Friday, February 25, 2011

Random Photos Part Four

Anne Hathaway and her crazy glasses get top spot today. Love the eyebrows peeking over.
Amy Adams at an Oscar party.
Ditto Hailee Steinfeld.
Sharon Stone was there but her bra was not.
Apparently Milla left her bra at home too.
The "loose cannon psycho" Alex Pettyfer showed up for the premiere of his new movie despite his house catching on fire.
Amy Winehouse back in her old neighborhood.
Can you even tell Brittany Snow apart from anyone else? She looks like everyone. Shame.
Chord Overstreet and Taylor Swift watch hockey.

Random Photos Part Three

Debra Messing and no wedding ring. Hmmm. Interesting. Does it look like she got a nose job?
One of my favorite couples must have reconciled. I love Gina Gershon and John Stamos together.
Michelle Williams rarely does the cleavage thing. Interesting choice for her.
Eva Longoria looking really happy.
Almost as happy as Gerard Butler and Adrien Brody.
That is Guy Ritchie in the background who did nothing for this woman who had fallen right in front of him.
That Olivier Martinez is a smug looking dude huh?
Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene on a lunch date while
Nick Jonas performed with Jamie Foxx and John Legend.
Jessica Simpson after her Tracy Anderson workout and
The Goopster after hers.

Random Photos Part Two

The younger Jenner kids really look like they are trying to emulate their older sisters, even with their clothes choices. Hopefully not the sex tape choices.
Well, at least Lady GaGa is wearing shoes.
How happy do you think they really are? I bet LeAnn Rimes goes off on Eddie a bunch.
Before and after meth mugshots.
I give Michelle Trachtenberg a lot of grief, but she pulls off the classic movie star look well.
Also at the same party and trying to dress like Kellie Pickler was Hayden P.
Jenna Elfman was also there and is about to return to weekly television.
Guys were there too. Amaury Nolasco for one and
Kellan Lutz and his hair color for men was there too.

Random Photos Part One

Four parts today.

Everyone I know used to love Natalie Portman. Now, without exception it seems that most women I have spoken to have turned against her. The guys still like her. What do you think?
Meanwhile, everyone has been really liking Mila Kunis and has had a big boost of popularity.
Olivia Wilde in Mexcio City today.
Paris Hilton tries out her Halloween outfit. Oh, this is her everyday clothing? Yikes.
Some perfectly normal official thing, but at least
Kate can laugh.
Rosario Dawson at some party at Chateau Marmont.
Who thinks Tara Reid weighs more than 90 pounds?
Vanessa Hudgens weighs like 105 and looks like she weighs about 20 pounds more than Tara.

Your Turn

I have been getting a lot of requests to have a plug anything you want to plug Your Turn so here is your chance. Recipes, bands, clubs, music, videos, movies, products, anything you want you can do it all right here. Oh, and also I want to know if you have ever bought anything from an infomercial. My mom has bought so much stuff that my dad went and bought a storage shed. The contents of the shed looks like an As Seen On TV catalog.

Michael Douglas Is Still Feisty

Michael Douglas might just be recovering from his long battle with cancer, but he apparently still has enough testosterone to take on a pap who allegedly punched Catherine Zeta Jones. Last night in London there was a pap swarm and suddenly Catherine said she had been punched. Michael rushed her into the hotel lobby then came out and went toe to toe with the pap.

Real Or Showmance?

US Weekly is reporting that Kathy Griffin and the Old Spice guy are hooking up. Not dating necessarily, but definitely getting it on with each other. To me this sounds like something that probably originated from Kathy herself or one of her people. I don't see it coming from Isaiah Mustafa because he would probably try and link himself with someone bigger. What do you think? Do you think they are a couple? Do they make a good couple?

Thursday's Blind Item

You remember those secrets I mentioned before? How about not always enjoying just the company of women, although there were plenty of women too, and not always a real stickler about identification either.

