Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bea Arthur Has Died

Beatrice Arthur, the tall, deep-voiced actress whose razor-sharp delivery of comedy lines made her a TV star in the hit shows "Maude" and "The Golden Girls" and who won a Tony Award for the musical "Mame," died Saturday. She was 86.

Lady Godiva was a freedom rider,
she didn't care of the whole world looked.
Joan of Arc, with the lord to guide her,
she was a sister who really cooked.
Isadora was a first bra burner
Aint' ya glad she showed up?
And when the country was falling apart
Betsy Ross got it all sewed up
And then there's Maude

The first video is a Sex And The City spoof, Bea did for the TV Land Awards

The second video is Bea on Rosie

Friday, April 24, 2009

Four For Friday - Tweeners

#1 - "He's just faking. Don't give him anything." Words from the mouth of this A-list tweener to her friends as they passed a homeless man sitting on the ground. Oh, she then spent about $1000 on food for dinner. Nice.

#2 - This B list actress/singer tweener is a little older than the characters she portrays. She is tired of studios, managers, and agents telling her what to do and so as her first order of business with her new self she kicked her "boyfriend" to the curb. Oh, she likes guys, she just didn't want the arranged "boyfriend" any longer.

#3 - This C list singer/actress is a tweener, but she has never really done the whole tweener show thing and has basically had to eke out a living on her own. Even though she is still a teenager, she has gone through a string of music producers in their late 20's and 30's. And when I say gone through a string of them, I don't mean just for producing her records. Hey, at least she is legal now.

#4 - This tweener actor on a hit show needs to get off the coke that was introduced to him by a former tween actor, and now, unemployed drug addict on the same network.

Random Photos Part One

Just for all of the Vacation movies (yes, including European Vacation) and of course Fletch, Chevy Chase gets the top spot. Oh, and Caddyshack. Foul Play too.
Adrien Brody again this week, but not in his racing suit.
Alan Cumming used to be in the pictures what seems like everyday, but it has been quite some time.
Alexis Bledel looks great here.
Bradley Cooper. Not so much. Supposedly he and Mary Kate were really into each other last night. That would be interesting.
Bono in an actual photo with his wife. It took a funeral to make it happen.
Is Camilla Belle wearing a wig?
Another couple rarely photographed together. Cyndi Lauper and her husband David Thornton.
I was just inquiring the other day if Chynna Phillips and Billy Baldwin were still together. Apparently the answer is yes. Yeah, you know you are singing Wilson Phillips songs now. Going over to YouTube and turning up Release Me as loud as your speakers will go.
Chloe Sevigny wins the award for shortest dress of the night. I doubt she can sit.
The silver medal goes to Beyonce.
And in third is Ali Larter.
Diane Kruger must have stopped by MC Hammer's house on the way to the party to get some of his pants.
Dominica Scorsese. I think the name says it all.
Gina Gershon is someone I would love to sit down with and ask about 100 questions about the past 18 months of her life.
The lovely Gloria Reuben and Connie Britton. And Alicia Silverstone who apparently is in talks to be in Clueless 2. She needs some kind of hit desperately.
Hilary Duff looks meh.
I heard that Idris Elba didn't want to do any press for his new film. I hope he changes his mind or there might not be any more new films.
Random Latin guys from the Latin Billboard Awards. Here are JenCarlos Canela and Don Omar.
I'm usually a fan of January Jones, but she just looks really mean and cold here.
Is Jamie wearing velvet?
Jon Stewart really deserves to go on top everyday, but for now, he will just have to make do with being in the middle.
Maybe it is the background but Kate Bosworth looks different.
Mandisa - Nashville
"Hey. I used to be the famous one."
Zac has grown up a lot. Here is Mark Paul Gosselaar doing press with
Jane Kaczmarek aka Carmen Miranda for their show Raising The Bar.
Obviously Mandy Moore just watched the naked wizard video.
Michael W. Smith doing the lean in and slouch aka The Katie Holmes for his picture with Steven Curtis Chapman.
I'm always going to call Noa Tishby lovely, and not just because she buys me drinks. OK, well that has a great deal to do with it. That and she can kick my ass.
The biggest diva in Latin music, Paulina Rubio.
A blast from the past. Ruben Blades.
Susan Boyle with her new hair style.
I have decided that like Neil Patrick Harris, you can never have enough Snoop. Seriously, you just want to smile when you see him.
The Farrelly brothers and former major leaguer Luis Tiant.
Heidi Montag's bridesmaids get ready.
Don't strain yourself there Woody.

Your Turn

This week, FW and I had a very long discussion about inventions and what were the most life changing of all inventions. We basically limited our discussion to the past 50 years or so and agreed upon The Pill and The Internet as the two biggest ones. I also argued for drive through liquor stores, but we couldn't agree on that. I say that anytime you don't actually have to get out of your car to buy something is a good thing. Look at fast food places. Who actually goes in anymore? Anyway, you don't have to limit yourself to the past 50 years, and you don't have to limit yourself to life changing inventions. You could simply say what is the one invention you cannot live without.

