Saturday, June 30, 2007

Random Photos

They can't be serious can they? Hepatitis anyone? Father issues anyone? Pamela lookalikes anyone? OK, not really. Kim Stewart doesn't look anything like Pamela. They both might be skanky blonde ho's, but they don't look alike really.
The new blonde Nicole Richie. I'm actually glad she brought her own pillow on the plane. Of course it is as big as a bean bag chair so I'm sure the person next to her loved that.
Kim Kardashian is quite possibly the only person who treats crossing the street as a runway at a fashion show. She also really does have that porn star fake orgasm expression down. Well, she needs to earn a living just like everyone else.
See, when you have a billion dollars, you can be old, out of shape, have man boobs, and still get to take Kate Hudson to Paris.
It's going to be kind of hard driving Britney home with no hands on the wheel.

Thanks to flynet for the photo

Daily Mirror Blind Item

WHICH singer pops pills with his daughters on a regular basis? They even have the same dealer on speed dial.

Music News And Photos

Mariah Carey - Disneyland Paris - Paris
Gloria Gaynor - Disneyland Paris - Paris
Paulina Rubio - Palms Hotel - Las Vegas

Kate Walsh - Pure Groove Records - London
Human Nature - Rod Laver Arena - Melbourne
Circle Jerks - Fairplex - Pomona, CA
Barbra Streisand - Hotel Meurice - Paris
Bad Religion - Fairplex - Pomona, CA
Yellowcard - Fairplex - Pomona, CA
Tiger Army - Fairplex - Pomona, CA
Pennywise - Fairplex - Pomona, CA
New Found Glory - Fairplex - Pomona, CA
Killswitch - Fairplex - Pomona, CA

Saturday Links

Kill someone when drinking and driving? Launch your very own brand of tequila. Nice.

Quickest way to break up with someone? Get their initials tattooed on your wrist. Second quickest way is to get one on your ankle. Yes, it's a long story involving yours truly which consisted of lots of liquor, running from the police, and showing a fake i.d to the tattoo guy, and I'm not talking about the one on Fantasy Island. Hey, at least Kristen has a future being a spokesperson for New Zealand. My only hope is to find another girl with the initials XE.

Your daily dose of Ben and Jen and their permanent vacation.

Javier Bardem gets shy when asked whether he got to grope Natalie Portman or a boy double in their new film together.

A review of the new Pete Doherty book. Awful was the first adjective to emerge in the review just in case you are a fan of Pete's and don't want to hear anything negative about him. Of course if that is true, then why the hell are you reading a gossip blog?

Marilyn Manson is not welcome at German churches. Well, at least until he takes off his lipstick.

Interview with Antonio Banderas.

MSNBC anchor refused to lead the news with a Paris Hilton story.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Four For Friday

Don't forget about next week. Updates, hints, and reveals. Hey, and I'll even tell you when I was wrong.

#1. This B list film actress who is an A list gold-digger and not afraid to take it all off in films was recently stopped by police for driving a stolen car. Turns out her boyfriend had bought it for her, but kept it in his name. When he realized what a gold digger she was, he kicked her out. She left in the car and he reported it stolen. No charges were filed.

#2. What actress is using rehab as a hedge against jail and not really to get clean?

#3. Go back in time and you will see this married A list film actor has a problem with a great deal of body hair. Body hair on top of body hair. Then, a month or so ago. Poof. All gone. Why? His new 20 year old girlfriend could handle the age difference but not the hair so he had it all waxed. Psssst. Everywhere. Yes, even there. And yes, there also.

#4. Juicy? The others weren't juicy enough? How about a top fifteen highest paid actress about to come out either on her own or with a good shove from her girlfriend.

Even More Links

A very brave man. Not like going after Paris without a condom brave. Well, on second thought, maybe he is that brave. Paula is one whacky lady.

Penelope Cruz freaks out on a plane. Not like Snakes On A Plane freaking out, but more like a Paris in a jail cell freaking out.

Chris Benoit/Wikipedia mystery is a hoax.

Sounds like Jim Carrey is going back to doing what he does best in films.

If you're going to f**k a Bachelor you may want to bring a condom and some Valtrex.

Calista Flockhart realizes no one in Hollywood wants to hire her so she is pretending she misses the theatre.

Natasha Bedingfield wants Prince William's babies.

Random Photos Part One

Last week Katie Holmes was 40 and this week she's 50. Has anyone noticed that if you colored her hair reddish/blonde that she would look like Nicole Kidman but older.
Is this electrical tape thing going to be something I need to get used to?
Diddy establishes a cut-off birth date for any girlfriends.

Pete looks fit doesn't he?
I think Nick should be grateful there weren't any knives involved this time.
No middle finger this time from Maggie.
Mel B gets healed by her new boyfriend. Guess he's been listening to Preacher Paris and got inspired.

Pink Taco Grand Opening Party

Now that's a cool shirt. Jessica looks nice also and she could do worse than Harry Morton should you know, uh, something happen to Cash and Carry.
Arielle Kebbel's pants seem to be threatening to take over her entire body.
Those look new.These don't.

What does it say about your family that Kimberly Stewart may be the closest to normal?
The proud papa.
"Hey buddy. I haven't seen you since we worked on that film together back in 1975."
Marlon is waiting to exhale as soon as the photographer turns away.

A Retrospective From Rolling Stone's First Chief Photographer

Jerry Garcia - 1969
The Grateful Dead - 1968
Janis Joplin and Big Brother and the Holding Company - 1969
Pink Floyd - 1967

Pamela Des Barres - 1968
Miles Davis - 1969
Janis Joplin - 1967
Jimi Hendrix - 1968

Music News and Photos

Hilary Duff - The Today Show - New York
Damien Rice - Peace and Love Festival - Borlange, Sweden
Cam'ron - Santo - Miami Beach
Air Traffic - Banquet Records - Kingston, UK
Trick Daddy and Jazze Pha - Santo - Miami Beach

Status Quo - Citadel - Berlin
Patti LaBelle - Good Morning America - New York
Madina Lake - Double Door - Chicago
Incubus - Goffert Park - Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Eve pleads no contest to drunk driving but won't have to serve jail time.
Prince is giving away his new CD free to people who live in the UK. Well not completely free. You do have to buy a newspaper.
Two Rolling Stones crew members were killed while dismantling the set in Madrid, and a third was seriously injured.
Fashion Rocks in New York on September 6th is something you don't want to miss. Well, the music you don't want to miss. The host is something else. I don't think anyone would miss him. If you can't get to NYC, the whole thing will be on CBS the next night.


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