Breast Milk Ice Cream - Seriously

When I first saw the headline that breast milk ice cream was on sale I thought it was just some artificial flavor but was going to post about it and have a laugh or two. Umm, it turns out there really is breast milk ice cream and if you have $20 sitting in your pocket and happen to be in Covent Garden in London you can buy yourself some. The flavor is actually called Baby GaGa and it is actual breast milk that was expressed in the store and then combined with vanilla and lemon zest. Apparently the store is hoping that if people try the flavor they will love it and it will encourage women to breast feed. Umm yeah. If anyone is in London and has tried this or has a friend who has, you have to let us know how it was. If you click over to the BBC site they have video.

Wednesday's Blind Items

This former B list actress and now just a big troublemaker and frequent guest of the California penal system has been studying Japanese. Why? She is hoping she can get some gigs in Japan not only acting but also f**king businessmen who want to say they have been with her and are willing to pay for the privilege. Not sure it is a privilege.


As you may have noticed this week there has been a lack of photos or blind items every day. It was because it was crazy busy trying to get ready for the launch of the radio show. Unfortunately we just did not have enough time so the launch date of the show is next Saturday. We really wanted to start it off this week because it made perfect sense to do it the day before the Academy Awards, but it just was not ready and so we decided to wait a week. It sucks. I think those were my exact words. I know I have been looking forward to it very much. So, to make it up t you on Monday I will reveal a whole bunch more blind items that have been sitting around. As you know, the ones I have been revealing have been pretty juicy so that will probably continue.

In Other Anti-Semitic News

It used to be that for anti-Semitic rants you really only had Nazis and Mel Gibson, but now everyone seems to be joining the hate Jewish people parade. Yesterday not only did Charlie Sheen become a FOM (Friend Of Mel), but now John Galliano has also joined. Galliano, who is the lead designer for Dior allegedly got drunk at a Paris bar and then started abusing a couple that was sitting next to them and making harassing remarks about Jewish people and Asians. Galliano's side of the story is he did no such thing and that the couple thought he was a bum when he sat down next to them and they insulted him. Police briefly detained Galliano and Dior has suspended the designer indefinitely saying they have a zero tolerance policy concerning hate. As they should. Good job Dior.

Ted C Blind Item

We are really starting to feel sorry for Lucretia Johnson.

Last time we checked in on the quasi bloated, not preggers blond babe, she was seriously turning to alcohol to cope with her seemingly downward spiral. She's just not what (and where) she used to be, career-wise, ya know?

Adding to Lucretia's woes, her newest beau (with whom things have gotten quite serious since we last checked in) is making matters worse. Much.

See, it appears as if L.J. and her dude are on the marriage track.

Unfortunately for Ms. Johnson, what she doesn't know is that despite tabloid appearances, her man has "no intention" of ever walking down the aisle with her, claims an insider.

In fact, he is so grossed out by her, impeccable sources tell us, that he's still sleeping with his ex!

At a cheap nail salon in L.A., the ex was bitching to her manicurist about her ex's new high-profile romance:

"He has been f--king me practically during their whole relationship."

If that wasn't bad enough, apparently Lucretia's dude (who's blah in every way, hint, hint) was also talking about how "disgusted" he was with Johnson, admitting he was only using her for her money and fame.

Thing is, Ms. Johnson plays into this, totally. She's completely his sugar mama and is cutting out friends who try to tell her that she's just being used.

Apparently, the ex lady admitted they stopped doing the nasty behind Lucretia's back because the dude needed to keep up appearances in the press that he and Johnson are totally in love.

Could this get any grosser?

Wake up and smell the future, Lucretia! It's only going to get stinkier if you keep hanging with guys like this.

And It Ain't: Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez, Britney Spears

Charlie Sheen vs Britney Spears

I used to think that no celebrity would ever manage to reach the sacred spot that Britney Spears reached several years ago. I did not think anyone could melt down in a more dramatic way. You have to admit that it was going to be tough to beat shaving off your head, checking into several different hotels each day, the ambulance rides, and just the car wreck like quality of watching all that hard earned work going into one big meltdown.

