Linda Hogan everything she wants in the divorce she now wants after being separated for a month. I think she got tired of all of his womanizing. After a couple of decades of it you get tired. I don't think Paul wants her running to the tabloids and spilling all of those sordid tales. I also think he better be very nice because Paul has gone through his share of legal troubles over the past few years and Linda could probably help the tax authorities discover so much more about how Paul has managed to keep a sizable fortune despite not much acting work recently.


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