Saturday, September 08, 2012

Blind Items Revealed

This was the day after a party that someone had attended and their notes on that party.

March 20, 2007

So when people come out of rehab, aren't they supposed to be sober? This person was so obnoxious and so rude and so obviously wasted out of his mind....

Brandon Davis

This television host was practically yelling, "notice me, oh please notice me." She needs to decide if she wants to be a host or a performer. If she needs that much attention then she needs to go on a reality show...

Paula Abdul

This person's hands are not all that's large anymore. When she sees the photos she is going to go NUTS....

Paris Hilton

This female reality star was so sweet. Don't believe all the stuff you read about her because I don't think most of it is true.

Stacy Keibler

Mad Men Rick Rolled

Thanks diapapaya

Blind Items Revealed

March 15, 2007

This used to be A list television actress has been rumored to be having marital problems. Last night she was spotted leaving a restaurant alone. Whoops, not quite alone. Two seconds after she emerged, our mystery guy walked quickly in the opposite direction also alone. No he wasn't the valet or a waiter and he had a big smile on his face. Wonder if the husband knows. Wonder why our actress decided to sign autographs last night after dinner when she never usually does.

Courteney Cox Arquette

Blind Item #2

This former one hit wonder who would have competed with John Mayer for singer most likely to date as many women as possible while being as disrespectful as possible finally found someone to support his "career." She is rich rich rich. She thinks that because he once had a hit that he is a huge celebrity and understands that royalty checks might come slow so she pays for everything. His clothes and his new car. Their trips. Everything. In return he has taken her to a few parties that he can actually get into and she thinks she is living the celebrity lifestyle. I wonder if he told her that he wrote his song about her.

Jonah Hill & Ali Hoffman Split & Zombies

I probably would not even write about this if it was not a weekend with less stuff to discuss. How many people knew who Jonah Hill was dating? I knew he was dating Dustin Hoffman's daughter but if you asked me for a name and threatened to take away my three remaining all you can eat lobster buffet gift certificates I couldn't have given you her name. Anyway, they had been dating nine months and some publicist on their first day of work decided that it deserved a press release. So, there you have it. Now you can get back to more pressing matters like the zombie invasion the government is warning us about. Yes, I know they are saying it is to make sure everyone is ready for all emergencies and to grab our attention, but, what happens when zombies do start turning up everywhere and then they can say, "we warned you, so don't blame us." All I know is that I am going to be watching everything zombie related over the next month, except during football games and during the season finale of Hell's Kitchen & Masterchef. Oh, and during the first episode of Katie Couric's show and for the new episodes of Pawn Stars. Oh, and RHNJ tomorrow night. But except for those things and several others that I may have been missed, it is all about learning to stay alive during a zombie attack.

Christian Bale Does Good

5 year old Jayden Barber has terminal cancer. He is not part of the Make A Wish program but he has a group of supporters that number over 30,000 and started a Facebook page called Light The Batsignal. One of the supporters on the page made some calls and then got other people to make calls and the next thing you know, publicists for Anne Hathaway and Christian Bale said to please stop calling and they would do anything. Jayden wanted to meet Christian Bale. The next part was totally Christian. He wanted no publicity before or during the event, but two weeks after they could share. Bale paid for a total of seven people to fly to Los Angeles and for their hotels and for gifts and just a whole bunch of other things. Christian spent three hours alone with Jayden and his family and said he was pulling for him.

Woman Arrested For Smoking Bath Salts And Stripping In Park - Twice

Apparently Samantha Edwards loves two things in life. Smoking bath salts and performing strip shows in parks near her Missouri home. For the second time this summer, Samantha has been arrested for being wasted on bath salts and making sure every passerby in the park gets a good view of her taking off all her clothes. What is really funny to me about this is that both times her shows lasted for about 30-45 minutes before anyone bothered to call the police. Who knew that people in Missouri loved their theatre in the park so much.

Karrueche Tran Never Learns And Lindsay Lohan Idiocy Verifier #4,265

Apparently Karrueche Tran is upset that Chris Brown went to the Video Music Awards without her and then kissed Rihanna in front of the whole world. I'm sure she is upset but what about the last two years when Rihanna and Chris have been hooking up on a regular basis? She knew about that. She knew about all the other times he has cheated on her. I'm not sure why anyone would date Chris Brown to begin with if your name is not Lindsay Lohan. Yeah, let me change gears there for a second. Lindsay Lohan tweeted that she was so happy that Chris Brown won a VMA. I don't understand people sometimes. Do you think maybe she would have a different attitude if she was the one who got the botox knocked out of her face by his beating? Do you think she would be jumping up and down that Chris won? I'm sure Lindsay would date the guy if there was something in it for her. Is that why Karrueche dates him? She likes the publicity? The gifts? Being walked on and cheated on and looking like an idiot everyday? Move on.