Charlie Sheen may have topped Britney though. What you have is a guy who worked a few months a year and made about $50M for his efforts and he is throwing it all away. That alone should put him on almost equal level with Britney. Charlie will never earn that kind of money again. Will not even come close. Plus, the way he is going about all of this is just further burying him in a hole. As much money as Charlie has made over the past several years, I would not be shocked if he blows it all. Maybe not bankrupt blows it all, but very close.

Yesterday, Charlie went on an anti-Semitic rant against Chuck Lorre. He also said that Chuck was crap and that it was only Charlie's stellar acting skills that made the show work. Charlie has also said that he is going to have his own show on HBO, is making another Major League and that Brooke has left the foursome. Oh, and Charlie has also decided that AA is for losers because they only have a 5% success rate and Charlie says he succeeds 100% of the time. Uh yeah.

Here is my prediction. If Charlie Sheen is not in a real rehab in a month, he will be dead or seriously impaired forever.

BuzzFoto Blind Item

Which once C List, now D List “aspiring musician” and “actress” has resorted to selling her clothing on ebay to pay her rent?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Celebrity Sibling Drug Week Continues In The Enquirer

First there was Shark Week and now The National Enquirer seems to be celebrating their own kind of week, celebrity sibling drug week. Yesterday it was Mariah Carey's HIV+ sister and today it is Tom Arnold's meth dealing sister. Tom's sister was just released from prison and now she is on her way to Hollywood. Probably just what her always fighting to stay sober brother needs.

Tom's sister is coming out to LA because she is trying to get a movie made of her life. Lori Arnold Woten was one of the biggest meth producers in the Midwest and was known as Scarface In A Skirt. You know what? That seems a little extreme. You want to see a crazy woman Scarface drug dealer watch that movie about Miami in the 80's and that Colombian woman who ordered killing after killing. I think the movie was Cocaine Cowboys. They even made a followup to the original. Why they never made a fictional account of that woman's life I will never know.

In an interview with The Enquirer Lori says she had so much money at one point she had to stuff it in her walls.

John Travolta & Kim Kardashian?

No, not John Travolta and Kim Kardashian like that. Maybe Robert Kardashian or if he was really feeling like some Olympic roleplaying then maybe Bruce Jenner, but probably not Kim. The pair though might be sharing a movie screen together. Apparently what I thought was going to be a real mobster like movie with John Travolta starring as John Gotti is going to be turned into some kind of spoof flick. There is no other explanation I can think of why Kim Kardashian would be cast as Kim Gotti, the daughter-in-law of John in the movie. I have seen Kim's movie roles and all she would do would make this movie something to criticize. I love Sofia Coppola as a director, but she almost ruined Godfather III all by herself as an actress. Stunt casting is for sweeps month in television, not a movie where you are spending a hundred million bucks and you want people to pay to go see it.

Amber Portwood Does The Naked Photo Thing

Proving once again what a wonderful mother and role model for her child she is, Amber Portwood decided to go nude for a friend who came over. Of course the nudity also involved said friend taking pictures and then "leaking" them to Radar for some cash. Most of the body is hidden by some careful angles and hands, but you get the idea. The idea that not only is that a tattoo Amber will probably regret down the line, but also makes me wonder if all those pregnancy rumors about her might be true. You can click over to Radar for all the pictures which are mostly safe for work. Let the countdown to the sex tape begin.

Warner Brothers Remaking The Bodyguard

Warner Brothers has decided to go back in time and resurrect one of their biggest hits ever. Instead of coming up with something fresh and new, Warner Brothers is going to rewrite The Bodyguard in hopes that it will be just as big of hit as the first time around. The first one starred Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston. I'm guessing this one will go more youthful to try and get a new generation involved. That movie was Whitney in her prime. She had the drugs under control enough to where she could still sing like almost no one ever has. The problem with that movie besides Kevin Costner is that it gave rise to singers thinking they could act and studios rolling the dice with them. How do you think Mariah and Britney got movies. "It's the next Bodyguard."

