Saturday, August 16, 2014

Blind Item #10

This B+ list USA actor who you actually heard of before his current show is shacking up with his niece. He thinks it is fine because she is not blood related. She is barely legal and it has been going on for almost six months. He introduces her as his girlfriend but sometimes she lets it slip they are related.

Blind Item #9

This alcoholic former B+ list mostly television actor turned A list movie actor to B- list only because we all know his name actor was missing one night last week and his girlfriend called all over before finding the actor passed out drunk in front of the garage door of his house.

Blind Item #8

This twice former A list talk show host really wants a solo show, but she is willing to settle for being a duo for now. Meanwhile she is trying to sabotage everything she can behind the scenes to make sure there are only two hosts and no more.

Blind Items Revealed

June 2, 2014

This A list celebrity/.reality star/mogul/just about everything else too is trying to make a deal to have his child(ren) 100% of the time by buying out his baby mama. He is getting tired of her complaining about his other woman, but wants to see his kid(s) so is making the deal. She might actually go for it.

Simon Cowell

Blind Items Revealed

June 3, 2014

This C+ list mostly movie actress who used to be A list and still has A++ list name recognition skipped a charity event because the organizers wouldn't pay her. They were willing to fly her in for the event and pay for her hotel, but the actress wanted them to pay for an entourage of five, a private jet, hotel for three nights and pay her $50K. Everyone who did attend, did so for free and most didn't even ask for their flights to be paid.

Lindsay Lohan(Life Ball)

Blind Item #7

This Teen Mom thinks she is so famous that stores will be passing out free engagement rings right and left to her in exchange for publicity. So far she has struck out everywhere she has asked and is going to have to break down and buy herself a ring and say that her guy did. He can't even afford a fake one. She might go fake if she wants flashy. Her bank account is lower than it has been since the show started.

Blind Item #6

This former A list reality star hopes to be A list again when her new season starts airing. She is playing the victim card beautifully despite being the more frequent cheater in the relationship. She is just much more careful and only picks men who have more to lose than her if the fling went public.

Blind Items Revealed

June 3, 2014

This almost A list mostly television actor from a very hit pay cable show and has dabbled in some really great movies had tons of fans waiting when he arrived at his hotel for a press event. The actor pushed through the fans telling them he didn't have time and then proceeded to sit in the bar for the next hour watching television and drinking.

Peter Dinklage

Blind Items Revealed

June 3, 2014

This B list actress does just about everything. Apparently she also just got a breast enlargement because she says when her actor husband left her it devastated her and she thinks new breasts will make her feel better about herself.

Idina Menzel

Blind Item #5

His photos for public consumption might say one thing, but this A list actor has both feet out the door from his husband. Our actor is enjoying his time away from home and has different hookups almost every night.

Blind Item #4

I don't know what his wife thinks of his new look, but the girlfriend of this chef who is more interested in television than cooking has been telling our chef how to dress and how to keep his hair and he is following along like a little kid. How long will his wife put up with all the cheating is the question. This new one seems serious.

Blind Items Revealed

June 3, 2014

This C list celebrity didn't take long to get over his A list television actress ex. The C lister had sex in full view of his friends with someone he picked up earlier in the day.

Nick Loeb/Sofia Vergara

Blind Items Revealed

June 4, 2014

This former A list mostly movie actor who rarely changes clothes has been making his neighbors angry because he has been shooting every squirrel that comes through his backyard.

Shia LaBeouf

Blind Item #3

This B list celebrity offspring of an A+ list political family has been on a rampage recently, firing people close to the throne so to speak. The people the offspring fired were questioning the offspring's decisions. The problem is some of the people fired have a lot of explosive secrets.

Blind Item #2

This B- list celebrity would be unknown if not for her previous relationship. She sure does have the worst luck when it comes to guys cheating on her. Her latest boyfriend spent more time having sex with one night stands than time spent with our celebrity. Considering how long they went out, that is a lot of one night stands.

Blind Item #1

This A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee stole film footage shot by his assistant (for a film his assistant is making) and is now claiming it's his original work for his upcoming film....

Friday, August 15, 2014

Random Photos Part Five

Long time no see in the photos for Christina Applegate, who is on vacation.

Courteney Cox out and about in LA yesterday.
Courtney Love manages to get in a quick cigarette while checking out of her hotel in Australia.
That plastic water bottle is going to have to be removed from the mantle.
David Beckham takes another spin class.
Crackle had a party last night and Emmanuelle Chriqui was there.
David Arquette and
Megan Hilty also showed up.
Lance Bass and
Heather Dubrow were also on the red carpet.

Random Photos Part Four

Eva Longoria jaywalks while talking on the phone yesterday.