Green Day - New Video - Know Your Enemy

Jessica Lange And Drew Barrymore Fight Over Awards

Apparently everyone thinks HBO is going to clean up at Emmy time with Grey Gardens which stars Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore. The one tiny problem HBO had was convincing Jessica Lange to nominate herself for Supporting Actress rather than Actress. She didn't want to do it. I don't blame her. If someone is on screen the same amount of time, why should she throw herself into a category she doesn't want to be in just to please HBO and give Drew Barrymore a chance to win an Emmy.

For their part, HBO had this to say to Page Six, "Both performances have been widely praised and critically acclaimed. We are thrilled with the reception that 'Grey Gardens' has received. HBO would never presume to dictate which category an actor chooses for award submissions. We do engage in a dialogue with actors and filmmakers to facilitate the process, but the actor's decision is always final."

Yeah, Jessica's decision was final, but you can tell from the statement that they wanted to avoid any drama and to have the chance for each to go home a winner so they could claim it in advertising or whatever. Everyone thinks that Drew will win the Emmy for best actress, but Jessica Lange has won two Academy Awards so you just never know.

Natalie Pack Says Tyra Favors Black Models On ANTM

I don't watch America's Next Top Model. I think I may have seen one episode one time and it has been on for how long? Yeah, so not on my must see television. Therefore, I am coming into this post completely ignorant about how Tyra Banks acts or behaves towards anyone on the show. Natalie Pack I guess was the most recent model eliminated from the show and she says there was editing to make her look like a drama queen. Now that is a shocker huh? A reality show being edited to make people appear to be something they are not. Hey, that is the way reality shows work and I think most people are aware of that before they sign up. Characters need to be created to capture the attention of the audience and so people are put into roles whether they like it or not.

For her part, Natalie says it was shady. "They actually cut and pasted lines to make me sound like I was a spoiled brat because they were so desperate to make me look that way. I felt like they didn't have enough drama since Sandra left, so they chose me," she continues. "I was the lucky one who got chosen to be the drama show."

Natalie didn't stop there though. She said she was eliminated because Tyra has a soft side for Aminat and Teyona because they are black, and that is why she was eliminated rather than Aminat.

"Tyra definitely has a soft spot for Aminat and Teyona. I think she just loves [their] personalities. I feel like they're most relatable to Tyra, since Tyra was a black model struggling. I think she has a hidden emotional connection with the black girls, and I think that's where a lot of favoritism comes from. I'm not accusing her of it, but that's just my opinion."

Umm, your opinion is the same as accusing her of it. You did accuse her of it and it is kind of tough to take it back after you have said it. I haven't seen the show so I can't comment on whether what she says is true or not, but I know many of you have so, is she just a sore loser who went running off at the mouth or does she have a point?

The New Must Have Disease Is Claustrophobia

I don't know if Marilyn Manson is locking Evan Rachel Wood in a box or if he threatened to do the same to Woody Allen, but both Woody and Evan Rachel Wood lasted about 30 seconds on the red carpet when faced with possible questions by reporters. According to the NY Post, at the Tribeca premiere of Woody's latest movie, Evan Rachel Wood posed for photos which I posted earlier this week. However, as soon as a reporter asked her a question, she covered her face with her hands and left. Her publicist said Evan Rachel felt "overcrowded." Uh huh. I think she just wanted to get out of doing any press and felt that was the best way. Apparently it was a simple question, and wasn't something complicated like how long does it take Marilyn to put on his makeup everyday.

So, the reporters all tried to ask Woody questions. Umm. That didn't work out so well either as he bolted from the premiere and his rep said Woody was suffering from claustrophobia. I don't mean to judge, well, actually I do, but if you don't want to talk to press about the movie in which you are starring or directed, why should the public want to see it? If you are not proud of it, then why should any of us pay money to see it?

Granted, I wasn't going to see the movie in the first place, but for any potential viewers don't you think you would want to give them a reason to see it?

Larry David, who is also in the movie gamely stuck around all night. Well, I think we all knew Larry David was a good guy, and this just kind of confirms it.

Angelina Jolie To Adopt A Child With Her Brother

Only on a slow news day would I even think about talking about this. The National Enquirer is reporting that Angelina Jolie wants to adopt a baby with her brother James Haven. Uh huh. Actually how they phrase it is that she wants her brother to adopt the child because Brad won't let her adopt any babies for a year. So, the plan is for James to adopt the baby and then Angelina will be a co-parent.

Supposedly this plan has infuriated Brad. At this point I think basically every article written about the couple says they are going to break up and that the couple is not getting along and blah blah blah. I don't really care. I would ban them, but basically it feels like I am banning every celebrity and am running out of people to talk about, so unfortunately I need to let them stay. I think tabloids keep saying they are going to break up or that trouble is brewing because they want to say they were the first to report the break up. Plus, there is no drama or magazine sales when you have a headline that says Angelina and Brad still married.

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if an article comes out and says that Angelina and Billy Bob are going to adopt a child together or that Angelina and Jen are going to adopt a child together to try and repair their friendship. The possibilities are endless. I do think they would draw the line at saying James and Angelina would have a child together biologically though. Maybe.