I wish they would remake My Bodyguard. That movie could be remade into something much better than the original which was nice, but a new updated version could be a little darker and edgier. I think that one starred Rudy from Meatballs. Yeah, you know the kid with no friends who Bill Murray friends. Now that was a great movie.

Rihanna Beating Photos Surface

The day after Chris Brown won the right to be able to hang out with Rihanna, photos of the beating she received at the hands of Chris Brown were released. I must warn you that the images are shocking and hard to look at it. I am so glad they were released. People seem to have forgotten what Chris did and this will serve as a stark reminder to show not only what he did, but what can happen to you if you stay in an unhealthy situation. Click here to see the photos.

"Mommy? Did You Have A Foursome With Daddy?"

Charlie Sheen just keeps on being Charlie. Because Charlie has been working so hard lately, he decided he needed a little vacation. Not Vegas or New York this time for Charlie. Nope. He needed to get outside the country for what he was going to do this weekend. Charlie went to the Bahamas. The land of where strange things happen in the celebrity world and enough money makes everything disappear. Charlie went to the islands with his now ex-wife Brooke Mueller and his current girlfriend (past anal sex scene performer of the year) and another porn star. Umm, do you think Brooke will still be sober after this weekend? This is exactly the kind of weekend she needs, and something her kids can be proud of later in life. I am actually shocked that Charlie just did not have his private plane painted with the phrase, "If the plane is rockin' don't come knockin'." How much coke and booze do you think he will go through this weekend? Will all of them come back alive? Does anyone play that death pool game anymore? Where is Charlie on that list?

Kanye West Is Always Tring To Make Friends

I hope that group of kids that acted out all the Kanye Tweets do this one. Yesterday Kanye West decided he had a thing to say about so called gold diggers. This is not new, but he has never been quite this vocal.

"an abortion can cost a ballin' nigga up to 50gs maybe a 100. Gold diggin' bitches be getting pregnant on purpose. #STRAPUP my niggas!"

These are some of the most expensive abortions ever so I am guessing some of that money is so the woman does not talk to the Enquirer or the baller's wife. Kanye went on to say that it "ain't never happen to him, but he know people." Look, I know my grammar is atrocious. I think that is an accepted part of reading the site. Terrible grammar, and spotty punctuation, but you know what ticks me off more than Kanye's tweet, his attitude. If his mother was alive she would kick his ass for what he wrote and how he wrote it. The woman was a teacher and Kanye is an educated guy who chooses to talk and write like this because he thinks it makes him look cool. What he should do is show the kids who look up to him that you can be educated and travel the world and come from a loving home and still be a rapper. You don't need to be a thug to succeed in hip hop. Instead, Kanye just keeps riding that stereotype train for all he is worth.

BuzzFoto Blind Item

This B list actor believes he will be an Oscar winner someday, if not with his new film that came out this year. He has told friends he believes God has chosen him to make it to the top in order to “have a platform to spread God’s love and Holy word.”

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Beyonce In Blackface

As a white man I know it is wrong and I would never wear blackface. The rules are very murky for me when it comes to the ethnicity of Beyonce. In a Paris fashion magazine that comes out this month, Beyonce is photographed in blackface. The magazine calls it a return to Beyonce's African roots. Why does Beyonce need to do that to embrace her past? Her past is a combination of races and ethnicities. I guess she does usually make herself look more white and no one says much. They do say things, but not much, so I guess if it is ok for her to go whiter than should she also be able to go blacker?

What do all of you think? Is this right? If this were someone else would they really be getting huge blow back but because it is Beyonce she gets a pass?


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