Emmy Rossum did
the ice bucket challenge yesterday for ALS and
the cast of Grey's Anatomy did their part too.
Fergie sings for charity.
The Goopster is alive and well in the Hamptons.
Ashley Greene on her way to do some grocery shopping yesterday.
Heather Graham is starring in a new play and did some press for it. Also starring in a new play are
Kieran Culkin and
brand new recording artist Michael Cera.

Random Photos Part Three - Hollywood Foreign Press Party

Sofia Vergara

Elle Fanning and Hailee Steinfeld
Rose McGowan
Minnie Driver
Anne Heche
Kerry Washington and Kristen Bell
Gina Rodriguez and Morgan Freeman
Patricia Arquette
Robert Pattinson

Random Photos Part Two

Jared Leto looks pretty determined in his walk yesterday.

Jamie Lynn Spears and her family were at Disney yesterday.
Kaley Cuoco after another yoga class.
Kirsten Dunst gets the biggest hat of the day award.
Katie Holmes stops for a second in NYC.
Kate Mara at an Emmy nominee party.
Lily Allen in Hungary shows off her fingers minus a wedding ring.
Fisher Stevens and Leonardo DiCaprio at the premiere of a new Netflix documentary about the environment.
Lily Collins on a coffee run.

Random Photos Part One

Five parts today.

Michelle Rodriguez has outlasted them all and finally leaves Ibiza.

Olivia Munn after a meeting yesterday.
Rihanna after dinner last night in what has become a regular look for her.
Rumer Willis after leaving a store empty handed. Probably trying to get something for free.
Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are hooking up again and going to Bible study.
Ariel Winter and Sarah Hyland on the set of Modern Family.
There can never be too many photos of Samuel L Jackson.
Victoria Beckham leaves her store in London.
Zoe Saldana craved some Italian food for lunch yesterday.

Blind Item #9 - Kindness

This A list model and part-time actress is known for her breasts more than her goodwill, but the model recently donated $100K to a homeless mission in the town where her celebrity boyfriend lives.  Apparently she has also purchased 20-30 homes in the city she wants to renovate and give away to needy families.

Adults Try To Define Teenage Slang

Blind Item #8

This A+ list mostly movie actress has not been seen in a few weeks after coming down with some type of tropical disease that made her drop even more weight from her skeletal frame. Apparently there was initial concern that she might have picked up Ebola but she tested negative.

Off Topic

It is the 15th of the month which means it is payday.

Blind Items Revealed

June 25, 2014

This A- list entertainer(singer) who has been in the news a lot lately caught her now ex actually in bed with someone which is why they split.

Lana Del Rey

Four For Friday- A Really Bad Night

It is Friday and it has been a really long week and also sad with the passing of Robin Williams. It is one of those deaths where you can't believe the person is gone. You always expect the actors you love to live a long life and to mourn their passing after their better acting days are behind them. When someone's life is cut short is when they seem to affect you the most. I watched a lot of Robin Williams movies this week and saw some that I had never seen and enjoyed others I had watched countless times previously and barely watched a second of television. I will be here all weekend if you want to stop by and you can follow me on Twitter if you like. I am @entylawyer

This actress is B list. Really pretty. Gorgeous even. She has made her own name despite being a celebrity offspring. Some very famous boyfriends. Back in the day when our actress was in her early teens she was traveling with some members of her family at the same time this foreign born B- list celebrity/singer/wannabe mogul also from a famous family was traveling with members of his family. Apparently our foreign born B lister got some drugs from one of his family members and slipped them into the drink of our actress. She had been drinking with the guy all night but was resisting his advances. He decided that she was going to say yes so slipped the drug into her drink. She says that she woke up a few hours later to find him getting dressed in the back of a van and said thanks before he walked out the door. She was almost naked and only had her bra on. She told the family members she was traveling with what happened but they wouldn't let her report anything to the police and instead took care of the situation by confronting the family of the rapist and then having them bring the rapist to them where they beat him pretty severely. No one in the family or the victim or her rapist ever talk about that night.

Your Turn

Have you been following the news from Ferguson?

Blind Items Revealed

June 22, 2014

This A list mostly movie actress who recently "starred" in one of the biggest movies ever was a big pain at an event where she was paid to attend. No one liked her and she was rude and dismissive to people and the company is never having her back.

Kristen Bell

Blind Items Revealed

June 22, 2014

Two nights ago this B list reality star from an A list reality show spent the night with a blonde who looks nothing like his significant other.

Scott Disick

Blind Items Revealed

June 2, 2014

This former A+ list reality star who still has A+ list name recognition despite her drop in celebrity over the past few years just picked up a huge paycheck. The checks would stop coming if her hosts heard all the derogatory things she said about them while visiting the country.

Paris Hilton

Blind Item #7

This former A list tweener has a new movie starting next week and has spent the past few days with a sober companion to try and get the actor sober to shoot. The actor cannot mess up this chance because everyone is looking at him.