Don't Tase The Wizard Bro (NSFW)

If your idea of fun this Friday is to sit around and watch a man previously wearing a wizard outfit and now completely naked getting into a drunken argument at Coachella and then getting tased, then this is your day. Oh, and to make things even more interesting, he has quite possibly an even smaller peen than Danny Bonaduce. In fact you will be wondering if you are in fact, looking at a man. It runs about five minutes although he doesn't get tased by the police until towards the end. Remember it is NSFW, although considering how small his peen is, you might actually get away with watching it at work.

Naked Wizard Tased By Reality from Tracy Anderson on Vimeo.

17 Years Without A Sick Day

When Jay Leno went to the hospital last night with some kind of pain or sickness it marked the first time he had missed a show in the entire 17 years he has been hosting The Tonight Show. I'm a Letterman fan and always will prefer Dave to Jay. But, I will admit that Jay works much more, and also much harder. Everyday he is not working on The Tonight Show it seems like he is flying to Vegas or some other city to perform on the weekends and then goes back on Monday back to work.

I'm sure there are probably some of you who have made it through 17 years of school or work or a combination of both without missing a day, but I know I haven't. I have a tough time making it through 17 days without taking a sick day. I guess it helps if you love your job, get paid very well for it, and if you are lucky. It just seems that over the course of 17 years he would have missed a flight, fallen down some stairs, had a door slammed shut on his chin. I mean there must have been something. Who knew it would take the visit of Ryan Reynolds to get him into the hospital.

He should be back on the show Monday. Get well Jay.

Mary Kate Olsen Is A Film Festival Juror

I think Robert DeNiro is losing his mind. There really can be no other explanation for Mary Kate Olsen to be a juror at the Tribeca Film Festival. Well, there are other explanations, but Robert is married so I prefer to think of this as some misguided belief that Mary Kate knows something about movies. I would say she knows nothing about fashion, but I think that is wrong. She doesn't know how to dress, but she and her sister have that fashion line Elizabeth & James which sells out everywhere.

Maybe it is the same with movies. Maybe she knows a good movie when she watches it, she just doesn't actually like to be in any good movies herself. I hope that is the case, because if I was a filmmaker I would have a tough time being judged by someone who starred in and produced New York Minute and The Challenge. I mean she was responsible for those disasters so she must have thought they would be good. Now, someone has maybe their entire future hinging on whether Mary Kate Olsen likes their movie. If it is depressing and features a chain smoking homeless looking person I think you have a winner on your hands.

NY Daily News Blind Item

Which closeted — and married — actor almost had his cover blown when he hit on a straight man in a sauna? Word is the offended dude is now quite wealthy, thanks to a payoff.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Today's Blind Items

As a guy, this one is extremely painful to write. This A list movie actor who was also a star on television has a scene in a recent movie where he strips down to his underwear. Because of the lighting no one noticed anything amiss. It was only when the movie was being edited that his penile piercing was noticed through the underwear. A large piercing that had to be digitally removed.

Random Photos Part One

Yeah, like you woke up this morning and expected to see this combination of people in a photo. David Arquette, Rob Thomas and Rachael Ray. Now that is random.
Not random at all, just some of the cast of Big Love.
Chris Klein looks as if he has been working out. He looks pretty good. I don't see him in Suri though. Anyone disagree?
Is Erykah Badu wearing an old aviator helmet? I can't tell what that is on her head.
Evan Rachel Wood is going to be Queen Of The Vampires in True Blood. She looks really good here.
This is what Mary Kate Olsen wore to the exact same event as Evan Rachel Wood. Mary Kate is not aging well.
Fergie with her third hair color in as many months. I think she is just trying to keep the marriage fresh. I mean, it's been what three months?
The one and only Heart.
It has been a couple of months since Hilary Swank was on a red carpet.
I looked at about 15 photos of Julianne Moore and in all of them she was slouching like this. Is it the dress or is it her?
John Travolta in Tahiti. He locked himself in his hotel room and didn't come out once the entire time he was there. Hell, he could have done that in a Motel 6 in Australia and saved himself the expense of flying a 707 from Australia to Tahiti.
Kate Moss seems to be wanting to star in a remake of Xanadu.
Random surfer of the day is Kelly Slater.
I think Lisa Kudrow has a new show starting on NBC soon.
I figured out why Billy Ray Cyrus wears the facial hair. If he shaved it, how many of you would think he could pass for a woman in this photo?
It's a Monkee. Micky Dolenz.
Matthew Modine plays photo games with the Earth Ball.
I don't really have anything to say about Morgan Spurlock. I just thought I would include him.
The very lovely Patricia Clarkson.
Paul Williams is someone I would love to get drunk with sometime.
Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lemon Jello on the red carpet the day after she was allegedly sitting in Matt Lanter's lap for several hours at a club. Matt is on 90210.
Everytime I think about this relationship, it makes me puke a little in my mouth.
Zach Braff may want to find some smaller sizes.


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