Blind Item #1

If you are an A list all movie actress who makes a ton of money, but you have no self esteem, what do you do? Well, first of all you date guys you know are going to treat you like crap, but you got lots and lots of attention which is what she really craves. The bigger the name the more publicity she gets. That is what killed her before when she was with a notoriously shy A list movie actor. He didn't use her like the other A list actor did though. Anyway, she is in a relationship right now with just a guy and it is not enough. She wants some drama and excitement so she had a one night stand with this singer/actor/ and probable Dos Equis drinker in hopes she would get caught and get some attention. She knows her boyfriend won't leave her.

Charlotte Says No To Kim Kardashian - 50 People Show Up To Meet Her

Charlotte, you have warmed my bacon loving heart. I had received an e-mail from a reader named Martha the night before Kim Kardashian was supposed to visit Charlotte for an appearance. Here is what the reader said about the club. "Apparently she is going to be at Club Hush. No one here has ever heard of it - someone just told me it is on Independence Blvd, one of the sketchiest most dangerous parts of town. Everything else has been in uptown Charlotte or other nice areas. Just cracked me up that she is coming to town and will be at a place that is straight up f**king scary."

All I know is that for two hours Kim sat there and Tweeted and basically begged for people to come, but no one did. Only 50 people showed up to see Kim Kardashian. That is amazing and terrific and if every community across the world, not just America, but across the world would do the same thing, she would be gone. The band at the club even tweeted that the place was dead and empty. 50 people in a club that holds several hundred looks horrible. I love that.

Friday, September 07, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

Blake Lively in Marie Claire.
Claire Danes on her way to get frozen yogurt. Seriously.
Emily Blunt has an entirely new look and the same husband, John Krasinski.
Emily was at TIFF to promote Looper with the star, Joseph Gordon Levitt. Bruce Willis???
Piper Perabo was also there.
Elisabetta Canalis in some random Italian magazine.
Holly Madison says she wants six kids with her boyfriend. Tough to do if he is going to be in jail until the first one starts middle school.
This photo, The Last Kiss, is a great story. Google it.

Random Photos Part Two

Fashion Week & Fashion Night Out collided and brought a curvier looking Victoria Beckham.
Michael Kors was surrounded. Debra messing. Nikki Reed and Kate Upton.
I hope this is Heidi Klum's Halloween costume two months early.
Mena Suvari at a Fashion Night Out event in LA.
Jennifer Hudson at one in NYC.
Bethenny Frankel wants everyone to know she is now selling bras.
Kiernan Shipka at a Ralph Lauren event.
Katie Holmes on her way to a design meeting, so close enough to fashion.

Random Photos Part One - Video Music Awards

Three parts today.

Ke$ha had a team of people helping her while she was naked and getting ready.
This is what they did to her.
The most awkward crowd surfing ever by Taylor Swift.
Gabby Douglas performing during a song by Alicia Keys.
Miley Cyrus shows off her hair and her cleavage.
Pink does the hair better.
"As you might have noticed, someone is missing."
Katy Perry gives the slightest peck to Niall Horan.
Demi Lovato performing before the show.
Amber Rose and Wiz show off the baby bump and Wiz's love for the Pittsburgh Steelers and flash floods.
Rihanna and the new hair.

This Week In Unnecessary Censorship

Ireland Baldwin Talks About Pig Voicemail

It is hard to believe Ireland Baldwin is just 16 because that voicemail Alec Baldwin left her calling her a pig seems like it was forever ago. Of course it means that she was only 11 when it happened. For the first time ever she actually spoke about the call to The New York Post and said that her dad just gets frustrated sometimes. Yeah, so that is a good reason for him to call an 11 year old a rude, thoughtless little pig. Nice. She said it was no big deal and that he has done it before and since and that it is just the way he is. Alec said after it was released that he thought about killing himself and then he realized how much he would miss looking at himself in the mirror. I'm not trying to be callous, but if he has done it since, then it obviously did not affect him like he said it did or he would not have done it again. He was just upset that it went public and people knew what an a-hole he could be.

This Little Girl Is Amazing

I think it will be quite sometime before this Russian teacher yells at a kid this way again or pokes them in the head. The good part happens at :54.