Mr. X Blind Item

Liza Minnelli isn't the only celebrity offspring to pay money under the table to prevent her mother (Judy Garland)'s FBI files to be leaked because of Judy's ties to far-left political groups. The non-famous offspring of a recently deceased actress are contemplating on doing the same thing or blocking the release because their mother's files contain similar info.

Reese Witherspoon In Capri

There are two Reese Witherspoons in this world. The one who makes sure she looks flawless each day for her pap photo and seems to be all business and the Reese Witherspoon who loves to drink. In Capri the other night we got the drinking Reese who has no problems entertaining crowds or herself as she dances off to the side from some friends and is in her own little world. She certainly incorporates a lot of styles into her one minute dance.

Blind Item #6

After giving his boyfriend multiple chances, this A list celebrity/talk show host/host has finally had enough after the boyfriend was spotted making out with two separate guys one night and going home with one while our A lister was out of town.

Blind Item #5

This foreign born A list model who seems to be in the news all the time had a very well connected family member call in some favors in the publishing world to block some photos of the model snorting coke off the body of a naked woman.

Blind Item #4

I never thought this actor would cheat on his wife, but he is. He is a B list mostly television actor with A+ list face recognition. Some really big movies and television shows although his last attempt bombed dramatically.

Phaedra Parks Is In A Sticky Situation

Phaedra Parks sued a woman last year for defamation when the author of the book, a stripper named Angela Stanton, said that Phaedra was involved in criminal activities with Phaedra's husband Apollo Nida. Here is where it gets sticky and why Phaedra should never have filed the suit. If you want to know whether Phaedra knew about the criminal activity you have to ask her. If she says no she didn't know, she doesn't want to be faced with perjury charges later if the feds do indict her on some type of charge. If she says she did know, then the feds are going to want to ask her what she knew and if she took part. Two months ago Phaedra sat for a deposition but refused to talk about her husband. The whole point of her lawsuit was to show she wasn't involved in her husband's criminal activities so you can't just ignore questions about your husband. She did say that her husband liked strip clubs and that the couple had not had sex in quite some time. The attorney for Stanton is going to court to get Phaedra to submit to another deposition where she will have to answer questions about her husband and a judge will most likely order her to answer which means she will probably end up settling the case before that new deposition date is set. There is no way she is going to answer any questions about Apollo under oath which is why she was an idiot for filing the suit in the first place.

Blind Item #3

This B+ list actor has appeared in some huge box office hits, at least two great television shows and a soap. That is quite the acting resume. He also has an interesting way to show you he likes you or are doing a good job for him. At a party he went up to a PR person doing some work for him and licked her on her neck in front of a crowd of people. Considering they had barely spoken before that, it was awkward.

Blind Item #2

This former A- list mostly television actress who had one hit show on an almost network and now seems to wander from project to project while making sure she gets her photo taken by paps several times a week was confronted by actual fans earlier this week but our actress refused to sign any photos that included photos of any of her co-stars from that popular show. Considering how hammered she was you probably couldn't make out her scrawl anyway.

Blind Item #1

It is a never a good idea to hookup with this former A+ list singer if you want to keep things quiet. The singer, who is now B+ but still with A list name recognition hooked up recently with this married B list celebrity/former and current reality star while her celebrity husband was out of town.

Michael J Fox Didn't Know Robin Williams Had Parkinson's

When Robin Williams' wife told the world yesterday that her husband was in the early stages of Parkinson's Disease, Michael J Fox Tweeted that he was stunned that he didn't know about the diagnosis. Apparently since Robin Williams had frequently supported Michael J Fox's charity over the years he thought Robin would come to him or talk to him about the diagnosis. Fox has previously said that the diagnosis made him depressed and that he spent a year drinking alone when he found out he had the disease and that it took him a long time to come to terms with it. I wonder if that diagnosis just became too much for Williams to take. This is a guy who lived for physical comedy. Ad libbing and improv and thinking on his feet and trying to be as wild as he could during his comedy. Maybe the thought of not being able to do what he considered himself the best at doing would limit him somehow and combined with his depression and relapse was just too much for him to handle.

Josh Gracin Put On 5150 Hold

It was a scary hectic day yesterday for the family of American Idol Season 2 finalist Josh Gracin. The former Marine turned singer posted what his friends and family and fans thought was a suicide note to his Facebook page. One of his family members called the police who went to the singer's house. There they found his wife who Josh had mentioned in his post. He said that he loved her for 17 years and had made mistakes and admitted them and that she turned her back on him when he needed her most. Police called Josh from the house and while he was on is way home intercepted him and had him follow them to the hospital where doctors placed him on a 5150 hold. This story could have been so much worse than it turned out to be. Thankfully someone took the time to call police and the police acted quickly.


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