Paris Jackson Is Taking Advice From LaToya

Paris Jackson has given an interview to Glamour. If you are looking for the interview it is the one with Emma Watson on the cover in lingerie. What? I was standing in the checkout line and happened to pick it up. Anyway, I decided to read the interview with Paris because I'm not sure she has ever given an interview to anyone. I am so glad I decided to read it so I can give her some very good advice. Paris, I think you are great and I hope that you continue to be the same wonderful person you appear to be now. Going through what you are going through under the spotlight and surrounded by the people in your family, I am amazed you manage to get through one day, let alone your life. I know that you said that LaToya has been your biggest supporter and the one who really wants you to follow your dreams of acting. Go for it. Let her encourage you all she wants. However, and this is a very big however, try not to take any advice from her when it comes to career choices. The next thing you know you will be posing in Playboy and wearing a snake. Oh, and since I gave you this little nugget of advice, I was wondering if you could tell me exactly what kind of plastic Jermaine uses for his hair piece. Does it come in other colors?

Four For Friday

It is Friday which must mean announcements. Well it does not have to mean announcements, but I like it to mean announcements. I am also wondering how many times I can use the word announcement in a paragraph. Do you remember when your teachers would tell you to write a paragraph and you always hoped you could get away with the three sentence paragraph if you made your words big enough. It was always better than the five sentence paragraph. Now they teach you what abbreviations to use so you can fit something into Twitter. Anyway, I will be blogging all weekend and will have a reveal from the archives tomorrow. I will look for the Will Arnett one, but I am enjoying the ones from the way back machine too. If you have not done so, I would love for you to follow me on Twitter. @entylawyer or click on the bird ----->. Enjoy your weekend!!

#1 - This B- list actress/celebrity is really funny. The problem she has is that she does not know when to try and stop being funny. She says that she uses jokes when she is nervous and that when she is having sex she can be nervous, so she starts trying out jokes while a guy is having sex with her. And she wonders why she never hears from them again.

#2 - If this A+ list actress is clutching her Starbucks cup in a death grip it means she is back on the bottle. She had given up booze forever, but apparently after a cancer scare has been drinking regularly. She is filming a movie right now and only lets go of her booze while actually filming a scene.

#3 - What A+ list singer with bad taste in men was asked by a fan if he could touch her breast? Surprising everyone she grabbed his hand and put it right on her breast and even told him to get a good squeeze.

#4 - From Fashion Week - This B list all movie actress from a franchise would not stop talking smack about a collection from a designer. She said it loud and she said it quietly. Then, a woman in her 50's turned around and said, "You are just saying that because he would not give you anything free and refused to dress you." The actress asked the woman how she would know and the woman said, "Because I am his mother."

Your Turn

Earlier today, I saw that Elf was returning to Broadway this Christmas for the first time in two years and of course I then thought of all my favorite quotes from the movie. Then I started thinking about favorite quotes and lines from other movies. What is your favorite line from a movie? And if you don't have one, what is the best movie you saw this summer?

Jessica Simpson Emerges

Jessica Simpson has been giving interviews and is scheduled to be on Katie Couric on Monday, but no one had actually seen her in the past few weeks. In her most recent published interview, Jessica says she is within 10 pounds of her pre-baby weight. I think that is great. I know she has been struggling for months and I don't have the will power she does. So, good for her and I hope she gets paid.

Blind Item #1

This would be the perfect time for this couple from the very large movie franchise to take their relationship public with all the other distracting news. She has to tell everyone she is pregnant at some point but he just is scared of the fallout from any announcement. Plus, he has been sleeping with someone else too and they don't know about his relationship so it could be awk-ward.

Chris Brown & Rihanna At The MTV Awards - Discuss

Why do you think MTV invited Chris Brown and Rihanna? For exactly what you see above. MTV also decided they were willing to honor the abuser and have him confront his victim because MTV will give an award to anyone if they can bring in ratings.

National Enquirer Blind Item

WHICH former child star from a famous family shocked fans with her drastic plastic surgery during a taping of her new chat show? The TV personality’s body looks amazing, but she’s nipped, tucked and pulled her face so much that people in the audience thought they were there for a new show hosted by Joan Rivers’ daughter Melissa!

Drew Peterson Finally Found Guilty

Nancy Grace must be a very happy person today. Yesterday, Drew Peterson was convicted of the murder of his third wife. The conviction was only possible because of a law that was passed in Illinois which is called "Drew's law." It allows prosecutors to use hearsay evidence from friends and family of the deceased to convict someone. They had to do something. Do you remember back in the day when Drew Peterson used to say that no one could ever convict him of anything? That was right after his fourth wife went missing. Now, if he had done this in Aruba he would still be free, but he did it in Illinois so he is going to jail for a maximum of 60 years when he is sentence in November.

Kristen Stewart Shows Up In Toronto

Kristen Stewart didn't want to be in Toronto. She didn't want to leave her house or go to the airport and face cameras everywhere but she did. She had to. In her contract she was forced to attend the Toronto International Film Festival for "On The Road." She had skipped other obligations, but this one she had to be there for. So, she made sure it was as comfortable as possible for herself and spent the most time she has ever spent posing with fans and signing things for them. In the past she would ignore everyone as she walked a red carpet, but someone must have given her a PR lesson because she was signing like Tom Cruise. Maybe he is the one who gave her lessons? Next wife? He probably is infatuated with how media shy she is. Not a big spender. Does not really seem all that interested in having kids. Would not mind spending long periods alone in a big house. Not that great of a career where she would overshadow him. Not that much taller than him. I think it would be the Scientology part she would not agree to.

Prince Harry Is Back In Afghanistan

The last time Prince Harry went to the front lines there was a great deal of secrecy about his deployment. This time there was none and cameras were waiting when Prince Harry got off his RAF flight early this morning in Afghanistan. Harry is there as a co-pilot for an Apache helicopter and it is not an easy mission or particularly safe. The guy could get out of it if he wanted, but I think if it were up to him he would be there all the time. It also makes you wonder how many others who grew up in his position would be willing to serve on the front lines of a war and possibly be killed when they could be in Vegas getting naked all the time.

Lindsay Lohan Would Like You To Notice Her

This is why Lindsay Lohan will never move to New York. No one notices her there. Sure, she can drink there and she has had some spectacular photos taken of her there crawling on her knees after being at a club, but for the most part, the paps there leave her alone. She hates this. She needs and craves the attention. That is another one of her addictions. Yes, she has so many that she is forced to use her fingers and toes to count them all. For some reason yesterday, Lindsay decided to release a statement to Tom Cruise that she had no part in the Vanity Fair story. Umm, you were not mentioned in the story anywhere Lindsay. Never saw your name. Even Tom is not crazy enough to ever audition you to be a wife of his. Can you imagine? That would be the best reality show that has ever walked the earth. I say earth, because I'm hoping there is going to be a Real Housewives of some planet where there is life. Here is Lindsay's quote. "I just want everyone and Tom Cruise to know, that I have/had no part in the Vanity Fair story. Nor has anyone in my life, personal and work-related."

Obviously drunk when she Tweeted and hoping he can get her a role as a thank you. Not going to happen, but he will get her a free stress test.

Khloe Kardashian And X Factor

A few weeks ago I wrote about a rumor I heard where Khloe Kardashian was in the lead to host X Factor and predicted it would cause the end of the world as we know it and I don't feel fine. I figure if you are going to write a line that has an REM song in it, that you at least need to have the courtesy to somehow finish the rest of the line. Anyway, this is horrible news. Not just because it will give the swarm a real in to primetime network television, but also because people who are probably way better at hosting and have lots of experience are getting screwed because Simon Cowell has been told he needs higher ratings or the show is going buh bye. He has thrown everything into this season which is why he is so ticked off at NBC for throwing an episode of The Voice against X Factor. The show has become one giant stunt casting exhibition and when the show actually goes live and can't be heavily edited it is going to be one big train wreck waiting to happen.

Amy Poehler & Will Arnett Call It Quits

For the past year the rumors have been bubbling and yesterday, Will Arnett and Amy Poehler called an end to their nine years of marriage. The couple say everything is amicable which is another way of saying that this was a long time coming and except for the rumblings kept everything pretty quiet and managed to settle what needed to be settled. Judging by the Twitterverse yesterday when the news broke, it is a pretty shocking thing for people to see. There are those couples you expect to stay around together or like together and when they break you wonder how anyone manages to stay together or if everyone is destined to split.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

Brooklyn Decker sheds a tear after
watching her husband, Andy Roddick, lose in his last pro match ever.
So, yes it is Bar Refaeli in the front, but look behind her. Another person wearing the same pants. Ooops.
I hope this child has had their vaccinations. You don't want to get too near Courtney Love otherwise.
"Hi, I'm Kim Kardashian and I really love attention."
Looks like Nicole Richie took some lessons from her old friend.
More modestly dressed was Amy Adams.
Katharine McPhee practically went Amish compared to Kim and Nicole.
The amazing Iman. She might have got top spot if it was velvet. It was velour.


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